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by Cassim Kharbhai

(17 January 2016--FF News) Did you ever ponder what will your

children, grandchildren say to an "Exclusive Interview,' with you?

Did you ever want to broadcast a message to thousands of residents

of your community, your friends, and your families, with a message

of the future...? What will your fans who support your dreams say

when they watch you for two hours...?

"Living Legends,' is newly created by Footprints Filmworks and associate

companies with a 2 hr video documentary about yourself.

"The two hour documentary is shot over three days in eight different locations,

and tells the story of your upbringing, your teenage years, and what the future

holds for you and your family. Family secrets shared as the name of the game.'

said Ceo of "Living Legends," Mr. William Wallace.

Speaking to Footprints in South Africa, Marketing Manager for

Footprints Filmworks,

Mrs. Zakiyyah Abdulla, she says, that the company had invested R5 million rand in

the creation of "Living Legends," open to residents of the community aged

between 18-81.

"The film tells the story of your belief systems, the tricks of the trade

to the family and friends, and even other community residents who view

the 9600 websites in South Africa, will get a glance of you and your

story.' she bridged.

"The market for an individual message to ones future brethren is the talk

of town. Living Legends was created because ordinary people do

extra-ordinary things, and when people do extra ordinary things,

they deserve their own light in their own legacy.' said Mr. Rishaad


Managing Director for Footprints Filmworks, Mrs. Sakeena Joosub,

who attends meetings of the

company on a yearly basis said that the company was investing into

"Living Legacies,' as a build up to Footprints in South Africa.

"The top 25 people interviewed in "Living Legends," will be showcased for

three minutes each in the feature film. Whilst Living Legends is an individual message

to the families and friends, Footprints in South Africa, is a feature length film

comprising of 25 of the best interviews and messages.'

Local businessman, Mr. Gareth Ackerman, he says, that recently he was elected

as Ceo of Pick 'n Pay, and will pay the R50 000 fee for the two hour documentary

of "Living Legends," and hopefully may feature in Footprints in South Africa.

"I have heard well known South African's including Allan Donald, Farad Ismail,

Jacob Zuma, Joeleen Strauss, Zunaid Moti, Fatima Meer, Ahmed Kathrada,

Sol Kerzner and Winnie Mandela as participants. Hopefully my talks

sends a clear message to future businessmen in South Africa.'

Digital Artist for Footprints Filmworks, Mr. Diego Samara, he says, that

the individual can choose the locations, backdrops, questions, and other

interesting factors that will highlight the documentary.

"We have used the best studio's, make up artists, and costumes to create

a spectacular image on screen. The individual gets coached on how to speak,

and whilst filming the legend, backdrops and voice overs are used to

create effect.'

"I have a grandfather that is ill, and within the next year, he will

die. I will pay the R50 000 for the two hours, so when he dies,

I will have his message on video.' said a Johannesburg resident.

"My wife craves attention and is always looking for the best

vehicles to pose with, and the best gardens. I will buy a 2 hr

feature, because my wife believes she is God's gift to men,

and people will get to know her personality.' cooked,

Mr. Marwa Malepe.

The Sunday Times reported that within 2016, Footprints Filmworks has

estimated 6000 "Living Legends,' @ R50 000 each, with a maximum of

25 residents chosen to feature in Footprints in South Africa.

"Footprints in South Africa is a four part series, encapsulating Apartheid leaders,

Financial leaders, ordinary leaders, movers and shakers, and professionals who are

priceless at their jobs, who have laid a FOOTPRINT to society...

The film

includes locations in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.'


and you may get to feature in our multi million rand film Footprints in

South Africa...

*Search Google for our contact numbers, or view our CONTACT US


Another investment by Footprints Filmworks

with the aim of creating

a better today and tomorrow for the communities

of South Africa.



by Farhana Loonat

(18 January 2016--FF News) Whether we may of lived

thousands of years

ago, or in current times, from Prophet Adam to the nomad that walks

the streets, we all have an EGO, that defines our #reality.

"Ego, in psychoanalytic philosophy is that portion of the human personality,

which is experienced as the "I," or Self. It is said to be the part that

resembles, adapts, remembers, evaluates, plans, learns

and forms judgments,

perceptions on the outside world.' hummed, Professor Gary Sircosis.

"Every time your head touches the ground for prayer, remember it's

to put your ego down. We all have Ego's from the Lion who rules

The Jungle to the ant that walks up your feet.' said University Lecturer,

Mrs. Sakeena Joosub.

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Speaking to Footprints in Philadelphia, Mrs. Jaan Abrahams, she says, that

most people have an EGO that defines who they truly are.

"When my husband wanted to ask me to marry him, it was his EGO that

stopped him, by asking me the magical question. He was too proud to even

show his love for me, and I was the one to ask him." she laughed.

"Too much ego will kill your talent. Money, Fame, Power, Love, Leadership,

Sexiness, Arrogance, Charm,

are all 'decorations of life,' that can kill your ego. Any amount of

too little or too much of EGO, can harm you.' cooped, Mrs. Juana Anders.

The Spiritual Times, reported that we as personalities who occupy the bodies

that house us, should always lower our EGO's to pacify our creation.

"Put your EGO aside, listen to those crossing your pathway, they may hold

the key you been looking for. Always respect the person, who may sweep the

streets or rule your country.' jabbed, Mr. Anthony Lukha.

Miss. Raheema Jaffar, a local South African resident said that she recently qualified

as a Doctor, and e a r n s more than her husband.

"As a woman my duty is to respect my husband and his dreams. Even though I

may earn more than him, it is my duty to respect his wishes as the MAN in the


The infantile ego develops in relation to the external world what manifests

inside. As the EGO develops through childhood and teenage years, the individual

learns about herself, what food she enjoys, the type of men she is attracted too,

and what behavior patterns she develops normally lead into adulthood.

"A Lion is borne to lead. You will never see a Zebra kill a Lion. This is the

creation of God. The creation of the EGO is based on the hierarchy of life.'

MIND MATTERS says that the EGO SHOULD ALWAYS be controlled and

whilst most of us are not a Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi, we should

try to bring our EGO's to the lowest level.

"God hates people who intentionally try to harm someone. If you

truly want to see, feel, hear, taste and know God, let go off your


The Book of Temples concluded that

The Human Ego is Porous...

"When you give without receiving, when you love without expecting it back,

when you pray without an answer, and when you believe in the unseen, your

EGO downsizes. When we truly let go off our EGO's the veil to God is unveiled.'



by Khatija Ismail

(14 January 2016--FF News) W H A T might seem unromantic and against

the l a w s of ISLAM, was bridged this afternoon, that a local couple had

died due to over-exhausted sex between loving couple, Mohsin Bhamjee

and Nadim Noormahomed.

"Their relationship was forbidden by the families, and yet they continued the


relationship.' said a family member.

Speaking to Footprints in Pretoria, local resident, Mr. Arshad Seedat, he says,

that the couple were dating for several months, and both the deceased were

heavy users of heroine and #cocaine.

"Judging from the appearance no woman would even look at them. Coupled with

age defining drugs, and the sex party, they both died, after an overdose on

drugs and sex.'

Police commissioner, Mr. Sepho Madula, he notes, that when we arrived on the scene

the couple lay naked in bed, with unusual sex toys and outfits.

"Clearly they were in love. Although in South Africa our opinion of same sex

is irreverent it seemed that the two were at it for what seems more than

two days.'

Mr. Mohammed Bhamjee, the father of the late Mohsin, noted that he had

told his son to s t a y away from Nadim, and begged and pleaded to his

son, to try to marry a woman.

"Sorry to say, but my son is not the most good looking character of men. His heavy

cocaine habit had destroyed his looks, and to add insult to injury, he was attracted

to men.'

Mrs. Shameema Noormahomed, the mother of Mr. Noormahomed wept with tears in

her eyes, saying that Nadim had his problems, but did not deserve to die in this


"He had confronted me that he was gay, and we did not accept it. He tried to

change by growing a beard and visiting mosque, but it did not help.'

The Pretoria mortuary that received the bodies said that Mr. Noormahomed's

anus was ripped by Mr. Bhamjee after hours of sex.

"Mr. Bhamjee, we have confirmation had contacted HIV due to his sexual 

behavior, whilst Mr. Noormahomed had more than four times the maximum

dosage of cocaine in his system.'

"They want to fuck in the ass, and even Mr. Bhamjee tried his fancy love tricks

with me. I told him several times not to fuck with me, and he is lucky that he

stayed away, otherwise I would of killed him.' said an irritate Pretoria resident.

"ISLAM does not preach same sex relationships, and although the funeral will be

held tomorrow according to Muslim tradition, I doubt anyone will attend from

the community.' echoed Mrs. Ayesha Haswari.


A Winters LOVE...!!

by Aaron Bradley

(8 January 2016--FF News) Frost patterns on the windows, frost

trees covered in ice, and as the city nightlife comes to a close, I lay

in my bed 'wondering; pondering,' when will I fall in love again, when

will I feel the spirit of my life light up, and I as I think these thoughts

sleep bestows upon me.

This was the Winter of 2012. when I had just turned 23, and like most

adults my age, my feeling in my heart was to fall in love, get married,

and hopefully try to sustain my love affair with my wife.

Grabbing my boots and hat, and heading off to The London County Hills,

where the annual Ski competition was being held, I felt lonesome and handsome,

that I don't have someone at the end of the race, to say that I sledged

and skated well.

As the Winter Sun shone on the hill, and I was getting ready to skate down

the hill, I could hear a kind-hearted voice yelling that I should wait for her.

"She was comely cut, looked in a hurry, and it looked like the morning sunlight,

had peeled her skin.' I remember thinking.

"I don't have a partner, and I am here all alone, may I skate with you down

the hill, and I promise to buy you lunch.' she oozed.

After I had won her in the race down the hill, she had promised to buy

me lunch, instead we ate her sandwiches she had backpacked.

"It is a blessing that I have met an adventurous person like you, and

if you find it in your plight, I do work for Harrods. Stop by when

you free.' were her l a s t words.

Weeks later, I was passing through downtown London, and since I was

'single to mingle,' I decided to pop by this effervescent personality.

"I am in town, and there is no clown on show today,

why don't you join me for a walk,

I have things to do at the internet cafe, and some groceries to purchase.'

I asked her.

Wearing my long black trench coat, and her dressed in a knitted dress,

we were passing through the streets of London, when a man wearing

a baklava, had demanded cash and our valuables.

"I want all the money you have, and the baggage you are carrying.'

the thief demanded.

The hazy shade of Winter snowflakes filled the air, as she decided that

she was too afraid to go back to work, and that I should join her for

a cup of tea in her Bungalow in upper London.

"I could never refuse a cup of tea from someone as Opulent as you..May

I ask, what motivated you to ask me home.' I further breathed.

As the Sun had set in the West, and the Winter shades were cooling the

air, I had decided to lite the fireplace, and chip away at her personality.

"I am from Ireland, moved to London for work, have been living alone

for the

last two years, and have failed in so many relationships.

I am a hopeless romantic,

and fail to see my dreams pass my nose.' she chuckled.

During the nine month Winter spell, we often visited tranquil parks, indoor swimming

pools, got to discover each other through our minds and hearts, and soon were

sleeping over at each others homes.

"You are a dream come true, a hilarious character that has stepped out

of my fantasy. You bring the smart and sexual energy to my life, that no

person has even touched.' she once told me cuddling in #bed.

As the Winter elapsed, and the blooming roses were starting to sprout,

she had related to me, that she was diagnosed by her doctor, that

she was dying, with Cancer, and that unless she receives some

miracle from God,

she will die, within the next few months.

"I am dying, and death has knocked at my door. I dreamed about you

each day, and when you walked into my life, my world had turned into

perpetual bliss.' she cried.

Her doctor, a local fool with a stereoscope had taken her into his care,

and after failed attempts at therapy, we had flown to South Africa,

for some of the best doctors to work on her.

Looking into her green eyes, pale face, and curly hair, at the hospital

bed in Johannesburg, I made a promise to myself that I would heal her,

and that I would marry her. I remember thinking in the noisy hospital

room that I prayed each day for the woman of my dreams, and here

she is where she needs my help, and all I could do was pray, pray,

and pray.

After the Winter of 2015, the snowmen were once again doing their rounds

on the doorsteps of London, Christmas s e a s o n was in the air,

and somehow

I could feel that I was truly in love with her.

"Everyone says that you fall in love once, but every time I see you, I fall

in love all over again.' she whispered in my ear.

As this story d r a w s to a close, I would like to thank the readers for reading

through my story with a firm belief system that one day you will fall in love,

and when it really happens, you going to keep loving the next moment.

"Sometimes God blesses us with romance early in our lives, sometimes later

in our lives, but if we have the faith and patience that our soulmate

lies somewhere

in the near future, all will be achieved.'

My dearest chuck and I will be marrying in the Winter of February

2016, remembering that our dalliance will last forever. You and

your families of Footprints in London, are scheduled to attend

at The Church of West Gate, in London @ 14:00, on Valentines


All guests are welcomed to bring a gift for the bride or groom...!!



by Faith Mabuza

(5 January 2016--FF News) The tranquil home of the family his father built in

1921, is currently being sold off, with assets worth more than R60 billion rand

in shares and properties being sold off, a legacy of leading his mining

business at the helm,

and being a philanthropist in his own light,

the exclusive interview with Footprints in Cape

Town, and Mr. Nicholas Oppenheimer was said to be a maximum of three hours, as he

has to catch a meeting in #Zimbabwe.

"My grandfather Ernest Oppenheimer started Anglo American, De Beers, and other

Gold, Silver and Platinum businesses, later passed the business

onto his son Harry and later my father Harry, passed the business on to

 me. It has been

a long standing relationship with government and the business

sector of South Africa, that

has assisted us in our growth network in South Africa,

The United States, Russia and China.'

he whispers.


The Mining Weekly, reported that Mr. Ernest Oppenheimer was

born in Kimberly and

mined the first diamond, that sits on the head on Queen Elizabeth II,

The Cullinan


"This diamond is the largest diamond in the world, and was given as a gift to The

British Crown Jewels. The diamond is estimated to be in value of R55 million rand,

and is 11cm in width, estimated at 3200 carats.'

Straightening his tie, and speaking in a soft tone, the richest man in

South Africa,

says that he was still awaiting the finalization of the payment of funds for his

home, his fleet of vehicles and his businesses from Russian investors, and will

be traveling to a location unknown to the #media.

"We have decided to elope the media eye on our wealth and settle in an

area unknown to the media, but only known to our family and friends. We

see our withdrawal of our funds here in South Africa, the right move, as

with current government, we only see 'depression; recession,' looming.'

The Wealth Magazine kissed that Mr. Oppenheimer owns the biggest home

in South Africa, estimated at 42 hectares overlooking the Atlantic Ocean,

42 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, an indoor heated swimming pool, a 50 seater

cinema, a massage room, an exclusive garage, a designer

Japanese Garden, with architecture from Italy, Morocco, France and Spain.

"He was borne with a golden spoon, and after he completed his schooling,

attended @ The University of Oxford where he studied Business Management,

and Business Engineering. After completing his degree, his father had died,

was forced to marry a Jewish woman, and spent between 15-18 hours per

day, developing the family business.'

Image may contain: bicycle

Mr. Nicholas Oppenheimer (65), when asked about his advice to

future businessmen

in South Africa, and around the world, he mentions that one should provide

an awesome service, be transparent, have quality in your work ethic,

and try to give as much as possible to the community, at heart.

"We as the leaders of the Jewish community in South Africa

have always extended

more than our share to the people. What the right hand does, the left hand

should not know.'

Billionaire, Businessman, Mr. Patrice Motsepe who owns 502 000 shares in

Anglo American, said that the Apartheid activist did not see the future in

South Africa, and had cashed up his shares in the age-old company, but

will still hold his shares into the company through family trusts and

investment holdings.

"The lift and shift in the holdings of shareholders has changed since his

grandfather died. With the stronghold of the majority of South Africa also

changing, has forced him to sell off.'

As the helicopter propellers were being heard, Mr. Oppenheimer noted that he

has several more minutes before his meeting with President Mugabe, in


"Great companies start because the founders want to change the world,

and this was the vision of my family. The micro and macro economic structure

has changed since our independence in South Africa, and whilst we see the

grass greener on the other side of the world, our love for South Africa,

will never change.'

Ending his statements to Footprints in Cape Town, he says that not all of

us are borne with billions of Rands to build on, a world class education, but

the future of most businesses in South Africa S T A R T $ with God as your

partner in your business.

"Many people run with opportunities that knock on your door on a

daily basis. The key to true business leadership is have

the vision to empower

millions with your businesses, advice young businessmen, give to local charities,

but always have God as your partner, as without him, you are but a mere

droplet of #nothingness.'



by Joshua Marias


(8 January 2016--FF News) The sickening action of being raped in South

Africa is very real, as 1/483 women are either raped, sexually abused,

or forced to have sex with, for the sake of a home.

This was the case of Soweto resident, Miss. XXX (name withheld,)

who grew

up without a father, and then when her mother of 34 years old,

got married,

she was forced to live with her mother and step father.

"At the time, my daughter was only 14 years old, and her step father

was 56 years old. I was forced to marry him to send her to school,

and pay for the expenses. I later discovered that my ex husband,

and often raped my daughter.' said the mother.

Speaking to Footprints in Soweto, local residents say that the Women's

League of South Africa, and The International Association for RAPE,

should step in, as the 15 yr old, has given birth.

"He has only been arrested three months ago, and she has given

birth. We hope that Judge Hussain Tar, serves JUSTICE to the family

concerned.' echoed, Mr. Maximus Pule.

The Department of Justice in South Africa, reported that the accused,

Mr. Obekeng Dlamini has been arrested, and was refused bail.

"The trial is ongoing and we should have a verdict by March 2016. We

have housed the prisoner, and have warned the public against abuse

to women and children.'

The Hospital of St. Mary in Johannesburg, seeded, that the 15 yr old had

given birth to a girl, weighing 4KG.

"Now that the baby has been born healthy, our next step is to extend

the full plight of the law, with prosecution.' peaked state attorney, Mr.

Zubair Deedat.

Local community residents of Soweto have once again taken to the streets

expressing their disgust and hate to men who rape, and men who sexually

abuse women.

"Stop rape today. Choose to love, and protect your loved one. Let us

stand united against the fight against rape.'



by Farida Ameski

(19 January 2016--FF News) The bustling city of New Delhi, in

I N D I A is home to industrial billionaires who have invested into Gold, Silver,

Gasoline and investment companies that have sought thought for the better

thinking of the 88888 villages in #India.

"Our people have a sacred belief that Lord Krishna is the creator of the heavens

and Earth. We believe that God is created in the image and likeness of oneself,

and have a strong belief system in the purity of the Almighty.' said New Delhi

resident, Mr. Shar Rukh Khan.

However, the village, of Pukuratsi, in New Delhi,

was called on Sunday, to the sudden d e a t h of Three

religious leaders found on the river Ganges.

"Muslims have a strong say here in India, and when residents of INDIA take to

the river, they pollute and destroy the river, infecting millions of residents.' said

Mr. Mohammed Ansari.

Speaking to Footprints in India, local Police Inspector, Miss. Sandra Sonja, she notes,

that when she arrived at the bloodied riverside, she discovered THREE BODIES.

"From the onset we realized that this was a religious killing as the bodies

had the Lord's design on their skin, with similar wounds to the

neck, stomach, legs and genitals.'


D R E $ $ E D in this traditional BLUE SUIT, PURPLE TIE, and lucky shoes, The

Joker, took footprint analysis of the deceased, and studied the blood spatter in

the eyes, bones, and other parts of the body.

The India National, jobbed that the discovery of the three bodies found dead in the

river was a ritual that took place where thousands of Hindu's had fled to the waters,

for Lord Krishna to forgive their sins, achieve their dreams, and the prosperity of

The Brotherhood of Hinduism.


"They were killed by a religious party who is not Hindu. The fighting between Muslim

and Hindu religions has been going on for 1000 year's and the Hindu's have always

won their plight.' said a Gurujee Alison Moodley.

The Sunday Times reported that three of the most well known Guru's of New Delhi,

Reverend Sathi Naicker, Gurujee Melissa Padukone, and Doctor Mitesh Hariparasad had

gathered for what was a spiritual cleaning of ones mind, body and soul, on


According to historical leaders in the Hindu community, "BLUE MOON," was a legend that

Lord Krishna believed in, that when The Earth, Saturn, Earth's moon, and The Sun were

parallel to each other the cleansing process would take place, anually.

"They were gathering, together with thousands of others, at the Blue Moon cleansing that

only happens between 8: AM-8:40 AM,

somehow, when residents of the community called to them later, they were found dead.'

cried a community resident.


However, a f t e r further investigations by The Consulate De India and residents of the community,

it was discovered that the bodies were killed @ The Ganges after religious leaders from opposite

casts had forbid the $cleansing.

"These people live in the 10th Century. How can customs to have been taught 1000 years

ago still be in existence. The killing of the three religious folk serves a message to Hindu's that

we have the right to build our mosques in our communities, we have the right to practice our faith

in a Hindu led country.' said Hafeza Tasnim Miabhai.

The University of India wolfed that "BLUE MOON,' is infact, a reality, as the moon shines during

the day, leaving a ' midnight blush #color...'

After further investigations by "The Joker,' he had sifted through the h i s t o r y of India,

discovering that the most famous country in the world had killed their own leaders due

to GREED and FEAR.

"Ah, Ah, Ah, every year, thousands of residents practice the

cleansing of The "Blue Moon,' and we as

International crime fighters should not be called for crimes that were forced by Greed and

Fear by your own people. This was not a religious killing by Muslim leaders, but infact, your leaders

had died through the 'pushing and pressing,' to bathe in the forbidden water. When the cleansing

process time began, thousands of Indian's stampeded to the river,

killing the three residents, accidentally.' The Joker flipped...!!

Miss. Raeesa Rai, a local New Delhi resident says that she often heard about

The Joker, and having him in India, was a dream come true.

"He has the speed of a cheetah, the brain of an Einstein, and the face to kiss...He

has always tricks in his bag of tools...I

just wish I could catch a glimmer of him in person.'

Prime Minister if India, Mr. Narenda Modi, bridged that he ahd not met

The Joker,

face-2-face, as he feared he might investigate him.

"He is rated the best crime fighter in the world. Everyone says that during the day,

he has drinks with billionaires and by night solves international crimes that no policeman can

solve. We as the global village of India, thank The Joker in solving the death of three of our

most liked religious leaders.'


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South African Airways, FLIGHT SA786247, CRASHES...!!

by Michael Simson


(2 January 2016--FF News) South African flight, SA786247, crashed in the

volcanic district on MT Kilimanjaro this afternoon, killing 447 passengers on


"The plane was traveling into the mountainous region of Tanzania, when the plane,

had come across volcanic ash, from the mountain. The plane engines on the left wing

and bunker had seized, crashing into the side of the mountain.' reported Africa


Speaking to Footprints in Tanzania, local resident, Mr. Mohammed Oddayyo, he

says, that often the volcano erupts, sending aircraft's to their destruction.

"The Boeing 747 was traveling from Johannesburg to London and had crashed

into the mountain, killing all passengers.'

BOEING cooled on their website that the passenger flight was radioed by The

Airbase of Zaire, that a volcano had erupted, and that planes should steer away

from the volcanic ash.

"We had signaled that the aircraft should fly away from the mountain, but the wind,

had shifted the ash in the opposite direction. The plane had fell 30 000 feet, into

the mountain.' said Ceo of South African Airways, Mr. David De Jager.

CNN bridged that the accident was both the neglect of South African Airways,

and Boeing.

"A plane has f o u r engines...When two of the engines were com-busted and pressured,

it had caused the plane to malfunction. The deaths today were caused by the third engines

not being maintained and oiled, with responsibility to South African Airways and the

plane manufacturer.' said a resident.

Image may contain: car and text

University of Johannesburg engineer, Mrs. Sajida Noormahomed, she says, the death of

447 passengers on flight SA786247 will be the 14th airline crash, since the inception

of South African Airways in 1922.

"The risk of dying in a plane crash is the worst nightmare to any person, but the odds

are lower than driving. The death of the people on board the flight, will be mourned by

a church gathering in Johannesburg.' said Rescue 24.

The Department of Aviation in South Africa cooked that South Africa's Nationwide carrier

was careless in maintaining the engines, and was not aware when answering radio

calls that MT Kilimanjaro was erupting.

"We blame the airliner for this careless accident, as pilots had not paid attention to

crew in Zaire.'

"The family of the dead will each receive R5 million rand, as part of the insurance airline

liability, with a payout of R512 million rand for the loss of the plane.' ended,

Airtrade Insurers.



Homeopathy with DR. Nadirah Tayob...!!

by Nadirah Tayob

(15 January 2016--FF News) E v e r y month, Footprints in

South Africa, asks me to write several w o r d s in the development

of the human 'mind ;body ;spirit,' and this month I have researched

and dealt with thousands of patients in the art and medication

of #Homeopathy.

Homeopathy, invented by Samuel Hahnemann, the German chemist,

who set out a l a w of the cure of illnesses, diseases, stating that one can

cure an illness by using it's opposite force.

"Doctor Hahnemann wrote lectures of coaching the patient through mental

and body blockages using natural medication. The medication ranges from

pharmaceutical drugs including Marijuana, Apexis Dulois, Levitra and Testata.

These natural herbs would enable the cure to seasonal colds, anxiety, depression,

heart disease, loss of ambition, loss of love, sleeplessness, and other disorders

affecting the individual to performing at 1000%.' said The University

of Medunsa.

After treating patients to a variety of ailments including mental and physical disorders,

we discovered after a set of 12, forty five minute coaching lessons and the prescription

of selected drugs, the individual cures herself from past memories, mental pull-backs,


future fears holding the patient back.

"Your mind is like a drain. Sometimes it is blocked and cannot accept information

and thoughts as you have a mental blockage. Once I have coached you through

the step by step process, your blockages will be ironed out, and you will be

ready to accept #again.'

The goal of Homeopathic consultation is to find a "totality of symptoms,'

physical, mental and spiritual. The step by step process I offer to my clients,

range from ten thousand questions to 'forgive-'n-forget,' past mistakes,

to the gratitude of today, to the dreams of tomorrow.

"Sometimes our minds block out things because of FEAR. If we learn to

accept the things we cannot change, and accept the change of tomorrow,

we have let go off our baggages that pull us back.'

A patient of mine, who visited me at my Johannesburg rooms, said that she was

suffering from a disease that blocked her dreams, she was often ridden with

the cold, and could not forgive her ex husband from a divorce.

"I had advised her to ditch the chocolates, cool drinks and crisps, and since she did

not want any medication, I advised her to introduce in her diet, Orange Juice, Fish,

Ginger, Chicken, lots of fruits and vegetables, selected red wine,


Eggs. During our consultation, she often spoke off the horror her father installed in

her, spoke about the sexual abuse by her husband, and her constant need to progress,

with no success.'

After our eighth consultation, she added that the consultation sessions had worked,

her constant illness for approval by her ex-husband had changed, and she had

better respect from her friends and families.

"She complained that the marriage was over, but often stalked him, she complained

that she was not doing well financially, and she complained that the confidence in

herself was lost, because no-one wanted to trust her.'

"When you give the confidence in a person who has nothing at the point of

no return, that is the best investment...After going through the mental questions that

blocked her, change of diet, and improvement of character, she started doing

and attracting more.'

The Law of Similar is that any drug can be increased with the introduction of

water, and using water as the base, the beginning of cure begins.

Another story that I would like to relate in the art of Homeopathy, is that

although some patients choose drugs to be associated to the cure, as others

use the cure of questions to bring back memories in their life that are holding

them back.

Anyways, I was called upon by Paralympic, Oscar Pistorius, in 2013, when he was

allegedly accused of killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Faced with every person around the world, asking for him to to be sentenced,

his constant illness of his split personality, and his body impairment, he was

headlined as the fool of the 21st Century.

"I remember with him it was 32 coaching sessions as the Olympic star could

not come to terms with his split personality, Austin, who he says, killed Reeva.

After sitting hours through prison doors with him, I made him come to terms

with his personality of Oscar and Austin, and remember that this was a genetic

symptom that he had to deal with. His condition I had assessed was

dissociation personality disorder, where one can be one person at one time,

and can become a total different person entirely...  He called the

medication I gave him,

"Happy pills,' and often reported his shortcomings in prison.


he got released from prison, but from time to time, still has coaching

lessons, on how to deal with the pressure of the media,

and his split personality...'

In closing, I would like to say that we all have challenges and ambitions that

we choose to achieve, and whilst m a n y of us, may believe in the homepathy

medication and consulting sessions, it does work.

"The key to life is have a balance. Our bodies are like machines, if we do not

have sex, we will fail and rust. Our minds are like drains, if we do not learn and

earn, we will fail and become slower. Our spirits are like tombs, if we do not tap into our

histories, we will never know who we truly are. Let us put that effort into ourselves,

to better educate and love ourselves,

so that we can better empower


*If you seek the services of Dr. Nadirah Tayob, prices range from R5000-00 for

12 sessions, excluding prescribed drugs. Medical Aids welcome--0827863200.



by Meghumi Ryuu

(12 January 2016--FF News) The Japanese City of Tokyo that is ruled

by mob gangsters and the underworld of businessmen, fighters,

and paid government workers, is said to be one

of the most notorious cities in the world, for their illegal casino's, sports

meetings, and the sale of illegal vehicles.

"Police were called to 563 Rio street where the $5 million dollar championship

was being fought. According to sources close to The Japanese Mafia, the 108

fighters were contested by karate fighters across the world, in a bid for the

fittest, fastest, and strongest in world history.'

When police arrived on the scene, they were greeted by world fighters including

Kim Lee, Jason You, Shouta King, Yoshimiru Patlee, Izumuni JERU, Ponda Yuri,

and other

Sensei's that that have fought battle.

 "Karate teaches one to Dare to Dream, Set goals, learn how to communicate,

Appearance counts, invest in others, Develop leadership skills, and focus

at the job at task.' said the arrested Sensai, Kaede Yuju Lee.

Whilst Karate is perfectly legal in normal fighting rings, this contest was illegal

including maneuvers only performed by a black belt, or Sensei, or expert martial

arts fighter.

Speaking to Footprints in Tokyo, local resident, Mrs. Goro Haishi, she says,

that illegal karate fights include not only the use of the hands, legs, elbows

and feet, but this fight included ninja swords, knives, daggers, and other weapons

that could kill the fighter.

"They were betting for Sun Yun Lee to win the golden championship, and police

had arrived on the scene to stop the street fight.' said a resident.

Bruce Lee, perhaps the longest legend of Karate is said to have taught his

scholars that he is never a giver of truth as he is just a guide, a pointer to

the truth, that which the student must find their own truth.

"You can take a camel to the water, put you cannot force him to drink. What

Lee taught and brought to karate includes the speed of the body and mind,

to balance the purity of the soul. Karate has been the age old Japanese fighting

medium that has always been the test for rough competition.' said

Sensei, Kookaroo Saburo.


Captain, Kun Lee, capped to The Tokyo Times, that daily, the city is riddled

with illegal betting and gaming, and the sale of illegal merchandise.

"We have arrested the ring leader of the Karate championship, Mr. Ai You,

with charges of illegal sporting activities, illegal gaming, and the illegal practice

of a championship title without the consent of government.'

D R A G G E D through the meadows of Japan, fighting legend, Sun Yun Lee says

that he wants the money won by him for the fight as he had legally fought with

his hearts content to win the competition.

"I had used my Hayagaat the way Bruce Lee had taught me, I had moved quickly

with my quick punches to the neck and head, and I was fast with my killer moves.

The arrest by the police, will be fought by my attorney in court.' he concluded.



 EX FED GOVERNOR, Alan Greenspan DIE$...!!

by Alison Keeney

(8 January 2016--FF News) "Perhaps one of the greatest economists

of the 21st Century passed away..." read The New York Times.

Mr. Alan Greenspan, perhaps one of the greatest economists of

current times, served from 1945-1963, as Managing Director for

The New York Exchange, Wall Street, later served as Chairman of

The Federal

Reserve Bank from 1987, to 2006.

"During those 19 years as FED Governor, he served under five presidents,

and grew the Federal Reserve from $65 billion dollars to $73 billion dollars,

for an average growth of a mere 0.65% per annul. His constant mindset

at keeping interest rates low, were his focus as he believed that The United

States may reach a housing bubble.' said Economist at The New York

Stock Exchange.

Speaking to Footprints in New York, US candidate, Ms. Hilary Clinton,

she states that Greenspan was rushed to hospital at Midnight,

and died this morning.

"He was one of the best governors of the biggest bank in the world...It

is not that we as human beings have become greedy with generations

of time, but the value that we have added. Although Greenspan failed

to grow the overall GOLD reserves, he had installed programs in the

economy that would not allow the lending of more than 1:46 dollars,

per dollar, equating to a debt ridden economy.' said the presidential


However, as world leaders were called to his 534 Charlotte street home

in New York this

afternoon-- presidents, members of cabinet and other community leaders had said that

Greenspan was afraid of credit risks, by lowering interest rates to a mere 1% in


"For a Capitalistic economy an interest rate of 1% is low. Some Capitalist economies

in Africa, brag an 8% interest rate, to step borrowing and investment. His leadership

in the banking sector of The United States, can be decisive.' filmed, Ms. Katherine


"The United States can pay any debt, because we can always print more money.

We as human beings have failed the monetary system by believing that money

is wealth, real wealth is GOLD.' he once said.

President Barack Obama who has lost 42% of the polls in recent standings, attended

the funeral with rival competitor, Mr. Donald Trump.

"I am not here to meet with Donald, but mourn the death of Greenspan. Greenspan

believed that the free flowing economy of The United States, can only depend on

the external relationships with CHINA and #Russia.'

Mrs. Andrea Mitchell, the wife of the l a t e Greenspan, said that her husband

had dreamed of an economy free of lies, corruption, deceit, conspiracy, and


"The United States is the greatest economy in the world, spinning $700 trillion

dollars per annul. My husband together with his directors of The Federal Reserve,

assisted the 410 banks in The United States with cash flows, economic forecast,

job crisis solutions and the September 11 attacks. Together with President Reagon

and President Bush, they formed partnerships to grow economic conditions.'

said her.

Sir. Donald Trump who arrived with his sparkling white teeth, exclusive models

on his arms noted that his run for President of The United States, was bestowed

by Mr. Alan Greenspan.

"He had seen glitches in the housing and mortgage sector of The United

States. A decline in the national housing price level would need to be

substantial to trigger a significant rise in forecloses because the vast

majority of home owners have built up a substantial equity in their

homes despite large mortgage market financed withdrawals of home

equity in current years.' said the Republican.

Former FED GOVERNOR, Mr. Ben Bernarke says that when he took over

from Greenspan in 2006, he had to cope with debt ridden credit risk,

under-performing shares, and a low interest rate that could not sustain


"After he retired as Fed Governor, I was left to repair the slowness

he brought to the economy. With China's devastating recession looming,

we see The United States to profitability by increasing interest rates to

a minimum of 3.5% by 2018.'

The black Limousine that was being castled for burial had many sagging

heads attending the burial services of the veteran 90 yr economist, went through the

streets of New York,

with thousands of New Yorker's, holding the American flag.

"When trust in an economy is lost, most value is lost. If we get the trust

of our internal and external investors, we will be the economy reserve

of the world. It is unfortunate that whilst Western led economies hold

GOLD reserves, our Middle Eastern friends, choose oil as their reserve.

This will bring war.' singed, Mr. Michael De Santos.

RADIO USA, who attended the funeral service broadcasted,

that Greenspan had

held the chairman of the board of the bank, with associations to The

Free Masons, The Bloodline of Kings, The Illuminati and other notorious

cult organizations.

"Gold still represents the ultimate payment in the world. The wealth of

a country is not how much money spins per day, but the amount of GOLD

reserves the country holds.' said SA billionaire, Mr. Nicholas Oppenheimer.

"He had lived a life filled with study, of the US and international economies.

He had barely the time to spend with his children, was constantly focused

on bringing inflation in line with interest rates, the constant mingling with

the jobless claims, the control of the housing spike,

and his undying attention to numbers.' said his

daughter, Mrs. Michelle Greenspan.

"What Greenspan brought to the world is like no economist. His

power was higher than that of the president of the country,

as stock brokers

and financiers would interpret his words, body

language and style to initiate buys and sells in the market...The

United States has now been rescued financially by the downturn

in the Chinese economy. We see interest rates increasing, we see

the dollar increasing and we see less jobless claims.' ended

a mourner.

Mr. Alan Greenspan will be laid to rest at a sacred grave-site,

in New York,

guarded 24 hours per day, by four police officers.




Footprints Filmworks Investment Holdings is an investment company that invests into 

internet media, print media, text media, FILM and distribution. Originally created by

#OmarAbdulla...If you choose to INVEST.ADVERTISE. SHARE. with Footprints Filmworks

and associate companies kindly view www.footprintsinsa.co.za or www.ffnews.co.za,






SA's Heartrob, Mr. Omar Abdulla, "FINALLY,'


by Shaaista Khader


(1 January 2016--FF News) The n e w s that one of South Africa's

"Hottest Hunks,' will be marrying, has left m a n y hearts broken, with

fans complaining that the next time they see him on screen, he will

be wearing a wedding #band.

"I normally never advertise or show the public who my loved ones are, and

with the marriage coming soon, makes me excited to start sharing little details

about my future bride.'

Speaking to Footprints in Overport, Miss. LiL Goddess, who chooses to remain

anonymous for reasons of the media, noted that she had 'liked; loved,' Omar,

for some-time, and will be finally marrying the guy that has captured her heart.

"With Omar it was love at first sight, we dated, often had wild adventures, got

to share family secrets, and am happy the weekend of 15th 16th 17th January,

2016, we will be married.'

Image may contain: 1 person, text

However, the community of Durban, noted that Abdulla will be moving his

hometown from Laudium to Durban for his wife.

"I prefer the Oceanic view to life, and my wife has advised me to move near

her parents.'

The celebrity wedding of Mr. Omar Abdulla and his mysterious woman, is said

to be attended by family, friends, and other personalities that he has chosen

on his guest list.

"I will never talk about the past, because the p a s t remains buried, and my

duty from today will be to support and love my new found love.'

Sir. Omar Abdulla is said to ask R23 million rand per film, with films including

"MY Father, The President,' Footprints in South Africa, "The PrinCe of her Dreams,'

and other feature length films, being distributed...

"I love Omar, with every beat of my heart, and am really sad that he is marrying.

Hopefully his new wife, will love him through all the memories we shared.'

said a NewCastle resident.

The 'elegant; arty,' wedding is said to be held off The "Camels Toe,' beachfront,

in Durban, said to be designed and decorated by well-known wedding planner, Miss.

Juwairyah Khan.



by Errol De Vrede

(18 January 2016--FF News) The quite, airy, town, of Bellville, in The

Western Cape of South Africa, is home to hundreds of retired pensioners

and homes for the high-society life of South Africa, and elderly who seek

refuge to live out their days in the comfort of The Southern tip of Africa.

When private investigators from The United States could not solve an international

crime, amounting to billions of dollars, well known Crime HEAD, "The Joker,' was

called to $investigate.

"Faced with the murder of a local banker, and billions of dollars of stolen funds, the

crime, the joker was called to investigate.' said Scotland Yard.

"According to our sources a crime banking syndicate operating in South Africa had

stolen to the tune of $9 billion dollars from banks across 888 companies across the world.

The crime cartel had stolen less than 2C per month, per person, from over 700 million

bank accounts. The Hacking Unit of The United States that decipher codes was

used to hack into the 8 digit code, that saw the loss of these funds.' said

The Daily Sun...

Speaking to Footprints in Bellville, Captain Zustermina Shlonge, shagged, that

when she arrived at the home of Mrs. Vanessa Smith, she was found dead, with

a bullet wound to the head.

"This was a hit on her life, and we assess that this is a gang-related crime.'

Dressed in his traditional purple tie, blurry eyed and flying "The Joker,' helicopter,

the joker arrived to assist POLICE track down the hacking syndicate that has stolen

so much money in so little #time.

"They rob bank accounts, by using ultra aged robots and ciphers to decode

into a company's bank account. Once they have access to the banking clients,

they rob the clients by cents that amount to billions.'

Governor of The Bank of Thailand, Mrs. Sue Lee Yuri,

jolted that already the crime

syndicate had stolen $3 million dollars of their clients money, and hope their

work with The Federal Bureau of Investigation and The Crime Intelligence UNIT

of Cape Town, will be a step

in the right #direction.

"Now with First Federation Bank Ceo's Vanessa Smith's death, and the loss of these

funds through the banking system will allow police to dig deeper into the hacking

unit that has robbed the everyday citizen of their hard earned money.'

When "The Joker,' arrived on Tuesday at the head-offices of police he asked

police for a monthly withdrawal of funds out of South Africa exceeding R2 million

rand, he had sent letters to head of departments seeking for individuals who were

carrying more cash, and worked with INTERPOL to find the worm that looped the

hacking system.

"Within days, the bank account of Mrs. Vanessa Smith was researched and to

have received payments of R5 million rand per month. After further investigation,

by The Joker, Mrs. Vanessa Smith was leading the crime syndicate to banks that

their codes were already broken. He further discovered the crime cartel had killed

Mrs. Vanessa Smith, after police were getting too close...'

Rea searching the Pakistani Crime cartel in South Africa, the joker was led with

his gadgets, software, and other tools to the doors of a quite

neighborhood in Bellville, Cape Town.

"When I arrived, The men had 16 computers set up, and were speaking in a

foreign language unknown to me. After I had arrested the KINGPIN, Mr. Ebrahim Omar 

Mohammed, at the poolside

of the head-office, the other staff were also arrested.' The Joker related.

The Pakistani Times, reported that the hacking cartel that was eventually nabbed

by The Joker, is said to have funded terrorist cells in South Africa and Zimbabwe.


"The Lahore Brothers have been known to operate in on the dark internet robbing

clients who bank online...Once your username and password is entered into the banking

website, they have access to your funds, and their hacking software acts like a worm

to detect accounts with similar passwords, as the banking access

password is tasked and killed.'

"The Joker,' who has millions of fans across the globe is said to be a billionaire himself,

that no-one really knows,

and has solved this crime, like the hundreds of others, using his skill, workmanship, tools,

brains, dress-code, personality, ambition and stardom to solve yet another case.

"He is my most favorite character, and when I heard The Joker was called to Cape Town,

to investigate a crime, my entire family and friends, rushed to the police offices to see his

work, at first hand.'

Image may contain: text



by Rubina Hassen

(14 January 2016--FF News) The Islamic State of Iraq,

(ISIS,) is said to be attacked from neighbors Jordan and

Turkey, after neighbors to ISIS, Syria and Tehran were 

over-thrown by ISIS militants.

"We can confirm that Turkey and Jordan have stood tall with

their leadership, by striking Syria and Iraq at ISIS led camps

in Baghdad, Karkuk, Damascus and Mosol.' said BBC.

Speaking to Footprints in Konya, President of Turkey, Mr. Recep

Tayyib Erdogan noted that the ISLAMIC war was fought by Turkey,

because of their dis-agreement of takeovers by ISIS, forcibly.

"They claim to be fore-fathers of our Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W), yet

our Prophet did not preach crimes against humanity...Our holy Prophet

fought against tribes preaching that God has partners and allies...Their

understanding of ISLAM has to be re-interpreted and understood.'

On Saturday, whilst an Indian film was playing at a local cinema in Turkey,

ISIS militants had entered and started shooting people randomly.


"They are the most highly organized terrorist group in the world, with

terror cells in The United States, China, South Africa and Britain. The attack

against their neighbor had forced Turkey to liaise with The United States,

to launch further air strikes against ISIS...' read The Turkish Times...

However, UN SECT GEN, Mr. Ban Ki Moon noted that the war in The Middle

East, was a war that fought for land, resources and power.

"ISIS preaches that they should protect their women, yet many of their

women are raped by their soldiers during the dark hours at camp. ISIS preaches

that their land that they own is holy land, without the purpose of payment,

and have forced residents out of their own homes...ISIS preaches that ISLAM

is the only religion of the world, yet millions of Muslims live in Western countries.'

Meanwhile, President of Egypt, Mr. Abdel Fatah El Sisi has said that the ISIS 

leadership has grown from 2 million in 2010, to over 20 million militants, supporting

the group internationally.

"People are leaving their homes and countries to fight in the name of ISLAM. ISIS

has whooped the Muslim world that their leadership style is the only truth, or be


King Abdullah Bin Mohammed Aroof, leaped that his involvement with ISIS is to stem

ISLAM as the only religion and will fight to the end to win foreign nationals towards

the thinking of #ISLAM.

"I have already poured $200 million dollars in the fight against The West, and

I have not even got started...Turkey has bombed six camps, and we are

in negotiations with Indonesia that should our own ISLAMIC nations continue

to bomb us, we will be forced to repeat Hiroshima, with a nuclear weapon.'

The New York Times, ended that The United States had supported Turkey

by firing bombs into the camps of ISIS militants, avoiding the general public.

"They have killed 200 000 innocent--fathers, mothers and children only for the

sake of power and wealth. We will support our Muslim friend, in Turkey with

all necessary fighter jets, ammunition, soldiers and other gadgets, to bring

justice to the people who have died in this war.'


President Putin 'says goodbye,' to President


by Marlene Jacobson

(8 January 2016--FF News) President of Russia Mr. Vladimir Putin,

and President

of The United States, Mr. Barack Obama,

met earlier this morning at The White

House, in Washington.

"Our histories are inter-twined, and our knowledge to lead the global

economies are somewhat changed...We have urged The United States,

to prefer the communist leadership approach of leadership through the

president, instead of the people.' said President Vladmir Putin.

Bloomberg reported that President Putin was ranked 'World Number One,'

after eliminating Ukraine, and forcing barter deals with China, The United

States, India and South Africa.


"Although the Russian economy has followed the decline in The Western Hemisphere,

countries have still fought to occupy land that they can lead. Russia has assisted Greece

by $100 billion dollars towards their bailout package with The European Union, and have

kept to promises with China, not to interfere with India's export trade'

President Barack Obama, who wore his traditional navy suit and blue tie, noted

that as American's the economy has only went 'up; up; up,' since his leadership

role in 2008, and will be handing in the towel to Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

"I believe she has the leadership qualities to lead The United States from the

front...Together with her husbands mechanical approach, will enable the 

continued growth in The United States.'

Speaking to Footprints in Washington, President Obama, says that after

several interviews with us, he has to say "Goodbye,' as his leadership role,

and our next interview with him, will be in a quite neighborhood of


"Everyone knows that I will be retiring in November 2016, and my leadership

approach will be occasional communication with my personal friends, President

Vladimir Putin, President George Bush, President Fidel Castro and President Omar

al Bashir.'

Mr. Putin who said that he was engaged in his leadership roles in Siberia, 

Baikai, Tundra, Volga, Kirov, Dikson, Kotlas, and Crimea.

"My primary role is the take-over of Crimea in Ukraine...Develop Universities

in Siberia, build towards stronger political leadership in Volga and Kirov,

and to bring down crime and corruption in Tundra.' he was quoted

as saying.

R A T E D as the two 'presidential powers,' in the world, Mr. Vladimir 

Putin and Mr. Barack Obama said that their challenges that they face

in coming years include maintaining the job growth sector, expansion

of oil production in Russia, and better welfare organizations in


"My fathers footprints lie in Africa, and my duty as an American, is always

visit my fathers blue-prints, when I am in Africa...Putin and I have helped

each other to welcome trade and business, and have always led our 

countries with love and military security.'

"The strength of a country lies not in the economy but in their military,'

Putin agreed.

Speaking to journalists, the two presidents shook hands, with President Putin,

wishing President Obama all the luck for the #future.

"This will be my l a s t time meeting The President of The United States,

Barack Obama, and my pledge to The United States, will always to be

a trusting #friend.'

The Washington Post reported that both President Obama and President 

Putin had served as parents to the global economy, as local residents

across the world had applauded the job of the two.

"Both have different and unique leadership and management approaches

with their communist and capitalist approaches, yet, both remain the

two super powers of the current world.'

 Image may contain: text



by Yaseen Choonara

(11 January 2016--FF News) The 'lush-'n-hush,' island of Greece,

Zakynthos, that is surrounded by 2000 other Greek ISLANDS, is 

perhaps the best place to go on honeymoon, this January 2016...

"I initially wanted to take my wife to The Brazilian Carnival ship cruise,

but the big boss, said that now you are married, so lower your gaze.'

After sifting through travel catalogs and reading about 

'the most beautiful; the most affordable,' honeymoon for my bride and

I, we decided on the romantic cruise ship for two, courtesy of The Oceanic


I am a South African, and was pressed for money, as I had to pay for the

wedding, the jewelry, and hundreds of other details, and after viewing 

The Oceanic Love, website, I came across a special for only R14000-00,

to Greece, per person, included into a sixteen night holiday, at a premier

hotel in Zakythos.

After arriving at the harbor in Zakythos, my wife and I were surprised that 

holiday locations in Africa, are more expensive than in #Greece.

Mumbling a few w o r d s of Greek, our tour guide told us about the legends

of Greece including Aristotle, Thales, Gorgas, Pythagoras, Epicurus, Solon, and

other Greek Gods including Zeus and HERA, had ruled the EMPIRE more than

5000 years ago.

"HERA is the God of marriage...She normally washes up on The Mediterranean Sea,

where newly wed grooms take their virgins...My friend, when the clock strikes 8: PM,

take her to northern shoreline of Zakythos, and do your deed.'

the tour guide joked.

After settling in our four star hotel, the television was mostly Greek, talking about

the financial woes of Greece, the wide-spread fires in Athens, and the billions of 

Euro's that Prime Minister Mr. Alexis Tsipras had churned, that got Greece in this


"Greece is the most affordable country in the world, because the Greeks want to

sell...In South Africa, the top I bought would of cost R500-00, and here it only cost

me € 23..." my wife said laying on my chest.

When Footprints Filmworks telephoned me on the fourth day of my stay in Greece,

they asked that I compile a journal of my honeymoon, so that I could paste it in

their newspapers and websites, and so I agreed.

The Greek weather is somewhat like South Africa, sandy beaches, pretty ladies

decorating the shoreline, whilst I sipped my cocktail, as my wife, blabbed about

the wedding.

"Don't you think the wedding was just so perfect...I loved how my father brought

me in, The food tasted so good, I love my wedding ring, and you looked so cute.' 

she chattered.


Through my a d v e n t u r e s in Greece, I got to enjoy Greek folk music

and melodies, enjoy the finest wines in the world, and eat the largest

prawns that I have ever tasted.

"Everything is so cheap here...Yaseen, I prefer to move to Greece,

instead of South Africa...We will learn how to speak Greek, the homes

are only € 10 000 each, and some of the people are so friendly.' my

wife further added.

The Bank of Greece, said that the financial turmoil in Greece,

is so heavy, that people are selling their assets and moving out of the country.

"45% of the 11 million population of Greece, are foreigners...As major politicians,

traders, businessmen, and other professionals move out of Greece, this creates

a speedy recovery, as new foreigners sell for less.'

Watching the stars twinkle in the sky, and relaxing on the balcony of the hotel,

Taryn and I heard the sound of the waves, the night owls hooting, and the hotel

staff, asking us if they should bring us another platter of prawns and wine.

"Seeing the Earth from this angle of the world, makes me appreciate how BIG,

GOD really is, and how small we really are.' I remember saying.

During the morning breakfast, on day 13, I felt somewhat sea-sick, and decided

not to see the historical locations of Greece including The Corinth, The Acropolis, The

Sparta, and The "Devils,' workshop. 

"In Greek mythology the great warrior Achilles, who could not be defeated by 

a thousand men, was eventually killed, by an arrow to his heel. Talking

about heels, my foot needs some massaging.' I told my wife, that final


Getting ready to leave Greece, and remember the memories of my honeymoon,

the 400 foot ship, The Oceanic Love, docked.

"I just love Greece...The people are so friendly, the music is fantastic, and

somehow, you have more juice in you.' my wife chuckled.

Greece is most definably the country to visit this year, so book your tickets

with The Oceanic Love for the discounted price, and come home to South

Africa, with your wife, having to tell you that she is pregnant.





by Lameez Tootla


(12 January 2016--FF News) The Johannesburg community of Lenasia, 

suffered the tragic loss of well-known-- doctor, father, socialite,

and philanthropist, Dr. Nadim Noormohamed.

"When police arrived on the scene, he was stabbed several times in the

head, abdomen, back and face. He was pronounced dead on the scene,'

said a Lenasia #resident.

Speaking to Footprints in Lenasia, Captain Jacques Venter, he says, that the

murder occurred sometime l a s t night, with the son, as the primary suspect.

"The son of the doctor, who is an obese resident of the community has fled

the community. Police are in search of the son, as it is said that he is the primary

killer in this heinous crime.'

Dr. Nadim Noormohamed, (58) is said to have lived in Lenasia, after moving from

Johannesburg Central, in 1983.

"He settled in Lenasia with his wife and children, and built an empire serving

patients at the hospital, at his surgery, and after hours. He is a well-respected

community leader, that Lenasia will miss.'

According to statements from friends of the primary suspect, the father,

Dr. Nadim Noormohammed had spoiled his son with Mercedez Benz vehicles,

ample amounts of cash, and the freedom to spend his life how he wants.

"The father who died was irresponsible by spoiling his son with everything,

and no brains to match his talent. It's unfortunate that many wealthy fathers

in the community spoil their children with money, but no real love and quality

time.' said Mr. Shezaad Ebrahim.

The Lenasia Daily, reported that an autopsy of the body is still to be finalized,

and the body will not be buried until forensic investigators have done their


"He died in the late hours of last night...I could hear in at about 4: am, last

night, that a Porsche had skidded away from the

driveway.' said a neighbor.

Mr. Talha Noormohammed, the primary suspect in this case, is said to be

in the reign of 28 years old, obese in mass, and has no looks to speak off

what so ever.

"He has never dated a woman in his life, and probably women get scared just

looking at him. He was invited to a party last night, and his father did not give

him the Porsche to drive, so he killed him.' said Mr. Shaeen Temba.

However, residents of the community in Lenasia, say that CRIME has to STOP,

and yet again a father has died due to his neglect to his children.

Image may contain: text

"This fatality could of been avoided if the father of the son did not spoil

his son with all the money in the world, with no looks and no brains...Sometimes,

the father of the son feels guilty that he has no real time to give to his children,

and is a blank cheque-book. We as Lenasia residents should 'educate; empower,'

our youth to prevent murders like this.' said Miss. Hayat Sayed Rajah.

"We can only bring down crime in our local communities in South Africa, is

if we STAND TOGETHER to fight crime...If our communities report incidents

to police with immediate effect, search for missing persons, and fight in the

name of brotherhood, more chores can be achieved together.'

Mrs. Nadeema Noormohamed, she says, that she had traveled to Durban for a 

wedding, and her son and husband stayed at #home.

"My husband said that he has some work at the hospital, and my son,

wanted to go to a nightclub. I had the impression that Talha was on 

cocaine and heroine, and now my doubts of his drug addiction are


Mr. Sameer Noormohamed, a local family member, said that Talha's drug

habits started when he was 23, and since then has been filling himself

with all types of medication to soothe the pain, build confidence

and find a lover.

" He had dreams to follow in his fathers footprints to become a doctor...He had

failed in his dreams, and together with his failed love interests, he continued

to harm himself through the intake of intoxicants.

Everyone knows that the key to boot out any romance in your life,

is 'drinking; drugging; dancing...'

Mr. Talha Noormohamed, who is said to have fled the local community of South

Africa, is wanted by The South African Police Services and The Metro Police.

"Any information leading to his arrest should be reported. If he approaches you

in any way, call the local police, or shoot to kill.' cooed

Inspector Pamela De Beer.



Yuzuki Natsuko

(30 January 2016--FF News) The q u i t e village of Losogo,

in Japan, is home to hundreds of village workers, countrymen,

Japanese pioneers and forefathers of history that have contributed

to the villages growth, for the people, and as a #culture.

Meandering through the river Tokai, it was a new experience to meet

Japanese people, who lived more than a #Century.

"Many of the people live on Mount Kokoro, where they smell the fresh

air, eat sheep+fish, and spend their days herding cattle. 95% of the people

who live on Mount Kokoro, belong to the

Japanese tribe, Shashasha Basha.'

The Tokyo Sun, sewed that many Japanese had lived their lives on Mount

Kokoro that brought together like folk.

"These people believe in The Sun God--RA, the God of energy. What

these people have learnt through their long years on this mountain,

is unity in their communities.' said a 114 yr old, Miss. Haruku Aoi.

Sky News, reported that the oldest people in the world live on

Mount Kokoro with elders often forming as part of Buddhist organizations,

charity well-being, and sport.


After I arrived at my destination, I tipped the canoe captain, and advanced

to meet members of Losogo, who were often contributed to the oldest

people of #Mankind...Tea is often sipped through casual conversations, and the

occasional inhalation of herbal medicine.

"The Japanese are known to be one of the greatest healers, with their

brewing of herbs and commodities...The tea that is often drank, is often

exported to 23 countries across the world.' read The Losogo Times.

Arriving at my destination, and meeting with Mr. Minako Susumo, he says,

that he grew up in Tokyo, and later moved with his family on the


"In these parts of the world, my son, has to fly, with his

helicopter, to buy the daily food

and resources...We are more than 8000 miles from the nearest city,

and often stay in our villages without interfering with Tokyo. 

Some of the secrets to brilliant health, is eat well, make love daily,

be a good human being, cry occasionally, and believe that there

is a higher power, too...'

Adjusting his crease bun shirt, and walking with a stick, Mr. Susumo, says

that he fought in the 1956-1976 war with China, and was forced to elope

to MT. Kokoro because it was 'too dangerous; too violent,' for his


"I am a Japanese National Guard by heart, and my story will always be the

struggle we fought with China. Today, more Chinese are moving to Japan,

because we have a better quality of life...'

Walking through the pathway, he picks up a rose from the Japanese Garden,

and says that m a n y of his friends died in their 80's and 90's, and he is only

living today, because he has achieved more than 70 years of marriage with

his #wives..

"I have fifteen children, and all of them live in a long-house, here...We

are often told about the bombings in Tokyo, we are often greeted by

our grand-children, and we laugh at how President Xi Jinping leads China. As

a Japanese, my blue-print through my livings have always been to teach

CHINA a lesson, that we as JAPANESE, are better...'

Although, Mr. Susumo has lived in other countries including Congo, and

South Africa, he says, that JAPAN, is the best country in the world to live

in, because patriot men had always fought for their people.

"On my 100th birthday, I had a fight with my family, and lived alone...No-one

supported me, and I had only a few Yen to support myself...It was when

my eldest daughter, came back from London, and lived with me, that's

when I came back to #Losogo.'

W H I L S T the average age of people is 81 years old in Losogo, many of

the people complain that there is no electricity, wind-mills are being used

for power, and sometimes people die from the cold.

"It is said that MT Kokuro has icy rains during the Winter, and mild

Sun, during Summer...My experience with meeting with members

of this quite village in Japan, has changed my life to smile

at our elders, and learn from them, that it's important, to

do things for your health, wealth, and wisdom and grow your

future potential...If ever, you visit JAPAN, LOSOGO is your travel


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by Nazreen Dadabhai

(18 January 2016--FF News) Pakistan has another reason to celebrate

today, after four hours of entertainment, bedazzlement and beauty

that saw Miss. Pakistan, Miss. Shahida Ahmed winning the competition,

with beauty, brains, modeling, and general outlook to #life.

"Get enough sleep, pamper yourself, look into the mirror and love yourself,

and share good memories with your family. I have remained humbled by

winning the world competition that has seen world models compete to

see who is the most talented.' she was quoted as saying.

Miss. Australia, Miss. Jenanveve Kilpers, she says, that they arrived

on Tuesday in Las Vegas and since then they have been pampered

by the staff of The Las Vegas Royal Hotel, and was happy that her

best friend, Miss. Shahida Ahmed had won the competition.

"She is smart in her thinking, has the waltz of a Supermodel, and has 

ambitions far outstretching her imagination...Her work with The RED

CROSS and The International Humanitarian Association goes a long

way, to winning the title.'

Speaking to Footprints in Las Vegas, billionaire, Mr. Donald Trump,

who financed the Miss. Universe 2016,

said that the Pakistani has won

the title because she was 'pretty; cute; dazzed,' in her leadership, and

the fans had voted in their final say.

"Pakistani women are some of the most beautiful in the world, and if

my current wife leaves me, I know where to shop.' he joked.

The Las Vegas Daily, echoed that the 19 yr old Pakistani had worked

several hours per week in the gym, often went for beauty treatments,

and worked with scholars at The University of Lahore.

"She is educated and has the personality to match the stars. Her winning

of the Miss Universe title is a teaching to everyday women, the secrets

of being beautiful and remaining beautiful.'

Former Pageant winners, Miss Priyanka Chopra and Miss Aishwarya Rai, noted

that their days of winning and competing in contests are long over.

"The real secret to outer and inner beauty is love thy self. Have your friends

and families that you love, but love yourself...Each month, spend a little

on yourself, to show that you truly care about yourself.' noted Miss.



Miss. Shahida Ahmed who added her message to The Miss. Universe judges

jolted that at a very young age she loved someone, who motivated her

to win the competition.

"My parents died at an early age, and I was forced to live in an orphange

in Lahore. I later lived with my grandmother, until she died. I was only

fifteen years old when I met Mohammed, and he looked after me, and

nurtured me to beauty. Although we are not married, my vow to him,

will be to accept his bow to marriage after the competition rules have


Miss. South Africa, Miss. Alison Kabathe, said that she had no way to compete

with Miss. Pakistan, after her speeches about saving the world, her bustful 

body, and her unique sense of humor.

"Before the judges even said that she was the winner, I already knew...There

is something about winners, you just see it, long in advance. She has done well,

and I will travel back to South Africa, to work in my catering business.'

"True beauty shows through practice. Not all of us are beautiful from the

outside, but if we develop our inner beauty, thats where real beauty lies...

After you pass the age of 25, you start viewing the world at a different

angle, and your thinking is not about how many people like you, but how

much love you get from your children.' ended Miss. Aishwarya Rai.

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by Daniel Wis tori  


(10 January 2016--FF News) Yes, we have read hundreds of 

magazines that provide tips on how to keep her happy, Yes

we have bought all the roses at the flower store, and Yes,

we have liked all her pictures on FACEBOOK, but WHAT 

really makes a woman love you--today, tomorrow and


After dating to the tune of 200 women, searching thousands

of profiles on the internet, walking up to women in a pub,

and trying the odd pick up line, I discovered that the secret to

find a woman, and keep her happy at all times is not love but


"Women desire security...You don't have to be a billionaire to secure her,

in fact some of the poorest people in the world, live with the most

beautiful of wives... When they go out with you on a date, they

watch the details, like if your nails are cleaned, your hair combed,

are you high on some

drug, or is your vehicle cleaned. Paying attention to little details to

yourself, can impact her tremendously.' said a friend of mine.

After Footprints Filmworks had asked me to write my monthly report

about women, and how to keep them happy, I asked my current wife,

the tricks of WHAT makes her happy.

"Daniel when I first met you, you sounded like you were the 

'most arrogant; most cocky,' guy I ever spoke too...You were charming,

and romantic, but you would take hours to reply my messages...When we

would speak on my mobile, you would often 'boast; brag,' about yourself,

and never really paid attention to me...I mean on the first date, you

wanted me to open my legs...' my wife related to me.

You see, being the ego-maniac that I am, and through my 

'harmful-'n-hurtful,' relationships, all I thought about when in the

company of a woman was #sex.

"My previous relationships, I would pick them up, and I would blow my

load...With Daniella it was different, she was 'cute; kind; caring,' and wanted

love...After several attempts of trying to kiss her, I started to look deeper

into her personality.'

Anyways, moving forward, after I got the woman of my dreams, it was difficult

because I was eight years her senior, she lived 180 KM away, and I would often

meet her during my holiday break from work.

"After speaking to her over the telephone and via chat forums, and occassionaly

meeting her, I wanted more...I believe when a woman lets you inside her inner

door to her soul, you have won her...Winning a woman's heart, is not the same

as winning her body, because winning her heart, takes some time.'

"When Daniel proposed marriage, I was in two minds, because 

"I liked him; I loved him.' but I never knew that he would be the one...And

besides Daniel is so good looking, he can get any woman at the click of a finger.

So I decided to decline his marriage offer after three years of dating, and said

that we can remain friends on the internet, and he should not call me again.'

chilled Mrs. Daniella Wis tori.

However, as I stayed a w a y from Daniella, my intuition guided me to still speak

to her, amid her arrogant attitude and refusing to answer my calls.

"I thought that her love that she felt for me had disappeared. I believe that emotion

for a person can change, as this is part of life...Thousands of couples make up, break

up, and fall in love again...Being the arrogant person that I am, I decided to pay attention

to her, started to try to get her back, and evolved into asking questions.'

"When he started 'begging; pleading,' to me that he wanted me back, that he will

be the prince of my heart, and painted pictures of our ideal family home, I again

started to like him...There is something about a guy who pleads to his woman,

that really makes me love him.' noted Mrs. Daniella Wis tori.

To cut a long story SHORT, after hundreds of email letters, and getting the phone

banged in my face, we got #married.

"We can be a ROMEO from the outside, but what really tests our love for the

person we want to be with is faith...If you have the faith that the love you 

gave, will come back, that is good enough.'

In closing of this assignment I would like to say that be yourself, dress well,

smell good, pay attention to her only, and spoil her with lots of gifts.

"My advice to you, is never give up on the person you love...Don't try too many

tricks to woo her, just be simple in your approach, and if she really loves you, she

will come back...My nutty wife says that I was the beggar pleading for her to come

back, yet today, she asks me how many rounds are you up for tonight?...Don't

ask too many questions in the initial stages, let her do the talking, and

soon she will be the one undressing. Find your dream lover today, and be

happy forever, the way I AM...'







DUREX SUED FOR € 23 million EURO...!!

by Bahiyyah Moti

(19 January 2016--FF News) The condom manufacturer, Durex,

faces c h a r g e s of defective product, after a loving couple

faces #pregnancy.

"We were quite naughty one afternoon, and my boyfriend and I

were shopping at a local store...He had bought for me the perfect

dress, and whilst in the changing room, he had entered me, using

a Durex condom.'

Speaking to Footprints in Switzerland, Miss. Zoey Ciara, she says, that

she is only 19 yrs old, and is a waitress, and cannot afford this


"We had never planned on the condom bursting...After several

weeks, I was starting to eat more, I was feeling bloated, and I could

feel nauseous. After consulting my doctor, he said that I was pregnant.

We are suing DUREX for all that they have...'

Ceo of Durex, Worldwide, Mr. Daniel Kabaka, he notes, that their products

are guaranteed to protect against pregnancies, HIV, and other STD's.

"Every 500 000 people, one person will, complain for defective product...Our investigations

are still under-way to produce the condom that was used, or our insurance

company will not pay.' he was quoted as saying.

The Sex Times, reported that most condoms around the world are

'safe; secure,' but the odd condom MAY be defective.

"It's better to make love without the rubber, the feeling is much

deeper and greater.'

Mr. Michael Fatherbright jolted that he had claimed at Durex,

and they referred him to their insurance company.

"Lloyds of London, are still investigating, and we hope to win the

case. According to the insurer, this is a public liability claim, that where the

product did not produce the anticipated result, of preventing pregnancy...

My girlfriend and I cannot afford this pregnancy and beg

the law play our way.'

Other residents around the world said that DUREX was their favourite

brand of choice when it came to condoms, with different and unique

flavors and shapes.

"How many of my for casted children are wasted on condoms, and the

next time, will be without one.' said a newly wed.

"We have flavors including strawberry, lemon, bubblegum, and chocolate

with sizes including ripped, extra shaped and just for tonight. If you are in

a relationship with your partner, be aware to have sex after marriage, and

if you engage in sex before marriage, be mindful to protect yourself,

at all times.' jutted Miss. Malinda Jewels.

The case continues.



                    ASK FOR MORE POLICE STATIONS...!!

by Abdul Hamid Adam

(2 January 2016--FF News) W H I L S T many of you may be returning from

holiday, driving the freeway roads of South Africa, and leaving your homes

UN-guarded, many local communities in South Africa, face the daunting task of

fighting for crimes in their own neighborhood, without the privilege of a POLICE


"There are 200 000 people in our community and we don't have a police station

in the #community. We have private security companies that charge an arm and a leg

as a fee, and take hours to respond.' said a Boshabelo resident.

The Department of Police in South Africa noted to Footprints in South Africa, that a

warrant officer could earn around R8000-00 per month, with Captain's earning as much

as R20 000 per #month.

"We simply cannot afford it. We have 3900 police stations in South Africa, with a

workforce of 150 000...Ideally if we choose to bring down crime in our communities

and cities, we should be at 5600 police stations in South Africa, with a workforce

of 250 000.'

Although crime has went up, the rand has gone to the dogs, and the country is

suffering from a financial meltdown, presidential countrymen spend millions of rands

on penis enlargement gifts, fancy vehicles and large homes.

"South Africa is in a debt of R700 billion rand with other international banks

and companies. On paper we have been printing more money, but the economy

has spiraled into massive recession.' said a resident.

The Natal Times, reported that crime in the province was at it's highest, with

murders, robberies, hijackings and other petty crimes being reported daily.

"The only way to bring down crime in South Africa, is by having more police forums,

and policemen in our communities...The UN-employment rate is at 45%, infesting

communities with crime.'

Sergeant, Zahaid Rahim Dadoo coiled that many communities in South Africa had thousands

of residents without the protection of POLICE.

"Wealthy neighborhoods are broken into as a result of a low work force. The low

workforce rate in South Africa, is the slowest, and even when it comes to

emergency assistance, our staff are dragging their #feet.'

Concluding his statement to The Randburg Police Station, Captain Johannes

De Kock, ended that innocent people die from not receiving the fastest attention,

hundreds of criminals escape the clutches of police due to negligent security and

millions of rands are being traded, without the payment of tax.

"If the man who walks the street pays his due to government we will be able

to do better. If everyday residents take the responsibility to report crime, we

will be able to do better. If our police do not accept the bribes offered by residents,

we will be able to do better.'

"The only way to STOP CRIME, is work for a decent paying job, have

joyful memories each day, read and play a bit, and don't forget to remain

faithful to your creator.' popped, Father Pablo Dlamini.








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