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by Husna Abdoola


(8 October 2015--FF News) IF YOU BOUGHT SHARES of international

socialite chat forum FACEBOOK at $81 dollars in January 2015, your worst

FEARS may be predicted unless you sell the share at current value to

the future value of $18 dollars read The Business Times.

`With two billion registered subscribers and twelve million advertisers,

the company has reached saturation, and could see the decline in

the share within the next five years. We see subscribers moving

from Facebook to Instagram, Footprints Chat, Mxit, Vodachat, Cyberchat,

Twitter, Web Wiz Forums and other search engines and social media.'

said a stock broker at The New York Stock Exchange.


`With the recent revenue of $81 billion dollars in the last three years,

we see revenue dropping by 18% per year, unless the company

'invents; innovates,'  into new form of marketing and investment.` said

Ceo of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerburg.

Zuckerburg says to Footprints in Arizona, that he sees Facebook shares still

staying above water, but will find it tough to compete with 'new searches; 

new content,'

'More of our subscribers have been moved because we lost the share-holding

bid of Google of 26% to outside shareholders. Without Google's support.

we have lost subscribers and advertisers. Our plan is to extend market

share by purchasing the Chinese 'Google,' Baidu, for an undisclosed price,

that could see our share volumes increase.`

Investors say that social investors see the companies Facebook, Footprints Filmworks,

Google, Playstation, GADGET GAMES, Xperia Toys, and other chat forums as still small

as compared to the mature companies

listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

`These companies are still in their teens, and are volatile. When trading

these shares, one should always 'place a stop loss; place a profit take,' to

avoid erratic and vacuous moves in the market. We see Facebook executives

searching for new ways to propel revenue by investing into new markets,

but when millions of followers #unsubscribe, the company looses billions.`

said a Stock Broker in Beijing.


Meanwhile, greedy investors had held talks with their local stock brokers

to 'sell,' the Facebook share, and invest into more 'blue-chip,' based companies.

`We see the companies including Coca Cola, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Cad-bury,

American Bank, American Cinema's, USA Construction, YSA Attorneys and

other 100 yr old companies as the slow movers in the market that would

generally appreciate in value over the five year period. If I had $100 000 dollars,

I would sell Facebook shares, and I would buy these blue-chip shares.` ended

a Philadelphia resident.




by Ubaid Essack


(28 October 2015--FF News) BEING a teacher is today's times is one

of the toughest jobs especially if you are in your late forties and most

of your students are in the their late teens...Many of the teens often

tease you, often provoke you, often try to get into your pants,

and often use a n y tricks to get your attention.

Miss. Najma Essop, a local Robersham resident, South Africa,

attended the school that most girls would dream about,

the international training school for nerds in Sandton.

`I loved the school, and the boys were very cute, and

the teachers were even cuter. When Mr. Dawjee started teaching

me English and Science, I started liking him and fell pregnant in

Grade 11. After the baby was tested in my womb, I discovered

that the baby had belonged to my father. I was shocked, and could

not believe it.`

Speaking to Footprints in Robertsham, Mr. Yazeed Dawjee says that he

never knew that the pupil was his daughter after leaving Johannesburg

in 1996.

`I had made love to several butterflies in Johannesburg, before

I was called to live in Cape Town, working at the Cape Town High

School. My work involved teaching students from grade 8-12, and

later moved back to Johannesburg, and fell in love with Najma. I 

had no idea that she was my daughter, and I had no remembrance

of her mother.` he quirked.

Miss. Najma Essop says that she was afraid that her son would be born

abnormal or disabled, and recently he turned four.

`I have no idea how I am going to tell him his father is his grandfather.`



by Mukthar Sadek

(22 October 2015--FF News) When Footprints Filmworks.

#champofthemonth was asked about his road to success

in his businesses, family, lifestyle and friendship ties, he constantly

spoke about being persistent and having the end vision in mind.

`When I started my accounting firm in 2003, never did I ever imagine

that I would be raking millions of rands per day. I started my career at

the junior age of 23, after completing my degree in Accounting, worked

for ABSA BANK as a junior accountant, slowly building myself up the podium

of success. My wife was always nagging me that she wanted to drive 

a better car, live in a better home, send our children to better schools

and the story goes on and on.` he said.

Mr. Princeloo tells Footprints in Midrand, that when he turned the age

of 40, had these four beautiful children, he had a good

paying job, 'he wanted more; she wanted more...`

`My wife of ten years wanted a better lifestyle, and wanted to move

out off our three bedroom house. I took the risk in myself, and opened

my own accounting firm--Princeloo and Pienaar Accounting, after a partner

Mr. Herman Pienaar had joined me as a partner. Today, 12 years later,

we do auditing for some of the biggest and branded companies in

the world.` he jabbed.

Dressed in a navy blue suit, white shirt and pin stripe tie, Mr. David 

Princeloo says that working literally thousands of hours on the computer,

managing his teams, interviewing new staff and still having time to play

golf is a lifestyle that he always dream't about.

`I remember my wife and I would rock the children to bed, and 

with hardly any money at home, I had to work for a job I hated. When

I turned 40 in 2003, I took the leap at life and the confidence in myself

to open my own business. My wife is conservative and wanted me to

become a better manager and earn a higher salary, yet today, I earn

what they earn in year, I earn in a day.` he bridged.


`In 2004, we had our first full team of twelve members all auditing the local firms


businesses--assisting with tax, accounting and daily book-keeping. We slowly grew

and by October 2009, we were on an average of 102 teams of the company. Today,

Princeloo and Pienaar Accounting has 1306 teams that audit and account up to

three million clients.` he quirked.

When asked about the secret and nature of his success he says that if one

has the belief in oneself, the universe and her contents are yours.

`When you want to fall in love you open your heart, when you want

to make lots of money, you open up your mind, when you want to

to become wise, you open up your brain, and when you want to 

have sex, you open up your legs. The principle I am trying to put

across is that if you truly want to date the perfect woman, attract

millions of rands each day, or have 'ever-loving; ever-gorgeous,'

children, the secret is that you can, and you know the answer,

it's just that sometimes we are lazy to appreciate ourselves,

in the way we should be.` he cooped.

Ending the interview of Footprints TV, Mr. David Princeloo says that vision,

persistence, great inspiration and aspiration, lots of passion and bundles

of energy to an all round success.

`Now I have reached a stage where I spend probably an hour on

the computer per day, the rest is managed by my teams. I enjoy making

love to my wife during work hours, play golf when I want, and don't have

to worry about the purchase on my credit card, because I know that

tomorrow Princeloo and Pienaar Accountants will be even bigger and

better. Success can mean different things to different people, but

if we all work towards a common goal, all will be reached much faster.

Have personal goals, #businessgoals, family goals, and work on

your plans, and the bonuses of life will attract herself.`





by Zayna Malhotra

(9 October 2015--FF News) The w o r l d is to experience a

`Solar Eclipse,` today, and should be approaching within the next

four hours, read The Space Daily.

`As seen from the Earth, a solar eclipse is a type of eclipse that occurs

when the Moon, passes between the Sun and the Earth. This occurs every

21 years, and normally portions of the world globe receive moments of

the eclipse with other parts of the world, blocked through darkness.`

says Scientist, at the University of Kroonstad, Mr. Jacques Kruger.

Speaking to Footprints in Brussels, local residents say they have already

'put the barbecue on; dimmed the lights,' for this afternoons


`An eclipse is a natural phenomenon. The last time the eclipse passed

through Netherlands, thousands of residents were cured from natural

illnesses including Cancer, HIV, and other killer diseases. Let's hope this

time when the eclipse magnets the Earth, Moon, and Sun, more 

miracles will be achieved.` said a French resident.

`The Sun's distance from the Earth is about 400 times the distance of the Moon,

and the Sun's diameter is 400 times of that of the Moon. Because these ratios

are approximately the same, the Sun and the Moon as seen from Earth, appear

to be the same. The reason this phenomenon causes miracles is as prophesied

by Prophet Abraham when he witnessed the miracle of God speaking to him.`

The African Tribune, reported that the solar eclipse can only be viewed from

the Southern Hemisphere, as the rest of the world, will be blocked out.

`Only certain countries in Africa, Europe and Asia will be able to view the

eclipse, with The America's and Australia experiencing nightfall.`


`The Solar Eclipse forms part of the history, mathematics, geography 

and biology of the modern classroom as the history always brings

back miracles, the mathematics brings the geometry of the Sun, Moon,

and Earth in line, the geography of the locations of the Solar Eclipse,

and the biology of curing all natural illnesses and diseases.`

`My entire family and I are already waiting outside to see

this once in a lifetime experience.` said a Grahams town


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MAN `FALLS,` FROM 81st story Building...!!

by Almeta Julietta

(8 October 2015--FF News) The Scandinavian district of Denmark,

host some of the largest skyscrapers and buildings in the world,

often requiring repair and maintenance work, from the thousands

of construction workers who occupy the cities and metro-district areas.

When the building had called on construction company Endro Energy and

Elevators, never did they realize one of their employees would fall 81 floors

to the ground.

Mr. Zaliki Kotata, a local Norway resident had moved to Denmark for the

`Danish Ice Cream,' and a better life a w a y from Norway.

`I arrived in Denmark with my family, and with an engineering degree

on my name, I would repair the worlds tallest and highest buildings. My

work on Monte Bableo, started in June 2015, where we were repairing and

installing new elevators for the office building.`

`While I was busy with one of the pulleys in the elevator, I had

mis-timed an electric circuit, causing the elevator to free-fall. I am thankful

that I am alive today.` he breached.

Speaking to Footprints in Copenhagen, Mr. Zaliki Kotata, he adds, that after

falling 81 floors, and his near death experience, he is 'even more thankful;

even more grateful,' to #God.

`I fell 81 floors within a period of 8 seconds, and it was the

fastest journey of my life.` he ended.




by Rayhaan Moosajee

(19 October 2015--FF News) A Limpopo businessman was convicted

of murder, at the Polokwane's Magistrate court this afternoon, after

the brutal killing of his wife, Fatima, on April 10.

`We find the accused guilty on charges of murder, theft, staging a

burglary and kidnapping. The accused will be sentenced to 25 years in

prison, with no possibility of parole.` said Judge Mohammed Sheik.

Speaking to Footprints in Nirvana, local residents claim that Mr. Rameez

Patel and his wife lived in a two bedroom flat in Nirvana, Polokwane,

and after having three children, with the youngest of only one year,

had an affair with a so-called 'personal-friend,' of his from work.

`Mr. Patel was financially struggling and had to maintain two jobs to

sustain his children and wife. When he started receiving text messages

and nude pictures of the female, his wife had chose to have a divorce.

Faced with the consequences of divorce, Mr. Patel fled the scene of

Nirvana on April 3, later returning to kill his wife.`

read The Limpopo Leopard.

According to locals from Polokwane, residents claim that Fatima

was a housewife who cooked at local functions and organized

parties and weddings for the community for a #smallfee.

`The accused was faced with the possibility of life imprisonment. Prosecutor,

Ziyaad Janoo had pressured Judge Sheik for a harsher sentence, but the

judge had sided with the accused as the wife had threat ed to run

away with the children. After escaping Nirvana on April 3 with the children,

he rented a lodge in Summers street in Bela Bela. After evidence was shown

to the court that the accused wanted to repair the marriage, and the victim

pleaded to the police, he returned on the evening of April 10, killing

her in her bathroom.` were the statements from The Women's League

of South Africa.


 Patel said in his cross-examination to the Defense that he had ran away with the children

because his wife constantly wanted a divorce after jokingly receiving nude photographs

from his co-worker.

`Firdous and I were just friends, and she often sent me those pictures because

maybe I made her feel in a certain way. She knew that I was a married man, and

I would always choose my wife and children first. When my wife wanted a divorce,

I ran away with the children because I felt insecure. When I returned to the flat

on 10 April, I found her in a pool of blood.`

Captain Johannes Henry Venter said in a statement that upon arriving on

the scene he noticed that the victim had been shot, and items from

the household were missing.

`At first we were on the impression that this was a burglary, but after

finding a gun retailer in Bela Bela, he claimed a weapon was purchased

by the accused and asked the question how many bullets are needed

to kill.` 

The local community of Nirvana was in shock when the family that

'once loved each other; once gave everything,' turned to dust.

`I attended Rameez and Fatima's wedding in 2008, and they were the

couple that woo-ed the local community. Lust and Fear, were the motives

of this killing, and we are appreciative that Judge Mohammed Sheik made a

positive ruling for Fatima's death.`

South African's all across South Africa noted to The Weekly National, that

crime in South Africa was 'too horrible; too terrible,' with statistics of crime

in communities increasing.



`Pension Day,` FOR ALL SOUTH AFRICANS...!!

by Haroon Latib


(8 October 2015--FF News) South Africans will be `dazzed-'n-amazed,'

with the passing of a new law by government with the introduction

of 'Pension-Day,' for all pensioners and 'old-age-folk...`

`We have introduced the date as 25 October 2015, as the START DATE

of the tradition, and will continue for centuries to come...Pensioners will receive

'treble,' their normally monthly payout of R1430-00 on this day every year,

for the rest of their lives living in South Africa.` said President

Jacob Zuma.

Speaking to Footprints in South Africa, Zuma says that his ties with the

447 departments of SA, have forced him to improve the notation

that The ANC is here to stay.

`My members of parliament have decided unanimously declare `Pension

Day` for all South African's who have told the stories of our forefathers.

`Without our old age, we are nothing, and our pledge to the country

is support your residents over the age of 65. Be their friends, buy them

gifts, take long walks with them, let today the old age folk who have

made a difference in South Africa, have their say.` he further echoed.

Minister of Senior Old Age and Pension Funds, Mr. Alex Ferguson

says that the move by the president will allow pensioners who

'fought-'n-taught,' the current diaspora of South Africa to

have their say.



Medley - Song | Mujhse Dosti Karoge |

with Footprints Filmworks

`How often do we really spend quality time with old people. Let

Pension Day be a day that you spoil your grandfathers and

grandmothers, or perhaps great grandfathers.` he smiled.

However, government leaders in Cabinet who spoke exclusively

to The Sunday Paper, say that certain residents in local communities

'say they are not working; when infact they have their own business.`

`Residents scheme government funds by using false profiles to receive

their grants. Police are hot on the trail of members of the community

that betray government policy.` said Democratic Alliance spokesperson,

Miss. Alice Willde.


The Johannesburg Express, reported that the passing of the law of `Pension Day,'

will not be a public holiday and pensioners will be invited to exclusive breakfasts,

dinners, shows throughout PENSION DAY.

`Take time out of your busy schedule today, to mingle with the

old age of society by gathering to their functions and dances. What the

president has said about bringing justice to xenophobia by offering this

payout to pensioners to all South African's and Foreigners has really

touched my heart.` says a #JoZZIE resident.

The community of South Africa say that it is a good gesture to

host 'Pension Day,' in South Africa, but more of our youth should

be educated in their youth to save for the rainy and pension days.

`I don't worry about the measly R1430 that government offers. I declare

that I own several businesses and my wives provide my legal representation.

I spend R1430 on a breakfast meal. ` bragged an arrogant pensioner.

Enjoy your PENSION DAY this October 25 2015, and remember to do

little my growing yourself by mixing with the old age on this day. Visit

a hospital, visit a hospice, visit an old age home, or visit an old age

university and share #freegifts.


President Pranab Mukerjee 'begs-'n-pleads,' with

The United Nations for International Aid...!!

by Aasha Ankal


(9 October 2015--FF News) President of India, Mr. Pranab Mukerjee

who addressed the 400 member security council of The United Nations

put forward 'plans-'n-procedures,' to the council for support of a

$5 trillion dollar rescue and loan bid to rescue the country from poverty,

crime, diseases, disaster counters, migration, terrorist activities, global warming, and 


"India is the cradle of human race, the birthplace of human speech, the

mother of history, the grandfather of legacy, and the son of tradition. Mahatma

Ghandi revived these virtues again breathing 'new life,' into the freedom

of our people.` he spoke.

When questions from the 400 member council posed questions to the president

to rescue the four million people affected by earth-quake Shar Rukh Khan,

in April 2015, the providing of better sanitation and water supply, and

the improvement of the 'global economic cycle; global economic educational

structure,' he shunned the media by saying;

`India and her 6000 villages have been used as a trade partner with Russia,

China, South Africa and Tunisa. Our foreign policy has always remained

a global leader in the world, and a forcing neighbor in Asia. Our appeal

to The United Nations and World Bank is a rescue aid of $1 trillion dollars,

with the $4 trillion dollars payable over the next ten years. With this funding,

we choose to improve the power supply in the villages, as 60% of villages

do not have electricity. With this funding, we choose to improve the educational

sector from a grade D to a grade B economic power, with this funding we

plan to invest aggressively into the construction and labor sectors of

India.` he answered.


The United Nations Treasurer Department that allocates funding and loans to 

countries in need, receive a total of $21 trillion dollars, per annul,

from 1st World countries,

re-injecting the funding into 2nd and 3rd world countries.

`The educational sector of India in some villages are four centuries behind

1st World countries. Many of the people receive their water through government

deposits in wells, many of the children are taught till the age 8, and

are forced to work for their families. The average family between a father

and mother in India is 12, and as The United Nations, this has to be

brought down. The pollution in India has to be controlled if we are

to manage the 'Ozone Gap,' over Asia. We have to see India

play a bigger role internationally not only with their neighbors,

but with other trade partners.' says UN representative, Miss.

Jenaveve Gray.

Speaking to Footprints in Ballia, local resident, Miss. Devika Bhana,

says that her family of 16 lives on less than $20 dollars for the

entire day.

`My brothers are forced to go to the market with my father to do

trade. They would travel 20KM on camel, reach the market place

and some days would only return with a few pennies. The daughters

and daughter-in-laws of the family cook during the days. Our huts

are as small as 40sqm with the village of 500 families required to

use 3 community toilets. Living life in the village of India is

tough life, and many people sit around on their patio's the entire

day, speaking to their neighbors.` she was quoted as saying.

The Hiwar Bazaar paper, read, that not all villages are living in the

17th Century, as this village has free Wi-fi, free electricity, free

schooling, and #freesweets for new babies.

"Not all villages in India are poor, as this community is one of the

wealthiest in India, hosting 600 of the

'most powerful; most influential,'  Indian people in India.`


President Pranab Mukerjee urged The United Nations that they

will support China's 'economic policy,' of communism in certain

villages of India, with the approach of a set wage for the work


`China has offered her own personal loan of $400 billion dollars for control

of villages Chapper, Dharnai, Delhi, and Goa. We are in desperate need to

repair buildings damaged by the earthquake in April, we are in desperate need

to grow the youth structure of India, we are in desperate need to jumpstart

the economy, and we are in desperate need to force trade with other

countries. My appeal as President of India, is to corner our growth in Asia

and the rest of the world, with the United Nations support of international

aid. I trust that your decision on Friday, will be a mutual thinking with India.`

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by Naomi De Lange

(2 October 2015--FF News) When Constancia IV left 

The Brazilian Island of Colares en-route to Libya on the morning

of August 9 1821, never did she dream that 

her body of 675 foot would 

not reach her destination.

`She was carrying the richest men in Brazil and all her belongings en-route

to Africa, more than 60 000 miles away. She had decided to use the South

Atlantic ocean as her easiest route, and en-route in the Caribbean Islands

she had vanished. Rescue workers searched hundreds of hours for survivors,

and the ship, and non of the 447 people on board were found.' read the

1821 edition of Footprints in Island De Nairos.

However, recent findings have shown that deep in the abyss of the ocean

bed, Constancia IV was located on a 'treasure map,' by treasure hunter,

Mr. Milos Coloma

`A search team and I have scoured the seas for several years, and we

know the Brazilian map at the back of our head. Knowing the seas

is a different story and my team and I worked on the exact location

to reel the merchandise from the ocean` he told Brazilian News.

Miss. Analisa Fayre says that she read about the treasure of Constancia IV 

in storybooks and novels, but never did she imagine that it existed.

`When I heard that $4000 million dollars worth of jewelery, paintings, cash,

gold coins, precious metals, and other gems were found, I was amazed that

the treasure hunter and his team could locate the treasure. Too bad, they

got hijacked.` she egged.

The Seaside Times, reported that Mr. Milos Coloma had captained a team

of 40 to locate the treasure and left Brazil, during the dusk hours of

September 12th 2015.

`Mayday, Mayday, we have been hijacked, Mayday, Mayday,` reported

the light-house on the screams of the captain.

According to Captain Coloma he claims that they had found the ship,

and the treasure in sandy waters, and after loading the treasure on

his ship Esperanza V, they were attacked by pirates that fired

shots in their sails.

`Our ship had reached to a standstill and the pirates had used harpoons to

mellow my crew. They stole the ship and the treasure that I had found,

and dumped me into the ocean with a life-boat.' he cried.

The Brazilian shipping industry is constantly troubled by Nigerian pirates

and Brazilian police had said that they will 'shoot to kill,' pirates who

attack their harbors.



DOES Senator Hillary Clinton STAND A CHANCE


by Mary De Santos


(8 October 2015--FF News) The United States presidential election of

2016 will be held on Tuesday, November 8 2016. The current president

of The United States, Mr. Barack Obama is ineligible to participate in the

58th election, due to The United States Constitution of 1781.

Three hundred million American's will take to the polls come Winter 2016,

with both Democratic and Republican candidates spending millions of dollars

on advertising commercials, road trips, speeches, and close meetings with

their teams and groups.

`I feel that former US SECT of State Mrs. Hillary Clinton has the largest chunk

of voters supporters as she has served as one of the top lawyers in the world,

her 'friendly ties,' with Russia, her passing of the legalization of same-sex marriages,

and her 'human and woman rights,' approach of leadership and management.'

bragged an Oklahoma resident.

Speaking to Footprints in Washington, local senate member, Mr. Terry'O Donald,

he says, that he will support current Democratic runner 'Joe Biden,' as his 

'Man of The Year,' as he sees the quality of Biden in every American.

`Both Clinton and Biden have been staunch supporters of The Democrats, but

their thinking and approach is very different. Both see that The United States have

a fair way to go to re-build Iraq, and have to still turn a blind eye to the 

'sluggish-'n-slurry,' economy. We see their growth patterns and leadership

approach very different, and come November, if we do not 'get back,' the 

trillions of dollars spent on wars in The Middle East, voters will loose trust

in Obama's 'Three Sisters,' current Democratic leadership approach of himself,

Clinton and Biden.` read #thenewyorktimes.


Whilst Hillary Clinton has been ranked as a woman with great leadership and

quality many Americans still feel that the 68 yr old will do more harm than


`Her husband and Former President of The United States Bill Clinton have got

stuck to certain thinking and certain ways of growing The United States. America

does not require experience to lead our country, but a fresh face, like Obama,

that stole the show. The Clinton's have been the Houdini's of American politics,

able to wiggle out of every death chain and challenge. The American election is

just one step to bring history back to the party.' jabbed Texas resident, Mr.

John Samsonknight.

Image may contain: bird and text

 Current Republican 'hot-shot,' candidate, Mr. Mitt Romney who spoke on a debate at The White

 House says that President Obama had stuck his hand into the jam-jar with The Middle East,

and cannot get out.

`We have destroyed sections of The Middle East, with the aid of Russia and China, and now

we are faced to re-build our investment without our Allies. Obama has played his cards 

'too close to his chest,' with internal politics and has left external politics to Military 

supervisors to make the decisions. If our Republican voters can see the difference

of leadership between The Democrats and The Republicans, come 2025, The

United States would off ended the wars in The Middle East, eased the pressure

on our tax payers and improved ties with our African friends.`

Mrs. Hillary Clinton and Mr. Mitt Romney who spoke at length on a televisied

appearance in Alabama, spoke about improving the economy, improving the 

health sector, shuffling Senate members, and extending a 'friendlier approach,'

to international countries.

`I have held an honorary seat at Wal*Mart, and using our business brains with

our companies we can improve the economy by 8% within the next three years,

if we 'play-ball,' with our foreign partners. We can extend our funding from $40 billion

dollars to The United Nations to $55 billion dollars in rescue aid and missions.'

Mr. Mitt Romney who spoke to CNN said that he thinks that Senator Hillary Clinton

has 'really lost it,' by making false promises to the public, but cannot deliver.

`She wants to extend her arm to hungry people in Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan

and Libiya, and yet some American's live on less than $15 dollars per day. She talks

about improving the business sector by providing to four million new jobs by 2025,

and yet the job sector has reached a peak. She speaks about same-sex marriages

being approved, and yet the flames in her bedroom are not exactly firing. American's

I leave the answer to you.' he was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, business leaders, bankers, financiers and other community residents say

that 'every politician has a different leadership approach,' and bringing Hillary Clinton to

the party would be a calling to all women across the globe.

`She has remained the sole role model to millions of people around the world,

and her run for election over the next year will not leave her a moment to capture

her breath. I will vote for this 'Mother Mary,' as the next President of The United

States.` cheesed a Philadelphia resident.


`Couple of the month,' October 2015--

by Jeffery Davids

(12 October 2015--FF News) F O R most people MARRIAGE is the 

'joining of hearts; joining of vows,' and today, Footprints in 

Sandton, would like to wish our 'couple of the month,' 

all the #love #happiness #wedding #sexiness #marriage #ohlalamoments

#romance and #prayers for their wedding held at the Michaelangelo Hotel

in Sandton.

`When I looked into Adrian's eyes for the first time I knew he was the

one. He became my blue-eyed boyfriend in 2003, and we had lived

together ever since. Today, I take this vow to myself, you and the

rest of the world, that I love you with every beat of my heart.` she


`Jessica, the moment I laid touch on your body, I knew that we

were 'ever-lasting; ever-blessed,' and it was not only the naughty

moments that I 'treasure-'n-pleasure,' it's knowing that today,

you are my wife.' he vowed.

Hundreds of residents from Sandton and surrounding cities attended

the wedding of Adrian and Jessica's wedding today at the lobby

with residents saying that she looked sexy in the white wedding dress

and he looked ever-so-handsome in his Tuxedo.

`I have known of their 'ups-'n-downs,' since I met Adrian at University.

Jessica always admired him secretly, and he was never interested. One

day, she had asked me to tell him that she likes him. Ever since they

have always been 'in-love.` said a friend of The Coetzee's.

`Marriage is half your religion, and its important to choose a partner 

that will love you during the rainy days, during the sunny days,

and during the days of bringing your children into the world. Let not

money be the root of your true root of love, but let God be the

pillar that guides the two of you together.` bridged Father William


'I know what I will be doing with my bride for the next week,'

joked the groom.

Footprints 'Couple of the month,' goes to this beautiful couple for their

'undying love; undying romance,' for each other, and wish you




I'm In Love - Full Song | Neal 'n' Nikki

| Uday Chopra | with Omar Abdulla



by Zulaikha Moti


(2 June 2015--FF News) Let's face it, whether we live in the stone

age, our prophets times, the war times or the future, parents WILL

ALWAYS #play a vital role in the shaping of ones destiny and future


`How you treat your parents today, tomorrow your children will

treat you. Keep a balance of yourself between your bloodline

of your parents and use their 'best qualities; best treats,' to install

the programs to your future children.` says father of eight, Mr. Akber


Abdulla says that managing and leading eight children has been his

greatest success, after 'giving; teaching,' all of his children in

different and unique methods.

`Each child is different, each child has their own special

traits, and habits.` he further said.

Speaking to Footprints in Sydney, local resident, Mrs. Samantha

Hughes notes that she has four children, and 'some days are heaven;

some days are hell.`

`Being a young mother, I have to rise before the children do,

make their school lunch, make love to my husband, and still be in

the mood to run my business. Being a parent in today's times is

tough work, hard work, but most enjoyable. Even the Ceo of Wal*Mart

will not probably understand the basic foundation of being a mother.

Simply the toughest job in the world.`

Parenting News, says that each child goes through growth patterns

and growth shedding as new habits form as the child grows,

and old habits die off.

`The child is the enjoyable part of the family and should always be 

nurtured with great care. Have as many children as possible, but

remember to have enough cash to pay for their diapers, school

fees, party nights and clothing. Teach your children basic foundations

of knowledge including respect, discipline, passion, trustworthiness, 

ambition, goal-orientated, love, and #fun.`

The Westville Times, reported that 81% of children in South Africa have

parents, with the rest either given up for adoption, shared through divorce

or the death of one parent.

`The average animal requires 20 months of support of both parents,

and the average child requires 20 years of both parents support. It is

unfortunate that children who are separated from their parents at a

young age suffer drug addiction, crime related friendship, and suffer

inferior feelings to emotions love, passion, dreams and #care.


`If you really care for your future children tomorrow, give your parents everything today.

When choosing a wife, choose a wife that shares easily, loves easily, gives easily and is

open to suggestions to grow your children. Have a wife that has a balance of lifestyle

and together you will create 'the most amazing; the most gorgeous.` children together.

Rather spend more time finding 'your dream husband,' then settle with the boy next

door, and end up in divorce. Choose your partner wisely so your children can

make you proud.` says Imaam Hussain Hassan from The Mosque of Greytown.

Another resident who spoke to Baby News, says that all children are different,

but let's face it, we all have our best child.

`I have five children, and I know who is my best child. Not to favor them,

but children who compete for my attention are always top on my most

favorite list. As a child, do more for your parents, and as a parent, have

your priorities which child will stand with you and which wont.` she


The Wisconsin Times, ended that today's parents have lost the confidence

to 'spank; whack;` their children with new child laws protecting children.

`In the olden days if my father walked into my room, and smelt the

marijuana spoke in my room, I would spend the night outside and

get a solid beating. Today's teenagers will take the parents to the

police if they lay a hand on them`

`Every marriage requires the stronghold of parents. When I married

my 23 yr old husband, we had nothing, and it was his parents that

purchased us our new stove, our new bedroom suite, our curtains

and our entertainment area. Marry a man that has the fear of his

father in his heart and the love of his mother in his heart.` advised

a Lenasia resident.

`Love your parents each day, and half your day is completed,

smile at your parents and half your month is completed, share

with your parents and half your year is completed, nurture your

children the way your parents did, and your life is completed.` read

The Biblical Sun.





by Hamza Chotia

(2 October 2015--FF News) What s t a r t e d as her usual morning smoke

and waiting for her transport to pick her up outside her gate, has turned

into the conviction of wife killer, Mr. Christopher Panayiotou and his 

co-accused, Mr. Thando Siyoli.

`After her disappearance on the morning of April 21st, police were on

a manhunt to locate her body. Several searches proved fatal, until her

body was discovered in a shallow grave in Uitenhage.` said a Port

Elizabeth resident.

On her memorial day of April 26th hundreds of residents paid tribute

to 'catch the killer; catch the murderer,' and after a moving speech by


husband on the set date, the following day he was arrested.

`I could not live without Jayde. She was the best woman in the world,

my treasure keeper and lover for life. I will miss you till the end of time,

and my vow to the world is to catch your killer and bring him to justice,`

were the w o r d s of the husband, at the memorial.

The next day police were hot on the trail of a suspect where they found

semen on the body of the victim, in the rural area of Kwazakhele. 

`After arresting the suspect, Mr. Thando Siyole, he led us to the male

in question who pre-mediated the death with Siyole.` said a PE resident,

Mr. Gary Wilbert.

Image may contain: 1 person

Jayde Panayiotou was a grade zero teacher in Port Elizabeth and was often described

by her students as '#funloving; #natureorientated,' and often giggled at her own


`When I heard my teacher was killed, I was hurt and upset.` said a student.

However, when the accused Mr. Thando Siyoli took to the stand in August 2015,

he claimed that the husband, Christopher had asked him to abduct his wife, and

an opportunity to have sex with a white woman. I was only interested in the

R20 000 that he offered me to kill her, and said that I may rape her, if I get

the time.` he was quoted as saying.

Speaking to Footprints in Uitenhage, locals said that the death penalty should be

re-instated when you have killers like Mr. Christopher Panayiotou who walk South

African streets.

`He had insured her life for an estimated R5 million rand in July 2013, and felt

after missing payments of his mortgage and vehicle, he would kill her.` said

a resident.


Judge Marcus Anderson, who was changed as the ruling judge of the case 

after disputes with the state, said that both the accused would spend life

in prison, Mr. Siyoli and Mr. Panayioutou with no possibility of parole.

`Both the accused acted with the due knowledge what they were doing,

and when it was going to happen. Both knew the set time that she waits

for her transport, and Mr. Siyoli took to the streets of Jaspers street at

06:53 am, abducted, raped and killed his victim, dumping her body near

the Uitenage squatter camp.`

`My lady, we ask that the maximum penalty be given to the accused

were the statements from the prosecution, to which the judge had

agreed.` read The Uitenhage Times.




by Bilaal Maharaj


(9 October 2015--FF News) Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell

at the north end of Palace of Westminster and often referred to as

The Elizabeth Tower. This morning, as British residents got into their

vehicles and drove pass the river Thames, they noticed that they were 

still early for work.

`I normally leave for work at 06:50, and normally pass Big Ben

at about 07:45, today, it was still stuck at 04:21.` said a

London resident.

`Internationally the world looks at BIG BEN as a ticking time for

the rest of the world. Today, she has stopped as one of her

dials has got stuck. We will be repairing the famous grandfather

clock by 14:00 GMT, today.` said a construction worker.

Footprints in London, understands that the world looks at London,

as a 'ticking-tomb,' and promised residents the famous clock will

be ticking within the next few hours, if one can #count...

Big Ben was a gift given to Queen Elizabeth I in 1821 from

The United States

as part of a Peace Offering in the wars of #Bellion.`



                         HONEYMOON COUPLE...!!

by The /-/oTT3$T /-/uNK

(17 October 2015--FF News) The cold Canadian escape Hotel of

`The Ice Queen,' in Canada, forms one of the finest locations to

escape with your partner or your family.

`The hotel hosts 888 world-class rooms, made out off ice, including the

building architecture and design. When `The Coetzee's` had decided

to honeymoon in Alaska, never did they ever dream they would be

mauled by a Polar Bear.` echoed an Alaskan resident. 

Speaking to Footprints in Alaska, local resident, Miss. Helen Mills jolted that

she was the manager of the hotel, and when we warned the couple not

to go fishing at the river, they failed to follow our requests, and got attacked

by the polar bear. It is a sad day for the hotel, as this was a South African 

couple that traveled for their honeymoon to our hotel.

The couple who were booked for seven nights spent their mornings taking walks

on the river, their afternoons feeding the owls, their evenings enjoying seven

course cuisine at Alaska's finest ice hotel; `The Ice Queen...` said Alaskan resident,

Mr. Michael Snyper.

`The polar bear is a '#car various; #pre datorious,' mammal has had given the red

alert bells to authorities as one of the most endangered species in the world.

The animal has the jaw of a shark, the body of a lion, and the speed of

a cheetah.` read The Alaskan Sun.

`When the couple booked into one of the finest ice hotels in the world,

they knew that our hotel hosts simply the best residents, wildlife,

and design in the world. When `The Coetzee's,' were told about the

wild wolves and night owls, they never paid attention. They probably

invaded the space of the bear, that eventually killed them.` says The

Wildlife Association of Canada.

The #icequeen concluded on their website that the death of the 

couple will serve as a warning to other guests who take walks

on the river, go skiing, or sledging.

`We have animals on our hotel that can kill in seconds, we have

entertainment for the entire family, we have presidential suites,

we have honeymoon suites and we have simply the best meals

on offer, everyday. Our appeal to our guests is to simply obey

the rules and there will be no more deaths.'



by Mahmood Al Abbas


(7 October 2015--FF News) `Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is dead, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

is dead, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi is dead,'were the chants from ISLAMIC STATE militants

in Egypt this weekend.

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is a 46 yr old terrorist leader, and founder of Islamic State

terrorist group, ISIS that leads and commands Iraq and portions of Syria.

`When Osama Bin Laden was killed, he had taken over the terrorist group

Al Qaeda, and later the group split into the African terrorist group Al

Shabaab and the Middle East terrorist group ISIS. ISIS is said to be 'war more

superior,' in their leadership-- owning several thousand more ammunition, 

fighter jets, war-tanks, and other weapons of #massdestruction.`

read The Iraqi Times.

Speaking to Footprints in Kirkuk, local resident, Miss. Hawa Arbel cried that

living in a country that does not want any Western influence is the worst

nightmare for any person.

`During the early mornings, The United States would bomb our mosques,

and city centers. During the day times we have no money for food,

and our leaders take our husbands away to fight the wars, and leave

us at home. If any woman does no good, we are stoned to death by

the military.`

ISIS that has taken power of Iraq and Syria since 2011, has spread terror in

the world often be-heading US and UK civilians, often bombing key 

financial sectors and often destroying any religion that does not

practice ISLAM.

`Our vow is to destroy Europe, and let Abu Bakr al Baghdadis death, serve

as a blood on your hands President Obama. We will kill your people, we will

bomb your people, we will rape your women, and we cause massive destruction

to the people who have killed our leader.` said ISIS in a televised broadcast.

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (pictured) was seriously injured in an air strike and is no longer in control of the terrorists, according to an Iraqi source

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by Farzana Dawood

(2 January 2016--FF News) W H A T started as a romantic canoe cruise

between the 'honeymoon-couple,' Farouk and Shazia Loonat, turned

into tragedy as the husband had capsized the boat, surviving four days

in the Ocean, reviving each other, and making each other fight for survival...

"Survival instincts are one of those things that never die, Your credibility

relies on your willingness to survive. What these two went through, is

somewhat of story that many will share, as they proved to themselves,

that through the stormy waters and hungry sharks, they came out

alive and #strong.' said a Durban resident.  

The Canary Canoes Company, that hired out the boat to the couple, said that

they work on a radius of 81 square KM, where the couple were allowed to steer,

and after search flights were boomed for the couple, they could not be found.

"We had our rescue team, that scoured the Indian Ocean, and they were only

found, after #fourdays.'

Speaking to Footprints in Durban, Mr. Farouk Loonat, he says, that he had traveled

from Egypt with his bride, and got lost at sea, after the canoe had capsized.

"I was oaring with my beloved, when a shark had bitten the rod, capsizing the boat.

My wife and I were left with no food, no water, and faced hours in the sun, where

our skins had become mellowed.'

The Natal Times, reported that 911 had searched the coast for the bodies of Farouk

and Shazia Loonat, cuddled together.

"If they did not hold on to each other through the hot sun, and cold nights,

they both could of died. This tragedy has turned into love for the couple,

and now they believe if they could survive the mighty Ocean together,

anything is possible.'

The Egyptian Sun, reported that the couple will be flown back to Cairo,

after doctors in South Africa, had approved their leave.

"Their bodies were burnt, their bodies were stuck together, and they

both suffered de-hydration.' said Dr. Mohammed Jalalpor.

Mrs. Shazia Loonat, concluded her story to The Cairo Times, that surviving

those four days, held close to her husband, with no resources and just

the hope for survival, proved that their love will live forever.

"This adventure had made me believe that courage is not the absense

of fear, but the triumph over it. This experience has re-kindled my love

for my partner, and my confidence to experience that I am alive, one

more day..."



by Maaheen Mustapha Ahmed

(30 January 2016--FF News) From The President of your country,

to the pauper who walks the streets, everyone, whether you are

Black, White, Mexican or European, wants something, chooses something,

has a desire to feel something, and the willingness to prosper and grow

beyond #today.

"All of us face daily tasks that we have to attend to, weekly goals,

monthly targets and yearly ambitions. It's unfortunate that bubbly

enthusiasm we first had when we got married, has perhaps changed

over twenty years of marriage...Many of us have similar goals to achieve,

as individuals and team players of the departments we work for.' said

Life Coach, Mrs. Rizwana Essop.

Speaking to Footprints in New York, Dr. Bianca Thomas, she says, that many

of us compete hard in the things we choose to achieve, whilst others wait

for things to happen.

"The difference between a 50 yr old Ceo of a company, to a person who has

no job, no children, no wife, and has several problems to deal with is their

thinking, and the way they do things...The Ceo would be precise is setting his

team targets, and bringing across good communication to his players...He would

love his wife when he comes home, read a book to his daughter, and would

probably do the same thing the next day...The other 50 yr old would probably

spend his days drinking beer, or spending time with people whom he does

not know. He would often not be responsible, by choosing to live alone,

and hide his bad habits.'

"What separates an A grade student in University, to a drop out is the

willingness to give everything, no matter what...The A grade student would

probably spend weekends and night hours to do better, and achieve better,

whilst the drop out, would probably be doing something that really does

not matter.' said a Brisbane resident.

"God has promised to the world, that he will let you have anything you desire,

as long as it's for the greater good for the greater amount of people...If you

like that perfect wedding dress, and don't even have a boyfriend, take the chance,

to try it on...If you are failing in your grades, and choose to do better, a wise idea

would be to spend time with the boys who are doing better.' says HOW TO


"It's unfortunate that the universe is a great copier, as what another chooses,

you want...If your neighbor lives in a bigger home, you want the same, or

if all the girls in University, like a particular Romeo, you would want the


The Success Magazine, reported that whether we are the richest man in

the world, or living out of donations from a charity box, it's important to

have a great communication with yourself, understand others, have a balance

in thinking, be fair to your loved ones, and always trust easily.

"The secret to attract that perfect husband, or purchase that ideal home, or even

go on that romantic holiday, is know that it will be achieved...Know in your hearts

of hearts that you will marry the prince of your dreams, that you will buy the castle

of your dreams, and that you will visit Mauritius.' said a motivational speaker.

"Life is about learning and teaching...We cannot teach if we cannot learn, and

we cannot learn if we cannot teach...Each day, set time aside, how much money

to plan to earn, who to associate yourself with, and reward yourself for

small wins.'


Local Klerksdorp businessman, Mr. Marcus Gerber, pooled that cleaning ones mind

daily, visualization, doing things that he has never done, and making someone

smile as the key to his #success.

"I manage 4000 workers, I have a loving family, I have to cope with so many

things that require my attention, but I keep a balance. You have to look within

yourself to discover the answers of what you truly, madly, deeply, desire.'


"The greatest of legends did not achieve the mountainous achievements

that they have, overnight...Sometimes the greatest of achievements are

achieved with a person not thinking about wealth gain, but the gain

of spiritual likeness.' said a Life coach.

"We will all go through moments where we are happy, moments where

we are sad, but the trick to life, is standing up when you have fallen,

and picking others up when they are fallen...Life is about, giving,

sharing, loving, and being..." said a London resident.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Whilst many people who are reading this article say that you don't know

what I have been through, you just would not understand, and make

excuses for why they have not achieved certain things, and reasons

why they cannot break barriers in their minds and beings.

"Communication is the key to any form of growth...If you want to grow

as a person, start communicating well...If you want better relationship ships

with your wives and loved ones, start communicating well...If you want more

signatures to your share-holders agreements, start communicating well.'

said Success for Champions.

"It's brill that we as human beings are not like computers, where we perform

the same function if something is done to us...Many of us react differently to circumstances,

many of our definitions of what we want are different,

and many of us, choose more simpliar

things, than the 'glitter-'n-glamor,' of life.'

Friends of Footprints, jolted that the key to achieve anything is know what you

want, write it down, look at it often, and who knows you might achieve it.

"Being a friend to yourself is the first step of growth...Rather have a few friends that

can coach you through your challenges in life, motivate you when you are depressed,

and elevate you when you are tardy.'


Dr. Mileesha Laloo, from the University of Cambridge, concluded that let us each make

a commitment to ourselves to change daily, to improve daily, to do things proudly even

if it's not for gain, and let us love honestly.

"Very often we love a person because he has all the decorations of life, but not

for the person he is...Very often we want a big house, but we cannot share the

rooms in our home, for free...Very often, we want to be legends of time, but fail to

help our own family and friends with their own dreams...The key to achieve what

you truly, madly, deeply, desire, is by making other peoples dreams a reality, knowing

that God will make yours a reality...'

"Paint your dreams in your mind and on paper, have lots of images of the person you

love, have a personal scrapbook, and speak to others about what you want...When you

open your feelings and heart to other people and yourself, you open up yourself to achieve,

what you want...The challenge for this month, is write down a goal list of 50 things you

want to achieve in the next five years, and ween yourself to achieve it...Go for it,

You can do it...'

"Dream Big, Aim High, Set definite goals...'

*I believe and have the faith in you *



by Juwairyah Khan

(19 January 2016--FF News) South Africa's notorious neighborhood that

is prone to robberies, hijackings, 'hate-crimes,' treason, fraud, murder,

xenophobia, and other petty crimes that are not reported are often contributed

by the 'lack of education; lack of love,' for the nation @ heart.

Although crimes that often grab the media are often spoken and talked

about, crimes relating to billions of rands of illegal goods being transported,

the tax evasion usage of international countries and the sale of government

owned assets, illegally are not reported.

When Polokwane businessman, Mr. Rameez Patel was arrested in April

2015, many

had said that he had killed his wife, because it was in a fit of rage and anger,

towards his dying attitude for his mistress.

"When The Joker was called to investigate the crime, he had used files of police,

to determine the motive, and the rigging of the gate motor...After studying the 

brutal wound to her head, he discovered that the accused could be the guilty

party, amid more #investigations.'

"After he was released on bail for R250 000, he had slyly eloped to a neighboring

country, where authorities were given the right to shoot to kill...He was then

arrested again, and appeared in The Polokwane Magistrate Court."

Speaking to Footprints in Polokwane, local residents said that Mr. Rameez Patel

had escaped the country, after further investigations that were leading to his


According to The Polokwane Times, Mr. Rameez Patel was located by

The Joker, after escaping police custody, after he had to report to

The Polokwane Police Station, once per day.

"The Joker had tracked the accused, arrested him on the spot,

and transferred him back to #Polokwane.'

The Joker, who is a senior official of the police and is only known to

President Jacob Zuma, is said to work with The Federal Bureau of

Investigation, and Scotland Yard.

"When an Afrikaaner, Mr. Anton Du Toit, had entered a black church in

progress, he had fired 400 bullets from his ammunition at hand. He had

used explosives to kill the black members of the congregation, and

fled the scene. After a warrant of arrest was alerted for him, he

was nowhere to be found.' read The Cape Daily...

"The Joker had taken samples of the shells of the bullets, and traced

these bullets as being hand-made, by the terrorist. This had further

led him to firearm manufacturers in Welkom, where the 18 yr old

was arrested and detained...'

Miss. Carolina De Kock, from the community of Uitenhage, noted that

no-one really knows of who The Joker really is, but has brought down

crime, has arrested key suspects, and has worked with teams of the

police that admire his workmanship and skill.

"When a ship traveling from Durban harbor, was hijacked by a pirate submarine,

The Joker had used his speed-boat, and jump-started the engine of the submarines

to move in reverse, causing the ship to loop.'

"The pirate submarine had attached herself to R5023 million rand of

heavy duty machinery and plant equipment ship destined for

China. When The Joker had arrived on Durban's North Coast, he bombed

the pirate submarine, saving the ship at sea, of damages

and theft.'

With a smirk to die for, weapons that perhaps you and I would never even

think about, and dressed to the nines, The Joker, is said to only work


On December 5th 2015, a local Edenvale resident was taking a jog in the park,

where she was ambushed in the park, and forced into the bush,

and almost raped..

"It is said that The Joker posses a hologram device, that can sense a crime

that requires his attention. The moment a crime is reported, he uses the

device to transport himself into that location,



"In this incident, the thief had stolen the wallet and headphones of the

jogger, and was about to rape her, when The Joker, arrived. He punched and

kicked the thief, and saved the woman's life.' said an onlooker.

Die Vrystad, chiseled that not all crimes can be solved by The

Joker, but if residents could not get hold of their local police,

they can send a text SMS to JOKER.

"The police will notify The Joker which crimes to attend, and often 

works with crimes where major lives can be lost, often works

with crimes where heinous acts of death are produced, and often

works with crimes that involve syndicate crimes that require

his attention...'

"The Joker saved me from a house robbery. The burglars had entered

through my child's room, tied her up, and stole the furniture. The

burglars had wanted to kill my husband, but then The Joker arrived,

silencing the burglars to death.' jawed Mrs. Yasmeen Khader.

"He is a killing machine, a wise wizard, and often responds quickly to

residents crime calls. STOP CRIME TODAY, by reporting it, fighting

for it, being aware of it, and insuring yourself against losses.' read

The Willowton Sun.




by Leonardo Da Vinci

(21 January 2016--FF News) The tragedy play Romeo and Juliet comes to your

home town of Midrand this February 2016, with hundreds of artists, Shakespeare

fanatics, and other love hearts attending the 88 minute #play.

"My only love spring from my only hate. Those married young are

often unhappy.

What's in a name, That which we call a rose, by any other name,' read

Romeo and Juliet...

According to historians Shakespeare had written the play in 1581, where he was

in love with his wife at the time, Mrs. Anthea Williams. The tragedy or love story is

revolved about two cults-- The Montague's and The Capulet's. 

Romeo at the time of the setting was settled to love Rosaline, from his own cast,

and Religion, and upon attending a party, he had met Juliet.

"What greater punishment is there than life where you cannot be

with the person that you love. What greater punishment is there than

life where you cannot be yourself with your love. Love is an ever fixed mark;

'ever-changing; ever-growing...''

After Romeo proclaims his love to his wife Juliet, they consummate the illegal 

marriage, where he later finds out that Capulet's had disapproved the marriage,

wanting to kill #him.

"In my dream you are mine, but in my life you are but a dream...When I love,

I love hard and nothing in the universe can ever change my love...' were some

of the opening scenes of ACT II SCENE III...

Although thousands of artists have played the role of the ever true love

of Romeo and Juliet, only a few have really played the role well...

"When you love like there is no tomorrow, when you love like there

is a one pardon between the two, thats when the connection of

eternity becomes a #reality.'

Shakespeare historian, Mr. Mark Bell, noted to Footprints in Midrand,


the play was scheduled to be attended by the elite of Johannesburg.

"Local actors have played the role well, with Juliet killing herself, after

Capulet family members were heard to kill Romeo. She had taken her

own life, and upon entering her castle, he found her dead..."

Other South African's who spoke to The Natal Tabloid, claimed that they

had traveled by train, bus, helicopter to the 88 minute play, that was

played by Mr. Riyaaz Sheik and Mrs. Amanda Coetzee.

"After watching them perform in Zimbabwe last year, I said that this year,

I must attend the play again...I love the way Riyaaz plays the role of Romeo,

wooing the audience to his liking. Amanda, has less exposure to acting, and I believe

her fellow actress Miss. Zuraida Jardine could off played a better role.' said

a KZN resident.


In the f a m o u s balcony scene where the couple share their love, Juliet

adheres that she will defy her family and friends, and settle with Romeo as

her partner.

"Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo, where arth thou Romeo...' Juliet gasps.

"Love is like a rose in Winter, only the strong survive...When my husband

and I started dating, we went to this show in October 2007, and often

mingled with the cast of Romeo and Juliet,

and often got an inner glimpse

of how to love.' said a local housewife.

South African's are said to rush to book their tickets to the stage play of

Romeo and Juliet, that has star casts from South Africa

and Saudi Arabia...

"Watch your local media newspapers and magazines, and book your seats,

before it's too late.' said Romeo and Juliet organizor, Mr. Frank Ndabala.

"If you believe in true love, and feel love in your heart, attend with

your partner the stage performance of Romeo and Juliet.' said a love-


"In the end love is always the winner, as when R 0 M E 0 finds his Juliet,

poisoned to death, he takes his own life...The tragedy asks does love exist

like this in Today's Times, does love exist where one can love forever, and

the tragedy asks is it worth it to die for your loved one...?'



by Joshua Mabande

(2 January 2016--FF News) The Greek state of Zakville, calls on 

community leaders, managers, and other residents in support of

a 500 000 EURO "bio-chemical,' face transplant, for local 23 yr old

Mr. Zlavia Kodoaria who is a burnt victim, after saving his sister

from a burning house.

"According to our investigations, the victims sister Miss. Athenia Diamante,

was fast asleep when the stove had lit the curtains of the kitchen. At

approx 4: am in the morning Zlavia awoke to his screaming sister. He rushed

into the bedroom to try to save her, and whilst saving her, burnt his own


"Our appeal to the global community is to spread the w o r d to raise the

500 000 EURO for the child, that needs your help.'

"All Greeks and the rest of the world, are said to hold prayers

between 8PM-9-PM tomorrow.' chubbed The Athens Tabloid.

911 ended that after arriving on the scene, the victim was recovering

his sister, and suffered internal and external scars to his face, hands,

legs and back.

"The moral of the story is that Zlavia risked his precious life for his sister,

and has to suffer the consequences of the scars for #life.' said

a Zakville resident.

Call or TEXT +9822 3233 81121, each TEXT costs 8 EUROS...!!



by Father William Wallace


(11 January 2016--FF News) Fellow Christians, countrymen, and

leaders of The Christian Church of Nazareth, I greet you all in the name

of PEACE, LOVE, HONESTY and the The Lord in your #heart.

Thank you for attending church today, as many teenagers have been

pulled by their parents to come to church, many grandfathers have been

challenged by the wives to attend, and I'm sure many of the people in 

the front row, have come early to hear the birds sing, and picnic in

the beautiful $gardens.

Jesus once said that "Don't worry about the things beside you,

I will worry

about that, and whatevers between the heavens and Earth, is yours, if

you just have the faith.'

Faith is something I like to speak about this Sunday, as many of us loose

faith in what we dream about, many of us loose focus in our jobs, and

many of us fail in our daily chores to our loved ones.

"Thank The Lord for the gift of faith and for allowing me to see

your miracles, for the creation of YOU is a miracle.'

Often enough we compete with the JONES of our communities who drives

a better vehicle, who has more wives, who has a bigger house, and who

is more #famous.

"Destroy what destroys you. Don't look back but move on with hope. The

only thing stronger than FEAR is hope. Have the faith that God is one, and

his savior Jesus Christ, answers to all your miracles.'

Speaking at a packed crowd of 500, young youth, middle aged men, and pensioners

paid donations to the charity box being shuffled around as the father of the

church continued to speak.

"Imagine what you could achieve if you don't care who gets the credit. Today's

men are so engrossed in their businesses, wives, multi-tasking and doing things,

that don't reflect God's message. God's message through time has remained

the same, that he will love you, through your sins, and forgive you through

your sins, and guide you through your 'days of darkness,' and be the spirit

that lights your marriage. Men are not rich by owning billions of dollars, they

are rich by how big their hearts are.'

Coughing and pacing through his sermon, the pastor makes mention that in

Today's Times, women have lost the faith in their men, by preferring to rule

in certain aspects of the home.

"Men you will never be a good groom to your wife unless you first a good

bride to Jesus. To the woman, I say, You were created from the rib of Man,

respect your father, your teacher and your husband as your father.

This I say 

to you, a happy marriage is a union between two good forgivers.'

After speaking for several minutes, several guests yawned, and took to

the 800m garden of the church, whilst others listened attentively.

I met my wife in 1976 whilst boarding a train from Johannesburg to

Port Elizabeth. We started speaking, and got to know each other on

the eight hour journey. She was not married, she was pretty cute, and

let's say we clicked.

"After leaving her, I handed her my wish...My wish was for her to 

pray to JESUS, read the Bible, and read one quote from the Bible

which read;

"Love is patient. A relationship with God is the best that you can have. If

we have the faith that our 8 hour train trip was good, meet me here,

on 14 February 1976, and forever my miracles will be realized.'

The father further states that he had not believed that God will make 

his miracle a realization, as he had only just met the 19 yr old, never

laid a hand on her, and was asking for love to be proposed.

"In those day's I was not as good looking as I am today...Anyways,

after several weeks of buying goods to sell in Johannesburg, I boarded

for the train to Johannesburg. I still remember, in those days, I was not

a father of a church, I was just an ordinary person. When dawn had struck,

and I could see the Sun rising, there she was. We are still married, and this

has made me believe in the power of the message of #Jesus.'

Relating back to The Bible, Father William Wallace concludes that we as

Israelis are slow-paced as compared to the rest of the world.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

"Sometimes we prolong decisions when they have to be made today. Truth

is always the answer to your loved ones. Have the confidence to confront

yourself with the feelings of The Lord, in your heart, and you will see the

questions you pose to the world will answer themselves.'

"When Jesus knew that he was being betrayed by the Satan of his disciples, 

JUDAS, he knew that he would die on the cross, but still had the belief

that what people did, was beyond themselves,

and his death was for humanity.'

"Father forgive these men for they know not what they are doing.'

echoed The Old Testament.

Speaking to Footprints in Nazareth, locals whispered that Father

William Wallace will soon form as part of the cardinal congregation,

under Pope Francis...

"After leaving South Africa in 2008, he had settled in Israel, where he

gave hour long sermons to church-goers. Now he has been elected

as a cardinal, and with this as his l a s t sermon, we should listen

with open ears.' said a gossiper.

Thousands of Israelis took pilgrimage in the street of Nazareth on 

Christmas Day 25th last year, singing hymns of Jesus, holding special

prayers, and many women following the footprints of Mary.

"Mary was a virgin who gave birth to Jesus on The Night of Bethlehem...The

walk on Christmas Eve in Nazareth at between 5:PM-8:PM was a walk where

she walked with her Son, with no doctors to assist her. She had given birth

to the little Jesus, in a barnyard in Nazareth.'

Father William Wallace says that although many teenagers were forced to

attend the Sunday Sermon or they would loose their allowance, his

pledge to the youth is simple.

"Follow your heart, not your mind, because your heart is where the answers

to the thousands of questions you have, will be answered. Have The Lord

in your heart through your days, and know that whatever the outcome of

today, there is tomorrow.'

The Israeli Times ended, that there is one God, one Lord, one Allah,

and whatever name we call her, we should believe in the power of

miracles for tomorrow.

"Let us dare to believe that we can achieve whatever we put our hearts too,

as the mind can be fooled...' 

#Be Bleseed, Amen. 




 by Aimee Pretorius

(8 January 2016--FF News) The f a t h e r city of South Africa, 

Johannesburg, will be welcoming artists from around the world

to show their talent in the annul 'Festival of Body Art...'

The World Bodypainting Festival 2015 in Poertschach am Woerthersee, Austria


"We started the talent company sixteen years ago, and have had 

exhibitions in Austria, Auckland, The United States, London, Germany,

Lisbon, Russia, and our three day appointment in Sandton City, will be

to bring back African Art, Tattoo ART, PAINT ART, and other forms of

art for the body. The age restricted show should be booked today,

as we will only be available the l a s t weekend of February 2016.'


Speaking to Footprints in Sandton, local residents said that they cannot

wait to attend the weekend that will be coupled with five course meals,

mingling with the artists, and enjoying fine wines.

"The weekend promises to be a getaway from the city, as guests will

be hosted at one of Sandton's elite hotels, enjoy world-class cuisine,

and be bedazzled by artists from around the world.'

Local tattoo model, Miss. Jessica Walsh, noted that she had traveled

from London to Johannesburg to model her sexy tattoos that hopefully

she could win the #competition.

"I know the competition is a payment of $3 million dollars, and I live in London,

so I have to convert to pounds. I am excited to compete in this competition

because I know and believe that I can do it to win...'

Another resident, Mrs. Prakasha Naidoo,

who spoke to The Johannesburg Times, she said, that

she has already paid her R25 000 for the weekend in February, and will

take the time out to enjoy world class art, in the company of her


"Since this is a restricted event, it will just be my husband and I that

will be attending. The last time we went on holiday was on our

honeymoon, and it's been 17 years, since then.'

Organizor, for the "Festival of Body Art,' Mrs. Michelle Dorredena,

bolted that already 71% of the seats have been sold, and residents

of South Africa should book their tickets with immediate effect.'

"We can assure you that many residents internationally have traveled

for this contest. Winners will be awarded with world class travel arrangements

to eight countries of the world, received $3 million dollars in cash, and get

to feature in feature films, that require artists of this nature.'

The Sandton Times, reported that the entire blockade of the city will be

blocked off the 26/27/28 of February 2016.

Jostling through her wardrobe and taking deep breaths, another contestant,

Miss. Juanita Jansen, from Pretoria, says that she will for the first time in her

life do something that #matters.

"Many of my friends dive with sharks, go sky-diving, try R10 kisses, but

I choose to compete in the "Festival of Body Art..."

The World Bodypainting Festival 2015 in Poertschach am Woerthersee, Austria

The competition is free

for people to enter, and residents from all over South Africa, should watch the

epic oils my body is painted with. Come dressed to the nines for the after party

in Monte Casino on the Saturday, and get to see us, with our clothes on.'

"Art is about definition to detail, precise engineering, quality workmanship,

and the beauty of love.' said a fellow artist.

"These are money making schemes of R25000 for the weekend, and I rather

practice my art with my wife, in bed.' joked a Fordsburg resident.

 "Be there for the annul "Festival of Body Art,' that happens next month."


The Roshnee Rose TURNS EIGHT...!!

by Tahira Takolia

(1 January 2016--FF News) W H I L S T many South Africans will be celebrating

the 'new year,' on the beach-front, in some 'cool-dance-studio,' or in the

comfort of their own home, a local pensioner, Mrs. Sakeena Dawjee takes the

bow of celebrating e i g h t years, of running the old age home...

Speaking to Footprints in Roshnee, local nurse, Miss. Farah Dockrat, she says, that

the old age home was started by a group of 40 people, and today, the

old age home is celebrating her #birthday.

"We have 24 hr security, world-class nurses and doctors, and other professionals that

control The Roshnee Rose. Today's birthday sees the entry of 10 000 pensioners,

over the age of 81, who play games, chit-chat, take long walks, and sometimes

meet their families.'

The Roshnee Rose, that s t a r t e d in 2008 by Mrs. Sakeena Dawjee was created

by her 50 yr marriage to her husband, Mr. Junaid Dawjee.

"We started the old age home to give people a second chance at life. All is not lost,

when you start maturing and understanding the basics of life. Most of the elderly that

attend The Roshnee Rose, are retired millionaires, wannabe friendship-makers, and

children that betray their parents, and send them to these old age homes.'

The Over Eighties Club, that is a club that exists within The Roshnee Rose, often

gather together in sporting activities, enjoy home-cooked meals, 'pray-'n-play,' 

together, are often

spoil't with gifts...

"If you see the faces of the old age that light up with a single rose, they are talking

the entire day about that little gift they received...When their daughter or son

visits, the world lights up, and often friends of theirs that they have met, enjoy

savories, baked goods, decadent moments and other royalties.'

The Roshnee Daily azzured that the birthday party of the 200 pensioners at The

Roshnee Rose, will be attended by the community this weekend, and residents should dig deep

into their pockets to support the charitable cause to life.

"We have organized a day out for the family, including food stalls, toy shops, merry-go-rounds,

and the carousal. Visit The Roshnee Rose, and say HI to your mother, or bring some cool

gifts for your father...'

"The secret to live a 'long;loving;living;life,' is eat good food, read 81 pages per day, have sex

daily, never die without having children, and visit a few countries that make you happy. If you really

want to become somebody, think like helping people like me.' smiled a Roshnee pensioner.

Be there, this weekend, and celebrate with families, friends, foes and other fans of the city

of Johannesburg...

/-/APPY /3irTHDAY The Roshnee Rose...!!

Image may contain: text



by Alyona Gafgrill

(2 January 2016--FF News) The International "SPRAY PAINTING,'

competition held in Moscow, Russia, this afternoon brought together

vehicle fanatics, panel beaters, fellow artists, and the general Russian

community, with international guests booking special seats to witness

the live #event.

"Participants are given a set of tools, and choice in the method of spray

painting--The methods of spray painting on show are developed from

world artists in South Africa, and rough neighborhoods that rule The

United States.' hogged Miss. Manya Miffs...

"I will be spray painting something never painted on a wall before. I will

be using my tools and I will be working alone in this competition, where

I could win $3 million dollars.' said an artist.

Speaking to Footprints in Moscow, International painter, Mr. Milos Santana,

noted that he had traveled from Brazil, to compete in the spray painting

competition, that would woo-audiences, from across the #globe.

"We normally spray paint for Ferrari and international vehicle manufacturers,

and our methods of mechanically designing your home, or paradise is a simple


The International Artists of Kingdom, said that 4378 artists from across the globe

will be on exhibition this week, and residents from the community are welcomed

to vote who has the better job today.

"We have brought together creativity, passion, skill, workmanship, enthusiasm,

imagination, hand-precision, 

and other powers to the table. The community must vote, who has the best

design and #skill.'

The Artists Plus, noted that the creativity of the brain lies in the Sub-conscious and

can be tapped at any given time.

"It's not only the Leonardo Da Vinci's, Picasso's, that could paint well. Today's modern

targets have turned an ordinary bedroom into a work of art...'


"The key to painting, whether it just painting your home, or professional painting,

like for wealth or fame, is going into the feeling of the desire on the colors. Each

color, whether it's-- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet. is to mix

well to the perfect color. Let God be your canvas when creating your work

of art, with paint.' said a reader

The French Times, reported that the art of spray painting was developed far back

before the 17th Century, where artists had developed an attitude to draw, imagine,

and portray their work of art to the billions of people who see their work.

"Today's teenagers want to spray paint their vehicles, today's babies want their

rooms painted in the 'most-unique,' trend, today's pensioners, want the paint

of their faces not to rub off.' added a resident.

This contest has brought together International artists who have had it their

passion to compete on the act of painting, and developing nothing into


"I will attend the show at Moscow's Banquet Hall, and will get to see the magic

in paint.'

"My wife is nagging me to write to Footprints in South Africa, so that she can attend

this contest, and will the organizers of this event please call her.' jolted an irrate

#resident in 2015.

When Footprints in South Africa, contacted the head-office of the company,

The Art College of Moscow, a local South African resident, Miss. Sakeena Joosub,

won the competition...

"We are happy with our help to send Sakeena to the competition...Her winning

of the competition brings back the trophy of international paint and dynamics.'

"I am so happy to have won the competition, with my portrait of a painting

of Alice in Wonderland. Thank you to the judges for choosing me as your

winner." she ended.



by Tanusha Gopal

(8 January 2016--FF News) Entrepreneurs Magazine headlined in their magazine,

that "Keeping customers happy; 'innovation-'n-inventive,' plans; and keeping staff

incentive based,' as some of the tools to business #leadership.

"A carpenter, A plumber, A builder, and even a financial businessman work with tools.

If their tools are not sharpened, used, and made better, they will not improve in

their work ethic and skills.' said Manager for Tigerbrand, Mr. Riaan Snyman.

Speaking to Footprints in Omaha, Mr. Warren Buffett says that he started at the

age of 14, investing in small companies, where he would demand a return

on his investment.

"A local store owner required $11000 dollars for investment into his company, and I bought

shares into his company. Although he took me for a ride, and I lost all my money, it

was the beginning of a chain in my investment into companies.' he noted.

He further gasps to The Omaha Oracle that business should not be a game of poker,

where you aim to win a ROYAL FLUSH, all to try a million times.

"The best investment to the future, is hedge your investments into small, medium

and large companies, with a ratio of 40: 25: 35, respectively. From history, small

companies show the fastest growth, whilst the older companies have more maturity

to growth and innovation...The downside is that small companies can go bust quickly,

whilst large companies can show slower returns.'

The Bank of America, reported that the average American earns $50 dollars per day, with

high-net worth individuals raking in between $300-$500 dollars per day.

"The shift in earning ratios in The United States, is largely dominated by education and

cast...An American would earn $5000 dollars as a tax consultant, whilst an immigrant will

earn $2000 dollars for the same job.'

The Secret booked, that to achieve any dream, whether its have $1 billion dollars in assets,

or survival for the day, starts with stretching your 'giving; imagination; knowledge...'

"No skyscraper in South Africa could off been built if it was not for education and skills

to build the structures...No organizations would be built in our towns and cities, if it

was not for the brave men who donate generously.'


Whilst not all of us can grow from ZERO to HERO in three years, the way Mr. Bill Gates and

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg did, if one has a blue-print of WHAT one chooses to achieve, anything

is possible.

"You should be able to control money, and not the other way round. It is unfortunate that

moments people have more money, they become more arrogant, change their attitudes about

life, and lower others...If we really want to attract the energy of money, we should be humble to

it's attraction, and know where to invest.' noted Mr. Bill Gates.

The Managers Diary, reported that there are more millionaires today, than ever, and with values changing,

the risk of investment into the future should be thought with 'telescope thinking...'

"The key to management is lead from the front...Care about the feelings of others, but know

how to lead, know when you press, know when to rest, and know when to motivate. Management

is all about thinking of winning, working your team to achieve the tasks, and reporting to stake-holders.'

"I started my hair salon, in downtown Johannesburg with only R5000-00, back in 1992. Today, celebrities

all over South Africa come to my salon, because they prefer to work with someone whom they know. Having

that personal touch in business, goes a long way.' added Mrs. Zarina Ramatula.

"Like any profession, if we are good at what we do, we will make money...If we are a vehicle service repair

man, we should spend more hours in the workshop, become better at our skills and we will earn more...

We should stretch our minds instead of thinking in rands and cents, to millions, billions, and trillions...'

said Ceo of Butterfield Bread, Mrs. Monique Anderson.

"With the thousands of unique ways of investing into your companies,

and growing your wealth, the key is to know

at all times how much money you have available, plan to have the bills paid for

atleast three months in advance,

and invest into new projects that can earn you an additional income.' said Success for Fools.

"I am an actuary for a local insurance company, and from my experience with business, the keys are

that one should be present at work, one should smile a bit, one should dress like a million

dollars, focus your energies at hand,

and always try to edge higher than yesterday.' said Mrs. Khatija Jeewa.


"Many of the people in my town, their mothers and fathers left them millions of dollars to toy around with,

and their value for money means nothing...When you give money a value, for what it can buy, that's when

you understand the true nature of trade.' said a New York resident.

"In the olden days, the only way to show your wealth, was through what you owned. In those days,

your wife was known as your wealth, your castles you owned, and the amount of GOLD you possessed.

Alot has changed since then, as people look at money as a tool for growth in their evolution of life.'

said a Brakpan resident.

The Money Magazine concluded that s t a r t training your brain to think positive, start motivating

yourself to do better, work on back up plans and business plans, and soon you will get to share

as part of your success story on our #magazine.

"It took President Obama six years to prepare for elections, resting only four hours per day,

it took Hashim Amla, several thousands of hours to become the worlds greatest cricketer,

and it took Sir. Richard Branson, hundreds of failure investments to become one of the

most-influential entrepreneurs. It's not only about knowing what you will do with the money

when it comes, but also sharing and investing it into the right companies, that will

ultimately show a profit, as the general aim of business is profit.'


Young CHEFS AWARD, awarded to Miss. Juwairyah


by Yasmin Hoosein Kalla

(17 June 2017--FF News) The annul Young Chef's

AWARD was savored through the last three days, where

contestants were given three days to produce the most

cost efficient meal, that tastes SIMPLY THE BEST.

Contestants from all around the world were given a set team of

six, with a total of 24 contestants.

"They were given the opportunity to decorate world class meals

for everyday people who could not afford it. World renowned chef,

Mr. Rupert Sao Desto is part of one of the teams.' said a resident.

Filmed over a period of three days, each team is allocated an amount

of $5000 dollars, and based on reviews from customers and pricing,

the team with the most money wins.


Taking to the streets of Delhi in India, The Knight Titans

had invested

their $5000 dollars in a trailer, utensils, and cooked hot curry meals to the

Indians of India.

"We worked as a team to buy A-grade meat, glaze the meat, and provide

American meals to Indians. We had earned a total of $11 000 dollars,

profit in

the three days.'

TEAM SUPREME, another six member team took to the streets of Mexico,

where World Chef, Mr. Romeo Fickers, was the head.

"We thought that Mexican's still enjoy their Mexican grills and old-fasahioned

tacos. We set up at a local shopping Mall in Mexico city, provided for fast

food meals. A single meal at my restaurant would normally cost no less than

$80 dollars, we were serving customers for $5 dollars for a coke and taco. Our

customers were happy, and our total earnings of profit was $12 500."

The Gladiators team leader, Miss. Francheska Williams says that she hails from

FRANCE, and has been serving dishes to millionaires but when Young Chefs

approached her to lead the team, she had agreed.

"We set out on the streets of Hawaii, where the best chefs in the world, had

to try to keep the poor happy with a good home-cooked meal. I had developed

a recipe for steak and a mixture of maize produce for less than $3 dollars. My

team and I set out at one of the biggest companies in Hawaii, and served the

staff meals that the everyday individual can afford. We served Cuttlefish,

Blazed steak, Roasted Chicken, and our kiddies special DONALD DUCK. We

generated a profit of $15 204 dollars in our three days.'

Miss. Juwairyah Khan, team head of Only4Barbies

who for

the first time had played a role in Young Chef's, said that she is born,

South African, and she knows how to feed people because her husband

is always complaining that his belly is empty, and her kids always ask for


"My team and I took to the streets of Johannesburg,

where many thousands of people

walk the streets, hundreds of homeless people beg for food, and knowing

that I am a good cook with my traditional Biryani recipe, my homely pasta

and mushroom sauce and my healthy soup, I could stand a chance.'

She further tells Footprints in Johannesburg, that after knowing that her

belly was full, and after setting up to make a profit, she noticed hundreds

of children on the side of the road with no food, orphans had asked for

discounts on the soup, and her Biryani was selling like no-bodies business.

Image may contain: text

"After the first day of profit takings of $2000 dollars on the streets of Johannesburg,

my second day, I realized that my job in the world is to make a difference, so,

I guess that I fed everybody, even the $5000 is spent. I just cannot see someone

hungry when my stomach is full.'

Judge, Pamela Du Leigh, who officially had to congratulate the winner, announced

her winner as Miss. Juwairyah Khan, after generating the most amount of produce,

and doing the most amount of good for the greatest number of people.

"Her cooking was licked by every street sweeper and homeless person in

Johannesburg. She is SIMPLY THE BEST.'

L A S T year's Young Chef's winner, Mr. John Tesseria, he broaded,

that Miss. Khan had showed that it was not only about winning for the

most money, but doing the right thing and following ones gut feeling.

"Cooking is not only about fancy recipes and works of art, but about

feeding a person who is hungry. Food is for everyone and even the best

chef's in the world don't have the common sense of doing what's right. She

can wear my chef's hood for the next year.'

We at Footprints Filmworks would like to congratulate, Miss. Juwairyah Khan,

for winning the Young Chef's award.












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