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Why Pornography 'destroys,'

relationships says sex expert,

Dr. Natalie Kruger...!!

(18 December 2014--FF News) The pornography

market of

the international community totals more

than $50 billion

dollars per annul, more than any network station


including Disney, Nu Metro, American Cinema's



of other major listed companies says

Dr. Natalie Kruger...

Kruger says that community residents

internationally are affected

by two types of porn including


porn including

sexual images and acts, this being

male porn,

and female porn

being 'soft-soap,' romance stories

and films...

"It's unfortunate that watching porn


a n y relationship,

and whether we like it or not it is a

form of


and sub-consciously,

we are sharing the relationship

with a fictional


who sparks

emotion, both in men and women..."

Author, Mr. Michael McDonald notes to

Footprints in London, 

that he was 'single-2-mingle,' for

a period of three

years without

having sex, and watched porn

on a daily basis...

"I did not realize that I was denting

my personality

by watching

these arousing films...It creates a sought off

fictional authority

with the person on screen, and in those three

years I never landed

one date...After doing some

research on the

addiction, I stopped

the habit for a period of three

months, and I

was dating again...



porn dents the personality and allows

the male to

'blow-his-load,' without

even having the emotion of dating and love..."

Another sex expert, Dr. Nadia Tayob told

The Sunday Sun,

that males who often watch porn,

fail to command

the relationship

in the bedroom, fail to produce

high quality

love making and fail

hopelessly when it comes to romance...

"For men saying the I love you

word is simple...

They can say

they love hamburgers, they can say they

love watching

Football, they can say they love


without having

the real emotion of true love...

Women who fall for these

cowmen are often left heart


in months to come.."



Justin Bieber - Beauty And

A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj

with Footprints Filmworks

Father of F O U R, Mr. Johan Johnson

says that he

was married for sixteen

years before the porn market

exploded which

destroyed his

marriage and leaving

his wife and children forever...

"When I started watching porn,

was when

my wife would

work till the

late hours in the evening...You see,

my wife is a

nurse and often worked

till late at night and would make love

about three times per week...

Being the male that I am, I often

read dirty


and watched porn,

and when we would make love,

I was often


when making love,

and it was just an act, just to

have my semen

spread all over her...It took the

relationship out within two years,

and affected

my children tremendously.."

Another female resident who spoke

to The Citywide Express,

says that she was single for a

period of two years

and often watched

'prince like stories,' that normally

asks for a shower

late in the evening...

"I often watched and read

interesting books

and novels where I somewhat

felt the romance in my heart...

I could not get the real

man of my dreams

because these films blocked my

sexual desire

to be with a man...I have

now decided to abstain from emotional

films that make me fall in

love with the character on screen."

Sex Expert, Dr. Natalie Kruger goes

on to say to women

that sex is 'your bargaining tool,'

and never, ever, open

your legs without a ring on your finger..

"Let's face it, most men, don't love

us before we

actually do

get married, so why in God's name

should we offer them sex


I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (

before we actually have a ring around

our finger...Sure, they

will tell us long stories of how they love us,

and how they want

to spend the rest of their lives

with us,

all to get us in the

sack...Once they have us in

the sack, it's either

this has come up,

or that needs to be done, and

we end up

heart broken with

a loss on our hands..."

Dating Expert, Mrs. Michelle Anderson

says that you have to be

'open-'n-honest,' with yourself when

attracting the right partner...

"Very often we judge ourselves as

a 7/10, why in the world

are we watching men who are

quarterbacks, when in reality,

we will never be able to date them...

We should judge ourselves

on criteria, including religion, looks,

hygiene, personality, health,

wealth and wisdom...The same way, if

a geek freak who has four

eyes watches porn films, and thinks

that someday he will attract

a 10/10 when infact he is a 4/10, he is not

being honest with himself,

and this will push his emotional barrier far

beyond normal...We should

be honest with ourselves, and date and

admire people who are in

similar leagues as us...

smile emoticon

Most relationships

either break or end up

in divorce is when the boyfriend is a 9/10

and the girlfriend is

a 5/10, as the gap is too large...We should


ourselves honestly,

and based on this criteria, we should

look for a man...

If we are

chubby without a job and had a

bad upbringing,

it would

be quite difficult to attract

Mr. Prince Charming

on a white horse,

we should be realistic in what

we choose."

Teenager, Miss. Anastasia Nicole noted

to The Friday Tabloid,

that she is not that all grand looking,

passed only grade 10,

and often watched "Cinderella,'

type movies

to make her feel

better about herself...

"When I stopped watching these

'pie-in-the-sky,' films about

how the guy on stage made me feel,

it opened my heart

to the true prince who came along...

Sure, he might not

be the most good looking person

in the world, but he

sure does make me happy."


Dr. Natalie Kruger concluded to

Footprints in South Africa, that

if you truly, madly, deeply want to

attract the

prince of your

dreams, the wife for fifty years, or

the girlfriend

of heart, it

starts with being open and

honest with


"When you take yourself out of

that fantasy

that the woman

on screen will come to life, or

that prince

will sweep me off

my feet, and you rate yourself


to what you have

and what you are, and you block


sexual emotions,

that's only when your true

prince might

walk into your life..."




Tzaneen Community


                          with Senior Citizens...

by Khatija Moosa

(9 December 2014--FF News) The Tzaneen Community

of South Africa celebrated an early Christmas day today

as hundreds of teenagers, parents,

general community residents

and other government leaders had attended

The Tzaneen

Hospice for the aged this afternoon...

"We are giving back to the senior citizens who had built The

Limpopo district, back when the AWB was in power...

Alot has

changed since those days, and we are cherishing

and admiring

their achievements on this early celebration of Christmas...


have purchased 'new gifts,' for our seniors,

and have brought

together the local community to share

in their memories.."

said ANC spokesperson Mr. Peter Makalela...

Makalela says that his father who is

originally from Limpopo


attended the local school and university,

and today hundreds

of residents are gathering at the hospice to

say "Thank You,'

to the residents who had stood tall for

the country...

Another resident who spoke to

Footprints in Tzaneen


that she was h e a r t f e l t to see her mother after

six years, after she had moved to The United Kingdom.

"My mother has been living at the hospice in her last days,

and it

seems she is getting stronger by the day...

My brothers who live

in Limpopo cater for her daily needs,

but am happy that she

seems cheerful."

Senior citizen Mr. Anthony Gonzales told

The Saturday Star,

that in October he had turned 81, and has

eight beautiful children

and sixty nine grandchildren and seems

to have forgotten how

many great grandchildren he has...

"Most of my days these days involves playing

computer games, the

occasional walk on the terrace,

and eating healthy...At my age,

my stomach

is a mess, so I have to watch what I eat."

he smiled...

Another senior citizen, Mrs. Michelle Coetzee

noted to The Limpopo Leopard,

that she had moved

to the hospice as she was diagnosed with Cancer

in 2008...

"My children thought that it would be better to live

at the hospice

as the nurses and caretakers will be able to take

care of me better...After,

my husband passed a w a y in 2005, I went into

a depression, and last

year March, I met a companion where we wed...

Even at my age, I am

still in love with life, and cannot wait for

the next moment that life

has to offer..." 



Local, senior resident, Mr. Michael Van Wyk

says that he is originally

from Transvaal, and

back in the 1950's he was the

blue eyed boy who snaked

all the women,

was one of the wealthiest people

of the town and

was one of the most respected

people of the community...

"When you grow older and mature,

you don't worry

about the pennies,

you don't worry about the small details,

you don't worry about stress,

you become in touch with your spirit,

you realize who you are internally,

you learn to love yourself honestly, and your

connection with God becomes friend like..."

The Parents Association of South Africa who

attended the party

for the senior residents says that government

has to 'dig-deeper,'

in their pockets to 'support-'n-love,' our

beloved parents...

"The most important aspect that

one has to remember when it

comes to loving ones parents is respect,

honesty, love, passion,

sharing, caring, remembering, d r e a m s,

and the ability to


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Grandson, Mr. Mustapha Essa says that

he had bought for his

grandmother a gold necklace on

this treasured day...

"My grandmother is my best friend in

the whole world...

I remember

when I was little she would rock me to bed,

she would tell me

bedtime stories, and when my mother

yelled at me for no reason,

she would side with me.."

Dr. Erlmarie Oosthuizen says that it is

unfortunate that the death

ratio is 1/5 over a period of two years who

join the hospice, and

what better day to spend with people who

have so much to give...

"Life is a circle, and what you give MUST

come back to you...Many

of the pensioners who live on our hospice

are like babies, as many

of them wear nappies, many of them

cannot do simple things,

many of them fall and break their arms or

legs, and our job is

to give back to the community

by being there

always..." she adds.

The Hospice concluded by saying

that general

community residents

who choose to assist the home may call the

head office number...

"The best feeling in the world is giving,

and what better way to

add value to your country by


quality time with our

forefathers of history.."

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  1. My Mum Is Amazing

    by Zain Bhikha with

    Footprints Filmworks



    Friends DIE IN FLAMING


    by Lameez Chotia

    (2 December 2014--FF News) The final week of The University

    of Johannesburg, has brought the sudden death of four women

    from the local campus...

    "We have confirmation that the vehicle was

    being driven by Miss.

    Juwairya Khan, and her twin sister Zuwairya

    was sitting

    with her friend

    Nuwairya at the back of the seat. When the passenger

    friend Miss. Aadila Mohamed noticed a

    truck over taking them,

    while in the f a s t lane,

    the Ferrari had 'topped over.." says

    senior lecturer Mr. Ian Joubert.

    According to The University nicked "The Candy Girls,'

    were traveling at high speed when the truck had smashed

    into the side bumper of the vehicle...

    "The trucks over-whelming power had

    topped the vehicle,

    and within minutes the vehicle was on fire, killing all

    four passengers...We have contacted the parents, and

    are still awaiting results from the postmortem."


    Captain Sepho Mashimang...

    University student, Mr. Michael Grobler says

    that he was

    studying Medical Sciences with Juwairya,

    as she was

    one of his best friends...

    "Juwairya and I were the best of friends,

    and often

    had lunch at the coffee shop...

    She would often

    curl up with me and study for hours."

    The Road Accident Fund of South Africa says that

    the driver of the truck was seriously injured and

    will face charges of homicide once he recovers...

    "It's not even the Christmas holiday season as yet,

    and we already have people dying...The families of

    the deceased will be compensated by government

    for their tragic loss.."

    Speaking to Footprints in Rosebank, devastated father

    Mr. Iqbal Kaloo noted that he should of never trusted the

    Khan's with his daughter after little Zuwairya had

    'begged-'n-pleased,' that they travel together.

    "We come from a very simple family, and when Mr. Ubaid Khan

    had asked me that my daughter accompany them to


    I had agreed. I thought The Khan's were

    responsible enough to

    allow their daughters to drive a Ferrari to campus."

    Holding his head in his hand, Mr. Ubaid Khan

    told The Robertsham Times, that even

    though the Kaloo's had lost Nuwairya,

    he had lost his twin beautiful daughters to

    the tragic highways...

    "My daughters Ferrari was well maintained

    and we thought it would

    be a good opportunity by highlighting

    their lives by purchasing these

    wheels for them. They were excited

    to be going on holiday to Paris

    for Christmas, and today

    they are no more." he teared.

    Mrs. Shazia Mahomed says that her

    daughter Aadila had

    joined "The Candy Girls,' because their

    father is a well respected

    businessman, and never assumed that

    The Khan's were so


    "One would think that traveling with so much

    luxury and style to

    university will allow the children to develop

    stronger relationships. We

    have known The Khan's for

    quite some time,

    and this death has

    made us hate them."

    The South African Department of Roads

    says that this tragedy

    is 'a dime a dozen,' on South African roads, and

    one should STAY

    AWAY from the roads during

    the Christmas

    season, and that

    drivers should avoid consuming

    alcohol whilst

    driving SA roads.

    "Every nine minutes one person dies on

    South African roads,

    and if we are not 'alert-'n-aware,' we 'could-'n-would,'


    more lives..."


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    WHY I STILL 'love you...'


    by Anonymous


    (23 December 2014--FF News) After reviewing

    Footprints Filmworks

    for quite some time, I have decided to write this

    letter to my

    boyfriend and say that "I am sorry, and can we

    work things out."

    We were so in love, the world seemed rosier, I felt

    lighter and my entire being was filled with this guy,

    let's call him Mr. X...Mr. X and I met at work and got

    involved in dating, romancing, loving and 'you know what...'

    It so happened that a friend of a friend,

    had told my boyfriend

    that I was cheating, and that he should break

    up with me...

    After my boyfriend spoke to me, I realized that

    he was

    'playing me a fool,' because he was the

    one cheating.

    He claimed to me that he had pictures

    about me, and

    driving in a taxi with this other person...

    He hurt me so much, by calling it off, and this

    was in April 2014.

    It has already been so many months

    that I sit in my

    room alone, just thinking about him.

    I know he reads

    Footprints filmworks because he often giggled at

    some of the stories...

    All, I am saying in this open letter

    to residents of

    South Africa is that I really do want

    him back,

    and sometimes I feel 'lost for words,' when

    I think about his breath taking smile, his hazel

    eyes, his jutty fashion and the memories we

    once shared...

      So my question to you Mr. X from Chatsworth, are you still interested in pursuing
      the relation..?
      I would like to also say that Mr. X was the first person whom I ever loved,
      caring to love another would hurt me. I have given him opportunities to
      come back, and if by Christmas Day, I have not
      heard from him, I will
      move on, to whoever catches my eye.
      I want people out
      there to know
      that loving someone is no easy joke, and it takes
      years to develop
      a friendship into something deeper, something
      more meaningful and
      something as beautiful as what we had. If your
      heart still loves me,
      and chooses me, reply on footprints.
      Thank you all for reading my post on footprints,
      and hopefully
      my prince charming comes back to me...
      I love you Mr. X.
      2. Celine Dion - I Love You with

        Footprints Filmworks


        RAND strengthens as investors

        'eye,' the

        black market...


        (17 December 2014--FF News) Whilst m o s t

        residents will be queuing for a holiday in either

        Durban, Cape Town or other smaller cities The

        South African rand has had a 'major jump,' with

        economists saying that she might reach R8/$ by

        June 2015...

        "It seems the national elections had rocketed

        government tenders, as The ANC had realized

        that the share of votes had remained their

        way." says ANC spokesperson Mr. Adriaan Venter.

        Venter says that the shuffling of

        government departments

        had allowed a better framework of planning, leading,

        organizational and control systems that

        enabled a smoother

        and safer South Africa..

        "We see South Africa fighting back the critics once


        that the rand might reach R15/$ with the

        majority ANC leadership,

        and we are already seeing foreign investment

        pouring into the country..."



        SA economist, Mr. Martin Miller noted to Footprints in

        Sandton, that his dealing with Members of parliament

        and watching the current stock and

        economic market,

        he anticipates that markets will be positive trade, as

        he forecasts more job opportunities for residents,

        increased spending on housing, travel and loan

        financing, and reduced levels of corruption

        and evasion of the l a w...


        Major companies on The Johannesburg Stock

        Exchange including,

        Absa Bank LTD, Adcorp Holdings, African Oxygen LTD,

        Enaleni Pharmaceuticals LTD,

        Hudaco Industries LTD, JD Group

        LTD, Petman LTD and other share

        groups had recovered

        their losses during the first quarter of the year.

        "We see the market as green, as personal

        and business people

        are starting to dig deeper in their pockets to

        an economy

        that maimed on spending. We are

        seeing increased spending

        by almost 12% year, on year, and are

        seizing opportunities

        presented by Europe, The America's,

        Australia and Asia." reported stock broker

        Mrs. Nicolette Anderson.

        Ceo of Rainbow Chicken LTD Mr. Johan Peters,

        says that the

        chickens have come home to roost after a tough

        2012, and 2013, that saw their business halved.

        "We had recovered some of the losses

        from previous

        posts, and we see 2015's first quarter,


        a bullish trend."

        Another resident, Mrs. Solani Nkosi told

        The Business Times, 

        that if she were a smart investor

        she would not put

        'all her eggs in one basket.'

        "Most companies generate an annul

        increase in premium

        of 10-15%, and one should alternate

        risks by investing

        in cash, current, and long term assets."

        New York stock broker, Mr. Gabriel

        Wells says that the

        sudden weakness in the dollar has

        caused their local

        market to crash.

        "South African listed companies on

        The New York Stock

        Exchange are the only companies that has


        in value over the l a s t six months...Our locally listed

        companies have not faired as well, comparatively."

        Businessman, Mr. Mustaq Brey told The Cape Tabloid,

        that he started trading shares at the eager age of 15,

        and worked 'hard-'n-smart,' during the initial stages

        of his fishing business...

        "My father always taught me to share whatever I had,

        and I used his message to share my company with the

        world. Today, Oceana is one of the largest listed

        companies in the world."

        Mr. Harry Richards who spoke to The National Tabloid,

        says that he has been living by 'the skin of his teeth,' during

        the first few months of the year, and is

        happy that with

        the strength in the rand-food prices

        are cheaper, the price

        of fuel has reduced, and he has that

        little bit extra to

        spoil his children.

        "I could not afford to buy my wife's

        favorite red dress,

        I could not afford to buy my children's

        favorite bed

        spread, I could not afford to take vacations.

        With the

        new pounce in governments leap, I

        can sleep better."

        Billionaire Investor, Mr. Warren Buffett says that

        we as reidents

        of our societies should never be afraid to spend,

        invest, and

        be aggressive in our lifestyle opportunities...

        "I remember a stock broker came to my

        parents home who

        offered us shares in a gardening business...

        I had saved up

        $15000 dollars at age 18, and thought that

        I should take

        the risk in the unknown. Sure, I lost everything.

        Then when

        I reached 31, my first and best share

        investment into Coca

        Cola was presented...I later bought

        thousands of other shares,

        hedging my risk investment and insuring

        that my bets are

        well balanced...The trick about investing is

        never over-leverage,

        know when to quit the stock, and

        always know that tomorrow

        is another day."



        2. Surah Waqiah - Shaykh Sudais

          with Footprints Filmworks


          Is the SA crime rate

             destined to drop...??

          by Zain Abrahams

          (18 December 2014--FF News) South African's are still

          living in f e a r after the crime rate statistics

          released earlier

          this month was at 0.9% per household

          and 1.6% per vehicle.

          "We see the reduction in crime over the l a s t six

          months as promising as policemen have made thousands

          of arrests for the injustice to humanity. We have arrested

          in approx 182 892 criminals including members of parliament,

          members of key organizations, shareholders of business and

          drug lords who pollute our streets." reported Sgt. Ugeshan


          Chetty told Footprints in Chatsworth, that his

          findings with

          the Department of Correctional Services and The Department

          of Police have proven that crime can and will come down.

          "We have implement methods of nabbing

          these brats who

          destroy our streets with their heinous murders, rapes, casual

          theft and other crimes that has destroyed the reputation of

          South Africa."

          South African Minister of Correctional Services,

          Mr. Albert

          Mahoti says that he feels perplexed with the reduction in

          crime, and forecasts further developments against the

          injustices against humanity.

          "We have promised the public a civil and

          organized country. We

          have promised the public that we can walk the

          streets after midnight,

          without living in fear. We have promised to

          the country that our

          duty as everyday policemen and officers is to



          to add value to country residents

          who require our daily duty."



           The British Royal Police,

          The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),


          South African Police, and Members of the

          general community

          met earlier

          on Wednesday saying that their support

          to SA cabinet and members

          from the community came when a call from

          Minister of Narcotics had

          contacted the chief of police, proclaiming that

          'residents were living in


          "We have built various crime reporting centers,

          and are still

          working with security companies for the

          merger of duties.

          We have increased security patrols

          and systems

          so that

          no crime will not be memorized

          by the technology

          we have

          installed...We are still working

          with international

          military personnel

          to assist us with the support of

          24hr patrol systems in

          dangerous neighborhoods."

          Local resident, Miss. Fatima Bhayat told

          The Rylands

          Paper, that she was driving to work on Tuesday,

          and a criminal had stolen her handbag and mobile.

          "These thugs smashed my window, turned off the

          vehicle and stole my accessories."

          Another resident, Mr. Meshack Ngoca

          noted to

          The Sunday Times, that it was sometime, about

          six years ago that his family was a s l e e p,

          and a thug

          had broken the kitchen window of their

          home, robbing

          them of their belongings and cash.

          "The thug demanded cash. He had stolen

          my wife's rings

          and my personal assets."

          Station Commander for The Krugersdorp Police,

          Captain, Daniel Sebeki says that the crime rate

          had reduced by 0.15% over the l a s t six months,

          and was still adamant the rate could be dropped

          by a further 3% over the n e x t five years.

          "The only way to bring down crime in South Africa,

          is if we work as a team..We are all leaders of our

          departments and head offices, and some of us

          are 'too lazy to care,' yet we complain

          if our brother

          or father died due to crime. If we

          ask the community

          politely to abide by the l a w s of the

          constitution and do

          no harm to your neighbor, and love all,

          we will see South

          Africa as one of the w o r l d s

          greatest country's

          to live



          The Tireless JOB of parenting...!!

          by Samantha Eisenhower


          (9 December 2014--FF News) When Footprints in London,

          emailed me a letter to write on this topic, I was a bit surprised

          as I always get asked by hundreds of residents how I maintain

          my beauty and yet I carried seven children.

          "Well it's quite simple. Never keep your

          eye off your children...Love

          them, nurture them, 'protect-'n-promote,'

          them, heal them,

          be their best friend, and most of all

          don't forget that

          they are human, and like you, they too

          will make their own


          A while ago I was watching a mother play with

          her daughter on the swing and I realized if only I

          had the same TIME, SPACE, MATTER, and ENERGY,


          "I remember when my daughters were growing up,

          I had to cook, clean, do their homework and even

          try to earn an income for the family. My husband is

          a traveler and hardly had the time

          to teach my children.


          he made them with me, but I was

          left with the job of

          raising them."

          After starring at the mother and daughter for

          quite some

          time, I discovered that we as parents are so routine in

          what we do, and fail to experiment with our children by

          introducing them to new friends, by following the tradition

          of our forefathers and educate them the way they ought

          to be taught.

          "Lets face it, when you spoil your

          children with everything,

          they become dumb in their approach

          to life, and think that

          the world out there owes them a living.

          We were brought

          up sleeping on card boxes and eating

          the same meal everyday.

          Our modern children have to 'learn-2-love,'

          the tough lessons

          of life."

          I can remember sometime in June 2005, where I had

          taken my children out for a cone of ice cream, when I

          realized that I was doing this all for them. I did not have

          a spare moment as I had to clean the baby's poo,


          my food was on the stove, and

          still answer the telephone.


          a busy life and it kept me on my toes.

          Many fathers that I have spoken to and my husband as well,

          have all asked me to take a chill pill, yet my mind is rattling

          with the thoughts of my children.

          "Very often at night my sons would cry from a nightmare,

          and I would be forced to go and sleep in the

          lounge to sooth

          my sons nightmare. Other times, when my daughter

          was becoming

          a teenager, I had to cope with her

          boyfriend stories, and still listen

          to my husbands boring stories about his job..."

           Father of twelve, Mr. Thabo Sibanda told The South African Times,

          that his lifestyle

          of managing and leading his children was to be

          the bread winner and form

          as an adviser to the family.

          "My wife did all the dirty work in the family

          including providing quality meals,

          awesome love-making, looking out that the

          daily chores of the house were

          done, and ensuring that I keep to the


          of a good father. Being a

          good father is willing to play with your

          daughter scrabble,

          kicking a soccer ball

          with your son, and never disrespecting

          their mother.

          I have discovered through

          the y e a r s that children will always


          their mother, so I have given

          up that battle." he chuckled.

          Scientists from The University of

          Washington says that

          the better you teach your children,

          the better jobs

          they will have, the better quality they

          will have, the

          better style they will have, and the ability

          to compete


          "We have done an experiment with

          two pot plants. In our

          laboratory, one plant we often gave her

          water and the adequate

          sunshine to lead a normal lifespan.

          The other we had neglected, failed

          to place the plant in the sunlight and often

          spoke negatively about

          the plant...Within 34 hours, the plant

          without the necessary nutrients

          had died."

          According to Parents Plus, South African's

          are having more children

          than ever, and the sudden bloom is due

          to l a s t for about

          twenty five years.

          "The sudden bloom in The South

          African birth rate has allowed

          safer pregnancies and sex health.

          We are promoting safe sex

          clinics and homes for families with new

          born children." noted

          The Department of Health.

          Back to my story, about my seven children,

          the lessons learnt

          and hurt will always be treasured by me.

          Yes, your son will

          one day tell you that he is getting married,

          Yes, your daughter

          will one day tell you that you not good

          enough, but all you can

          do, is teach them to the best of your

          capability and hope that

          God does the rest.

          2. Footprints,
                        "Mampara of the Year..."

            by Naazneen Moosa
            (9 December 2014--FF News) South African's across the
            country has once again written to us, emailed us, spoke
            to us exclusively and have received complaints from residents
            of the community regarding twin brothers
            Mukhtar and Zubair Akoo.
            According to reports received by Footprints in Overport, the
            brothers have been attending upto eight weddings a month,
            inviting themselves to eating free food, drink, social and other
            'cool adventures,' of a wedding.
            Mrs. Aneesa Dawjee, a local resident says that she knew who
            she had invited according to her guest list, and feared no
            worries and disturbances at the wedding.
            "These brothers had invited themselves
            to my dream wedding,
            I really don't know why. They ate my cake, and danced
            on the dancefloor, claiming that they knew my husband.
            I had viewed a friend's wedding pictures,
            I had noticed
            that these twins were
            attending that wedding too."
            Father of the bride for a local community wedding, Mr.
            Rafiq Gani says that his daughters wedding was scheduled
            at a hotel, and invited selected people, as he only wanted
            the best of the family to attend...
            "When I confronted Muktar, as to why
            he was attending
            the wedding, he said that his brother had
            knew the groom,
            and thus attended the wedding. I was
            frustrated, and booted
            the two of them out. When I heard that they
            attended another
            local wedding, this really made me upset."
            Another resident who spoke to The Durban Times,
            says that she knew 'the twins,' in school, and often
            'laughed and joked,' at them.
            "These two were a married couple on their own. They
            often sat alone with each other during break times,
            would eat the leftovers of the other scholars, and
            would often dare to date women they can never have."


            When Footprints in Overport, called Mr. Muktar Akoo, he said that
            he felt
            that it was his duty to support the community by attending
            the wedding ceremonies, even if he
            knew nothing about the groom.
            "I don't feel I have to know the groom to attend
            the function. I attended
            because, I thought that my brother would like it."
            Clearly, these confused and deranged twins
            have cast a spell
            on residents who are having Christmas
            weddings from the
            local Durban area.
            "These boys are bored with their lives,
            and should marry
            someone, if they want to attend weddings...
            They cannot
            arrive at someones guest list wedding
            without a consent
            from either the groom or bride.
            We have alerted the local
            community to beware these twins
            who portray to be
            friend like, and are inner monsters."
            said Durban community
            leader, Mr. Yuvesh Singh.
            Another resident to spoke to The Phoenix Tabloid, says
            that he spent to the tune of R500 000 for his daughter's
            wedding only to be welcomed by Muktar and Zubair...
            "They attended the wedding uninvited, unshaven and
            wearing clergy garments. When one of the guests notified
            me that one of the guests was smelling, seeming that he
            did not bath, we asked for his invitation, to which he refused,
            saying that the extended family had arranged a seat for him."
            When Footprints in Overport, spoke to the other brother,
            he told us that they were not into breaking weddings but
            being there for the 'happy moments...'
            "We love attending weddings to see what's the vibe,
            who's on stage and the delicious offerings. Most of the weddings
            that we attend we know the people, and perhaps at times we
            might not get personal invitations we still attend."
            We at Footprints Filmworks would like to give a special
            'Mampara of the year,' award to Muktar and Zubair Akoo
            for attending functions uninvited, for their
            female characteristics,
            for their havoc they have created in the homes
            of the loved ones,
            and for trying to destroy people's lives...
            Our advice to you as Footprints Filmworks, rather be a
            single Angel
            that floats alone, instead of trying to be with
            someone you
            don't know a clue about.
            At Footprints, we won't even play you our normal
            signature music, or you might attend our weddings...!!!
            Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text
            NO WAY, ILL PAY...

            by Ester Sithole
            (12 December 2014--FF News) The Gauteng district
            of Pretoria is 'up in arms,' over the E-tolling business
            by the ruling party claiming that government is
            'corrupt beyond measure,' and accusing government
            leaders who passed the E-toll l a w as unfair and
            "I had not paid my E-toll tickets for six months,
            and received a bill of R3499. When police officers
            had arrived at my home to arrest me, I said that it
            was too expensive, and I could not afford it. They
            escorted me to prison to spend the night, of which
            the following day, my wife paid the outstanding
            said local Gauteng resident.
            Speaking to Footprints in Gauteng, spokesperson for
            (SANRAL) South African National Roads Agency says that
            this is the tip of the iceberg as motorists will have to pay
            up to three times the billing fee within six months.
            "We had increased the price of tolls in June 2014, and
            again in October 2014, and will be increasing the
            price on a quarterly basis, because government does not
            have sufficient funds to manage South Africa. We have
            w o r d from other ANC members to launch the
            E-toll system
            in other provinces including Kwa Zulu Natal, Polokwane,
            Limpopo and Free State."
             Retired Free State resident, Mr. Johan Hendriks says that it's unfortunate that
            our African leaders do not know how to lead, do not know how to manage,
            do not know how to win people and do not know that if half of the wealthy
            leave South Africa, South Africa will be in the income stream of Zimbabwe.
            "Our leaders whom we have elected fail to abide by the law of growth
            in our country. I am a retired pensioner and do occasional work by
            transporting goods to Durban. When I informed my people that my
            price has increased due to the E-toll business, I lost the contract. If our
            government continues to be greedy and rob people of their daily
            bread, we will see more and more Whites move to other country's leaving
            these people with their country, whom they claim is said to be theirs."
            Mr. Michael Johnson, from Pretoria, says that he earns a fixed salary,
            and since the increase in food, the increase in fuel, the increase
            in daily items and the flooding of E-toll bills, he is frustrated to even
            go to work.
            "With my normal salary l a s t year, I could save a bit, this year with
            all the hikes in consumable items I am forced to take out loans
            to repay the debt that I have created."
            SANRAL says on their website that the company operates as
            any other company and should residents not pay up, they
            could face prison sentences of up to two years.
            "If you can afford to buy a vehicle, you can afford to
            pay the E-toll. It's as simple as that."
            Meanwhile, local resident, Miss. Mishka Ayob says that she
            is a doctor who travels to Greenside Clinic and is forced
            to boycott this ridiculous method of E-tolls.
            "I do my best to serve my country, I heal people at the clinic,
            I pay up to R10 000 PM tax, and now I have to even pay for
            E-tolls. This is a rubbish government, and come ten years from
            today, we will see our black government thrown out."
            Another resident who spoke to The Daily Sun, added that he
            had formed a 'one million signatures,' with FACEBOOK, to resign
            the E-tolls from government and pledged local residents support.
            "If you are against the E-toll system, and wanting a positive change
            in South Africa, sign the petition and let people who deserve to be
            in power rule, instead of for the sake of color."


            Wishing Well
                                    community residents...

            by Ahmed Essop
            (2 December 2014--FF News) The Limpopo community of
            Mokopane has attracted hundreds of residents this December,
            as the treasured 'wishing well,' is thought to attract 'the man
            of your dreams,' or the wife of your heart, says The
            Limpopo Leopard...

            The paper continues by saying that since the 12th Century,
            residents have been flocking to the well, that is cast
            from magical sandstone, and this ancient rock has attracted
            residents to 'throw in their dime,' into the wishing well.
            "Hundreds of couples have got married after seven days of
            throwing their penny into the well. The legend has it that
            within seven days you will attract your living partner that
            reflects your dreams."
            Local, Mokopane resident, Mrs. Alberta Zenoba noted to
            Footprints in Mokopane, that three years ago she had
            come out of a serious relationship, lost her job, had
            no friends who believed in her, and was honestly speaking
            'a mess.'
            "Mokopane is in my community and I never really believed
            in the myth of the legend of the wishing well, but my
            life was so disastrous that I figured why not give it a try.
            I remember that I had thrown a 10c penny into the well,
            wishing to attract the prince of my dreams. That evening,
            whilst I was sleeping my body sweated and it was almost
            as though Sepho was talking to me. In my dream he had
            told me, that he would be at the Warmbaths resort in
            Bela Bela and that he would be wearing a blue swimming
            trunks. I had never believed in it, but I tried it out...When
            I attended the resort, there he was, and funny enough,
            he approached me...As they say, the rest is history."
            Scientist from The University of Polokwane, Mr. Ian Samson
            noted that the legend was true and that whilst hundreds
            of residents had found their true love by throwing their
            penny into the well, the legend has it that the stone
            was created by King Nkosi, way back in the 12th
            "The rock that holds the well is magical and all love dreams
            are achieved. Monetary returns are few, but the many that
            have thrown their pennies, has all wished well."
            Another resident who spoke to The Mokopane Times, Mr.
            Mohammed Yagya says that he had just turned 40, and
            unfortunately for him, he had only attracted women who
            wanted a good time, women who used him for his money,
            and women who never really loved him.
            "I am quite wealthy, and being 40, unmarried and have not
            found real true love, I wanted a woman who understood me,
            I wanted a woman who loved me for who I am, I wanted a woman
            whom I can share my dreams with and I wanted a woman that I can
            really have fun with. My wish was to find someone in the range
            of 20-30, a Muslim, a virgin and the personality to match the stars.
            I had traveled from KZN, to pursue the legend of the wishing well.
            After throwing my coin into the well, and resting at the local hotel,
            she came into my dreams telling me that she was in Gauteng, and
            that if I followed my sisters birthplace I would find her. To cut,
            a long story short, I had visited my sister in Laudium, and
            Sameera was having lunch with my sister, whom she introduced
            as a personal buddy...We started talking and within seven days
            we were totally, madly in love."

            Vicky Sampson - African Dream

            with Footprints Filmworks

             Love Expert, Dr. Juana Mashilo noted to The Saturday Star, that these days
            we can all make love to the person we just met, but truly falling in love is
            a whole different equation.
            "God had created soul mates when he was creating the Earth. He
            had created fire, wind, water, earth and many other elements so
            that they may complement each other. The trick about finding your
            soul mate, is patience, patience, patience, and when it happens
            the heavens will open her embrace your way. It is sad that so many
            people date or love people whom they know nothing about, without
            even postulating the dreams for each other. The only way to attract
            the best of mankind, is by having d r e a m s for another."
            Mrs. Taren Williams, a New York resident says that she had
            heard about 'the wishing well,' in Mokopane, and after bad break
            ups with men who never cared two hoots about her, she decided
            she needed a Safari break in Africa.
            "When I read and heard about the legend I was
            excited because I
            was tired of earning a million dollars per annul as
            a landscaper, doing
            the same thing day in day out, and sleeping
            alone in my two
            bedroom apartment. I was sick and tired of
            sharing my bed
            with my teddy bear. When I had threw the
            penny into the
            wishing well, he appeared in my dreams, and each
            night we
            would speak as if it were real. After the fifth day, I told him in
            my dreams, that I have to meet him in person...I knew how he
            looked, I loved how he smiled, I enjoyed spending my dream time
            with him, but I wanted to meet him in the flesh. In my dream,
            he had told me, that he would be attending a charity function
            in South Africa, Johannesburg, and that he would be sitting
            next to me, wherever I sat for that evening. So I attended
            the function, and it was about two hours, that there he was,
            sitting next to me...If a person who tells you that dreams
            don't come true, I am living proof that it actually does exist."
            South African personality, Mr. Anton De Beers says that we
            all dream, whether we are a w a r e of it, or not.
            "Most people have dreams of driving fancy vehicles, living
            in huge homes, marrying the most gorgeous woman that
            they have ever seen, and dreams are created so that they
            can be achieved. If you can dream it, you can achieve it,
            and if God grants you the wisdom to attract your dreams,
            you should take the leap at life."
            So, what are you waiting for, get down to Mokopane,
            and make your wish, and who knows, the next
            time you enjoy Footprints Filmworks, you will be sharing
            it in the company of your loved one, by your side.
            MIND POWER with Anthony Robbins...
            by Anthony Robbins
            (12 December 2014--FF News) Many thousands of residents
            have written to me from Footprints Filmworks, expressing
            my recent interview on The Omar Abdulla SHOW, with concerns
            of 'maintaining-'n-sustaining,' mind power control in ones
            daily life...
            When one talks about mind power, there are variations to consider
            like a persons mental background, like a persons schooling and career,
            like a persons fears and other factors that determine who we
            are at this very stage. We all go through stages in our lives where
            we seek change, where we seek approval, where we seek growth
            and where we seek a deeper understanding to our lives that we
            spend on this Earth.
            I can give you a million quotes about how to lead your life,
            how to manage and sustain a better future for your children,
            and yet the ultimate decision comes from YOU.
            Let us take an example of a person who walked in my
            Miami office not long ago. This person had claimed that
            'no man will ever love her,' after she suffered a severe mental
            breakdown due to drug abuse and prostitution.
            "No man will ever marry me." she claimed.
            I advised her to take 'me time,' alone every evening to
            install a mental program that would attract her, her right
            partner, to weed off past mistakes and to forgive herself
            for the mistakes created. I advised her that we are all
            like computers and whatever you feed the mind or the
            program that holds our thoughts, results will manifest. I advised
            her that your mind is like a garden, whatever you plant, so
            shall you reap. I advised her to stop whatever she was doing,
            be consciously a w a r e of her 'taughts-'n-thoughts,'
            and I recommended
            that she read my books "Unlimited Power," and "Awaken
            The giant
            Within one year, she had got a job as a regular secretary, was
            dating someone whom she adored and moved into a three
            bedroom home. She wrote to me earlier this month, thanking
            me for the hard work, I had put into her.
            Whilst speaking at a luncheon in South Africa, a businessman came
            up to me, saying that he had read all my books, and just recently,
            he had lost a sum of $500 000 dollars in a dodgy business deal,
            and since then he has been in a depression due to the loss of
            his finances.
            "My house is going to be attached, my vehicles have already
            been repossessed, and I cannot afford this negative
            talk in town
            that has been affecting my career."
            I called him to the side office, and asked him about his
            fears, his dreams, and his ambitions in his life. He had confided
            in me, saying that his fears were loosing his contracts with
            the companies that believed in him, his fears were loosing his
            wife and children, and other personal fears that blocked
            his energies.
            "Tonight when you retire before bed, close your eyes, and
            imagine every positive dream a reality. Imagine that you have
            regained the capital that you lost, Imagine that you are doing
            well with your colleges and friends, imagine that you have
            just newly purchased your dream home, and Imagine that
            you have welcomed a new edition to the family."
            Not long ago, he had sent me a postcard with the new
            edition to the family, a picture of his new home and
            a blueprint of a signature to construct a bridge in
            Saudi Arabia...
            The basic rule about 'MIND POWER,' is having the 'faith-'n-fate,'
            in yourself to achieve whatever you truly, madly, deeply desire.
            What separates the Lions from the hyenas is their aggressive
            attitude to kill, and as human beings our attitude gives us
            altitude. The more we believe and have the trust that God
            will achieve all that is possible and impossible, half our journey
            is completed. The mind is an organ like any other,
            and the more
            positive energy and affirmations we feed it,
            the better for
            ourselves and others.
             Whilst many of us confuse the mind with the brain, it is proven that the mind
            is much larger than the brain, and the mind consists of the entire body,
            the spirit and everything in between. The brain is an organ used to automate
            functions of the body, whilst the mind is used as a 'control mechanism,' that
            enhances mental behavior, physical behavior and the release of emotions...
            A resident who resides in Australia, Sydney had once attended my show
            at a hall in Sydney who claimed that she had tried the techniques provided
            in the book, but non of them worked, and her mind cannot concentrate
            on creating positive images.
            "When I close my eyes, and try to see myself with my children, my
            husband and other friends having an awesome dinner together,
            it just shuts me out. I don't know why, but I cannot see images
            in my mind."
            I had spoken to her at length saying that although our brains grow
            over time, our mind does not grow, in fact our mind has remained
            the same size the moment we were born. I had told her that if
            her mind cannot see the images of what she truly desires, she
            should build a scrapbook and cut out articles and pictures that
            would motivate her.
            "Ultimately the mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy,
            it's all your choice. You can choose to have that glass of whiskey,
            or you can throw the bottle out, it's all in your hands. If you
            keep doing the same things, you will attract the same results.
            Once you 'innovate-'n-invent,' yourself anew, that's when
            true change happens. I explained to her, that we as human
            beings are very similar to snakes, our memories, thoughts,
            body matter sheds every three years. It's like a computer that
            wipes out all memory and re-invents itself. When we decide to
            re-invent ourselves, that's when positive results will happen."
            I had a personal friend of mine, who was recently diagnosed
            with Cancer, and doctors had said that he had about three
            months to live.
            "Robbin, what will happen to my children, what will happen
            to my investments, what will happen if I pass on." he
            I had requested that he put his faith in God, and that
            the battle of life is no battle at all, but instead he should
            rest, but try to do things differently. I had gave him a
            prescription to read everyday, and he had read it. It was
            a quote from The Bible, and he said it, once, twice,
            hundred times a day.
            "If God is with me, no one can be against me."
            Today, it's six years that he has been healed and his
            wife has even written the quote in lipstick on their
            bathroom mirror...
            Before, I end this assignment given to me, I would like
            to share one more story, before we call it a day..
            There was this retired father, whom I had visited at an
            old age home.
            "Tony, he said. It's been four years that I have been living
            in this home. My son hates me, My daughters disrespect me,
            and my wife recently passed a w a y. I have nothing to live
            for, and I feel that it is my time, to hand in the towel to the
            I had explained him that if no one cares, if no one shares,
            life is still beautiful...I had explained to him that it was his
            life, and that he has to be totally responsible for his life
            consciously and subconsciously. I had explained to him
            that life was far more superior than being in the stars...
            I am proud to say, that this gentleman has regained his
            relationship with his children, had met someone at
            the old age home, and finally has a grin on his face.
            We as human beings are the most complex of all creation
            by God, and whilst God has given us the tools and know how
            to sustain a quality lifestyle, many of us loose focus on
            "Yes, we all have dreams, Yes, we all want, want, want...We
            still have to live in the real world, knowing that we will encounter
            problems, that we will make mistakes, that we will 'fail-'n-fall..'
            If we
            tune our conscious, subconscious and super conscious mind
            to balance and attract what we desire, all hell will break loose. The
            key to achieving the positive mental images is write, write, write,
            because ultimately, if you don't know what you choose out of
            life, HOW WILL GOD KNOW WHAT TO GIVE YOU..."
            MATRIC Results RELEASED...
            by Arora Pretorius
            (23 December 2014--FF News) The Department of
            Education released 'matriculation results,' l a s t night,
            and as l e a r n e r s were queuing for their name
            to appear in the national newspaper, many thousands
            were disappointed that they have to repeat the
            year of study.
            "I searched and searched for my name, but it was not
            there. I am so upset with myself for not passing." noted
            Sibonelo Koza, a local Midrand resident.
            Speaking to Footprints in Klerksdorp, local
            resident, Miss.
            Michelle Botha says that she had studied
            eight hours per
            day towards September, October and November and
            achieved 8 A's in all her subjects that she had studied.
            "My father is a successful architect and I had the pressure
            on me to score well in English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Science,
            Biology, Accounting, Mercantile Law and Economics. I had
            put the effort into my studies and am glad to be traveling
            to London, to become a doctor." she quelled.
            The Pretoria News says that l a s t year, South African's
            had achieved a 68% pass rate, and this year the results
            were even worse.
            "L a s t year we had a better pass rate due to learners attending
            better schools, due to learners putting more effort into their
            work, and due to quality time being spent by parents. This
            year we achieved a dismal overall pass rate of 62%." the paper
            According to Study Master, the publication says that the only
            way to achieve high grades in school that will propel ones career
            to the future, is the ability to never give up, by actually putting
            the time and effort into your studies, and by awesome
            "We find that many of the l e a r n e r s that failed, failed to put
            in the minimum three hours per day of study during the final
            year, learners who failed probably attended public schools and
            the skewed knowledge classes between rural and urban areas."
            The Department of Education in South Africa said that South
            African's were more deeper involved in sorting their personal
            lives out, than spending the quality time needed to achieve
            high grades.
            "We still have the highest pass rate in Africa, and our competition
            internationally is far from over. We have to compete with schooling
            standards with the likes of The United States, Britain, France
            and Saudi Arabia."
             Local School teacher, Professor, Ebrahim Hassam says
            that the main factors
            of study is 'pay attention,' and strive to be the best.
            "I remember when I attended the local Nirvana Secondary School, I had
            put the effort in to achieve outstanding results. Whilst studying for my
            final examination, I had to cope with leading the school as HEAD BOY.
            To me, pressure is the name of the game, and the way to deal with
            pressure, is tackle it hand's on...Someday, in the near future when you
            earn a fat salary, you will thank me." he advised.
            ANC member, Mr. Isaac Dlamini says that government plans to spend
            an additional 8% on EDUCATION, to improve the standards of
            education, to improve the quality of teachers and to improve
            the structures that our l e a r n e r s are accustomed to.
            "Many of the learners have their classes under trees, because
            government does not have the funds to provide
            classrooms. While
            the private sectors enjoy classes using computers and fancy
            gadgets, our d r e a m as government is to have a computer
            system on each learners desk by 2017. We are spending so
            that our people have the education to sustain The African
            Another mother, who spoke to The Harrismith Times, says that
            she had sent her children to The School of L. Ron Hubbard that
            ensured that her child performs at her peak.
            "It is unfortunate that society is so cruel it can ridicule you
            without a proper education. Once you have a
            proper education
            with good grades, you will attract the right partner, you will
            attract the right job, you will attract the right
            friends and
            you will have the respect and honor that you
            deserve. My
            advice to learners who will be completing
            their finals in
            2015, is study, study, study, and don't
            get too involved
            in dancing in clubs, fooling around with
            your friends, and creating havoc... They
            will destroy you. Rather sit at home,
            and excel well."
            Footprints Filmworks
                       "Personality of the year," 2014...

            by Anthea Kerner
            (1 December 2014--FF News) It's that time of the year,
            where we at Footprints Filmworks sit countless hours
            deciding who made the most positive difference in their environment,
            community, country and internationally...After receiving residents
            who supported orphanages, residents who were 'too good,' husbands,
            general social workers and other community residents, we had decided
            to give it to a social icon who has mesmerized his friends, families,
            fans and foes in just under five years...
            "From sandwich boy to Ceo," read one article...
            "The most inspiring bad boy of the 21st Century,"
            read another...
            Ibiza Holdings s t a r t e d in 1992, and is led by a group
            of 81 personnel before listing on The Johannesburg
            Stock Exchange
            and The Bond Exchange of South Africa...
            "Our humble beginnings started in 1992, when we only had
            18 staff, very little capital, but the energy to climb mountains. Our
            visions have always been to propel competition towards our interests,
            innovative ideas and over whelming enthusiasm." says Ceo of
            Ibiza Holdings Mr. Warren Fatherbright.
            "I got hired in 2009, where I had just a matriculation certificate,
            no knowledge of Ibiza, but was motivated to 'learn-'n-love,'
            the entity. I would often clean the dustbins of the staff, wash
            the dishes and do ordinary work. I started working at Ibiza
            at age 28, after failed jobs in other enterprises. At that time in
            my life, I was earning a measly R1000 per month, my girlfriend
            at the time had broken up with me, and I was living with
            my parents. I had very little to show for my age and was
            determined to make a positive difference to society." he
            Sitting in his boardroom, wearing a blue suit and grey tie, Mr.
            Fatherbright says that Ibiza specializes in capital management
            and systems, and at that time, he often would ask the other
            staff to lend him their notes.
            "I would often work from 8:am-5:pm, doing the cleaning for
            the company. When I got home, I would practice, practice,
            practice. I would read about the company, I would learn
            about what the industry has to offer, I would often try
            to grasp the inter-relationships of the industry and I would
            try to manage my own lifestyle according to the 'big-boys,'
            of the company." he adds.
            Speaking to Footprints in Groenkloof, he says that he
            had never failed to have 'the end vision in mind."
            "I had no money, no wife, no friends and nothing to offer
            to the world. I remember sleeping in my shanty apartment
            that I would one day rule the company and be head. He further
            elaborates that he often read motivational books,
            attended seminars and often helped out at the old age home.
            has to have a balance in ones lifestyle
            opportunity to propel to
            the future."
            "In 2011, when a junior post was offered to staff of the company,
            I had applied doing ordinary data capturing. My salary had increased
            to R5000PM, and this seemed good for my family. I would read about
            what capital management was all about, and I took the investment
            into myself by studying a Bcom in Risk Management. It was a shoddy
            affair, as my tuition fees amounted to a quarter of my
            salary, but I never
            gave up. I started enjoying life, playing football with my friends
            on the weekends, managed to find a steady girlfriend, and gave
            up the bad habits that ate me up. I sat after hours
            learning the systems,
            improving my social skills and developing my
            own personality." he

             When Footprints Filmworks further probed Mr. Fatherbright his
            'thoughts-'n taughts,' about his decisions, deadlines, dreams and desires, he
            says that his story is like a needle in a haystack.
            "Very often people are so close to winning and they give up because
            they loose interest, they loose focus, they find different interests and
            they find something that occupies their mind. Whilst completing my
            Bcom in Risk Management, I often motivated myself that I wanted
            more, I wanted to be somebody, I wanted to be the smile of
            the company and I wanted to one day buy my dream Porsche and
            home. I had visualized that I would do this, when I was still doing
            the normal work of the company. I had enrolled for leadership
            and management courses, outbound, I tried to understand people
            better, and perhaps my romantic side kicked in because Melissa
            and I got married."
            Speaking in a low tone, our "Personality of the year," says that he
            had moved up the podium of success in 2013, as lead manager
            of the group, his wife had given birth to his son, and moved
            into a slightly larger home.
            "My wife taught me, when one hand accepts gifts, the other
            should give, so I started helping out the community by
            providing free home-cooked meals on Sunday. I started playing
            a leading role in my community by supporting charity organizations,
            giving back to what God has blessed me with. My smile started
            becoming broader, when we announced our second child,
            l a s t summer."
            He continues by saying that Ibiza was just a nutshell to growth,
            to discover his true ambition, his true identity and what
            he was all about.
            "Towards the end of 2013, the company had paid for a business
            trip to The United States, where I had mingled with American
            investors to invest into Ibiza. That same month, I had completed
            my degree, started investing into other markets, and wow, we
            had achieved our goalpost of the company, when Americans
            had seen the green light of Ibiza. We have received a $32 million
            dollar injection into the company and towards Mid June 2014,
            the lead Ceo, had retired. I was up for grabs because of my
            work with international partners and other associates. Just
            recently, my wife and I had purchased our dream home
            in Western Cape, where Ibiza had moved her head quarters. I
            have just received the financing to purchase the Porsche
            that I have always been dreaming about."
            When Footprints in Western Cape, concluded our remarks to
            Mr. Fatherbright, he says, that his wife is quite young,
            and since competition is in his blood, he will follow in
            his fathers footprints by achieving e i g h t children, try
            to 'sustain-'n-maintain,' his quality with Ibiza Holdings
            and continue the undying motivation, mediation,
            marriageable attitude,
            and management to 'insure-'n-ensure,' a positive future for
            his life.
            "We cannot plan too hard, we cannot work too hard, but
            what we can do is hold the future in our hands and
            improve our destiny. Besides the personal goals I have tasked
            to myself, I plan to support the community and the country with
            my positive inspiration that leads to creation. If we all make that
            little difference to another, we have laid our footprint on
            society. God has given you the choice, so make the right
            choice, the choice of a better future for all."
            He concluded by telling the footprints team, that we sure
            don't know what tomorrow holds, but we sure do have
            the power to make decisive decisions to attract whatever
            we want.
            P A S T "Personalities of the Year,' for Footprints Filmworks,
            include Dr. Mahmood Khan, Mrs. Zakiyyah Abdulla, Miss. Fiona
            Nay, Mr. Nazeer Noormahomed, Mr. Zunaid Moti and today,
            we welcome Mr. Warren Fatherbright to our list.
            The Santa Claus Bonanza...!!

            by Zahida Kathrada
            (4 December 2014--FF News) The Santa Claus Bonanza
            will be hosting their 81st SHOW, encapsulating Afrikaaner
            Arts, Xhosa paintings, Asian goods and handy weapons
            created by our Coloreds...
            "The Santa Claus Bonanza is the b i g g e s t Christmas
            shopping extravaganza bringing together fathers,
            mothers, brothers and sisters to purchase retail and
            household goods for their friends, families, fans and
            foes.." says MD for Clown Productions, Mr. Aboobaker
            Sayed says that his late father started The Santa Claus
            Bonanza, back in the early days of Apartheid...He and
            a couple of Apartheid activists had launched the bonanza
            and he had built Clown Productions specializing in
            The Santa Claus Bonanza, The Merry 'old Harry,'
            South African Cinema's and other 'decadent moments,'
            for the country.
            "This coming fortnight South Africa will be set alight
            with the amount of magic we will be spreading in
            Cape Town. We have bundled together eight
            days of entertainment during the weekends
            of Christmas and New Year." he croaked.
            Speaking to Footprints in Rylands, local resident
            Mr. Sameer Jacobs noted that he 'played-'n-prayed,'
            that The Santa Claus extravaganza would be in Cape
            "Last year the bonanza was held in Lenasia, and the
            year before it was held in Waterkloof, and will be
            attending the bonanza to do a bit of ice skating,
            bowling, go on the rides and buy my little sister
            her favorite Cinderella dress." 
            Businessman, Mr. Herbert Joubert sparked at the idea
            that this year's bonanza will be the biggest that
            South African's have had.
            "When we sold furniture and other equipment at our stall
            in Waterkloof, we got accustomed to over 100 000 residents
            per day. This year's bonanza we will be expecting over
            ten times more." he bragged.
            Another resident who spoke to The Rylands Express,
            says that 'it's the talk of town, and if you not at the
            bonanza, you might as well be dead.'
            "I wanna go with my friends on the flying saucer and
            do fishing for guys. I like this guy from my school,
            and am hoping the punk will be there." she smiled.
            MD for Clown Productions, Mr. Aboobaker Sayed, added that all
            South African's
            will be allowed to enter the park 'at their own risk...'
            "We have brought together 9212 shopping stalls, over 200 rides,
            an ice rink, a circus, a conference room, and other entertainment
            features for the entire family....Don't be a stoner, or loner this
            Christmas, visit our award winning entertainment company." he
            Local socialite, Miss. Andrea Williams says that she will be
            'backpacking,' the bonanza, after her 'raving reviews,'
            of the bonanza previously...
            "I traveled from Cape Town to Gauteng for l a s t
            years bonanza, and cannot wait to 'shop till I drop,'
            meet new boys, and get that perfect pet."
            Father of six, Mr. Xolani Isaacs says that he loved the
            idea that his children will be coloring with Whites,
            and his daughters learning Hindi...
            "These kids never seem to amaze me. They have given
            me such a long list of things to buy for them, I would
            probably have to spend both weekends at the bonanza."
            South African entertainers Danny K, Mandoza, Nadine, Noeleen,
            Zain Bhika, Omar Abdulla, Jonty Rhodes, Marc Lottering, Mike Lipkin,
            and other media personalities
            are said to attend...
            "If you are living 5000KM away from this year's bonanza, you
            better book your ticket to purchase the latest fashion,
            enjoy the funkiest entertainment, and enjoy a social
            playground with friends of like." concluded Clown
            The Management and Leadership APPROACH...
            by Nadeem Gani
            (2 December 2014--FF News) L A S T month 
            Footprints Filmworks reported about the management
            and leadership focus of everyday residents, businesswomen,
            community leaders and gentlemen who have led their
            communities, cities, provinces, country's and nations.
            "Leadership and management are two different tools
            to prosper towards the future...The leader cannot
            lead his manager by making unethical decisions that
            would 'harm-'n-hurt,' the business, the family relationships,
            the external friends and government. While leadership
            focuses on risk patterns and investment, management
            is about the words, the numbers, the ideas and the reporting
            to the leader." says Businessman Mr. Johan Venter.
            South African businesswoman, Mrs. Kgomsto Bheki says that
            her husband had died more than six years ago, and since
            then she has to do the leading and managing.
            "My husband died an early age, leaving me with five children
            to lead, and manage the funds so that we have food
            on the table. When he died, I led myself by making decisions
            that would be good for the greater spirit. I started a cooking
            business, selling 'pap-'n-vleis,' to scholars, taught my daughters
            the family recipe, and today we have managed a food franchise
            spanning, 18 restaurants."
            She adds; "Management is about the simple details of backing
            the company towards a profitable enterprise, whilst the leaders
            are sometimes aggressive by making hasty decisions that could
            break the foundation of the business...When my daughters started
            growing up, their husbands had purchased the rights to our
            franchise. It's a big team that brings the smile to your stomach
            when you visit Mama Mia's Den."
            Ceo of Telkom, South Africa, Mr. Ruben September notes that
            he started selling 'telephone-packages,' at the tender age of
            31...He had become a team manager at 33, and worked
            'hard-'n-smart,' to eventually become Ceo in 2005.
            "At home, I lead the family brand, and what happens
            at home stays at home...When I am wearing my suit
            and tie and presenting Telkom, a whole new September
            approaches...I have to listen to worries of staff, I have
            to meet prospective clients, I have to have my cigarette,
            and sometimes I get to take a walk with my secretary.."
            "Once upon a time, when my family lived in Hilbrow, I
            had this dream to one day be one of the coolest,
            good-est, funkiest and 'at times,' the spunkiest to
            get the best out of my team...Whether you have a team
            of 10, or a billion, everyone has to pay their way, to ensure
            the business is well oiled to generate a profit for all shareholders
            and partners."
            According to The German Times, Mr. Adolf Hitler has well
            been respected as the leader of the Century.
            "We are not saying what he did was either right or wrong...What
            we are saying is that if a middle class student got to lead Germany,
            to where she was, we all have the power to be positive in
            our leadership skills...We can practice leadership by being friendly,
            by making quick decisions, by spending aggressively, and by
            having the confidence in the unknown...It is unfortunate
            the major border between leaders and managers is their
            quickness, alertness, passion and power."
             One of the key leaders of our time, Mr. Warren Buffett was once quoted
            as saying that the only way he became a billionaire was using
            his intuition...
            "I hate numbers and I was never interested to learn the c o d e of
            numbers...When I was introduced the magic of numbers and
            risk, I put the investment into myself by 'learning-'n-leading...' The
            true leader is the one who always l e a r n s, the true leader is
            too busy to teach, the true leader is always ahead of the pack,
            and the true leader knows his manager better than his own son."
            The University of Saudi Arabia, says that management is what
            has made The Middle East, the kingdom of choice amongst
            the global community...
            "We have managed a tourism equally the net GDP of Kuwait,
            we have managed an influx of investors into the country by
            our marketing team, and we have managed the country so
            that our complaints ratio remains the lowest amongst local
            Speaking to Footprints in Cairo, local resident, Mr. Ismail
            Mohammed Mia says that management is about quality,
            whilst leadership is about s t y l e...
            "If we get our managers and leaders to agree on certain standards
            of the future, and bridge gaps for the greater good of people,
            we will see that the team 'gells-well...' I have studied over
            three business diploma's in management and sometimes I
            cannot lead my own children, instead I do the total opposite..If
            we manage our emotions, we will see the results in our
            leadership action towards a better life opportunity for all."
            Managing Director of Knitts and Pitts, Mr. Michael Van Vuuren says
            that we should think of our businesses as though we were very
            "While we were growing up, our managers in our life were our
            mothers, who often gave us whatever we wanted, who often
            read us bedtime stories, who would sometimes punish us, and
            who would often spoil us if our fathers were around...While we
            were growing up, our leaders in our life were our fathers, who
            often 'cared-2-share,' with us their daily lives, who often
            argued with us for dating that horrible woman, who would sometimes
            scream at us for no reason, and who would often throw the football
            around with us on a Sunday afternoon..."
            "When we grow up and live in the real world, we have to
            deal with management disciplines, and leadership anger,
            and our approach should be the same...Fight back."
            Mr. Andre Wessels, who was recently nominated as Minister of
            Correctional Services in South Africa, says that being a minister is
            like being a manager who has to lead his team of 421 to protect
            the country's prisons...
            "We have weekly management meetings to increase security...We
            discuss the pro's and the con's to ensure better service to our
            residents, and we work countless hours ensuring that our prisoners
            are still being preserved and protected. Our leadership comes from
            upstairs and what senior leaders cry to us, we have to implement
            on ground level."
            The Saturday Star, concludes in the Business Section that these
            days, managers are appointed to whoever suites the color of
            their skin...
            "Whether you are a junior manager or a Ceo, or perhaps a president,
            the key to have polarity of both management and leadership,
            is shut up, do your work, focus 1000%, and the results will
            manifest by itself...Good managers are time conscious, fashionable
            in their approach, dynamic in their skill and loving in the manner
            they treat people...Next time you think about becoming a better
            manager or leader, try to treat people the way you want to
            be treated."
            Serial Killer 'jailed,' for 30 years...!!

            by Vusi Baloyi
            (8 December 2014--FF News) South African's have finally
            "had their say," this December 2014, when serial killer
            and rapist Mr. Johan Martins was convicted of killing
            and raping 18 women from the years 1981-2014, mercilessly 
            cutting their body parts and scattering it around the Limpopo
            A local passerby says that he was taking his dog for a walk,
            at the nearby field when he noticed a Ford Ranger driving
            away from the deserted area...
            "I was foxed as to why he sped off...When my dog had ran
            to see what was sniffing, we had noticed a dead body."
            he claimed...
            Detective Daniel Kabelo told Footprints in Bela Bela that he
            was called by the murder scene, where it looked that the
            witness had interrupted a murder scene...
            "Police have been hunting the prostitute 'slayings,' for
            some time now...This was our 18th victim that we found
            in Limpopo...Detectives from Gauteng and The Western Cape
            had flew down to assist us with this massive serial killings that
            we anticipate started as early as 1981."
            Forensic Investigator, Miss. Juanita Appels noted that she was
            rushed to the scene where the dead body had lay...
            "She was dead when we arrived on the scene...I had noticed
            that the killer had used the same serrated knife and rope...I
            had noticed the victim was severely bitten on her breasts,
            and judging from the way she was dressed she looked like
            a prostitute...I had further noticed that these markings bared
            relation to previous murders in Limpopo...Based on
            these assumptions,
            I deduced it was the same killer we were dealing with from 1981..."
            Although 'hush-'n-mush,' about their findings the Department
            of Police said that they had worked with doctors, psychologists,
            medical detectives and other sources to forge an image
            of the killer...
            "We had sat together in hour long meetings discussing the theory
            and analogy of the killer...We figured the killer might be introverted
            without a wife and perhaps living alone...We figured the killer
            is probably Caucasian and would probably be quite well off,
            since he drove a Ford Ranger...We figured the killer might live
            nearby because all 18 murders occurred on the banks of
            Limpopo." says Police Inspector Mr. Anton De Klerk...
             Sergeant Yusuf Kolia from the Limpopo Police station says that he
            was confident
            that the killer will surface after his wife had called
            in saying that the killer
            'might be her husband...'
            "When the caller called 082 911, she had reveled that she had heard
            on the radio about the serial killings and she thinks it might be her
            husband...The caller reveled that her husband had drove a Ford
            Ranger and often drove the night in the sight of peace...The caller
            had also reveled that her husband might be cheating because
            he often had lipstick on his collar, after using the subway."
            After lieutenant Warren Fredricks received a warrant from
            Judge Masipa Mashimang, they swooped the residence
            of Mr. Martins where they discovered that he was a mechanic,
            he often used the same rope to tie his victims, and we
            found the same edge markings of the knife blades...
            "Armed with this evidence, we had received w o r d,
            that he had left the province...After using the E toll
            tracking system his number plate was picked up
            in a quite neighborhood of Claudius...We had used
            the tracking company of Netstar to locate his exact
            location where we arrested him..." he croaked...
            Since April 2014, Martins has been awaiting trail for
            the heinous crimes that he had committed and
            today, Judge Masipa Mashimang had stated her
            "We find the accused guilty of charges of murder,
            rape, theft and hijackings...We find the accused
            was not thinking in his right mind and should serve
            four years at a mental institution, before serving
            his life sentence of 30 years...We find the accused
            a sexual predator and a danger to society and his
            bail hearing only in 2044, where we will still pass
            judgement on his behavior."
            Sky News concluded on their channel that Martins
            will serve his sentence at the Limpopo dungeoun
            that has been newly developed for A list criminals...
            The Resurrection of Jesus Christ...!!
            by Merinda Meyer
            (2 December 2014--FF News) Thousands of residents has again
            asked me to write a brief message from The Church of Brakpan,
            in Johannesburg...Whilst preparing for this article I was reading an
            interesting philosophy that "Jesus Christ," could be coming soon,
            or is already living amongst us...
            "More than 2000 years ago, he walked this Earth with a message
            of The Messiah of Earth...He proclaimed himself "The Son of God,"
            and would welcome us to the doors of heaven.." said Father
            John Paul, a local Roman Catholic..
            Jesus brings stability in our lives, we send our children to Christian
            schools, we pray daily to the Lord, we welcome Jesus in our
            homes and not forgetting this Christmas we have purchased
            gifts for our loved ones...
            "Be the spirit of Love, Truth and Joy to people who love you...Be
            easy to forgive and forget, be  humble, be faithful in your dreams
            and never fail to think before you act.." jerked housewife Mrs.
            Michelle Naiker.
            Businessman, Mr. Stewart Pringle told Footprints in Rome, that
            whether you are sleeping on the street or living in an upmarket home,
            the Lord is your savior and with the coming of CHRIST, the world is
            in for some untold mysteries, untold messages and untold miracles...
            "We have so many people dying in Asia, with the Russian and Ukrainain
            War, We have so many people who are UN sheltered and living mesrible
            lives...We have so many of our forests and other structures falling
            apart, because we have no Prophet to save the world...His messages in
            The Bible should be read daily, to 'insure-'n-ensure,' that we lead
            successful lives..."
            "I can do everything through him who
            gives me strength.." said
            a resident.
            Author Mr. Neale Donald Walsh, says in his book Conversations
            with God, that God is one, God is with us through our dreams,
            desires, deadlines and decisions...
            "If there is a second we do something without thinking about God,
            we should stop ourselves...We should support his cause for us,
            to be the best, to be the most cherished, to be loved and
            to be ever-giving."
            Rabbi, Ingrid Samuels notes that God gives us so many miracles
            daily, and we should use these daily opportunities to achieve
            our plans, our goals, our targets and other philosophies
            that we plan to achieve...
            "We have received w o r d from senior members of the church,
            that Christ will be resurrected within the Century...We welcome
            his authority to further guide Mankind, for the developement
            of the mind, the body, the spirit, and the heart...God loves
            people who give, and let us use Christ's spirit
            to heal our wounds,
            to propel our futures, to guide our children and
            to serve humanity."
            "Have the faith of a mustard seed, and the universe
            is all yours..." croaked another resident...

            The Zionist Christian Church (ZCC) says that all African citizens should
            join the organization to bring down theft, to bring down corruption,
            to bring up the economy and to bring up the country as a whole...
            "We have further received revelation that Christ will be coming soon...We
            should prepare our lives to that when he arrives we have abstained
            from sin, and stood with the l a w of humanity...If we as everyday
            go that extra mile, push that little bit extra to do more, be happier
            to the people who are in our company and treat people as human
            beings, we have lived up to his message...We should bow our
            heads in prayer 50, 100, 200, 500 times per day to give thanks..."
            "Be faithful in all small things, and when you do the small
            things right, your faith builds, to pull whatever you desire..."
            soaked a Polokwane resident...
            South African Minister of Religion, Mr. Anton Schmidt noted
            that we all follow a pathway to success, whether we
            are Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, or Scientologists...
            "We should never condemn other religions for their belief
            systems and know how...We should learn to respect and
            honor the San man, the bearded Muslim, the Holy Christian
            or the traditional Jew...If we as a country, respect and love
            the person whom we know nothing about, we have already
            started a positive chain reaction in South Africa."
            Socialite, Miss. Natalia Jeffers says that she respects
            religion as she knows that without The Holy Prophet's blessings
            she would not be able to connect with her father...
            "We were taught in school that Jesus is the son of God,
            and all the other Prophets, Angels and Spirits are his whisperers...
            We were taught that one has three fathers-your real father,
            your teacher, and yourself...We were further taught that
            religion is the foundation of any education that brings together
            friendship, sharing, love and unity."
            Pastor Gabriel Makoti noted to The Biblical Times, that we should
            be 'aware-'n-alert,' for the opportunities that God has given us...
            "You should look at your religion as one, with the entire universe...God
            had created Animals, Plants, Human and other spiritual forces to
            torch our light towards our pathway...If we have as many torches
            as possible to light our pathways, we have become better worshipers."
            Mrs. Wilma Van Der Walt, says that we all one, whether we are
            Muslim, Buddhist, Christian or Jew...
            "If we look at an object at different angles, our perception and
            view of the object would be different...But, if we know that
            the object is the same, just with a different view, we will
            understand the true meaning to life."
            Image may contain: sky and outdoor
            Father William Wallace from The Church of Kensington concludes
            by saying that we should live with the force of God upon us,
            we should live with Jesus as our friend, we should never fail
            to have the 'fate-'n-fate,' in our wishes and we should never
            fail the promise of God...
            "Whatever we choose, we can achieve...This is Gods promise...
            Whatever we visualize, we can actualize...This is Gods promise...
            Whatever we ask for, we will have...This is God promise...
            Gods promise to Mankind and the world is that we will
            survive today, for a better tomorrow...Let us have the faith
            in the unknown, to know that tomorrow the sun will
            rise another
            We @ Footprints Filmworks will always wish
            you a 'transparent blessing,'
            towards whatever you pray for...This has always been our prayer
            to YOU...!!
            Remain Blessed
            Tsunami 'heads,' Miami's Way...
            by Wesley Sniper
            (8 December 2014--FF News) As thousands of bikini models,
            muscle men and families are expected to visit the coast this
            Christmas, many news stations have been warning the local
            Florida community, to pack up and move forward...
            "We are expecting a series of high ranked waves above 18m,
            that could destroy seaside property, beach restaurants, shop
            dwellers and other assets of the area...We have spoken to
            The Weather Service, and according to estimates we could
            receive more than a billion liters of Water, pouring out of the
            South Eastern Atlantic."
            Florida's mayor, Mrs. Pamela Wilkenson noted that she had sent
            out a warning message to all Miami residents via the news
            portals, and still there was no response...
            "Residents are taking their time to evacuate the city, and we
            are pleading with residents that by 5:am, tomorrow morning,
            a quarter of Miami will be flooded."
            Scientist at The University of Florida, Mr. Mohamed Jalalpor says
            that a Tsunami is a large body of water, generally from a large
            dam or ocean...A Tsunami does not resemble normal seaside
            waves, as their wavelength is much stronger, longer and
            "During the volcanic eruption of 1970 at The Bimini Islands, Florida
            had received so much water, that left social workers cleaning up
            for years on end...Our appeal to the local community, is pack up
            and move forward, as we could loose hundreds of lives through
            this natural disaster."
            "A Tsunami normally occurs if there is a volcanic eruption in
            the Earth's crust...This 'lifting-'n-shifting,' of plates cause
            the Earth to produce deadly forces of wind, water, fire,
            Earth explosion and the destruction of millions of hearts..."
            says The Kids Magazine.


            Speaking to Footprints in Miami, local resident Mrs. Taren
            Tondo added that she sure does own a lot of property
            on the seaside of Miami, and hopefully her insurance
            will pay off...
            "I am insured for any water, fire or accidental damage...I
            have packed my bags, and moved with the family to
            my parents home in Little Havana."
             National Geographic says on their website that tsunami's cause damage by
            two mechanisms, this being the smashing force of water hitting against
            the thrust of the area, or by rising high and enveloping buildings...
            "From our deductions and maps, the volcanic eruption in the islands will
            cause damage of up to 8 on The Richter Scale...From estimates of
            other tsunamis in Japan, South Africa, Nigeria and Australia we could
            loose to the tune of 10 000 lives and property damage to the value
            of $800 billion dollars."
            Local resident, Miss. Samantha Adams says that she had lived in
            Oklahoma in 1992, and often had a hidden shelter to survive
            these natural disasters...
            "We all knew that Oklahoma would self destruct after Twister
            Obama had wiped out the entire area...All we had was
            our belongings
            and started fresh in Miami...With the hidden
            shelter left after the
            Twister, my family thought we could escape
            The United States
            'breath of fresh air...' With the coming of this tsunami, I don't
            know what we will do, how we will rebuild, and we don't even
            have our things insured...I hope this wave would just shift
            to another coastline, and leave us alone."
            USA Today, ended their 'cry for help,' this afternoon, as over
            nine million Miami residents rushed for the highways, the freeways
            and the subways...
            "Our appeal to residents of Miami is to evacuate the area to more
            than 5000KM, otherwise we would loose an undisputed amount
            of lives...This is our primary concern...Leave all your belongings,
            light, and come back when the sun rises another dawn."
            Ayesha Surkot DIES...!!

            by Gulnaz Khan
            (18 December 2014--FF News) The Muslim community of South Africa,
            and the rest of the world is in shock this afternoon, as wife killer,
            Mr. Ashraf Surkot admitted to the brutal killings of his wife on the
            morning of November 11...
            "She had lay a couple of months in hospital, when eventually we
            had to pull the life support machine on her...The husband had admitted
            on Friday with the involvement of the crime." says the Lenasia
            Police Department.
            According to The Lenasia Police Department Mr. Ashraf Surkot
            and his late wife, Mrs. Ayesha Surkot were going through
            a divorce when
            a custody battle over the little daughter had broke out.
            "He was stinking rich and could afford to buy anything with a net
            worth over R2 billion rand...According to sources, they were going
            through a divorce, when he had fought against the legal liability
            of the child...When her parents had fought the custody battle,
            their divorce would be final within the end of November..."
            said a personal Surkot friend...
            Another community resident, Miss. Humayra Dawjee says that she
            often gave "Little Munira," music lessons and had heard that the
            Surkots were splitting up.
            "When they got married in 2008, they were the talk of town,
            often known as the couple of the year, often seen in romantic
            locations and often living the high flying life. I was shocked to hear
            this afternoon, that Ayesha had died."
            The Lenasia Department of Police says that Ayesha had normally
            dropped her child off to school around 7:20, and this fatal day,
            she never returned.
            "After she had dropped her daughter off to school, a man riding
            a motorbike had shot her tyre, forcing her off the road...She had
            stopped at a nearby field, that's when the murder occurred.
            The hitman
            hired by Mr. Surkot, was a plot to kill."
             Earlier this month, hitman, Mr. Ubaid Osman, says that Mr. Surkot had called
            him on his mobile towards the end of October, with a proposition to kill.
            "Mr. Surkot had often purchased his cocaine from me, and asked that I plant
            drugs in her vehicle, so that we can have her locked up for incompetence.
            When we later discussed the plan, he told me that she was asking
            for six farms that he owned in Kwa Zulu Natal to the value of R800 million
            rand as settlement in the divorce...I had put the idea to him, for murder,
            and he offered me a sum of R1 million rand...The money was to be
            paid 50% in cash before the murder, and 50% afterwards...I was asked
            to arrange an alibi for him for the morning, and he guided me how
            he wanted the murder, and where I should dump the body."
            According to community leader, Mr. Iqbal Noormahomed, he says, that
            he was driving on The Lenasia offramp, where he noticed shots being
            fired at a vehicle..
            Image may contain: indoor
            "I immediately stopped my vehicle and screamed for help, and when
            the motorcycle had rode a w a y, I had called for help...It's a tragedy
            to hear that today, the hospital had decided to quit trying to save
            her life."
            Mr. Ashraf Surkot, on Friday admitted openly to Judge Thabo Maseki
            that he had planned the murder of his wife, due to her
            nagging attitude
            to rob him off his money.
            "She was not the innocent person that so many people thought
            off her...Behind closed doors, she would short change me on millions
            of rands to purchase unwanted goods...She often gave her parents
            hundreds of thousands of rands of my money, and the l a s t time,
            I ran an investigation on her, after 9:am, whilst I was at the office,
            she would be servicing a local resident's engine. This made me upset,
            and I filed for divorce...But she wanted more, she could not be
            happy what I could give her."
            Mr. Ubaid Osman, who spoke to Footprints in Lenasia, says that
            he was not thinking in his right mind, and when Mr. Surkot paid
            him R500 000 on the 5th of November, he knew finally he
            could move out of his Hillbrow apartment and start anew.
            "We never expected such complications and from the story of
            what Mr. Surkot related to me, I felt that this woman was a
            cheater and never appreciated the work of her husband. I set
            off that sunny November 11 morning to kill her." he admitted.
            The trial for Mr. Ashraf Surkot begins on February 14th, where he
            is currently on bail for an amount of R5 million rand.
            "Come 2015, the sharks will come home to roost as Mr. Surkot
            has to prove so many aspects against the state...We have the
            same prosecutor in the Oscar Pistorius trial, and let's hope
            justice will be served for this wife killer." added a local resident.


                                in OUTER SPACE...

              by David Mcdonald
              (29 December 2014--FF News) "A supernova has exploded,
              A supernova has exploded, A supernova has exploded,"
              were the cries of a Space Scientist at The Aeronautical
              Association of (ASA) South Africa this morning.
              "One of the l a r g e s t Sun's has finally died...She was
              eight times the size of our sun, she blew gases far
              superior to our sun's gases, she lit up the Northern
              Galactic sky, and she often burst harmful fumes that
              created black holes." said a resident.
              The Space Association of Peru says that the supernova
              had exploded more than three Centuries ago, it's only
              that Earth is seeing the light of the explosion now.
              "Space scientists at The University of Lima had noticed a distant
              star that had burst, and was destroying planetary objects with
              the explosion...The explosion occurred 300 light years in distance,
              when perhaps our Prophets walked this Earth...The explosion
              was traveling at the speed of light, and tonight's night sky
              reflects the explosion." the association explained.
              Puno resident, Miss. Isabelle Xavia told Footprints in Peru,  that
              her boyfriend had 'backpacked,' for the time that the explosion
              passes Earth at 8PM.
              "He has put together two glasses of wine, the telescope,
              and some good soundtracks together for this blissful
              evening that will see the star pass at 8PM"
              Astronomer, Captain Daniel Sebeko says that South African's
              will watch the star pass Earth at approximately 10:25PM, and
              never in history has it taken a star to pass Earth at this
              time, after 2000 years.
              "Legend has it when the Radian Star bursts, the world will
              change. According to sources, when the star passes Earth,
              'majestic-'n-magical,' men are born. The l a s t time, the
              Saturn Star that burst, a precious Son to the world was
              borne, "Jesus Christ..."
              A supernova is a ball of gas, as our own Sun, that is
              perhaps bigger, that is perhaps more powerful,
              that is perhaps stronger and that is perhaps more
              vicious in energy....
              "When a supernova explodes, it destroys more than
              100 million miles of matter, and takes approximately
              five million years to die, after the explosion. Once the
              explosion process has begun, the star fades a w a y
              in Space." reported The Galactic Times.

           The Science Council of Stockholm added that Europeans were

          fascinated by The

          Radian Star, and was planning on studying the Star's brilliant blue light.

          "The brilliant blue light of The Radian Star has always fascinated me.

          She is

          a distant cousin of Orion's belt, and has been watching the

          skies for more

          than four billion years. She was truly a galactic

          force that beamed The Milky 

          Way." said Gabriella Awokski.

          Everyday residents who enjoy 'brilliant light,' will be sparked for

          energy this evening as The Radian Star will be passing Earth,

          says Las Vegas Today.

          "Everyday American's will be fighting the midnight magic,

          as the star passes The United States at 00:05. We have

          got together our friends, families and barbeque machines

          for this evening. We are hoping the passing of the star

          will rescue America from financial debt, be borne a father

          to the modern world, and perhaps a leader who stands

          on your shoulders." said a Las Vegas resident.

           The Sunday Sun concluded their statement to the media that

          it was The Radian Star, that eventually died, and we should

          remember the star for it's distant magic that she had brought

          to so many billions of people who walked this Earth.

          "This star was four times the age of our solar system and often

          brightened the solar system with her magic...Her explosion

          that lights up the skies this evening should be


          as who knows the next time a supernova passes Earth,

          our great, great,

          great, great, great, great, great, great

          grandchildren will bear witness."



    "Load Shedding," causes Train to cause

                            Accidental Damage and Death....

    by Yatesh Yogi


    (18 December 2014--FF News) A train transporting stock from Bloemfontein,

    in The Free State, to Kwa Zulu Natal has been destroyed were the words

    radioed in from The Department of Transport.

    "The train carrying approximately 81 passengers and crew transporting heavy

    duty equipment had collapsed whilst traveling along the

    Pietermaritburg railway.

    The train was scheduled to reach it's destination at 8:PM, when the lights

    of the railway track were suddenly switched off, causing the train to

    miss the track on the bridge...When the train had finally

    overturned into

    the Petrus river, survivors were swimming out of the river,

    trying to

    save their own lives."

    According to Footprints in Pietermaritzburg, local resident, Mr. Pranesh

    Singh says that his home is about 50m from the railway track and found

    it strange that the driver of the train had not stopped to a halt.

    "We were experiencing load shedding during the hours of


    where probably the driver of the train was not informed...

    When he reached

    the bridge, he accidentally missed the track, causing

    the train to overturn."

    he exclaimed.

    The Maritzburg Tabloid says that the train was

    carrying heavy

    duty manufacturing

    equipment and bio fuels that could cause the

    death of hundreds

    of fish and

    plant life.

    "This is pollution of our rivers at it's peak.

    The bio fuels will take

    years to rid

    the water, and already fish are washing up stream,

    black and dirty.

    We have

    heard that many lives are already counted dead,

    with survivors still being

    pulled from the river."


    The Department of Transport added that this is the 5th train

    incident in 2014, with

    others being that the train had missed railway tracks,

    the cargo being overloaded,

    and train fog lights 'out off order.'

    "Our railways are normally safe for travelers traveling cross provinces,

    and this

    incident was caused by non communication with

    Pietermaritzburg and the

    head quarters of the train company.

    The 30 passengers who are reported dead,

    were members of staff and general workers who wanted

    transportation to Durban.

    We have sent our condolences to the members of

    the family who have lost

    their loved ones."

    Local Durban resident, Mr. Yaseen Mahomed says that

    he had paid the

    transportation company a sum of R2 million rand to bring

    his manufacturing

    equipment to Durban, and has to face the burden of

    putting a claim with

    his insurance company...

    "I am heartfelt that so many people died due to this

    incident, but how

    am I going to replace important equipment needed for

    my business...The

    tools and equipment is valued at R188 million rand, and

    am hoping that

    the insurance company pays for the loss."

    Pitermaritzburg, community leader, Mr. Anton Van Staden says that

    South African's should 'repair-'n-replace,' damaged equipment

    and let this lesson be a lesson that we can draw from SA history.

    "When we did an inspection of the train, we noticed that this

    train was blowing 'too heavy,' and the coal used to fuel the

    engine was damaged due to rain, earlier this month. When the

    train tried to stop, using the back brakes, it had jammed, causing

    the train to miss the track and overturn. Let us remember the

    people whom we have lost through this incident and remember

    to inspect our own 'daily transportation,' to avoid any accidental

    damage and death."


    1. Christina Aguilera - What A Girl Wants

      with Footprints Filmworks



      M3RRY "Christmas," FROM  Footprints...!!

      by Herman Van Der Walt

      (25 December 2014--FF News) Once again it is that time of the YEAR,

      where we at Footprints Filmworks, say out "Thank You," to residents

      of the communities, cities, provinces and districts of our countries...

      Many thousands of residents who 'catch up,' to Footprints on their

      daily work hours, weekends and other social holidays has once again

      asked us for their "Christmas wishes,' to be broadcast on this

      auspicious day...

      Here are some of our comments that we

      have received;

      2014 is the year of PINK so wear

      your favorite pink this Christmas..

      I always seem to catch up to footprints filmworks since

      my election days in 2009. I thank All Americans and the

      rest of the world for their love, support, guidance and

      advice through the term. May your days be filled with

      "Christmas bliss,' this holiday season. Merry Christmas

      and happy new year to all.

      --President Barack Obama--United States

      I always get to read about Footprints Filmworks, sometimes

      I get a 'sneak peak,' during my busy lunch hour. I always enjoy

      all the awesome stories and complements on this site...Roast

      a turkey and some potatoes and share your Christmas in

      loving company.

      --Sakeena Joosub--South Africa


      Bollywood and her counterparts were receiving raving

      news about footprints, and I thought let me spread my message. Let

      this Christmas be filled with love, peace, respect and common sense. Be

      brave in your thinking, share with your friends, and if you are living in

      the Winter, have your fire place switched on. Love you all, here

      from India.

      --Lara Dutta--India--

      Wear your gorgeous outfit this holy Christmas, and remember

      to share your gifts and toys with your loved ones...Be beautiful,

      be bold, be brave, and love thy holy father. Be the best that you

      can be, 'daze-'n-amaze,' your loved ones, and read footprints filmworks,

      the way I always do. Enjoy your happy Christmas, and love to all.

      --Aishwarya Rai-India--


      Whatever you have prayed for, whatever you have wished for,

      whatever 'thoughts-'n-taughts,' that you might off had, let

      2014, be a Christmas of giving, be a Christmas of love, be a Christmas

      of joy and be a Christmas of 'perpetual bliss...' Forgive and Forget your

      past errors, and let the year ahead be a year of SANTA. Wear your best

      of pink this Christmas, and if you hot enough, NEXT year we will feature


      --Omar Abdulla--South Africa--

      Greeting to all from The Royal Mosque of Palestine.

      May our blessing be

      bestowed upon the one billion Christians on this holy day, and may

      we remember the teachings of Jesus Christ and the message he

      brought down to Earth. May we be ever loving, ever knowing and

      ever joyous in our acts. Remain Blessed and loving this Christmas.!

      --Mohamed Ansar--Palestine--

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2015. My blessings

      and prayers to the millions of people who have watched my

      films and understood my thinking of Religion.

      My prayer has

      always been to see the poor of Africa to the

      dusty neighborhoods

      of Hollywood cleaned. I wish you all a Happy New

      Year and Christmas,

      and don't forget to book a box

      office seat for upcoming films.

      --Tom Cruise--United States--

      I have always loved Christmas, from my humble beginnings

      in Delhi. I remember

      one time, my wife surprised the entire family and

      I by decorating the house

      with Christmas trees and gifts...

      Decorate your home, Decorate your life,

      Decorate your thoughts with memories of The Lord.

      Be happy, be loving,

      be the best and be something worth admiring.

      I always have time

      for Footprints, after reviewing the company

      since 2010. Cheers, to


      --Shar Rukh Khan--India

      Footprints Filmworks, together with

      hundreds of other

      advertisers, investors,

      shareholders and other company managers,

      have always believed in Christmas,

      whether it was snowing, whether SANTA visited us,

      whether we were
      'too lazy to care,' or whether we worshiped

      the message of Jesus...

      Let us hold hands this Christmas,

      and move towards a better country,

      a better nation, a better family and

      a better lifestyle opportunity for


      2. We wish you a merry Christmas

        with Footprints Filmworks



        by Mildred Jakinta


        (3 December 2014--FF News)When one speaks about success

        one does not necessary m e a n financial success...Success has

        different elements and viewpoints, yet success should be

        measured how we carry ourselves, when we invest, who we

        meet, and what we do to achieve our dreams.

        "Always maintain a recipe to your success plan. Do what works

        and try l e a r n i n g something new daily. Never try to be

        bullied, lead and manage your lifestyle opportunity that suites

        the people you surround yourself with...Have a balance in

        what you do, have a balance in how much you consume,

        have a balance in what you think about." says Ceo of

        Brittal Drills, Mrs. Caroline De Jager.

        "We should never judge a book by it's cover. We should l e a r n from

        history what works, and what does not. We should 'read2lead,' make

        merry of our days, and remember the teachings from

        our forefathers."

        noted a Vryburg resident.

        "You should lead your life and always leave room for flexibility.

        If we have an image

        of our dream husband, our dream home, our dream

        vehicle or any

        fantasy, we should have a plan and work our plan.

        Every plan begins

        with a thought, put into paper, put into heart,

        and constant mediation

        on our dreams will achieve us whatever dream

        or desire we might have."

        "If you don't know where you are going to, that's where you

        going to go, nowhere." explained Laudium resident Mr. Ismail


        A resident who spoke to Footprints in Laudium, Mr. Iqbal Joosub, 

        says, that we should plan our lives the way a sailor would plan

        a trip to Miami.

        "If the Captain knows exactly where he is going, what he plans

        to achieve, and who to visit, he knows his direction and is willing

        to follow course. Our lives should be planned in the same way,

        knowing our directions when it comes to finance, relationships,

        health, wealth,wisdom, honesty, "Me time,"

        family responsibilities and

        other aspects to our lives."

        The Saturday Star says that Success is about what you think

        about 95%

        and 5% action.

        "What you think about you become, and what you become

        you are. Treat

        your mind like a garden that has to be weeded daily,

        that has to be

        watered daily, that requires 'just enough,' sunlight daily,


        that requires the important motivation

        of self-talk."

        "Success to me is going to work in the morning whilst my wife

        and children stay at home. I am a finance specialist for a large company

        so I don't require my wife to work. Success is about making passionate

        love daily, achieving my monthly targets, being a great father, and

        some time spoiling my children. I don't have this big dream to drive

        fancy vehicles or become world famous. My wife and I are simple people

        and we teach our children that success is in the heart, by constantly

        teaching and learning." says a Johannesburg resident.

        2. Thumbnail

        Community leader, Mr. Warren Venter says that he started his plumbing business more

        than eight years ago, and at that time he did not have the vision to grow

        his business where it is today.

        "When I married my wife, we were both UN employed living in a one bedroom

        outer building. We often visited other people to have our daily meals. Things were

        tough and I worked grueling hours to build the company up. My wife was my

        biggest supporter because she loved me when we had nothing, and today

        with all the money in the world, she still manages my meetings. For me, success

        is seeing to it that your family is well provided for, that your ego remains 'high-
        'n-flying,' yearly world holidays and enough energy to listen to your wifes


        Another resident who spoke to The Free State Plus,

        says that as South

        African's we are 'extremely spoilt,' being that we are the leader in Africa,

        and we are still complaining.

        "Part of being a successful nation is saying "thank you," for our daily

        bread and wine, part of being a successful nation is appreciating our

        assets, part of being a successful nation is showing the world that we are

        a country worth reckoning with."


        "Success is about doing your best when the chips are down, success

        is about never giving up, success is about having a positive perception

        about life, and success is about loving people no matter what. Many times

        we stop ourselves the attraction of success because we are fearful of

        what might happen when we achieve it. We should remain successful

        in our thoughts and manage our lifestyle on a positive curve." groaned

        Cyprus resident Miss. Hannah Davids.

        Mr. Sakele Mothusi concluded to Footprints in Rylands,

        that whilst growing

        up he often dated the hottest women, came out 1st

        in class every year,

        and was often 'the talk of town,' in his local community.

        "Perhaps I was not a w a r e of it at the time, but my parents surrounded

        me with so much love, so much knowledge, so much enthusiasm and

        so many skills that 30 years later, I am The Minister of Justice in our country.

        Success is about teaching your children, success is about cleaning your mind

        daily, success is about good exercise and passion and success is about being

        admired. Let's face it, most of us choose to be successful because we

        choose to be admired by our friends and families, and if we are not

        successful first to ourselves, we would never be

        successful to the

        people who surround us."

        2. Mitwa (Eng Sub)

          Footprints Filmworks

          [Full Song]

          (HQ) With Lyrics - Lagaan with


          New "Cloning," technology ATTRACTS

          South Africans...

          by Moosa Seedat


          (9 December 2014--FF News) South African's have

          received the first biologists from The State Hospital

          of Nevada for the technology study and promotion

          of "Cloning," reported USA Today.

          The paper reads that South Africa will receive

          eight biologists from the hospital for the experimentation

          of 'duplicating,' a person, an animal, a plant and in

          certain instances germs.

          Dr. Rashida Dockrat from the hospital told Footprints

          in Nevada that cloning is the process of producing

          similar populations of cells, membranes and skins

          of similar products.

          "Cloning is commonly used to amplify DNA fragments


          whole genes, but can also be used to amplify genetic


          including organs, single stranded DNA, protein expression

          and tagging."

          Speaking to The Nevada Sun, local biologist, Dr. Nancy Williams

          noted that they were traveling to South Africa to duplicate

          cells of organs of patients who were suffering from

          heart failure, billionaires who wanted copies of themselves,

          the repair and renovation of certain plant species and

          the creation of "Bio Dyno..."

          "Bio Dyno is still being developed in The United States,

          and within twenty years, we will have the technogy

          to duplicate a dead cell. This technology will allow

          the normal dead person, to be duplicated into

          a new form...We have matched the supreme DNA

          cell with the revolutionized RNA membrane to bring

          back your loved one from the dead...The person can

          be passed for a maximum of twelve years, to allow

          us to prepare a corset of the holding body."

          Professor Michael Stanton says that the technology of

          cloning was an important aspect of civilization with his

          work in the Plant and Animal Kingdom.

          "We have copy righted certain of the logistics of this

          technology and is only available to biologists who

          understand the nature of the duplication. In certain

          instances we will have to bring back certain species

          of insects, in certain instances we will have to bring

          back certain species of plant matter, and in certain instances

          we will have to duplicate brain cells of past humans, to

          understand the teachings of our modern man."

          2. WATCHED

           Scientist at The University of Uruguay, Dr. Ivan Knovich

          grumbled to The New Star, saying that soon we will

          have fathers of Nelson Mandela produced, soon we

          will see celebrity blood in our children and soon

          we could expect the dog that passed a w a y

          l a s t week, to be barking at your door.

          "With this new technology a single cell from

          President Barack Obama, inserted into your womb,

          could produce a further president. With this new

          technology we could have affordable heart transplants

          to our patients, and we could even see an antidote

          for HIV produced." he proclaimed.

          Local, teenager, Miss. Jessica Pals says that she "just dies,"

          for Leonardo Di Caprio and when his blood goes on

          sale, she will most definitely "buy his blood."

          "I love his wavy hair, his ice blue eyes and his charming

          personality. Once his blood goes on sale to the public,

          I will insert his cell into my body, to produce a gorgeous

          child like him, with the smirk of his mother."

          Dr. Juwairyah Khan from the hospital, says that she will

          be traveling to SA, for the cure of patients, and

          this has always been her goal.

          "When the hospital offered me a trip to South Africa,

          I was never interested in the money. Money does not

          motivate me. I want to help people, I want to bring

          back the lost father, bring back the lost "Pup," try

          to "invent-'n-innovate,' modern medicine and simply

          put a smile on my patients faces."

          Mr. Herman Prinsloo says that after looking at the price

          tag for "cloning," he rather ca retake of his health from


          "It costs approx $100 000 dollars for a single organ clone,

          and almost $5 million dollars to bring back a loved one. I

          have learn't from my religion to accept when one passes

          to another realm- and don't try to fix God's plan."

          So, we at Footprints Filmworks would like to warn you,

          the next time you go to the zoo, you might just

          see a T-Rex....



            with Footprints Filmworks



            /3ARN3Y & Friends

                          said to tour South Africa...!!

            by Farhana Jaffar


            (8 December 2014--FF News) "Barney and friends

            are said to be touring South Africa for the Christmas

            season of December...We have created the best characters,

            the best actors, the best music and in certain SHOWS in

            Johannesburg, we have included live participation from

            parents and children meeting the fictional character

            created by Sheryl Leach." said SHOW promoter,

            Mrs. Khatija Desai.

            Desai says that she runs a kinder garden college

            for learners aged between 2-5, and when she heard

            that the production house Universal Studio's had approached

            South Africa, she grabbed the opportunity.

            "I lent some money from my husband to bring Barney

            & Friends to South Africa. Let's hope my investment

            pays off." she croaked.

            Barney & Friends is an American children's series aimed

            at children from 1-7. The series which first aired in 1992,

            has long been on the lips of Hollywood producers since


            "When Sheryl approached me with the proposition to

            fund Barney & Friends, I was not interested. Twenty

            two years later, if I had invested in the company

            my share

            of 25% would be at a net $786 million dollars, with

            an initial investment of $40 000 dollars...I learn't

            from the company to invest when Sheryl knocks

            on your door, calls you, or even breathes your name,

            you return

            the favor,"

            said an angry investor.

            Fictional character "Barney," who spoke to Footprints

            in Cape Town, says that he comes to South Africa because

            he heard all his fans chanting his name, he was dreaming

            of little children admiring his stories and songs, his fasination

            to please children and their parents was 'his greatest joy,'

            and that meeting President Jacob Zuma was a 'boo-hoo,'

            when he arrives in South Africa.

            "I have always enjoyed reading politics, but my greatest

            joy lies with my children. Without children, the world

            will not be as beautiful as she is today."

            Little Zakiyyah who spoke to The Jozi Tabloid, added

            that she had 'begged-'n-pleaded,' with her Mummy

            and Daddy to take her to the show.

            "I have all of Barney's films and pictures and I love

            him so so much. I wish he calls me on stage to

            dance with him."


            1. WATCHED

 Graphic Artist and Mascot Designer, Mr. Peter Miller noted that he had

designed "Barney," as a mascot

for a company, until Sheryl approached him.

"She came to me with this crazy proposition of using "Tara," what I had

named the T-Rex,

into Barney. I had played along with the idea and today

I am Universal Studio's lead

artist and designer."

The Joyous Sun, who spoke to other residents from Durban

says that thousands

of children were already 'booking their seats,' when Barney finally

arrives on December 19th.

"Our ticket offices are already jam packed by children and parents

wanting to catch a glimpse

of the dinosaur, wanting to get to cuddle the character and some

even blowing

kisses at him." echoed Tickets Box Office.

Mrs. Yashika Singh from The Department of Family Planning in South Africa,

says that even though she is a major head of a department she cannot

let the thrill of "Barney," visiting South Africa escape her clutches.

"Everyone knows that Barney is like a second parent to our children. The

moment you switch his favorite episode of Barney on, he falls asleep. My twins

cannot wait to see Barney in South Africa."

Little Juwairya who smiled at The Children Magazine, saying that when

Barney comes to Pretoria, she will hold him, kiss him, and give him lots of




President Zuma's

         statement to Parliament...!!

by Juanita Struben

(23 December 2014--FF News) South African President Jacob Zuma,

spoke yesterday about the current economic stimulus plan, the current

jobless claims, the current 'war,' between parliamentary members and

ways of strengthening his departmental leadership in government.

"We see South Africa rescued from the mining strike earlier this year,

we see South Africa employed 2.7% of the unemployed since January,

we see the price of natural gases and other fossils fuels reduced and

we are already seeing foreign investors still wagging their tails, South Africa's

way." he was quoted as saying.

Reserve Bank economist, Mr. Rashid Haffejee says that the mine strikes earlier

this year, almost knocked the SA economy into recession, but after meetings

with mining bosses, he assured the community that 'everything was under control.'

"When we had the fighting battles of the mine workers we saw our rand reach to

the level of R11 per dollar. This easing by the mine workers has brought our currency

to a manageable approach of R9 to the dollar.


We have seen new jobs introduced

to the country, we have seen the crime rate reduced by 3.9% since February, and

we have seen amnesty deals with government to rescue our over crowded prisons."

Minister of Business Relationships, Mr. Trevor Nhlapo told

Footprints in Johannesburg, that

small to medium businesses had generated a net return

of 18% year on year with blue

chip companies showing a slightly lower return of 14% year on year.

"The growth in the lower to upper class market has stemmed production on

our exports, whilst our major listed companies have produced better than


returns. We anticipate that 2015, will be the year of the tiger where we see

further shuffling in government, better management by our departmental heads,

and extreme foreign leadership with our African allies."



President Jacob Zuma responds to questions

in parliament with Footprints Filmworks


Ceo of Impala Holdings, Mr. Johan Van Schoeman noted to 

The Government Gazette that

2014 had produced 'better than expected,' returns after the

failing mine strikes that

hurt the SA economy.

"After the mining strikes in July, I was tempted to double my

investment into

like businesses. We put pen and paper together, and worked with our teams,

to build a powerhouse formula that worked. I remember when we sat in June

2014, picking our brains and diaries for solutions to the challenges we had. We

are somewhat happy with the new government approach and stand with Zuma's

decision by implementing policies to 'protect-'n-promote,' our businesses."

Minister of Land Reform and Homelands, Mrs. Gizelle Oosthuizen noted that

whilst 12% of homes in South Africa still did not have proper sanitation, proper

electricity and proper education, the gap was lowering due to governments


"We have met with community leaders from general communities and have

addressed the issues that have been painted. We have invited community

leaders and friends to have their way and say, and honorably we are still trying

to be positive in bringing down this gap. As the ANC had promised in May 2014,

we are renovating water boreholes, repairing damaged water pipes, improved

our stronghold on power supplies and are still keeping promises laid in May."

Spokesperson for The Department of Education, Miss. Lebogang Ndlovo added

that cabinet was stringent on educating the youth for FREE, but was still working

with public schools and teachers to bring this a reality.

"We have the best education sector in South Africa, and our universities are

some of the best in the world. We have got together a team of 3000 students

from all universities in South Africa to assist the nation by developing their skills

internationally by enrolling them at The University of Harvard, The University of

Footprints, The New York University and The University of Yale...Our approach

as government is to learn from our foreign friends, and to implement these

teaching standards and quality in our country."

The Department of Correctional Services concluded to members of parliament

saying that they will 'relieve,' 4532 prisoners by February 2015, as many

of the prisoners in South African jails were serving sentences far too much

as originally said.

"South Africa has one of the most over crowded prisons and

our amnesty deal

to release minor prisoners and prisoners with low penalties

to start anew,

and fresh. This has always been our promise to the community

to provide

fair treatment to our oppressed."

President Zuma ended his speech to members of parliament saying that

let us go home, have an awesome Christmas, and the next time

we meet in February 2015, we have so much more promises and

targets to outlay to the nation.

"Let 2014 be a learning experience for us all, let our

little battles between

the parties be ironed out, and let us hold our glasses

in celebration of 2015."




Terrorists "ATTACK,"

                       SHOPPING MALL, KILLING 81...!!

by Primrose Mashaba

(8 December 2014--FF News) It's the e i g h t h day that Nigerian

military forces captured and seized community residents and families

at the notorious Al Amina Shopping Mall in Kaduna.

"My daughter is dead, my daughter is dead, my daughter is dead." exclaimed

Mrs. Chimamandata Sarima.

Sarima tells Footprints in Kaduna that her daughter had asked her to go with

her friends to the center and within two hours, the news read that the shopping

center was under a 'terror-attack...'

According to sources close to the Al Jamaat terrorist organization, the mall

was captured by military leaders in the underground doldrums.

"Al Jamaat has been active since 1983 and has been training in the sewers of Yola.

The primary reason for the group attacking the Mall, they want their leader to be

released from the holding cells in Kuduna."

Sheik Basheer Abdul Sattar Kayami who has been on the FBI's most wanted

list since car bombings in South Africa in 2002, terrorist ship wreckage's in

Cuba, and other terrorist rampages in Uganda,Zimbabwe, Pakistan and

Afghanistan has made him one of the most wanted men in the world,

read Reuters.

Reuters says on their website that the Sheik was captured by Nigerian

Police on October 25, and has been living 'behind-bars,' ever since.

"His group of more than three thousand men have rested the need

to tackle Nigeria, and kill her people for him to be released

with immediate effect."

On the morning of December 1st, most children went to the center

to purchase their breakfast, most teenagers went to the center

to meet their loved ones, and most couples 'were eye-shopping,'

when eight armed thugs entered the building, firing bullets, left

right and center.

"These thugs wore baklava masks, firing their weapons into people,

looting shop windows and sealing all entry's and exits." read a local

Nigerian paper.

"It was certainly not Winter, when I

saw a man wearing a baklava mask

and a weapon in his hand." said an escapee.

Speaking to The Stanger Tabloid, local investigator, Mr. Yusuf Paruk says that the Sheik

had lived in South Africa in 1992, before 'plotting-'n-planning,' the railway bombings

in London in 2006...

"We have records that the Sheik was living in South Africa, planning a mass

murder execution against the West. We see his motives as Islamic, bringing

down the Anglo Saxon government and her allies...His capture on 25 October,

brought a smile to our faces."

Nigerian Station Commander Captain Adeleye Ontonga says that it's the eighth day

since Al Jamaat terrorists had attacked the mall, and have been sending messages

to The Nigerian government that they will only release hostages once Sheik Basheer

is released...

"They are asking to transfer him to the native base in Yola, where a helicopter

must be awaiting, with a pilot who will be traveling towards The Middle East. We

have already reported 81 people dead, and hundreds crying, waiting, and hoping

for their release."

Another resident who spoke to The Nigerian Times, Mr. Omoboljie Johnson

noted that Al Jamaat militants were the most aggressive terrorist organizion

since Al Jalal...

"These terrorists are not to be taken for a ride. They are here to teach The West a lesson,

by killing our people, and by threatening Islamic Wars in Western countries...They have

pooled their resources by joining their organization with Al Jalal, Al Qaeda, Al Abdullah

and other terrorist organizations that have been looting our properties."

Islamic scholar from The University of Rhodes, Imaam Sadek Murchie says that Islam

does not teach terror, Islam does not teach death against the West, Islam condemns

any kind of killing, and Islam condemns to act against "Allah's will...'

"These organizations claim to be freedom seekers, yet our religion does not preach

these qualities to our men. This is a fanatic organization that chooses to rule the world

with their devilish work ethic and deadly politics."

Captain Ontonga reported his statement to the media this afternoon, that by

noon tomorrow, if the Al Jamaat organization does not surrender their pilgimage

to Police, they will be forced to 'divide-'n-rule...'





Oupa Fats 'changes,' it's name...!!

by Goolam Hathorani


(10 December 2014--FF News) The South African Department

of Housing and Homes announced this afternoon that the naming

of the Lenasia/Soweto wetland be changed to "Lenz Lake," said

spokesperson Mr. Gregory Mbali.

Mbali says that South African's had voted that the wetland that seperates

Soweto and Lenasia be re-named as other government structures.

"The people of Lenasia have been sweetening words

to leave the name

as Oupa Fats, and government agreed today that the

name should change."

Oupa Fats, the name has come about back in the days

of Apartheid, when a

fat personality, Mr. Trevor Marias occupied the space.

"Legend has it that Oupa Fats, who he was later called

occupied the wetland,

growing up sheep and cows. Today, hundreds of Lenasia

residents enjoy

a game of football at the wetland, hundreds of Soweto residents share

passion under the moonlight, and hundreds of fathers

enjoy a Sunday

afternoon fishing expedition."

"Lenasia will never be the same without Oupa Fats.." explained a resident.


    • HD

Speaking to Footprints in Lenasia, local resident

Mr. Faried Sayed says that Lenasia will

never be the same, without Oupa Fats...

"Lenasia is known internationally for our landmark as Oupa Fats,

and many thousands of Lenasia residents

have been protesting this. Some residents are saying that

local government had given

the nudge to Parliament, whilst others are saying that

it was a unanimous decision."

Community leader, Mr. Yunus Takolia noted to

The Peoples Paper,

that Lenasia residents were furious regarding the renaming, and

already we have hundreds of families leaving Lenasia.

"Lenasia is becoming an even more dangerous place to live in, with

the neighboring community. Many of our Indian people are leaving

the community as other foreign nationals are infesting

the community."

Local Soweto resident, Miss. Sebongile Mokathusi noted to

The Soweto Times, that she feels that it is unfair that the name

be named "Lenz-Lake,' as the wetland divides Soweto

and Lenasia.

"If we share the same space, the space should be named between

the two communities...I was thinking like a name like

"LESO Lake," that

way the wetland has a combination of both


Apartheid Activist, Mr. Herman Van Der Berg,

concluded by saying that

the 'new government,' is destroying the heritage

of South Africa, and

his heart burns to see the things they built up over

the years being forced

to change.

  2. Mariah Carey - HERO with Footprints Filmworks


    To Mr. PPP

    by Princess


    (16 December 2014--FF News) So, I decided to write this letter on

    Footprints Filmworks because once upon a time a guy by the name of

    Mr. PPP had admired me, liked me, spoke honestly and loving to me,

    and STILL broke my precious h e a r t...??

    We were going out for three years, behind closed doors, and I loved

    every second of it...We were destined to be better, we were destined

    to grow together, we were destined to 'teach-'n-preach,' to each other,

    and were even planning to get married...

    He broke my first kiss, he took my heart away within days, he resembled

    my Prince Charming, and everything was 'gelling-well,' until the other woman

    walked into his life...

    I 'wonder-'n-ponder,' why sometimes men lie, sometimes men tell us

    things because they want something, and sometimes these somethings

    seem nothing when he 'falls-out-of love,' with you...

    I am sitting in my room, as I write this letter on Footprints Filmworks, asking

    myself, how did I loose him, why did God take him a w a y from me, and

    who we could of created if we were married today.

    "You ve gotta have a smile on your face, whether you have a lousy

    day, or a happy day..." he once told me.

    I am highly upset that this break up has kept me in my room

    the entire weekend, and still my mind cannot stray away from

    his loving touch that still gives me goose bumps.

    I know that he still loves me, he still smells my smelly kisses

    on his clothing, he still somewhere in his heart loves me,

    but cannot bear the brunt of seeing him with this other woman.

    This other woman has hurt me so much, that sometimes I feel

    like naming her ugly personality in this letter.

    To Mr. PPP, I want to say that you were the best, you were the

    sweetest, you were the kindest and most definitely the man

    I want to marry, if you can just open your heart.

    To Mr. PPP, I know that at times I was Bitchy, I know at times,

    I ignored your messages, I know at times that I even played games

    with you, to make you feel a little lighter, to make you run a bit faster

    to me, and maybe I feel that I could of done better, I could of loved

    you more, and yet today I have t e a r z in my eyez, when I think about


    To Mr. PPP, I want you to know that I never took you as a friend, I

    never took you as someone who broke my first kiss, I took you

    as my perfect husband, and inshallah the father of our children....

    To Mr. PPP, you are the only one who truly knows me for who I am,

    and some of the memories we shared, can never be forgotten, you

    were simply the best...:)

    2. English LoveSong Band Nonstop Music

      with Footprints Filmworks

      To Mr. PPP, you know that I am a traditional Muslim, and our promises under the

      stars meant everything to me, and maybe it meant nothing to you...I swear to

      you with every beat of my heart,

      when we broke up in February 2014, you were still in my heart, even

      though you called it quits...Sometimes I drive myself crazy just thinking about

      you, that I fail to concentrate at work...I took you part of every subject of

      conversation, asked people advice about us, and still you did not come

      'knocking to my door...'

      Mr. PPP, you know how my father is, and he wants me to get married to

      some Imaam from Klerksdorp, and I cannot bear the brunt of looking

      at his unhealthy beard...I loved the way you kissed me, I loved the way

      you would cuddle me, I loved the way you soothed my mind, and I loved

      every cell of your body...Sometimes, Mr. PPP, I think I loved you more, than

      I loved myself....

      My question to you Mr. PPP, why tell me all these promises, why tell me

      you going to build a dollhouse for us, why tell me that you will make me

      the happiest woman in the world, why tell me that "You love me,'

      when tonight I sit in my bed, and I ask myself Why, Why, Why...

      I ask Allah every night, why did he send you in my life, why did he

      allow you to 'tease-'n-teach,' me so much, and take it away.

      To, Mr. PPP, we had set the wedding date for January 13th 2015,

      and you pulled out in February...My promise to you my love,

      is that I will love you today, tomorrow and always, and if your heart

      takes a U turn before the 13th, just call me and say "Lets get married..."

      Mr. PPP, I tried to make you as happy as ever, and I am asking you

      to take the risk in us one l a s t time, and I promise you, I will make

      you the happiest man in the world...Trust me. Love me. and

      I will be all yourz...:)


      PS: I have asked the editor of this company to play "our song,"

      that we would kiss for the entire song in your car...Now,

      you know your favorite stalker...MWAH!! (Sometimes I wonder

      I could kiss you for three minutes without stopping...)

      About 27,400 results

      1. Ye Silsila Hai Pyar Ka [Full Song]

        with Footprints Filmworks


        More Earthquake attacks for South Africa, says

        Dr. Paul Wilson...!!

        by Paul Wilson

        (8 December 2014--FF News) South African's are said to be

        in the limelight in local media since warnings have signalled

        that a further two EARTHQUAKES will hit the father

        country within a period of three years...

        "The northern Atlantic plate of Western Cape region

        has collided against The Limpopo Valley plate that

        has caused the friction felt on 5 August 2014. We expect

        another quake in June 2015, as we see that the faults still

        are bridging against each other..." says The University

        of South Africa...

        About 4,920,000 results

        Dr. Paul Wilson told Footprints in Orkney that the magnitude of the quake was

        5.3 and expectations that further eruptions in June 2015 and October 2017

        were expected to be in the region of 6.2 and 8.1.

        "We see disastrous consequences in coming years to properties, vehicles,

        people and other animal life that could reach a death toll of more than

        a million. The quake felt in 5.3 was a minor quake signalling further

        quakes in coming years." he sighed.

        The Geological Council of South Africa say that it is as result of a sudden

        release of energy in the Earth's crust that creates seismic waives.

        "At the Earth's surface, earthquakes manifest themselves by shaking

        and sometimes displacing objects on the ground. When the epicentre

        of a large earthquake bursts through the ground, the entire ground

        opens up and swallows whatever it can, and closing within seconds."

        the council explained.



        Dr. Paul Wilson further notes that scientists were working through

        the epicenter in Orkney and learning reasons as to why

        the Earthquake occurred.

        "This could be as a result of aggressive mining, this could

        be a result of excessive sewage, this could be a result

        as a natural disaster. We are unsure at the moment, but

        will report to the media in coming days."

        The Nature Conservation and Animal Control Center says

        that hundreds of animals were found chanting when

        the Earthquake struck on 5 August 2014.

        "Hundreds of cats and dogs were found moaning till

        the early hours of night. The 40 sec quake had killed

        four people injuring thousands."

        Mr. Johan Van Vuuren concluded to Footprints in Durban, that

        the quake was felt right across South Africa and in certain areas

        in Zimbabwe.

        "We see the quake in June 2015 to be even more disastrous

        destroying property and damaging local infrastructure. We are

        preparing to install stilts on properties close to the epicentre

        to try to avoid further damages for these natural disasters..."


FF News: Past II

*Information may be

fictional when going to press...

"Preparations for upcoming FILM...'

"The PrinCe of her Dreams..."


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    Bollywood Songs of 2000-20008 |Jukebox| - HQ

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    Super hit songs of 2000-2008. Songs list (with jukebox): 1.
    Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega
    - Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega (00:00) 2. Kal Ho Naa ...

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New Singing
Thabo Daniels

(29 February 2012) He was the cat amongst

the pigeons for his

friends because he always had a stroke of dance,

vibe, 'thrills and spills...'

Now, 18 yr old Thabo Daniels is taking on the

challenge to win

South Africa's 'got-talent,' program played on Saturday

Evening's at 8:pm on SABC...
Thabo Daniels took music lessons in

school including the

playing of piano and guitar and later took voice

lessons so

that he could compete internationally...
Now, Daniels has seen his dreams

become a reality as

he is chosen in the last 8 of SA's got

talent and says

that he learn't the art and passion of Music on the

streets of Soweto...


"We would often have supper and friends would gather

by my house for a night of music with a bola fire..."

he says...
South African talent is on the upstream as

singers have

developed their voices to sell record labels...
International Music sensation

Justin Bieber who tours

South Africa in June 2012 says that he will perform

to concerts in the country and that aspiring singers

should buy tickets to hear his 'heart-warming voice...'
Thabo who told Footprints in Soweto, that African music

has a specific culture and many African's not only living

in South Africa were starting to vibe up to his tone...
Recording distributor MTV and SONY have already signed

agreements with Daniels for figures above $5 million

dollars whispered a local resident...
Whilst Daniels can be seen on SABC this month, one

should love to enjoy new talent with the focus on

future d r e a m s...

"My brother jokes with me by saying that I have

a voice to capture the nation..." Daniels added...
Besides being the national talked about teenage

sensation in South Africa Daniels plan to record

labels in South Africa and use his man-power contract

with the United States to stem likeness to his

tunes and vibes...
Daniels concludes by saying that he started with music

at the age of nine by singing for the local church, the

local school, the local orchestra and the local

community town-house...

JUMPING CASTLES IS located in Laudium, Lenasia,

Alberton and Azaadville and centrally located in

Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Durban...

We are specialists in the sale and hire of


Call us today to purchase or hire your

JUMPING CASTLE of choice...
Tel: 012 666 7823 Tel: 0835239158

Wendylane is located in Gauteng, Limpopo, Polokwane

and Western Cape and locally located in Woodsworth, Woodmead,

Centurion and Central Park...Wendylane is

a leading manufacturer

of Wendy Houses, Tree Houses and other

little objects to make

your house a home...Call Wendy Wensworth today...
Tel: 0117862391 Tel: 0829774599

  2. 20 best routines Hip-Hop

    - with Footprints Filmworks



    (29 February 2012) A grass snake was found in the chalet

    of honeymoon couple Fracious and Monica Kruger...

    They got married during the course of last weekend

    and were planning a week in the mother city of

    Polokwane-Bella Bella...The week was

    'on course and ready,' and on the

    second day of their romantic honeymoon Mr. Fracious Kruger

    found a snake spitting at him when he opened the fridge

    for a glass of milk at 3: am...
    "He normally wakes up in the middle of the night to have

    something to drink and eat, and this time he was greeted

    by a hissing snake..." said Mrs. Monica Kruger...
    Aventura Resorts owners of Warmbaths said

    in a statement that warnings were placed at the

    entrance of the resort that the company holds

    no liability should any persons be contact with an animal...

    This has sparked a local contraversy in the local Polokwane

    community as questions were raised should a snake be found

    in a fridge, what's next and from whom...
    Speaking to Footprints in Polokwane Mr. Francious Kruger

    added that he screamed and shut the door

    of the fridge

    alerting the local Warmbaths Hotel Management...
    "I was surprised to have seen the snake, and the

    matter has been dealt with by Aventura

    extending our holiday trip from one week

    to two weeks..." he added...


    POSTBANK out of pocket
    to the tune of R400 million rand...

    (1 March 2012) Postbank which carries more than

    25 million messages per day to South African's is out of

    pocket to the tune of R400 million rand reported

    the Sunday Times...

    What was an enjoyable Christmas for most

    companies ended

    up in disaster as the main frame of the computer panels

    of Postbank was hacked into so that robbers could

    crone almost R400 million rand over a

    period of three days...
    Postbank Ceo Johan Davis who spoke to the media

    this morning says that investigations were still underway

    and that hackers who stole the money had


    accounts where the money was deposited into...
    "This is an on-going matter still being


    whereby the robbers stole 40 million rand on

    the first day,

    R180 million rand on the second day and another R180

    million rand on the third day deposited in Pakistani names

    under the names of Abdool Rashid, Iftikaar Ahmed and

    Shezaad Akhalwaya..." he says...
    Speaking to Footprints in Laudium, local

    community leader

    Ashraf Sadek says that he was blazzed by the headline

    news and that the community was being investigated

    as the robbers physical address according to POSTBANK

    was in Laudium...
    "We have had ATM bombings, we have had heists

    and today

    we are faced with Postbank being robbed by

    Laudium residents..." he says...
    Meanwhile the community is in an outrage situation

    as letters that were being posted are currently being

    blocked by POSTBANK as the Post Office is being

    investigated by Detective Anderson from

    The National Intelligence Unit...

    Detective Anderson told Footprints in Laudium, that the

    matter was being investigated and that the crime hub wa

    s operating in Laudium and that if any residents seen

    or heard of residents who were flashing over R500 000

    in cash should be reported to the nearest police station...
    Mr. Johan Davis added that the loss would

    leave investors

    who invested in Postbank a 3 percent loss on the

    first quarter of the share price due to the robbers

    hacking into the computer systems

    of the Post Office...

    About 347 results

    1. South Africa Postbank 100 years

      celebration party in Capetown with

      Footprints Filmworks


      400 Different Kinds of MILK
      for South Africa in coming months...

      (1 March 2012-FF News) The Danish have said to have invested

      a sum of R455 million rand in South Africa to market the 400

      different kinds of milk the country exports...Douglas Dale CEO

      Nikita Williams said that the investment by the Danish could

      improve business outlook of the company by more than

      26 percent in 2012 and could raise investors expectations

      by more than 24 percent for 2012...

      The Danish are said to be major exporters of Milk and

      some of the milk that has been produced include cows milk,

      goats milk, horse milk and infant milk for babies who drink with

      a bottle said local newspaper Mommys R US...

      Local community leader Fredrick Mashete said that the investment

      by the Danish was not only good news for business companies in

      South Africa but also babies who relied on their mother's milk...
      "Some of the forumale's that is expected to be imported include pasteurized

      breast milk that could last upto six months on shelves for retailers..."

      said CEO of Shoprite Mohammed Adroos...

      Speaking to Footprints in Sandton, Adroos says that the formula's

      imported will make life easier for mothers and other products that

      were being imported for South Africa is richer, creamer and healthier

      milk for families he adds...
      Parmalot Managing Director Mr. Isaak Sithole says that the

      milk industry has increased since 2010, with manufacturers

      flocking to SA shores..
      "MILK is the everyday product of a home, and

      the products

      for sale at our distribution centre has always been

      world class..." Sithole adds..

      About 31,300 results

      1. ---------------------------------------

      Robbers target Waterkloof home...

      (2 March 2012) The quiet neighbourhood of Waterkloof in Gauteng

      was left alarmed when a man woke up to a robber standing in a monkey

      mask with a knife held close to him stating that he should direct him to the safe...
      Gary Onyx who resides for the l a s t nine years in Waterkloof was sound

      asleep when around 2:am the gang of robbers had entered his house

      by breaking the front window of the kitchen...
      "The alarm went on, and I was just getting into my gown to

      see what the matter was, all to open my eyes and see

      the man holding a knife to me..." he says...
      He then led the robbers to his safe where they stole a laptop,

      credit-cards, an undisclosed amount of cash and the keys to

      his BMW X5...

      "The police has done nothing to recover my car and other

      valuables and I am still shaken over the entire incident..." he says...
      The Waterkloof police station told Footprints in Waterkloof, tha

      t a suspect was being held for questioning after the X5 was

      found hidden in a garage in Hammanskraal...

      The Hookah Lounge

      The Hookah Lounge is located in Midrand, Mayfair, Waterkloof and Wynberg

      and centrally located in Gauteng, Free-State, Limpopo and Western Cape...

      The Hookah Lounge provides residents of the community a chance to

      enjoy Brazilian coffee and 'smoke-a-hookah...' The Hookah Lounge is

      directed by Mr. Albert Mcdonald...
      Tel: 012 5564343 Tel: 0832268354


      Eurolux is located in Laudium, Lenasia, Brakpan and Benoni and

      centrally located in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban...

      Eurolux is a luxury light fitment company that deals with the fitment of lights

      and other household appliances for ones home...Call Mrs. Kimberly Botha today...

      Tel: 0215288400 Tel: 0834092999

      Principal 'expelled,'
      for affair with Teacher...
      (2 March 2012-FF News) The Johannesburg Muslim School is once

      again in the headlines in all major newspapers in Johannesburg after

      the local principal Mr. Iqbal Hathorani was caught red-handed with his

      pants down during a barged interference by the

      secretary 'opening the door,' whilst

      performing the lustful act...

      Mr. Iqbal Hathorani was expelled from the governing body today,

      after the affair is said to have lasted since school opened on the

      18 January 2012...
      Local spokesperson for the board of directors Mr. Haroon Ebrahim

      says that Mr. Hathorani was a good principal but his prince qualities

      got into the way when he had an affair with local

      teacher Mrs. Najma Adam...
      "The thing is that both parties are married, what were they

      thinking by doing it in the staff room whilst they thought that

      teachers were teaching students during period time..."

      said local school-teacher Yusuf Moosa...
      Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, local school teacher

      Mrs. Najma Adam said that she was hired by Mr.

      Hathorani towards

      the end of last term to teach grade 10

      mathematics and that she

      did not have an intention to have an affair with

      "We were friends at most, until he started showing

      interest in me, and then

      one thing led to another..." she says...
      Both parties are said to have resolved the

      issue by the principal

      claiming that he had promised the teacher to

      marry her and will take her as a second

      wife during the course of 2012...
      The Principal is said to have been banned

      from teaching in 2012

      due to the informal dating consequence with the teacher...
      Local grade 8 student Zakiyyah Abramjee says that the principal

      had set a bad example for students and that the talked

      about scene was gossiped by parents...


      1. ------------------------------------------

      Drunken Son Comes home at 5: am

      (2 March 2012) Footprints in Lenasia

      has received

      complaints from the

      father and mother of Zaheer Kader

      (39) claiming

      that their son has

      come home at 5: am for the last

      three months and

      that we should do

      something about it since we have

      helped the

      community of South

      Africa in so many ways...

      According to parents Shaida and Abdul

      Kader their

      son has a drinking problem which started more

      than three years ago...
      "Since he got the job at the Johannesburg Stock

      Exchange, he has

      been flush with money throwing us thousands of

      rands at a time, but

      this has led him to become an alcoholic..." says Mr. Kader...
      We are respected community leaders

      and have built a reputation

      in this town all to have our own son spoil our

      reputation with the

      local community added Mrs. Shaida Kader...
      When Footprints in Lenasia spoke to

      Mr. Zaheer Kader he was

      once again drunk and we forced him into the

      local Nishtara

      Rehabilitation program so that he can kick the habit...
      "All children who are suffering some-sort of addiction

      should visit the Nishtara Rehabilitation program so that

      they can heal the wounds of the past and repair their

      damaged brain cells..." said spokesperson for Nishtara

      Mr. Rahim Patel...

      Decorahead is located in Laudium,

      Lenasia, Meyerstown,

      Midrand, Sandton, Soweto,

      Waterkloof and Wynberg and

      provides luxury curtains at wholesale


      Fit the best curtains

      for your home, office or any

      building that you

      choose with a l a r g e

      selection of imported curtains....

      Call Rayhaan Tayob today...
      Tel: 012 3277792 Tel: 0827869007
      Anglogold is located in Laudium,

      Lenasia, Brakpan,

      Benoni, Roshnee

      and Rylands and provides mineral

      resources at

      the hub of the company...

      Anglogold is directed by Mr. Neville

      Tel: 0116376273 Tel: 0849636950

      8ta Network to launch
      wireless technology in coming years...

      (3 March 2012-FF News) The country's

      number one mobile network

      has again reduced rates on services whereby

      the company is estimated

      to give back to South Africa by launching the

      8ta 8G card which would

      cost consumers a set fee of R81-00 per

      month on an eight month contract...

      In a general meeting held at Telkom's

      headquarters in Cape Town,

      CEO of Telkom Mr. Ruben September

      says that his retirement eight years

      ago was soon postponed as Telkom had

      called him to negotiate

      the leading branch of Heita in


      "I have been employed again by Telkom

      to strengthen the

      country's mobile branch..." he says...

      In an e-mail letter to Footprints in Rylands,

      September says that 8ta will

      now be offering 88 sms's for a discount

      price of sending

      8-paid sms's

      and consumers can than send 88 free

      sms's to their

      friends and family..."

      September added...

      He added that 8ta networks was f a s t

      becoming the country's

      mobile carrier with messages of over 888

      million sent per day...
      "Telkom and other leading brands have launched

      wireless technology

      of 8ta networks in schools and universities so that

      internet usage can

      be free..." September added...


      Local media personality Natasha Lansbury s

      ays that Telkom's

      bid to buyout other networks including

      Vodacom, MTN,

      and CELL C had proven well as all three companies

      would currently

      be bought by Telkom for an estimated

      R88 billion rand...
      "Within eight years of our buyout deal with these

      brands we

      would have re-couped our money and shareholders

      would be happy..."

      Lansbury says...
      Telkom has officially become the monopoly

      communication leader

      holding shares in 8ta, Incredible Connection,

      Postbank and

      Daily Sun...
      Telkom, Group Head for the Gauteng Branch

      Angela Williams s

      aid that 8ta would now offer 88 free

      minutes per month

      with a recharge card of R8-00 per month...



      Stock Broker faces

      charges of churning.

      by Akber Majoti

      3 February 2011

      A local stock broker Ahmed Seedat faces charges of churning

      from a local businessman Dr. Imraan Kalla. According to the

      investor Dr. Imraan Kalla he invested a sum of R8 million

      rand in the trust of Mr. Ahmed Seedat.

      The businessman claims that his account was 'churned,'

      with the local stock exchange and lost his entire

      investment with Seedat. This comes after

      speculation that Seedat had churned the doctors

      account and managed to loose the entire investment...

      The Johannesburg Stock Exchange issued a report to

      Dr. Imraan Kalla claiming that he had authorized the investment

      into certain shares that were trading on the local stock market.

      According to the report received by Footprints in Sandton the

      businessman claims that he had invested the amount in

      December 2009

      and the account balance of the investment

      reached a staggering

      R52 million rand whereby the stock broker told the

      investor to withdraw his funds and maintain the

      R8 million rand investment...

      Ahmed who spoke exclusively to Footprints in Sandton

      said that he had maintained his mandate set-out by the

      investor, in this scenario Dr. Imraan Kalla. When things

      went sour for the businessman and the investor

      the investor decided to stop all positions at an

      account balance of R14 million rand.

      This R14 million rand remained in the account holders name

      when another position was taken in the stock market

      whereby the stock broker warned the investor of the

      potential loss of the trade. When the investor received

      a call on his mobile from the exchange that he required

      a further two million rand to hold the current position

      the investor was furious with Seedat...

      "This man trades like a wild-cowboy. Sure enough we were

      making money at one stage and I should of withdrawn my

      initial capital plus 50 percent profit and re-invest into the

      market. I am grateful that my entire family did

      not invest with this stock broker." he said.

      In what seems to be a race for time and knowledge

      the businessman told Footprints in Sandton that he is

      an investor in the local market but was stemmed by '

      fear and greed.'

      "I have been trading the stock market since the 1990's and not

      once did I see a move as quick and fast-paced as last weeks

      move in the market." he said.

      The businessman is said to have invested a sum of R4

      million rand with another stock broker at the local exchange.



      Soft-training presents the North West University

      accredited certificate on NQF Level 5 with 8 credits

      END-User Computing.

      -Introduction to computers

      -Operating Systems

      -Word Processing



      -Email and Internet

      -Website Design

      Tel: (012) 3740170 0826844268




      Footprints Filmworks

                  'Personality of the year,' 2008...

      by Omar Abdulla

      There comes a time in the evolution of MAN where he has

      to make decisions,

      some of them good and some of them not so good.


      Deadlines, Dreams and Desires WILL ALWAYS be a

      motivating factor in ones LIFE...

      "L I F E which is an acronym for Living In Full Energy

      should be practiced

      on a daily routine to ensure appreciation of assets"

      says Dr Mahmood Khan our Footprints Filmworks

      "Personality of the year 2008"

      "Although $62 billion dollars in today's

      times is enough to start

      World War III,

      planetary assets like Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Heart

      would be

      humanities greatest asset for the future."

      Dr Mahmood Khan(81) who is a community leader from Berea

      has traveled to countries like the United States, United Kingdom,

      Uganda and United Arab Emirates...

      Motivation, Meditation, Management and Marriage are

      regarded as Dr Mahmood

      Khan's secret to success. Success as it turns out is

      what you perceive for yourself...

      About 102,000 results

      Dr Mahmood Khan by profession is a pilot and has flew

      planes for South African

      Airways and British Airways. He has been retired for

      just under 30 years...

      South African Airways (SAA) is South Africa's flag carrier

      which was established

      in 1934 and is South Africa's largest domestic and

      International Airline

      company, with hubs in Cape Town and


      It is also known in Afrikaans as Suid-Afrikaanse


      although this version of the name no longer

      appears on the

      airlines livery. South African Airways is

      rated by performance, safety,

      and numerous other criteria as the best and most profitable

      airline in Africa and one of the top airlines in the world.

      When the footprints team spoke to an

      airline official at OR Tambo

      International Airport she said that they have more than one

      hundred flights to twenty five different countries per day

      which shows readers how vast our planet is. OR Tambo

      International Airport is the busiest airport in Africa...

      "When you step out of the box. you get to

      see the bigger

      picture of life. Taking Care of your prized possessions

      like your family, your home, your community and

      your Greater Outlook would always

      be your motivating factor" Khan elaborates.

      When asked the secret to a magic lifestyle he says:

      "One needs to be comfortable, cozy and creative at all times..."

      "If you for example choose to be the President of South Africa,

      date an FHM Model, drive the fancy Ferrari or choose to live your

      life out sipping a cocktail on a cruise to India it all

      starts with a taught" he laughs.

      Fun Facts about Dr Mahmood Khan include

      playing bridge, surfing the net,

      taking long walks and visiting old age homes.

      "My vision for the future is bright, so you better wear your

      sunglasses, the power is yours" he concluded.



      SA AVIATION to import 'Airbus's,'

      by Hannah Ackerman

      19 January 2011

      The South African Department of Aviation is to import

      one hundred and twenty (120)

      Airbus's in

      January 2011 to establish relationships with China, Russia,

      United States and Brazil...

      This comes

      after an influx of tourists to South Africa since the

      World Cup in 2010. The World Cup

      has increased

      the country's travel and tourism sector by almost

      forty percent in the last six months.

      Many international airports have liaised with leading

      local airports including

      Cape Town International

      Airport, King Shaka Airport, Brakpan Airport and OR

      International Airport to

      support the purchase

      of one hundred and twenty airbus's for the country.

      The purchase is estimated

      to cost the country

      R312 billion rand which will be payable to Airbus

      over a five year lease.

      According to OR

      International Airport the company plans to use

      the airplanes for

      domestic and international flights.

      Speaking to Footprints in South Africa local pilot Greeb

      Johnson says that he often flies

      between London and Johannesburg on a daily basis...

      "Our country has purchased a large amount of airplanes and we

      could use this initiative

      by local government to improve the trade industry of the

      country by importing and

      exporting goods and services to oversee's nations." he said.

      Another personality Yasmin Essacks said that the

      country had welcomed the

      purchase of the airbus's but will have to be marketed

      to the right airliners.

      "We have spent so much on South Africa in previous

      quarters and government

      is playing with high-risk investments with Airbus."

      she said.

      The country is expected to lease the airplanes

      purchased to South African Airways,

      British Airways, Air India, Virgin Atlantic, Mango

      and other leading airline companies...



      2. We Like To Party - Vengaboys with

        Footprints Filmworks


        Facebook receives $500 million dollars

                   investment from Goldman Sachs.!

        by Fredrick Henry

        3 January 2011

        Facebook-The Worlds newest social networking site received

        a $500 million dollar investment from Goldman Sachs this month.

        Facebook's Managing Director Tim Kendall who posted

        a message on his wall this morning said that the

        investment would be used to market Facebook

        in other countries including South Africa,

        Australia, Egypt and Greece...

        In a report received by Footprints in South Africa Facebook

        says that the company was investing large sums of money into

        the social development arm of the company in the

        form of newspapers,

        'tele-port media,' and radio broadcasting. Facebook has

        become one

        of the worlds fastest growing companies according to

        size and age.

        According to a news-report on sister competitor Google,

        the company plans to use the investment by

        Goldman Sachs to increase memory servers and

        increase advertising on other social network

        groups including Footprints Filmworks,

        Nismedia, Primedia Broadcasting and Vodacom...

        "We choose to empower our fans by empowering

        the businesses

        and companies they support." said Jeff Richards senior

        market leader at Facebook...

        Whilst facebook might be a giant in the America's

        the company

        is planning operation hubs in South Africa and other

        leading African countries. Facebook has invested large

        sums of capital in the promotion of marketing of brand

        names in the form of Barack Obama, Sakeena Joosub,

        Lara Dutta, Aishwarya Rai, Omar Abdulla,

        Prophet Muhammed(S.A.W.), L.Ron Hubbard and

        Shar Rukh Khan...

        Darie's Driving School

        Darie's Driving School is the only driving school in Laudium that

        caters for Laudium, Erasmia, Centurion, and Midrand

        residents. We are located in Laudium to provide

        world class lessons to you our 'future sports driver.' Darie's

        Driving School is TPA approved...

        Specializing in: Learners and Drivers Licence

        A QUICK BRUSH UP ON K53.

        380 Mendhi Street

        Tel: 0824535741 0827814901
        HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM DARIE'S Driving School.

        Darie's Driving School and Footprints in Laudium is giving a w a y

        five 'drivers licence,' lessons to the f i r s t ten people

        who bring this ADVERT along to us.

        Bikers World

        Bikers World is the communities place to shop if you require

        'speed and control,' when travelling the streets of South Africa.

        We are located in Erasmia, which is easily found in Fortuna Street.

        We s t o c k all brands of motorcycles ranging from the cheap

        -expensive range. We require 'old motorcycles,' and accept trade-ins...

        Bikers World is the place for your teenager or son who

        wants that 'dream bike.'

        Prices range from R3000-R100 000.00


        Tel: (012) 370 3492 0826723711


        2. Vengaboys - Shalala lala with

          Footprints Filmworks


          CHAMP OF THE MONTH 'January 2011.'

          by Sakeena Joosub

          15 January 2011

          A South African businessman Zunaid Moti has been named

          'Champ of the month,' for January 2011 for the newspaper,

          website, f i l m and radio distribution of Footprints

          Investments LTD. Moti who hails from Johannesburg

          has been selected as 'Champ of the month,'

          based on his support and guidance in the

          community of South Africa...

          Moti who speaks with a Capetownian accent said that he will

          support local and international communities because he

          remembers the 'teachings from his father.'

          Zunaid Moti(35) who became a billionaire at the tender age of 30 says

          that the community of South Africa had respected his dreams

          by empowering South African's with fast cars and investments

          that grow beyond 'normal stock market investments.'

          Moti who is the Managing Director of several businesses

          in South Africa including Future Fin, Abalengani Investments,

          Exotic Cars and several golf estates told Footprints in Sandton

          that the investment community of South Africa invests

          in projects that outstrip 'normal business.'

          "The future of South Africa has been in the doldrums during

          the times of apartheid. With the support of national

          and international trading partners makes South Africa

          the investment of choice by everyday citizens." he said.

          Moti started his businesses when he was 21 and built his portfolio

          by 'bridging gaps,' with partners locally and internationally...

          "We have become future leaders in the eyes and hearts of people

          who we have gained respect from. Our goals for the future must

          inter-relate so that we can be giants of tomorrow." he said...

          Although Moti has been in the news in and around South Africa many

          fans who called Footprints in Sandton said that they would like

          to see 'the billionaire,' feature more frequently in

          other forms of media...

          Speaking to Footprints in Sandton Moti concludes

          by saying that

          one should plan towards ones dreams and work like

          there is no tomorrow...

          "If we s p e n d our time, space, matter and energy in the

          right way our creator will provide the 'loving luck,'

          towards our successes." he says.

          Mr. Zunaid Moti can be contacted on 082 777 7777 for

          further information about his investment projects.

          N E X T month Footprints in Sandton will

          feature 'new personalities,'

          as part of our monthly CHAMP OF THE MONTH!


          2. Sanjana...I Love You - with Footprints Filmworks


            Mini Bus Taxi Overturned!!

            by Naeema Kalla

            15 January 2011

            A Mini Bus Taxi was involved in a collision this afternoon

            'after the mini bus taxi bumped 'head on,' an oncoming

            BMW on the R55 road that links Laudium to Centurion.

            It is said that the mini bus driver was 'drunk,'

            after the local police arrested the man for 'drunk driving,'

            on a public road. The twelve passengers who were

            en-route to Centurion said that the driver

            had not seen the car oncoming towards

            them and crashed directly into the BMW...

            Although the driver of the BMW suffered minor injuries

            his car was written off with an estimated value of R120.000.

            The Taxi Driver who spoke to Footprints in Laudium

            said that the collision was caused after the driver

            of the BMW skipped the yellow robot crashing into

            his vehicle. According to the Taxi Driver the driver

            was speeding at 120km and the cause of the accident

            was the owner of the BMW and not his fault.

            According to one of the passengers she says that

            the driver of the BMW was speeding along and

            crashed into the side bumper of the mini bus taxi.

            The owner of the BMW claims that the driver

            had seen that he was driving at a speed and jumped

            the robot to avoid causing further collision

            with other motorists...

            Whilst the owner of the mini bus taxi is currently

            awaiting trail the businessman who was driving the

            car has claimed an amount of R100.000-00 from the

            South African Road Agency which awaits approval in

            coming weeks. The Taxi Association

            of South Africa said in a statement that taxi drivers

            who keep to the 'rules and regulations,'

            as stimulated by the act of The Taxi Association

            of South Africa. Other witnesses who spoke to

            Footprints in Laudium said that the R55 road had


            'an accident a day,' as the vicious roads were not

            being repaired by members of the community...

            "We have been voicing our opinions and withholds to

            the local community and no work has been done.

            The repairs of the work should of started in November

            last year and till today no work has been done

            to repair the R55 road that links Laudium to

            so many communities."

            Woodcraft Design

            Woodcraft Design is Laudium's 'Woodwork Paradise,'

            whereby we create, design and build cupboards,

            chairs, and 'exclusive furniture,' for your home.

            We specialize in creating custom made furniture

            with solid wood, oak, gumtree and other forms

            of 'exclusive woods.' We are located in Laudium

            and serve the Indian community of South Africa...

            Woodcraft Design is Managed and Directed by Morgan

            Naidoo who says that his business thrives on

            'word of mouth,' and that the furniture he creates

            is for 'homes with style.' Woodcraft Design is

            YOUR ONE STOP SHOP for the best in Design

            and anything related to Furniture.

            Footprints in Laudium and Woodcraft Design

            is giving away ten hours of 'Woodcraft Design,'

            workshops to the f i r s t ten people who

            respond to this commercial in our

            newspapers, websites and films.

            Tel: 012 374 4620 0834503955



            Housing Prices 'set to,' stagnate.!

            by Mumtaz Tayob

            18 February 2011

            Housing prices in South Africa is set to remain

            the same in the year 2011

            with South African fiscal policy makers planning

            to reduce interest rates in

            the next quarter... This comes after intense

            discussions with Members

            of Parliament. According to statement

            s received the current interest rate of 9.5

            percent will be reduced by an alarming

            100 basis points in 2011...

            This is to stem

            economic juice and provide South African's

            with more money in their pockets.

            The average house in South Africa costs

            R500-000.00 with repayments of almost

            R4700.00 payable to ones home-loan if

            the amount is leveraged through a bank,

            Speaking to Footprints in Sandton

            local economist

            Sadek Murchie says that he

            expects the interest rate in South Africa to

            drop in 2011 with strong

            concerns of labor and economic policy...

            "South Africa has one of the highest interest

            rates in Africa. Although

            this provides an awesome opportunity for investors

            seeking to save their

            money, the real deal comes when we have

            foreign investors in our country.

            Last year alone the country received

            over a trillion rand worth of foreign

            investment." he said.

            Whilst many South African's pay off

            their home-loans on a monthly basis many

            government officials plan to impose

            'higher leverage,' interest to homes and

            businesses. Many of the country's billionaires

            are either investing into a property

            stokveld or some sought of 'interest bearing bond.'

            In many cases the South

            African interest rate has remained stable

            and plans to stem economic growth

            will weaken the domestic currency. In many

            communities where homes are priced

            over R5 million rand including areas Eldoglen, Erasmia,

            Centurion and Waterkloof

            home owners will have an 'easier sleep,'

            with the coming of the interest rate drop.

            Investors who speculate with investment into

            properties are warned to hold

            on to their properties in this cycle that could

            see home prices reduced by

            up-to 10 percent in the next two years...

            The country plans to use surplus money

            invested into banks to empower

            poorer communities with RDP homes with

            equal opportunities to neighbors.

            Poor communities in South Africa will be

            allocated 'reduced prices,'

            to stem economic growth and provide

            business owners with leverage

            to invest the extra money in their
            pockets into their businesses...

            2. L'Amour et Moi - with Footprints Filmworks



              'to dazzle,'


              by Mahima Samson

              8 February 2011

              Bollywood heartrob Shar Rukh Khan is scheduled to tour the United States
              in April 2011 wooing fans that have been accustomed to his style on
              and off the screen. Shar Rukh Khan who tours America is coming
              months said in statement last night that he plans to 'bring back the song and dance,'
              to his American fans. SRK reported on his blog that he will tour the America's
              with pop idols Britney Spears, Hannah Motana, Aishwarya Rai and Omar Abdulla...

              Khan who spoke to Footprints in South Africa said that his tour will
              take place after the cricket world cup in February as the international
              community was awaiting his 'wave,' to the crowds when India take
              on Bangladesh at the first ODI that takes place later this month.
              Khan is said to visit the country to perform on stage 'songs and dance,'
              and is said to be booked out by more than 1.2 million fans....

              "We have toured the America's in 2005 and this time round we can
              use the opportunities provided by the American's to showcase our
              I have been the King of Bollywood for over twenty years now and I always
              get stopped by 'raging fans,' asking my autograph and picture..." Khan says...

              Although Khan and Rai are not on speaking
              terms concert promoters have said that the couple will have
              to 'bridge gaps,' as the duo form a 'passionate-couple,' on and
              off the screen.

              Local Superstar Omar Abdulla is said to perform with the international
              celebrities that will showcase his talent from a different angle...

              "This is my first performance on international soil and hopefully we
              can gain momentum and showcase our 'funk and spunk,' to the
              American's." he says.

              Abdulla is said to run for President of South Africa in coming years
              and will use this opportunity to realize his dreams by
              performing 'on stage,' to more than 100 000 fans.

              Meanwhile Pop sensation Hannah Montana and Britney Spears will
              join into the performance with selected 'dance moves,' that will
              keep audiences 'wanting more.'

              At a press conference before the show this afternoon fans
              were holding boards with the banner name 'Omar, Omar, Omar...'

              About 154,000 results

              1. Sajna - A R Rahman and Michael Bolton

                with Footprints Filmworks




                by Iqbal Desai

                14 February 2011

                The story of Saint Valentine dates back from as early as

                500 AD. In those days communication and expression

                of love was shown in ways that perhaps the 'modern man,'

                would not understand. The story begins in 500

                AD where Saint Valentine 'falls in love,' with his

                beloved woman whom he writes a note

                to her before he dies. The story begins

                where SAINT Valentine fell in love with his jailers daughter

                and expressed his love towards her by posting messages

                in her cell. In those days men and women were

                'sentenced,' to the same prison...

                In Todays era man has expressed his love for his woman,

                his wife, his friend and other elements of his love for

                his loved one by purchasing roses, gifts and cards that

                showcase his affection towards her.

                Speaking to Footprints in Overport local resident Shamima Essop

                says that she has been married for the last five years and every

                time the day of Valentines Day approaches she 'sneaks,'

                special prizes for her husband...

                "My husband loves to be spoil't with little things that make

                a difference. In the last five years we have always enjoyed

                moments that 'take my breath away." she said.

                Whilst Saint Valentine and the day that celebrates Valentines Day-

                14th of February is widely criticized by the Muslim communit

                y many people from South Africa and the rest

                of the world still 'showcase their love,' on this special day.

                One reader who spoke to Footprints in Overport said that the

                community of South Africa should celebrate their love

                for each other by 'being the best on the special day...'

                "The meaning of Valentines day is distorted yet we should

                remember our loved ones on this day for who they are today."

                she said.

                Other people who called Footprints in Overport said that one

                should do extra special things on days that create memories

                for ones loved one. In a conversation with local

                community personality Wasim Barbamia he says that

                his girlfriend always went that 'extra mile to

                showcase her affection towards him.'

                "Our parents taught us certain ways to show our love

                to the people whom we are attracted to and we should

                use the skills they have taught us to show our love to

                our wives, our girlfriends, our friends and our family."

                Barbamia says.

                Speaking to Footprints in Overport local resident

                Hitesh Lalla

                said that he will 'wine and dine,' his wife in the comfort

                of his home with a nice warm meal and a flick.

                One reader says that 'perhaps the phrase I love you,' is

                the greatest phrase in the English language.


                Bryan Adams - Summer of 69 with

                Footprints Filmworks



                'Attack,' a ship
                in Overport...

                21 February 2011

                by Mafuza Dawood

                A ship traveling from India to South Africa was attacked

                this evening by pirates looming the Indian Ocean.

                The pirates attacked the ship in the late hours of 20th

                February 2011 whereby the captain and a large crew

                were held captive by the pirates...

                According to statements received by the local media the

                pirates had attacked the ship and forced members

                of the ship to ground level where the pirates had

                changed the location of the trip from

                South Africa to Somalia...

                South Africa's borderlines the Atlantic and Indian Oceans

                have become a nightmare to ships traveling from other

                countries into the country's harbor. This has caused

                concern amongst the shipping industry as billions

                of rands have been lost through the hijacking

                of ships on Natal's and Cape Town's coastline.

                Speaking to Footprints in Overport local resident

                Sameera Deedat says that last year ships were attacked

                by pirates but was not reported to the local media.

                "It is unfortunate that pirates loom the country's oceans

                in a hope to takeover the ship and sink it...

                The captain and his crew were lucky in this instance

                South African Marine were on call to aid the

                sailing sailors." she said.

                Captain of the ship Marcus Liebenburg said that it was the

                first time that his ship was attacked after leaving

                India on February 16th...

                "We left India to South Africa after warning's that the ship

                might be attacked by these pirates. We have recovered

                some of the stolen goods taken by the pirates." he said.

                According to reports the ship was carrying a large quantity

                of spices, diamonds, gold, accessories,

                and imported cars to be sold in South Africa.

                The Indian High Commission issued a statement last

                night that the ship was traveling to the country

                without certain permits and will be insured an amount

                of R432 million rand although the pirates might

                of stolen much more from the ship.

                Pirates have become a norm sailing the seas of the

                Indian Ocean that leads to South African borders

                and government has spent millions of rands in

                the past decades to protect the shorelines.

                EBIES CURTAINS

                Ebies Curtains is perhaps the communities most respected

                form of creation as we develop and maintain the curtaining

                business of South Africa. We are located in Laudium,

                Erasmia and Centurion and provide custome

                r service to more than 100 000 homes.

                Ebies Curtains is 'cutting class,' when it comes

                to design, style, attitude and 'funk,' in our

                business. Ebies Curtains is directed by Mr. Ebrahim Tayob.

                209 2nd Avenue

                Tel: 012 3742192 012 6667862 0836297713

                Footprints in Laudium and EBIES Curtains is giving

                away fifty hours of 'curtain design,' classes to the

                first one hundred people who respond to this




                1. Thumbnail


                Dinosaur Bones Found in Johannesburg...

                by Nishaal Singh

                4 February 2011

                Dinosaur Bones were found this morning in the

                remote suburb

                of Rivonia, south of Sandton.

                This comes after reports that dinosaurs were living

                in the country more

                than 65 million years ago... In those days Madagascar

                a country located

                south of South Africa veered several species

                of dinosaurs. In a statement

                to Sandton Sun local archaeologist

                James Brown says that he was

                called to a nearby home whereby

                the bones were discovered...

                "We were shocked to find bones buried more

                than 500m below

                ground level. At first we thought that it was

                human remains and later

                discovered they belonged to dinosaurs living in

                the country, millions of years ago."

                said Sharon West a Sandton based resident.

                Speaking to Footprints in Sandton

                local archaeologist says that it was not unusual to

                find the dinosaur bones as bones

                of these specific reptiles were discovered at

                the 'cradle of human-kind,'

                almost two years ago.

                "South African's can relate to stories about the

                discoveries of extinct animals

                that lived in our country... It was reported

                that last month several species

                of 'the dodo,' were discovered near the

                OR airport." he said...

                Meanwhile residents from Sandton claim

                that the sudden discovery of

                dinosaur bones could stem a 'local rush,'

                as everybody was coming to the

                local community to view the dinosaur bones.

                Local museum head Shannon 'O Neil said that

                the bones will be taken to

                several places where the bones will be studied

                and later be put into

                the local Johannesburg Museum.

                "Our South African museums are filled with discoveries

                that the modern

                man has been dreaming about... Once the bones

                have been fully studied

                we will be the official care-takers of the bones found."

                she said.

                In a conversation with Footprints in Sandton,

                Brown says that fossils were

                his forte and loved working with 'new discoveries,'

                found on mother nature...

                "I have been an archaeologist for the last twenty

                years and in my

                experience I have always discovered new

                and interesting fossils

                in my work-experience." he said.

                Other residents from surrounding areas

                are welcome to contact

                Mr. James Brown if any 'unusual discoveries,'

                are found in ones

                home or working place...


                2. WATCHED
                  Baby's Day Out!

                  14 February 2011

                  by Gabriella Oost

                  A local pr-school hosted a 'baby competition,'
                  this month with the first
                  of it's kind launched in South Africa...
                  The pr-school caters for
                  babies ranging from 3 months-5 years--
                  including a complete
                  Montessori education, an in-house nanny,
                  an in-house nurse
                  and a doctor on call. The pr-school held
                  it's annual opening
                  day this week where residents from
                  the community were
                  invited to share the opportunity to
                  showcase their
                  children in a Montessori school...

                  Speaking to Footprints in Lenasia
                  local resident Amina Samrod
                  said that the launch of the school will
                  make her day easier
                  when she goes to work knowing her
                  child is in 'safe hands,'
                  as they are individually taken care off...
                  Children are offered
                  special times for meals, sleeps, play times
                  and classes involving
                  educational and at the same time
                  'personal caring.' Nicknamed
                  'Daddy's Day Care,' Managing Director
                  for the company says
                  that he learn't to 'love, share,
                  manage and befriend,'
                  his little brats that he takes
                  care off...

                  "Our leaders of tomorrow are in the
                  safe hands of our company
                  and the babies that are in the fundamental
                  stages of their
                  lives is a very crucial stage of their lives.
                  We teach them
                  respect and love towards their parents..."
                  he said.

                  Local residents say that the company
                  will showcase the
                  babies when they visit the national
                  zoo in coming days...

                  Local school-teacher Yasmin Moosa
                  says that she changed
                  her teaching course from teaching grade
                  7 to joining the
                  day care center as she was accustomed
                  to the love a baby oozes...

                  "A baby is a mother's greatest gift and as a mother
                  of four I have always wanted to be surrounded by children
                  who want to share their scope of life with me..." she said.

                  The baby competition is currently being held
                  with Footprints in Lenasia
                  for the newspaper and website edition
                  of the company.

                  2. Pehle Kabhi with Footprints Filmworks

                    How to IMPROVE your sales structure with
                    IMMEDIATE EFFECT!!!

                    by Caren De Beer

                    (8 April 2014--FF News) The international community has

                    once again email and written to Footprints Filmworks


                    that with the increased amount of competition in the

                    marketplace makes selling and the sales technique so much

                    harder and tougher, bringing objections to the table that

                    I have decided to write this article on behalf of

                    The footprints team...

                    --Woodlands Woodworks Advert: 0378328213--


                    It has been studied since the beginning of trade that the

                    first two minutes of the call, the meeting, the encounter

                    or the sales pitch is the MOST IMPORTANT. One should

                    dress well, not overdressed, speak without mumbling your

                    w o r d s, and don't try to impress the client by being fake

                    in your approach. If you have a manager or sales leader,

                    coaching techniques are required to build initial rapport

                    with the client. The aim of the first two minutes is

                    introduction, proper pronunciation and the usage

                    of "power words...' Moving forward, it is important

                    to take CONTROL of the call, by allowing yourself to

                    speak for the first 90 seconds, then receiving a brief

                    response from the client, or customer.

                    SALES STRUCTURE

                    Whether you are selling a perfume at your


                    or selling a franchise opportunity to a


                    or selling insurance over the recorded line,


                    and quality is of utmost importance.

                    Allow your client

                    to speak to you, what he requires

                    from the company

                    that you are representing, and move

                    swiftly. You have

                    two ears and one mouth, so LISTEN.

                    If you listen to

                    what your client wants, he will sell himself.

                    The sales

                    structure may vary from ten minutes to

                    several years

                    depending on the business you are selling.

                    In some

                    cases, sales can be done in a matter of

                    minutes after

                    representing your product and sold


                    In other

                    cases, the selling process takes years

                    to get the clients

                    on your books, as the client enquirers,

                    the client compares

                    and sometimes the client may be afraid

                    to interact with your

                    goods or services. Sales is an ongoing

                    process, that if

                    mastered can bring you billions of sterling per


                    The secret about the sales structure

                    is KNOW YOUR

                    PRODUCT. The better you know

                    your product, the

                    more confidence you will have to

                    sell it, and the

                    more aggressive you will be when

                    initial closing takes

                    place. SALES is not about the

                    numbers or volume,

                    it's about the quality of clients

                    that you have. Once

                    you have sold a client a Danish Ice-cream,

                    you want

                    him coming back, not puking at your

                    product. You

                    must want your clients to come BACK,

                    no matter what.

                    --Maxwells Computers and Repairs Advert: 0118928711--

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                    Thumbnail 3:40
                    Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
                    (Original Video with subtitles)

                    Once you have built an initial rapport with

                    your client,


                    her to commit when she will be buying

                    the product. If you

                    are selling a wedding dress, inquire when

                    the wedding is,

                    make follow up arrangements, provide

                    that if the client buys

                    the product today, she will qualify for

                    a discount of 20%..

                    There are no tricks when it comes to

                    selling as major

                    corporations spend millions of rands

                    to market and

                    promote their products. Get the

                    commitment from

                    the client, handle her objections

                    about the fabric,

                    and try to arrange her finance deals.

                    When doing business

                    with Japanese or financial masters,

                    the commitment level

                    takes much longer as the client wants

                    to compare your

                    proposition with perhaps another

                    one. Never fail to try

                    to get the yes's. Remember

                    selling is about asking questions

                    and getting the yes's. Ask questions

                    and never be afraid

                    to hard-close. Selling is about promoting

                    a product or service

                    to your client that one day he will require.

                    If you are a salesperson

                    in a hardware store, it's about marketing,

                    promoting and never

                    stop believing that your timber is the

                    finest in the land,

                    your roof tiles hold guarantees of 20 years or more.

                    In all

                    services or products when getting the

                    client to commit it's

                    IMPORTANT to make the client aware how

                    his life will

                    be without your product. If you don't

                    have the confidence

                    in your product, you will never sell. What

                    separates the

                    high income bracket seller (earning above

                    $200 000 per annul,)

                    to the average salesperson is commitment

                    from the client. Get

                    the client to commit in the initial two minutes

                    and try to get

                    the yes's when he will purchase your product.

                    The problem

                    between low sales advisers and high income

                    sellers is that they

                    are never afraid if the client says no.

                    The trick is about

                    conversation. It's unfortunate that

                    many companies look

                    at high volumes, but their conversion

                    ratios are low, because

                    they give up too easily. Never be

                    afraid to make your client

                    smile, laugh, and be comfortable

                    with dealing with you...

                    Mariam's Tupperware Advert: 0317281732--


                    Closing is about rounding up the benefits to your client, and

                    letting her know that if she does not take your offer, she

                    will suffer the price of paying a higher price in the future, or

                    she might never get to enjoy a ride in a Ferrari. Once you offer

                    the closing benefits to the client that this Ferrari is for her, and

                    that she will enjoy the torque and power on the South African

                    roads, and paint a picture for her in her mind. Remember that

                    sometimes client's appreciate if you paint that feeling in their

                    mind before they actually buy the product. As a salesperson,

                    it's all about mindset. Don't bring how your dog kept you

                    up the entire night to the office, instead, hard closing

                    is about energy. The more energy and effort you put into

                    the sales structure the better you will close. You rather

                    speak to eight clients per day, instead of twenty, failing

                    to do a sale. When it comes to the closing process, I find

                    that clients appreciate when you put pressure on them

                    by asking for their banking details to purchase your product,

                    or simply by saying that is that all we can do for you. A client

                    will normally buy something else related to the product, so

                    don't let a sale go without up selling. If a client walks into

                    your store with a trolley, and the trolley is half full, ask yourself,

                    is there more that we as a company could off provided to the

                    customer so that his trolley may be full. Never forget to up sell

                    additional items, and understand that closing is about the final

                    YES. Once you have had a minimum of six yes's

                    from the conversation

                    with your client, the client will want more,

                    and will keep coming

                    back. A sale is never complete without a

                    "Thank You," so remember

                    to smile, and be thankful to the business

                    the client has brought

                    to your computer store.

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                    Thumbnail 3:32
                    Shania Twain - You're Still The One
                    (Lyrics On Screen)
                    Additional Notes

                    *Sales is about constantly learning, and whilst many of

                    us have read the last book in University, it's important

                    to keep your mind active by constant reading and

                    learning about your product.

                    * Mindset is key. Make passionate love daily, have

                    good communication, have social gatherings and

                    remember to be alive in your approach

                    to the clients

                    as the client will pick it up.

                    * Never over sell, or over do things. Selling is about

                    keeping a balance and pressuring the client to buy

                    a product that he will require in the future.

                    * Build a relationship with your clients, so she


                    coming back, bringing her family and friends.

                    * Coca Cola spends 26% of their income on


                    so advertise with Footprints Filmworks...Smile
                    Click 'n Play...
                    Ramadaan Mubarak to Muslims
                    of South Africa...

                    (1 July 2012-FF News) The one billion Muslims
                    of the world

                    will be 'hugging 'n kissing,' their loved ones including

                    fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters,
                    uncles and the friend

                    who claims you snobbed her @ school...
                    This year Ramadaan

                    begins on the 21st of this month and
                    muslims will F A S T from

                    sunrise to sunset...Our community of
                    South Africa has 180 000 Muslims

                    and mosques will be flooded with worshipers
                    praying to our Holy Prophet

                    Muhammed (S.A.W)... Whilst the majority of
                    South Africa will be lost in their own

                    world Muslims will be looking into the sky
                    on 20 July 2012 to spot the new-moon...

                    "The moon is normally sited in the southern
                    hemisphere and that is towards

                    Table Mountain where the first sightings of
                    the moon will be called out to

                    Muslims across the country..."

                    Local community leader Basheer Moosa

                    said that she was excited to spend quality
                    time with her parents this

                    ramadaan and enjoy world-class meals
                    when the Azaan calls


                    "We are lucky as muslims as we pray
                    5 times a day, to be grateful

                    for the dreams our parents taught us..."
                    she says...

                    Mohammed Mansoor, a Fordsburg resident

                    told Footprints in Fordsburg that his idea of

                    Ramadaan is prayer of Allah towards

                    the seeds of success...

                    "We can be as intelligent as we choose,

                    we can be as smart as we want, we can

                    be as happy as we desire and we can

                    love beyond boundaries..." he says...

                    Local Maulana from Fordsburg

                    Imaam Haffejee said that with the coming of this

                    month, muslims should not go to the
                    zoo lake on Eids day

                    to meet their loved ones because this
                    day should be

                    spent spending time @ home with the kids...

                    Another Fordsburg resident Sikander Essop said

                    that he will follow the teachings from his forefathers

                    to spread the word of Islam to his family...

                    "Ramadaan is the month that we as
                    muslims should

                    put our businesses on hold and focus
                    on our loving

                    family, because family is the foundation of evolution..."

                    Other residents that Footprints in Fordsburg
                    spoke to

                    said that they wish our readers a Ramadaan Mubarak...

                    BBM, SMS, send a letter, or advertise with Footprints

                    Filmworks by wishing your loved one well over

                    this holy month...!

                    Terrorism threats
                    South Africa...

                    (20 July 2012-FF News) Local authorities from the
                    Oliver Tambo International

                    Airport has alerted central police units in suburbs
                    in South Africa when a man

                    was caught passing through customs with
                    grenade weapons including

                    bomb gun power, acidic acid used to
                    creates small bombs and

                    other nuclear plans for the terrorist cell in

                    to Footprints in Johannesburg, local
                    community leader Nadeem

                    Hathorani said that he had returned
                    from Saudi Arabia, when

                    policeman rushed into the terrorist nicknamed
                    'Al-Jalaal...:' According

                    to the Airline he was traveling from
                    Palestine into South Africa

                    that was planning a hit in cinema's in
                    local Ster-Kinekor cinema's...

                    "He had the plans and material
                    forecasting a terror act in these cinema's

                    on a specified Friday in Sandton's
                    Ster-Kinekor cinema...:' Hathorani said...

                    According to witnesses that spoke to
                    Footprints in Johannesburg, terror

                    acts in South Africa have become
                    associated with the Middle East,

                    because South Africa had assisted
                    the United States with the 9/11

                    ploy to thrash Muslims...

                    "We all knew that America created
                    their own war against us, because

                    they created 9/11 to buyout Middle
                    Eastern Countries for their

                    Brent Crude..." said Sunday World...

                    The man that was caught by police and
                    investigators is currently

                    being held @ the Maximum Prison
                    Guard in Limpopo...

                    2. ----------------
                      Gunsten JULY for South African's...

                      (20 July 2012-FF News) Durban, that is
                      situated on the shoreline

                      of South Africa, will be hosting the
                      annual 'Vodacom-July' for the upcoming

                      season...The country's Indian Ocean
                      will host more than 30 000 tourists from

                      surrounding communties including Musgrave,
                      Mountain View, Reservoir Hills,

                      Romeo Estate,

                      Queenstown, Queensland,
                      Pietermarizburg, and Pinetown...
                      South African's

                      will get to

                      enjoy and watch from their televisions
                      across the country when our

                      boys 'surf 'on waves,'...
                      According to the Natal Tabloid the

                      surfing will be on this weekend,
                      where thousands of Hotels

                      are already booked out...

                      "The Hilton has already been
                      fully booked out, as pr-formulae

                      one season training is happening @ the
                      West End Racetrack..." said

                      MD of Hilton South Africa-Johan Herber...

                      "Two sports will have to compete against
                      each other in Durban,

                      as in a SPACE of 30km, two international
                      events are being

                      staged..." said Anisa Moola a
                      Morningside resident...

                      Yasmeen Choonara, another Durban

                      told Footprints in Durban, that she
                      was excited

                      as on one side she will be hearing tyres being

                      burnt, and the other ear, she will be hearing

                      the sounds of cheers for our boys who

                      'surf 'on waves...'

FOOTPRINTS AROUND THE WORLD II is created by Footprints

Filmworks and associate companies...Originally created

by #OmarAbdulla. Kindly view, or, for more information...

*Information MAY be fictional when going to PRE$$...!!

THANKS FOR VIEWING Footprints...:)



'ELECTED,' to PLAY for the PROTEA's...!!

 by Rasheed Soomar

(29 October 2015--FF News) Roshnee twins, Azhar and Zubair

Kolia were announced to be part of the 14 man team to travel

to Australia, Pakistan, India, and Zimbabwe for the CASTLE premier

nation cricket tour for the #Summer.

`We are happy to announce the Johannesburg twins as part of our

team that will represent South Africa when we take on the lions of

Australia and the Chipmunks of Zimbabwe. Azhar's bowling experience with

The Gauteng Cubs and Zubair's high-standard at the crease, could perhaps

make us win.` said Captain of South Africa, Mr. Hashim Amla.

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, cricketer, Mr. Azhar Kolia says that 

South Africa will value his fast-paced bowling, at the likes of world batsmen

including Younus Khan, Mahendra S Dhoni, Steve Smith and Shane Watson.

`Being elected to represent South Africa is the highlight that I have always 

dreamed about. Let's hope the training practice in the nets pays off.` he quirked.

Sky Sports, reported that the 'twin brothers,' Azhar and Zubair Kolia were from the

local community Roshnee, and were being compared to 'twin brothers,' Steve

and Mark Waugh.



`With Azhar's bowling speed, and Zubair's 'long-standing,' at the crease could

form a foundation that South Africa can build on.`

Meanwhile, spokesperson, for The International Cricket Council, Mr. Kevin Pieterson,

noted that he will now play for South Africa, instead of England.

`I will be throwing the towel in, and playing for South Africa. I have burnt

my bridges with England.` he chirped.

Former South African cricket player, Mr. Jonty Rhodes said that the four month

tour will tour sections of the sub-continent and Australia.

`I foresee South Africa, winning the five nation competition.''






Mr. Zubair Kolia who spoke to The Roshnee Sun, noted that he will give

it his best when he runs off the field, hits sixes and wins games for


`South Africa has always been 'my passion; my love,' and playing for the cup

will 'insure-'n-ensure,' that South Africa remains 'World Number One,' in world


Local Delhi resident, Mr. Shar Hussain says that he has already seen the posters

of the 'twin brothers,' and cannot wait to see them in action.

`I have heard so much about their passion and skill on and off the field,

and lets see if they live up to the hype about them.`

Vice Captain of South Africa, Mr. ABY De Villiers concluded to The Saturday 

READ, that the introduction of Azhar and Zubair in the national team was a


`We hope their hours in the nets off their homes, pays off when

they play in the #bullring.`



by Younis Dadabhai


(9 October 2015--FF News) The exclusive wedding of Mr. $ Mrs. 

Mienaar of Cape Town, was to be held at the tranquil location of

the Kolzberg Mountains, embracing nature and the love that they

once #shared.


`We had attended the 400 seater wedding and was treated with horse and

cart class, blissful wines and a rosemary environment...Whilst dancing to the band

that was playing, we were invited to 'hot-air,' balloon rides hired by the wedding

couple. We were all told of the rules of the flight, and some joked that this

might be another 'around the world in 81 days...` said Western Cape resident.

Mr. Warren Sithole.


During the wedding ceremony the loving wedding couple had chosen 

The Love Bubble, hot air balloon.

`In mid-air, the pilot had radioed that the balloon was lost in the mountains.

After calling the husbands mobile phone, he had not answered after several

attempts. The community of Bellville requires your assistance with the missing

hot-air balloon.` said a local investigator.

According to residents who attended the wedding on Sunday, the couple is

still missing and an inquest docket has been opened.

`We are still in search of the couple, and should they be found, the community

will be notified. We are still in search in the mountains of The Western Cape,

and our helicopters are patrolling the local community.` concluded

Footprints in Bellville.

These were the last images taken of the couple before they boarded the

balloon said The Wedding Bluez...





'swindles,' public for R480 million

             rand 'BuYOUT,' DEAL...!!

 by Sakeena Joosub

(12 October 2015--FF News) South Africa's wholesale carrier

Fordsburg Wholesalers is 'once again in the public eye,'

as Ceo

of Fordsburg Wholesalers, Mr. Arshaad Mia noted that his business

will go into liquidation effective from 1 December 2015.


`They will be throwing the business away, as the principal debt owing

to the public remains to the tune of R2.5 billion rand. Fordsburg Wholesalers

was once upon a time where people bought their 'bread and wine,'

and today,

we find the court process of the liquidation, for Fordsburg Wholesalers and

her brands, a legal liquidation.` said Cityside Times.

Speaking to Footprints in Fordsburg, local housewife, Mrs. Arabella Kotze,


that she thought that the business had come under new suspect ion with other

companies owned by Mr. Mia including investments into property,

retail, catering,

and #administration.

`This is just one of Mr. Mia's ploy's to destroy one of his companies. He owns

to the tune of 200 other companies trading under different and unique trading

brands. The liquidation of R480 million rand to the debt owing is a fair settlement

to the shareholders and bankers of the company. `

Mr. Arshad Mia, who is a well-known businessman in South Africa had often left

billions of rands to his fans, invested in 'up-'n-coming,' projects and has been

a successful father of EIGHT...

`The Chinese will put a bullet through his head, should they find out that

his payments are not made on time.` said a Fordsburg resident.

According to sources close to the company, Mr. Mia has 'swindled,' the public by registering

his company on stock markets and stock exchanges.

`He had listed the company in 2010, and after tough competition with Massmart and

Makro, he sheltered cash flow into his own pocket. With the liquidation deal in process,

he could stand a chance to face imprisonment for goading investors money into his

own pocket.`

Local shop-a-holic, Mr. Sayed Kalla says that he normally shops at Fordsburg Wholesalers,

and spends hours just shopping.

`The prices that they offered at their 23 hectare center was below normal

prices. Hawkers, vendors, families and friends would spend thousands of rands

on their international goods. After further investigation, the so-called quality

merchandise that we purchased from their store, turned out to be stolen.`

Managing Director for Fordsburg Wholesalers, Mr. Shaeen Teba, says that his

uncle is the owner and he does not really bother about the liquidation deal.

"Fordsburg Wholesalers owes me R9.2 million rand, and now they are going

into liquidation.` said a Lenasia resident.

However, residents of the community claim that one of South Africa's wealthiest,

has once again swindled the public with millions of rands to benefit.

`He uses fake companies to hide his black money. He uses laborers names to

do his dirty work, and he uses his women to lure his investors. We as the

South African community will not stand against businessmen that portray to

be glamorous, but behind closed doors, they are #sharksinsuits.`

`This is an easy liquidation deal for Zahra Trading, the owner of Fordsburg Wholesalers.

Mr Mia has been involved in hundreds of cases liquidating his companies, and R480

million rand should be a small piece of his chuck of his wealth.` said his attorney,

Mr. Devan Davids.


I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow



UFO 'CITED,' in DURBAN, South Africa...!!

by Hajirah Samrod

(21 October 2015--FF News) An Unidentified Flying Object, (UFO)

was said to be hovering in Bellair, Durban, earlier this morning, NASA


"According to our satellite images the UFO was traveling from the distant galaxy

Alpha Secunda, more than 10 million light years away, from the

planet Omega. The planet

is similar to Earth, and hosts living elements including Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and

Heart. The citing of the UFO causes concern to residents of the world, as

an alien invasion, could destroy mother nature."

Scientists at the University of Bellair, noted that the #Durban community;

'wondered; pondered,' when the circular spacecraft had lit South African


'The object lay idling for several hours in Earth's atmosphere, and leaped forward

to the next galaxy. The Milky Way is one of the biggest galaxies in the universe,

said to host more than 30 000 planets.'

Speaking to Footprints in Bellair, local resident, Miss. Dharma Sharma chained that 

she was reversing her vehicle from her driveway when she noticed the


 "At first I thought it was one of governments fighter jets, and after using

my binoculars I noticed that the aircraft was doing some form of transfer."

NASA astronomer, Mr. Gabriel Knighthood, jobbed that this is not the f i r s t

time, these circular flying machines were spotted on Earth, with similar citings

in Alabama, Tehran, Johannesburg and #Paris."


`We all know that there is life out there...Some of the life forms may be one million

light years ahead of us in technology and dynamics. We see their stopover, in Bellair,

as a 'refreshment,' location, as aliens have always favored Earth's pressure ideal

for laying their eggs, feeding, and re-fueling.`



 Christiano Ronaldo, 'voted,' PLAYER OF YEAR 2015...!!

by Pablo Picasso

(12 October 2015--FF News) Christiano Ronaldo, has been named 

'Player of Year,``Personality of the Year,``Highest earner,` and most

goals scored for both his teams Portugal and Real Madrid.

`What started as playing football in the streets of his one bedroom home,

that his family owned, has turned into the 'highest paid; highest goal-scorer,'

for 2015.` said Chairman of FIFA, Mr. Sepp Blatter.

The Spanish Times, echoed that Christiano Ronaldo had achieved more than

most footballers in the l a s t ten years, than most footballers who trained

the fields for even 30 years.

`In the l a s t ten years, we saw he was 'voted,' as Manchester United's

'best player, best

performer,' his constituency and 'goal scoring,' drive for Real Madrid, with fans

comparing his skill to Lionel Messi, Bebeto, David Beckham, and Pele.`

`He is truly the best player walking in football history alive today.` said

a Brazilian resident.

Speaking to Footprints in Portugal, Mr. Christiano Ronaldo says that over time

he got better and better, but living up to the standards of the world has it's

toll on you.

`Being the most-successful 30 yr old in the world, bites you at times,

but one has to always play well on and off the field to be the best. Being the

skipper of Portugal puts high pressure on the individual to play well, coach well,

and still win.` he was quoted as saying.

Manchester United coach, Sir. Alex Ferguson says that he is normally a strict coach

that demands the best and the fastest on the track of his team.

`When Ronaldo joined the most expensive football club in 2004, I knew that

this player will some day be the best in the world. I am proud of his achievements

thus far, and hope he drew some of the skills I #taught him.`

Ronaldo who told The Lisbon Times, that his annual salary of $212 million dollars for 2015,

was nothing as compared to the feeling of scoring goals.

`From the days of scoring goals in Lisbon streets, to scoring goals in Barcelona, it was never

about the money, but for the love of the #game.`

`I have probably another five years left in me to jog the entire 90 minutes and will

do my best for Real Madrid and Portugal, with the soul goal of winning for my

team. It's not the player that makes the team, but every striker, defender and



WHO WILL `RAISE their glasses,' to ASSIST GREECE...!!

by Tabitha Faddey

(2 October 2015--FF News) WHO WILL 'raise their glasses,' to assist