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Footprints USA Investments started with eight employee's with

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If you were to read the icon "My Father, The President,"

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Each FOOTPRINTS series; Footprints in Philadelphia, Footprints in Texas and other

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The company that pays the $100 000

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Our managerial team is led by Uncles, Aunties, Brothers and Sisters who have all supported

us towards the building of the company label, and we are still in requirement of web designers,

businessmen, actors, actresses, reporters and other key staff to support the hierarchy of

growth...Current Managing Director of Footprints USA Investments,

Mr. Michael Grobler

says that when share holder Mr. Omar Abdulla had visited

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his dream was to launch Footprints USA Investments,

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"My Father, The President..."


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'My Father, The President,'
Chapter One

This is my true love story with falling in love with 

The PrinCe of my Dreams...'

Omar Abdulla....

Since it was the year 2025 we had worked on several trend

s and learn't from our folks

the importance of yesterday, the meaning of tomorrow

and the risk of the future...

I am a South African white woman who wrote

this story more than

five years ago with

the support and guidance of my friends, my community,

'my dreams,' and my ambitions...

I am able to tell the story that would perhaps leave

'shadows-of- passion,'

in ones heart, ones mind, ones body and ones spirit...

I heard stories about Abdulla long before he

became President of South Africa


since we have had endless-moments discussing

his past, his present

and his future I have learn't that

he has always stood with the teachings of his father...

His father who turns 81 this Summer says that his son

had worked 'hard-n-smart,' to achieve his

dreams from his father...

Abdulla who has worked to

become one of the nations 'Superstars,' has become a

well-known celebrity in South Africa and internationally...

My story of meeting and falling -in- love with Omar's

tarts in early 2010 where he




with me at a local community bazaar...

At that stage when we met he had just completed

his Bcom in Risk Management

and was studying the importance of

leaders who left a 'successful footprint,' in society...

I am from a middle-upper class family whilst Omar is from

the community of Durban

where he grew up...After him completing with his degree

at the University of Westville

his family traveled to a nearby Gauteng community-Laudium...

My name is Alison Kells and this is my true story with

falling -in- love

with a guy whom

perhaps knew what the future held for both of us...

When he first traveled from Natal to Pretoria he had dreams

to pursue by working for the Johannesburg Stock Exchange...

Alison: Perhaps the day will come when I see thee in the


who follow me in my sleep..

Omar: Good Morrow Alison, What's cooking

good looking...?


This was the first Saturday that I had met with Omar at a local

community bazaar...He wore

an olive coat, and a mustache, with long sideburns,

and the weather was

gloomy and glum...

At that time Omar was not this power-hungry personality

because I suppose he had the

backing of the entire country with his

associations in the media, banking,

finance and insurance fields...What attracted me to

Omar was not his sense of humor-it was his

'touch of class,'

that perhaps had even me bedazzled and dazed...Whilst the

community of

South Africa might value this written assignment by me,

I am still doing my best to showcase his talent to

the best of my ability...

My ability

has always been to woo Omar to the best of my gall...

You see, as a White woman I have become

accustomed to

people who learn from their fathers...

My first glimpse of Omar was when I peeked

from an angle to see what he was doing...

I learn't from Omar, from the first experience that family

was the key to success

towards ones mind, ones body, ones heart and ones spirit....

Then after pondering and wondering who is this Inspector

who walked with a cane,

he seemed young, after my second glance...

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I grew up in Gauteng in the community of South Africa

where the country is

probably run by business sharks who 'think they know it all...'

I've always read American media about the girl who falls

in love with

PrinCe Charming,

but to me the risk of running for the South African

presidency prompted me to

'focus my attention,' on this guy whom I saw long before

the world knew about him...

I then noticed from a far glance, that he was at

the bazaar,

and his hairstyle seemed bizarre,

quite frankly, in Spikez...

.When Omar and I finally fell in love he always said that

his greatest teaching

was from the teachers who taught him the importance of

'doubling ones risk,' on the o p p o r t u n i t y of tomorrow...

I was 18 years old when I met with Omar in 2010, that frosty,

  dearyafternoon, where

I thought the sun would never come out...

He was 26, a mere e i g h t years older than me...

I've always admired a person who stood tall based on his

own achievements

and not of those who stood on other people's shoulders...

I was quite a dreamer myself before I met Omar,

and perhaps I was saving

myself for a person who could 'win my heart,'

quickly- with the utmost of class, elegance,

finesse and love...His w o r d s will always leave

a f o o t p r i n t in my heart

when I often read stories about him in the local

newspaper and related websites...


Sometimes I sit at night thinking how I supported and loved Omar

for him to be

where he is today...I guess in the year 2010, I was mixed

up as to what I wanted

and chose this dude who taught me that with

s i m p l e words he could stem my heart into something

'out of this world...'

When films were released about Omar Abdulla

regarding his media profile

I started to get attracted to this guy who actually

had 'spunk&funk,'

even on and off the camera... Although Omar was

somewhat playful in his

manner, he had always achieved beyond his potential...

At that time he was working with the South African

Stock Exchange

with business mergers and international companies...

I knew that if Omar, could just see me once he would be

attracted to me because firstly

I was a young white female and secondly I knew

that Omar had taste in style

when it comes to women....

At the third glance, I knew I was in love with him,

with his wavy hair and unbrushed

eyebrows...I had heard 'town-talk,' about him,

and what was said in actual fact,

were two total different perceptions...In the articles I read

about him, he always seemed

to have it all, that red Ferrari, that funky perfume,

or that Ray Ban Sunglasses...

But over time,

I learnt that he is a really shy guy with no sense in letting

a woman be herself...

Although I have heard that he dated bombshells

as girlfriends

he had never dated a white-woman who 'could-n-would,'

compete his aggressive

and prowling personality....


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    Plane Crash in Laudium Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Facebook: +27 86 1155 93
  • 18:57Laudium FunWalk+ Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Facebook: +27 86 1155 93 Sunday the 10th May 2015, Esquire South Africa and Caring Women's Forum Pretoria ...

The second time I met with Omar was when he called

me from his office stating

that he wanted to meet me on the basis of creating a

'community leadership project,' for the local community....

Omar: Hi Gorgeous, we enjoyed a good conversation at the local bazaar,

I was pondering,

if you could drop by the office later on...

Alison: I will be available for two hours but you will have to hurry

as I have meetings

booked up the entire week...You have have to come

to my crib...

Omar: My, My aren't we being folly today...

I enjoyed to meet my people who showed interest

in my business...

Although when I met with Omar I was 18, I

still had a matric

examination behind my name...

I remember it was April 2010 when he called me to

discuss a business proposition

he had with me....I remember at that time I was

seeking employment in the

local community as anything, as long as I could

work for someone

and add value to some-one's business....

So when we met on that treasured

Sunday Evening, the door-bell rang....

I knew it was him, so I sprayed on a little extra of my

favorite perfume....DKNY.....

When I opened the door, he looking dashing in

a black tuxedo and red bow-tie...

Alison: I waited for you, the entire day....How are you doing...??

Did you receive my job CV for the job

opportunity at your firm....

Omar: Yes, I did, I have read some of your

achievements and think that

you have such a long way to go...

Perhaps we could discuss

what features of yours you would like to

work towards to further enhance your career...

I wanted to tell him, I wanted to be everything,

and yet my words was like silence...My

heart was pounding and the throb in my

throat was perky...

Alison: I have been so confused as to what I

want in the future....

I am only 18 years old and I feel that my

parents have given me so much...

Sometimes I think that they have over-invested

in their daughter...

They say that daughters

are the father's roses and the thorns remain the sons...

Omar: (Laughs)- Well, someday you will thank me

for coming to visit you today...

I know that you have worked towards your dreams

Alison, yet I feel that I can help

'bring you up,' if you join our business

enterprise in this week...

Not to sound 'too happy,' I tried to play it safe

by asking him what

basic requirements I should adhere to including

salary packages

and the opportunity for 'outstanding work...'

I remember when I met him on that Sunday Evening, he

looked more handsome

than the first time I seen him...His rosy cheeks,

his powder smelling body, and his

kissable lips all looked too proper that this was

a business meeting...

I remember one of his friends told me that

Omar is like a f r e a k who gets hotter

and hotter 'each day...' She had pined over him,

and never won his heart, because

sometimes lovers choose not to allow

others in their sparkle...

We kept on speaking and talking

about his businesses,

but somehow I felt that his business-talk

was a ploy to try one of his tricks...

I have heard that Abdulla always had a way

in which he sways his women...

Although I was only 18 at that time,

I always dream't of meeting a guy who

really worked with the way he thinks....

In those days I was the type of girl

who sat at home, waiting for people to

approach me and use their energy

to create new talent...

Abdulla said that he was working on becoming

the President of South Africa

and was planning to launch 'leadership speeches,'


throughout the community

within the year that required my support, guidance, love

and ambition to work on his time....

I figured that I had nothing to loose and not to mention

that I kinda liked this guy...

Before he left my home, he asked me to

take a walk with him to

the carpark where he parked his vehicle....

Alison: My papa taught me to have respect

for the gentlemen I meet for business

and pleasure and I am asking you if you had one wish

what would you wish for....

Omar: If I had one wish, I would wish for a thousand more...

Alison: And, whats your perception on love...?

Omar: Well, I have been in love before, so I would not

truly, madly, deeply,

know the meaning of love...I have decided to think about your

job opportunity and will call you later tomorrow...

I have never really looked at an Indian male with so

much lust, magic,

happiness and style in my heart...

Many nights I would l a y awake and write letters

to Omar, that I would store

under my pillow...He never read one of them...

I felt peltered that I could not drown him with my love, and the

way I was...Although we were working together, I

always watched his sales ratio's

and how well he was selling...To me, if I see someone

win, I win, whilst Omar was

the type of guy that wanted it all...

He never settled for second best, and always looked

at the tops of our company...

This was the time in my life where I did not know

what to do as towards the future

of what Omar and I dream't about...

Over the next few months we continued to chat and

speak about what people in South Africa

that would like to see as a 'changing mechanism,'

that could heal the wounds of the past....

I remember one evening he said that the past of

South African's was not

as bad as foreign leaders had said....I

was quickly learning from Omar because of his

speed and coping mechanisms

within the 'uBuntu of South Africa...'

During the Winter of October 2010, Omar was

being sought-off

selfish towards

his ideas because he was constantly being pulled apart by

his friends who complained

about his lack-of-passion on days that Sabbath leaders in

Polokwane will remember....

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It was almost a year that Omar and I had since met

and I was starting to feel

as though that I could not push him too hard or too

fast because I loved him so much,

more than perhaps his own family will dare...

Alison: So Omar, perhaps we should consider marriage

since we have been dating for the last one year with

you being all

'quirky with me,' in these months.....

Omar: You know Alison, Marriage is something our

g r a n d p a r e n t s prepare for us...

We have to remember and consider our teachings

from our forefathers to understand

what they want for us...In the olden days, we could

not just say we want

to marry someone and it happens....

Falling in love with a person is one thing and one

should consider

the other spectrum of the rainbow....

I remember thinking that I loved Omar so much, and he

did not care, or want to listen...

My blood was boiling, but all the time I showed my

love towards him, he pushed me away...

I remember writing in my journal that evening returning

from the local Spur

restaurant in Johannesburg stating what he said....

I remember at an early age of 26 in that October 2011

Omar seemed

to have it all including the materialistic possessions

of life including

me, me, me and me......!

Well, not to sound too loving to him, he did have i

t all to me....

Here was a guy that every person in the

Gauteng Area of South Africa believed in

and all he could do was talk about the

'holy grail of his father.....'

His father Mr. Akber Abdulla bought his son

a Ferrari at age 25 where he


that his son will reap billions of rands for investors

on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange...Mr. Akber Abdulla

did not care much about me as Alison because he

perhaps left his

son Omar in my 'safe hands...'


That stormy Friday afternoon in October 2011, I had

given up on old Omar as

my guy of my heart and passions, and had promised

myself that I would never

associate with him again, and would leave work

immediately...I lay on my

bunker bed, and I had heard the door-bell ring...

It was rainy and cold, and he seemed wet by the rain,

and was dripping

all over...

"Come in, Come in..." I startled...

"It is very cold, and I thought that before I go to rest,

I have this envelope

that requires your signature, please sign it, then I

will be merry..." he croaked...

Alison: Have a cup of tea, dearry one, it's still raining,

and I doubt, you will

be able to walk out off here, without drying yourself...

Omar: Oh well, I might as well dry myself and have a

cup of brew, I must

be off though...

As they say the rest is history...

The Year 2011 'Will Always,' be remembered by me,

because Omar Abdulla

and I wed in October 2011, where we settled in one of

the biggest homes in South Africa....

It was too quickly for me to record every moment

Omar and I shared

and thus the creation of this book

on behalf of my Omar and I....

'My Father, The President....'

Barack Obama will perhaps be remembered

as the American President

who became 'famous and popular,' within months of

releasing his book...

'Dreams from my Father....'

Omar has always aspired towards President Barack Obama,

because Omar had followed

the teachings of George Washington when he

traveled to The United States in 2004...

When Omar and I married in October 2011, i was tuned

into the everyday lifestyle of an Indian....


I am a white-female and to me marrying an Indian male

seemed 'new to the both of us....'

In early 2012, Omar and I decided that it was time

to put his 'presidential dreams,'

into action by launching speeches and talk

shows in Gauteng....

At that time, Omar was relatively new to politics

and as a businessman he

could use his 'twin power,' to win friends in Parliament....

I remember our love life as being vivid because many days


would work

on his computer without any luck...He would hush me up

for minor things, and

some days he would throw rose petals on the bed,

and make love in the bedroom,

in the shower and sometimes in the pool...

We had been married only two years with the birth

of our first daughter Sakeena...

Sakeena was borne on the day that Omar and I celebrated

our two year anniversary...

I was only twenty-one years old and here I was with

a new-born child

and my Omar to take care off...In 2012,

Sakeena grew up fast with 'magic- moments,'

that the local community

newspaper shared...I remember Omar

sitting in the nursary 'singing and humming,'

to his little one...

For me, it was more about the children than the

growth of Omar's dreams

because I knew if I followed his heart and mind

I would always realize his 'future dreams....'

Sakeena was the apple of our eyes, and Omar had

often played puzzles with her,

and kept aloof during his concentration pathways...

I had loved Omar, after these

years and always felt that he never loved me,

or did not want to show too much...

Alison: Omar, do you think that one day our

children will love us the way

we love our own parents...?

Omar: Well Alison, If my children love me half

as much as I love my parents

I will be happy....

Alison: If you were to compare your growing- up

to the growing-up that you went through what

would you say love...?

Omar: Hmmm...I think and ponder sometimes

that my childhood

was very much normal...My father was

always my backbone and my mum was my 'greatest seller....'

Alison: We are living alone in this big home

and we have always

had guests comparing their lifestlye to ours,

do you think that

my love for you shows within these walls...

I mean Omar-Who would ever get to know the


we share between

these veils of walls...

Omar: Haha....Please switch off the lights I have a long

day tomorrow baby....

It was then that I realized that although I thought

of myself

as alone as a human being that being brought-up

by my

parents was 'my world...'

I guess living with O m a r changed my perception to

'open my telescope view towards the future....'

2012 for South African's was a challenge with the

National Olympic Games,

The Vodacom Super Cup, The Footprints Champions


The KFC Football Cup,

The Tiger Woods Golf Trophy, The Formulae 1 throne,

The Boxing Saga and the Gun stun July...

Omar Abdulla and I always made it a point to attend

to all national affairs

as he was grooming himself towards leading

South Africa at the helm...

Many moments stuck out in our relationship in 2012

because we toured Cape Town,

George, Durban and many Oceanic communities

that showed interest in

the businesses that we were promoting....

Sakeena was growing up as a normal child

would grow with her taking

her first steps on her first birthday...I remember

Omar and I had a special birthday party for her with her

  favorite cartoon character 'Mickey Mouse....'

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'My Father, The President,'
Chapter Two

Since I was borne in 1992 as Alison Kells I have

remembered the teachings from my parents and

today the 7 December 2013

I can safely say 'Thank You...' Growing up my

Sakeena has

always been a dream of Omar

and mine's since we wed in October 2011...

Our life was somewhat perplexed in 2013, as

Omar had signed

a multi-million rand

deal with media companies, and cheeked to shelter his

throbbing ambition

whilst by employed

by the company...At times, he would be left alone,

dreaming and pondering

where his past had cheeped up to see him...


He had fond memories of being a star,

and as an Indian, Indians were regarded as

third grade quality,

as compared to blacks

or whites...He never thought that one day

he will be a

power-figure in our country, that

no-one cared to compare...

I found myself pregnant again with my second child-Akber...

Omar has said that his first son be named after his father Akber...

2012, and 2013 were breeze years for 'The Abdulla family,'

as their

children were growing with the teachings of

the Almighty...

Although I am borne Christian my Muslim

name is XXXXXX...

I remember crying to myself when I tucked Sakeena

in bed that night praying

that her brother Akber loves her the way her parents

Omar and Alison loves her...

Being a mother has it's toll on you...Someday's

you are not in the mood, someday's

you just want to consume nature's nectar, someday's

you want to dream, and someday's

you just wanna lay in bed spanking your husband...

'Oh Lord, please forgive me for the sins that I have committed...'

'Oh Lord, I pray that my daughter grows up to be bigger than

her parents wishes for her...'

'Oh Lord, I pray that you be the 'sound, touch, taste and love,'

in my words

when growing my little one's up...'

'Oh Lord, my Akber is being borne in November, please

let him be borne

with the success of his father and the love of his mother...'




'Oh Lord, I pray that my husband stop being so 'naughty-by nature,'

with me

and concentrate on his 'presidential dreams....'

'Oh Lord, I pray that every wish I think be created in reality...'

'Oh Lord, I pray to be humble in my thinking, and

be positive in my approach...'

'Oh Lord, I pray for our homeless, I pray for our

sick, I pray for our orphans,

I pray for the people who don't have food or shelter,

I pray for the patient who

is dying, and I pray that all children have homes...'

That was my prayer that evening and within the next

few weeks I worked

as hard as I can to prepare Omar for concerts in

all national cities...

Although Omar, was not a performer, as he preferred

his office desk and technical

directors by his side, I always knew that when he

steps on the podium of success,

fans will chant his name from pillar to post...

In 2013, Omar was being interviewed and

advertised on almost all forms

of media and all I could do was pray, pray, pray

and pray for his today.....

In February 2012, I had joined several organizations

and leadership programs

to prepare what the future would hold for both of us...

One thing I loved about Omar was the fact

that he 'always,'

supported what I did..

At that time I wanted to discover about life, I

attended as many

motivational and speech programs for him because

I k n e w one day he would

shine beyond the millions of headlines about him...

In 2013, Omar had become this Mega-Superstar

to local American's and

many community leaders had his name

on their lips...

Many of the headlines read;

'Abdulla 'tops,' World Number One,'

Is Abdulla ready to tackle the SA presidency?

'Abdulla 'eyes,' rate drops,'

Although all the headlines and his constant payment

by the company he

was employed by, were thrilling for our family,

Omar would often sit by the fireplace

with his glass of whiskey, and burn the articles

saying that when it happens, it really


In 2013 Omar and I were perhaps at the peak of our

love interest or so I thought...

We could often snuggle up and watch the sun rise,

some days we would

sit watching films and some days we would sought

ourselves out by

'playing childish games,' with each other...

My mother Zustermina had taught me

that Indians have a certain way that they do things and follow

that trend their entire lives...

Sure enough, Omar had loved me for my

**** legs and

'boombastic personality,' but I wanted to know

more about this guy that

was the father of my children...

Could he be the guy that I could remain faithful and

married to for fifty years as I originally dreamed when

playing with

Cinderella and 'The PrinCe...'

Many stories were perhaps untold towards the last two years

since we got married in 2011...

I will always remember the 'mystery gifts,' that I often

received from Omar...

In 2012, before the national elections, Omar had

visited his

home community-Laudium to meet with members

of the community who

were routing for his South African presidency...

Although boyish in his ways and personality, his

height was nothing to

the size of his ego...He always knew how he

wanted a thing done, to the

exact detail, he planned with a exact authority,

he thought with charisma, and

behaved liked he owned a fleet of knight horses...

Whilst Omar was abroad I took the time to teach

Sakeena the importance of

what a mother is...

We would often attend 'Mother and Daughter,'

contests that enabled

her a better future when she grows up...

I learn't from my own mother Zustermina, who

always sounded

like church bells on a Sunday morning, but to me

it was her melody

for us to behave well, treat others with style

and appreciation and always

remember that love is the sacred potion to life...

Omar's family had stood with me, whilst he was away,

and I always knew

that he would return in a couple of months...

He had traveled to London in 2012, because he

wanted to discover

'new trends,' that could aid everyday

South African's...

Omar had learnt in London, that the world is not too friendly,

when you

alone and you are in a foreign location...Although he

was greeted by

waving kisses and t-shirt slogans about him, this did

not bother me,

as I knew where his nesting place was-in

my heart...

When Omar, returned from The United Kingdom,

and Akber was borne, it was time that things got hectic

for the both of us...

Sure enough, we had just celebrated our three year

anniversary and something

deep-down inside of me wanted more...

Although many of the story books that I read at

University and to

my children were driven with the fact that one

-day I could

escort my children to the best of schools and universities...

The Footprints Filmworks Foundation a baby company

created by Omar Abdulla,

in his youth had just launched merger deals

with company's listed on

the stock exchanges for a total of

R888 million rand in that year...

One evening, Omar had shared some interesting

information to me...

Omar: Alison, I feel as though we are doing

our best towards

the future of ourselves today, and I somehow

feel that the original dreams

that we had since we got married are


Alison: Omar, I have been warning you to stop

working so hard...

I have often sent messages to you to not

work too hard

especially when your energy is 'as high as a kite...'

Omar: I am feeling that my father's dreams are

slowly being realized

and the friends that I have worked towards are

all happy with the returns

that I have provided for them...I have lost the youth that

I once had and want so much more...

I was thinking that our morning jog should be increased

from 30 minutes to 45 minutes...

Alison: Omar, I know that you have so much

to be proud about and yet I

sometimes realize that your dreams are too much for me...

Our children are still 'young at heart,' and you only

turning 30 this October...

Omar: My father has become older with the passage

of time

and I feel that everytime I am with him, I either

get 'smacked and kicked,'

or 'loved and appreciated...'

My confidence levels are beaming to say the least,

yet I have discovered that our emotions are mixed...

Alison: Baby, we have had so many memories in these

l a s t three years,

and I have never done anything to harm or destroy

your reputation...

I feel that the people that we learn from should be


otherwise there won't be

trust for the future...

Omar: Hmmm...What do you mean our friends should

have trust towards us...

All we have done for the people who have come across us,

is helped them...

We can't do more.....I am starting to feel as

though it's more

about your friends than us...

Alison: Well, my dearest Omar...We were brought up

differently and sometimes

I like to feel appreciated by other people and

not only you...

You have this 'pie in the sky,' dream that

one day you will run

South Africa and become President of

South Africa...

What about me huh?

Don't you think that I hide my feelings and thoughts

to you-towards how I truly feel...?

Omar: Oh Alison, stop being such a baby....

We have done well, in the l a s t three years

and we will always be bedazzled by the people

we meet...

As you said, our children are still 'young at heart,'

and our relationship

should not always be about them....

It was then that I realized that as a White-female I perhaps

had to become better

tuned into the 'whole vibe,' of an Indian marriage...

As South African's marriage is a topic that every

household experiences...

Sometimes we fall in love with the people

whom we love,

sometimes the love is ever-lasting,

sometimes the love is brief

and sometimes love is forever...

I guess with Omar, it seemed that the road to

our love had just started and

I could not wait for the next moment...

In 2012, and 2013 I had discovered a

'whole new me,' towards the learning

about media and how people perceive themselves

as 'dreams of the community...'

I had undertaken a project to learn from well-known

people the importance of risk,

investment, community leadership, business

relationships, visualizion, motivation,

'The VIP,' and many inter-personal skills that

helped mature my love towards Omar...

Omar had opened The Footprints Schools

and The Footprints Universities with the

first opening held earlier this month...

I always knew that Omar loved to learn and hated

to teach...He would often say that because he felt

that teaching was repetition of knowledge,

whilsh learning was the discovery of knowledge...

Being a wife of a well-known businessman and future

President of South Africa,

has it's up's and down's...


    • HD

We were never short of anything in the house and

our children were perhaps

more spoilt then how Omar and I grew up...

The bedroom life was 'fantastic,' but I knew that

we could discover so much more,

if he allowed me the opportunity to 'drive his balls...'

Footprints Filmworks in 2012 had been ranked as the

f a s t e s t growing business

in South Africa with turnover exceeding

two hundred-million rand...

To me- it was never about the money, because

my parents had taught me

'survival skills,' to discover the eclipse of life...

Omar had chosen to list his business Footprints Filmworks

on the local SA stock market

although we were living on a remote castle in


as he believed in the 'hearty appeal,' of heritage...

Here I was with two children at 23, and all that I could

do that Saturday afternoon

was pour a glass of ice-tea for Omar and to discuss

his ideas about

what our relationship had become....

Alison: Omar, if you could change the past of the

last 29 years of your life,

what would you change or what would

you improve in your everyday lifestyle...?

At first there was silence as though he had

ignored my question...He then said;

Omar: I think times change people, and over

time people change...

When I was young in school I was known

as 'The Playboy,' that

snooped all the girls in the park...

After I discovered the meaning of life in my

early twenties, I chose more from life,

you know...Like if you see something

before it happens...

I always wanted to give my children the best

in all forms of the game...

Billions of dollars traded on any exchange in

the world could not

'double,' the experiences I have or had...

How about you...??

Alison: I know for a fact that I would marry you

everyday of my life O M A R...

I feel as though that love is perhaps undervalued

in the modern world we live in...

Whatever happened to the experiences that

'our forefathers,' had with their wives...

Honestly Omar, I feel that love is in the details

and if we work

'as a team,' we could never loose,

especially if you portray yourself the way you do in

the community and our beloved country....

Omar: Oh how 'cute...' Growing up who were

your role-models

and what was your idea about the future of


your country, your dreams and your 'love-interest...'

Alison: (Chuckles:) My love interest will always be you

Omar, because I realized

a long time ago that the man who 'kisses,' me the

way you do, will be my friend for life...

I always had you in my diary Omar,

long before you became a reality...In school my

role models were my teachers

and some of my friends...If you are talking about

global history I would say

George Washington, Sachin Tendulkar, Barack Obama,

Hannah Montana,

Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey. my sisters,

my brothers, my father, my mother

and many friends I met along the way...

I would say Omar Abdulla 'tops,' my list...

Omar: Well, I'd better...I like George

Washington, because

I learnt about his ideas about the

old-style America...

I guess that our styles from the early days

have changed somewhat...

I have always loved music, the arts,

business and you...

Now we have Sakeena and Akber

so I want to do my best for them and our 'little family...'

Our little family tree had just started and Omar

had dreams to achieve

one of his fathers wishes for him-to achieve

his treasured

prize of e i g h t children...I remember that

when he told me that he wants

to focus his attention on e i g h t children

I thought that my children

should be as 'smart,' as Akber Abdulla because

of his crackling-brain talk to Omar...

Omar Abdulla was young and as a father of

two and I could see that he was

happy with what he currently has-but wanted

the opportunity to

realize his father's dreams...

The President of South Africa title will become

a reality in 2023

where he leads SA as the national head...

2013 was like a light year for the

both of us,

as Omar had worked with government

members in Parliament...

He had met all 447 members of

Parliament paying special

attention to the Minister of Finance,

Minister of Defense,

Minister of Education, Minister of Health,

Minister of Inter-relationships,

Minister of Transport, Minister of Home Affairs and

Minister of Footprints Stock Markets...

As the wife of Omar in 2013, I often met

and spoke to these leaders

of our country at the comfort of our home...

I remember once the Minister of Defense

had said that our home

was more like a castle than a home...

The Minister of Defence had liked my

design of the castle

including the children's bedrooms, the

dining-rooms, the patio and the sun-room...

Days were numbered for Omar in 2013

as his businesses were starting to blossom,

especially the new businesses that

he had invested in...

I remember Omar often purchased

shares in newly listed companies

on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange,

American Stock Exchange,

London Stock Exchange and

The Greek Stock Exchange

as a way of hedging his investments

into his own businesses...

Omar had somewhat of a relationship-antenna

when he invested

in other forms of businesses...

I remember at that time he often spoke

to his stock broker to invest in

shares Pick 'n Pay, Vodacom, Harmony,


Footprints Investments LTD, Nismedia,

Trudon and Edcon...

The companies were being traded

on the

Johannesburg Stock Exchange where

Omar had invested a sum of

R888 million rand in 2013...

He had expected that the positions he

took in the market would

reap an 88 percent return in three months...

Omar had fancied the stock market

as he had worked for the stock market

mafia's in his early years, and always was

caught dumb-founded, on

the movement of the markets...

Omar's other businesses that he

invested in included businesses

with no capital but had the backing

of a substantial potential...

Omar was more like a Venture Capital

investor to these businesses

who wanted to grow their businesses

beyond the 'normal growth rate,'

of the 502 000 businesses in

South Africa and the more

than 3 million businesses in the

United States...

Alison: Omar, what is your favorite tool when

investing into

any business that you were to invest in...??

I had heard him murmur, and then he


Omar: I love to invest into new talent

and a new opportunity for someone

to generate a profit...The olden days

of trade had all revolved around the basis

of profit on goods or services...



Over the past I have invested into 'p a p e r

forms of return,'

and over time I learn't that stock is also a good

form of investment...

Like for retail and wholesale merchants and

your day-to-day traders who earn a daily income...

Alison: If you were to compare your

investment risk to the Warren Buffet's

and Bill Gates of the world where would

you fit in...??

Omar: I created my first million at 16,

my first billion at 25 and my hundred billion rand

target was reached last year...

My richest man in the world target would be

reached in 2020 if my investments

go 'according to plan...'

I guess the key to any type of investment or business

is 'know your product...'

It might sound old-fashioned but as the top dogs

of history including Ben Bernanke

and Alan Greenspan would say;

"Investment into the future of ones

potential is the best return,

or Invest in yourself that way

you e m p o w e r others around you..."

Alison: Lekker, Lekker-Wanna play a game...

Omar: Sure, why not...I am a bit tired after

a long day Alison, what's on your mind...

What you want to play...

Alison: Trival Pursuit....

Omar: Haha, you study the answers to the

questions all day and when

I return from office you want to test me....Sure go-ahead....

Alison: Which is the hottest planet in the solar system...??

Omar: Mercury...!

Alison: Good....What is the name of the

first person I fell in love with...??

Omar: Oh come on, I thought we going to be serious...

Obviously his name is Omar...

Alison: Good Answer....What is the national brand

drink of Bombay...

Omar: Bombay Krush?

Alison: Yes Baby....Another one...What do you call

an Indian Woman sitting under a tree...??

Omar: Shaida...

Alison: Well Done again...Last one before bed love...

What is the the warmest sea in the world....

Omar: The Red Sea...Now I'm going to bed...

Remember your promise to me..

We have to create a new child in the morning...

I will wait for your call...

I love you Alison...

Alison: I love you more Omar...

-End of Chapter two-




'My Father, The President,'
Chapter Three

Things were s t a r t i n g to look

flush for the community

of South Africa

in late 2013 as members from the community

were pushing Abdulla

towards his presidential dreams promised

to more than fifty million people...

He had become well-known internationally with a

fan base more than a billion people...

He had learn't from the 'top dogs,' of history in

South Africa including

President Paul Kruger, President F W De Klerk,

President Nelson Mandela

and President Jacob Zuma...

Although Abdulla was being motivated by community

leaders to join the Democratic Alliance

his final call came when he joined the

African National Congress as Minister of Finance...

2013 was a year that took the 'toll on the both of us,'

as we were touring the

community of South Africa to meet with members from

Parliament and the local community...

Omar was fast becoming the 'nations patriot,' with his


speeches in Laudium, Lenasia, Midrand, Mamelodi,

Soweto, Secunda, Rylands and Roshnee...

Although Abdulla was well-liked by the general

community he had hid at certain

times beside to shelter the media jargon surrounding him...

"Sometimes I feel that I cannot escape by shadow

, even when I think..." he said...

It had become clear from the outset that w o r d s was

something that Abdulla always thought about...

Sometimes he would not come to bed dreaming

about the messages

he wanted to share to the audiences that one day

would realize his dream

of leading South Africa as President...

Although Abdulla 'always held my hand,' when

attending functions of

'The uBuntu,' I always felt a sense of calmness

when he took the stage...

At times audiences would wait outside stadium

gates for as long as

two-three hours before he spoke...

His first televised appearance was at the Union Building's on

14 February 2014 where he addressed

community leaders

about the future and 'ways of creating employment

to everyday South African's....'

"We can all think that we attract a certain

income at a certain

stage in our lives, yet we should put that 'extra effort,'

towards improving

all sectors in the country..." he said....

It was at that time in my life that Omar Abdulla

and I were somewhat

starting to deepen our feelings for each other...

He had ample experience in the 'corporate world,'

and I was

starting to actually believe his 'stupid presidential talk...'

He once told me that President Jacob Zuma had told

him that

a true president is not created by a master,

a true president is created by puppet-masters

of the West...

I always was with Omar during 2014 and was planning

on becoming a better person

towards my family...Since it was the year 2014

I had become one

of the nations 'most admired females,' because

of my willingness to

learn from my husband...You see, as a South African

white-woman I have always

followed the teachings from my mother and the

'attitude and altitude,' of my father...


About 82,000 results for Footprints

As a personal thing, I always dream't of O m a r when

'days were dark,' and

'moments were high...'

Many community leaders were starting to queue

to meet Abdulla in

2014 with him acting in more than fifteen films...

His media profile had become 'the most viewed,

' since Michaels Jackson's death...

His voice was in the hearts of South African's who

'asked for change, and a better tomorrow....'

We would often visit rural and urban communities

sharing the moments we shared...

Sakeena and Akber had grown to the age where

they were starting to 'teeth their emotions...'

They were starting school next year and I

could feel that their father

should be their backbone before he tackles

his 'ambition,' with community

friends and leaders...

I was told that the local schools provided by the

Gauteng Department of Education

was 'up-to speed,' with the current education

levels and enrolled

Sakeena in nursary and Akber stayed

at home with me...

I was studying a degree in Human Resources

and thought that

my degree could help Omar towards his

'backing power...'

My friends had always told me that I should

remain 'stable,'

when being in the company of our future

President of South Africa...

As Alison, I was quickly being admired by

the local community for the

'hard and smart,' work I brought to the Abdulla family...

I had preferred to keep my name as Alison

Kells instead of

Alison Abdulla as I thought that his surname

might offend him...

When things were rosy for us in 2014,

we would often visit local restaurants,

contests, matches and games from the

community of S o u t h A f r i c a...

I always liked Omar's smile and the way

he looked from a certain angle...

To me- Omar was always 'alive and fresh,'

and I always thought of my husband

as the man of my dreams who would lead

me towards 'my own personal growth...'

My personal growth was seeing that the daily

work of the home

be done and that included cleaning and preparing,

changing and recharging, reading and writing,

loving and being,

sharing and caring, cooking and teaching

and 'being the best w i f e in the world...'

If Omar wanted me to help him achieve his dream

of e i g h t children,

I would be right by his s i d e...

I never knew Omar in school and I took

on the exercise to do some research on my

husband before he met me...

Some of his friends said that 'it was his walk,'

some said that it was

'his vibe,' others said that it was 'his eyes,'

whilst the majority said that it was the way

he loved me...

I remember one afternoon we sat by the

pool-side and spoke...

Omar: I have been so alone in my heart,

and I feel that I have

somehow lost so-much of the distribution

I once had...

I sometimes think that my father's teachings

are only starting to penetrate my mind....

Alison: What do you mean love...??

Omar: I am feeling that the challenges that

I had a long time ago

mean nothing to me now...

I feel as though the losses that I incurred in the

past was a slow-paced way

of teaching me my true ambition...

I feel as though that I am a staff member

to every single business in the world and I

sometimes forget to remember

the treasured words that 'once crept our love...'


I feel as though that my statue's of tomorrow are starting to be

created by 'magicians of hand and glove...'

Alison: Oh Sexy Omar, what happened to your stories

about 'Pyaar-Pyaar-Pyaar...'

Omar: Haha, Well I know that my growth is

measured according to

the memories that I have...I have become one

of the nations 'most popular,'

personalities and all I can think about is tomorrow

and the 'thrill of the future...'

Do you think that sometimes I fail to appreciate today...?

Alison: Oh love, Yesterday is buried, today is now,

tomorrow is a legend

and the future is your 'family...'

So why not take a leap at life and you might build

your wings on the way down...

Omar: Hmmm...Our son has grown to become

so handsome and I love the way

he copies what you do...

I want our family to become a family that has the

highest of respect locally and internationally...

Alison: Omar, do you think family is the foundation

for every South African,

or do you think as an Indian you have that

traditional upbringing...?

Omar: I was brought up with higher than normal

teaching methods...

I would often attend class till midnight,

sometimes I would stay up more

than forty hours to reap the thoughts of trillions...

Alison: So Omar, where would you see our

Diamond Anniversary...??

Omar: The Diamond is the 60th anniversary...

Well I hope I would follow in the f o o t p r i n t s

of some of the Legends I have

learn't from including President Fidel Castro,

President Nicholas Sarkozy

, Prime Minister Gordan Brown, President George


and President Mahinda Rajapaksa...

Alison: I have to pick Sakeena up from school,

speak to you later...

By the way, I love the new BMW surprise for my birthday...

Red is my favorite color...

Businesses were becoming popular in 2014

with the net turnover

of South Africa exceeding R700 trillion rand...

This was the most improved sector in South Africa

with Abdulla fast leading the

polls as President of South Africa...

I remember I always spoke to him till the late hours in

the evening, preparing his wishes

that he had always taught and thought about...

The economy was buzzing with 'new power,'

with new inventions including the

The Time Machine, The SA Space Station,

The 'Matter VS Velocity stokveld,'

and The 'creation of cheap nuclear energy...'

Businesses in South Africa was becoming the

nations pride with importers

and exporters from South Africa, Spain, France,

Finland, United States,

United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Bermuda

flooding local waters...

The import and export sector alone had increased

revenue by 81 percent in the last quarter...

Omar was becoming the nations

'heart rob,' by constantly dealing with members

from the SA community...He had realized that

'investment by chance,'

was the best-investment for the future...

2014 was a year that experienced the coldest Winter

with temperatures below

18 degrees in most provinces...

It was also reported that the country experienced

snowfall in Northern Cape, Eastern Cape,

Western Cape and Southern Cape...

The country had become 'our destination,'

and Omar and I

'pushed and pressed,' towards o u r personal

dreams, together...

2014 as I write this, was somewhat purred as

I remember us having a Siberian

  Hus key dog, who always sat with Omar

whilst he would meditate at one of

my tea gardens...Apart from assisting Omar, our houses

had become too big,

and we decided to convert some of the properties

that we bought into tea gardens...

When things were starting to look good and the country

had tossed

the reputation of a crime-riddled country, the

country had become

gifted with 'new national talent,' in the form of

National Dance Games, National Lotteries, National

Gambling and National Branding...

I remember Omar and I visited Spain in 2014

where he told me that this was our extended honeymoon...



Our children Sakeena and Akber had to have a break from

their fathers constant ambition to be 'bigger than his outer being...'

Spain was a country that rivetted me because we could shop with oars...

That was something different because I could shop on a river bay...

This was something new to me because Spain was a country

that won the World Cup in 2010...

I had never thought that a country in Europe

could be so beautiful with

so much elegance and atmosphere...

Omar and I had spent three weeks in Spain

and later visited London, Lisbon, La Havre,

and La Rochelle in Europe...

I have always wanted to experience the

o u t s k i r t s of Europe because I read

stories about the forefathers of history in

Europe including Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill,

Queen Elizabeth II, Lord Joe Brandt,

Knight Richardson,

William Shakespeare, Princess Diana and Prince William....

Omar: Are you ready to love me everyday Alison...??

Alison: I'm ready...

Alison: I was thinking that we should write a

story about your life...

You know like a book called

'My Father, The President...'

Omar: What does that suppose to mean...I am not

even quarter way towards

realizing my dream to be President of South Africa...

Alison: A book would be nice...Besides-I

have all the time in the world,

and I would love to write about my 'hubby,'

Omar Abdulla as the

President of South Africa in the future...

Omar: Could we take that risk...I mean what if I don't

become the President of South Africa, I would

be the laughing stalk of the country...

Alison: Well lets do this...Let's write the book,

create a simple website

and who knows we might turn the book into a film...

We can distribute the

book into a book on a CD with the audio read

by myself...??

Omar: Hmmmm...I love my father Alison,

but writing a book on

behalf of myself would do what...?

Alison: Look Omar, a book or whatever

has your title on it-

it will create a storm not only towards your

dreams but mine's as well...And

you know I can sell up a storm...??

Omar: Meaning...??

Alison: Well, I will write the book and you tell me...What you say...?

Omar: No promises, but hey, I am with you all the

way love...

In October 2014 I decided that I wanted

to write the book

'My Father, The President,'

on behalf of Omar because I felt that it

was the risk to write

about a Man that will be the son of

South Africa in 2023...

"I am the son to my parents, what

would be the difference

as the son of a country..." he once said...

Towards the end of 2014, I had drafted a Manuel

to write this book, because

I knew that I was investing into the most

treasured person in my pot...2014, in

total was an arrear year, as I should off thought

of writing the book, before then...

Days were short and empty in 2015 as

we worked 'hard and smart,'

in preparation for the national elections in 2015...

I remember there were days that were so short

that I at times felt

that my time was moving faster than normal...

Omar and I had often had meetings with leaders

from all over the community

and meeting the people always brought 'a certain thrill,'

to my life...

Our children were following in our dreams

for them and

I figured that if we were going to reach the

treasured target of eight children,

I might as well ask Omar if we could renew

our vows and plan for another child...

In the alter Omar sat on the pew and

prayed to the Almighty...

Although Omar was borne Muslim he

had learn't from the teachings

from the Holy Prophets of time

including Prophet Adam, Prophet Essa,

Prophet Musa and Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W.)...

To Omar, a son was more than the symbol than

the meaning behind the w o r d s...

I remember one day he said that at times he

would reflect on his life

and did not care to share-less because his

meaning would

mean something else to someone else...

When Omar finally gave me the green-light

towards our third child we w e r e pregnant again...

Pregnancy is something worth discussing with

your partner, as it should

be planned, and when done, should be a

love-making affair that will steam up

the windows...

Sakeena had passed her grade one examination

with flying colors

and Akber had just started with nursery...

Our homes that he had purchased and the

assets that we invested in

were slowly brewing the returns that we

had expected...

Omar had lost his attitude about his childhood

because he felt that the

only way to grow himself is grow his family,

his country, his people and 'his businesses...'

Choosing a name for our third child was a

mission on it's own...

Although I am an Afrikaaner I was asked by

his memon Muslim family

to choose a name that would suite both religions...

I had often laughed at Omar, when he tried to speak

to my clients at The Jasmine

Tea Garden in Afrikaans...

"Stick to your British/American accent, and let us

Boers, do the talking," I would

often tell him...

2015, for me, was one of the best years,

and whilst I was pregnant, Omar would

serve me breakfast in bed, often buy late

-night take- outs, and sometimes

he would settle for oral sex, instead of

penetrate sex, as he felt, this might hurt

the new baby...

Christmas is always my favorite month of the year,

and this Christmas,

I was planning on just being at home, and eating,

eating and eating...

I had loved Indian food, and it seemed that my r

oasted turkey for Christmas,

was always eaten by the entire family, where

we normally made GRACE

to other bounties that we wished for...

I knew that he had the scope as President of

South Africa, but I sometimes

doubted my thoughts when I would be in severe pain...

The third pregnancy

at 23, took it's harshness on me, as I always

complained on back pain...

I remember that when I gave birth to my

second daughter

I had more tears in my eyes than the first

time I gave birth...

The Footprints Filmworks Foundation (FFF) had

a record amount

of sales this year, and Omar and I attended

the year end function

that had the sales people and teams wooing us...

"If God had a wife, he would choose you to be

his merry..." Omar

once said...

I had done ample research about babies

and the offspring of

birth-but this time it was different because

I guess that I was only 23 and a mother of three...

We had thought about the third child's

name and decided that the

child be given the birth name of Fathima...

I was told that Fathima was the Egyptian Princess

from the times of 'The Pharoahs...'


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Chapter Four
'My Father, The President,'

Having t h r e e children at my age has it's toll on me....

I had t h r e e children namely; Sakeena, Akber, and Fathima

and I could feel that my mind, my body, my spirit and my

h e a r t wanted more....I was married to the hottest

guy in the country and received calls from women

telling me that Omar was theirs....Haha....

Well to me, he was all mine and I was left with the

task to create

a president of our country from this man...

He had received death threats from people

saying that if he

ran for SA presidency he would die...

I remember Omar told me one night 'M

y dream is to become

President of South Africa....'

And so I put his goals on top of my list...I mean any wife

would do the same....

I was told by Omar that the women he dated

lacked 'personal skills,' and the ability

to lead their own lifestyle...

I guess with his memory erased made it easier

for me...Or so I thought....

I was to lead my man as President of The

South Africa, the way Barack Obama led

the United States...We did not have any of

'those moments,' if you know what I mean...

At that time when I started the book,

Omar was a businessman,

a father, a son and a lover but was no President...

I guess what makes a President is the woman

behind him than the actual man.

I was told that Omar should achieve atleast

500 million fans/voters

in seven years if he was going to stand any chance....

Omar: What is your perception on love Alison?

Alison: Love is in the eyes, once you see someone's eyes,

then you would know....How about you?



Omar: I have hurt so many girls in the past I don't know...

I guess love is like a fine wine, gets better over time...

Alison: Haha, Well you talking too much....Do you want a glass

of that fine wine....??

Omar: I had for dinner with prawns...I am fine....So

what's on your mind....??

Alison: You are on my mind, for the l a s t five years....

Omar: Only five years??

Alison: Well, I have work tomorrow, I have work

to do in town

and I have to meet your mother....!

Omar: Why?

Alison: The children want to spend the

day with her,

she said they will be home by five.

Omar: Are we going to plan that Zakiyyah

child that I was telling you about.??

Alison: Yes, I want another child....We can start

tomorrow when you come back from work...

Omar: Oh......How about a trail run now??

Alison: Sure.....

Omar: Mwahhhhhhhhhhhh.......................

Alison: So why choose the name Zakiyyah anyways?

Omar: When I was in university, I placed a

bet with a friend of mine...

She would name her child Omar, whilst I name

my daughter Zakiyyah...

Alison: Could friendship be so eternal....

Omar: Sometimes...She was my best friend in the

whole world.!

Alison: Oh ahh, and where is this Zakiyyah

woman now....!

Omar: Probably married with a bunch of children....

Alison: Then let's get started with Zax now...

Omar: I thought we going to leave it for when I

come home from work....

Alison: Please don't upset a sexy tiger thats


Omar: Who would.....*Gnaws*....

We had planted Zakiyyah on New Year's Eve and

was noticed with the n e w s on February 14th

that we will be carrying Zakiyyah....

I was happy to the fact that I could have my dream of

f o u r children and 'be happy,' with a Man whom I loved....

In March 2016 Omar gave speeches in

Washington, Texas, Kentucky and

Miami regarding his

race for President of South Africa...

I had let go of my friends because of my

three children a

nd I was pregnant with Zakiyyah. It was the

first time that I

knew of the child's name before birth...

I could feel that not only my

dreams were being realized it was that of my

husband as well....

In a talk show named 'Tyra Banks,' I listened

about mothers

and the way mothers should be with their little

ones. I listened with awe....

Sakeena's bedroom was painted Mickey Mouse,

Akber's room was a

Ferrari color and theme and Fathima chose more of the

Aishwarya Rai look for her bedroom....My husband and

I chose an en-suite thrilled in white with a lounge

suite and jacuzzi. We were happy and our monthly

expense as worked out by Omar was R45000-00..

Sometimes I would think where are his

trillion dreams, and the goal to be

the richest man in the world....??



I guess at that time in my life, things were going

well for my children...

I had sent them to the best of schools and

church's and was

starting to take a class in French, Urdu, Computers,

Nero-Science, Motivation, 'personal power,'

Karate, and Cooking...

I was a wife and the best I could be...Well, in

the bedroom, I guess that was our ' hotel,'

because we never shared what went on

behind room doors.

On the last Saturday of February we decided

to visit Omar's

parents in South Africa....

We had been married for five years and our

love was maturing....

Our children had joined us as well. I remember

that time when

Omar married me, how they laughed at me


I was only 18 and they kept on saying

that 'I'm like

a child, that still has to grow....'

I guess I kinda proved them wrong....

Omar: Hi dad, we home, Salaams...

Uncle Akber: Welcome son, you are

lucky your nephew

is getting married today, join us....

Omar: We will, how are you doing....

I thought I'd bring

the children and my wife to say hello....

Uncle Akber: Get dressed the wedding is at


We all invited.

So we went to one of Omar's nephews weddings

and were entertained to 'song and dance,'

by members from

the community....I wanted to ask his

father if he was

proud of the work done in our marriage since

we last spoke...

His parents had said that I was only 18

when we married

and wanted a 'more mature,' woman

for their son.

After the wedding we were invited

home for casual


Having a snorkish voice has it's value

in a large house in Pretoria....

Omar's brother Sikander and Wife joined us as

well for an evening brunch.

Sikander: So, hows Footprints Filmworks and the

other businesses Mr.Abdulla??

Omar: I have so much work to do....I have to invest in a

further 500 000 websites for America and 10 000

more 'community websites,' for South Africa.

Sikander: Done-It will cost the company 4 million dollars.

Omar: But I want it to be community

based so that people

can log in and post their messages

and find love

links and for the websites to be liked by

members who read the posts...

Sikander: So where are your presidential dreams?

Nazmeera: Yeah, when is Omar going to

be President of South Africa....

I was hearing those stories when I was

pregnant with Nuwairah...

Omar: Inshallah soon...I had some extra


meetings and work to do...
Uncle Akber: Omar, I have told you before leave the

 SA Presidency and focus on plain business.

Omar: Dad, I have given up all bad habits, If I

fail it will be my

loss and not the Abdulla's...I heard a saying....

If you screw up, then you might as well

'screw up big....'

Uncle AKber: We shall see...Hows the new-

baby when is she being born?

Omar: Sakeena is fine, she loves to play games,

Akber is loving- and Fathima is perfect....

Zakiyyah is being born in September...

Sikander: Oh God, I have three children and love

all of them-Nuwairah,Nadia and Nabeel.

Perhaps we shall see who reaches the target

of e i g h t children first...

I dreamt about you last night and whew woke

up in a sweat...

You should know brother that no-matter what I will

always be your best friend and

'knight in shinin armor.!'

Omar: We should go to Warmbaths tomorrow

-I will text Khatija and Farida can come along...

Aunty Fatima: Great idea, Il make a lovely

lunch and

we can order Biryani from the restaurant...

Omar and the children can stay over. Lovely

sun I woke...Pack extra lotion we don't

want to get sun-tanned...!

Uncle Akber: I am not coming with, I have

computer work....You guys go out and enjoy.

Sikander: If Omar comes with I am 'all in...''


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It was the most perfect Saturday Evening I had

spent with Omar's family....

I slept with my children and Farida in her room...

She kept on talking about how the chickens make sounds

in the early mornings by her window. She was

the most-adorable

14year old one could have....I had dreams that one

day My Sakeena could be so 'chirpy,' as Farida. She could

not stop talking....I loved the sight and sound of Farida....

She kept on telling me about her Barbie dolls and the way

she plays with them....

I also played a game called checkers and chess with her until she

finally fell off to sleep. Sunday, at Warmbaths

was awesome as I got to understand what my-in-laws are all about...

They loved me as Alison and I loved them...o me,

when I got married

to Omar they all asked questions about how young I was,

I mean Sikander once said that if you sleep with his Omar,

it would be rape. I guess my three children proved them right...

They were all fine and Farida once again asked me to go

on slides and all kinds of 'thrill seekers,' with her.

During our lunch-time I had a good

conversation with Omar's mum....

Aunty Fatima: So Alison, How are you- is my

son treating you fine....!

Alison: He is a dream guy for any woman...Can you

tell me some secrets about him....He took me on

a hot air balloon ride last week Saturday. Wow.! Dazzed.!

A unique experience one must enjoy in ones lifetime...

Aunty Fatima: Just hold on to him...He is a

gold son...He has

his habits....There were times he use to earn

above R100-000.00 for the family if he has

the right Time, Space, Matter and Energy...

Alison: Meaning?

Aunty Fatima: When Omar really puts his heart,

mind and body into something it really works...

Like the many films he has acted in...

Alison: Yeah, He is more famous than all Bollywood

actors here in South Africa, what should I

do to maintain his high-profile...??

Aunty Fatima: Omar is not the cheating type...

He has had other girlfriends and learnt from them...

His career is just s t a r t i n g to kick off...

Alison: Who were his other girlfriends...

Aunty Fatima: You are his wife, that's all that

matters Alison....

2016 had just started and things were going

well with the guidance of the Lord Jesus...

I had prayed all my life for a family like this and with

the blessing's of the Lord I could achieve my dreams...

I was ready to give birth to Zakiyyah and prepared

Omar to reach his target of earning and maintaining

an income of $100 000-00. His father, believed

that his son could reach this target if his head

was 'screwed on right...'

It was my responsibility to see that their son is in good hands.

When Omar and I reached home we planned his goals and

talked about the future of his dreams...He had

always dreamt

that he could have a white-woman as a wife, yet I

could feel it in his hands when he held me

close to his breast..

He was the most fortunate from his friends

because he did not have an Indian as a wife...

His brothers wife and I got along well and they

all mingled well with each other...

She seemed to like speaking to Omar because

they 'go back a long way...' Sikander was a sweetoo

to me, because he loved his brother and

had 'the most amazing charm,'

for his family and friends....For once, I could

actually call his family....My Family.

Towards the middle of 2016 I learnt new things

about life including life skills and the ability to

cope with children....I was often asked

questions by Members of Congress about

my figure and how I maintained my figure..

I gymed and worked hard and kept to my

routine as a wife....I often watched Omar play

cricket at the local stadium, something that

he would often do to keep fit. His mental

cycle was at it's peak and I was ready to give

birth in September...

I remember frankly that Omar had earned

the most that July 2016, netting $160 000-00...

We were spoilt and we managed our money well...

Our success was felt throughout the community

and we always 'pushed and pressed,' that

extra mile when it came to the community...

Omar had enrolled that July at the

Ferrari race-track

and raced with Formula e 1 cars.

Something out of this world. As Alison,

I felt that my whole world was starting

to take shape, pattern, focus and my

husband could just enjoy all the flesh that

he could hold....

Omar: When one has children what

sought of guidelines should one adhere to....?

Alison: Why do you ask...!

Omar: Our children are well-over spoil t and I get

swearing from their teachers that they over-


Alison: What do you mean?

Omar: I was with Sakeena's teacher today,

she says that our daughter picks up on ou

r w o r d s and spreads our charms to

her friends....

Alison: Oh, she is just a child...Only five.

Alison: Texas is good for the children

away from the city 'hustle and bustle...'

Omar: Ahah, maybe I should....I think

that our teachers should pay more attention

to our children than try their own

provincial tricks.!


Footprints in south africa...
coming soon...
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Chapter Five
'My Father, The President,'

Towards the starting of this chapter I felt

confident in the youth

of South Africa because my Sakeena won first prize in

a dance contest featuring Justin Bieber's 'Oh Baby,....'

She just goes bezerk for that song and since then our

household has been filled with that song.

I have the tune in my mind

when writing this chapter....

Well, I am writing this

in Mid-July 2016

where business, media, politics, entertainment,

family, religion,

ethics and other sectors of South Africa are

moving along well...

In June this year we visited Natal as part of our

vacation to the coast..

Omar addressed members of Parliament

last Thursday and members

from the South African community are

s t a r t i n g

to cheer his

approach as President of South Africa...

Although Omar is

Minister of Finance many community leaders have

had meetings

at our castle speaking to him about his

involvement in the South

African community....

Omar also received the 'golden shield,' awards

from Absa Bank regarding

his work with Footprints Filmworks....

Other top companies as voted

by Absa Bank for 2016 include South African Airways,

Chicken Licken, Joko, Ocean Basket, Falu's Fabrics, Unisa,

Virgin M0bile and Juta Books...

I wrote down in my journal this morning what I plan to

achieve for the r e s t of the year and my daughter

Zakkiyah is being born this year....I have three beautiful

children and one gorgeous husband Omar...

My three children

in case you following the story is Sakeena, Akber,

and Fathima...

Omar says that he wants me to be a saleswoman

to my children

and achieve the treasured goal of e i g h t children...

Being the

wife of a high-flyer has it's tolls on me including

daily cooking and

cleaning, passionate lovemaking, teaching and being a mother

to my children...I have taken a course in forex and I have

earned R250-000.00 of my husbands money....Many of my

friends ask me questions on keeping a PrinCe like Omar

satisfied and I guess a smile is the best answer to all of

these people..

I feel much happier living in Rustenburg and

I guess the beauty

of my husband is that he is able to shift his business

to anywhere I want...

When we went on vacation this June I had

the best time in the

world because I could walk the beeches of

Natal in Freedom...

About 50,900 results

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Perhaps freedom is not addressed enough in this book

called 'My Father, The President,' because

most of us take it as a

granted. Our five year marriage is based on trust, honesty,

love and patience and hopefully this book will inspire many

millions to follow in my f o o t p r i n t s...

One day I entertained Omar to some good


Alison: So how are you doing my love...

Where would you see yourself

ten years from today??

Omar: I am Goofed...That song 'Ohh Baby,' is


in my brain...

Hmmmm. I would see myself in your arms

and your heart and

hopefully with eight children....The President of

South Africa will be a bonus.

Alison: Ohh Baby.....Well I feel that I want

to spend every

second with you...How much do you think

Vodacom will charge us....?

Omar: Life is free love dove....I am happy

with our castle

and I would want to move to somewhere

bigger like a

7 million rand house....

Alison: Perhaps next year...You should know

I will love you if you

don't have a cent as well...

I loved you without money and I will

always love you Omar.

Omar: How much do you love me if you were

to show it to me now.??

Alison: Does my children not answer

your questions...

Omar: If love was a diamond I would be

your diamond cutter,

If love was an ocean I would be the abyss,

If love is a

hole I would drown your alley...Anyday.

Alison: How Sweet....Omar, I love you so much....

Omar: I love you more than you can count Alison....

Omar perhaps had a lot on his plate that evening because

he joined the United Nations as Governor...

He had replaced

the current Ben-Ki-Moon and was

now earning a salary

more than $100 000.00 per annum from the

United Nations...

He had taken the task because of his financial

brain and had

other businesses on the side....His mentors

Sir Alan Greenspan,

Sir Ben Bernanke, Trevor Manuel and Tokyo

Sexwale were always

calling him on his mobile asking decisions on

interest rates and repo rates...

Omar had worked hard and studied till the

late hours in the evening

to be where he is today....He was often

quoted on news

channels and newspapers regarding the

work he does and

would often meet guests till late. I kinda felt left

out because I took care of the children and

had the responsibility

to look after the house...



I was quite good-looking for a young lass and always

took the opportunity

to lend a hand to my husband...Making love to one

of the m o s t powerful

men in the world has it's workload on you with

their toying games.

I guess when this book gets published the world

will get a broader idea

of what this 'mumbo- jumbo,' talk is all about....As Alison,

that July

evening my life was perfect....Perhaps a light snowfall was missing...

We had the fireplace burning when we chatted every

evening talking

about the future of 'The uBuntu....'

South Africa was fast becoming Africa's country with the

country being named as a 'first world country,' locally

and internationally....The country had increased workload

by 40 percent in the last year with net income ranging

from R4600-00

per month per person. The country was fast becoming an export

nation to countries China, Brazil, Japan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Poland,

Iceland, and Zimbabwe....The United States had invested large

sums in the country for the sake of skills and empowerment.

The nation had become a 'safe haven,' investment due to the

downfall in crime from 30 percent in 2012 to 12 percent this year...


The country was becoming a nation involved with

middle-eastern countries

ranging from import and exports....The country was well-known

for the creation of clones, robots, 'purpose devices,'

and other

'new forms,'

of investments that could empower the entire human race...

Many folks from Africa and other nations had flocked to the country

as a tourist destination because of the tranquil beauty and scenic

views....Many foreigners use our education departments

to send their children to our schools because of the 'Waldof methods,' that

many of our schools teach....My own children Sakeena, Akber and Fathima

are educated in South Africa to the best of the teachers knowledge...

Many parents have the option to 'home-school,' their children

as part of the deal with government....

I was starting to feel that South Africa was more important

to Omar than our own children....Omar was sent

to the United States in August 2016 as a gift from

members of the community...

He had spent three weeks in Los Angeles and came

back with more than what he went....Living alone

in those three weeks taught me the importance

of love and patience when it comes to parenting...

My husband would one day become President of South

Africa and all I could do was watch from the

bench-lines of the father nation....

My husband had constantly thought about the

changes that he chose

to pass in South Africa including the legalization of Marijuana,

legalization of 'red-light districts,' increase spending on hospitals

and increase spending on social scope...He also had

meetings with key

communication leaders for the investment of 40 000 computers

in schools including broadband connection. His meetings

also stated

the investment of tele-port media-a transfer of personality

from one province to another with the aid of a device.

Abdulla's investment in the health sector would drop HIV

infection by more than 60 percent with the legalization

of Pfizer drugs and related virus drugs. My husband thought

'long and hard,' for the changes that he chose to bring in

South Africa...He had always admired President Fidel Castro

for his long standing as President of Cuba for more than

twenty years. Perhaps a far-fetched dream of his....!

When Omar returned from Los Angeles I was due to give

birth to Zakiyyah next month but took the persona

to learn passages from the Holy Quraan...Growing- up,

I was taught to pray

to Jesus Christ and the Lord as I learnt from my teachings the

importance of one Prophet and the ruling of the

Holy Prophet of Islam.

I became better attuned to the Islamic culture as the month of

Ramadaan was crossing the Muslim community in September...

I thought that I should teach my children the importance

of their religion and the meaning of God.Growing- up,

God was a father figure in my life and later I realized that God is Eternal,

The Most High, The Most Gracious....I never knew of this..I also took

a course on the meaning of the Holy Quraan and the

meaning behind

the w o r d s. Sometimes w o r d s have 'double,' meanings.


Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (Music Video)

with Footprints Filmworks

Zakiyyah was born on 13 September 2016 and this was the happiest

day of my life....We had preferred that she be born at home

as Omar chose her to be 'nurse maid....' Omar had

answered my prayers by not sending me to hospital,

instead I gave birth at home...She had one dimple

and a big birthmark on her face making her look like Cindy

Crawford-The Model.

I now had f o u r children, Sakeena, Akber, Fathima, and Zakiyyah...

This was a new challenge to me because I received texts from

all my friends and family saying that Zakiyyah was a

'doll in the making....'


She had her fathers hazel eyes and my skin and color tone.

We had preferred that she be baptized according

to Christianity,

although I had not converted to Muslim. Our family values

might s o u n d mixed to you as a reader, yet she was

the prize money for 88 Ferrari's Omar once said...

We were happy and satisfied with her health and I

was 'happier than normal,' because hundreds of photo's

were taken of our baby within the first day...

Her siblings had all clinged to her like she was

a pot of gold...And she was.

Being a mother of four does not come easily unless one

has a strong father to back the children up....I remember

at that time Omar was at the peak of his presidency

always 'eyeing,' the local and international news what was

stated about him and related businesses. Zakiyyah

was a 'hip-hop,' baby because I suppose that type of

music could only make her sleep...

She would only sleep in a driving car or listening to 'hip-hop...'

Sakeena would often play games with her sister to keep her

tuned up what was happening in the world she lived in...

As a baby she loved lots of attention and I still remember

the photo's because she was known as 'my prize baby,'


of the attention she pulled. The paparazzi were kept out of

our home from taking pictures and only 'exclusive pictures,'

were released

to the media....We had a cozy family and my parents

and Omar's

parents had all visited us on the due date. Memories are

perhaps to evident to remember as the pictures of my

little baby still stick in my mind...

Life was teasing me because Omar had told me that I

should not work and work from home as a house-wife.

I remember a little red teddy bear with her name on it that

Uncle Akber gave her as a gift that makes me shed a

tear till today...

Our house was filled with love, laughter, greatness

and royalty with the birth of our new daughter...

I always felt that Zakiyyah was my 'miracle baby,'


she was born at home...The local SABC news had


her birth as 'a new addition,' to the Abdulla clan....

Omar: So how do you feel being a mother of four

and the love of my life...?

Alison: If you would of asked me that the

first time we met,

I would never of dreamt to be holding this gorgeous

child in my arms...

Omar: Ohh Baby, Ohh Baby....

Alison: Now you have given me four children,

how do I know that

you will remain faithful, honest and 'mine,' always Omar...!

Omar: Relax Alison...I love our children. I want

to move back to Pretoria...

Alison: Why, What's wrong with living in Rustenburg....

Omar: I just feel that I can achieve much more in the city...

My business is climbing fast and the market is in Gauteng....

Alison: Omar, If you want to move...Sure...We can move

and relocate the children's schools...Maybe we could build

that 7 million rand house you want....

Omar: I have the house already organized by the estate

agent. It's a matter of your agreement with me....

Alison: We can move at the end of the year...

Omar and I were surprised by winning the national lotto

towards the end of the year which paid out an amount

of over R20 million rand...

I guess my children's numbers perhaps assisted as well.

Although Omar was not an avid gambler, I had purchased

the ticket with Omar sharing in the profit-takings....

Click 'n Play...


Chapter Six
'My Father, The President,'

I was never j e a l o u s of Omar's success because I knew his

success will ultimately be mine...He was building momentum

as President of South Africa and was fast becoming

one of the richest men in the world...

We had moved back to Philadelphia because Omar

felt that as a community leader he

should be in the hub of the community...

We lived in a seven-star home with 14 bedrooms,

pools, jacuzzis, fireplace, steam, sauna, and we had

purchased one of Omar's dream cars that his

father once bought him...

A red Ferrari Scuderia, besides- the 'everyday,' cars....

His father had told him

that someone would kill him for his Ferrari, but preferred

to showcase the

Ferrari on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Omar had often

traveled to London,

Los Angeles, Tokyo. Warsaw and Bombay as

part of his agreement

to lead the United Nations...

He was building polls in The United

States as the future

President of South Africa

with him speaking to audiences more than 250 000 at a time...

He was a passionate speaker on stage and 'wooed,' audiences

who chanted for more....He had a certain style and way in

which he spoke to crowds that got distributed on all networks

including U,S,A Today, SABC, E.T.V and thousands

of w o r l d w i d e stations.

newspapers, websites and other media related news...

Many said that his

love approach reminded them of Barack Obama,

Shar Rukh Khan,

Fidel Castro, Winston Churchill, Nicholas Sarkozy and

George Washington...




He had told me earlier that if I ever did anything to

hurt his relationship

with his father he would leave me. To be honest- I loved

Uncle Akber, like my own father and perhaps at times

I did not

agree the way Uncle Akber spoke to Omar, but that

was their father

and son relationship....

His mother was his guiding torch that

always shone upon him and

always brought a 'sparkle to his eye...'

His mother had always told her

son to be aware and shrewd when speaking

to media personalities

and people who just 'want gossip,' for local and

international tabloids....

We had celebrated Chrismas Day in Miami at a night club..

I was never the 'dancing diva,' type of woman but wanted

to go to a nightclub with my husband...

It was my first experience dancing in the

moonlight and in sound

driven rooms....Omar and I had danced in the moonlight

on Christmas Day because

I wanted to know that he had something to share with me...

Omar was relaxing the remainder of the

year as he was planning

speeches in The United States- later in 2017...

His marketing manager had

booked him f o u r meetings per day for the entire of 2017

and was stemming towards leading

The United States...

During that festive season we had visited the

local zoo's and

shopping malls to shop and buy some new

things for the home...

At that time The United States was run by

a notation that the

black man was the 'brain child,' of The U.S....

To me, I was never interested

in letting a black man lead The United States because

of the way they led North America in the past...

An Indian would create a culture and maintain

a 'deserved pride,' to Americans

the way when Mahatma Gandhi had featured

in South African history...

Whilst news on the grounds was mis-trust towards the black man,

Omar was still speaking about Change to

'everday Americans'....From the news

around the community although blacks

were a majority many foreign

speculators had not trusted the black era because

people had somewhat

of a racism thrust against blacks...

To American's if they were going to see

improvement in the country

they would have to have a non-black America

because of the aura

that other races oozed....Omar had met

with Members Of Congress

to include blacks as part of the Parliament

but said that blacks were

almost 100 years behind the thinking of 'Anglo-Saxons...'

Perhaps a trust that foreign members wanted to instill a

sense of deserved

pride since democracy.... He had also stated

on previous occasions

that the term 'blacks,' was preferred by the Americans

as compared

to other titles associated to their skin race....


Shania Twain - You're Still The One

with Footprints Filmworks

 The romance in our relationship was sexy to say the least because Omar

looked hotter then the first day I met him and was interested

only in getting between my legs...

I have always welcomed Omar's interests because as a wife that is

my duty to my husband...Love was the element of my heart,

body and spirit and I always had the confidence to share

what was one my mind...To me, the secret to any sexual

relationship is trust, sharing, passion and 'naughty attitude...'

Being liked my Members Of Parliament helped Omar to

build his legs up

the podium in government....Although many of the meetings held

with Omar were not televised I was always with him, on every single


My children were loving to me and always had a moment of

appreciation to me....I loved the way my children were growing

up because I could see that their sibling friendship

was the foundation of their childhood...

Sakeena: Mummy where do children come from...?

Alison: From God!

Sakeena: Why do my friends bully me in school and always say

that they see daddy of television...

Alison: If your friends bully you, set them straight...Never be bullied...

Your daddy is a very important person in our country....

Sakeena: When Daddy becomes President of South Africa,

will we be happier than today...

Alison: Your daddy will still have to gain the confidence of his

friends in the country and then he will become our President....

Sakeena: Mummy, why do people take so many

pictures of me at school...

Alison: You are royalty my daughter....I love you....

Sakeena: Mummy, when will we go to London for

holiday, like how daddy does...

Alison: Next year...Your father loves all of you very much....

Akber: Oh Yipee...I love Sakeena, Fathima and

our new baby Zakiyyah...

Alison: You must take special attention of Zakiyyah

and don't pinch her cheeks too much Akber...

Akber: Okay Mummy...

Omar: Lights out children we have a long day this week....

Towards the s t a r t of 2017 we were

'back to work, back to reality...'

Omar was leaving for Tokyo next month and my children had

enrolled in their new schools in Philadelphia....I enrolled my

children at one of the country's finest schools Crawford

College because I thought that my children require the

best schooling if they would have to compete with

international students, later in their life....I have always had a firm

belief that the foundation phase of a child is the m o s t important

and that a child required both parents to play vital roles in their

lives if t h e y going to have any success in the 'outer world...'

Whilst learning about the forex market I joined several stock market

programs so that I could 'dummy trade...' listed

and unlisted shares...

Omar has said that I should trade the local shares listed on the

African Stock Exchange and American Stock Exchange because

he newly listed a local stock exchange in the country raising

funding of over 4.5 billion dollars...

The stock market enabled listed and unlisted companies to trade

shares on margin and leverage to generate a profit....Omar was

heavily involved in raising money for businesses

who chose to grow...

These included shares and businesses who

understood the value of risk...

I remember on the launch of The Footprints Stock

Exchange how shares

appreciated in value by 88 percent within the first

three months of trade....This was a new

business for me as

I hate an idle mind....

An idle mind leads to UN-productive

work and bad

work ethics. Although

I was a house-wife I loved to toy around with shares to

understand the meaning of 'Supply and Demand...'

Footprints Filmworks

and other companies were listed on several

stock exchanges

around the world for media publicity

and for the purpose

of trade and forging markets...

Something that I loved....

Loving the markets is one thing and knowing which trend to

follow is another spectrum altogether....I had taken courses

about markets to better equip myself about market

fundamentals and technical s...

Something that my husband taught me...

I think what keeps a relationship

alive is the ability to learn from your partner...

A partner that teaches

you and helps you cements the entire relationship...

My parents have

been married for thirty years and I always

learn from them the

value of learning and partnerships to

enable communication

and ethics...

My relationship with Omar at the s t a r t

of 2017 was good and

the romance was 'alive and well....' I was very

protective over

Omar from other women because I knew how they

flaunt themselves

to my man when I am not there....Being protective is a key

that shows that you really love and admire someone...


Something that my father taught me.....Anyways,

the local shares invested

in traded well as the American dollar had weakened to one of it's

lowest levels against the British Pound, Japanese Yen and the Euro...

Omar once said that he would forecast seeing the South African

rand as the basic unit currency in Africa if 'things go according to plan...'

with the African Union... With a minimum investment of $25000-00

could see a return 'reap surprise returns,' to an investor on any

exchange in the world...



About 2,320 results




Mandoza Nkalakatha with Footprints Filmworks


It was never about the investment I later learnt it was about the

'thrill and fun,' of trading the markets...Omar had often met

with former Presidents and Finance ministers from across

the globe to discuss issues related to the American public

that could stem growth to other import and export


In a journal meeting with President Obama-Obama had asked his

fellow American in Abdulla about his up-bringing in South Africa and

liked talking about former president Nelson Mandela...

Abdulla had

told Obama that Mandela had died recently and was planning

a memorial of the South African president

in The United States...

Omar seemed to love the camera and acted in several films

in the country

to help build his media profile when he becomes

President of South Africa...

This book and other films were played on several networks

to market his dreams....I have always thought a man

who believes in the future of his dreams is a man worth

investing in...

I invested my life and f o u r children with this man so I should

know what I am talking about....We had invested a sum of

one billion dollars in the construction of shopping malls

and offices in The United States in areas Maine, Maryland,

Montana, Oklahoma, Oregan, Virginia, Washington

and took certain shares in property porfolio's as part

of his investment deal....Meetings with the' top of the top,'

in the United States enabled me to wear a different

dress per day...

I only chose the best when representing him

and the businesses tha

t we were marketing....Our children were at the fulcram

because they had chosen my taste in style by purchasing the

latest b r a n d s in clothing and footwear...

One thing that

has stuck with me since we started going out and that

is the importance of fragrance...

I love a man who smells good from

the inside-out....

When Omar met with the Doctors Association of

The United States he was offered free shares in four

hospital chains in The United States and advised doctors

to beware the risk of cheap imported medicine...

The hospital sector was alarming as the market had invested

in markets with doctors...He had said that a doctor plays a vital role

in the community and thus supported the association...

I had studied to become a pharmacist before I met Omar and was getting

involved in this sector because I understood the importance

of providing cheap health care to the 'American sector...'

The country had 232 hospitals and was investing into improvements

and free hospital service to over 240 million Americans...

Doctors fees will be carried by a transfer of funds into their accounts

by government....


With the government offering subsidies to members from the community

-income tax would also be reduced to 30 percent as compared to

40 percent in previous years....

Abdulla was fast becoming the nations head with his s u p p o r t from

both men and women in all sectors of The United States..

He had often met with African Union leaders to discuss the

health sector of Africa, North America, South Africa

and Asia and was

winning votes from Congress and the general public....

South Africa and the United States had agreed

on certain interest

rate agreements and was discussing to reduce interest

rates by 5 percent

in coming years to improve fiscal and monetary policy...

This sector could generate a net flow of cash of up-to

12 trillion dollars alone in 2017...He was applauded by

members from the community and had a national

influence in the market when addressing local and

international policy makers...

Insurance companies and businesses would face alarming

drops as the health sector was being backed up by

government....The 447 members of Parliament were all good friends

of Omar and I was playing a key role in entertaining guests

at our castle...

I loved Omar when he spoke and met

with members of the community

because I was always attracted to a

man with power...

Perhaps a bit childish of me, but hey, I am

Alison and this is our story...

When I say a man with power I mean

influence and not power in

the sense of a drunken state...

Omar had also agreed to the opening of 14 rehab centers

in South Africa for members who were affected by

the abuse of Drugs and Alcohol....His involvement in helping

people who were affected by drugs will be

discussed in later chapters....

On the eve on Valentines Day, Omar had taken us out

to a local restaurant and shared some of his memories

whilst growing up...

This evening will always be remembered by me, because

Omar shared his innermost desires and ambitions with me....

Omar: Shall we have dinner at the finest restaurant in

the city this evening by the lake,,,,??

Alison: Dinner is the best if it's shared with family...

How is your heart and mind love....!

Omar: I am feeling that things are becoming a reality

what I wrote down almost ten years ago.

Alison: What do you mean??

Omar: Well, ten years ago I was a

University student playing

pranks on students and secretly planning my lifestyle

and future...

Now I feel that I have achieved beyond

what vision I had a long time ago...

Alison: What vision did you have...

Omar: I knew that I would be rich and wealthy but never

this happy....In University I had many friends

whom I think about till today....

Alison: What were your dreams in University

and who were your friends...?

Omar: My dreams was to achieve an income of

$100.000-00 per month...I had vision to uplift every

single person I meet...I dream't to be famous and be

a leader amongst my friends....I had dreams to look-after

my parents and do what they did for me....My friends in

University were Shamil Mukadam,

Iftikaar Ahmed, Sikander Abdulla, Nadeem Karani,

Yacoob Noor, Shaeen Dada, Nadia Essop, Zakiyyah Kolia,

Farida Essani, Mahira Malhotra, Katrina Hoosein,

Mehnaaz Baker,

Faaiza Noordin, Faheem Amod. Albert Van Wyk,

Binod Menon, Fatima Abed, Mehnaaz Kalla and

many thousands of others who chanted

my name by my window....

Alison: Wow, and what about me....By your window...??

Omar: You are the cherry on top Alison...By my window I mean...

In those days we lived at University and I lived at University

for four years...My friends would call my name blocks away

and some would even wake me up in the morning by my window....

Alison: Oh how sweet....Well I hope that I

can be 'your friend for life....'

Omar: You are...Always Alison....I think my

highest friend base

was when I visited Pakistan in 2010, the best

learning experience in the world...

Alison: Lekker, What did you learn in Pakistan?

Omar: I learnt Urdu and I met many friends from Lahore...

I still have memories of them....I once wanted to

marry a punjab woman....

Alison: Well, Who else you almost married....

Omar: I almost married about three women in South Africa,

but nothing to compete with you...

Alison: Thanks Love....What will you eat...

Omar: I have never tasted Sushi, let's give it a try...

I once had a girlfriend who only ate Sushi...

Alison: Haha, Well I have never dated anyone...

You my first love and only love....

Omar: What will you eat...

Alison: I like American Steak....

Sakeena: Daddy, I like the chicken sandwich...Is it halaal...

Omar: Yes honey, have the ice-blue milkshake that you like too...

Sakeena: Thanks Daddy....Why did you not tell

grandpa and grandma to come along...

Omar: They wanted to look after Zakiyyah...

Do you like the fresh breeze and wind here....

Alison: Well love, I was thinking....

Omar: Oh someone has a lot on their mind...Shoot....

Alison: Since we have f o u r children, should we not

plan another child...I love our children and you

always said that you wanted e i g h t...

Omar: Hmmmm....Can your body cope??

Alison: Yes...You should know Omar, your dreams

are my dreams...

Please don't ever lie or cheat on me....

Omar: I would never cheat...It took me nine proposals to

women who I wanted to get married to...

I think I am kinda settled as to what I want....

Alison: SO no more questions....We going to have

our fifth child soon, in this year...

Omar: I am leaving for Midrad in March...Before then....

Alison: We have a 'midnight date,' this evening....

Sakeena: Lets stop talking and as Hannah Montana says 'Lets dig in....'

It was at about this time in 2017 that everything

seemed perfect for us...Things were slowly falling

into place as I could feel like a true American...

My days and my stories in South Africa were perhaps

forgotten and all I could do this evening was

sit in the comfort

of our home and enjoy the 'pleasure,' of my husband...

Very often we are too engrossed with our daily chores

that we forget the 'love-bite,' moments we share

with our husband, with our children, with our

friends and with our country...Before I kissed

my children to bed this evening, I knew that

whatever they learnt from their parents,

their cycle of life had just begun...And I

could not wait to capture the next moment....


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'My Father, The President,'
Chapter Seven

I started writing this chapter in February 2017 as

Alison Kells with this book that

will be published on CD, Book, Website, and FILM and will be broadcast t

o more than a billion people....

This will probably be the b e s t form of motivation to you the readers

of this book 'My Father, The President....' Towards the start

of this book I had dreams

to follow in the f o o t p r i n t s of my husband Omar Abdulla who this

book is dedicated too...I am Alison Kells and when I start this chapter

I am 24 years old and Omar is 32 years old....Omar Abdulla who plans

to lead the country as President of South Africa was caught one

day crying in his room

when I decided to ask him a few questions about his life and

certain elements

that will see him lead our country as President...

I would also suggest

that you review previous chapters to gain a bette

r understanding

of what this book is all about....

Alison: Why are you crying my love...What's up...?

Omar: I am crying because of this song thats playing...I love my

father and my mother

so much and I am grateful for what they have

blessed me with today...

I feel that I am the luckiest person in the whole world....

Alison: Then why shed a tear....Don't let me cry with you and

drown my heart...

What Song?? Not Shar Rukh Khan magic again??

Omar: I was thinking about what they have given me, and I feel

that I have such a large task to provide the same

growing-up to our own children....

Omar: A Song from an Indian film....I am heartfelt

because I feel that

although I am doing well for myself something

is missing...

Alison: What's missing in your life...We have everything that a

family can own and dream about....!

Omar: Well, when you have seen the things I have seen in my past,

you would also cry...There are so many memories, so many

'treasured moments...' in what I lost and what I gained...

I learnt today that the

past does not equal the future....

Alison: We have four children and our past has

always been

memories of bliss...What's missing and why cry like a

baby my love...What did you loose in your

past that is missing today....

Omar: You know we can talk and say how much our parents have

done for us, yet sometimes you want that feeling to know

that you have the backing from the entire nation to lead the country

as President...

One can have trillions of rands on paper, but it means nothing if you ar

e sad and heartfelt...

Our love is great and I am happy with you...What's missing

is my past in a shell

to showcase the memories I once had....We practice hard

to what we want

to achieve, yet I have this empty feeling that I have failed or

let down certain of my friends....

Alison: Oh love, don't come down too hard on yourself...

You know Michael

Jackson failed 70 percent of the time- I was reading

an article...

What made him stick out from millions of fans is

his ability to never

give up...Your bad dreams these last months

will come to an end...

You should be proud of what you have achieved baby....

Omar: Thats funny....You know me for the last

e i g h t years...

Perhaps I am behaving

like a fussy child...You know I feel that my ego is somewhat dented....

Alison: Dented how...?

Omar: In School I would win all contests and awards

and always be the winner

who took all prizes on stage...This time I feel that the

competition is much larger

and 'empowering my dreams....' I feel that I have somewhat lost direction

off the course that I was planning years ago...

Alison: So lets gets back on course...You are not a sailor-sailing to India....

Omar: I realize that my actions have not become a full reality...

I am missing so much...

You would never know....Perhaps the empty gaps in my heart

will be filled later in my life....

Alison: You are 32 years old....Which 50 year old can show me what

you have achieved...

People talk about Shar Rukh Khan and all these Bollywood actors,

to me- that means nothing because when I see the

sparkle in your eyes

I realize that I am starring at my dream guy....

Omar: I liss for Chicken Licken....I am going to grab

something to eat,

I will chat to you later...I love you...And Thank You...

Alison: Why do you have to run away when we are in the

middle of a conversation...I will fry samoosa's

to soothe your hunger....

Omar: Not running away....I just feel that my support base

has doubled in

the last five years and I don't know how to '

woo-my audiences,'

the way I did...

I feel that I just don't have it in me anymore....

Alison: I watched you on television on the evening news...

Everything looks

'smooth sailing,' from here on end....

Omar: Looks can be tricky...I might look all hunky dory-but it has to do

with me and not us...So relax love...

Alison: No Omar, we are married....What's on your mind is also

on my mind...Spit it out....

Omar: You know once I told you if I had a rose for you I

would never leave my garden....

Alison: Yes, go on....



theme from caravan with

Footprints Filmworks

Omar: Well, I feel that I have been pricked

by a rose that I

plucked out of the

Japanese Garden...My heart, mind and body just

needs healing...

I'm sure the self-powering Omar will be back soon to bite

you in the ass...

Alison: Haha, Well what are you going to talk about at

The White House tomorrow....

Omar: I am still preparing my speech...I guess the best speech

is a speech from the heart....

Alison: I will be right by your side...All Ways-Watching and

speaking to you...I promise....

Omar: I promise I will be your guiding force and soul mate for life...

Oh- by the way, I bought you a gift....Check under your pillow....

Omar: I love you....

Alison: I love you....

It was at about this time that I fell pregnant with my

fifth child before

Omar left for Midrad....He had left to Spain to meet with

United Nations leaders to establish South Africa with

international members from the community...

He had forged relationships with key leaders for the

investment into

in the country if certain interest rate policies were kept...

Although The United States was known as the

Diamond Exchange

of North America, other countries had offered to

purchase shares

and take control of certain markets in The United States

according to Russian and Chinese investors...

He had also established networks for the control of

oil prices if certain

vehicle manufacturers were to import the

'hydrogen cars,' that will use

water as fuel...Something that Arabian leaders had

not taken well too...

Our children Sakeena, Akber, Fathima and Zakiyyah

were growing up

well-knowing that their parents love will always

shadow them,

wherever they walked...

When Omar returned from

Madrid in April 2017

we had booked Omar in stadiums for his leadership approach

selling more than fifteen million seats in fifteen states...

I would tour with Omar over the next three months to

strengthen his polls as the future President of South Africa...

The community has worshiped Omar's talks and applauded the

Minister with his 'hard and smart,' work at the top

level in Parliament...

He had discussed issues ranging from family

housing, politics,

education, spending, crime, human rights, and

'new ways,' of

speeding American competition to compete with

w o r l d markets....His businesses traded on several

exchanges had rocketed on the news of his power

and provided a net cash return of 88 percent for


who had invested in the Footprints Stock Exchange,

an exchange that held more than 5000 businesses from

the 5000 000-00 businesses...

He had always said that the key to success in any business is not

Capitol but the ability to maintain a balance between

marketing power,

true business skills, 'old-fashioned trade,' and internal promotion

of ones ideas and ethos...

When Omar returned in April 2017 he had said that he took courses on

speaking and 'jovial leadership,' from Anthony Robbins,

Robben Banks, Mike Lipkin, Bruce Willis, John Kehoe

and many other speakers to help motivate his

stand for election...

In 2025, it would be his first run as President of South

Africa and no-matter what I

spoke to him about, he always listened with o p e n ears....

I will always admire Omar Abdulla because of his

ability to 'never say die,'

even when things sometimes look bleak and UN-attaining....

His mind power within himself will always be

remembered by me because he

taught me that we do things 'most of the time,'

for the entertainment

of others and for the self-happiness for oneself...

Something dreamy and sexy about him...

I suppose when you are past the dating phase with

a Man, you look at a person from

how he see's himself from someone else's 'eyes...'

Sometimes we have to change our thinking towards

how we love, Sometimes

we have to change our thinking towards how we see

the 'outer scope of life....'

As the old saying his father says 'when life throws you

a lemon-make lemonade....'

During the time of April 2017 I recorded some information

with my husband which I will gladly share with you....

Bolero De Ravel with Footprints Filmworks

O M A R often shared his pleasure and pain moments with me,

perhaps because

pain was a force that pulled him down or stagnated his growth...

He would often say that his power is limited because he wanted to save his

mood towards a certain pain. I guess even the most powerful person

in the world

has pain that one has to deal with-I know the way Omar deals with

pain is- he either lets it out on himself by being moody with me or

not doing anything....I can remember this because when we were

dating he would often get frustrated by me by 'wasting his time,' and feeling

that what he did-did not matter...I bet that's why we are married....He would

often get upset if certain goals were not achieved-financially, emotionally

and physically....At that time he had received w o r d from his trainer

that he required to gain 30 pounds in a sport that he enjoyed to

compete with his friends-Boxing....Omar loved boxing

and at times he would come home all beaten up

and sometimes he would laugh at the failure

of his opponents...

A sport that built his muscle tone and mental strength...Omar had

hired several

coaches over his career to improve all sectors of his life including

health, wealth, wisdom, relationships and mental attitude...

He had focused on achieving results for himself and

later transformed

this information to his family, his friends, his community and

his 'uBuntu people....'

One evening Omar and I were invited to The Minister of Aviation

wedding party whereby I truly got to understand what picks

on his heart and mind...

I wore a red dress that he had chosen for me whilst he wore a black tuxedo

and our children wore designer gowns designed by Miami's finest specialist...

We were talking on the table until I realized why Omar ran

after the post as President of South Africa....

"Ever since I read Apartheid stories about South Africa in the local media,

I always felt a sense of uneasiness towards the current government...

Sure Enough, when South Africa was led by a black majority we did

manage to weed ourselves out of a horrid past....I believe

that if I lead our

country as President, I would not only add a dimension

to color consciousness,

but also I believe with the teachings that I have learnt

I believe the days of 'baby-step growth,' are over...

As Americans, we should 'admire and aspire,' to role-models

from our history

to better the scope and visions of the future...." Abdulla said....

It was then that he asked me on the dance floor to share

a special dance with him

and later took the stage with Sakeena and Fathima-loving

and showcasing their affection towards them...

Zakiyyah was growing up fast and cute and would start taking her first

steps in a few months....She had gotten along well with her siblings

and they always spoiled her with bundles of attention and love...

Omar on the other hand had seven siblings whom we all got along

with-who were invited to the same wedding....I remember sharing

special conversations with his sisters Farhana and Salima-that evening...

One thing, they always supported whatever desires he followed and

always complemented our 'loving relationship,' at the best of

their knowledge and heart....

We had attended several weddings where Omar had worked his charm

on our family and he enjoyed meeting new people and

'mingling with society,'...At times I would think that he is an extrovert,

whilst my talks remained for the bedroom....We would often discuss

his past, my past, and our future dreams...He often spoke about creating

pleasure in our relationship besides in the bedroom...I guess when

you are married- you always look for ways to compete your husband

in certain ways...

I decided to write this book because of the constant attention

Omar received and the popularity he had in South Africa and now

in the United States....Our memories will always be

remembered including our

'passionate dating season,' that I will always remember...

I guess the difference between dating and marriage is security...

Omar's father once told me that a woman will love him for security

and not based on love...

That is what perhaps I would have to dis-agree with

because love forms

the foundation of every relationship..

Our United States government was marketing Omar quickly

to become the nations

head in 2025, but there were so many gaps to filter...

I read in one of George Bush's books that a President is not created by

the people, 'a President is created in his heart, mind, body and spirit,'...

When Omar and I first started dating he told me that the secret to life

is pure love...

I laughed and later realized that he was right about so many

things I later discovered on my own....

Whilst I was pregnant with our fifth child I started learning 'new things,'

about my relationship with Omar and the meaning of being a mother

to a child....I realized that no-matter what a mother will always love her

children no-matter what the outcome....A mother is the keeper of the

home and the cherisher of the father...

A mother has so many qualities that I even called my mother up on this

mother's day and told her how much I love her, and how much

I wanted to do for her...Growing up we sometimes take our

parents for granted because we are always busy with the elements of life...

Only later when we become mothers do we truly understand

the meaning of a mother...To me, a father is more like the person who is the head

of the household and shares in the 'glitter and glamour,' of their children's lives...

I realized after some thought that a mother is more important to her children

than a father because a father is only in name...A father will be there when

you need him, and will not come to you if you don't ask...

I later realized that asking my father for time or anything was a

chore on it's own because he was at times selfish towards me...

I guess Omar as a father was different...He always ran around looking

and questioning his little brats for what they wanted...

Perhaps I am being biased because I am a mother....But Omar

knows that a child

requires both parents to be able to lead in all ways....

A father is the bread-winner and most of the time once a

child has past

a certain age, he moves on....To a mother, a child will always be a

child even if the child is as old as 60. I learnt this from my mother

in law who always 'spoon fed,' Omar....She would

always 'do the little bits,'

that a father could care-less about...Even my own father, Herman,

once I got married he got out of my life and till today I still receive

texts from him...

When I needed advice when I was pregnant-my mother was the first

one to be there. The reason I am addressing such a 'touchy topic,'

is because I have visited many homes that families grew up

without either a mother or a father and I realized that

most children will choose their mother, perhaps because

they are soft spoken, perhaps because a mother will do

anything for her child....So, if you are one of the millions of people

who read this- who grew up without a parent...Ring them up now,

and tell them how you feel...Because if you don't truly be honest

to your father or mother, they will never know...

Be sure to be humble-with the greatest of respect. I

sometimes fight with my

father because I tell him he never loved me enough and shout

him for how selfish he was when I was growing up...All people

and all nations have parents...So if you learn't anything from

this book, learn to forgive the ms-haps your parents brought

upon you and learn

to erase their mistakes and make your own future better...

Otherwise if you have read thus far, you have learn't nothing...

American's must learn patience and the willingness to forgive

p a s t mistakes and carry on....We live once in this lifetime,

so we might as well do our best to do our parents proud,

otherwise our life is meaningless and remember that if you

fail to love your parents-you have failed the scope of life...

I remember a joke when I was about ten and

I wrote a mothers day

card to my mother telling her how grand and

loving she is...She smiled...

And then I asked her...Mummy, when is children's day...She laughed at

me and said that my dearest Alison-Your day is everyday, and you can

have anything you want everyday....That will stick with me until the

day I get laid to rest....I remember Omar once told me that

heaven lies at the bottom of your mothers feet,

so if you are still living with your parents...

Do yourself a favor and massage her feet on a daily basis...

This will not only bring you reward in this life, but in

the hereafter....

We must learn to say 'thank you,' and 'I love you,' on a daily basis to both

our parents and no money in the world can work its tune on your parents...

As American's we should take our parents like the two hands we

have on either side...

They cannot do without each other...And when they come together,

they will come together to applaud your effort towards them...

Whilst The United States was growing at a fast-paced speed

I started meeting

new people and realized the importance of today...

When things are not going according to plan-sometimes

it's good to re-plan

and act again...

Although Omar's speeches were being viewed by almost

every person in the country

he was being appreciated by the right people and constantly being

referred to people overseas...2017 for many people was a year

that changed many peoples movements towards acting

in the right way...

We had celebrated our six years together and we were

teaching our children

the right ways to act towards their friends and family...

When things were getting well for us towards the mist of 2017,

I understood the meaning of

'changing ones movements and mindset to attract results...'

I often spoke to Omar whilst on his way to the office about certain

things he should tackle with government and the local community...

It's funny that people support you when your

'attitude and altitude,' is in tune with

the current community...

To me, success was doing the right thing and feeling the right way...

Special Birthday's and moments will always hold memories in one's brain,

but I think the best specialty is getting your work appreciated

by the community

and the right people...Omar always had 'wise words,'

to say about me and that formed the foundation of our relationship...

Our children were the foundation and meaning of our

relationship and to me that mean't the 'world of difference...'


 Speaking about achieving the right results Omar had a certain way of tuning his brain

into the right tune...

Sometimes it would take it ages to achieve a certain result and I helped

him by changing his constant habits and thinking....Sometimes changing

a certain pattern is the MOST IMPORTANT way to attract results...

He never had a problem with attracting attention because he had the looks,

personality, knowledge, 'guts and gawl,' and stamina to attract the right people...

Ever heard the saying 'it's not who you know, it's where you go...'

Before sleeping we would often learn from each other and visualize the outcome

of what he wanted and how he wanted to feel...

We can all let our dreams become a reality, the only thing

is what we want and

the 'attention we place on it....' I remember how difficult it was

sometimes to attract

the right shareholders in our business who would grow

the business in the

right direction...

Prayer and constant faith in God would achieve the ultimate r e s u l t s....

Pension rates were increased by 30 percent and pension personalities was

changed to 60 for both men and women...The government had issued an

'amnesty,' for prisoners who were behind bars for five years for

inclusion of a 'new trial,' with the success of technology and others would

receive up-to five years off their prison sentence....

The national broadcast had been increased from fourteen free-television channels

to forty-two with the investment of up-to 121 billion dollars in the

entertainment sector...

Households would receive 'tax-rebates,' if they lived with four or more people...

Hospice Centers and the inclusion of 'old-age,' homes would be speed-ed

up with an investment of 31 dollars rand by government...

Public schools would be free to all American's...Business Managers and Managing

Directors will be allocated free-advertising in magazines if certain income ratio's

were maintained...

The amnesty for taking money 'out of the country,' will be increased from

$750 000-00 to $1.4 million dollars...

Foreigners will be allocated a passport in the country if living in the country

for more than two years with the security of a job profile...

Bank names will be re-issued or un-barred after five years from the numeral state....

23 billion dollars will be spent on the 'land development act,' for cheaper housing for

persons who are disabled...Income tax will be reduced for 'high-income,'

earners by 10 percent....Housing for large properties will be levy-free...

Children will be able to have sex at the tender age of 16-changed from 18...

Personalities who are unemployed will receive a $3300-00 income

from government for one year-if below the age of pension...

Banks will be taxed by a further 7 percent by income....Parents who are divorced but

have children will have to undergo 'management conversations,' and the law of divorce

will later be discussed in this book....University Fees will be reduced by 30 percent

and a further 15 universities will be built for persons who cannot afford University...

Persons who have lost amounts in share -traded -investments will be allocated

a 25 percent return guaranteed by government...

F O U R new telecommunication operators will be introduced in the country...

Prices of fuel and high-taxed goods will be allowed to be imported by cheaper

exporting nations....No banking fees will be allocated to persons under 28..

These are some of the changes discussed with Members of Parliament

and senior government officials in 2017...



Omar had met with Members of Congress on a weekly basis to see if

The United States was 'keeping up to the taste,' of a first world country...

Very often he would say that some of the discoveries created by Man

were better than some of the American and British Universities...

He was spending hard and quality time behind his desk working out

ways of managing the economy...

I later realized that 'all talk and no play,' makes jack a dull boy..

His speedy talk in speeches on national radio and television

were 'always filled,'

with passion, magic, lust and honesty....He was quickly building polls

in all corners of the country as 'the most talked,' about celebrity

in the country...His release of four films this year will add a dimension

to his thinking and fans...

Once Omar finished with his speech's in stadiums he

would always share

a special 'dance,' and talk about ways of creating a

better future for all...

On the 17th of October 2017- one afternoon I had went into the

garage of our castle and read some of the diaries Omar wrote

since he was able to write..

You would be amazed by some of the truths and realizations I

realized on this day....

Alison: I have never seen so many love letters and fan mail to one

person in my entire life....

Omar: What are you doing snooping through 'old rubbish,'

Alison: I just thought that I'd make some space in the garage, Whew...

AM I amazed....Where did you get so many love letters and fan mail....

I am amazed by the amount of love-letters you

received in your past....

Omar: Ahh, that's nothing....Those letters were received

when I was in love

with many women and the notes scribbled to me....

Alison: You have four bags filled with so

many love-letters and a further

seven bags filled with articles about Omar Abdulla...

Omar: When you smart, you get that kinda attention-in

school, University

and till today...Imagine I stored all the messages I have

on my computer and mobile...

Alison: For what it's worth love....I love you much more

and don't forget

that even though I love you so much, I know that our love gets

stronger each day...

Omar: Well, thank you...It took me a long time to find you Alison...

I was just thinking how grateful I am to the creator....

Alison: So what is your secret to achieving all of this and so much

that I don't know about....

Omar: When you love someone, in the past or today

or even the future,

never try to trick the person you love...Keep to the

deals and promises


Sure we are not all angels-like Mother Teresa...

Perhaps the oldest saying

in the book...'Honesty is the best policy...'

Alison: My, My, these girls date back from as early as 2001...

Omar: Yeah, Yeah, they are trophies of my achievements...

In school my trophies- I have lost count, so I kept

these messages

from the people to remember my past and know how

much some of them hurt me....

ALison: Hurt you...??

Omar: Yes, if you have not been hurt in your life...

You are not human...The greatest victory is to see the people

after some time, knowing that you have won...

Alison: How Childish...!

Omar: I Know...Perhaps memories to remember the days

I was a 'romeo of hearts...'

Alison: Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo...I am thy Juliet forever...

And I love you so much....

Omar: Thy feeling is mutual....

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My Father, The President,'
Chapter Eight

If you have read the l a s t seven chapters I award you for keeping
up with me, and do yourself a favour and pat yourself on the back...
I started writing this chapter before my fifth child is being born...
I currently have four children namely; Sakeena, Akber,
Fathima and Zakiyyah Abdulla...
Omar and I went through thousands of names before
the birth of our fifth
child and was given the due date that the child will be
born in early November
Omar's run for The American presidency will take effect next year-with his
fan base and millions of supporters behind his name, his style, his personality
and his 'hot looks...'
I was feeling nervous for Omar because I constantly heard him practicing
his speech's in a room filled with microphones and a sound proof room...
He had established networks to release a 12 part CD speaking about the
future of 'uBuntu,' and the relationships he experienced...
This 12 part CD will feature his talks and memories and
will be available next year and covers the speech's and talks
he had spoken about...
This should be motivation to you as the reader to follow your heart and
true passions about yourself and the people you associate yourself with...
I was starting to feel 'love and drive,' because my new child
was being born
and I chose to keep the gender of the sex a secret before I give birth
on the 11 November 2017...
Since I am a white-female and Omar is a Muslim Memon
we were always
asked questions about our relationship and opinions always oozed

our way wherever we went out.....

Appreciate What You Have

Many turn-arounds were established in 2017 as The

United States
was gearing herself up towards a free-fair election and many
had spoken a
bout Omar's w o r d s....
Many said that he was c r a z y to take on such a challenge,
some said that the country needed an Indian as
President of South Africa,
and some said that it was 'his way, his touch, his ambiance and his
benevolence,' that he would receive voters from the public...
I did not want him to fail towards his dreams and I always
gave him way
to 'hedge his ideas,' if he wanted...
The way Omar dealt with pressure is that he would take long
drives in the evening 'drowning his sorrows...'
He was a good father to say the least because he attended
all the children's functions and gave note to people who
wanted to meet him...He was not lazy,
rather a bit perplexed about certain dreams he had within himself...
He always told me that if we live a life in a cloud we would never
be rain...
Sometimes he would listen to music and just
relax his sorrows and
work harder than before...
Omar was never a hard worker, the way a person were
to carry bricks...
Instead he would calm his mind and work-out ways of
creating things 'anew,'
not only in our relationship-but the relationships he had
with many friends, family, supporters and voters...
His fifteen films released to South Africa, United States,
India, Sri-Lanka, Australia, Zimbabwe, Egypt and Pakistan were
related to 'love ethics,' and concentrated
on the 'love bubble of life...'
Omar is the m o s t loving person I met and when I asked him what
made him run for United States presidency he said that he was
constantly being pulled apart by fans who wanted to see him
'break-dance,' The SA presidency like a joke...
I know it was thousands of hours spent behind computers,
camera's, radio microphones and tel-communication media
that sparked his enthusiasm towards The South African Presidency...
He was constantly being motivated by tabloids in South Africa,
Russia, China, India and France to spur The United States towards
a new realm and focus...When he does become
President of The United States many pressure
building arguments will only start to shadow
focus and attention....


They say that when we are born our future is written for us according
to Muslims, Christians, Hindu's and Jews and I truly believe in this
otherwise God would not give him the ambition towards leading South Africa as
our President...
Many talks I had with Omar always involved our children, our dreams,
'our love,' and our future and yet a man who understands that
life should be taken as a 'purpose of tomorrow,' will always be remembered...
Very often, we fail at certain dreams that we want and thats where it stops...
Sometimes our dreams change and sometimes our dreams become a reality...
We should remember that life is not a barter deal, it's real and if we screw
this lifetime up....We have only ourselves to blame...In all ways....

I had often traveled with Omar in America to better
understand what people
wanted and how they perceived life....Some people associated him
because of his talent, others had purchased some of the material
he was selling, others showed interest in his popularity and others
wanted to venture into new businesses...What I always learnt
from Omar was his ability to mend his ideas and thoughts to
suite the occasion...
Very often the shows that he would perform were sold-out and he
would speak about 'the uBuntu,' and many times he would
showcase his
talent on stage to literally thousands of people. He would often hire
'special props,' to cater for persons who wanted to hear his voice
and share what he had to offer...Perhaps over time you get
so used to the same routine and learn his words for him...
He always told me that 'repetition is the mother of skill,' and now
I know what it meant...
He had never performed on stage abroad and was planning to speak
in South Africa, Britain, Japan and China to help build his polls
as President....His 'presidential dreams,' got some-what tainted as
government had said that he was 'too young,' to be President and a
further five years will have to be waited for him to run as President...
This was the law of the country as a Man could only be President
at a minimum age of forty...Thus he had a further five years
to strengthen his knowledge, fan base, personality and whatever
people looked for as a person who could be 'the most
important president of the country....'

We had sifted through baby books with the birth of our second son
on the second Sunday of November namely Ebrahim. I had read
stories in the Holy Bible about Prophet Abraham and liked the name...
Omar had said that Ebrahim was his grandfather's name and liked the
'old-fashioned,' name of Ebrahim...Ebrahim was born whilst we were in
Miami and this time we had planned the date as a way of 'getting
out of the city....' Omar had investors in Miami and took a month
break from his 'busy lifestyle,' for our Ebrahim to be born. I always loved
Miami because Omar would get drunk just by eating Grapes...
We had visited Vineyards and many businesses that took well to his
approach and marketing....Our children were on their holiday
break and took some time to share time with their father and mother...
I had insisted to the doctor that I was planning more
children and asked him
what age's I would be able to follow through as a mother...
He told me that my biological clock could last up-to the age of 45...
Since I was in school I always loved the sight of children and children
bring me the 'highest of joy...'
Our own children was starting to get
bigger and they always knew the importance of love towards
one's parents. Omar had taken time to relax on the shorelines
and ponder about ways to improve his speech's, writings,
memo's and recordings to instill the 500 million people in
The United States, India, China the many thousands of
'new messages,'
he would bring to the table when he speaks to
Parliament next year.

After some time Omar started gearing momentum and
speed in Parliament
and was honored as the only personality in Parliament with
three Minister holdings including The Minister of Finance,
Minister of Justice and Minister of Stock Markets...This was an
honour given to him by the current President as many folk from
the community were pushing him towards the 'presidential title...'
When we returned from Miami we were back in our community of
Philadelphia and things really looked good...I could not believe
the amount of luck Omar had in business as he was offered many
Directorships in over twenty companies trading on the local
New York Stock Exchange...O m a r had chosen to be aloof when
trading the stock market as he believed that fear and greed
were two emotions that could 'double,' his investment risk...
At times he would hold positions in the market of up-to
14 billion dollars and he would be glued to screens awaiting
news from the United States, Japan, South Africa and China...
News played a vital role in 'toying,' with buyers and sellers
at the exchange...
I would often visit the exchange to understand what the
'trading floor,' is all about...
It's not just about white-collared men dressed in suites...
These guys actually sweat when reading the markets and
one could easily learn from people who
'knew what they were doing....'

  1. Thumbnail
One afternoon in late December 2017 he had received a gift from Parliament in the form of a
Longbow helicopter...This was from the pr-historic days and received the gift
from Members of Parliament because of his 'valiant efforts,' at nagging at
polls at the SA Presidency...
He had taken five pilot lessons and was awarded with a shield to honor his
He had decided to purchase a nearby park in the community from the city
council to park the helicopter and would be used for 'light travel,' in
The United States.
This was one of many gifts he had received from Congress
that would win his attention with his friends, his community,
'his country,' and his fans...He had worked on every aspect
of government and helped Members to achieve goals that were
scripted long before American democracy...
He was slowly wearing his tune with the black community
although he had the
support of all whites, Asians and coloreds in the country...
I remember when we
visited Miami earlier this year, people would queue for his signature
that one day he would lead South Africa as President...
I would say many felt confident in his leadership approach because
he was never an arrogant person...He always took his hand out
to shake hands with anyone....And perhaps that was his greatest
'power- drive,'
whilst meeting members from the community...
One evening we were swimming in our pool and side-stepped
to have a conversation....

Omar: Brrrr....The water is icy cold for this time of the year....

Alison: You know I should of swam in the Olympics....The water is not
cold, it's just we never turned the solar-panels on...
You were the smart guy who wanted to swim at midnight...

Omar: So, how are you my kitten....

Alison: I am well thanks, I am so happy....Our children are the
epic of my eyes...

Omar: Good, Good...I love our children....
You keep your body
as 'hot as hell,'even
though you have five children....

Alison: No work in the gym goes un-wasted....I was thinking that we
should take the kids out on Sunday to the bird park
or a museum....

Omar: Good Idea....Brrrr.....Please pass me the towel....

Alison: I feel that you are 'natures gift,' and I don't know how much
to thank God for what he has blessed us with....You should know
that I love to work for Footprints Filmworks and the many things you....

Omar: I love Footprints Filmworks too...I have big dreams
for my business and I know that people will support the ventures
we invest in because we put more than our 100 percent in...
I hope I lived up-to your expectations as a husband and father
to our children....

Alison: You have done more of our job which keeps me '
looking forward to the next....'
We should go for a hot shower and share some
'midnight romance,' whilst the children are asleep...

Omar: Wow, what an idea. Tell me why do you love
so intensely...
I thought relationships are only based on sex and
everything else falls away...??

Alison: My father taught me that if you do your best-there is
no turning back...When I was a teenager I would dream to
love one person and make that person my everything...
Perhaps the women you dated in the past did not
have these qualities....

Omar: Let's not talk about them....I love when a person has so much
passion towards how she does things...I love your mother

skills and your ability to make 'all things rosy...'

Stop Negative Thoughts

Alison: Rosy? What do you mean....?

Omar: Well, you have a certain quality that makes me at peace

with who I am today...No-one does that ever....And you have
'long conversations,' that I love to share into...

Alison: You mean you actually like my stories...Well, they are all true
and I love talking about our past, our now, and our future...
Does it not make you want more from me.

Omar: The butterflies in my stomach are singing...
After our shower I want an omelet and cheese...We might not be at a
hotel, let's make our castle our hotel....

Alison: Okay, I have to be up early, I have to drop the children to school...I
will make a special roast in the oven...Omar, I want to say to you
no-matter what....I will truly, madly, deeply love you...All the time...

Omar: Please leave the soppy stories for movie night on Saturday...
I want to watch a nice film at the mall this weekend...

Alison: Yeah, so we can cuddle- up like old times....

Omar: Like old times...Let's go to Oregan, put the children in for a
cartoon film and lets watch Superman-The new series...

Alison: Okay love....Meet you in the shower, you right...It is freezing...
They can watch with us....Superman reminds me of your brothe
r Sikander......Tell your parents and the rest of your family to join us..
You have not spent time with them in months...
Put the heater on in our room too...

2018 had just started and the community of The United States was
sparked with 'new inventions,' ranging from new business
opportunities to physical devices...
The country had also spent $32 million dollars on the Lunar Space
Shuttle that visits Mars in January as part of it's expedition...
Other companies that were rated 'tops,' in The United States
included General Motors, Exxon, Amka Products,'Wal-mart,', Mcdonalds,
American Swiss, Rand Merchant Bank and Coca-Cola...
Several South African businesses including The Footprints Stock Exchange
merged with the American Stock Exchange and listed as franchise business
specializing in film-making, trade-investment, radio broadcasting
and 'dining cuisine....'
Businesses had invested large sums abroad as the country had promoted
investing into foreign companies as a hedge against risk...
Omar once said that 'my thoughts, my words and my actions
are powerful tools of attraction....'
Most people don't even take the time to write down goals
and some of them have a glance of 'what they choose to achieve,'
on a yearly basis...
Sure enough, our goals change, and yet we should never forget the
brilliance and effective dreams that our energy becomes a radiant
light towards the future...
I remember whilst I was at school I wanted to achieve
'higher goals of achievement,'
with my friends and personally with the exercises practiced I achieved it...
My association with Omar was always felt from a far distance and the impact
hit me hard when we met in 2010....So yes, have the ability to take
time out and work towards mastering your dreams....Go out there and dare
to be 'awesome...'
Whilst Omar was working his way the podium as President of South Africa,
we had often worked on affirmations as a way of cementing certain
thoughts and deeds into his mind...We cannot just say we want
to achieve it and it happens...Sometimes it does...
Sometimes it really takes effort from the gut of ones soul...
I would often listen to jazz music whilst relaxing and working
on what I wanted and used the tools learn't -taught by
my teachers to put whatever I 'desired and destined,' for into application...
I always thought of myself as a peak performer who rose above the rest...
I guess Omar is the performer on stage whilst I sat behind the stage
'holding my thumbs,' for the success and dreams he shared
with South Africa and the rest of the world....

About 121,000 results

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Omar's parents had supported his ventures although his father had constantly
nagged him to 'snap out his fetish wishes...' His father knew
that his son's greatest distributor in any form was himself and advised
his son to follow the teachings of his...His father was once
upon a time the mayor of the local community before the
early 1980's...
We are in the year 2018 and sometimes his father forgets that
with generation 'new forms,' of genuine leadership unfoils...
His father who turns 73 in February kept strong by care-taking
of his children and forming relationships with Omar's friends...
Omar would always tell me that his father was his most 'beloved gift,'
and always praised his work for his community, his lifestyle, his leadership
and his age momentum...
I suppose when you are 73, you earn money just because of your age...
Omar had earned his money through thousands of ways that the community
had offered...
His father Akber Abdulla was by far Omar's greatest role-model in all fields
and his m o t h e r had pushed him towards the SA Presidency
because of her firm belief and teaching to her son....Our children were
good grandchildren to the Abdulla family and Omar would
receive calls at odd hours about things that he should address in
Parliament, business meetings, 'general seminars,' and selling opportunities...
I have noticed that Omar was never the type of person to sit back
and expect opportunities to knock on his door...From a young age
of 26 he had knocked on doors in South Africa urging members
of the community to support and invest in projects that
would outweigh the current South African rein...
He had only built speed and polls in South Africa in the last eight
years because he met the right people and associated in the
right environment...
Very often, the community we are from dictates our opportunities
or the way we use our energy, creative power, business tools and
I had expected more from technology in 2018 but realized that
the 'old-fashioned,'
way of trade was the best form of business because the community
had 'always,' put cash down on an investment that sold
security and honest genius trade....I was never interested
in the art of business as Alison, because my job was a
backing job, providing support and advise to what Omar did or does...
When Omar met with Cabinet in the first week of 2018, government
elections were planned for May and further goals were set by
to achieve in the country which I will discuss in chapter
ten and eleven according to international news network Reuters...
Many had said that a coalition government should be formed
between the parties concerned to form two competitive
parties under one government....











* Information may be fictional

when going to press...


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Footprints Filmworks




Thieves 'ransack,' home in

by Xolani Baloyi

(8 April 2014--FF News) The quiet Pretoria suburb

of Waterkloof experienced a horror nightmare l a s t

evening as eight armed thugs

rushed into the

Pienaar residence in Waterkloof,

robbing the


couple of jewellery, household contents,


equipment and other 'out-'n-about,'


"Our children had said that the Waterkloof


is a quite neighborhood, where

there is very little

crime, and the neighbors are far

apart, hence our

investment into the home."

says the 78 yr old

Mrs. Pienaar.

Mrs. Pienaar told Footprints

in Waterkloof, that her

husband had decided to rest at

about 8RazzM, and

she was busy in the attic, writing

a screenplay for

a film..

"It was around 2:am, when I had heard

the kitchen

window shatter. I thought it was my husband,


he enjoys these midnight snacks.

The next moment,

a man wearing a back-lava, and knife

to my neck,

demanded cash."



"I want your money and belongings.

Take me to

the safe, I want it now." the burglar


"The next moment, the other thugs

had tied,

me, my husband, and the Au pair

who sleeps in

the basement up." she noted.

"They had robbed us from the little

cash that we

have on hand, my wife's wedding

ring and bracelets,

and all the laptops. I could do nothing,

and I was

feeling ill the previous night, as I required

my walking

stick to walk. These thugs had forced

me to walk

without my cane, and locked us in

the garage. One

of the thugs had stole my wife's VW Polo,


the other had driven off with my

1978 Mercedes

Benz." added Mr. Pienaar...

--Tasha's Beauty Parlor Advert: 0837637261--

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Thumbnail 3:42
Bryan Adams - Summer of 69

Speaking to The Waterkloof Times,

The Department

of Crime and Corruption in South Africa head,


Yusuf Cassim says that he was alarmed

that criminals

would ransack the retired village

of Waterkloof..



"Retirement villages are the easiest

targets to ransack

homes, and thugs had seen the

fancy vehicles and

over a million rand worth of contents in the home.

They had got away with R50 000 in cash, and

other valuables to the value of

R180 000...


are working with the tracking


to retrieve

the stolen vehicles and other


Meanwhile, other Pretoria residents

who looted

to The South African Department of Justice

said that they cannot bear the brunt of loosing

innocent lives and assets to criminals

who are

'too lazy to work...'

"These thugs form gangs in their shanty homes

that meander the suburbs and decide

to burglar

homes where residents are too weak

to fight back.

Our crime rate is one of the highest

in the world,

and the simple reason is that our people are

too lazy to work. We are fed up with these crimes

and demand governments intervention."


Mr. Johan Oost, a PTA resident...

Miss Tasmia Jassat, a Laudium

resident added to

the statement to other residents

remarks saying

that the other day her father had

purchased a

Mini Cooper for her, and while returning from

University, she had hit a red light robot.

"My car was idling, and within seconds,

a thief,

had put in his hand through my window,


off the car, and demanded I step out. He had

stolen my car, my mobile, and my make up bag."

Police Commissioner Mr. Derick Williams says that

they have patrolled the Pretoria district, and that

crime will only come down once

government intervenes...

"It is sad that government does not pay up

when they have to invest into new

vehicles and gadgets

to bring down crime, we can't do much."



Mirror, Mirror on the wall who
is the hottest of them all...!

by Laila Mansoor

(16 April 2014--FF News) Whether you are

male or

female, this article is for YOU. I was

asked by staff

from Footprints Filmworks to share


article as we are living in the f a s t paced


where it's not the brain that really sells,

it's the

looks, it's the sexy gestures, it's all the


that creates a person to be your

friend, creates

your dream boyfriend, and creates

the amount

of magic around the people you

interact with.

Let's face it, most of us would

rather prefer being

a princess from a storybook, than an

ugly duckling

that eats her lunch by herself...

This article is for

you, and if you are reading this

article with due

awe, be aware to take down notes...

Sure enough, we cannot change

the genetic

codes that our parents have gifted

us with,

and we all know the famous saying

that inner

beauty lies within, which is all true,

for the

person who is not beautiful, inside and on

the outside...

Let's talk a bit about outer beauty, then we

will touch briefly, about the inner stuff OK.

Let us say that you are an average looking

male, with very few friends, and have always

envied the good looking guys

and cannot bear

looking at yourself in the mirror...

The f i r s t and most important steps is

"Spoil yourself." Even if you spend 20% of

the current cash you have in your pocket,

start by taking a haircut, shaving all the hair on

your face off, shampooing your hair

with a good

conditioner and shaving (I don't have

to tell you

where...) Next, we can start by either

gaining some

weight, or loosing the access baggage...

A good toned

body is a l w a y s attractive, and regular

muscle building

or playing sports is essential...If you are a smoker,

or casual drinker, cleaning your teeth by a

good dentist,

on a six month basis is a MUST...A healthy

body, is a healthy

mind, and what you put in, you will get out...

The next step,

is getting yourself to actually believe that

you are beautiful,

inside and out...Remember that

women don't necessary

say that they like men with an awesome

dress code

and wrist watch, but having these essentials

is a must..


Getting back, to spoiling yourself, it's

first about YOU,

then sharing your magic with others...

Once you are

confident in your appearance, all hell

will break loose...

I had a gentleman, who visited me

not so long

ago, who had a failed marriage,

was finding it difficult

to go on a date, and had failed

miserably in all

avenues of his life.

I had advised him, to buy bath salts,

lite a candlenight

bath, shave his greasy beard, and cut

the corners

of his hair...I had also told him to

loose his 'flip-flops,'

and buy a genuine leather boot,

with some shirts

and ties...If you look at the same

gentleman, six

months, later, he has sparkling

white teeth, wears

the best brands, and is confident

to date any

bombshell he meets.

Now, that we are done with the

outer beauty,

and you are satisfied with this 'new-you,' lets

work on the inner you...No better therapy for

repairing and renovating your inner beauty is

through reading, socializing, making

casual communication

and by being aware. I would suggest

a good start

by reading The Footprints Filmworks Foundation,

magazines, newspapers, websites and other


but if you like a good murder mystery or

romance novel,

the choice is all yours...The key to any

type of inner

beauty is reading and getting to know


a journal from the day you started your

beauty process,

and within three months, you will have

the hottest babe

on your shoulder, or even a brand

new wife...Even if

you have a wife, the trick works too,

as you cannot

love another, without f i r s t

loving yourself...

--Guitar and Violin Lessons Advert: 0219281782--

Thumbnail 4:57
Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla
in "Ek Shararat" song from Duplicate

Now, gets get to the ladies, and Yes,

I know, you want

a guy to jerk off just thinking about you,

but it's not

as easy peachy as it sounds...And,

perhaps it is about

the purrfect nails, the right breasts,

the toned bum

and perhaps the flirtatious attitude.

The law of beauty

when it comes to outer beauty

and this applies to men,

if they really dare...What I normally do,

is I normally

crack an egg, and use (the white mixture,)

as a mask

for my face, and the yolk for my hair...

The white mixture

will leave your skin with a glow, as if you

had sex for three

hours non stop...The yellow yolk,

will leave your hair,

feeling silky soft, with a texture to

die for...Don't forget,

whilst you are bathing, remember

to wash your hair

with a good shampoo and conditioner

and your face

with a facial mask...Other facts that

attract men,

and yourself to yourself, is regular


prayer, and weeding.

Weeding is a process of emptying

the mind before

bed, all the good, the bad, and

the ugly of the day,

and by simply going to bed without

a stress in the world..

Reading a novel or book just

before bed, allows the

mind to create new memories

and dreams when

you awake in the morning...

It's always important

as a woman to have self-confidence,

and one can

build on ones self confidence

by getting a part time

job, joining a charity organization,

or helping

out at an old age home...I always

say that recreation

is the mother of skill, and a man

will never marry you

if you DO NOT have mother qualities...

Yes, if you

in the mood for a one night stand,

and are the type

of woman to screw on the

first date, go right ahead,

and wear your red dress

and flirt with every

man who walks by...Inner and

Outer beauty for

women is not about over doing it..

Wear enough make up

so your eyes shine, and little

enough lipstick to

stain his collar...One does not

have to be an

Aishwarya Rai or Kim Kardashian

to be beautiful,

it's all about you...

If you spend at

least 20 minutes

in the morning before breakfast,


dressing yourself for showtime,

the world is your

oyster...Be confident in taking

cool pictures and

sharing memories, and the amount

of pictures

that you have, is a true

reflection of your


--ANF Properties and

Leases Advert: 0118217721--

Once you have built the self respect

with yourself,

and if you are married, you will notice


that your husband will mystically buy

you red roses,

you will l a s t longer in bed, you will

be more giving

to your children, and even a bad day

with your parents,

will still keep a smile on your face...

Remember, a smile

radiates love, so keep smiling, and

see the difference...Smile






residents 'queuing...'

by Neil Mcdonald

(17 April 2014--FF News) Ever wanted to


an astronaut?? Did you even ponder

about how

it would be in SPACE?? Did you ever


the gravitational pull whilst in OUTER


If you have answered YES, to these


and had the d r e a m s to one day

travel to

SPACE, your opportunity has come

to light...

The Japanese Council of Aeronautics


Administration has l a u n c h e d


first space vacuum, stretching

18 hectares,

where the playing field is orbital...

Speaking to Footprints in Osaka,


engineer Mr. Masakazu Sachie says

that the

Earth's gravitational pull is

9.80665 m/s and when he

created the

orbital structure

on Earth, he had used the

gravitational pull of

the moon, which is 1/4 the magnitude

of Earth...

"This means the new game we have

introduced will

allow bodies to float, and the station

we have created

allows space soldiers with space guns,

to fight combat,

here on Earth...It's something new

created for the

world, and I'm sure the American's

will copy us,

as they have always done."

he was quoted as saying...

Local Japanese Scientist, Mrs. Satomi Hibiki


The Tokyo Sun, that they had kept

mum about

this 'new-innovation,' and had worked

with other

architects for the design of "Yukomo..."

Yukomo, in Japanese means, SPACE LIGHT,


whilst designing "Yukomo," we have


florescent bulbs, to highlight the


of 'fighting in space...'

"We have designed space outfits,

that repel

the light guns used when fighting in



have teams of ten, and are squashed in

the space

vacuum to fight each other...

The most amount of

strikes against your opposition

for 60 minutes is

the winner..."

--Masha Sithole's Nursery Schools

Advert: 0219289111--

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Thumbnail 4:50
Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up
(Official Music Video)

Businessman Mr. Hirohiko Waku said that he

was sent

a proposal by the engineering team to finance

the deal

for Y72 million yen, and had bought

a 27% share in

the company...

"At first, I thought that it would not work...

When they

showed me a miniature model of the

vacuum, I was


that it could actually work...I


about my son, playing arcade games,

and I said, that

"Yokomo," would suite his ideal much

better...Now, he

may fight in this massive structure,

somersault and

do different acrobatic maneuvers

with little gravity...Heck,

he can even be Superman, and fly, as

Yokomo, allows

the space soldier to fly..." he was

interpreted as


Local, South African teenager,

Mr. Mohammed Ebrahim,

noted to Footprints in Rylands,

that he was planning

to go to Disneyland in New York,

but all that has been

scrapped, due to "Yokomo,"

"I have saved my spending monies

in a money box,

and 'begged-'n-pleaded,' with my father

that come

December Holidays,

Japan is the location...I can't

wait to be like Superman,

and fight with the Darth

Vader's of the world..."

About 146,000 results for

Footprints Filmworks click and play


2014 'Personality of the year...'


Footprints Filmworks` Verushka Naidoo says that whether

you love him or loathe him, you have to

admit that Omar Abdulla is a natural born marketer

with a firm grasp of salesmanship; communications;

and branding.

Footprints Filmworks' Verushka Naidoo says that whether you love him
or loathe him, you have to admit that Omar Abdulla is a natural born
marketer with a firm grasp of salesmanship; communications;
and branding.
Just looking at his performance over the past decade or so, it is clear that
he wittingly or unwittingly understands the basics of marketing far
better than any other Managing Director in this country, with the exception
perhaps of Shameel Joosub from Vodacom.

Abdulla (30) of Footprints Filmworks has resorted to the most powerful
fundamental of marketing by continually telling the masses what
they want to hear. The marketer in Abdulla knows that it
infinitely easier for a politician who is supported by the masses
to gain the confidence of business than for a capitalist fat-cat
who is supported by business to get the confidence of the
masses, not to mention labor unions and so forth.

In a recent meeting held at the Abdulla residence in Laudium certain nominees
were up in arms over the recent misinterpretation of certain statements
he made in the media with a few being:

- Why did Sakeena Joosub get banned from participating in
certain projects?
- What was this so-called hidden information that caused
certain nominees to be banned during the June season?

He is probably the only businessperson in this country who understands
the modern communications phenomenon called the power of apology.
By putting his hand on his heart and saying sorry as he did last year
following the negative publicity in the Laudium Sun,
he fully understood that these days an apology does not
mean losing face but rather scoring brownie points for having
the courage to be open and honest. Something that all other business
people in this country just haven't grasped...

Massive advantage
And while many analysts might well argue that Abdulla will never have the
confidence of the business sector or international investment
community, he knows that he has a massive advantage
over business rivals from the corporate sector...

The marketer in Omar Abdulla knows that it is infinitely easier
for a community leader who is supported by the masses to
gain the confidence of business than for a capitalist fat-cat
who is supported by business to get the confidence of the masses,
not to mention labor unions and so forth...

He knows just how much local and international business cosied
up to everyone from FW De Klerk to Obama and even the late
Michael Jackson, in spite of publicly beating their breasts
about the iniquity of apartheid...

Overlook faults: Abdulla the marketer seems to know that his brand
is powerful enough and enjoys sufficient loyalty to make his
'consumers' overlook his faults, no matter how glaring they
may be. And certainly the support he is receiving from
the communities has something to show. Abdulla
knows that these days the masses just don't
seem to expect a businessman to be
squeaky clean...

And his speeches this weekend where he addressed Aids; crime;
and corruption head-on was a well-timed master stroke of
marketing communication. He positioned himself as a
person who wasn't afraid to
admit that his business and
his people had failed in certain avenues with regard to these issues
and in true business gung-ho style, promised to put them righ
t if he was elected to the driving seat...

There is no doubt that while the mass media, along with a lot of
political and business analysts and probably the majority of
Indians in South Africa, can't abide Abdulla and his
provocative prancing and struggle invective, one has
to admit that if he had left business and gone into
politics like so many of his comrades be would probably
be a billionaire today and certainly a shoe-in candidate
for the 2014 Personality of the Year...
R750 000 000-00
(Seven hundred and fifty million rand) MALL
by Talha Paruk
(4 February 2012-FF News) A Seven Hundred and fifty million
rand only Mall is to be built at the entrace of Laudium in
coming months with investors queueing to be part of
the rush for gold...
This comes after the Department of Land Affairs offered the land
'for-sale,' this month for R28 million rand...This comes after
long negotiations with members of the community and
the Department of Land Affairs...

Members of the community first offered R16 million rand
for the 14 hectare land, and later the government
offered a ridiculous price of R28 million rand to
a consortium of investors...
"The good news is that Laudium will have
one of the biggest malls in South Africa..."
said business leader Ismail Kalla...

According to the consortium investors work with a stokveld
agreement of upto R750 million rand whereby
construction of the building is to begin as early as
June 2012...Speaking to Footprints in Laudium,
local resident Azizah Abdoola said that she was
pleased that the consortium was being led by
well-known community leaders including
Mr. Omar Abdulla, Mr. Abdul Razack Gani,
Mr. Akber Gani and Mr. Rafiq Janoo...
"We are still working with investors and bankers
for the leveraging of the deal..." Mr. Janoo said...
Local Architect Mr. Haneef Tayob said that he was
called by the consortium for the intial drafts of the
mall, with architects being raked in from Italy and Spain...

"We would like to create a new-look for Laudium
and this provides the perfect opportunity for our community..."
said local resident Nazeer Noordin...
According to local newspapers the expected Mall is to take a
bout two years to complete with an allocated 550 shops,
a school, a university and a Virgin Active gym
"This comes after intense discussions with government
to free the land and property developers and other
members from the community have dug deep into
their pockets to make our community dreams a reality..."
said businessman Mr. Omar Abdulla...

Speaking on behalf of the consortium of investors Durban investor
Mr. Yacoob Ebrahim said that he was pulling in investors
into the project with investors choosing to finance the project
60 percent through bank finance and the rest
through investors pockets...

According to the agreement which Footprints in Laudium has,
the agreement promises a fixed 28 percent return on
investment with potentials of up to 81 percent in
the first phase of construction...
"There are four stages of the construction process
and Mr. Sayed Mia from Trade Route Mall
will be assisting the team on certain aspects
of architecture, finance, production and
business..." said Mr. Iqbal Jassat...

Residents can look forward to the NEW
MALL of Laudium in coming years...
Sakeena Joosub
for smoking marijuana...
(8 February 2012-FF News) A local university student
Sakeena Joosub was
arrested today for the possession and smoking of marijuana
at the University of Johannesburg...Local Professor
Dr. Latib Munshi smelt something that smelt something
like marijuana but was not too sure if the smell was marijuana...

"I could smell mariujuana in the hallway and did not have an idea of
who was smoking the joint..." said Dr. Munshi...
It was when I entered the girls toilet that I could smell something
that smelt like the drug and found Miss. Sakeena Joosub
smoking by the window that leads into the garden of the
campus he said...
Miss Sakeena Joosub was arrested 'on-the-spot,' when
Dr. Munshi called the local Brixton police...
When she was arrested she was found with two wrappers
of the dreaded drug and in possession of several rizla
papers used to smoke the drug...
"She is currently on trail and will be released within
the next few days on warning of smoking 'dagga,'
on campus said local police commissioner Mr. Peter Nkosi...
He added that many students and personalities get
arrested for the possession of marijuana and charges
normally last for about one week...
Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, Dr. Munshi
said that Miss. Sakeena Joosub was studying
to become a pharmacist at the local university
and warned other residents to beware of
smoking the drug during campus hours...

Local community leader Anil Naidoo said that over
ten residents get arrested per day for the
possession of marijuana and the drug was
currently being banned in certain area's in
Miss. Sakeena Joosub is due to be released from
jail within the next few days on a R500-00 fine and
a warning issued that should she be caught
smoking marijuana again she could face up
to two months in prison...
Click 'n Play Footprints Filmworks

Rivers of sewage flow
through Mamelodi...

by John Davids

(12 April 2014--FF News) The Tshwane Metro


suburb of Mamelodi is facing a major influx

of sewage,

garbage and rubbish flooding reported

The Mamelodi


"I cannot walk to school with the amount

of sewage

that floods our community...The other day,

I had to

walk bare feet to school, and by the time,

I got to

school, I smelt like a Dustin, and had to

turn back."

says a local learner at The Mamelodi Primary


Community leader, Mr. Ivan Dlamini, says

that he had

taken over the community as council

leader in 2010,

and is "fed up," with the amount of

illegal dumpings

in undisclosed locations...

"When it rains, it really pours, and the

recent rains,

have flooded the community with sewage

and waste,

that is too terrible to bear. The community

is infested

with rats and mice, and riddled with crime."

he grasped.

Another Mamelodi resident, Mrs. Natalie Nkosi,

says that

she was driving into town the other day,

and joked

with her husband, that he should clear

his belly

at a public rest room...

"When I opened the window for

some fresh air,

I could smell, the toxic waste of the



purity of the community is gone, and

every drain,

is rattled with snakes eating rats."


  1. Thumbnail

In a separate incident, Mr. Michael Ntombi,


to Footprints in Mamelodi, that he normally


at a nearby veld, and the other day,

a massive truck had

delivered 30 tons of rubbish...

"The smell was uncontrollable, and I normally

work near

the veld...These people have no

consideration for

the community

at l a r g e, and perhaps government


issue fines

to residents who litter public places."

The Singapore Times, mentioned to

cabinet earlier

this month, that the ruling party should

issue fines

to residents who litter.

"In our country, if you are caught pooing

in public,

having sex in public, engaging in illegal

dumping s,

you will spend the rest of the weekend

behind bars,

or face a penalty..."

--Model Inc Photography

Advert: 0118271721--

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with Footprints Filmworks

Personality of the Year for Frank Properties,

Mrs. Francena Mashete,

says that she was perplexed by the

amount of sewage that has

been flowing through Mamelodi in the

past three days...

"Our homes are filled with lizards that

enter geyser pipes...The other

day, I was having a shower, and a lizard

had dropped from the

shower spree. The community is doing

nothing to cleanse

our waters, and I am even feeling ill after

drinking a glass

of water from the household tap..."

According to spokesperson Mr. Shameer

Ali, he says, that

the nearby community has already received

emigrants from

Mamelodi for the sole purpose of drinking

water, toilet facilities,

and other ordinary services...

"Dlamini is in a state of shock...

His community is roaring

with unhappy residents, who want him

voted out off power...He

does not know how to put his foot down,

when other

cabinet members use funds of the community

for unnecessary

expenditure...His promise to residents in 2011,

was that

residents must have lights and water, nothing

has succumbed. His

promise was that each household would have

one toilet and

bathroom. Nothing has succumbed.

His promise was to rid

the community of reptiles that infest

the community. Nothing

has succumbed. Today, we have his

residents, rushing to

our community for water, for which

we have to pay the bills."

The Pollution Association of South Africa



that government has done her best

to install a sense of

deserved pride, and Dlamini,

should not be the only

one to be blamed.

"The reason we are experiencing

these high

toxic levels,

is because, government companies

only clean

the community

on a monthly basis, there should

be a minimum

of eight rubbish

removal companies, and we only have two

operating in Mamelodi.

Our bins, are being emptied on a

bi monthly basis,

when infact,

they should be cleared daily...

We have too many

poor residents,

who are living off the wealthy, by receiving


rates on groceries and everyday supplies..."

The Sunday Sun, reported to the

community in their

newspaper, that government will be

employing three more

rubbish removal companies within the

next week, but this

does not stop a rat, or snake from

entering your home from

an open window...


  2. Whigfield - Sexy Eyes

    (Stevie's Amen UK Edit) with

    Footprints Filmworks


    Volcano Rotuma erupts

    by Vaneesa Mashaba

    (18 April 2014--FF News) The volcanic island of


    experienced a massive eruption this

    afternoon, as the

    3000 residents of the island had fled into

    their boats

    and ships escaping the 2090 C lava

    pouring out off

    Volcano Rotuma says BBC.

    "After 289 years the volcano has erupted,


    the local community to 'lift-'n-shift,'

    their belongings

    escaping the power force that she was breathing."

    Rotuma is an island in Fiji, stretching 108 KM in

    the South Pacific Ocean...

    Fiji, the country is occupied by more than

    332 islands

    forming a stretch of

    "somatic islands,' forming one

    of the base tourist attractions of the world.

    "Last night, we could hear the volcano

    brewing, but

    thought nothing of it. This morning,

    we heard fire brigade

    officials forcing the community to

    shelter on ships and

    other watercraft." said Miss. Selina Kesi.

    A Volcano is an opening or rupture

    in the surface

    of the crust of The Earth,

    which allows hot lava, or

    hot ash to escape from magma

    chambers below

    the Earth's crust.

    --The Cigar Lounge Advert: 0738921233--

    According to The University of Princeton


    are said to have been extinct due to

    a large volcano

    that erupted more than

    65 million years ago...

    "The volcano is said to be located

    under water today,

    but scientists have said that a

    massive volcano had killed

    the majority of the living population

    due to the sulfur

    dioxide that destroys the breathing air."

    Speaking to Footprints in Fiji. local resident

    Mr. Nemia Mathas notes that

    the islands of Fiji are

    known to be volcanic, amid the

    South Pacific tectonic

    plate, forcing her away against

    the mid oceanic ridge.

    "On Earth, volcanic plates are

    generally found where

    tectonic plates are diverging or

    converging. In this

    scenario the South Pacific

    plate had pushed and

    pressed too aggressively against

    the mid oceanic

    ridge." he explained...

    --Muhammed's Electronics Advert: 0328928111--



    In a conversation with The Fiji Magazine, a shocked

    and shattered resident Mrs. Sonita Avneet


    that she had barely escaped the eruption

    after pulling

    her husband and child during the early


    "The volcano had started erupting

    around 8:am,

    and ended at about 2:pm, killing

    three of my personal

    friends. We were lucky to be saved

    and brought out

    alive. It was a disaster that we

    never expected."

    Mr. Gabriel Williamson, a school teacher

    from Manhattan,

    in The United States adds that

    the largest and most

    active volcano in the world is located

    in Hawaii,

    known as Mount Loa...

    --The Curtain King Advert: 0123745110--

    "Mount Loa is in the region of 700 years,

    and forms

    a mountainous range of volcanoes

    totally five active

    volcanoes. Mount Loa is approximately

    120 feet,

    and may spew lava at temperatures

    above 3000 C,

    killing all living life in her pathway."

    The largest volcano in our solar

    system is on

    planet Mars, "Olympus Mons,"

    and stretches


    "If a volcano like this were

    on Earth,

    to erupt

    for a period

    of two hours,

    all civilization would be extinct.."



    Local SA businessman Mr. Arshad Kola

    says that he

    was amazed by the amount of money

    that was

    made on previous volcanic eruptions,

    with the

    volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, and

    Cleveland off


    --Linda's Locksmith Advert: 0212281273--

    "To date, miners have made to

    the tune of $892

    million dollars since their eruptions,

    and we are only

    accounting for these two eruptions

    in the last

    two years. Perhaps I should stop

    mining the stones

    here in South Africa, and try

    to find a gem in Fiji,
    this time round."


    2. Nana Mouskouri-

      Turn on the sun.wmv with

      Footprints Filmworks


      How to 'ATTRACT,' Your dream

      by Mariska Pienaar

      Not for person's under 18

      (10 April 2014--FF News) So here you are on

      probably a

      starless Saturday evening,

      playing with your XXXX, and cannot find

      a date or someone

      to really recognize you for who you are.

      Sure, you might look

      like a cockroach with thick glasses and a

      beer belly,

      not to worry,

      Footprints Filmworks is here to make your

      life a little easier,

      a little simpler and perhaps a little bit

      more entertaining...

      Before, we get into the ideals of how and

      what to do

      to attract that perfect wife, that perfect

      girlfriend or that

      perfect fuck buddy, you should have an

      idea of what you

      are looking to attract before we move

      any further.


      you are looking for a Latina fuck buddy

      who will bring every

      desire you had in your pants to a reality,

      or searching for

      a girlfriend who will listen to your endless

      boring stories,

      or perhaps a wife who will cook for you,

      clean for you

      and lay there whilst you thrust her,

      you have come to the

      right place. Ideally, this column is for the

      person who is

      searching for their soul-mate, the person

      who is tired of

      dating women who show no interest,

      tired of dating women

      who have been screwed by every man on the block,


      tired of dating the woman who is

      ONLY interested in

      his bank balance...

      At Footprints, we promote healthy living

      lifestyles, and the attraction of a partner

      for years to come...



      So here are some quick and informal advice to

      you the reader.

      --Gary Stone Publishers Advert: --(022)8392210--
      Building a connection

      Women are up to nine times more erroneous than

      men (yes it's true,) so choose your pick wisely.


      initiating contact with a woman who you don't

      know it's

      important that this perky woman meets the


      you have set in your diary. You must have a

      detailed description

      of what you are looking for, including details

      from her hair length,

      her eye color, her body odor, her biggish breasts,

      her religion

      and belief systems, whether she is a

      virgin or not,

      whether she

      had endless boyfriends, whether she

      has children,

      and her personality

      traits including her upbringing and culture,

      her ability to


      your dreams, her social skills and

      acumen and

      her freedom to accept

      you for who you are "boots and all..."
      The Good

      The Good news about finding and attracting the right

      partner is that women are far too many, and can be

      found on the street corner, the clubhouse pub, the

      nearby disco, thousands of social search engines

      and through

      friends and family. The most important aspect that


      look for is confidence and body language

      when initial contact

      is made. Most women, hate men

      who brag or who show off.

      So avoid SHOWING off. If you pick

      up a woman in a social pub,

      she is probably there to get

      'screwed, blued and tat toed,' for

      the evening, and this is probably the

      place where you will

      end up with a one night stand.

      If you are an internet freak,

      you would probably end up with a

      girlfriend who has slept with several men, and is

      "bored out

      of her mind," and would probably end up


      with her after

      the second or third date.

      At Footprints, we advice against the

      above two options as the best options are

      meeting through

      "face on," either at work, or university,

      or at a casual gathering

      with friends and families as these women

      are virgins, these women

      are even afraid to hold hands, and the


      time you would bed them

      is when you wed them. THE CHOICE

      IS YOURS.

      More good news,

      is that women excrete a hormone

      Oxycontin, which is

      initiated through

      TOUCH. The next time you meet a

      woman and bore her

      with your

      boring stories, touch her...

      An example can be a

      simple hug, or

      touching her necklace and

      complementing it,

      or by reading a long

      magazine article where your

      hands brush each other.


      that women are six times more


      to touch, so touch

      her without being over pushy.

      It is important to note,

      that you

      have to make the initial contact, whether

      it's through

      a simple

      "Hello," or side comment, You have to make

      the first move...


      Dating is not for the faint hear ted,

      because you should be

      cool in your approach, never try to be


      a little, give a little, surprise her a

      little and

      complement her a

      little. Try to be mysterious with her,

      as a date is

      not an interview,

      rather try to ask her indirect

      quotes like

      posing comments.


      moment you start asking questions like

      "When, What, Who,

      or HOW," the dating period

      could die,

      and she will never

      text you again, and forget about

      brushing her LIPS.


      it comes to the dating process,

      initial agreement

      is formed,

      and after you start dating,

      try taking her to

      locations that she

      has never been too, like beautiful


      and cleanness

      places. Try experimenting with

      fun activities

      like paintball shooting,

      ice skating, challenge her in a game

      of scrabble

      and something

      unusual and different.


      About 5343 results

      The key about dating is

      finding each others

      strong points, learning to laugh with each other

      and sharing passionate

      kisses behind closed doors. As a female, women

      are attracted to men

      who dress well, men who shave regularly,

      men who drive sports vehicles

      and men who smell good. Take daily showers,

      as each human being

      has their own scent and no human being has the

      same scent as you. After

      touching and kissing her after several dates,

      she will smell your odor

      after she goes home. Buy roses, buy special cards,

      pay for all

      the dates and L E A R N as much as you can.

      Never try to show

      her that she is the only woman, always talk about

      friends that you

      have, but never bring up an old flame that died.

      Avoid by all

      costs talking about your ex. Dating should be fun,

      and try to avoid

      being too mushy,

      just be your true you.

      --DJ Milkshake Advert: 0828277722--

      After DATING

      Chemistry has proven that it takes

      a minimum of

      18 dates

      to actually say the "143," word, and

      never say the

      "I love you,"

      w o r d before you actually mean it.

      The difference

      between liking

      someone and loving someone are two

      worlds apart,

      so be careful

      when you actually do decide to say

      "I love you."

      The feeling of

      love far exceeds any human emotion,

      creating the feeling of

      wanting to be with that person every second,

      wanting to constantly

      speak to that person, willing to

      toy around

      with cool ideas together

      and wanting to give. Love is about

      giving and the

      more you give,

      the more you will receive.

      After dating it kinda gets complicated

      as you will have arguments, you will

      have moments

      where she

      calls your number and it's busy,

      you will have

      moments where

      she wants to break up with you

      for no reason.

      The trick about

      after the 18th date, is to

      "seal the deal,"

      by proposing marriage.

      The greatest component about

      marriage is

      the ability to see

      yourself grow old with that person,

      and it's important to take

      into account that you share the same belief

      systems. If you

      passed grade 6, and she has a PHd,

      it would be pretty odd

      to get on. Or, perhaps she is absolutely


      and you look

      like you stepped out of a horror


      it would be kinda challenging

      to create children that look like

      Shar Rukh Khan

      and Aishwarya

      Rai. Do your research how your

      children will look

      if your blood mixes

      and if all 'gells-well,' plan a marriage


      move in together

      to try to understand each other,

      or pray together about the

      dreams the two of you should


      It's unfortunate that

      hundreds of relationships break


      either her mother

      wants to be your boss, or his

      brother bullies you.

      The important

      aspect about dating and true love, is that

      its the two of you

      and no one else. You should take

      your love for

      each other

      like a capsule that no person can


      For me, this is true

      love, if the person is willing to love

      you with

      your retarded

      brother or your mother who


      interferes in

      your relationship...

      Once mutual consent is bridged,

      marriage must be on the cards...

      --Ahmed Hajee Motorworks Advert: 0112837721--


      The ideal age for marriage for men

      is (27-35), whilst

      for women the age remains around

      (18-2Cool, as after

      29, you will probably attract a male

      who is as old

      as your father, and it gets even worse,


      will use you for only sexual pleasures

      if you


      above the age of 32, without a


      As a

      woman, try to tie the knot before 25,


      you will sit on the shelve to collec

      t dust

      from men

      who will use and abuse you...

      Getting back to our

      story, once you have set a date


      your future

      wife, the maximum time spent

      on planning

      the wedding

      after she has said YES is 90 days,

      after this period,

      the man will either loose interest,

      or your wedding

      dress might be eaten by mice.

      So be quick, and

      don't be afraid to marry...

      Remember that love is

      between the two of you, and if

      your parents DO

      NOT agree, move out, rent an apartment


      and let a pastor marry the two of you,

      why bother

      about wines and cakes. The decision

      is yours.


      factors to remember, is that always pray about the

      person whom you are going to marry, make

      a decision

      and flow with it. Don't worry about

      this and that,

      because if he truly, madly, deeply,

      loves you, you

      will be able to change his habits,

      and he will to

      you to. In closing, we at

      Footprints Filmworks,

      wish you all the luck and success

      in finding

      your dream wife, dream husband,

      dream partner

      so that one day we may attend

      your wedding..

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      Johan Fredricks found "DEAD," in his cell...

      by Sandra Baloyi

      (6 April 2014--FF News) Murderer and child
      killer Mr. Johan Fredricks

      is dead were

      the chants from the Johannesburg National
      Prison this morning,

      after prisoners had

      cried to ward policemen saying that
      the deceased

      was found hanging from a pole in

      his prison cell.

      "He was found hanging from the pole
      in his cell,

      where prisoners had called the ward

      to come and see. He was dead at the
      time of arrival of

      the policemen, whilst prisoners

      had gossiped in corridors in the prison.."

      says ward policeman Mrs. Nisha Chetty.

      --Footprints Filmworks Advert: 0123703469--

      Chetty says that Fredricks was awaiting
      trail at the

      Johannesburg prison, and if convicted

      in July, he would have to face life

      after the slaughter of his two step

      and wife in November 2013.

      "According to station commander
      and chief of the

      Sandton Police station, Fredricks had

      killed his wife and two step children in the early

      evening of November 11, and had fled

      to neighboring Zimbabwe. He was
      captured by Zimbabwean

      police on 23 January 2014,

      and since then has been awaiting trail
      after two trail meetings

      on 28 January 2014,

      and 4 February 2014. His final plea bargain
      was in July,

      were his lawyers had said that

      he had a fair, but slim chance of escaping
      the punishment

      set by The South African

      Criminal court of Justice." says Reuters.

      Neighbors who had heard gunshots on November 11,

      said that they had heard four gunshots,

      and an angry man who was screaming in shame.
      They later

      reported that around 2: am, a vehicle

      had sped off.

      2. Thumbnail
      --Mohammed Accountants Advert: Tel 0156221023--

      "It was late that evening, where I had heard his

      VW, speed

      off into the night.

      Two days had passed,

      and members from the community were
      asking questions,

      where the Fredricks had gone, as no

      one had reported seeing them. They were
      later found in

      a shallow grave, dug by Johan, on

      Tuesday." says a neighbor.

      According to sources close to the Fredricks,
      Mr. Johan Fredricks

      was 42 years old, and

      had married Anne in June 2007, with he
      r two children.

      "They were happily married and living in
      the porch community

      of Sandton, where he

      worked as a real estate broker and she was
      a graphic designer.

      They seemed quite

      happy, and although he had felt the children

      was not his, he had taken the

      responsibility of taking care of them.
      Just recently

      they were fighting, because he

      was working late hours, and she had

      that he was having an affair..You would

      often hear them fight till the late hours at night,

      until eventually, he had killed them."

      says the source...

      “Why do we electrocute men for
      murdering an

      individual and then pin a purple

      heart on them for mass slaughter
      of someone

      arbitrarily labeled “enemy?”

      Speaking to Footprints in Sandton, prosecutor
      Mr. Gary Samuels says that he

      had incriminating evidence against Fredricks,
      that linked him to the murder and

      was sure that Judge Wilson would vote in favor
      of the state.

      "We have demeaning evidence against him.
      We had a bloody knife, we had

      the Smith and Wesson gun found in his VW,
      and we had managed to find

      his bloody clothes in a dustbin not far from the
      scene. We were sure, that

      he would spend the rest of his life behind bars."
      he noted.

      Mrs. Hillary Kissenger, Anne's mother who spoke
      exclusively to CNN had tears

      in her eyes when she spoke to the news channel.

      "My baby died for this bastard who took her two
      angelic children away. I had

      loved my grandchildren with every beat of my
      heart and he took them away. I

      am happy that he took his own life, and no
      amount of tears could bring my Anne

      back. I want the South African criminal
      Justice system to bring back the death

      penalty. We cannot live like this."

      --Management Coaches Advert: 0159028211--

      Mrs. Yaseera Choonara who spoke to
      The Alberton Sun, says that South Africans

      are 'sick-'n-tired,' of innocent children and women
      dying at the hands of their

      men after three separate incidents were
      reported in the l a s t month.

      "Last month, a monster had killed his
      girlfriend and her child after the child

      had told the step father, that he should
      not speak to him like his father. They

      were found cut up in a toilet seat in Soweto."

      Arabian King Abdullah who is scheduled to
      arrive in South Africa in August 2014,

      says that he will address parliament on her
      duties to everyday civilians that suffer

      death at the hands of men who feel that
      it is their right to commit murder.

      "I will be speaking to President Zuma and
      company the benefits of bringing

      the 'death-penalty,' to South African shores,
      and ways in which we as Arabians

      could guide South Africa by bringing this
      law to your country." he was

      noted as saying.
      “The most loving parents and relatives
      commit murder
      with smiles on their faces.
      They force us to destroy the person
      we really are: a
      subtle kind of murder.”

      In his final remarks to policemen Judge Wilson
      said that let this be a lesson to men

      who take the lives of their beloved ones that
      the guilty will always show his skeletons

      in his closet.

      "Johan died, because he knew he was guilty
      of a crime

      that he committed knowingly. We

      as South Africans should draw straws out
      of the hats

      of this incident, as we only know

      what we have done behind closed doors.
      It has been

      proven time and time again,

      even with all his money and wealth,
      he still had to take

      his own life because of

      the shame and guilt he had in his gut."

      --Morningside Stationers Advert: 011 8546722--

      The Seaside Bulletin said on their website
      that a mass funeral and prayer

      will be held for the women and children
      that died at the hands of men

      who never cared to share their guilt.

      "It is unfortunate that society treats women
      and children as a lower grade,

      then men, but if we look ourselves in the
      mirror, each day, we would realize,

      that we as men are the animals that have
      destroyed the planet,

      and not

      the innocent women and children.

      If we learn to treat people the way we

      want to be treated and realize that what we

      see in another, is a total

      reflection of ourselves, than we have

      that life is ever so beautiful."
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      Sakeena Joosub
                            Miss. LENASIA 2014...

      by Imraan Dockrat

      (10 April 2014--FF News) The Lenasia Community
      Hall was

      packed to capacity this evening,

      as residents from all over South Africa had

      to cheer-lead their daughters for an

      evening filled with 'glitz-'n-glamor,' 'wining-'n-dining,'
      and the odd kiss.

      "My daughter had entered the
      Lenasia pageant

      because she feels that she is

      beautiful from the inside and out."
      noted Mariam Majoti,

      an Overport resident...

      Over 20 000 guests who had paid to
      the tune of R250 ea,

      had flocked to the community

      hall to support their loved ones including fathers,

      mothers, brothers, sisters, boyfriends

      and in some cases even grandfathers.

      "When I saw my grand-daughter
      wearing a swim-suit

      for the first time, I had

      to shy away." smiled the pensioner.

      The community of Lenasia, is well-known
      in South Africa,

      and known as the

      leading Indian community in South Africa.

      "Lenasia is 11X bigger than Laudium, 8X
      bigger than Chatsworth,

      16X bigger

      than Dundee, and over 5X larger than

      noted a resident.

      It was like a celebrity party as the

      18 contestants

      had modeled in their

      evening wear, swim wear, summer
      wear and date wear.

      "Sakeena had taken the limelight
      by wearing

      a long mermaid dress for

      the evening wear, whilst another contestant

      Miss. Afsana Gani had wore

      a barely legal swim suit for the evening..."

      joked Muneer Samrod, a local


      Miss. Lenasia organizer, Mr. Farouk Ebrahim added by saying

      that there are

      many definitions of beauty, we cannot complain

      about how dark we are,

      or the acne on our skin. We have to be happy with

      what God has blessed

      us with, and have the confidence to shine.

      "The contestants are judged on the acumen

      their body physique, the

      way and manner they carry themselves and

      their ability to steal the show."

      he granted.

      Local parent, Mr. Nishal Govendar,
      says that he

      had admired Sakeena, from the

      moment she took center stage and was

      bedazzled that a 27 yr old woman

      could be a doctor, be dreamy in her

      and have the ability

      to win the applause.

      --Papa Khan Traditional Healer Advert: 0792283712--

      "There was something different about this

      girl somehow.

      She had the finesse,

      she answered the questions with due diligence

      and had the personality

      to match the stars."

      “Sometimes people are beautiful.
      Not in looks.
      Not in what they say.
      Just in what they are.” 

      Ebrahim continues by saying that although

      when he started

      the Miss. Lenasia,

      it was ONLY open to Lenasia residents,

      many other Indian beauties had

      called him, that they chose to partake
      in this

      'once-in-a-life-time,' opportunity.

      --Trade Route Mall Advert: 0112136600--

      Speaking to Footprints in Lenasia, Miss.

      Sakeena Joosub

      says that she

      had knew that she will win the
      contest as

      that what confidence is all


      "I spend two hours per day in
      the gym,

      I study about an hour, now I am gone

      lazy after I became a doctor,

      I have preferred interests

      in fishing, golf, skate-boarding

      and building puzzles.

      For me, it was about winning because

      I knew in my

      heart, that I had put the effort into myself.

      Winning is about respecting

      your fellow contestants, and by

      the nature of your life on

      a daily basis." she grinned.

      Another contestant
      Miss. Azizah Choonara,

      added by saying that she had

      felt the necessity to win, but

      Sakeena had won her,

      because she had more

      experience, she has thousands
      of pictures

      and she had dated Mr. Omar


      --Footprints Filmworks Foundation Advert: 011 8888888--

      "We all know that once a woman has
      dated Omar,

      they rise to the top. He

      has this ability to push his power

      beyond closed doors."

      she remarked...

      The Lenasia Tabloid reported in
      their newspaper

      that Sakeena will

      have to do 'community work,'
      by supporting

      the local hospice

      on a weekly basis, and providing

      treatment to residents

      living with HIV...

      "You can be the most beautiful person
      in the

      world, but if you

      don't give back to the community,
      what is

      the use of winning

      all these shields and medals.."

      noted community leader Mr.

      Yusuf Saleh.

      Miss. Joosub who spoke to The Overport Times

      noted that

      she had spent six days preparing for the

      after camping
      excursions and other treatments to get to

      know her fellow


      "The secret to having a princess

      is care about others.


      you care for others, you bring out your

      own beauty.

      My father, who

      is my biggest role model, sat

      of hours

      coaching me about

      the way to treat people, the


      of life,

      and the cycle

      to help people. Helping people
      is the

      secret of life,

      and life should

      not only be about the person
      we see in

      the mirror each day."

      When asked by The Johannesburg Sun,

      what Joosub sees

      in beauty in another she answers by saying

      that Aishwarya Rai

      and Lara Dutta are two women who have

      changed her opinion

      about life.

      "It's not about how glamorous you are

      on stage.

      It's about the

      simple details...The simple details like praying

      before bed, keeping

      your room tidy, putting night lotion on,

      and by smiling. What Aishwarya,

      taught me about beauty is to smile.

      A smile radiates love, so keep


      “What you do, the way you think, makes

      you beautiful.”

      Other contestants who briefed
      The Lenasia Express noted

      that beauty is about loving and giving...

      "What Sakeena perhaps does not have is
      love in her life. Sure,

      she dated the hottest hunk, but she
      does not have love in

      her life. Love is the most important
      aspect in your life that

      gives you freedom, that gives you a
      radiant beam on your

      face, and Sakeena does not have that."
      says Mishka Adams,

      a Dundee contestant.

      As residents were queuing for Sakeena's
      autograph after the

      show, many sponsors including Dove,
      Aquafresh, Desire

      for Women, Footprints Filmworks,
      Trade Route Mall,

      Decorating Dreams, Musti Magic and Islamic

      were asking questions when Sakeena could market

      their brand for them.

      "She is the leading lady in Lenasia on this
      starless evening,

      and let's hope she fulfills the duty as Queen of Lenasia."
      ON YOUR MARKS....
      GET SET....
      (16 February 2012-FF News) Wal-Mart is again in the headlines
      and this time it's for a good reason...Wal-Mart
      the world's biggest
      and largest retailer is set to invest R832 billion rand over
      the next twenty years according to Vice
      President of South Africa Mr. Kgalema Motlanthe...
      Motlanthe says that he had long conversations
      with the
      retail giant and after almost two years of talks-the
      first Wal-Mart store will be opened officially in
      June 2012...
      Wal-Mart which will operate in South Africa will
      become the biggest brand in South Africa over-
      taking Shoprite and Pick and Pay...
      According to Bloomberg the retail giant has
      signed lease
      agreements with Massmart which will merge to form
      Wal-Mart South Africa...In saying so, the company
      will be owned by Wal-Mart and takeover
      operations for name change are already underway...
      Pick and Pay spokesperson Mr. Gareth Ackerman
      says that
      Pick and Pay will not loose consumers and
      tend to follow a brand name that sells...

      "Wal-Mart has been making a ho-ha the last
      two years and till today not a cent has
      been invested in South Africa, and we are
      working with the competition tribunal to
      Wal-Mart's bid for South African soil..."
      he said...
      When Footprints in South Africa spoke to members
      of the community there was a mixed reaction with
      some saying that Wal-Mart will introduce American
      brands to South Africa, whilst others say that the retail
      giant will not touch the iceberg because other
      retail giants
      have already built a brand name in the country....
      That being said, Wal-Mart has pledged R433 million
      rand for the donation and sponsorship of school
      and university graduates in the next five years to
      salavate the appetities of the competion tribunal...
      We shall wait and see...
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      Why CHOOSE Footprints...??
      by Sandra Pienaar
      A man floats in space, a sight inconceivable when this century began...
      Then aeroplanes were still a dream. The ability to escape from earths
      gravity symbolizes how man has pushed back the
      frontiers of knowledge and exploration...

      At the turn of the century one in four of the worlds population
      looked at the United States and Untied Kingdom as their ruler.
      Most knew little of us, and we knew little of them. From London to
      Washington most peoples horizons were confined to their own town,
      community, society or village. Popular newspapers were in
      their infancy, the motor car was a luxury. Even as late as
      1938 a British Prime Minister could talk of South Africa
      as "a far away country..."
      The 21st century has revolutionized not just the world, but our lives.

      Footprints Filmworks tells the story of these astonishing
      years. It is not a history company; it is an experience.
      Footprints is the story of all our lives...

      With our distribution mainly to high net worth individuals
      you can follow events as they unfold, just as we have
      become accustomed to do through the nightly
      panorama of television news. Events great and small
      are vividly reported, as they happen and as though
      you were there. From the Interview with Barack
      Obama to the story of the prince of her dreams
      Footprints provides a unique insight to the
      21st century.

      Footprints Filmworks tells the story week by week,
      month by month, year by year providing readers
      with up to the date news, illusions, dreamy
      stories and unnatural events...

      For many this reportage will bring back memories;
      for everyone it not only recaptures the drama of
      today's times but also highlights events whose significance
      only became apparent with the passage of time.
      Yesterday's undercurrents can be today's headline news...

      As the century has just began, it is tempting to wonder
      what future historians will make of us.
      Will the First World War be the great turning point,
      destroying old empires and spawning the Russian Revolution?
      Or will historians recall Hitler and tales of atrocities?

      Social historians could argue that changes such as the emancipation
      of women who affected more people. This century may
      also be seen as the one in which the INDIAN DIASPORA
      show their true colors of globalization.

      Science has also given us the power to intervene in the process
      of creation itself. Babies have been born from test-tubes,
      the mysteries of DNA unraveled, and the explosion of Aids
      on the social front.,,
      The epoch of communication satellites has changed
      more than our perceptions. It has brought wars into
      our living rooms and turned sportsman and community
      leaders into millionaires as well as childhood idols. Entertainment too,
      has developed it's first global superstars-from Shar Rukh Khan to
      Zunaid Moti. Far more than most news events,
      they are what makes life enjoyable...

      Footprints Filmworks Managing Director Omar Abdulla at the
      start of this year said that he would like to create
      a platform for South African's as well as Global leaders
      who choose to learn from everyday people. This is our
      legacy we have created, and you should join us...

      The Footprints Filmworks Team has launched Footprints
      Chrome for our new website portals and Shareholders
      Fireman saves MAN
      during burnout building...

      (1 August 2012-FF News) Three brave fireman
      from the Sandton

      Fire department rushed to a call by a woman
      crying that her

      house was on fire and that her husband
      was burning,

      trying to put the fire off...

      "It all started when an electric problem
      with one of the cables joined

      a cord with another wire that caused the
      electric problem and

      a fire to fathom in the household..."
      said local resident Hasina Kodwa...

      Local resident Shaun Beyers said that
      he lives in the same complex

      as the Patel's who's house was on fire...
      "I remember that my wife woke me up at 3: am
      saying that our neighbours

      house was on fire, and I just called the fire
      brigade department as

      soon as possible..." said the resident...

      Najma Patel says that her husband had
      tried to off the fire

      by pouring water over the electronic
      equipment that had

      led to the start of the fire...

      "It was within minutes that my daughter was
      yelling for me to save her

      in her bedroom and my husband had poured
      water on her

      to stop the burning sensation of her body..."
      she said...

      Local fire brigade personality
      Adrian Wilson told Footprints

      in Sandton that when he arrived at
      the scene Mr. Patel

      was on fire and the curtains and sofa's
      were burning to the


      "We had did our job well, and perhaps
      saved an innocent

      life today..." he added...

      (4 August 2012-FF News) I write

      this message on Footprints Filmworks as an
      anonymous personality...

      Okay, so here is the whole story...I started liking
      this dude when we

      were in partnership in a certain business
      deal that we were both

      involved in...He seemed cute at first,
      and I started liking him, more

      and more each day...
      He never knew that I truly, madly, deeply loved him,

      and sometimes he would brush me off when I
      called him...This was in 2004...

      Then my life started to fall apart when
      'The PrinCe,' walked in my life,

      and made me feel as though I was a
      Princess and sometimes

      he would pop by the house to meet my parents...

      I am an Indian female and we as
      Indian girls feel

      that "sometimes we have to love,
      to turn ourselves,

      upside down..."

      We dated for four years and every day of that four years,

      I dreamed, I smiled, I was happy and I was always

      joking...Today, I feel depressed, alone, unsure

      and sometimes feel that what we shared did
      not matter...

      I am a firm believer in love, and sometimes
      I feel

      that I gave too much, that I loved him
      more than I

      loved my own father...

      We were engaged and ready to marry,
      when he

      walked out on me because perhaps
      he was naive

      and a douche bag...

      I am an American and we moved to
      America after my dad

      had decided that he wanted to get away from
      the family business...

      In 2008, we broke up and the Man who was
      suppose to be my

      husband broke my h e a r t and whatever
      else I had...

      It's 2012, and sometimes I feel that
      I still love him,

      that I still admire him and that I still
      wanna spend my life

      with him...

      We always danced to the song 'i
      wanna spend my

      life with you,' and yet I feel that he
      really broke my heart...

      You know who you are, and I know that you
      adore Footprints

      Filmworks, so answer me...? You have all my
      contact details

      and you know that I still love you, why
      can't we make it work...?

      My sister has convinced me that you
      are the guy for me,

      and that I should pop by your place
      and try to see

      if you still return my love...??

      2. Michael Jackson - They Don't Care

        About Us with Footprints Filmworks


        Anthrax Envelope 'delivered,'
        to The US Embassy...

        by Michelle Curtis

        (19 April 2014--FF News) The Pretoria Embassy


        The United States received a

        terrorist letter containing

        the unidentified spores of

        Anthrax reported

        Media 24...

        "We have confirmation that

        the letter addressed

        to The US Embassy was empty.

        After careful examination,

        the envelope was said to contain

        more than one million

        anthrax cells."

        According to sources close to the

        embassy, the envelope

        was delivered by a so-called terrorist

        organization operating

        in Johannesburg.

        "The terrorist cell has been operating

        in Johannesburg,

        Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban in the

        last six months. We

        see this as the work of AL-Amin, a

        terrorist cell trained by

        Al Qaeda." says a resident.

        From the news received by Footprints Filmworks,


        are under assumption that terrorist

        leader Mr. Mubeen

        Akoo is behind these terrorist letters sent to

        several US embassy's in Nigeria, Scotland, Egypt

        and now in South Africa...


        1. Thumbnail

        "A man hunt is on for this terrorist, who wears

        a grey

        beard, works with several bodyguards and

        is trained to

        kill...The Federal Bureau of Investigation

        (FBI) and

        The Central Bureau of Investigation

        (CBI) have issued

        warnings to the media, putting him on

        the "wanted list,"

        and should he be found, breathing

        fresh air, he should

        be killed, in a n y form." reported CNBC.

        --Pam Golding Properties Advert: 0738291288--

        The (FBI) who kept in close contact with

        the US embassy say

        that Akoo might off fled to Zimbabwe,

        after delivering the

        Anthrax on Tuesday.

        "He might off left South Africa, escaping

        the clutches of

        the law for Zimbabwe. We have sent out

        billboards to

        policemen in Zimbabwe and South Africa,

        should they

        make any contact with him, to shoot, to kill."

        Anthrax is an acute disease caused by

        the breathing

        in of the virus, which may cause a

        plague and inner

        destruction to the heart and other

        respiratory functions.

        "Just breathing in, 10 000 cells of the

        anthrax cell, may

        kill a human being. He has traumatized

        our country

        and revenge must play it's course."

        says US Sect

        of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

        Another resident who spoke exclusively

        to The Daily

        Sun, said that AL AMIN is an off branch

        of the terrorist

        cell that got Osama Bin Laden killed.

        "He has led AL-AMIN under closed doors

        spreading terror

        in South Africa. If he continues to

        ms-represent ISLAM,

        the way that he does, he should be

        killed execution

        style." says Egyptian leader

        Mr. Hussain Osmonde.

        Osmonde says that Akoo had

        trained in Palestine

        and Pakistan, and when Bin Laden

        died, he felt

        that it was his need to preach ISLAM,

        in the

        wrong way.

        "Islam teaches us to love each other,

        Islam teaches

        us never to back-bite, Islam teaches

        us not to kill

        innocent lives, and Islam teaches us

        that we are one,

        whether we are black, white, Indian

        or any race. We

        should and must respect people

        for who they are,

        and not condemn them for who

        they are not."

        says local Kookstad resident

        Mr. Herman Botha.

        Although a man hunt has been

        in search for

        Akoo and his team, a local Islamic

        scholar reported

        to have said.

        --Betty's Butter Advert: 0359328121--

        "Whatever you do to another, will

        come back to

        you a million times. So be careful

        who you kill,

        be careful who you hurt, be careful

        who you

        terrorize, because one day, some day,

        Allah will

        give you what you gave to another.

        If you are

        watching this Akoo, know that the

        game has

        just begun, and we as American's

        will never

        accept a betray of trust. We financed

        you when

        you were doing your construction

        business here

        in America, and let you so much as

        cause any more

        damage, we will show you who

        are the leaders of

        the world." concluded the scholar on

        America TV.

        2. The Drakensberg

          Boys Choir- Shosholoza

          with Footprints Filmworks



          Less than impressed with Harrods..

          by Hannah Snell

          (9 December 2013--FF News) London's most talked

          about and expensive

          brand store faces court hearings in

          coming days, due to

          the fraudulent sales

          of mark up cost...

          According to shareholders of the

          treasured brand, the company is in hot

          water after luring investors into a

          campaign to promote the company

          in Asia and Southern America.

          "Investors had poured over 100 million

          pounds into the project, and

          Mr. Mohammed Al Fayed had decided

          to throw the entire project

          and plan. Now, we have investors

          who are waiting for their money

          whilst Christmas has not brought

          the kiss under the mistletoe...

          We see

          Harrods forced to mark up prices as

          the company only plans to be in

          trade in London.." says

          London Today...



          Speaking to Footprints in London,

          local resident Miss. Cassandra Angela

          says that the company had specialized

          in household brand names


          Designer spotlight, Hot Model Labels,

          Pringle, Paul Smith, YSL, Calvin Klein,

          Diesal and DKNY.

          "Harrods is my most favorite place to

          shop when my dad is in the mood...


          with the price hike by Harrods, I have to

          think before I swipe." she chuckled...

          Harrods, Managing Director, Mrs. Irina

          Whitefield says that the deal was that

          the company would open in Dubai, with

          another branch in Brazil.

          "We had mapped out plans from every

          single detail, and our Ceo,

          had decided that Harrods remain

          only in London, as the brand

          only sells in London. If we were

          to open in another country and

          residents buy franchise rights

          , what would differ from a corner

          cafe to our brand..."


          Principles of Management

          Introduction Chapter 1 with

          Footprints Filmworks

          Marketing Manager for Harrods

          Mr. Ian Burrows noted that the


          was strategic in it's marketing campaign,

          and will only loose commissions

          paid for the raising of the funds.

          "We are not saying that we will

          not pay our Arabian

          shareholders. All we are

          saying is that we use the same

          format as Harrods in Dubai and

          Brasilia, using a different

          name, hedging company risk

          and backed by an international company."

          Mr. Yaseer Abrahams, says that he

          had invested

          $200 000 dollars into the Dubai

          branch of Harrods and feels

          cheated by the company that

          once brought a smile

          to his face.

          "The first time that I knew that

          the deal was not to go through

          was on FF News.

          I was shocked and surprised as we had

          advertised the company opening in

          the local media. I want my money back,

          and if we don't get our money back

          within fifteen days, lets just say that

          many employees who negotiated the deal,

          will learn what true mafia

          gangsterism is."

          he threat ed..

          Although Harrods owns a net asset value

          of 203 million pounds, the company will

          be on a wheelchair should they pay all

          their debts within the

          next five years.

          "Companies work with leverage

          through financial risk, and the

          risk percentage leverage

          of Harrods is far more than the

          normal 15% on liquid assets."

          says Financial Manager

          at Lloyds.

          Local shopaholic Mrs. Shaina Gurujee

          says that the price of normal goods

          has rocketed in London with th

          e economy still sluggish.

          "Britain's economy has fell by 5%

          in the last twenty years,

          and we see the graph

          on the chart still pointing downwards.

          The amendment by Harrods not to share

          their brand internationally has frowned

          many shoppers who cannot travel

          to London."

          says Economic Plus.

          Mr. Mark Powers called

          Footprints in London saying that

          the company was still leveraged

          beyond normal market expectations

          and the only way that Harrods

          can rescue their

          square footing is by stalling punters

          towards extended agreements...

          "If these so-called investors really love

          the brand, and were prepared to pour

          more money into Harrods, they can

          prove their love, by extending warranties

          and conditions." says Financial Analyst

          at The Bank of Manchester.

          Speaking to the British Bulldog,

          Mrs. Bianca Simmons says that

          she feels robbed when she

          shops at Harrods after doing

          some research on the company...

          "If you were to purchase a brand fo

          r 100 pounds @ Harrods,

          the same garment

          can be purchased for 1/8th of the

          price at any other retail outlet. The secret lies

          with these Arabians, is that they push and press their

          brands so tough that

          my children go to bed hungry if they don't

          have a SOVIET sweater."

          Mr. Mohammed Al Fayed who spoke briefly

          to guests from London smiled by

          saying that he will not give a w a y his

          company if someone asks for it.

          "We will not be bullied by closing

          shop in London to satisfy petty sales in

          Asia. When I built the company

          I had a vision to share the

          knowledge and

          class with British citizens and

          not the world. Family secrets

          is the name of

          the game in any family

          driven business..."

          Footprints in London understands that

          the deal arrangement with Harrods

          and Saudi Angel Investors may

          turn sweet

          if company directors forge a unique

          trading name with Harrods as the


          "We are still in negotiations to

          salvage the deal,

          and if we roller-coast the Saudi

          investors with our management

          ploy we

          could win a couple hundred

          million pounds."

          says Management for idiots...

            Life Skills with Farzana Dockrat

            by Farzana Dockrat

            (9 December 2013--FF News) L A S T month
            Footprints in Waterkloof

            reported Successful habits and management
            with Farzana..
            Our column

            this month is to empower the
            through the teaching

            of LIFE SKILLS that propel one
            t o w a r d s ones Dreams, Desires, Decisions,

            and Deadlines...

            "Management, Momentum,
            Motivation and Marriage are t
            he secrets to ones

            ethos in this galaxy. It's
            unfortunate that m a n y
            South African's still have

            the Apartheid w a y of thinking.
            If we hold hands and join forces
            we would

            realize that South Africa is a
            big fish in a small pond. Life
            Skills is about being who

            you are for today, remembering
            yesterday and being excited
            towards tomorrow...

            we see ourselves as managers
            and leaders of our habits,
            we will bestow the people

            around us." says Mumtaz Khota,
            a Cape Town resident.

            The South African Foundation
            for Life (SAFFL), chair,
            Mrs. Petunia Pillay noted

            that l i f e is about

            "If we open our e y e s
            to a scope of a better
            tomorrow for our friends,

            fans, foes and families we
            have served our purpose on this planet.
            Many of us,

            are so involved in the routine w a y
            of life, that we forget that we should

            just once in a while have fun
            in the sun."

            Mr. Robbin Banks from the
            Banks Foundation of
            Leadership told Footprints

            in Sandton that the time has come
            to peep for a better nation and country.

            "We cannot change the past,
            and as many would say, it has
            been bitter and sour

            for us. We should be able to learn
            from our forefathers of history
            not to repeat

            their childish mistakes."

            He goes further to say that Life
            Skills and Management is about
            planning, leading,

            organizing and control.

            "If you cannot look at yourself
            in the mirror and say
            "I Love You,"
            or take a step

            towards discovering something or
            someone positive your day is wasted."

            "We cannot plan too hard and
            smart for tomorrow as we
            have to be flexiable

            to our growth. If one keeps
            ones quality and standards
            and see the opportunity

            for a better dream, a better
            smile, a better insight, one
            would be able to understand

            the memories from The Lord."
            added Mrs. Farzana Dockrat.

            The Sunday Sun says
            that successfu
            l living is about breathing the fresh air

            in your lungs, it's about being who
            you are for the greater good,
            it's about

            kissing with passion and it's
            about winning.

            "One has to win a certain
            target per day to be able to
            say one has reached ones

            goals and ambitions. Ambitions
            and Dreams are sometimes tested
            by the people whom

            we love, and if we discuss our feelings
            with our friends and people who
            laugh at our

            stories we should care to share."
            moans Miss. Amanda Botha.

            Dr. Francina Makopa groaned
            by saying that being a supporter,
            leader, follower, and manager

            of ones life is an art that requires

            "When one has challenges to
            face in life one should look at
            their lives as stuck in the center

            of the Pacific Ocean with no
            direction. The circumstances
            and scenario's we create is a mirror

            image of our inner and
            outer love flow."

            Local Rustenburg resident,
            Miss. Maaheen Umar says that she
            has been hurt so many

            times and has just turned 35.

            "I thought I was in love,
            and got burnt, then again I
            taught I was in love, I got

            damaged, and the l a s t
            guy I dated ended up in jail.
            I feel that my power forces

            of attraction has jammed my
            success to attract the
            prince of my dreams."

            Another resident who spoke
            to Footprints in Mooiriver
            says that

            governments have planned
            towards recovering South
            Africa from the memories

            of Apartheid.

            "If you were to w a l k
            the fields of the farms in
            Free State or to were question

            the ladies in Fordsburg,
            you would find that these
            people feel cheated because

            of the restrictions of
            opportunities for second
            and third class people..."

            The only method of bringing your
            brands, quality, standards and

            positive is be aggressive
            and be a high-flyer.

            "Billions of rands exchange
            every single day through
            business and trade

            and if we do not have
            deep pockets towards
            giving in the name of

            the father, the son and the
            holy ghost, God will stop is
            flow our way."

            says Father John Paul from
            the Church of Verlum...

            "What separates the top dogs
            to the nerds of society is the method

            of growth. If we are aware,
            responsible, positive and cheerful around

            our selves respect will manifest." s
            ays France Daily...

            About 356,000 results

            Celebrity Superstar, Miss. Kim Kardashian
            tells Hollywood Gossip that

            before she earned $55 million dollars pe
            r annum, she was a cook for

            a pizza restaurant.

            "Before I turned 18, I would smoke
            pot and get stone drunk with my

            boyfriend painting our dream
            s in the skies. When
            I matured and looked

            at life as a seashell on the shore,
            I realized we are really as big or small

            as we say who we are."

            Sportsman Mr. Mohammed Ali,
            says that he would often
            box till odd hours

            in the evening to be ranked
            as "World Number One."

            "Before I got involved in boxing, little
            boys with big bats would

            smash my car because I picked
            up all the women at University. When

            I graduated I took boxing
            as a full time sport and realized that it was

            never about earning $2 million
            dollars per annum, it was
            about winning,

            a major aspect to survival."

            The oldest man in the world
            Mr. Frank Yai told Footprints in Tokyo that

            he reached the a g e of 130 by living
            a life that one should be happy.

            "We grew up with no money
            and supported the Freedom of Japan from

            China. We fought Wars, poverty,
            nuclear invasion and yet our standing

            as Japanese has remained intact.
            The secret to life is being the person

            you want to be. I remember
            at the age of sixteen I would sell cartoon

            drawings to passerby's.
            Survival of the fittest is the
            l a w of life and if

            we fail to practice we practice
            to fail. It's like a top sportsmen who spends

            thousands of hours trying,
            only to know one day he will represent and

            hold the flag of his country..."

            Dr. Pamela Naiker from the communit
            y of Bokaap adds that

            coupled with good behavior and
            abiding by the rules of humanity

            one should have the element
            of 'thinking out of the box."

            "Humanity has changed the most in
            the l a s t Century than since

            civilization began. It is clear that
            we are living in a fast paced world,

            and should obey the l a w of change..."

            Wearing an Orange Jersey and a
            Black Pants, Former
            President of The United

            States Mr. Bill Clinton says that
            scenarios and circumstances will always be

            a blueprint when making
            tough decisions...

            "Before we seen the old dogs
            of America, weaning their
            way through

            government for the purpose
            of wealth, we as American's should see

            our people for the best
            that they can ever be. When we do this,

            we bring out the best
            in ourselves...

            "There are thousands of tricks by
            billionaires that can be shared

            on this forum, yet many of us just
            require that nudge to know

            we can become better people
            for the greater good." says a

            resident of Piet Retief.

            The Vaal Triangle concluded by
            saying that life is as simple or

            complicated as we create it.

            "If we have this image of being
            like our parents, or some film star,

            its all rosy and plush, and one
            has to do daily analysis and cleaning

            of ones thoughts to remain stress free."

            Mrs. Farzana Dockrat in her
            speech to members from the location

            of Gauteng says that we
            as individuals should first
            breathe our

            bubble of space, matter,
            time and energy on the people we love

            so that we may trust

            "Trust yourself.Respect
            yourself.Love yourself. Be Happy!"

            Casablanca Manor

            Casablanca Manor, located in Pretoria,
            is a venue and conference venue for

            shareholders meetings, business seminars,
            weddings and engagements. Our safari

            and green location allows for peaceful
            viewing with a lush green field
            and mountains

            in the background. Whether you are
            getting married this Christmas or
            just wanna

            throw a p a r t y for your friends,
            Casablanca Manor is the place to be.

            *Special catering and cottage
            overnight motels available on request.

            Book today and spoil your friends
            and families by enjoying the
            family holidays

            and functions with us.

            Plan your festive garden
            wedding with us today.!


            Tel: 012 736 2023 Tel: 0827729983

            Motorsport Engineering

            Motorsport Engineering was voted
            South Africa's best ranked motor

            modification and enhancement
            company in South Africa.
            We turn any ordinary

            vehicle into a super sports
            vehicle so that when you are
            drag racing the Sunday

            afternoon, you win your friends.
            Special modifications include
            engine and body

            modification, exhaust alteration,
            fuel injection and tune ups
            for the racer

            who understands the brand of racing.
            We turn your car, into a champion

            vehicle on the road with our
            simple concepts that lead
            to better fuel

            consumption and speed.
            Call Motorsport Engineering and
            turn your cute

            little vehicle into a power house
            horse with power withstanding
            the torque

            of the roads.


            Tel: 011 782 9200 Tel: 0828882121
            1. Dale Carnegie Training -

              How Dale Carnegie

              Made Warren Buffet Billions




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              ‘key searches,’

              for October 2011

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              Peter Heiblom 59232
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              Dr. Abie Joosub 58989
              Nazeer Noormahomed 58900
              Falu’s Fabrics 58892
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              Aishwarya Rai view topic 57903
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Footprints Filmworks

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Couple "remarries," after Divorce...!!

by Ayesha Motala

(8 June 2015--FF News) The South African Xhosa family of 

Mr. and Mrs. Ndaba has been 'rekindled, re-sparked, and

re-ignited,' were the chants from St. Mcdonald's cathedral 

in Khayelitsha, this morning.

"We are happy to announce the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Ndaba,

for the second time, and we hope the Lord showers you with 

his blessings." says Father Ronald Mbata.

According to sources close to The Ndaba's, they were married almost

thirty three years ago, got divorced in 2000, and on this pleasured

day, have re-fueled their love for each other.

 "With five children under their embrace, no worry or debt in the world

could separate them. They were 'the most-admired, most- loved, and most-daring,'

couple of the community. Their marriage and joining of heart's once again,

has taught us, that love is always the winner of hearts." says a local

Mitchell's Plain resident.

Speaking to Footprints in Khayelitsha, Mr. Daniel Ndaba, says that after

his divorce from his wife in 2000, he could not handle it, and dated every

woman on the block, but still had to come back to her.

"She is the holder of my children, she is the woman of my dreams,

she is my best friend, and she is my greatest lover. Our marriage today,

is a dream come true, and often my children 'begged-'n-pleaded,' with

me, to re-marry another woman, and my heart still pined for her."

Mrs. Gorgeous Ndaba, says that after her divorce from her husband,

she had lost everything, she had lost her respect, she had lost the

confidence in herself, and always settled for second best.

"Having Daniel around my arm, allows me to have better confidence,

allows me to be free in my thinking, and allows me to be with my

children. This for me too, is a dream come true, and I know that

I have a lot of catching up to do with him since 2000." she


Mrs. Isabelle Sithole, says that she knew the family, long before

they got divorced and often lived in the best homes, and drove

the best vehicles.

"After their divorce, Daniel lost his job at the mine, and she had started

walking the streets asking for money. This relationship proves that

with unity, miracles can happen."

The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Ndaba, is to take place later on today,

after traditional "Labola," is exchanged.

"I have purchased eight cows, sixteen sheep, and five goats, for

the spitbraai, ceremony today. She does not need the "Labola,"

but she deserves it, because she makes my heart very happy."

ended Mr. Daniel Ndaba.


Macaulay Culkin DIES...!!

by Juwairya Khan

(21 June 2015--FF News) What started as a nightmare on Saturday, 20th

June 2015, turned into the sudden death of American Actor, Macualay Culkin,

on this treasured evening in New York, read The New York Times.

"We had a call to the 911 service, claiming that the actor had suffered a heart

attack and overdose on drugs. When we arrived on the scene, the actor,

was proclaimed dead."

Speaking to Footprints in New York, local resident, Mrs. Mandy Williams says

that the "Home Alone," star had returned home to the father, after his drug

cocktail intake of Valium, Viagra, Heroine, Hashish.

"Culkin was often seen in the streets of New York 'strollin-'n-smokin,' after,

his parents divorce. His rich friends had claimed that he spent to the tune

of $5000 dollars per week on illegal and prescription drugs." 

Another resident who spoke to The New York Tribune, said that Culkin's

'fame-'n-fortune,' died when his l a s t film, "Monster Rush," failed at

the box office.

"Culkin could ask for a pay-cheque of $20 million dollars in his teens, and

when he reached his thirties even at prices at $2 million dollars, his films,

still failed."

Culkin who rose to fame as the little cute child, Kevin McCallistor, who

fought robbers entering his home for Christmas.

"Too much money, too much fame, too much heart-ache,' had

eventually killed him," says a New York resident.

Celebrity News, says that Culkin's death comes as no surprise as he

was given a warning two years ago, that he may die, if he continues

his drug-abuse.

"His relationships with Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian,

and Shar Rukh Khan, had fueled his drug intake, that caused his

death." concluded Dr. Conrad Murray.



SA RAPPER "Flabber,"

                  KILLED BY GIRLFRIEND...!!

by Mariam Aziz

(18 June 2015--FF News) South African's a r e relieved that 'this time,'

a r o u n d police had checked the murder scene with a fine comb and

brush, and figured out how and why the late Nkululeko Habedi was killed,

serving South Africa as 'the greatest rapper,' that walked Africa.

Nkululeko Habedi was a well-known rapper known to street gangs and taxi

drivers for lighting their audiences up with his 'smart-'n-sleek,' dance 

movements and 'wise-words,' that bedazzled the SA public.

"He was a rapper in his own light, and was a member of the rapping

group Skwatter Camp. His death in March 2015 was followed by

his fans, who fought to understand why his girlfriend killed him."

According to investigations done by police in Johannesburg, the late

"Flabber," was living with his girlfriend in Alexandra, a township

in Johannesburg.

"When we investigated the murder scene we had found struggle

wounds on the deceased with a serrated knife used to kill "Flabber,'

by stabbing him in his heart." says Forensic Investigator Mrs. Elna


Speaking to Footprints in Alexandra, Mr. David Nxumalo says that

he o w n s a shebeen directly opposite the residence of "Flabber,"

and heard the couple fighting from 12:00-2:AM.

"I could hear him asking her why, why, why. I could hear him saying that

why did she want out of the relationship. I further heard that she had

owed him a sum of R500 000 that she borrowed to her father."

Local residents of Alexandra, said that this was a shocking revelation

of the criminal elements of our country, with pioneer residents calling

for the death penalty.

"This is the f o r t h celebrity killing in 2015, and our country still does

not l e a r n her lesson. We hope that when Judge Dlamini gives verdict,

to the accused on Friday, justice will s e r v e it's purpose."

 Meanwhile, everyday residents from Alexandra told Footprints in

Alexandra, that well-known celebrities in Music, Sport, Entrepreneurship,

and other 'cool-talents,' were often showcased in Alexandra.

"Alexandra is the Hollywood of South Africa. We are sad to loose a hero

who played the tunes that we all loved. We hope the ruling against

his girlfriend will be a harsh sentence that she lives to regret."

The High Court in Johannesburg, heard on Monday, that the accused

will not be mentioned until proven guilty.

"We are with-holding the identity of his girlfriend, and should our

Judge, agree that she did commit this sin to South Africa, she

will pay the price."

"When a woman commits adultery, she should be punished. When a woman,

commits fraud, she should be punished, and when a woman kills her man,

she should be punished. We hope Judge Dlamini finds it his heart to

sentence this woman for no-less than 20 years behind bars."




                        ON FLIGHT OA7865...!!

by Nishaat Samsodeen


(24 June 2015--FF News) South African Airways, reported this morning

the hijacking of flight OA7865 from Johannesburg to London, with

422 passengers occupying the airliner.

"We have confirmation that the aircraft has been idling in mid-air, and

the terrorists are demanding that The South African government pay a

sum of $500 million dollars in their Swiss account, or they will crash

the airliner into the Atlantic." says Radio 98.2.

Speaking to Footprints in London, air traffic controller, Mr. Ian Jacobson,

says that he had received w o r d that the plane was hijacked by Al-Shabab

militants from Nigeria, and should South Africa not 'pay up,' these terrorists

will plunge the airplane into the Ocean.

"Al Shabab's financing from well known financier, Mr. Jameel Bin Abdullah,

has dried up, as the terrorist organization failed in the conquer of Somalia. They

are now s e a r c h i n g for wealthy resources to pay up, or they will

die as martyrs for their religion."

Minister of Aviation and Aircrafts, Mr. Sepho Tatamachance says that

he had received

w o r d from South African Airways that the militants had hijacked the aircraft,

and perhaps WILL NOT plunge the aircraft, as he received word from Lagos,

that the airliner might be landing at an undisclosed location.

"We will not pay R5.5 billion rand to these hijackers as our country had

not played a role in their losses. These militants want to use South African

money to fight wars in upper Africa. We will call their bluff."

Whilst p a s s e n g e r s of the Boeing 747 are chanting to be released saying

that they will pay back the m o n e y, these Islamic terrorists have already

taken control of the aircraft, piloting from left to right.

"These terrorists will kill all the passengers on board, and unless we pay them,

within the next two hours, we could be mourning the deaths of beloved

children. Our urge to government is pay them the money, and let our

relatives come back home. We miss them, we want them back, please

pay them the money." says a Groblersdal resident.

CNN reported that President of Nigeria, Mr. Goodluck Johnathan withdraw

his men from the airliner, or face invasion by South Africa.

"If these terrorists don't abide by our instructions to land the plane

to safety, we will invade the cities of Nigeria, to prove our point. We

have remained aloof with the wars in upper Africa, and should these

terrorists involve South Africa, we will use all military power to invade."

echoed, an Army officer.

The Department of Defense, in South Africa, says that they have a trick

up their sleeve, as the plane has to land within the next 45 minutes.

"They have to land the aircraft somewhere in Sudan or Sweden, so

if they plan to make a fuel stop, our fighter jets are ready to save

passengers and blow the plane up."



/-/3LPFUL^/-/iNT$ FOR /3a/3I3$...!!

by Yaseen Nalla


(13 June 2015--FF News) W H E A T H E R you are giving birth

to your f i r s t child, or your e i g h t h, the process of being a father, or

mother, or certain instances both is different and unique to every child.

"I just became a father, about three months ago, and the process is

simple and fun. One should be 'aware-'n-alert,' with little matters

that make a huge difference. As a father, my job is to provide

for the little child, be there to change the diapers, be awake 

when the child cries, and sometimes have to feed her. The mother,

sits and coddles the baby, has to deal with my demands, and sees

to it that the baby is healthy and well fed." says local Klerksdorp resident,

Mr. Brendon Ooshuizen.

Mrs. Sheila Williamson, from the community of Paarl, says that she gave

birth to her second son, and has to deal with four children under the

a g e of five.

"My full time job is running after these brats, who s o m e t i m e s,

makes my life a living hell. I was an attorney before I got married,

and my job is now to be a mother. Being a mother is the greatest

gift in the w o r l d, and sometimes, things just stress-me-out."

Other South African's who spoke to Baby News, say that

'new-borne,' babies and toddlers should be 'thought-'n-taught,' basic

principles that will enable them to excel well over time.

"I had three children in a space of five years, because my husband,

wanted it that way. Each child is a blessing on their own, but if

you have a cool husband, your children will grow up with the

right foundation...Children are great copiers of their parents,

and what you teach them today, they will teach their friends."

says a local resident.

M O T H E R of five, Mrs. Alexia Ndumi, says that she got married 'the traditional way,'

back in 1962, and when she first had her first child, she felt that s h e  could never manage.

"My husband was constantly working, and often traveled overseas. He dumped me

with four children in six years, and soon I was known as the manufacturing company

of the community. The

trick to be a great mother is love your children before yourself, be clean in the way

you do things, always discipline your child, and spend quality time with each one

of them, individually. Our children are our future, and if we don't pay attention

to their details, they will fail. Perhaps sometimes, we forget about our husband,

when the kids are always crying." she joked.

Other baby tips read from PAMPERS, say that each child should be spoil't

according to the way their personalities are.

"If you have twins, each twin will cope with different things, in different

ways. If you have children who are constantly appreciated by their parents,

for their good, and disciplined for their bad, they will learn the golden rule

of life, survival of the fittest. We should install programs, the way a computer

is programed, with positive feedback to our children, so that one day,

they can be better than us. Our ultimate goal is to grow the global epic

of life, and if we provide better upringings, better education, better

'thrills-'n-spills,' to them, they will only be able to be better human beings."

Concluding her statements to Footprints in Fordsburg, local resident, Mrs. 

Basheera Kotwal says that the secret to growing up your children with

awesome health, wealth and wisdom, is finding the r i g h t husband.

"A husband must have the balance of life in his heart. He must be able to

sit and play with children, provide for their education, be steadfast in his

love to them, and most importantly, never to forget that he should cuddle

me at night. Once you have the right husband, everything else falls into

place, when growing up your babies and children."



Will Julius Malema's 'red-dress,'

                      WOO ANC STATESMEN...!!

by Shabaan Khan


(1 June 2015--FF News) S o u t h African's locally and internationally

a r e shocked that current EFF leader, Mr. Julius Malema has signed

documents stating that he will be joining the African National Congress,

effective from today.

Speaking to Footprints in Bela Bela, Malema says that South African's 

had respected his choice of joining the African National Congress after

a close meeting with EFF leaders.

"I have decided to keep the peace in parliament by joining the

party that I once loved. I have instructed all EFF members to

join the African National Congress, as we believe that with

unity we can be a better community and country. My speeches

to President Jacob Zuma behind closed doors have faired well,

towards the agreements that we have said."

President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma told Die Kleinmond 

that the merger of the African National Congress and EFF was a marriage

that brought together 'like-minds.'

"We are pleased to allocate 'new-suits,' to our African National Congress

leaders who have agreed to certain ways of management and leadership,

that will enable a free spirit and freedom of speech. We have remained

the best country in Africa, and our target has always been this." 

EFF l e a d e r, Mr. Xolani Seboking says that he was upset that Julius Malema had

decided to join The African National Congress as government does need some

competition to promote the country.

"We believe that the decisions made by our leader today was without our

content and litigation. If he joins the ANC, I will vote DA."

However, South Africans who spoke to M-Net, say that the merger

of the parties was a step in the right direction that would grow

the economy, improve the job sector, reduce crime, uplift the

stock markets, and reduce everyday prices with the improvement

of quality and standards of living.

"We the wealthy 8% pay for 92% of the filth in South Africa. We

demand change, we demand answers, we demand to know where

our money is being spent." jolted a Cape Town resident.

Mr. Jacob Zuma who concluded his s t a t e m e n t to the media,

says that he has to have a rest before he re-juggles cabinet.

"This merger will allow 'twin-tower-powers,' by Malema and I,

and my management approach to this shock, will still be to follow

the footprints of our father, Nelson Mandela."



                         BY FAR...!!

by Huzaifa Mansoor

(9 June 2015--) South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and 

S W A Z I L A N D are said to experience the coldest

Winters this May, June, and July 2015.

"We already have sandstorms that are wiping buildings out,

we are seeing vehicles being damaged by hail, we are seeing

plants frozen to death, and we are seeing high speed winds,

causing wild-spread fires." says The South African Weather Service.

According to reports received by Footprints in Zimbabwe, local residents

say that Hurricane Mugabe was ranked 6/10.

"These high winds had caused our farms to get destroyed, lighting

the bushveld. Our farmers are complaining that with the coldest weather,

at bay, we should protect our plants by covering them with plastic."

South Africa is said to experience the w o r s t Winter since 1983,

and one can experience high levels of fog in mountainous regions,

with snow being pictured in The Western Cape, and Drakensburg.

"My husband and I, enjoy the cold weather and have booked a skiing

trip to Drakensburg. We are grateful eight layers of snow fell this

Winter." said a resident.

The South African Department of Weather and Warning said that South

African's should beware the severe cold, by installing under-carpet heating,

fireplaces, lighting and heaters, and spreading the love.

"The best place to be this Winter, is at home." 

Other South African's who spoke to The Newcastle Times, say that the

cold front was created by The Atlantic and Indian Oceans, that brought

the coldness to the cities.

"This cold front was caused by Tsunami Van Riebeck in the Oceans. The 

strong winds has blown over South Africa." looped, Miss. Rahima


Dr. Sheldon Moonsamy added that the best w a y to avoid the flu, this Winter,

is by stocking up on medication and by dressing warm.

"Pull the wool from the cupboards and start covering your body

to secure against any entry of viruses. We recommend one daily bowl

of soup and chicken."

The South African Weather Bureau noted that the raging waters,

fires, winds and other 'planetary movements,' was caused by the

storms started on 29 March.

"These storms have been looming the borders of South Africa,

and we are seeing the outbreak of nature's talent."

However, South African's who are especially living the borders

of the country are warned that should an evacuation bell be 

rung, residents should vacate within 24 hours from their


"We are hoping for the best, but are expecting the worst. We

have further reports that more storms may be looming causing

greater damage to lives, properties, vehicles and other assets."




by Muaaz Murchie

(12 June 2015--FF News) The South African Department of

Oceans and Rivers issued a statement this morning that they

will be installing 'shark nets,' on the country's borders both

at the Atlantic and Indian Oceans of South Africa.

"Already we have eight people reported dead, and six missing due to

shark attacks on our coastal waters. We have installed these shark nets

to avoid sharks entering the borders of SA, harming our residents who

swim, and our harbors that are constantly filled by businessmen."

In a report received by Footprints in Natal, local fisherman, Mr. Zachary

Kissels says that he often fishes the waters of Durban, but these days,

the sardines have dried up.

"I am happy that government has decided to install these shark nets,

and hopefully with the light-houses built, we will have a greater catch. These

sharks eat all our business, and our catches are much smaller." he jabbed.

A local Port Shepstone resident says that her sister was bitten by a shark

and suffered a piece of chuck bitten from her leg.

"My sister and her boyfriend are into surfing, and one warm Summers night they

had planned to have a romantic date on the Ocean. The shark had bit pieces

of her leg, rushing her off to hospital immediately. We are just grateful that

she is alive today."

The Department of Oceans and Rivers in South Africa says that government had

allocated R24 million rand for the installation of the shark nets and light-houses,

and plan to use this funding to prevent shark attacks, to enable a 'better-catch,'

and to ween out blockers of the sea.

"We are constantly faced with thousands of un-wanted seals and octopuses,

and using these shark nets will prevent predators entering SA waters. We have

to protect our shoreline, as we cannot afford more deaths."



"The S P I R I T OF LIFE...!!"

by Farzana Khalik


(18 June 2015--FF News) Let's face it whether you reading this article

in South Africa or The United States, the spirit of life should be

'sustained-'n-maintained,' through the epic of what we call

'everyday life...'

The image of success that you portray to yourself, ultimately reflects

on the person you love and admire.

"We will have days where we experience stress in our lives, we

will have days where things don't go according to plan, we will

have days we 'fall-in-love,' and we will have days where we win

the lotto. The goal of life is not a destination, but a journey."

elaborated, community resident, Mrs. Caroline Reddy.

Speaking to Footprints in South Africa, local resident, Mr. Hannes

Macdonald's says that the epic of life is to maintain a balance between

relationships, health, wealth and wisdom.

"One should invest ones time, space, matter and energy for ones

future brethren...We should not be over-educated, over-gorgeous,

over-the-top, but keep a balance between intelligence and fun."

Dr. Primrose Tshabalala says that the human body is made-up of

three elements; the mind, the body and the spirit.

"If we don't feed our mind with enough motivational information we

will fail. If we don't feed our body with the right nutrients, we will

fail. If we don't feed our spirit with L O V E, we will fail. If we


our youth, our South Africa, could be the most 'efficient-'n-effective,' country

in the world."

The SPIRIT of LIFE is where we get to breathe fresh air, be free in our

'taughts-'n-thoughts,' be manageable in our lifestyle and show leadership

qualities of life.

"If you are 20 you will choose different dreams, if you are 40 you will choose

different decisions, if you are 60 you will choose different deadlines, and when

you reach my age of 81, you will choose different desires." chubb-ed, a local

London resident.

 The People's Paper, read that the biggest killer of the modern MAN was stress.

"If we don't keep a balance between our 'ying-'n-yang,' we will fail. One should try

to spend as much time as possible with people, one should read a minimum of 50

pages per day, one should 'make-love,' a minimum of once per week, one

should practice forgiveness, one should 'learn-2-love,' in different ways,

and one should smile a minimum of e i g h t times per day."

The South African Department of Health said on their website that more people

are living longer as the biggest cause of people dying young was irresponsibility

by the p a r e n t s...

"If we as parents install the mental programs in our children of living a free life,

of living a life without pain,of being free in our thinking, and by installing

strict discipline methods, we will see the age longevity of South Africa increase."

In a conversation with The Swedish Sun, local resident,

Miss. Portia Delarosa noted

that the secret to living a successful life was keeping a diary, by going on holiday

yearly, and by improving income streams.

"We should have a positive relationship with ourselves

by being 'open-'n-honest,'

in our diary by setting targets and goals. We should go on holiday,

locally or internationally,

yearly to relieve stress, and we should work towards building income

above inflation targets."

The French Tabloid read on their website that all residents of the

global nation can and will experience a better spirit of life, if these

secrets are followed.

"We will have a better spirit of life if we associate with our awesome

friends, families, fans, and sometimes foes...We will have a better spirit

of life if we meet one new person per day, if we engage in conversation

longer than one hour with a friend or group. We will have a better spirit

of life if we see the 'bigger picture,' of growth towards our dreams. We

will have a better spirit of life if we see each person based on who we are,

and not judge them on how they look or dress. The one who rises to

the top the fastest is the one that plans, works his plan, and converts

into reality. We can achieve whatever we truly desire, if we only ask

God, for if God promises the seven heavens and the universe, we merely

have to cherry-pick."

Set your goals, set your targets, imagine who you plan to marry,

that R1 million rand per month salary, or whatever you

truly desire, can and will be achieved if you truly have the magic



in your 'fate-'n-faith...'


Dream Big, set definite goals, have the

e n d vision in MIND...!!


"Thumbs UP," For Miss. Jessica Parker...!!

by Azeema Kajee

(22 June 2015--FF News) The University of Johannesburg, issued a 

statement this morning, that one of their l e a r n e r s will be

traveling to The United States to further compete and complete

her career in Music.

"Jessica has been playing the piano for sixteen years, and today we

are proud that she has received sponsorship to the value of

R750 000 to study at The University of Washington. All her tuition fees

will be paid for four full years, including a shot at America's got talent."

said a lecturer at The University of Johannesburg.

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, Miss. Jessica Parker says that

she has all the little boys in the University that 'wag-their-tails,' her way,

but has chosen her career before a n y of them.

"My father always taught me that a man you will find whether you living

in South Africa or The United States. Men are far too many to obstruct by

dream of becoming a world performer. This bursary that a local businessman

is paying for, is a bursary that I have worked sixteen years to achieve. My trip

to The United States on Wednesday, will be a new opportunity to smell the

roses on the opposite side of the w o r l d." she chuckled.


Other residents from The North West, say that they have h e a r d how

Miss. Parker plays on Instrumental FM, and other radio channels.

"She just knows which keys to press to make an ordinary night, into

something spectacular. Let's hope she wins the million dollars at America's

got talent." jolted a resident.

Miss. Jessica Parker who has won this gift from an anonymous business-person

concluded by saying that she will make South Africa proud by studying at

The University of Washington, and by taking care of her hands.

"I always believe that a woman's hands are the entry to her heart. Hold

hands with me this year, and hopefully I bring back the trophy of the best

personality with the highest talent. My dream has truly been achieved by

being sponsored and I know that in the future my CD will be on every

shelf in your home, in every CD case, and on every radio channel."




                                  SHOOTS HIMSELF...!!


(22 June 2015--FF News) The Indian community of Phoenix, in South

Africa, is s h o c k e d with the slaying of a husband and wife at the

Oxford Avenue in Phoenix, Durban.

"I could smell that something was rotting, but I could not place my

finger on it. After asking my au pair to tell the neighbors what was

wrong, she told me that the residence did not answer. I then called

the local police." said a resident.

Speaking to Footprints in Phoenix, local resident, Miss. Chantal Joshi says

that the couple lived in an upmarket residence in Phoenix, and often

drove the b e s t of vehicles.

"I would see Mrs. Pillay driving new vehicles everyday, and her husband worked

for The South African Police Services. The Durban community is outraged that yet again

the husband had killed his wife." 

In a conversation with The Natal Tabloid local residents said that they

had seen the couple in March 2015, and thought they had went on


"I had met with Mr. Avinash Pillay at his residential home, as he

required me to do some work for him. After that, I heard that he had

murdered his wife, as she was having an affair." 

 According to residents from Phoenix, they say that the couple were experiencing

'wedding-woes,' after the wife was seen on Thursday entering the cinema with

her so-called boyfriend, and later on, booking at a private hotel.

"The couple had booked in a R400 room at about 7:PM in the evening, and

left before Sunrise." says hotel manager, Mrs. Erica Smith.

According to the local police, Inspector Avinash Pillay had worked as a 

'delivery policeman,' investigating crimes including fraud, rape, theft,

and hijackings.

"We were a w a r e that his wife Mrs. Chantal Pillay was unhappy in

the relationship. I had attended their wedding in 2008, and they

were so happy. Perhaps the wife thought that with no children,

she can play a bit." said an associate of the police department.

The Durban community have taken to the streets blaming the husband

for shooting his wife, and blaming the wife for committing adultery. 

"If we were living in Saudi Arabia, the death penalty would be decided upon

the wife, and we are saying what the husband did, was totally wrong. We

have l a w s in South Africa, called divorce to protect men against whores."

said an angry resident.

"When you take the vow of marriage you promise never to betray

your husband, never to cheat on your wife, never to break your

promises to your husband, and never to be-little your wife. This death

again was caused by too much money, and too much freedom, provided

by the husband." says Miss. Raeesah Ebrahim.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hemali Peters concluded that this tragic loss by

the community will be mourned by friends and families on Sunday.

"We will miss her gorgeous smile, and his ambient personality." 

The South African Police Services (SAPS) bridged that their investigations had

proved that Mr. Pillay had killed his wife.

"Our investigations are complete as we found blood spatter on

the walls, we found the bedroom all messed up, with a single

bullet wound to both residents. Our advice from the police, is that

crime does not pay, rather choose the option of divorce. Women and

Men who cheat do not deserve to walk this Earth, but death is never

the answer."



by Yumna Motani


(18 June 2015--FF News) It t o o k me almost two w e e k s

to schedule a meeting with one of Lenasia's first pioneers, who

walked the l a n d of Oupa Fats in March 1962, building the f i r s t

mosque in Rose Avenue, standing against the Apartheid regime,

fighting against The White government, and being a strong and

steadfast leader of The African National Congress.

Dressed in a beige suit with a white shirt and brown tie, "The Man

Behind Lenasia,"  says that he had moved from Kliptown, in Johannesburg,

to settle with his new bride and mother in Lenasia.

"Lenasia is bigger than a n y other Indian community in South Africa, being

the most admired, most cultural, most community driven and most upmarket

Indian community of the modern era, " he quirked.

"When my wife and I moved to Lenasia, we lived in a Council two bedroom

home, and I remember at that time there were at most 3000 residents, today,

Lenasia can be seen as occupying more than 300 000 households. We purchased

our first property in 1962, and later our families got bigger and bigger, and soon

I was offered to purchase the local medical center in Lenasia." he further says.

Speaking to Footprints in Lenasia, Dr. Mohammed Adam, says that he was offered

properties at R3000 per council home, and those homes have become 'mega-monsters...'

"My work in the community is managing the successful hospital that I own, being a father

and son to the family, negotiating deals for my sons, and being

a joke to my daughter-in-laws. What I have learn't in my time in Lenasia, is

never move out, even when the beauty seems to be greener on

the other side."

The Lenasia Chronicle, wrote on their website that Dr. Mohammed Adam,

became the first doctor in South Africa to perform a brain transplant,

and his hospital is the h i g h e s t grossing private hospital in

the Southern Hemisphere.

"I have no-one to thank, but Allah. Whatever you have today, is a gift

from Allah. Yes you got to have the right partners, yes you have to have

some risk in your life, yes you have to l e a r n to trust people, and yes,

sometimes no matter what, you have to accept a loss."

Achieving the t r e a s u r e d goal of six children, twelve grandchildren

and two wives, Dr. Mohammed Adam laughs by saying that women will come

and go, but your h e a r t has to remain in the community.

"For me no money in the world will stop me from praying my Salaah,

no money in the world will stop me from speaking to my children,

and no money in the world will stop me by pus-using my wives. We lead

separate lives as individuals, but not a night that goes by, I do not

get the feelings of passion, pushed my way."

Dr. Mohammed Adam further elaborates that when he walked the streets of Nirvana

street in 1962, never did he imagine that ruthless residents would abandon

the community

and move to surrounding communities Roshnee, Fordsburg, Laudium, and Mayfair.

"Many of our original back-packers in Lenasia have betrayed the community by

moving out, saying that crime is too high, and that the community is being sprinkled

with foreigners. My view of Lenasia, is that a community will never change, if the

true roots lie bedded within."

Other community residents of Lenasia, including Mr. Sayed Mia, Mrs. Fatima Seedat,

Miss. Shamima Mehtar, and Mr. Haroon Choonara say that Dr. Mohammed Adam's role

in the community is monumental and he even does more work than local council


"Our street lights are always on, our reservoirs are always full, our lights

are always burning, and our dustbins are always clean, because of

this Man. If his strong relationship with the ANC was not as good as it

is, who knows where Lenasia could be today." jolted a resident.

Local resident, Miss. Priyanka Govendar says that although she is happy

living in LENZ, the community life is gone to the dogs with drugs being

sold on every street corner, prostitute havens in quite hotels, and

drag racing during midnight.

"We are loosing the old-culture of Lenasia, as our original forefathers

have taught us. Today's youngsters can be seen booking women

in Lenasia hotels, drugs being purchased in dodgy streets, and we

can hear the engines of vehicles racing at night. If we really want

to bring back the community spark we should hold community gatherings

that inspire our youth that unity lies in the community."

Mr. Waheed Camroodien, a local journalist, says that he lived in Lenasia

from 1962, and g r e w up with Dr. Mohammed Adam.

"Dr. Mohammed Adam's daughter is married to my nephew. We are a close

bond of families that strengthen the brotherhood of Lenasia. We can never

say that Lenasia was built by one man, but by several thousand."

Dr. Mohammed Adam, concluded his statement to Footprints in South Africa,

that he will continue to provide awesome care to our ailing patients, that he will

continue to support the likes of The African National Congress, that he will continue

to 'protect-'n-promote,' Lenasia as best as he can, and most importantly, he will

do his best to provide education to the thousands of un-borne youth the importance

of community leadership.

We at Footprints Filmworks, would like to give a

"Thumbs-UP," to Dr. Mohammed

Adam, for his brilliant and effective work in the community.

Keep up the great work.!!


Omar Abdulla "finally,' MARRIES...!!

by Naaznin Soomra


(21 June 2015--FF News) W H A T most South African's dream

about, pray about, and sometimes do achieve will be celebrated

on Sunday, 21 June 2015, the marriage of one of South Africa's

biggest playboys to the woman of his dreams, only known as


"We had met several months ago, and have decided to get married. This

is a marriage that I have been thinking about for some time, and I have

made my decision to show the world and her family, that I truly, madly,

deeply love her." he told The Sunday Sun.

Mrs. Zakiyyah Abdulla who met Abdulla several months ago, say that she

had loved his smile, loved his personality, loved his humor, and his dreams,

that forged her to say YES.

"Omar has always been the epic of the community, and today, I want

to show the people whom I love, that love does exist, and marriage

is always the answer."

Mr. Abdulla told Footprints in Laudium, that his wife was not 'from here,'

and was happy that she finally agreed to their marriage, today.

"When I proposed to her in March, it took her two weeks to say yes. I am

grateful to her parents for trusting me with their daughter. I believe love

is the answer to all of life, and if the person makes you happy, marriage

should be the answer."

South African's from all over Laudium, Lenasia, Upington, Umhlanga, Klersdorp,

Brits, Rustenburg and from selected locations internationally are said to


"I believe when a boy reaches his thirties, it's the time

to settle down. My

son has broken many hearts and many hearts that still do love him, but

today, we will have to let him go, to the woman he loves." said his


"I will have to change for the best, be the best that I can, and hopefully,

follow the footprints of my father." Abdulla further said.

Miss. Zakiyyah Abdulla concluded her statement that it was her dream to

marry Omar, and she cannot wait for the next moment.

"We will come across challenges in our lives, we will come across moments

where we feel fear and afraid, but marriage should be a ride that we all

enjoy, as part of our lives as humans."

Mr. Abdulla says that the private wedding will be attended by friends,

families and fans of the local community, and finally he has found a pot

of love.

"Love is always the answer, and our marriage today, should be

a journey for all South Africans."




by Zeenat Bismillah

(2 June 2015--FF News) Perhaps you are living with your girlfriend, or

a few friends from University, or maybe you might be married, or perhaps

you might be living with your p a r e n t s, the root of ones quality and dreams

are forged with the members of the house-hold whom we live with, share

our meals with, and share our inner and personal stories with.

"The m o s t important aspect of our daily living is how we spend our

time. If we are in the company of our family, we should do our best

to make the environment as clean as possible, as technological as

possible, as clutter free as possible and as smart as possible. The way

we design our lifestyle homes, should be a reflection of how we are

as personalities and human beings who share our space with us."

Speaking to Footprints in Lesotho, local resident, Mrs. Tamara

Gibbons, says that she recently got married, and adjusting to the

lifestyle of her husband was a giant step.

"I am like a cat, and sometimes he is like a dog. I like to make my

bed in the morning, see to it that nothing is laying on the floor, seeing

to it that the house is clean by 11:am. The day my husband is at

home, we only get done by 2:PM, because he wants to iron, he

wants to shower, and he has other things to do. The way we

build our houses, the way we live, builds quality in the homes

that we build. I am still adjusting to his messy habits."

Another resident who spoke to TOP BILLING, Mr. Fabian De Lange,

he says, that he started decorating homes in the 1980's and what

makes a house a home is the people.

"Each member of the household should have their own space and

own contents that they are accustomed too. The play station should

be neatly packed, the curtains should often be washed, the garden

should be maintained, and other household duties, that one has

to do on a daily basis."

The Daily Sun, read in their newspaper that one should rather save and

spend on quality, then spending on cheaper accessories to fill the home.

"Never over-leverage yourself when purchasing contents of the home.

Always buy new furniture, fridges, clothes, and other accessories for

the home, on cash. If you choose to create extensions to the home,

then only, is bank finance applicable. We advice to hedge

your investments,

into your home, so that each member of

the household contributes her share."

"When my girlfriend moved into my house, I thought that my hotel had

become a shack. Her clothes were always all over the show, her hair filled

the bathtub, and she often used greasy make-up that would never wash

off my collar. When you move into a home with your partner, be sure, to

have rules that the both of you agree and disagree, so the environment

remains clean and smart." said a Brussels resident.

"Our Indian tradition allows for the wife to move into the parents house,

once they have consummated. After that, the husband and wife lead

their own lives in the household, where one meal is eaten together as

a family, and the rest is shared in their own kitchen. As Indians, we believe

that our p a r e n t s should teach our wives a minimum of 2 years, before,

they move into their own property." says Mr. Rafiq Deedat.

What makes a house a home, is the way the home is managed and kept,

added another local housewife, Mrs. Isabella De Santos.

"I have three sons, and two daughters, and most of the time, when they

leave for school and university, their rooms are in a mess. What makes a house,

a home, is a father, mother, sons, and daughters, and if you can afford it, au pairs,

who keep the home neat and tidy. It's always beautiful to add a touch of fresh

roses, tranquil paintings, light paint colors, and the property to be well illuminated.

Keeping proper burglar bars, and alarm systems is an addition to the home."

The Designer Plus, read on their website, that once a home has the right feeling,

visitors of the family will always be attracted to the home.

"It's no use, spending millions of rands on a dream home, and you don't have

guests. The true touch of what makes a house a home, is the guests that

visit the home. Always offer your guests a cup of tea, and biscuits, and

always be dressed to welcome people. What makes a house a home,

is the people, and how we treat each other. So, even if you are living

out off a shack, always treat your guests, with the right vibe, and

be sure, that your home will have the right feeling of love."



                 four million members...!!

by Mathima Ngobane

(28 June 2015--FF News) The Zionist Christian Church 

head-quart-ed in Polokwane, South Africa celebrated it's

4000000th member this afternoon, with members starting

as e a r l y as 1921, founded by Mr. Engenas Lekganyane.

"I was six years old, when I f i r s t got baptized by father, William

Wayne and since then I have been a faithful leader of the Church."

says Mr. Tumelo Kekane.

Kekane says that the oldest living church in South Africa, had helped

four million South African's in 'keeping the peace,' being a spiritual

leader in the community, bringing people together and unity of strength

with people.

"Jesus Christ thought us to follow in his footprints, by bestowing upon us

the holy Bible, to f a s t in the month of Lent, to respect the day of

the Sabbath, and be true to our teachings." he further noted.

Speaking to Footprints in Polokwane, local leaders say that they pray daily

to Modemo, the creator of the seven heavens and the universe.

"Whether we call him Allah, God, Lord, Modemo, Yahweh, Vishnu, Father,

or the Supreme Being, God is one, and for all of us, whatever religion

we belong to." said a local resident.

"Yearly we attend a prayer ceremony where millions of residents attend the 

40 day cleansing of the soul. During the period of Moria, ZCC members gather

to meet their brothers and sisters, and bring peace and love to the people

that they care for. People who are members of the ZCC are accustomed to

the way the church is led, to the way the church is managed, and to the way

the church is maintained." said a church board member.


"The miracle of life is to believe that you can achieve whatever you truly, madly, deeply desire.

If we be steadfast in our prayers, treat people the w a y we want to be treated, do not

commit sins, and be faithful to our partners, the world can be a much better place. 

South Africa is plagued with HIV, drug-addiction, crime, and many other factors that

bring down the country. If we bow our heads for two minutes per day, the

quality in our lives will increase 1000%," says Father Nicholas Seshabe.

Local residents who spoke to The Polokwane Times, say that the history of creation

began long before the big bang, and even before the universe had begun.

 "Each holy book teaches that love thy creator, thy creator is closer to thee than

the jugular vain, and that if we just have the faith of a mustard seed, the universe,

and her contents are ours. So, each day, we should try to do something good,

give charity, be honest before answering, and above all, we should have common

sense in thinking. If we as a 'global nation,' hold-hands, for a better future, better

youth, better country, we can just do better than our forefathers." says 

Miss. Tanya Mashaba.

Pastor, Lawrence Mathabne concluded by saying that the community of South

Africa should 'come-over,' anytime, and that the message of God is available,

anywhere, anytime.

"If we just learn to understand that we are so small, and that God is

so majestic in the way he does things. Sometimes when we feel we

are loosing the faith, we should also re-kindle the love for God. Come

to Polokwane this December, make pilgrimage, and prepare to find your

creator. Have the

faith in yourself, love yourself, be the best that you can be, as you never

know what might hold for you next."



Tasnim Dangor Mia, to take the role in SA's 

latest blockbuster...!!

by Sakeena Joosub

(19 June 2015--FF News) L E N A S I A S very own model and

charity ambassador, Mrs. Tasnim Dangor Mia, has won her first

role in a major film, in South Africa, read The Saturday Sun.

"Pyaar, Pyaar, Pyaar," is an Indian block-buster produced

in South Africa, India, and The United States. We are proud

to welcome Tasnim on board the film set, across Bollywood

actors, South African producers, and Indian dancers. We had

chosen her after her work with the community, and her international

modeling experience." read The Lenasia Chronicle. 


Mrs. Tasnim Mia, who spoke to Footprints in Lenasia, said that the work

experience of working with the community, leading charity organizations,

and with her modeling experience, had proclaimed her to take the


"I love making people happy, and hopefully my guest appearance,

in this film, will motivate South African's, that with beauty and brains,

lies simplicity. Watch me in Pyaar, Pyaar, Pyaar, this 2015."
















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owners of Footprints SA Investments LTD,

Footprints USA Investments,

FF News, Peter Pan Production, Footprints

in South Africa, 'The PrinCe of her Dreams,' Investment Solutions,

and Footprints

Forex...Footprints Filmworks is a majority shareholder

in these companies, as each company operates on her own...


Footprints Filmworks welcomes you our friends, families, fans and

foes to South

Africa's leading website portal and distributor with over

8888 websites


and a further 500 000 websites with associations to

Footprints USA Investments,

Webwiz Forums, Footprints Fuzz Forums and

Peter Pan Productions.

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Footprints Filmworks is an investment company that invests into internet

media, print media, text media, FILM and distribution. The company was

originally created by Mr. Omar Abdulla, who serves as a shareholder of

the company, whilst the majority of the company is led by our

readers, reporters, managers, directors, chairman's and other

fancy titles that you MAY think about...


The company, Footprints Filmworks specializes in producing

documentaries for the local community, films for the international

public, website design and distribution, forex investments and

share trading, and we are looking into other investments into

Mining, Housing, Finance and Vehicles...


It's always been fun and love with Footprints Filmworks when we first

produced a local documentary; Footprints in Laudium, back in 2006,

when we were perhaps 'wet behind the ears...' Although the documentary

was a relative success, we acquired distribution rights with ITV, NDTV, SABC,

and other stations, totaling a net distribution of 22 million...We have used

the leverage of television networks, cinema, and DVD in our other films

that we have produced, and as the old saying goes; "Once you have learnt

through trial and error, the sky is the limit.." and this is what we have done...


Footprints Filmworks is made up of 10 000 shares @ R54 000 per share,

of which the public may choose to purchase these 'whole shares,' which

indirectly is discounted as the company owns the majority of shares in

the above mentioned companies, but if residents choose to buy individual

shares, per company, they may do so as well, as each company shows

their own return, based on the risk/reward profile of business...

About 183,000 results with Footprints Filmworks


The company Footprints Filmworks has established a fan base of 350 000 viewers per day on our websites,

and have skewed viewers on our films to the tune of over 100 million people over the last years,


inception...Our dreams, desires, decisions and deadlines that we have

set is to reach a minimum of

one billion viewers by 2016, with our films,

websites, newspapers and other media


The company serves as an Angel Investor

into other related companies

holding shares between

5% to 50% in certain instances, as we see

the market ripe

towards hedging investors funds...


The company, Footprints Filmworks is currently producing

SA films including Footprints in

South Africa, The PrinCe of her Dreams, "She loves me,

She loves me not," and our

American blockbuster "My Father, The President..." Each film has it's


company brand

and marketing scheme, hence each film is owned partially

by Footprints Filmworks with

the majority owned through shareholders,

advertisers and

managers who ADD VALUE...

View the slideshow your friend made!

If you choose your company slot to be advertised in a n y of the

South African films, we charge R40 000, for a two minute commercial,

in a n y of the three titles due in 2015...

If an advertiser chooses to use the company brand, but

cannot afford

to feature his commercial on our productions,

he/she may make

use of a n y of our Footprints Fuzz Forums, by

advertising on

any of the community sites for only R55 per

website, per month,

with each website generating an estimated

100 000 viewers per

month, depending on the community of choice...

The goal of Footprints Filmworks, since inception was to

inspire, motivate, promote and love the general community,

and we have soaped the community with our 'taughts-'n-thoughts,'

through the years...


Our goal has always been to have fun whilst

making money, and keeping broad smiles on the clients that

advertise or invest with us...

Remember, that the majority of the features on Footprints

Filmworks are free, including posting advise to the community,

editorials and slogans, and in certain instances we will feature

you for FREE on our documentaries, if you have something

that someone can relate to and enjoy...

So, whether you are a skeptic who has no interest in becoming

an investor, or a person who genuinely feels that his story will

make a positive difference to our viewers, please feel FREE

to call us on the CONTACT PAGE...


NB: If you are a South African resident who chooses

to create/build your own company website for

your business, your personal or your family, we will

build your website within thirty minutes over the telephone,

and even if you live in the bushes of South Africa, we

will have you online with only an introductory price of R3500,

for a full 5 page website...It's quick, It's simple, It's Footprints...!

Be the footprint of tomorrow for your fathers, mothers, children

and future brethren...

Invest. Advertise. Share. Only with Footprints...!!

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