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"Preparations for upcoming FILM...'

"The PrinCe of her Dreams..."

 Footprints Filmworks is an investment company that

invests into internet media,

print media, text media, F I L M and distribution.

Originally created by Omar Abdulla

and now being led by Miss. Sakeena Joosub

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"Hello-'n-Howzit," and welcome to the headline website

of Footprints Filmworks,

owners of Footprints SA Investments LTD,

Footprints USA Investments,

FF News, Peter Pan Production, Footprints

in South Africa, 'The PrinCe of her Dreams,' Investment Solutions,

and Footprints

Forex...Footprints Filmworks is a majority shareholder

in these companies, as each company operates on her own...


Footprints Filmworks welcomes you our friends, families, fans and

foes to South

Africa's leading website portal and distributor with over

8888 websites


and a further 500 000 websites with associations to

Footprints USA Investments,

Webwiz Forums, Footprints Fuzz Forums and

Peter Pan Productions.

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Footprints Filmworks is an investment company that invests into internet

media, print media, text media, FILM and distribution. The company was

originally created by Mr. Omar Abdulla, who serves as a shareholder of

the company, whilst the majority of the company is led by our

readers, reporters, managers, directors, chairman's and other

fancy titles that you MAY think about...


The company, Footprints Filmworks specializes in producing

documentaries for the local community, films for the international

public, website design and distribution, forex investments and

share trading, and we are looking into other investments into

Mining, Housing, Finance and Vehicles...


It's always been fun and love with Footprints Filmworks when we first

produced a local documentary; Footprints in Laudium, back in 2006,

when we were perhaps 'wet behind the ears...' Although the documentary

was a relative success, we acquired distribution rights with ITV, NDTV, SABC,

and other stations, totaling a net distribution of 22 million...We have used

the leverage of television networks, cinema, and DVD in our other films

that we have produced, and as the old saying goes; "Once you have learnt

through trial and error, the sky is the limit.." and this is what we have done...

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Footprints Filmworks is made up of 10 000 shares @ R54 000 per share,

of which the public may choose to purchase these 'whole shares,' which

indirectly is discounted as the company owns the majority of shares in

the above mentioned companies, but if residents choose to buy individual

shares, per company, they may do so as well, as each company shows

their own return, based on the risk/reward profile of business...

About 183,000 results with Footprints Filmworks

The company Footprints Filmworks has established a fan base of 350 000 viewers per day on our websites,

and have skewed viewers on our films to the tune of over 100 million people over the last years,


inception...Our dreams, desires, decisions and deadlines that we have

set is to reach a minimum of

one billion viewers by 2016, with our films,

websites, newspapers and other media


The company serves as an Angel Investor

into other related companies

holding shares between

5% to 50% in certain instances, as we see

the market ripe

towards hedging investors funds...


The company, Footprints Filmworks is currently producing

SA films including Footprints in

South Africa, The PrinCe of her Dreams, "She loves me,

She loves me not," and our

American blockbuster "My Father, The President..." Each film has it's


company brand

and marketing scheme, hence each film is owned partially

by Footprints Filmworks with

the majority owned through shareholders,

advertisers and

managers who ADD VALUE...


If you choose your company slot to be advertised in a n y of the

South African films, we charge R40 000, for a two minute commercial,

in a n y of the three titles due in 2015...

If an advertiser chooses to use the company brand, but

cannot afford

to feature his commercial on our productions,

he/she may make

use of a n y of our Footprints Fuzz Forums, by

advertising on

any of the community sites for only R55 per

website, per month,

with each website generating an estimated

100 000 viewers per

month, depending on the community of choice...

The goal of Footprints Filmworks, since inception was to

inspire, motivate, promote and love the general community,

and we have soaped the community with our 'taughts-'n-thoughts,'

through the years...


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Our goal has always been to have fun whilst

making money, and keeping broad smiles on the clients that

advertise or invest with us...

Remember, that the majority of the features on Footprints

Filmworks are free, including posting advise to the community,

editorials and slogans, and in certain instances we will feature

you for FREE on our documentaries, if you have something

that someone can relate to and enjoy...

So, whether you are a skeptic who has no interest in becoming

an investor, or a person who genuinely feels that his story will

make a positive difference to our viewers, please feel FREE

to call us on the CONTACT PAGE...


NB: If you are a South African resident who chooses

to create/build your own company website for

your business, your personal or your family, we will

build your website within thirty minutes over the telephone,

and even if you live in the bushes of South Africa, we

will have you online with only an introductory price of R3500,

for a full 5 page website...It's quick, It's simple, It's Footprints...!

Be the footprint of tomorrow for your fathers, mothers, children

and future brethren...

Invest. Advertise. Share. Only with Footprints...!!

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