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of Johannesburg...!!

by Farah Nazruddin


(25 June 2015--FF News) L E N A S I A residents are shocked to hear

the d e a t h of Fatima Choonara, a local Lenasia resident, South


`She was reported missing on the 17 June 2015, when she was attending

class at The University of Johannesburg. When her father called her mobile

phone it was not available. After probing for several days her black Ferrari was

found dumped in Pretoria, with her body found in a shallow grave in Diepsloot.'

says Police Inspector, Sepho Tshabalala. 

'After searching the Gauteng district, and offering reward amounts

of one million rand for information leading to her findings, she was

found in a nearby forest, by helicopters that located the body above

flashes of bushes and thorns.` he further added.

Speaking to Footprints in Lenasia, local father, Mr. Ismail Choonara, he 

says, that he newly purchased his 24yr old daughter a Ferrari, and

was shocked to hear that she had died.

`I had given her everything, and when Police informed me of the findings of

her body in Diepsloot, 'it brought tears to my eyes; it brought anger to my

feelings,' he jolted.

Forensic detectives who were called to the scene said that she was killed on

17 June 2015, after being brutally raped, stabbed, and shot.

`We are dealing with a psychopath that has no remorse for the people

that he kills. We are with the assumption that this could be the work

of serial killer `The Dark Horse,' who has killed before in Gauteng.`

reported The Hawks.

The Sunday Times, echoed that this is the 11th death of

'The Dark Horse,'

after mutilating his victims and dumping their bodies more than 150 KM from

their original death.

`He probably hijacks his victims from University or whichever location, 

rapes and kills his victims at another location, dumping their bodies,

far from their death location.` says Crime Investigator, Mr. Lawrence


After police doing their research on relevant media portals and stations they had

found the nickname `The Hottest Hunk,' on all eleven victims profiles.

'This particular nickname was found to be used by the perpetrator, and whilst

the head-office of Apple in The United States is providing us with data, we can

confirm that the perpetrator had a Twitter account that he used to lure

his victims.' says Captain Daniel Cronje, a local Commander in chief.

Whilst police had laid the cards down to The Department of Police that they

might be dealing with a serial killer, more information is needed to catch

'The Dark Horse,' as he uses a particular signature when he kills his

victims, and often places their bodies in a position to show his

sickness. We are working with forensic detectives and other biological

engineers to find this killer.` says Genetic engineer, Mrs. Sheila Oosthuizen.

Biological Engineer, Miss. Shazia Loonat says that after studying the semen

found on three victims bodies, she can deduce that it was the same killer

on all occasions.

`The other victims were too traumatized and we could not find any semen

in those victims. The ones that we have tested including Fatima's belong

to the same killer. From my studies, we have deduced that this was an

African male, in his late forties, and probably worked as a mine worker

or construction worker in Golden Gate, as some of the victims has the 

dust of the sand on their bodies.`



The L E N A S I A community has 'once again; once thought'  in panic as this is

the fourth resident that has died over the last six years.

`The killer preys on young women who are from Asian and White decent,

after 10 of the victims were in this category, with the other victim being

a foreign national from Russia. We are in hot pursuit of the killer, and the

community will do all that it takes to bring justice to this killer.`

noted Mr. Dinesh Lalla.

`The community will outweigh the police when it comes to crime, and

already the community has killed fifteen residents through stoning

and beating, and at times if police does not take the necessary action

to fight crime, we will.' concluded a Lenasia resident.

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 IS `The Cold War,` really over...??

by Farida Essa

(7 June 2015--FF News) Since Albert Einstein escaped `World War II` in Europe

in 1940, he went to senior American government members including President 

Roosevelt with a plan to `invent; innovate,` the nuclear weapon that could bring

a closure to #worldwarII.

`He had advised President Roosevelt that a nuclear weapon should be 

experimented with so that the war could end. He spoke to advisers

and scientists at The University of Washington, and in 1942, a secret

government operation, `The Gadget,' was introduced to promote

Allied powers against the Axis powers that sought the leadership

of Germany and Hitler.`

After experimentation with nuclear weapons in 1943, where the

nuclear weapons were kept below (-250c), the bombs were

tested above ground and below sea level.

The Saturday Times reported that an estimated 20 million people were

already killed by 1944, with a further 1 million deaths estimated

per month.

`Einstein together with President Roosevelt and senior scientists

at the university were happy with the test results, and chose

the option to invade Axis power, Japan at their military sites in

 Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and their plan was carried out in August

1945, killing 130 000 people.`

The `Cold War,` is referred to by historians as the period after 

World War II, and the super-powers that lead the world, including

the relationship of two of the biggest super-powers in the world,

The United States and Russia.


After 1945 and the War in Germany, that sought the loss of Germany, `The Cold War,` had

begun between The United States and Russia in competition to be `World Number One.`

`Both countries occupied land and territories around the world, and often competed in

space technology, nuclear warfare, biological experimentation, economics, management of

owned states and other sectors to prove to each other they were better.` says

UN representative, Miss. Amiela Sanders.

Sanders who further spoke to Footprints in The United States, says that the

`opposite powers,' of world, Russia and The United States had ruled the world,

during the cold war period after World War II

`They had often had arguments about communistic economics and power,

against the liberal and Capitalistic West. When The United States dropped the

nuclear weapons in 1945, and put the first person on the moon, it forced them

to follow suit with the introduction of similar concepts.`

The New York Times reported that whilst m a n y may feel that

`The Cold War,' is over, and the competition between Russia and

The United States is over, many still speculate that current presidents

of these countries including President Barack Obama and President

Vladimir Putin, cannot still see the history behind them.


`Although they are the two greatest super-powers in the world,

they will never threaten each other, but will lead devilish agenda's

to compete against each other.` says Moscow resident, Miss.

Sandra Heizen.

Whilst President Barack Obama is said to meet President

Vladmir Putin in July 2015, the pair still fail to see #eye2eye.

`Obama wants Russia to conclude their missions against Ukraine, he

wants to see 'more freedom in the streets of Russia, more space

discoveries,` and letting go of competing against The United States

in space technology and economics.` read The Washington Post.

`Putin wants to see the cold war over, he wants The United States

to stop interfering with their secret agenda's, and he wants the silence

of Obamas ploy to weaken the economy by installing stricter policies

of economic management and capitalistic investment through Russia's exports.`

read The Moscow Sun.

Meanwhile, as residents argue that the cold war competition between

Russia and The United States is over, underground kingpins in Russia

and The United States still hold the key.

`Although the competition between these two super-powers has

remained fierce, they have never invaded each other, but countries

led by them.`



SPIDERMAN `webs,' his way into your life...!!

by Gustav Melocia


(12 June 2015--FF News) Most p e o p l e think that the Super-hero,

Spiderman is a 'comic hero; comic lover,' but what most people don't 

realize is that a Spiderman webs his way into all of our lives, everyday...


Meet, Justin York, downtown New York's Spiderman, after climbing

massive buildings around the world including The Shanghai Tower,

The 'Royal Mecca,' Hotel, The Footprints Universities,

The Shanghai World Financial Center, The International Commerce

Center, The World Trade Center, and The Knights Tale in Taipei.

`I have climbed all these major buildings using my `strength-'n-style.`

I started climbing small to medium buildings at the age of 17, and later,

started climbing, higher and taller skyscrapers. My next attempt in July

2015, will be to climb the tallest building in the world, in Dubai.`

`Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, and stands at 888m in

height and 555m in width. We had started construction in October 2008,

and was completed in 2012. The building hosts 9891 shopping cartels,

and hundreds of entertainment areas for the children and pensioners.`

says Construction architect, Mr. Omar Hussain.

Hussain says that meeting York was a dream come true, after hearing

stories of the New York climber.

`Lets hope the crocodiles in the mall, don't bite him.` he joked.

York who started his career as a 'building climber,' has become popular

among-st enthusiasts who enjoy his climbing forte and ability, and all

in #thenameofcharity.`


 `To do better and extend ones dreams beyond the horizon is what my father

taught me. I will prepare for the climb in Dubai, and my final climb, totaling

eight of the tallest buildings in the world.` York told Footprints in 


The Dubai Daily, reported that adventures and thrill seekers were

invited to York's attempt at The Khalifa on 5 July 2015.

`Pop down to Dubai's favorite shopping experience, and watch

as Spiderman climbs the tower.`

Mr. Justin York is said to climb the tower in a maximum of six hours,

otherwise he will have failed the world record of 5h 55 min.

`If York can climb fast enough without any ropes, pulleys or

tools, he will be nominated as the fastest climber in the world,

with a sum of charity of $40 million dollars donated to charities


`We hope that Spiderman will be wearing his suit when he

takes on Khalifa, as previous climbing's were done in a shorts

and vest.` ended Mr. Hussain.



by Paruskha Naicker

(7 June 2015--FF News) The annual prestigious ceremony of

MUSIC proclaimed itself at the city of California, with boy-band

`One Direction,' winning all major awards including most popularity,

record breaking sales, most played soundtrack of the year, and many

other titles.


`We are proud to stand on stage to receive these awards. It was

the working success of MTV, Disney, Playbrand Records, and many

other producers and directors, who played a role to our success,'

says Boy band member. Mr. Harry Styles.

Styles says that when Playbrand had called them for concerts in

Africa, Asia, Europe and The America's, it `polished-'n-popped,`

their brand internationally.

`The English will spend their Saturday evenings watching movies at

home, whilst the American's would be still painting the town red.`

he was quoted as saying.

The English boy-band has become 'the-most-popular; the most liked,'

band since other boy-bands including Westlife, N sync, The Jackson Five

and Backstreet Boys died a sudden death.

`Lets hope One Direction does not follow suit,' said a London


`I love One Direction,' tweeted a resident.

Speaking to Footprints in California,  boy-band member, Mr. Liam

Payne says that it is an honor to win such big awards, and the

world must be #prepared4more.

Local SA fan, Miss. Naeema Kalla noted that ONE DIRECTION is

'the best; the coolest,' after attending the concert in Johannesburg.

`I think Liam is really cute, and Styles has the style. The music rocks

too, spend the night listening to these boys, and you will fall in love,

everyday, in a different way.`

MTV who hosted the show, said that the boy band had become



  1. One Direction - Steal My Girl




by Riyaad Thokan


(9 June 2015--FF News) A fugitive couple is on the run after failing to

attend the trial of their murdered daughter, Aaliah, yesterday.

`We can confirm that Zubair Deedat and his co-accused, Alison Downey, are

on the run after failing to make a court appearance before Judge Mohammed

Abbas. We can confirm that the two were last seen on 1 June 2015, at

a friend's residence and since then now-one has seen or heard from them.

We can confirm that the couple mentioned, are on the run for the murder

of their infant, and are officially noted as one of South Africa's 'most-wanted...`

says Captain Jack Spallow, from The Police Department of Cape Town.

According to sources close to the couple, they were planning to get married

after the birth of their infant daughter in April 2013, but did not have the funds

to get married and often struggled to make ends meet.

`We would often hear the boyfriend shout how the rent and water

had not been paid. We would often hear how the two would squabble

over matters that kept us up at night.` said a resident of Rylands.

Speaking to Footprints in Rylands, Mr. Yugesh Pillay noted that he lived

several blocks from the couple and was shocked to hear when their

baby had died.

`The child was borne with a rare skin aging illness, called Progeria. The parents were

often ashamed of the child, neglected the child, and often abused her.`

said he.

The Cape Daily, read that the couple were on the run, after appearing

before Judge Mohammed Abbas in October 2014.

`After the child was found burnt beyond recognition in the microwave of

their residence, the couple claimed they were at work, and that the child

was in the care of the day-care mother. When Police called the day care mother,

she provided evidence that she had taken the day off, and called in sick.`


 Dr. Andrea Davids from the Department of Health, says that Progeria is a rare age acceleration 

process that speeds the aging of a child, where normally the child dies from heart-failure,

or some infection.

`Its a very rare skin infection, and often leaves patients dead within a maximum

of twenty years.`

The infant only known as `Aaliah,` is said to have been found by neighbors,

on May 14th 2014, after a neighbor had rang the bell, with no answer. 

Inspector William Johnson from The Police Academy of Cape Town said that

the couple had appeared in October 2014, before Judge Abbas, and was 

granted a R5000 bail each, until June 8.


`Without sufficient evidence against the couple, the judge was forced

to re-set the trial date, with a very low bail. When the state had gathered

evidence against the couple that was meant to be presented to council,

the couple is nowhere to be found.`

Judge Mohammed Abbas said in a closing statement that a warrant of arrest

has been laid against the couple with further charges.

`The couple are digging a deeper grave for themselves by hiding away. Once

police have captured these fugitives, the trial will continue.`



`Xenophobia strikes,` HIT FOREIGN NATIONALS...!!

by Melissa Snow

(7 June 2015--FF News) As two months have passed the sudden 

xenophobia attacks in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng, a recent spin

among-st local South African's is taking to the `White and Indian`

suburbs of South African homes, and causing destruction by throwing

homes with tear gas, firing gunshots, throwing bricks, and killing innocent


`After local residents claimed that foreign nationals were `taking their jobs;

taking their bread,`the South African government had formed a `truce,`

with locals by spending more on grants and bonuses.`

Xenophobia is an act of racism against a n y foreign national or local

resident who has not earned their right to occupy their space in

South Africa.

`During the April 2015 xenophobia attacks, nationals had put slogans

at our squatter camps that they will burn our shacks, if we are not

South African. Now, these same attackers have taken to the streets

of homes, claiming that the land and property belongs to them.`

Speaking to Footprints in Natal, local resident, Miss. Mariam Chabanga,

she says, that her father owns a shop in West street, and when the

Xenophobia attacks happened they were forced to close shop

for eight days.


`When we opened the shop after the time that the xenophobia attacks

had passed, everything was stolen, the windows were broken,

and already people starting lighting fires and using our shop as

their property.`

In Round TWO of the Xenophobia attacks that has already made every worst headline

imaginable, local South Africans have taken to the streets of local community suburbs,

`banging on doors; banging on windows.`

`They have already caused chaos in local communities, Laudium, Lenasia, Brakpan,

Benoni, Fordsburg, Fontana, Rylands and Roshnee. We see their attacks purely based

on occupying the land they claim is theirs, jobs they claim is theirs and expensive

government homes they claim is theirs.` said a Lenasia resident.

The National Enquirer, quirked that residents from Somalia, Sudan, Egypt,

Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Pakistan and Poland should live their lives

as ordinary and fight back.

`They are being forced out of their homes or even killed if they

are not South African. If they are not a particular cast of culture,

they are removed to refugee camps where 100 people are estimated

to occupy a small tent...The only way to fight fire, is with fire'

echoed Foreign Minister of Somalia,

Mrs. Anushka Kemlajee.

The Pretoria Paperboy, reported that with more xenophobic attacks looming,

the best place is to be at home, away from the crisis in the cities and targeted




`Already Cosatu chairperson Vavi has received death threats, and Former

DA leader Helen Zille has spouted her non-interest in South African matters.`

Police who patrolled local suburbs claim that more than 100 000 people had flooded

the homes of residents, claiming that the home was theirs, and that they should

move out.

President Jacob Zuma who condemned xenophobia is to have said that locals

should protest these attacks on businesses and homes, and form a peace 


`Ghandi, my friend, would of never approved of such teachings to our

people. The average person in South Africa has a grade 5 certificate,

and the only way to stop these crimes is by employing local South African's

and marrying women from your own cast breed.`


`Mount Van Riebeeck` said to ERUPT

IN JUNE 2015...!!

b Sikander Motani

(15 June 2015--FF News) `The world is in for the worst eruption since the

creation of humanity,` read The Cape Town Times.

Although weather stations throughout the globe have been warning a 

`natural disaster,` the volcano located in Good Hope was said to be

fuming that would case the largest airstrike in the world.

`If 10 was the hardest volcano eruption, this would be a 100.`

said Newcastle News...

Whilst millions of residents across the globe are warned that the eruption

could reach as far as Sudan, causing further eruptions in Europe

and Asia.

`We estimate the loss of 20% of the world population due to this

natural disaster.` said Scientist at The University of Cape Town.

`While we estimate that the neighboring countries will be completely

destroyed, we see the volcano causing other volcanic disruptions

with volcanic plates.`


`The volcanic plate of The Cape of Good Hope meets The Australian

plate causing massive earthquakes, thunder storms, and blizzards.`

Astronomers who spoke to Footprints in Ireland, said that they were

consumed by the volcano plates and forecast ed massive destruction

with millions of lives estimated to die.

`Our forecast is that the eruption could take place in 10 days.

causing the lava to spread throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe,

Malawi and spreading grief through other natural disasters, in

Asia and Europe.`


  1. Koi Tumsa Nahin (Full Song) Krrish




NASA says that after viewing the space satellite image, this could destroy several thousand

communities and warned that this calls for the work of a Super hero team that could drill

4000m under-ground, and bulge the plates, causing the plates to `lift-'n-shift,`

against each other.

`Currently the plates are merging and if we drill far enough and wedge the

two plates against each other, we could avoid this catastrophe.`

The Space Council of South Africa says that they were working at

the drop-side of the volcano to create `opposite forces,`

to avoid this disaster.

`We are doing our best and working as fast as we can to drill

these two plates apart. If we fail in our mission, millions of lives

will be lost through this disaster.`

Earth is said to have an estimated 2000 active volcanoes

and 3000 dormant volcanoes reported National Geographic.


`The Jan Van Riebeeck volcano has been dormant for several

centuries, and was named Mount Van Riebeeck, after he discovered

the volcano erupting on the mountains of Good Hope.`

Whilst millions of residents pray that workers can drill fast enough

and efficiently enough, our fate lies in twelve men who control

our destiny said a resident.

`I started praying from Sunrise to Sunset that these drillers

could drill these volcanic plates away, otherwise all hell could

break loose.`




by Unknown


(30 June 2015--FF News) Sometimes love makes us laugh,

Sometimes love makes cry, sometimes both, and somehow I

feel that I have pushed him `handsum hunk,` away. I know that

he r e a d s footprints filmworks because we would normally chat

on these channel forums.

We started dating in 2010, and we worked on our love spell on

each other, speaking to each other over footprints, over the telephone,

and he often spoiled me by driving my heart and mind crazy.

Lets call my boyfriend, Mr. PPP who was `my dream boyfriend; my

dream husband,`who often made me feel like a queen by being

my best friend and going that extra mile to be with each other.

Mr. PPP, I am sorry for treating you like that, and I know that even

though you don't read my messages, know that deep down I

still love you.

I don't have any fancy poems or extra things to tell you, just

know that dating you was simply the best.

I am from the community of Laudium, and my parents are very

staunch and I really did my best for the both of us.

Maybe Mr. PPP, I never told you how much I loved you,

maybe I never paid attention to you when you stared

at me, maybe I never made you laugh enough, but

I want to truly say that I am sorry and I want you


I know Mr. PPP that you are very special to me, and I never

truly listened to what you have to say, I just took you as a 

make-out buddy.

When you asked me to marry you last year, I wanted to

say YES but my parents wanted me to complete my studies.

Now, I am qualified and I have lost you. I know you call me

`The pouting queen,` but know that my pouts are only

for you. Please Mr. PPP, come back, and I promise I will

make it better.

You taught me that love has no boundaries, love is

ordinary, and love is addictive, well, I am addicted to

YOU, and I want you back. 

Leaving you with our song...

*pout, pout*

I love you


Aao Na song (Aishwarya rai ,Vivek oberoi

with Footprints Filmworks

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor


by The PrinCe


(8 June 2015--FF News) Perhaps the headline might be mis-leading, but

are you possibly ready for sex in the morning, in the afternoon, or after

the children have fallen off to sleep, should I rather ask...??

I write in my own capacity as Mr. Obayyo Attula, from Kenya, a former South

African who was removed from my South African wife, after the xenophobia

attacks in Fordsburg.

What has changed my thinking of sex, and the 'feeling-'n-relationship,' to it is

that it should be `treasured; pleasured,' daily, and probably when you reach my

age of 81, you will one day think, and realize that sex is the greatest food for

the soul, and not my wife's sacred recipe of Chicken Breast.

 In my previous relationships with my three wives, I have lived to the 

'custom; tradition,' of my forefathers in Africa, by having many children

and through them I discover my sexual prowess and personality.

During my early twenties and thirties, sex was often shared between my

current wife and by through 'trying new things,' and discovering each other

through our bodies, and learning each others bodies as though it was

our own. After having several children with her, I later discovered that

sex was `once a week, once in a while,'  and often I would get by weekly

intercourse, and it would be over.

During my forties and fifties, I lost track of `just sex,` and looked

and searched for `true-love, true dreams,' as I often fell in the trap of

being of fool by falling into the trap of a woman's open legs.

Looking back, I was a fool to 'open-my-heart; open-my-legs,' to my second

wife, whom met at a luncheon in Durban. She is the apple of my eye, and we

posed dreams that no-one #care2share.

During the twenty some odd years of marriage, sex was daily, and she

was much younger than me and brought out the horse-like attitude of

my personality. She brought out the best in me, gave me the best,

and blessed me with five beloved children.

After our split, I decided that I wanted to take a break off sex,

with one woman

and just putting my penis in 'any hole,' and slept with several

hundred women, because I failed to care-less.

Before my 76th birthday, I was told by doctors that I had Cancer,

and that unless I have sex each day, my Cancer could kill me...

I'm sorry if you thought that this article would be about ripping your

panties off, sucking on your breasts, and spending the entire night

holding you, it's just some 'good-ol-advice,' from a wise-ol man.

In conclusion I would like to say that you should have sex everyday,

it's keeps the body healthy, it keeps the mind strong, and it keeps

the heart, #wanting more.

In the beginning I told you that this foreigner has three wives,

well, my next wife is 18, and we are getting married

this October...:)

*Thanks to footprints for posting this article, and edits.




SHIPWRECKS IN `The Mediterranean,` leaves EUROPE

asking Questions...??

by Leah Potgieter


(8 June 2015--FF News) Imagine you lived in one of the poor countries

in Africa, and was offered an opportunity to escape the poverty and 

`move-out,' to higher income breaches, better quality of life, escape

the horror of war in your country, and be removed from the slavery

of Africa.

`My family and I were constantly fighting wars in Libya, Sudan, Somalia

and Ethiopia. When we heard the `King Abdullah,` ship was leaving the 

Mediterranean we spoke to criminals who were in charge of the ship to

assist us, for $1000. Whilst crossing the Mediterranean from Libya

to Italy the ship had accidentally damaged another ship in 'treasure water.'

According to BBC, as many as twenty ships and 7000 lives have been lost

over the several weeks with ships flocking harbors and destinations to escape

the threat of wars in their country.


`A couple of buddies and I were hunting a gold treasure in Mayo, which is

coastal waters just off the Mediterranean. When we saw the fleet of ships

coasting each other, we were shocked that hundreds of people were believed

to have drowned.` said a French resident.

UN SECT GENR, Mr. Ban Ki Moon says that more than a million Africans have flooded

the waters of Europe in 2015, and asked Foreign Ministers to

`seek the permission; seek the

approval of the country they were visiting.`

`Europe has been known to be a continent with one of the highest growth

rates, and when these migrants enter our waters, it forces us to compromise

our quality. Our rescue workers have already saved thousands of lives, with

hundreds of lives still being pulled from the flooded waters.`

The African Union reported that the reason that these African's were escaping

`at any cost,' was because of the terrorist group Al-ShaBAAB that threat ed

Africans with joining the group or being killed.

`Africa is being forced to displace to Europe, and the journey is a ship ride

to Europe from the tip off Africa, to the Gulf of Europe. We see the shipwrecks

caused by weak ships being used by The African's, not knowing the coastal boarders,

and not keeping to destination compass routes.`

Speaking to Footprints in Libya, local resident, Mr. Mohammed Akala noted

that he earns less than $8 dollars per day in Libya, and wanted

to escape Libya,

as Al Shabaab were forcing laws upon them that they did not agree, and

wanted a better life.

`As the father of my family, we boarded the ship `Queen Isabella,`

and during the dark and eerie nights of the trip, the ship has hit a rock,

and suffered fuel damage. We were forced to throw ourselves in the

water, with little or no hope of a rescue ship spotting us. My entire

family drowned, and I was washed up by a UN rescue worker.`

The South African Times, echoed that this disaster has forced African's

who live near coastal waters and inner cities to migrate.

`The World Bank has already provided millions of dollars of aid to African's

and readers who choose to support our fellow brothers and sisters

can donate by visiting`


`The Cool Catz,` ICE DANCE COMING SOON...!!

by Nishaal Govendar


(12 June 2015--FF News) This September 2015,

the weekends

of 11. 12, 13th September and 26, 27, 28 September, South

Africans will be 'entertained; enlightened,` to a 'world-show,'

concerts of `The Cool Catz,'

`The Cool Catz is an international traveling ice-skating romance

company that brings together sequences of dance including

Opera, Hip-Hop, `Rock-'n-Roll,' Love, and cultural dances from

Brazil, South Africa, Italy and The United States. This four hour

expedition is ranked the 'the-most-talked about;

the most romantic,'

dance sequel by some of the best performers in the world.'

said Show organizer, Mrs. Daniella Kone.

Kone says that the new show was the first of it's kind in South Africa,

and brought together acrobatic dancers, a 4000m ice rink, romantic

and usual music, and fun for the entire family.

`If you are doing nothing in Johannesburg, or Cape Town, book

your seats today.' said a resident.

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, Miss. Aadila Mayet jolted

that her boyfriend and her have run out off ideas for dates, and

watching 'romantic-dance,' on ice, could spark their relationship.

`I have heard lots of ho-ha about The Cool Catz, and I just want to

watch something entertaining and do something that I have never done.

I will keep free my 13 September so that i could dazzle my boyfriend.`

According to The Ice Rink Association of South Africa this is the largest

get together of world 'ice-dancers,' with the audience allowed

a maximum of an hour dance time on the ice rink floor.

`We have put together simply the best dancers and crew for these

weekends, that will prove that The Cool Catz are here to stay. Be cool this

Winter, by joining #thecoolcatz in Johannesburg or Cape Town.`

Dancer, Miss. Gabriella Davidson noted that she practiced several

hundred hours with her partner and was 'ready to take,'

South Africa on.


`I am Italian and our style of dance is different to South African's. Watch

me dance solo and with my partner, and cheer, as I skate pass you.`

`My ex-girlfriends heart is like an ice-box, and wish she was with me

to attend the show. I will be going with my friends from

University.' said a resident.

All South African's whether you have a romantic date, or not, are

invited to this 'once in a lifetime,' opportunity to book your seats

for The Cool Catz, this September only.

`I will be giving 'the one,' a ring on the ice rink,' joked a resident.


IS `HANSIE CRONJE,``Alive-'n-Well...??`

by Hasina Kathrada


(8 June 2015--FF News) South Africa's leading test and international

Captain,' may be #alivenwell.

`We have seen recent pictures of the once 24 yr old who led South Africa

as Captain. At his proclaimed death on 1 June 2002, newspapers around the

world read that the `Super-Sixer,' had died. Recently pictures have emerged that

he is living in Australia, with a 2nd wife.` said The Aussie Times.

Cronje who led South Africa as Captain from 1994 to 1999,

was banned internationally due to the probe of match-fixing

and other bribes he received through the payment of 

`Black Money...`

`He had received to the tune of $500 000 dollars from Indian bookies,

who tossed him to loose to games in India, Sri Lanka and The

West Indies. When other team players including Lance Klusener, Jonty

Rhodes, Kepler Wessels, Brian Mcmillian, Hershelle Gibbs, Jacques Kallis,

Andrew Hudson and Allan Donald were questioned, they had all

pointed the finger against the captain that `once led them to victory;

once won them games they were going to lose,`

`He had received cash dollars from these bookies to loose games,

and other games to bat badly. When the International Cricket Council

led investigations of his additional income, it proved that he was

hiding money in 32 bank accounts in Switzerland, The Canary Islands,

The United States and South Africa.` read Sports Today.

However, controversy looms why the media was fooled in thinking

that Cronje had died in a plane crash in June 2002.

`Cronje had called on the late President Nelson Mandela on reasons to 

fake his own death, after receiving death threats from betters, and being

bullied by the media to out-perform his accounting job. He had confided in

President Mandela to stage his death, and elope to a different country.`

says cricketer Mr. Hashim Amla.




by Mandy Wilbert


(24 June 2015--FF News) Some people look as though they are

81, but infact they are 18, and what we are going to l e a r n 

about today, is 'brain food; brain gym,' for the resident who views

Footprints Filmworks.

Brain Food is the process of 'motivating; inspiring,' your mind, body, and

heart to do better, to excel better and to produce better results in

the epic of life.

`Some days I would wake up with all the worries in world, Some

days I would be so busy I would not have enough time to eat,

Some days I would look good, but I would feel dirty, and some

days I would just not be in the mood to take the day on,'

said one of my patients.

While I advise all my patients that the best motivation is a great

breakfast and early morning sex, there are many other factors including

work schedule, daily routine and lifestyle that propel ones growth.

`At the age of 21 I found myself with two children and no hope or dreams

in the world, as the rent was constantly not paid, there was no food on the

table, and my wife constantly complained that I was not the sharpest knife

in the draw. I was 'de-motived,' and had no energy to think further than

my nose. When I started using the techniques of Dr. Mandy Wilbert, my 

income has increased ten-fold, my children are leading better lifestyles,

and my wife constantly asks for round four. She has worked magic in

my life.` said a patient of the doctor.

Brain Gym has to do with the 'visualization; imagination,' aspect of life, as

human beings we see our dreams in pictures.

`What I normally advise my patients is build a blue-print of what we

truly desire, the perfect girlfriend, that fancy BMW, the coolest friends,

family that loves and supports us, and a job to wake up to. We should be 

thankful for what God has blessed us with, opening the Universe to what

we still want.`

After meeting several thousands of patients and rescuing them from

financial difficulty, marriageable woes and family politics, I always advise

that unity is always the answer.

`Never try to hide aspects about yourself to your loved ones, always

think appreciation instead of depreciation, use positive affirmations and

know that we all go through tricky situations, but always have the end

vision in mind, that 'this too shall pass...'

A patient who walked into my practice last year, complained that her

husband had become an alcoholic, her children were constantly failing

in their grades and she had gained 20 KG in the last three years.

`When I look into the mirror I cannot believe that I am the same person,

the wrinkly skin, the deary eyes, and the access fat. I feel sick when I

make love to my husband because I have to deal with his 'beer-belly,'

and his lack of attention on me.' she complained.

'I took down a piece of paper and wrote down the five basic methods to

get her life back in shape. She was to write three beautiful quotes with

lipstick on her bathroom mirror, she was to love her husband no-matter 

what, she was to eat healthy and exercise for thirty minutes a day,

she was to sit with the children with their homework, and she should

allow thirty minutes of 'me-time,' to imagine herself far superior, and

far better than she currently is.`


Six months later, I received a postcard from the lady in question stating

that 'her life had completely changed; her life had over-turned,' and

was happy and grateful for the blessings of life.

Very often, we are so engrossed with the challenges of life that we

forget we should gym our brains and minds to attract 'the right energy;

the right power,' to become powerhouse achievers.

`Always have a benchmark of who you consider your competition, learn

her tricks of the trade, and who knows you may become better at that

trade. Push yourself beyond limits, have a balanced lifestyle opportunity,

and plant seeds into your mind of great prosperity, great health, great

wealth, and whatever dreams that you 'inspire; aspire,' to, and the brain

will use the Universe to attract whatever you truly, madly, deeply, desire.`

Image may contain: 1 person, standing


Welcome to FOOTPRINTS AROUND THE WORLD JAN VI 2016, produced by

Footprints Filmworks and associate companies...Footprints Filmworks

is an investment company that invests into internet media, print media,

TEXT MEDIA, FILM and distribution....Footprints Filmworks is created by

#OmarAbdulla. If you CHOOSE to INVEST kindly call our head-office

numbers today. Kindly view or




FOR 2016...!!

by Yusha Kajola

(17 January 2016--FF News) The world stock market and currency market is

said to be liquid enough to 'reach for new heights,'

for 2016, 17, and 18...

"We have confirmation from Reserve Banks around the world that together

with inflation, and the cost price for growth, the global economy could swell

to a minimum of 8% above, $700 trillion dollars by 2020...'

read The Economic Times.

Speaking to Footprints in New York, world bank governor, Mrs. Stacey Lee,

she says, that Capitalistic growth had grown the fastest in the world including

countries The United States, Australia, Britain, and South Africa, whilst communist

led countries had depreciated in value, with losses shown across the board.


As the morning bell rang for trade to begin in one of the most historic

locations of trade, The New York Stock Exchange, traders had pledged

to BUY capitalistic led companies including--Coca Cola, Microsoft,

Burger King, Ferrari, Standard Oil and Gas, Wal*Mart, Colgate and Footprints

Filmworks with the selling of communist led companies including Huwai, Chinese

Fashion Exports, Baidu, India Property Holdings, The Bank of Japan, Brazil Fuel

Incorp, CHINA TOYS EXP, and You&me.

"We see these companies as the shares to BUY and SELL this 2016. Shares

normally follow a t r e n d of expansion and contraction, and to date,

these are the shares to trade, for generated profits, far out-stretching

the normal banking return.' said currency trader, Mr. Martin De Ville.

The o r i g i n a l creator of the first stock exchange in ITALY, by

Mr. Leonardo Fibonacci, was created by the mathematician and

magician that perhaps changed the way of trade to date.

"95% of the money that flows the cash economy is either borrowed,

lent or transferred. The wealth of the economy is not the daily cash flow

that the country holds, but the assets and networks that the country holds.

Mr. Fibonacci who created the first stock market developed a mathematical

formula of how numbers react when disturbed by unnatural force.'

said The University of New York.

"Mr. Fibonacci developed a code that for any percentage base increase,

there must be an opposite proportional loss. That's why we have

currencies quoted in pairs, that's why if we have a trend appreciate

100 basis points in one hour, within the next time period of one

hour, a minimum of 33% of it's movement will be in the opposite force.'

said a trader at The Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

F R O M the days the first company was listed back in the 11th Century,

more than a million companies have been listed on the exchange of their

country for the method of attracting new shareholders, advertising,

workforce and expansion.

"The government owns a 26% share on all the companies listed by the stock

exchange. Thus, our attraction to shares linked to capitalist countries. A

minimum requirement as a medium of $1 million dollars to list a company in

a small country, with countries including The United States asking a minimum

of $500 million dollars to list their company.' read The Profitability Times.

Mr. Warren Buffett who spoke exclusively to World News 24/7 said that

he sometimes feels jealous at the growth of #FACEBOOK, as it took him

a good part of 50 years to achieve his success.

"Investing in shares is simple...If one does not know how to buy shares,

one can demo trade on the platform of choice. Once one becomes a master,

one can trade live shares.'

He further relates that his investment into new and old companies was a

hedge that Fibonacci taught him.


"Never put all your eggs in one basket, and never buy shares with

the same industry. Always hedge your investments through unique

skills of trade including Religious, Medical, Retail, Service and Repair,

Processes, Office and Administration, Professional and Venture Capital


The Stock Market Journal reported that everyday residents should hedge

their savings investment into the purchase of shares on stock markets,

and venture capitalistic companies.

"Not all companies that require financial growth can list on a country

stock exchange. Venture capital companies are private and new companies,

with a specialized trade that seeks investment to squabble investment


Saudi Arabian Investor, King Sameer Khalid Shar ended that he had purchased

several stock exchanges in Africa, totaling an ownership of 9600 companies

in the #world.

"The only way to generate a profit in any company is through what

I call zero vision. Every

company requires investment, every company requires additional man-power,

every company requires extended adversary coaching,

and whilst we can only afford to support some companies, our visions to

the companies that we have invested, are as shareholders who can invest

money, time, and effort into the companies that hold our brands..'

Forex News, reported that with the resigning of President Obama, American

owned companies should be purchased, as additional confidence will

fuel the capitalistic economy.

"Many people think that stock market trading is a numbers game of

spreading and betting. However, if one learns the technical and fundamental

aspects of trade, how technical equate to Fibonacci trends,

when fundamental news affect the market

trends, why a certain share would appreciate, and why another

depreciates, is the true root of profit.'



by Khatija Hajee

(8 January 2016--FF News) The Italian Renaissance city of

Florence in ITALY, is home to art collectors, treasure hunters,

and other leading artists from around the #world.

The city hosts 9000 tourists per day, hosting romance couples on

vacation, businessmen seeking investment,

and other 'bargain hunters,' who choose to visit the ancient

city for their history of art, their mosaic nature of refreshing appeal,

and their submissive desire to select 'colorful works of art.'

The l a s t weekend of January 2016, The Festival of Colors,

hosts artists from around the world,

who will be selling their merchandise at the Palazzo De Zazze.

"Items on sale range from 50 EURO, including intellectual stationary from pencils,

canvas equipment, and colors. The paintings, sketches, and exhibits on SHOW

range from a colorful array of different and unique styles of art.'

booned Palazzo De Zazze.

Speaking to Footprints in Florence, Art exhibit director, Mr. Angelo Forecle, he says

that the 'peaceful; stimulating; imaginative,' exhibition is OPEN to the public,

for only 10 EURO's per day.

"Residents can purchase only certain items on show, from up and coming painters

and artists. Some paintings including The Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, The Kiss,

The Last Supper, Whistlers Mother, The Virgin, Napoleon Crossing The Alps,

and The School of Athens will be showcased.'

The Florence Times, reported that thousands of art enthusiasts, visionary thinkers,

and absorbing characters should attend the show.

"The best creativity through color is art and design. The designs and skills on offer

on the 29th, 30th, and 31st will bring the most creative minds together."

Local sketch artist and painter, Miss. Catherine Riciccu noted that she has painted

"The Abyss,' which is an Oceanic painting of the rough sea's in the 18th Century.

"The secret to be a good painter is see the darkness through the sunlight, and the

depth through the surface. When I started painting this saturated work of art

in 2008, my mission was to teach people what you see on the surface, is but

a mere mirage of lies underwater.'

The Italian Times, reported that SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, and Imagination had

played a 'vital; pivotal,' role in the preservation of maintaining these artifacts.

"Some of the writings on the wall on show during the exhibition will tell tales

of our Pharaohs of Egypt, coupled with the new age thinking and design

of art.'

New artist, Mr. Gabriel Del Cece, claimed that we are all artists in our own

way, whether we are a chef, a home designer, a canvas painter, or even

Michael Jackson.

"New research has proved that Michael Jackson was one of the

most unconventional artists of all time.'

Mr. George Bandoni a local Rome resident, said that he will travel to Florence,

because of the art exhibition that will bring together world painters of

past and #present.

"I have always heard about The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, and viewing

these paintings will be a treasure to view. I have heard that they will be

auctioning some 19th Century paintings and writings, and will attend

the show, to show my support for my artistic nature of myself.'






by Lisa Ponders

(11 January 2016--FF News) The countryside of London, is home to some

of the wealthy neighborhood of London, where the pensioners and

high net worth individuals of the city resort for their holidays.

This Christmas, Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. David Cameron resorted

with his family to the 14 day holiday resort with his personal family

and friends.

"He normally resorts to the cabin where he is treated to seven course meals,

indoor swimming pools, and hotel management of the finest.'

When he had taken to the village country town of DUCKWOOD VILLIAGE

with 'the most glamorous; the most gorgeous,' wife, of the 21st Century,

Miss. Samantha Cameron,

the paparazzi rushed to the village town to view her bathing in the Winter Sun,

whilst the president played football with his sons and daughters.

"They were the most beautiful Royal family of London, until disaster

looped on the story of their lifestyle.' read The Sunday Times.

Speaking to Footprints in Duckwood Village, local residents

said that they

had escorted the president and his team to this Castle, that is normally

the resorts of Lord Brainstein, Prince Harry, King LOUIS IV, and other

historical figures that have taken office in their stardom.

"The Prime Minister has to travel with members of his family, team, and

security staff, to ensure that he lives up to the brand of the country.'

said a hotel staff.

On the morning of Christmas, Police were called to DUCKWOOD VILLIAGE,

with the sudden death of Mr. Cameron's son, Michael, who was reported

to have been shot dead with a rifle.

"We had all decided to go hunting for the day, and Michael had joined us.

We were hunting birds in the sky, and my husband had shot

several birds,

noticing that my son had died.' said the mother of Michael, Miss. SAM CAM.

SAM CAM, as s h e is known to celebrity magazines has

won 'the most stylish, the talk of town,'

mother, serving the presidents "FIRST LADY,' in the #world.

"She is the most beautiful married woman in the world,

and hides from

camera's and the media.' said London News.

When Police HEAD, "THE JOKER,' arrived on the lush green-field of the hunting

ground, he was pledged with a 5 yr old dead son, of Prime Minister David


"He had a single wound to the head. My initial for cast was that this was a

hunting accident, and worked with the forensic bureau of London and

Scotland Yard to bring the killer to justice.' he said.

Prime Minister David Cameron said that he should of never allowed his

son to play with a South African AK 47, whilst hunting birds.

"He is dead because of my irresponsibility. His hunting accident is my

fault.' he told reporters.

However, "The Joker,' who is notorious for solving international murders and

crimes wore his traditional red jacket, blue jeans, and drove with his

Joker M0bile,

said that this crime was no accident as the family had noted.

"Whilst horse-riding in the barnyard of the village, I had asked field workers the

standards and quality of hunting at DUCKWOOD VILLIAGE. Many of the workers

had said that each rifle has a code of color, like the father would have a red bullet

shell, the mother would have the a green bullet shell, and other members of cabinet

would have their own colors.'



The Omar Abdulla Show. Footprints filmworks. dancer in the world.


The Joker, who sifted through investigation material and other forces of his

knowledge had discovered that fellow member of cabinet, Princess Adriana

York, had killed the little 5 yr old.

"They had all went on the bird hunting sport, and Princess Adriana York,

was found to be using the purple bullet shells. From my investigations, she

had stood for election in 2017, and her target was to kill the Prime Minister,

instead, had missed and killed his son.'

Prime Minister David Cameron who 'cried;sighed, ' at the sudden death of

his son, thanked "The Joker,' for his speed in solving this crime, and thanked

the village of DUCKWOOD for their love and support.

"Without the people supporting me, I am nothing.

The Joker has a way of

tricks and posses a sixth sense when fighting crime. He has helped London,

and the rest of the world, by bringing down crime around the world.'

Princess Adriana York, who has been arrested at DUCKWOOD VILLAGE,

is said to appear in court on the 1 February #2016.


C H A M P OF THE MONTH January 2016...!!

by Luqmaan Dockrat

(19 January 2016--FF News) Once a m o n t h

'someone; somewhere,' around the world, WINS,

Footprints "CHAMP,' of the month, far exceeding the

results produced by the everyday individual.

The Monthly Footprints "CHAMP of the month,' was searched through

tutorials of current newspapers and magazines, and once again, South

African's can be happy, that World Number One, sportsman, SA Captain,

and sports player, Mr. Hashim Amla, has won, the Footprints "CHAMP

of the month...'

"With the coming of the Summer season, I have stayed up to the early

hours of the morning, practicing my batting and speed. I have welcomed

this nomination as Footprints "Champ of the month,' and will continue to

stride behind strong players who have routed my name.'

Speaking to Footprints in Australia, South Africa's Captain says

that he will

take on The Aussies in Melbourne, Perth, and will continue their tour

of the Tri Nations tour with India.

"I think our batsmen are strong enough to face the powers of Mark

Anothers and Joshua Siddick.'

P A S T CHAMPS of Footprints Filmworks include Mr. Omar Abdulla, Mr.

Zunaid Moti, Miss. Priyanka Chopra, Miss. Zakiyyah Kolia, Mr. Warren

Buffett, Miss. Sakeena Joosub, and Mr. Barack Obama.

"When leading ones team from the front one has to play with focus

on the balls being bowled. Each ball is bowled differently, and captaining

South Africa, will add responsibility to the team, by leading and playing


The Saturday Times, reaped that Mr. Hashim Amla has scored 45 Test

Centuries, 189 One Day Centuries and won 'best player for 2014, 2015,

and 2016.'

"We are proud of this performance on and off the field, and wish him

all the luck when they compete with players who have sprinted towards


The Cape Town Country Club reported that Mr. Amla had practiced five

days per week, and will now be ready to travel over-seas on what people

say, will be his best #performance.

"He has a thinking brain of Hansie Cronje, and the quality of Steve Waugh. When

we take-on the Aussies in March 2016, he will sing melodies to everyday South

African supporters.'

Mr. Hashim Amla, who spoke to Footprints in Durban, noted that winning the

'best player,' of the year, was because his 'faith and fate,' in Allah.

"Allah is the power who guides us through our pathways of life. Leading South

Africa from the front, has always been the dream I have had.'

President Jacob Zuma who welcomed The South African National team in

Melbourne, said that the cricketing nation of play within the next month will

bring the best of times to battle.

"We are proud of the work that Amla has done for South Africa internationally,

and his ability to lead South African's internationally will be a leadership that

he should #win.'




by Justin Mcdonald

(12 January 2016--FF News) South African President Jacob Zuma

who addressed members of parliament of the 3rd day of the 6th day,

of Parliament, spoke briefly about The South African investment deal

with Russia, his personal home of Nkandla, ways of bringing

the unemployment

rate down, and his focus on pampering Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa for standing

for election, that will see The African National Congress, carry the flag

of South Africa.

"I have slept very little after preparing this speech to parliament...We


South African's can be proud of our investment deal with Russia,

for the investment of R532 billion rand over the next 20 years, with

foundations and investments into nuclear weapons, power development

and projects, and further development of The North West, Polokwane,

Gauteng and Kwa Zulu Natal.' he was quoted as saying.


President Jacob Zuma is being criticized for creating the worst economy

since 1989, his constant wealth spending on his home, and his bluff

ear to the unemployment rate.

"The unemployment rate is at an alarming 49%, and with crime levels

at it's peak, the economy had kept on lagging world growth rate."

said journalist, Miss. Amarah Noormohamed.

"The economy has bled the hatred of Apartheid through the economic

and cultural cycle, and it will take South Africa, 50 years to get back

on her feet.' said a Free State resident.

President Jacob Zuma who continued his speech on SABC, noted that

the country had went into depression, amid loosing investment deals

with China and India, and when it came to unemployment, he was

urging local and international businesses to invest more into their

companies, than abroad.

"Our wealthy are moving their money to foreign countries, slowing the

growth cycle of the country. We have spent R23 billion rand in 2015

on education, strengthened our military force by an additional R212

million rand, and we have went over-budget with The Department

of Health, Department of Agriculture, Department of Correctional

Services and Department of Home Affairs.' he further

addressed parliament.

The African National Congress that has won the state vote of 63%, since

our independence, is said to become even stronger in coming #years.

"It takes a historical cycle 80 years to amend the work by the Apartheid

regime. Whilst our exporters have benefited from the weak rand, our

importers are paying hefty penalties for imported goods including

Gasoline, Toys, Vehicles and other goods manufactured internationally.'

brooded, Mrs. Taryn De Kock.

However, South Africans have asked the question to The Sunday Times,

stating that we all know the economic cycle works through supply and

demand, the unemployment rate changes on a yearly basis, but with

President Zuma's leadership, he has only dug deeper holes for South


"Zuma was given a chance by The African National Congress as he had

spent time in prison, fought with President Nelson Mandela against the

Apartheid past, and always laid a hand to international friends. ANC

members had felt confident in his leadership, and that's why he is

where he is.' leaped a local South African.

President Zuma who further addressed cabinet said that after viewing

the numbers from the departments he is ashamed of the results, and

demands better quality work from his heads of departments and

ordinary staff.

"I am one person, and my job is to make decisions. Our departments are

spending lavishly on investments that we would normally never approve

off. Our UN-bundling of "Eskom; Telkom,' will further invest more liquidity

into the economy.'

Meanwhile, everyday South African's who spoke to

Footprints in South Africa,

said that the 4% of the wealthy of the economy had contributed to

78% of the general GDP of the nation.

"We have a skewed economy where the rich do most of the work,

and the rewards get paid to the poor. The good news of this scenario,

is that as more of our people get educated, and more jobs are created,

the change of growth can be quick, only within 10 years.' topped,

Bathapane resident, Mr. Peter Mohala.

President Zuma concluded his statement to parliament today, stating that

he had only a few hours to speak, as Honorable Julius Malema constantly

challenged him about when the money of Nkandla will be paid, his answers

to the deaths of the mine workers in Marikana, and his aloof mindset when

it came to crime.

"I have taken the Honorable as a piece of tatter to my ears. These issues were

long ago addressed by members of my team, and if Malema wants to take me

to court, we have a bull fight that will take it's course. My job as president has

always been to be a Zulu warrior for my people, and if King Shaka Zulu

were alive

today, he would smile broadly, on his once African Dream.'

CNN ended, that the president will continue his speech tomorrow where he

will address matters of public concern, will answer questions from journalists,

and will speak more about the future president of South Africa, Mr. Cyril




by Mohammed Ramathula

(2 January 2016--FF News) When Riaan Van Niekerk awoke to the

early morning breeze of Cape Town, never did he realize that he would

be eaten by one of the beasts of The Mighty Atlantic.

"He is a surfer by profession and was competing for the Annual,

Tiger brands

surfing competition at Port Van Riebeeck. The competition was to begin in

February, and with prize monies of R1 million rand, he had to compete

with the likes of world players.' said Die Kaapstad.

Speaking to Footprints in Cape Town, locals said that the social shark had

not attacked any human being in South Africa, since 1878 ,

and today was a day like

no other.

"The killer whale had bitten the right arm of the surfer...The surfer had

waived for help, and within two minutes, he was already eaten by

the shark.'

When 911 Netcare arrived at the beach-front they were left with several

pieces of flesh with 90% of the body eaten.

"The shark had bitten him, and then went for the kill.'

The killer whale is perhaps the fastest shark swimmer, the most

beautiful, and often is linked too, with joy instead of #death.

"These animals are the most intelligent of the shark species,

can fight with force and speed, and is said to have a personality

that children can relate too.' spooned, National Geographic.

The South African Coastal GUARD says that the killer whale is one of

the friendliest sharks in the sea, and is inferior, as compared to it's

rival, The Great White.

"We have had several incidents over the past years of Great White shark

attacks, but a death by a killer whale, is not heard off.'

Mr. Riaan Van Niekerk is ranked 238 in the world in world championships,

and his death today will be mourned by residents of Cape Town, and

the surfing community...

"We should extend our shark nets from 5000M, to 10 000M,

build more light-houses,

and employ more emergency staff to avoid these deaths.' said a community




by Azizah Hathorani

(9 January 2016--FF News) The AMAZON JUNGLE that

s t r e t c h e s 8000 square kilometers and includes

the majority of WILDLIFE in the world, is said to be

purchased by The Romeo Group of Companies...

According to reports, a foreign businessman and his association

of companies, is said to have

purchased the rainforest and will soon develop the countries owning

the land, with developments into new housing, new communities, new

schools and new projects forming as part of his South American Investment projects.


"Together with a consortium of investors we have purchased the 8000

kilometer jungle to develop into projects that will accumulate the projected

growth of the #world.' he was quoted as saying.

Speaking to Footprints in Venezuela, Miss. Jessica Lopez, she adds, that

the purchase of the land by the unknown investor was shared

between The Romeo Group of Companies and other lucky investors who

bought early.

"The shares for the company started at $8000 dollars, and today these shares

can fetch up to $35 000 dollars each. The company had purchased the land from

the government of Brazil, and sectors of Bolivian investors who owned the land

as part of their investment.' said businessman, Mr. Rupert Murdoch.

The South American Times,  chanted, t h a t there were still "RED INDIANS,' and

dangerous species of plants and animals that occupy The Amazon, but

the sale to the investors, was agreed that the animals and plants be sheltered

in a separate 1000 square kilometer den.

"The sale of the land by government and private investors will see $1

trillion dollars in the hands of politicians and businessmen, who had

agreed to the deal. The company forms part of a 26% ownership

by The Romeo Group of Companies.' said stock broker for The

Brazilian Stock Exchange.

Miss. Letitia Naidoo, a local South African noted that she had seen 

advertising slogans of the upcoming 7000 square kilometer village,

with prices as low as $500 000 dollars per square kilometer.

"I have decided to purchase 4000 shares in the company and purchased

land to the value of $1 million dollars. Once the village with all the decorations

and trimmings of the retreat have been finalized, we will move in.'

However, other nature lovers have made mention that they see the killing

of ten million trees, the destruction of the epic life, the true

destruction of the beauty of the #world.

"These companies think they can buy-out whoever they want. We

will face them in the court of law. We are people of nature, and

we should con-serve and protect our wildlife."

Brazilian Forest Homes, Venezuela Epic Lodges, Kingdom Parks, IBIZA

Sanctuaries, Immediate Housing, French Telecommunications, RHG

Group of Companies, Pablo's Construction, USA BRICKS, Yemen

Investments, Dubai Construction ETD,

and other contractors are said to be part of the five year construction

deal that will develop the jungle into one of the Mecca's of the world.

No automatic alt text available.

"Dubai was created from the desert, Iceland was created from the snow-storms,

South Africa was created from the bush, and the development plan organized

by the team of over 8000 contractors, will soon take effect.' read The

Ecuador  Times.

Meanwhile, local "Red Indian," Mr. Bebeto Sanchez, says that his family have

built a hut in The Amazon, rainforest, often drink from the Amazon river,

and often eat some of the flesh that roams the wildlife.

"We have learnt how to adapt by teaching our children in our huts and

whatever we own is ours. These bankers want to destroy our homes,

without even asking us.'

World News 786, coiled that the d e n s e population of the world of

6 billion people will move to 21 billion people by 2020, and with no

new developments from Russia or The United States, Brazil is forced

to listen to players who hold the #cards.

"The selling of the rainforest will inject immediate cash flow to the countries

that hold The Amazon, with a monthly tax rebate from the profits of

growth.' said an Economist.

Concluding their statements to Footprints in Columbia, local residents said

that the development was good for the country, as The Amazon occupied

8% of their country's land space.

"We are sitting on a rotten egg when it comes to the rainforest. We are

tired of Anaconda's escaping to eat our livestock, we are tired of our

people being killed by crocodiles and we are tired of the rainforest

not bringing an income to our country.'

The $1 trillion dollar deal with The Romeo Group of Companies is said

to be done within the next five years, and development and payment

have been made with the relevant members of the countries that occupy

the #SPACE...

"This will be 'the most beautiful; most amazing,' paradise as the communities will

have nature on their doorstep, with cultivation and construction methods of

the 22nd Century.' bridged Miss. Estelle Gonzales.



1000 YEARS...!!

by Nazrana Lockhart

(12 January 2016--FF News) Browsing through the French library in Paris,

my team and I were doing research for the predictions that forecast ed

the future of our @histories.

Entitled Les Prophecies, the Latin journal speaks about the wars during

The Roman Empire, talks about The Amenhotep Empire, and talks about

the plagues, natural disasters, murders, discoveries, marriages, religions,

experiments and investments that the human being should cultivate.

"Man has been created from sand and water, and our bodies will die,

but our discoveries and investments will remain through TIME..."

the journal read.

Speaking to Footprints in ITALY, Professor Sakeena Joosub, she says,

that after sifting through his journals the scientist had for casted World

War II in 1939, for casted the death of Nelson Mandela in 2013,

and talked about

future warriors who will rule the #planet.

"Man is the most dangerous being created by God. We can either be

living in 1000 years, or we could face extinction...The prophecy speaks

about God's message, talks about ways the planet will rid millions of people

through expansion, and talks about discoveries of tel-teleportation,

the value of


Nostradamus became famous for his predication's since 1555, and used 

astrological planetary alignment to use as proof for his predication's.

"The rainbow is made of 7 colors, and the shining of the Sun, will all shine

these colors...Hundreds of years later, sunlight could be blue.' said a

Portuguese resident.

"The universe is constantly contracting and expanding...This is the law of the

world. The Universe is created from base laws, and if we follow these laws,

we will be light years ahead of people who cannot comprehend how vast

the universe is." hosted Nairobi Scientist, Mr. Izekel Willis.

"When you marry, marry someone who is like you in tradition and

culture, but opposite

you in force. The law of attraction that opposites attracts, still works.'

said The Secret.

SAM CAM, The Science lady, says that through the discoveries of

history MANKIND

has grown through old and new discoveries.

"Science is proving that the average human being can live to 102 years,

Science is

proving that with the investment into technology, money is not the tool of

return, but improved thinking. Science is proving that from one cell in

the human body, we can multiply.' 


Les Prophecies further speaks of a killing plague in the 29th Century,

that will wipe 600 million people to their death, the rising of The SUN

in the WEST, talks about FOREIGN BEINGS visiting EARTH, talks

about the progress of the future 83.5% from the past, and only

16.5% progress from present and future,

a world discovery that would bring the end to wealth through past,

but wealth through present and future.

"From our studies from his journals he speaks that the only progress

through the future using Buddha's words of "The pathway of the middle...'"

said The University of Washington.

After being borne a Scorpio and my wife also being borne a Scorpio,

the Les Prophecies says that we cannot change our genetic make up,

that's who we #are.

"As human beings we as individuals are more powerful than any animal

or plant organism. The prophecies says that whether you are a Virgo,

or a PISCES, your alignment and attraction to your family and friends,

depends on the KARMA ENERGY that surrounds you.' said Dr. Michael

Rhodes, a Lesotho resident.

The French Times reported that Nostradamus was borne in the 15th

Century, was the fifth of eight children, was often scientific and mathematical,

with a legacy that millions

of historians, scientists and other leaders MUST LEARN FROM.

"He predicated his own history, that he would marry a woman of Polish

decent, that his son would try to kill him, and that he will be one of the

wealthiest leaders of the forefathers of history.'

No automatic alt text available.

Honorable Hitesh Rajah from New Delhi stated that through the passage

of time all leaders have had tempers with their past, and Nostradamus

was one of #them.

"We have Adam, Jesus, Muhammed, Galileo, Copernicus, Hitler, Queen

Elizabeth I, and millions of others who have laid footprint to their thinking

and understanding to life. Nostradamus was just one scholar from this school

of thought, where his predictions were realized.'

After sifting several hours in the well-lite library,

going through the tutorials of Nostradamus,

my team and I discovered that the route to the future is learn from

the past, humanity is created through four levels, TIME, SPACE,

MATTER, ENERGY, and that the genetic code that flows through

you is who you are.

"You cannot be a German, when you are American. If your parents

'taught-'n-thought,' you off doing certain things, that's the way

you will copy them. Your journey on this Earth is not to experience

but to remember who you already are.' were some of the


"Although the Sun won't rise as yet in the West, a meteorite will not

hit planet Earth as yet, or you might not attract your perfect star sign

as yet, the future is just but moments away.' concluded a member

of my team.




by Farad Tootla

(19 January 2016--FF News) The news that broke this afternoon, was

that a teenager had died @ The London Bridge.

Speaking to The London Daily, warrant officer, Mr. Zaakeer

Ahmed Loonat, says, that he arrived on the scene at 14:21 PM,

and the bungee company had notified him that she had died, after

failing to pull the second string when reaching 32M.

"The fall is 88M, and she had three strings to pull, one at 23M,

one at 32M and another at 67M, clearly marked. She had hit her head,

under the bridge of the tower.'

Speaking to Footprints in London, other residents said that the risk

of BUNGEE JUMPING was 0.05% causing an injury or death.

"The death is a warning to other thrill seekers to obey the rules,

or die at the hands of nature.'

Miss. Hannah Samson knight will be mourned by her friends and families,

and an insurance payout of six million pounds, will be paid to the


"We are insured with Lloyd's of London for our public liability, and this

death, is an error in our workmanship, and the general loss through

skill of trade.' said Ceo of Bungee Boys, Mr. Alistair Donald.


Tsunami "Jessica," SWEEPS SAN DIEGO...!!

By Tracy Lenners

(9 January 2016--FF News) The United States has declared war on

The ISLAMIC STATE OF ISIS after yesterdays nuclear explosion at sea,

that saw Tsunami waves 60M in height wash up the shores of

the #city.

"I was sitting on the 88th floor of my business, when I seen sky

high waves killing people below. I was lucky that I was above the waves,

and when I got to the bottom of the building hundreds of liters of The

Pacific washed our floors.' said San Diego resident, Mrs. Caroline De


Speaking to Footprints in San Diego, Mr. David Troy, courted that ISIS

has exploded a bomb 100M below sea level, causing these massive waves.

"They were experimenting with weapons of mass destruction and nuclear

weapons, and we always knew they will strike The United States with a

nuclear weapon, but did not know it would be through this method.'

said The US Weekly.

The New York Times, reported that Tsunami "Jessica,' was man made

exploding a terrorist team operating the nuclear submarine.

"The ISLAMIC terrorist cell had took their own lives by exploding the submarine,

causing havoc to thousands of Americans. We take this as a terrorist attack,

and will continue to invade their cities in Iraq and Syria." said a New

York resident.

Mr. James Walsch, a senior lecturer at The University of Washington said that

these terrorist organizations had pledged to take over the world through

ISLAMIC RULE, and have forced The United States to declare war on the


"This Tsunami was caused by a nuclear explosion at sea, that caused the killing

of 3000 innocent people, the destruction of 400 buildings, with hundreds

of emergency assistance rushing to save lives.'

SKY NEWS, reported that emergency assistance were still pulling bodies from the

sea, with an estimated 1000 people still missing.

"This terror attack against The United States, will cause more friction than

the already destroyed reputation by the two countries. ISIS has take over

The Middle East, and their penetration against The United States, further

relates to the historical nature of these Arabs.'

However, when The Chicago Times, called communities in San Diego, it proved

that Tsunami "Jessica,' had destroyed tele-phone cables, power communications,

and most infrastructure of the city was destroyed.

"The city is blocked off, and the one million residents of the community are still

blocked off through floods and fallen buildings.'

The News National, concluded that Tsunami "Jessica,' was not a natural

disaster as through a volcanic eruption at sea, or due to high winds.

"This was clearly a terrorist attack by these ISLAMIC terrorists who

constantly bomb our cities, for the sake of greed and power.'

ended an American resident.



by Shubnum Loonat

(5 January 2016--FF News) OFFICE GOSSIP between friends

and co-workers can be quite a h a n d f u l, and this January 2016,

we have decided to give the honor of Footprints "MAMPARA OF THE

MONTH," to Miss. Nausheena Gani.

According to office and co-workers, the account clerk has been

working at one of the world's biggest companies, Coca Cola.

"She has been working as an account clerk since 2010. She earns a

salary of R40 000 per month, drives a fancy vehicle, and often boys pay

interest to her, but she refuses to pay a n y attention.' said a co-worker,

Mr. Muktar Kent.

When Footprints in Johannesburg, randomly visited the COCA COLA OFFICES,

we found our "MAMPARA OF THE THE MONTH,' wearing the same skirt, shirt,

tie, and shoes, since her inception in #2010.


"We are not allocated to wear a uniform to work. Workers can wear their best

suites, smell good, and look fashionably sexy. She has a beautiful personality,

but never partakes in company pictures, never has a glass of wine, and

will always just do her work and leave.' said Mr. Wasim Ebrahim, a local

Joburg resident.

Miss. Priyanka Chopra who spoke to Fashion Express, says that being a

32 yr old actress, model and entertainer, she has to look beautiful each

day, and women can be catish when it comes to #dressing.

"Some women prefer not to dress up, and prefer to stay at home all day. When

you are constantly in the media eye, you have to 'dress-2-impress,' and dare

to look hotter. You have to be self-confident in yourself, and you will see

the rose of your personality bloom.'

However, when Footprints in Johannesburg had awarded Miss. Nausheena

Gani, with a gift of a new skirt, shirt, some shoes and jewellery, courtesty

of TEMPTATIONS, Woolworths, and Harrods she said that

she prefers to wear her brown shirt, stripped tie, and black skirt,

because this is what her

late mother wore to work #everyday.

"What stays in the family gets carried over the years. I will not change my

garments of choice, as it brings memories of hers to me." she quirked.

Other office workers who took our sexy gift to our "MAMPARA OF THE YEAR,'

said that they will model this outfit to their husbands and will not let it go

to waste.

"She wears the same thing everyday, the same necklace, the same nerdy

smile, and refuses to change. We are working for a company that excels

performance, and she will remain an account clerk if she refuses to

change her #style.' coo-ed Managing Director of Coca Cola SA, Mr.

Martin Van Jaarsveld.

"Imagine I took her on a date, I would be treated to the same perfume smell

of hers, and if I were to get to open her legs, would it be the old fashioned

big panties.' joked a resident.

We at Footprints Filmworks would like to wish Miss. Nausheena Gani

'all the best,' this 2016, and hopefully, if she finds a prince charming,

she does not wear the same OUTFIT to her date.

Dress well, be fashionably attractive, and change your style,

to be SUPER-SMART...!!



by Akeel Malhotra

(2 January 2016--FF News) The setting for the marriage of our

"COUPLE OF THE MONTH,' is jaw-dropping with the well lite

shimmering swimming pool, belly dancers mellowing to the light orchestra,


hotel staff spectacular to abiding by the requests of the guests.

What s t a r t e d as a two year friendship, relationship with Sir.

Rehaan Dawjee and Miss. Quraisha Abed in the Secondary School

of Overport, has turned into @marriage.

"We met when I just started grade 11, my second last year in School. He

was my biology and history teacher, and I liked him from the first moment.'

said the 19 yr old.

"A marriage is the joining of two hearts becoming one. When each partner

can feel pain or pleasure for each other without the medium

of time, space, matter, or energy,

true love should be bestowed."

"I just wanted to be his last love. He is very good-looking, and is 20 years

my senior. Love is not what the mind thinks but what the heart feels.'

she grasped.

"I had dated the cream of the crop in my hay day, and reaching the age

of 39, and

my beauty her legal age of 19, allowed us to marry. During our two year relationship,

we had tested each others love for one another, I had often taught her things that

she never even thought about, and she brings a sprinkling feeling

to my heart' said Mr.

Rehaan Dawjee.

When Footprints in Durban, attended the five star wedding of the couple,

we were tasted and treated to starters of caviar and orange juice.

"This was our first meal we had on our first date. She had hated fish eggs,

and whilst she sipped her juice, I had tried to excite her towards our future

together.' said the groom.

The Durban Times reported that Mr. Dawjee was jousted by the staff of 

The Overport Secondary School, after dating Miss. Abed when she was

only seventeen.

"We are pressing charges against him, and will prove that he had illegal sex

with her before the legal age of 18. Many of our teenagers in schools get

pregnant without fathers affording to look after them, many of our teenagers

go for abortions that are still in school, and we will prove that he did in fact

sleep with her.'

"She had lied to me telling me that she has tuition classes with

her teacher. The bloke had often dropped her off after so-called

tuition classes. One night in November, it was dark and I was awaiting

for my daughter to come home. After peaking through my window of

my home, I could see him kissing her. I ran outside with a knife and

wanted to kill him. We are now friends.' said father of the bride,

Mr. Abdul Abed.

However, after our starter meal, we were treated to the main course meal,

which the mother of the bride was obliged to entertain.

"My son in law loves my cooking, and I will cook my special recipe of Roast

Chicken, Mutton Biryani and grilled prawns for the main course. My son-in-law,

is perhaps slightly older than my daughter, but he makes her happy.'

coiled Mrs. Abed.

The Marriage Journal reported that AGE is but a number, and whilst women

mature much faster than men, one has to be ready to take the plunge.

"You have to be physically, mentally and emotionally ready. Sometimes our

bodies want to rub against another body, but our minds are not ready.


our minds are obsessed with marriage, but emotionally we cannot handle

the pressure of marriage.'

Our 'couple of the month,' who took pictures with Footprints in Durban

after the main course said that we should join them on the main


"My mother taught Rehaan, that divorce is never an option, and that

she will stick by our sides through our marriage woes. Sure, we are in love,

and bonded by the strongest glue, but you never know with me. My mother

taught me through her 40 years of marriage with my father, that a woman's

job is not in the office, but in the kitchen, and maybe in the bedroom.'

said the bride.

"Love should never be about money, or cast of religion or even how

old you are. I am 39 years old, and I know that Quraisha will bring out the

youth in me. I am hoping she gives me four kids within the next ten

years, otherwise I would be too old to kick a Football with my son.'

crawled Mr. Rehaan Dawjee.

"As your marriage progresses you learn to highlight your partner when

she needs you, you spoil her when she needs you, and sometimes you

spank her if she if is not doing her wifely duties.'

hissed, a wedding guest.

As the tea and biscuits were being served, Footprints in Durban, handed

the wedding gift to the 'Couple of the Month,' with words of love

and #laughter.

"As you grow old, and your romance fades;

never forget the true roots that brought you together,


as through time,

your roots will force you apart,

but if your love for each other remains in your hearts,

you are forever intertwined.'











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