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President Abdulla' arrives,' on PLANET MAR$...!!

by Mariam Jassat

(4 October 2064--FF News) SA's oldest president, Mr. Omar Abdulla,

will be arriving on PLANET MARS this evening after leaving Earth, on


"He will be arriving on the planet to further discover the theology of

the planet. He plans to build communities and cities on the planet with

an investment of natural resources, services and other building projects

that the planet plans to discover.'

Speaking to Footprints on MARS, local Scientist, Miss. Anabella Santos, she

says that she arrived with the 81 yr old to develop the 9600 communities of

Mars, and the development of Ozone friendly sectors, and other sectors

for human beings.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

"The planet hosts treasures and pleasures of trillions of dollars, pounds, rands

and rupees in the form of Diamonds, Gold, and cleaner breathing.' she was

quoted as saying.

NASA geologist, Mr. Pablo Ricardo noted to The Martian, that he had done

soil testing, ozone testing, and other forms of testing before buildings and

civilization was created.

"The planet provides for residents to live to 181, with their fresher image to

the universe.'


World Wide News, reported that President Abdulla and his fellow

astronauts had

traveled to Mars in 2039, when initial discoveries were being made.

Abdulla who arrives this evening, Earth time, will be spending the next

eight days at the Galactic Hotel in Sairaro.

"Abdulla has launched new business opportunities for the land mass

of 890 823 802 miles, not smiles...:)'



President Abdulla 'speaks,' ABOUT SHARK DEATHS...!!

by Shameela Noordin

(5 October 2064--FF News) President of SA,

Mr. Omar Abdulla

addressed the Department of Marine and

Water Affairs this afternoon,

on the warning of repairing and renovating

torn shark nets in KwaZulu

Natal and The Western Cape.

"Eighteen people have died in the last six weeks, and our concern is that are

we dealing with aggressive sharks that eat human flesh, or we have to repair

our shark nets.' he said.

Minister of Marine and Water Affairs, Mr. Daya Mooloo, he looped, that South

Africa has already caught four sharks on the borders of the coast, but still

another four sharks have to be #killed.

"These great white sharks weight between 900-1100 KG, and are deadly. We

have blocked off some beaches in Durban and Cape Town, to save the lives

of our swimmers.'


Speaking to Footprints in Natal, local resident, Miss. Shamima Khota, she says,

that she is a local Durban resident, and was swimming 10M on her raft, when

the shark had tried to attack her.

"I was sitting and lazying on a raft, when the shark had toppled my raft. After falling

into the water, the shark had bit my arm, and I think after realizing I was human, swam

a w a y. I am so grateful to be alive.'

Scientist at The University of Chatsworth, Mr. David Van Vuuren, he says that it

is shark mating season, and prays that troopers catch the four missing sharks,

before more deaths are reported.

"We have harpooned one great white in The Western Cape, and she was pregnant.

Our only prayer is that the other four sharks that are still

missing, do not give birth.'

"The Lion is the King of The Jungle, and The Shark is the

Queen of the Ocean.'

joked a Camps Bay resident.


President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla said that before the

Christmas season,

troopers are working round the clock, to catch these four missing sharks.

"Our appeal to residents who swim our Oceans is to beware sharks who may loom

in the dark Ocean, and may try to have a quick bit.'

The Oceans Management Council ended that swimmers should not float on boards,

surfers are at risk, and OPEN wounds, could result in a shark attack.

"A shark has the highest senses of smell and sight, and an open wound could result

in the shark smelling you, or the shark could mistaken the surfer, for a dolphin.'

The Durban Sun, glued that South African has one of the highest populations

of the predator, and should beware swimming all beaches.'




by Juwairyah Khan

(25 October 2064--FF News) T H E "Exclusive Interview,' held with me and

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla was to be held @ his home,

in Cape Town.


"I am happy that you are attending my birthday party Juwairyah, and hope the Interview

is something that adds value to your lives and the billions of people who watch me.' said

the five time president of South Africa.

Mr. Omar Abdulla s t a r t e d his career in the early days of Aparheid, born on the 25 October

1983 to parents Akber and Fatima.

"My preaching to all residents aged 18-81 who watch your program is to love your

family and friends and know that blood is thicker than water.'

The International Times, reported that President Omar Abdulla took over

South Africa in 2023, and has been serving five terms as President, and holds

various honorary degrees at The University of Johannesburg, The University

of Harvard, The University of Oxford and The University of Delhi.

"His knowledge and leadership qualities has spread like wild-fire in Africa. He has

maintained a guiding force with The United Nations and The African Union.'


BBC News bragged that President Abdulla has served as Chairman of The African Union, and

has served as a 'watchful eyes,' to The United Nations assisting with rescue missions, new discoveries

and new investments that support the growth of humanity.

"President of The United States, Mr. David Smith and Abdulla have been in intense discussions to

create a free and more international fragrance to Islamic states and The North Pole.'

President of Russia, Mr. Gary Putin, he says that President Abdulla's work with the

mediation deal with Africa and The America's was a step in the right direction that

created wealth for Africa and job resources for Brazilians, Bolivians, Argentinians

and Colombians.

Wearing his skippy shorts and hand made Presidential t-shirt, the president said that

celebrating the age of 81, brings back memories of when he campaigned for the presidency,

his fathers death, and the struggling he had to disclose with Members of Parliament to agree

to his methods.

"After President Zuma died, South Africa felt herself as anew with the investment of

R6000 million rand by Russia. President Abdulla had nagged Asian investors to see the

light in SA.' said a Kwa-Zulu Natal resident.

My name is Juwairyah Khan, and thanks for watching my 8888th episode, produced

by Footprints Filmworks and associate companies. My questions to the president was

how to bring down crime in South Africa, when will he implement cleaner energy for

South Africans, what was his relationships with Members of Parliament, and is the

rumor true that his latest wife is #pregnant.

"I am lucky that I am still healthy, wealthy and wise. My work with Former US

President Barack Obama, Former Cuban President Fidel Castro, FW DE Klerk,

and even the legend Nelson Mandela was to bring a message of 'uBuntu,'

to everyday Africans.'

He further says that when he was elected as President of South Africa in

2023, many thousands of South African's had taken his best selling memoir;

"My Father; The President,' and burnt it. It was then that he discovered

that it was seeing the larger image from the beginning.'

According to The New York Times, President Abdulla had assisted South Africa by bringing interest rates

to the lowest of 5.5%, has brought the ZAR/USD to R2.50, and has created sixteen million jobs since


"He has jump-started the economy by bringing closing qualities of economic boom to Africa,

by including the death penalty for certain crimes, has legalized red-light districts, has legaliized

marijuana, has reduced taxes for ordinary citizens and has brought crime to the lowest

in twelve years.'

After having a slice of birthday cake, and hundreds of personal family and friends

singing "Happy Birthday,' to the president, he says that he remains humble as

the president, and his only hope is that when he dies, South Africa, has a strong

leader to continue his leadership.

"I have been diagnosed with Cancer, and doctors have said that I have about

eight years left. After I retire, I will continue to serve as an advisory to the

incoming president.'

Ceo of Coca Cola, Mr. Izakel Johnson, he was quoted as saying that attending

the presidents party, was to discuss 'new ways,' of creating opportunities in Africa

and in South Africa.

"After agreements with President Abdulla, our capitalistic approach in Africa,

is growth, and South Africa, has trebled investors monies in the l a s t six years.'

Sitting with one of his grand-children on his lap, the president says that the key

to his motivation is his wives, children, grand-children, and even great grand-children.

"I remember in my days I could kick a football from one pillar to the next. Today my

children help me up the stairs, but still provide focus when I give speeches.'

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla is the longest serving President in

the world, and is soon to retire, leaving a legacy of a Nelson Mandela or

Mahatma Gandhi.

"He has given his mind, heart, body and soul to Africa, and South Africa has

benefited the most with his international network.' said a Vryburg resident.


South Africa l i e s on The Southern Tip of Africa, and is bound by Oceans, The Atlantic and

The Indian. The country boasts a large resource base of Coal, Iron, Gold, Silver, Banana's,

Apples, rare species of animals, and has built up a net GDP of R700 trillion rand over the

last eight years.

"Our resources are attractive to international investors and our services include some

of the best including building and construction, administration, engineering, medical,

technological, and we have shown giant leaps in the prevention of HIV, Tuberculosis,

Cancers and other natural diseases.' said a Warmbaths resident, Miss. Amiela


After having a dance with the PRESIDENT, he said that his birthday candles were

almost over, and is now training his grand-son, Akbar to be president.

"I have eight children, four wives, and I cannot sometimes even remember the little

grandchildren names. I believe that God gives us all dreams, desires, and sometimes

we have to make the right decisions in order for The Lord to guide us.'

Elaborating his message on The Tonight's SHOW in 2045, the president had made

decisions that changed the history of South Africa, by implementing the rand

as the base currency of Africa, by winning The Nobel Peace Prize, and by

liaising with The United States, Russia, China, France, Germany, Sweden,

Poland, Britain and Nigeria.

"At one stage during the years 2033-2050, Abdulla was ranked World Number

One, with his SA influence with world leaders...He had calmly spoken

to Islamic State militants to withdraw forces from Jerusalem and Berlin. '

said Chairperson of The

Red Cross, Mr. Yuan Del Peiroro.

Answering my questions I posed earlier, he says that CRIME in South Africa was still high, but

after working with The Department of Education and The Department of Correctional Services,

he is still policing methods on ways on HOW to bring down crime.

"When I took over the presidency we were rated the highest crime rate in the world. We

are now ranked 235. Perhaps we should stop complaining and see the success.'

Forbes Magazine echoed that President Abdulla had still 'sustained and maintained,'

a Black majority government, with White residents holding key business positions,

Asians holding key political community forums, with Coloreds still being the gangsters

of the neigh hood.


"Perhaps his winning of the community polls and elections was largely due

to his implosive and aggressive speeches, his bus and train tour of the

country, and delivering on his promises.' added a Limpopo resident,

Mrs. Mpho Khoza.

Minister of Health, Miss. Azeemah Mohammed, she coiled, that sitting next to

the president was a one of those things as she often enjoys lunches with

him, takes long jogs with him, and advises him on ways to improve spending

on health and finding new ways of ridding illegal pregnancies, and abortion.

"South Africa has always welcomed a new member to the family, and we

preach love in all relationships, before pregnancy. We have some of the

most qualified doctors and nurses and are always sending enthusiastic students

internationally, to better our standards in health.'

The South African Ministry is made up of 447 Members who often meet once

per week behind closed doors, and often President Abdulla reports on

three month basis his findings and the way forward.

"He has dealt with the kicks and punches from government with great style

and has improved South Africa from 197 in the world, to 41.' said a resident.

Concluding his remarks to me, The President said that we should take a walk,

and he will reveal his secret of why he became president so many times.

"Many said that it was the right decisions that I made, many said that my

followers helped me on the right path, but my true inspiration has been

my four wives. I have kept to the rainbow nation of Islamic ally having

four wives who have all converted, but racially remain Black, White, Asian

and Colored.'

After taking a long walk with the president, and him saying that The Abdulla Airbus,

is fueled to fly to meet President of China, Mrs. Young Wun Yuo, he

handed me a shoebox and said;

"Juwairyah I know that we will never meet again, but before I go off, I

want you to have a gift.'

So I opened the shoebox;

and guess what;

"A one million rand note and the keys to a NEW Ferrari F 81..."

Thank You Mr. President,

and we will always






by Thaariah Deedat

(12 October 2064--FF News) South African President, Mr.

Omar Abdulla authorized his signature this afternoon to

Judge Rose Mapula, saying that the twelve selected criminals will

die after the implementation of the death penalty on Section 3,

SUB C of the constitution.

"Many of the people chosen to die at Sunrise, include a wife-killer

who killed his wife for having an affair, criminals of UGLY AMERICAN

gang in Mitchells Plain, and a serial rapist who raped 200 women, and

killed fifteen during the years 2059-2062.' 

Township Times, echoed that the passing of judgment by President Abdulla

was 'good news,' after nine other criminals were pardoned and sentenced

to life in prison.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

"Initially twenty one people were scheduled to die at Sunrise, but the president

had not agreed on the death of a woman who shot her husband, saying that

it was due to sexual abuse, and others who he said should serve a lesser sentence.'

The Department of Correctional Services reported that the 'exclusive interview,'

with criminal mastermind, Mr. Fredrick Hendricks was broadcast on live television

after relating his motives for raping 200 women, after luring them to the bush,

and raping them.

"He would often romance them with sweets and coins, and often took them

to the bush, where he raped them. In several instances, he wanted to hide his

crime, so he raped his victims.' said Captain Jacques Van Rooyen.

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla said that he had attended the last

day of church with a lady who is scheduled to die at Sunrise.

"She had committed the heinous Apartheid crime by walking into an African

wedding, killing 43 residents. Her dying wish was forgiveness from

the father, and to meet the president. I am hopeful that The Lord forgives

her sins.'

The Saudi Arabian Sun, reported that after King Muhammed Bin Abbas had

advised President Abdulla on the death penalty, more success was reported

by The Department of Police Services and The South African Police Services.

"Twelve of the men and women who are scheduled to die,

will die at their respective prisons

around the country, all at the same time of Sunrise--04: 43 AM..."

The South African Death Penalty was implemented in 2033, after serious

legislation with The Crime Stoppers Association of South Africa, and The

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"After these syndicates had agreed that the only way to bring down crime

in South Africa was through punishment through death, we started to

see the crime rate decline.'

The South African Prison system is rated one of the best in Africa, after

clean up operations that brought down gang groups in prison, namely

"The 26's and 28's.'

"These prison gangs were brought down by the president by installing

strict systems, and offering bounties and pardons to prisoners

who left the gang, or who fought to bring the inside world down.'

The Sunday Sun, jolted that President Abdulla often meets

with Members of Parliament,

but normally makes a decision every three months.

"After the criminals are convicted by a judge, further investigations are done, and

a final decision on the people who should die are related to the public.'

Correctional Services operator, Mr. Samuel Dakota, he concluded that some

of the criminals were be killed through hanging, with some chosen through

lethal injection.

"The state offers the option to the inmate the method of death of choice,

and are often spoilt with the best menu at kitchen before death.'




Footprints AROUND THE WORLD (JUNE 2016) is created by Footprints Filmworks

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that invests into internet media, print media, text media, FILM and

distribution. Created by Omar Abdulla. Managed by Sakeena Joosub.

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*Information MAY be fictional when GOING to PRESS...!!



Omar Abdulla 'finally,' Marries...!!

by Salima Tayob

(13 June 2016--FF News) South Africa's premier bachelor and


is said to marry today, 13 June 2016.

"I have loved Omar, since the day, we met, and I am happy that we

are going to share the rest of our lives together.' said the bride.

Speaking to Footprints in Gauteng, Mr. Abdulla says that his marriage to

his fiance was a long story as many families were inter-related.

"It took Sakeena and I, eight years of courtship and love. We have

finally decided to marry.'

Miss. Sakeena Joosub is a local Lenasia resident studying at The University

of Johannesburg, to become a doctor, whilst, Mr. Omar Abdulla is a qualified

race driver and engineer.

"We are happy to marry great minds who can bring our dreams

to a reality.' she edged.

Abdulla who is said to marry at The Lenasia Community Hall, has welcomed

guests who attend his wedding, in the fairness of love.

"Love is always the winner, and I am finally, she said yes, just a few

days ago.'

Footprints in Lenasia understands that the wedding which is done according

to Muslim tradition will be performed

by Imaam Mohammed Sayed Dadabhai from the Rose street

Masjid, and thousands

across the globe will have access to the broadcast.

"He has become well-known throughout SA, and his fans have asked for videos

to be distributed of the wedding. The wedding is one of the highlights of

events in Johannesburg.' said a wedding planner.

Mother of the bride, Mrs. Khairoon Joosub said that Omar was the limelight

of her life, and was happy to welcome him to the family.

"Sakeena has always loved Omar, and I pray that their marriage brings

good children and a wealth of success to our families.'

Other guests of The Abdulla's and The Joosubs laughed at how often they

seen the couple dancing, wining and dining, and sharing romantic moments.

"I think it is the way he loves her, and the way she smiles that will form

an ever-lasting marriage.' said a guest.

Mr. Akber Abdulla, the father of the groom, concluded that he was happy that

his naughty son, decided to give his bad habits up, and finally settle


"She will be welcomed to The Abdulla House, with open arms.'



"The Joker,' SOLVES 'Mystic Murder...'

by Aamirah Kissenger

(22 June 2016--FF News) The tranquil location of Hawaii, in The United States, is

prone to holiday-makers, drug dons, and other underworld criminals that have

been pirates for #Centuries.

Forming p a r t of Oceania, Hawaii is home to ingenious herbs and poisons,

that have long traditionalized its healing mechanics.

When the honeymoon Pakistani couple, Ahmed and Samreen Sheik had chosen

the Hawaii island as their honeymoon destination, never did they know it was a

plot for murder.

As the Sun rose on the island, and the hushes of the beach washed

up on the

shore, so did the body of 23 yr old, Samreen Sheik.

"We have UN-covered a foreign dead body on the South West of the Ocean.

The body seems to be dumped by sometime, late yesterday.' said the light-house.

On questioning, Mr. Ahmed Sheik, he says that he was with his wife, till about 7:PM,

enjoyed an hour of love-making, played a bit of computer games and was sleeping

by midnight.

"I had awoke at 3: AM, not to find my wife in the bedroom. I had alerted the security

of the hotel, for her desperate search.'

A local fan of "The Joker,' Miss. Zareena Malhotra, she says, that he normally

impresses her with his style, his brain, his speed, and his charm.

"He is the highest of crime busters in the world. No crime is too big or too

small for

him. No-one knows who he really is, but has worked with Heads of Police

to bring crime down.'

Speaking to Footprints in Hawaii, The JOKER, who is notorious for solving crimes that

intrigue the everyday personality, arrived in his traditional purple and blue outfit,

painted face, and helicopter.

"From my deductions of the body, we can presume that she was killed at around

4: AM. She had sex hours before she died, and from forensic analysts, she was

from a wealthy Pakistani family, The Khans.'

Local Pakistani resident, Miss. Shameema Sayed Raja says that Miss. Samreen Sheik

is from one of the wealthiest families in Pakistan, was often spoiled with the best,

and when she met Ahmed, the family did not approve of her marrying him.

"Her family had dis-owned her when she married Ahmed. She had followed love,

and not the buck.'

The Joker who further investigated the crime said that the Pakistani family had

given Ahmed $2 million dollars in cash, and a further promissory one million dollars

per year.

"Their family had finally approved of their marriage, with the father Kiran Khan,

smiling and approving.'

After further investigations by the Hawaii Police, they discovered that the body

was reported missing by the husband, with video footage stating that they

were happily in love.

"They arrived in Hawaii, were spoiled by our caterers, and now her body has

washed up, with the only motive or suspect as her husband.'

The Joker who spoke to The Hawaiian Sun, glued that after sifting through

financial records, speaking to people in PAKISTAN, he learned that The Khan's

were known as gangsters, and could not kill SAMREEN in Pakistan, as they

would easily be arrested.

"They had used the honeymoon location of Hawaii to kill her, as she had

betrayed her trust. To them, as the most powerful family, when she betrayed

their trust, they dis-owned her and killed her.' he croaked.

The Joker who further spoke in his investigative but clumsy tone, grue led that

money can buy love in PAKISTAN, and although it was the husband who had

committed the crime, he was paid to kill her.

"From the large deposits received in his personal name from Mr. Kiran Khan, we

had deduced that he had killed her, as a murder plot, because she owned 50%

shares in Asia Investments and Lahore Media Inc...He had hired Ahmed Sheik, a

nobody from Lahore, to woo his daughter, and find a way to kill her.'

The Joker smiled @ his realizations and learnt that money had once again been

the motive of death, even if one got married, in-front of people.

"Her father had paid Ahmed, millions of dollars to kill her. The gross fortune

on the 23 yr old was at $800 million dollars, and he was suffering financial

debt in his other businesses. He had arranged to have her killed, and all

assets including shares, royalties and loyalties would be paid directly to


"We all thought this was a crime of passion, because the husband wanted

her money, but he loved her truly, and it was the father, who had killed

his daughter.' ended a Lahore resident.

“ grunge love xx




by Nadia Mohammed Sayed

(1 June 2016--FF News) The Overport community of Durban, suffered

a natural loss this afternoon, after local community leader, Mr. Nadim

Noormahomed died.

"He was known to be a genuine and generous personality in the community,

who assisted by financing the local mosque, owning several oil mills, and building

a strong reputation both locally and internationally.' said a family friend.

Speaking to Footprints in Overport, local resident, Mr. Arshad Akber, he

noted that the 81 yr old had suffered a stroke in February 2016, and has

been living in a wheelchair ever since.

"The stroke had paralyzed him. He was looked after by his wife, and


The Overport Times, reported that Mr. Nadim Noormahomed had moved from

Central Durban in 1963, after the GROUP AREA's ACT, and has been living

in the community ever since.


"Living the life of the city, and the community are two different sides of the

coin. He had worked with the community by being involved in the local

mosque, and held various chairpersons at schools and universities.'

Daugher of Mr. Noormahomed, Miss. Safiyyah Noormahomed cried that

her father had lived a long and healthy life, but in the last few months

he suffered.

"To God we belong, and to God, shall we return.'

As the casket of Mr. Nadim Noormahomed was driven a w a y, his

son, Mr. Ebrahim Noormahomed says that his father had grew the community,

built up several businesses, and will be a footprint that thousands will chat

after his death.

"His motto in life was gratitude to Allah, he grew us up with very little,

and pray that his soul rests in peace.' he wept.



by Natasha Du Wet

(12 June 2016--FF News) The Indian community of Lenasia,

South Africa, is on high

alert after a serial rapist has struck #again.

Speaking to Footprints in Lenasia, local resident, Dr. Shaakirah Moti, she

says, that eight victims were raped in a space of six months.

"The prowler is from the University of Johannesburg, as all the victims

are from the University. The resident prowls the university, selects his

victims, and rapes them.' she knotted.

The Johannesburg Times, echoed that six of the victims were Muslim, and

two were Hindu.

"All the victims who were reported to be raped schooled at the University,

and lived in Lenasia.'

Rape Victim, who remained to be anonymous, Miss. YYY, she noted that she

was sitting under a tree reading a book, when the prowler approached her.

"We started speaking, and he told me his name is Riaad. We started speaking,

and before I knew it, I was drugged with my panties off, when I awoke.' she


Another  victim, who again remains anonymous, she noted that the serial

rapist had called her, stating that he saw her at the University, and wanted

to get to know more about her.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and car

"After we met at a coffee bar, we sat in his VW vehicle, started kissing, and

woke up, bleeding. My breasts were bitten and he was gone.' she granted.

The Lenasia Leopard bridged that this is the eight victim that has been contacted

by the serial rapist, with the latest victim lured through popular dating search

company, INSTAGRAM.

"He has stated that he found me gorgeous, and wanted to meet me. He did

not look like the picture, and when I met him, he said that it was an actors

picture, because he is not good-looking. We started talking, and explained

to him I was studying to become a doctor. He offered me some milkshake,

and like the other victims, I woke up raped.' she quirked.

Police Inspector, Mr. Nilesh Naidoo, he yelped that the victims had described

the person as semi shaven, his body clean shaven, a round head, and spoke


"I remember when he raped me, he called my name, and asked me to hold

his butt. ' said another victim.

RAPE in South Africa is one of the most reported crimes, and girls and women

should beware the streets of South Africa, by weaponizing themselves with

a pepper spray or small knife.

"Women should do research on the people whom they date, they should be

aware of con tricks by men, and should not offer sexual comfort, until a

relationship of trust is built.' ended, Mrs. Laila Dursot.



by Pouting^Princessa

(7 June 2016--FF News) South African's and the rest of the world

will be practicing the holy month of Ramadaan this June #2016.

"The moon was sighted in Cape Town last night, and it is confirmed,

that tomorrow Muslims all in The Southern Hemisphere, will be in prayer.'

said Imaam Sayed Bin Mia, from the Mosque of Lenasia.

Speaking to Footprints in South Africa, local resident, Miss. Ayesha Sattar,

she growns that the month of Ramadaan is the remembrance of the Holy

Prophet, and the preachers of #Islam.

"With his word in ISLAM, and the preaching of one God, and that Allah is

the greatest.'


Another resident who spoke to The Australian Times, Mr. Mohammed Paruk,

he notes that Ramadaan is an Islamic month in the holy calendar, that

preaches the five pillars of Islam, and fasting.

"Fasting is the act of not consuming or engaging in the action of abstinence.'

ITV noted that The Holy Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) is the last prophet of

mankind, and no other messengers will be created.

"He was created to bring peace in Mecca, and by celebrating that there is

One God.'

Millions of residents across the world are said to buy ISLAMIC PACKAGES, from

travel agencies for this year's pilgrimage.



*Ramadaan Mubarak from the millions of Muslims who live

in The United States. I will be leaving office soon, and preach

that all Muslims keep to their promises of a free and fair future for


Ramadaan Mubarak

--President Barack Obama, President of the US--


Ramzan Mubarak to all the people who read my stories who view

my posts, and with the thousands of complements it makes me love

my husband Omar Abdulla even more. Ramadan is a period of giving and

sharing, so share as much as you can, and remember our Prophet in

#Islam. Love and Prayers to all.


--Sakeena Joosub, Personality of the Year 2015--

Ramadan Mubrk from all the Indians here in Delhi, and am pleased

to announce that I am pregnant again. Thank you all for the years

of friendship, that pray that Allah keeps our bonds united. Prayers

to the dead and the future. Allah Hafez!

--LARA DUTTA, Bollywood Actress,--

It's all been our family tradition to cook home meals and spoil our

husbands during ramadaan. Let us pray for our fathers and mothers,

let us be beautiful in heart, and let us care to believe in Allah. We

all One.

--Aishwaryah Rai, Bollywood Actress,--


 Ramadaan Mubaraak to all; Friends, Families, and hope that this message receives you

in awesome health, wealth, and wisdom. Let us pray not only in the month of Ramadaan,

but each day, in every way... Let us be simple in our ways, and humble in our leadership.

Be good, love handsomely, and stay SMART.

--Omar Abdulla, Entertainer--

Salaams to all, and I trust that all is well. My duaa to humanity is the freedom of choice,

and the remembrance of your father. Be faithful to your loved ones, practice good deeds,

give zakaah, and smile. Allah be with all of you.

--Mufti Menk, International Imaam--


As the moon of Ramadaan dawns upon us, Muslims have always been my

friends in South Africa, and when I lived in London. I pray you people stop

terrorism, and follow the message of God. Be brave, and remember that

ashes to ashes, dust to dust, love your creator.

--FW DE KLERK, Former SA President.--

Salaamate, Namaste, Shalom. Love to all. ! Hay, Hay from India. If you are not in love,

then you better believe that this Ramadaan will bring PYAAR PYAAR PYAAR to your

doorstep. It's just a matter of a call. Have the faith in Allah, and believe that we

can only change ourselves, if we have faith in your dreams. Prayers to all.

--Shar Rukh Khan, Bollywood Entertainer,--

Ramadaan Mubarak from Footprints Filmworks, our associate members,

and other companies. #Beblessed




                     NEW SHUTTLE Vehicles...!!

by Umaiyyah Carrim

(9 June 2016--FF News) South Africa's premier shuttle service

carrier, ORANGE CABS, announced that it had launched a

further 9600 SHUTTLE CABS, in South Africa, strenthing

it's network to 14 200 motor vehicles including BMW, Mercedes

Benz, Toyota, Mahindra, Royce Royce and other vehicles.

Ceo of Orange Cabs, Mr. Thabo Ndabele, he says, that ORANGE

CABS has kept prices low, amid the high interest rates.

home, nature, and house image

"Orange Cabs has become the single best shuttle service, providing

residents with Airport transfers, party transfers, and romantic


"Guests have enjoyed our cost efficient Airport transfers, have a choice

to use a Ferrari or Limousine for exclusive parties, or can even have the

option to hire the vehicle without a driver.'

Orange Cabs, rival, "UBER,' says that the move by Orange Cabs, will

further highlight their investment in South Africa.

"Our service will be growing after receiving promised financing from


Speaking to Footprints in Knysna, local shuttle driver,  Miss. Mandy

Fatherbright, she notes that after she gave birth, she had no education

and was stressed to earn an income, as her husband was not earning

nearly enough.

"This job allows me a minimum income of R8000-00 PM, and it puts food

on the table. Our service is world class.'

Next time you are stuck on the road, require a lift for a date, or even want

to enjoy the city lights with no FEAR, call Orange Cabs--0861 700 222.

*Available anywhere in South Africa, prices @ R10 per KM.




by Bianca Richards

(1 June 2016--FF News) The Soweto community was riddled by a

vicious crime this afternoon, after an ex husband, walked into

the wedding ceremony of his ex wife, and shot and killed her and


other guests attending the #wedding.

According to The Soweto Times, Nikki and Nicholas Sikate were married

in November 2012, have two children, and were not officially divorced.

"We were awaiting for the divorce to be finalized, that she wanted to

marry Oswald, as she was pregnant. Mr. Nicholas walked into the wedding

ceremony today, and shot and killed her.' said Captain Wikus Van Der Walt.

Speaking to Footprints in Soweto, local resident, Miss. Rose Dlamini,

she notes,

that she was invited by Nikki as she had newly fallen in love, and was invited

to the #wedding.

"She told me all her dirty little secrets about her new found man. She had found

new love, as she had left Nicholas complaining that he had lost his job, and

had a rare skin Cancer.'

Mr. David Sithole, another local resident, said that he was enjoying his

ice cream dessert, when he heard gunshots.

"It happened so quickly. He walked into the wedding un-invited, shot and

killed her, killed guests who were on the wedding table, and took his

own life. It was so scary.'

Inspector, Yasmeen Surkot concluded that the forensic team had cleared the

pool of blood at the wedding ceremony and warns residents against

crimes of passion.

"This was clearly a crime of passion, and the two were not even divorced.

The insane husband had walked into the wedding, only three months after

her moving out, killing the bride and guests.'

The groom is said to be shot in the arm, and is recovering at Netcare 911.

Image may contain: outdoor


World Renowned "AWESOME; FOURSOME,'


by Harish Mehtar

(22 June 2016--FF News) World renowned scientist, motivational

speaker, love guru and inspirational speakers in the form of

Dr. Deepak Chopra, Mama Mariam, Sir. Anthony Robbins and

Mrs. Louise Hay are said to 'enlighten,' more than 8000 guests

this weekend, traveling under the banner of The "Awesome Foursome...'

"These are the world scientists who have created more millionaires in the

last ten years, than since humanity begun.' said a Sandton resident.

The Sandton Hotel is said to be packed with inspiring businessmen, chairpersons,

and fellow community residents who 'care to share,' their stories of success,

and their dreams for the #future.

"Due to the high stressful lives of Today's times, stress is the single most

important factor in death. In the midst of life and chaos, keep stillness inside

of you. Make a list of the top ten things you choose to achieve in the next

year, do nothing, and the universe will create it for you.' advised, the

kind doctor.

Mrs. Louis Hay, author of hundreds of titles of books, and the discovery

of love through exchange says that there is something far more dangerous

than murder, and its called love.

"There are so many definitions of love, and the meanings of love. There

is no success in any form of growth without love. Love for thy parents,

thy job, thy children. When we love, we should never compare, because

love is unique for each person or action.'

Speaking to Footprints in Sandton, Sir. Anthony Robbins notes that he has

helped Germany win the World Cup, has advised Donald Trump on his

election campaign and often runs business and motivational seminars

throughout the world.

"God has created us in the image and likeness of himself. Some of us are

created to be billionaires, some of us are created to motivate people,

some of us are created to be good wives, and some of us, well, have

to change...STOP being afraid of what could go wrong, and start having

the confidence in what could go right.'

After having a sip of his coffee, Dr. Deepak Chopra gems that not only

South African's but the 8 billion people around the world should change

their thoughts of human experience to change the world.

"We all want to change, whether it's loose that extra pounds, earn

additional income, get married or even travel the world. How will the

universe know what to create for you, if you have not written it


The SANDTON CHRONICLE, who spoke exclusively to MAMA MARIAM,

says that her attendance

at The Sandton Hotel, was to advice residents who were struggling to find

the right partner, relationship and marriage woes, and what makes a good


"The first and most important step to attract the right partner is love thyself.

We all have ghosts in our past that haunt us, but if we learn from these

mistakes, flush them down the toilet, and start fresh, that is the solution.

Only once we truly, madly, deeply love and trust ourselves, we will attract

the partner of our dreams.'

Dr. Deepak Chopra adds to MAMA Mariam's statement that one can love

oneself by prayer, spending quality time with oneself, learning a new

hobby and by just being friendly.

"What does it cost to help an old lady cross the street, or donating

$10 dollars to a charity organization. When you truly love yourself,

you can only express your love to another.'

Since the beginning of humanity, God has always sent us angels in the

form of Prophets, Angels and Demons and other forces that influence

our thinking.

"What you think you are, and you become. If you have simple

thoughts simple things will happen in your life. If you dare to reach for

the stars and have extra-ordinary thoughts, so shall the results be.'

spooned, Mr. Anthony Robbins.

"Sitting alone with no noise, and pure silence in the act of mediation,

and remembrance of your inner soul, is equal to seven years of

prayer.' spooned, Mr. Robbins.

"I have sat hours just listening to motivational therapy tapes of Doctor

Chopra, and finally will get to tap into his wise mind.' said Miss.

Rebecca Van Wyk.

Guests of South Africa, are said to be flocking to The Awesome Foursome

seminar this weekend, with platinum tickets starting @ only R5000-00,

with ordinary seating @ R1000.

"If you want to be an ordinary resident, sit right at the back and pay

R1000-00, but if you want to sit in the front row, pay R5000.'

ended the organizers.



by Jade Oosthuizen

(9 June 2016--FF News) The South African Reserve Bank,

reported this afternoon, that it will be moving it's bench-mark

interest rate from 6.5% to 6.75%, a movement of 0.25%

basis points and 0.5 basis points since February 2016.

"We have moved the interest rate as to curb inflation, the losses

felt l a s t year, and the struggling economy.' said Finance Minister

Mr. Pravin Gordhan.

President of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma added that the move was

stemmed due to the 'lack-luster,' market, and volumes being slow and #low.

"Last year we reached a R800 billion rand net investment from foreign

investors, this year, we are on only R344 billion rand. We have raised

interest rates to keep in line with inflation and business forecast.'

"The Wolf of Wall Street,' Mr. Allan Williamson, said that the housing bubble

was coming to an end, and we could see interest rates increase by 3% in

the next three years.

"Prices of homes are declining, and with the interest rate still said to increase,

we could see more homes being held onto by owners.' he quirked.



Speaking to Footprints in Cape Town, Miss. Vaneesa Du Toit, she says that

prices of food has increased, her repayment on her credit cards are ridiculous,

and shares in companies are no longer performing as well as they

did last year.

"Last year the average return per share was 13.5% per annul, this year,

we have shown only 5.2%, and interest rates has just increased again.'

Ceo of Standard Bank, Mr Ben Kruger notes that the prime rate has moved

to 11.75%, making money an expensive commodity.

"South Africa has to attract foreign investors, and with the US interest rate

at 3.5%, makes South Africa a lucrative country to put your money. We have

squeezed wastage spending to jump-start the economy.' he pearled.

The Department of Economics and Business, chanted that Black businesses

(BEE) has shown the largest return in the last six months, with property and

blue-chip companies declining.

"We could see a further dip in housing prices as the interest rate increases.'

Local Lenasia personality, Mr. Ubaid Seedat, he ended that with the tough

times ahead, and sky high interest rates, the best investment is in real cash,

stocks and new companies.

"Old businesses are finding it tough to compete with the high interest rates,

and we as South African's should see the investment in these instruments

to outrun banking #demands.'




by Dr. Sumayyah Noormahomed

(3 June 2016--FF News) Whether you walked out off the salon,

or out off a horror film, each one of us, has a #soulmate.

I often write on Footprints Filmworks after interviewing people how

they found their soulmate, the secrets to find true love, and how to

l a s t forever with the person you have chosen...

In the first instance, a man walked into my offices, looking depressed and

glum. He had stated that he is 30 years old, has had a handful of girlfriends,

and each time he gets close to a woman, she pushes him away.

"Sure, I am not Leonardo Di Caprio, but I have a decent job, I have a great

personality, I smell good, but I can't gell well...'

He complained that it has been

two years that he has been on a date, and it was not sex, it was love he wanted

to find.

I told him to sit up straight, put a smile on his face, and relax. I told him that love

should not be chased, but rather allow it to come to you. I explained to him that

attraction is a force, and in order to attract others, he should first attract himself.

I further told him, that he should get out more often, as women who are freely

available are at libraries, grocery stores, parks, and even shopping malls.

"Two months had passed, and while traveling on the subway, he was found

kissing a new found girlfriend. I smiled at him, and knew that he had followed

my w o r d s...''

In another instance, a divorced wife, said that her ex husband had died, and

left her R50 million rand in inheritance, and was filled with bounties from his


"We had no children, he was very wealthy and left me everything. His family

wants me to still love him, because of the inheritance, but I want to move on,

I am human too.' she complained.

She continues by saying that she never really dated anyone, as her first boyfriend

was her husband, and she compares every date she goes on to her ex husband.

I sat her down in my relaxing chair, removed all her worries through her mind

and body and told her that it was UN-realisitc for a woman who is 33 years old

not have sex and follow her dreams.

"Some of us find our soulmates early in our lives, and live happily ever

after, and some of us take a bit more time. '

I told her to remember that love

was the solution to all of life, and finding someone, a friend first, and then

taking things further. Today, she is happily married, with someone whom

she claims is the one for her.


Finding the right partner depends on the person at interest as some of

us require wealthy men to make us happy, some of us require sexy women

to make us happy, but if we have quality and know what we want, we will

attract a person whom we need.

"Without a longing, or a needing feeling for a person to change your life,

you will never attract your soulmate. You must need something, in order

to attract someone to help and love you.'

In relationships one should look for a partner who is like you, if she

likes dogs, you should too, if he likes fast-cars, you should too, if

she likes fashion, you should too, or if he likes hiking, you should

too...You must complement and compromise with each other,

for eternal #success.

In the last instance, a heart-broken gentleman strolled into my office,

stating that he cannot sleep at night, he gave his girlfriend everything,

and promised to get married, but she has fallen out off love with him.

"I thought she was my soulmate, after we did what we did. I thought we were going

to get married. Soon, we discovered that we have different interests, she lied to

me about certain things, and says that she has fallen out off love with me. How

can I ever feel the love I once had, and I'm still so shattered.'

I again, lay him in my famous chair, asked him to close his eyes, and explained

to him that love is something that even I fully do not understand. We have

breakups, and we situations where one person looses interest, and it's okay.

"The moment you okay that you are not perfect, that you have your brilliant

qualities and you have your bad habits. Not all hands can shake well, and finding

a soulmate is like dancing. The person must know how you move, for her in order

to anticipate how you are.'

I explained that he should not get himself into a rut,

and a maximum period of four months grieving for his lost love, then he should

start putting himself out there.

In conclusion, I would like to say that there are two billion single people out there,

and at any given time, 269 000 could be an ideal match for you.

"You can wear the fancy perfumes, and the sexy dresses, look good, and remember

that dating is about the other person and not you. Listen more, be humorous, and

try to get your first kiss on the first date...Love is not sex, and once the love is built,

the sex becomes irresistible...'



by Thaairah Bayat

(9 June 2016--FF News) South African's have reveled the latest

methods used by hijackers and burglars that has left the local

communities and cities of the country #stunned.

A lady, Miss. Anita Kruger, she jolted, that she was traveling home

from work one fine day, when on the side of the road, a baby was

left crying in the pram.

"I had stopped my vehicle, convinced that I could hear a cry coming from the

pram. When I stopped my vehicle, and looked inside the pram, I was hit

on the head with a piece of wood, and moments later woke up to my

vehicle being hijacked.' she grabbed.

Another resident who spoke to Footprints in STRAND, he cooled, that his home

is fully secure with alarm beams and gates, and jolted that he does not keep

dogs, because he is the bulldog.

"I was busy reading a book, and at midnight woke up for a glass of milk. I noticed

in the kitchen that the burglars had used some kind of device to de-arm my alarm,

and entry into my home. They stole all the electronic and electric equipment. I

have suffered a loss of R50 000.' he was quoted as saying.

President of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma, advised that gun crime against anyone,

even a burglar or hijacker, can result in an arrest on the person.

"If a burglar wants to rob you, report it to the police, and never try to kill

or hurt him. Let the police do their work in catching the culprit.'

Speaking to The Cape Daily, Mr. Ian Van Wyk, he looped, that he was at a

robot, when a hijacker and put his hand in the drivers seat, and switched

off his car.

"He stole my keys, and put a knife to my neck, demanding that I leave

the vehicle.'

In a separate incident, Mr. Marcus Grobler added that companies are also becoming

thieves by double debiting your account, Nigerian thieves stealing minute cents

from his bank account, and even his so called painter robbing him.

"I was going on holiday, and asked the painter to do two quotes of paint

on my house. When I returned from holiday, the painter had said that he

had done two. After paying him, several weeks later, the paint started to

peel off, and I had to re-do what was initially done.'

Captain John Viljoen, from the Laudium Police department says that CRIME

in South Africa is the highest in t h e world, and one should be 'aware; alert; awake,'

all the time.

"It's not only the poor communities that face crime, crime can happen anywhere,

anytime. Our murder rates are through the roof, and recently it was reported

a father was killed for R200.00. People don't value the cost of lives in South

Africa, and be physically fit, so if you come in a confrontation with a 

hijacker or burglar, you can give him a good hiding.'

Assurance Insurance included that the best way to protect your assets is through


"The hijacking of your vehicle can severely destroy your business. Insure with

us, to protect yourself against future losses.''

"Stealing money from your husbands wallet is not a crime.' joked a local husband.




Welcome to the s e a s o n of Footprints AROUND

THE WORLD Test Trial  "APRIL 2026," I...

Footprints Filmworks is an investment company that

invests into internet media,

print media, text media, FILM and distribution...

Footprints Filmworks is created

by Omar Abdulla...Kindly view or

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Footprints Filmworks, kindly call us on our



when going to P R E S S....!!




by Juwairyah Stemmet

(27 April 2026--FF News) South African

President, Mr. Omar

Abdulla spoke earlier this afternoon to heads of

Police, and

The Department of Correctional Services, The Department

of Crime Prevention, members of 911 and other policing forums

in South Africa.

"South Africa has brought down the crime rate by 0.6% in the last year,

and this is mainly due to desperate measures by Captains and the

military in supporting crime prevention methods and the introduction

of "The Joker," as HEAD OF POLICE, South Africa.' said the president.

"The Joker,' is a well known crime investigator, who works alone, dresses

abnormally, and often solves crimes that no ordinary policeman can solve.

He has solved the notorious triple murder in Cape Town, and has brought

a peace between public transport services and #UBER." said SA's

Crime Association.

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, "The Joker,' said that receiving

the crime prize from the President, was done over call, as he could

not attend.

"I am solving a high treasured crime in The Free State, where precious paintings

and antiques were stolen. He can post the trophy.' The Joker, jooped.

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla who spoke at length about

crime said that since President Zuma had left his reign of corruption, more

crime leaders had come to the party to fight crime.

"The South African Crime Development Association pays a monthly fee of

R25 000 per month, to men who choose to join the police or army. We

have invested R400 million rand in training and technology in the

last year.' spooned Minister of Military, Mr. Riaan Smith.

Captain, Alison Jeffers, she says that she joined The South African

Police force to bring down crime, to make a difference, and to bring

food to the table.

"With the help of President Abdulla and The Joker, we have managed to

bring down large numbers of syndicates who bring our country down. The

country has dropped from the most crime riddled country in the world,

to 238, since his election.'

According to The New York Times, "The Joker,' is a real crime

fighter who through comic character has solved hundreds of crimes,

travels through exclusive jets and vehicles, and often works


"When my father died from a gangster killing, The Joker had solved

the crime. I am ever thankful to him, for bringing the killer to justice.'

A fan of "The Joker,"   Miss. Laila Davidson, she kissed, that she collects

all "The Jokers,' crime stories, often holds thumbs for him when he is

chasing killers, and loves his helicopter.

"His helicopter to solve and fight crime is a mystery. No-one knows

where he is from, or who he is, but he solves crime, by bringing

the criminals to justice.'

Deputy Correctional Services Minister, Mr. Jordan Evaan, boomed that

the president's amnesty deal with prisoners was a step in the right direction,

without forcing too much interruption from the services #board.

"His amnesty deal to release prisoners was a gift to the nation, for

36 years of democracy.'

President Abdulla ended his speech to Heads of Police and other departments

that he was 'proud,' of the work done by the Police, members of cabinet and

the everyday policeman by bringing down crime.

"With each one of you, you have held the emblem of the nation, and we

salute you.'


President Abdulla "Attends,' DISABILITY


by Azeema Chotia

(1 April 2026--FF News) SA's President, Mr. Omar Abdulla

attended a disability wedding this Sunday, with his family

and personal #friends.

"We had attended the wedding of Mr. Mohammed Seedat and

Miss. Munira Dawood,

from the community of Verlum, where the bride is sought to be

born #disabled.'

The Department of Health, said on their website that the attendance

by the president and his wives was to support children who were

borne disabled, and support people who suffer mental and physical


"Every 6000 children are borne with a physical or mental dis-order,

and the marriage today, will be a birth-right for the parents.' said

The Marriage Tribunal.

Speaking to Footprints in Verlum, community resident, Mr. Adriaan

Venter, he says, that he will attend the wedding of the disabled

couple to show his support for residents who suffer challenges

in their lives.


"The wedding today, is a message to the global community that even

though she might be born without legs, or lost your vital organs during

an accident, anyone can find love.'

The University of Washington, noted that the disability impairment

in children can be formed at birth or developed through stages.

"The physical and mental growth of the human being is through experience

and teaching. If our children fail to attend their daily growth patterns,

they will fall into a mass of destruction and depression. Thousands of

parents, movers and shakers and general community folk,

fail to grow according to standards,

because they loose focus on their true root of creation.'

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla said that the 5000 seater

wedding was the largest in South Africa, as it brought together families

of the Seedat's and Dawood's and was welcomed by the community as

Miss. Munira had lost the function in her legs in 2006.

"When she could not walk, I would push her through Sunrises and

Sunsets, welcoming her will to live, and hold on.' gobbed, Mr.

Mohammed Seedat.

"The will to live to see in the next day is the dream of tomorrow. Without

Mohammed as my best friend, my selfie partner, my lover, and

my husband, it proves that love does really exist, no matter what.'

First Lady, Miss. Sakeena Abdulla says that she still

sees the same love

the president had in his eyes when he married her.

"We hardly get to attend weddings, as my husband is always over-seas, and

spending the time walcing with him on the dance-floor brought back memories

of our own wedding.'

According to guests at the wedding, Mr. Mohammed Seedat, had met

the crippled Munira, online, and together, they have decided to




"When the president was told that we were finally getting married, he

called and wished me luck. We had invited him, because we know

that he chairs many disability organizations in South Africa.'

The Disability Association of Verlum, coined that the president had

attended the wedding to show his support for love and dreams, and once

more, we should support people who actually believed that love does

not exist without disabilities.

Support disabled people by giving them right of way, support old people

by respecting them, support former prisoners by re-rehabilitating them,

and support your families and friends, to 'insure-ensure,' a better future,

bridged, The Abdulla Administration.



President Abdulla 'talks,' to CABINET MEMBERS...!!

by Nisha Malhotra

(12 April 2026--FF News) SA's best President, Mr. Omar Abdulla

addressed members of parliament this afternoon, stating that the

country had recovered through recession, the investment into

Africa, his 'joining of hands,' with the department of correctional

services, the department of health, the department of home affairs

and the department of road and transport.

"After my meetings over the course of the month, we are willing to

provide an amnesty of 6000 prisoners to be set free, with further

discussions with Arabian partners to further enforce capital punishment.

We have discussed with senior doctors and lawyers for the introduction

of more cost efficient medical treatment, with the creation of a PFIZER

manufacturing plant in South Africa...After meeting with members

of the department of road and transport, we have implemented 6000

more shuttle services, with lower costs to the public.' he was quoted

as saying.

Former Ministers of parliament including President Jacob Zuma,

Lynette Brown, Tina Monica Petterson, Nomvula Paula Mokonyane,

Nhlanhla Musa Nene, Ebrahim Patel, Senzeni Zokwana and President

FW DE KLERK attending, saying that the president had created order

and style in parliament, ridding the country from the once laugable

Malema saga.

"I was impressed the way the president handled objections from journalists

and other media guests. He has worked with focus to bring down the

unemployment rate, reduce crime, and improve driving standards

in SA.' said Mr. De Klerk.

The Cape Times, reported that President Abdulla's three hour speech

to Ministers was welcomed by the general community with many members

saying that he is too lenient in providing credit to banks, and easily forming

mergers with American and Russian companies.

"He has extended his hand to American's and they have forced us to cut

our prices.' said a shop owner.

Speaking to Footprints in Cape Town, Miss. Taheira Jamalodeen,

she notes,

that the presidents tone of voice was upbeat, and liked his approach

by forcing relationships with African's.

"The African's have tried to bully him in making decisions into forcing their

businesses to open in South Africa, the geographical distribution of refugees

to South Africa, and attitude for the support of climate change legislation.'

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla who further spoke


gutted that his approach to African's was to take-over certain lands,

with the implementation of the rand as the base currency.

"After meeting with members of the World Bank and The United Nations,

we are too close to form the rand as the base $currency.'

Business-woman, Miss. Andrea Grobler, she notes that if Abdulla can get

the approval by the World Bank, as the base currency in Africa, it will

create more demand and business to the #country.

"When Abdulla took over the presidency we saw the ZARUSD move from

R12.50 per dollar, to R8.20 per dollar, with the coming of the rand

as the base currency in Africa, we could reach polarity again.'

Minister of Aviation, Mr. Gabriel Simms, he pooled, that having the president

address cabinet, was good, and the president looks in good shape.


"After I joined him on his trip to CHINA, we had saved $300 million dollars in

the purchase of military aircraft and ammunition, and it seems that his decisions

that he has been making, is on point.'

The Daily Sun, concluded that the presidents appeal to the nation was


and support hydrogen based fossil fuels that would create a better environmental effect

in South Africa.

"The Ozone layer protecting South Africa, has become thinner and thinner,

and if

we do not stop pollution more skin diseases

and natural disasters, could develop.'



Osman's Old Age HOME

                 "Attended,' by President Abdulla...!!

by Aadila Laher

(1 April 2026--FF News) South Africa's golden president,

Mr. Omar Abdulla is said to attend a charitable dinner,

hosted by Mr. Osman Fredricks and his 43 member staff.

"We are pleased to have the president join us today, that will

cost residents R100 000 per plate.'

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla added that all the

money received through the charity raising will be used to purchase

new building supplies, new contents, and the most experienced

of doctors and

surgeons to assist the elderly.

"Once upon a time our fathers and mothers were 'brilliant;bright,' and

over time their age has caught up to them. Seniors who live at Osman's

Old Age Home, are seniors who live from their downscale age of 70, plus.'

The Lenasia Times, reported that President Abdulla's attendance

to the charity

function will assist the "Old AGE community,' by forging partnerships with

the youth.

"These folks receive hardly any visitors, are constantly complaining, and giggle

to themselves. The SA community must come together

to respect and note our elderly.'

Pioneer of the community, Mr. Waheed Dawood, he says that he built the first

school in Lenasia in 1955, forced relationships between Muslims and Hindu's,

and stood with President Nelson Mandela on the fight against #Apartheid.

"We had schooled together, and I was his junior. Soon, my days of death

will pass, and my message to the world, has always been to support your


Businessman, Mr. Zaheer Dadabhai, who was recently nominated as

"Personality of the year 2026,' is said to attend with his six children.

"I am lost for words at the work the Old Age Home does. My father had

requested to join the Old Age Home when he turned 81, and even

found a new bride at the home.' he joked.

Mrs. Zohra Noormahomed, a local Lenasia resident, she says

that her husband

had died a tragic death and was removed by her son-in-law.

"I am unhappy that he has placed me in this old age home. I am 89 years old,

and I have always gave everything to my children, and they cannot repay


Dr. Sayed Mia, a local doctor from Vrystad, said that he will attend the charity

organization and will pay the R100 000, as the money was being used for

a good cause.

"As a doctor, I always advice my patients to have a balance of mind, body,

and spirit. Your time on this Earth is limited, and once you reach a certain

age, your body asks for certain needs to be fulfilled.'


President of SA, Mr. Omar Abdulla who spoke at length jolted that 

South African's should 'go that extra mile,' for the elderly, and do

your best for their eternal lifespan.

"Our bodies may die, but our memories are never forgotten.' he

was quoted as saying.

Speaking to Footprints in Lenasia, local resident, Miss. Shameela Akthar,

she coiled that attending the R100 000 dinner with the president, was

a dream come true.

"I have always seen his pictures and articles in the newspaper, and have

admired his management and leadership approach with cabinet members.

I will be attending just for him.'


The Department of Health, who accompanied the president said that since

Abdulla's election, more cost efficient medication was produced, better

quality of healthcare was provided and that local residents should at least

s p e n d

one day a year with senior citizens.

"Take it in your right to visit an old age home, play some games, take a

walk, and perhaps try to learn something. South Africa can only grow

if we look at ourselves from past reflections to improve and innovate.'

said the minister.

Osman's Old Age Home  ended that the support by the president, was

'good news,' for South African's as his helping hand, had assisted in

raising R81 million rand for the organization.

"We will use this monies for the sustainable and maintenance of the home,

with extended features to our Old Age Home.'

The Indian community of Lenasia is the largest Indian community in Africa, hosting

500 000 residents, with residents complaining that over-population and segregation

as the forced links between cabinet members and businesses.

"The President's arrival will be his first state visit to the community, and will mingle

with society, to try to raise funding for the Old Age Home.'


Osman's Old Age Home in Lenasia,

owned and supported through businessmen and

community leaders under the heading of Uptown Investments,

with the sole objective of enlistment to senior citizens

in @SouthAfrica.

Other senior citizens who were happy with the attendance of President Abdulla

said that their dying wish was to meet the president, play a bit of tennis,

and read a story.

"Abdulla is my most favorite president in the world, and his work by

raising funds for us, will help us lead longer lives.'

The Department of Health concluded in their final statements that the

seniors will be treated to 'beauty spa's' and special treatment on

senior citizens day on Friday.

"We have decided to spoil our seniors as part of our gift to the elderly.

These vouchers will be given to all senior citizens in all Old Age Homes,

across the country.'


"Double Trouble,' for President Abdulla, as daughters

celebrate EIGHT YR BIRTHDAYS...!!

by Mafooza Dawood

(8 April 2026--FF News) SA's Hottest Hunk President, Mr

Omar Abdulla is said to celebrate the birth of his 'twin daughters,'

later today.

"Abdulla's twin daughters Zaina and Zakiyyah will be turning eight today. He has invited

elite members of parliament, guests of the community, with children and friends,

all invited.' bridged Footprints in Pretoria...

The Town Times, ranted that 8000 children from neighboring schools were

invited to his daughters birthday party, with the day starting off on Friday,

after school and ending on Sunday at 2PM.

"Event organizers have provided for sleeping camps, clown shows, dance

competitions, and fun games to keep the children entertained. Abdulla

has four children, and it is reported that he chooses to have as many

as eight children, to the near future.'

Miss. Zakiyyah Abdulla, she chuckled that her father was hardly around as

he was always on a plane, but this weekend, she will force him to play with

her friends, educate school-children, and get some time away from wearing

a suit and tie.

"I am tired of seeing my father on television, website and newspaper,

and this weekend

birthday celebration, is a birthday that he promised me.'

Miss. Zaina Abdulla, she clowned, that her mother was her best friend,

and it was time that she stops playing with dolls, and start to have

real friends.

"I am turning eight years old, and most of my friends are my dolls. I

am in grade 1, and have so much to offer to the world.'


The classic and cute, Mrs. Abdulla, she ended to The Entertainment Times,

that ministers of departments had decided to spoil the children of the

birthday by each providing flame grilled meals for the children.

"This will give government members a test if their home-made Poijiekos or

Biryani will pass the children's likes.'

Boswells Circus, Designer Parties, Slides and Snakes, Mandy's Magicians

and Decorative Events are said to be part and parcel in hosting the

birthday party for twins kelped The Pretoria Paperboy.

Mrs. Diamond Smuts, a local Abdulla neighbor peeled that her three

children will attend the party for the t w i n s, as she had always

admired the work of Abdulla but never really got to know him.

"After legislation passed that he was allocated to occupy The Union

Buildings, everyone got to understand Abdulla's way with children. He has

always believed that the future of the country is in the youth, and what

better way than to attend the 8 yr birthday celebration.'

Guests of President Abdulla's daughters birthday have already been invited,

and all media are banned from attending, with pictures and videos only distributed

by the children and their families.


"African Tour," attended by

                   President Abdulla...!!

by Harisha Maharaj

(12 April 2026--FF News) South African President, Mr. Omar Abdulla

is said to travel the 888 888 communities of Africa and neighboring

countries in a bid to promote peace, business, love, and dreams for the

future of African's who believe in a better future for themselves, their

families and their #communities.

"President Abdulla will be traveling through coach liners including the company,

of himself, his wives, his children,

and 200 cabinet members. They will be campaigning for South African rights in

the Democratic, with forced links to neighborhoods who lie close to each other

to become one.' said The Abdulla Administration.

The Pretoria Paperboy jolted that The Department of Transport will escort Abdulla

through air, ship, road, and rail through communities campaigning residents to

support their local communities, for the vote of a better future and for

improving ties internationally.

"Africa is a droplet in the Ocean as compared to Asia and the American's. The

continent is aided with UN-educated people and people who perform un-skilled trades.'

said a Malawi resident.

Speaking to Footprints in South Africa, President Abdulla says that he is excited

to travel by B U S to neighboring communities Bloemfontein, Brakpan, Laudium,

Lenasia, Windhoek, Wynberg, Vryburg and Vrystad.

"My managers have allocated these areas to speak to people, campaign, force relationships

with foreign partners, and the scope of creating education networks in Zimbabwe, Malawi,

Namibia and Botswana, for a period of eight days.'


photography / hipster / indie / grunge


The Kenyan Sun, reported that President Abdulla's African Tour, will be spread over

a period of one year, traveling by BUS to neighboring countries, traveling through train

to mountainous regions, and sometimes through air to meet Egyptian and Moroccan


"Abdulla's tour to meet President Al Shahid Sakeena Dada and Sheik Abdul Hasthani

in Morocco will be to forge finance relationships in the construction of 10 000

Moroccan Buildings in South Africa, with the purchase of South African built

aircraft to support the Islamic leadership role in Morocco, The Muslim Brotherhood.

President Abdulla spoke to cabinet members about his

tour, said that the one year

tour was jolted, by African leaders, asking his

support at The United Nations.

"African leaders had asked Abdulla to pledge support to build schools, universities,

and technological advancements in Africa, through his relationship with American

and British Prime ministers." read The Daily Times.

President of Sudan, Mr. Isak Ismail Jakota, he noted that after Abdulla's election, trade

in Sudan had increased with the creation of 100 000 businesses in city centers including,

Dongola, Port Sudan, El Obaid, and Hayada.

"This partnership with construction, retail, service and repair, manufacturing,

administrative, media, pharmaceutical and theta matter has increased the net

GDP by 120%, since 2024.'

Other departments of South Africa including The Department of Health, The

Department of Correctional Services, The Department of Education, The

Department of Agriculture, The Department of Technology and The Department

of Labor are said to travel with Abdulla, that kicks off on Tuesday.

"African's have held posters with the name of Abdulla on their cards, have

welcomed him to their communities with a lip of love and friendship, and cannot

wait to meet the president that chose to travel within Africa, to learn her people.'

Nicknamed "The UbunTu of  Africa,' President Abdulla is said to get ready

through his trip of Africa, with a scope of improving the likes of African's and

using his database of experience internationally to propel the continent.

"South Africa see his visit to 34 countries in Africa, a MUST, as the one year

tour, enables more investors and teams built through nations.'



President Abdulla "Addresses," The United Nations...!!

by Nadeema Ayob

(12 April 2026--FF News) President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla

is said to address The United Nations on Monday, after US President,

Mr. Tony Adams and Prime Minister of Britain Mrs. Alison Henders

spoke on #Friday.

"The two presidents largely focused on cleaning the polluted lands of China

and India, and the ridding of debt to African led countries to compensate interest

bearing countries through fresh takeovers. They further spoke about the relationship

ties between Russia and The United States forming stricter policies of political fiasco

that form countries with stronger #relationships.'

"Our pledge to the world is to invest into our future brethren with out bearing

any judgement. The future is clear, humanity will survive if we have The United

States, as the holders of the world.' said US President, Adams.

President of South Africa, Omar Abdulla who was nominated as President

of South Africa in 2023,

is said to be the 'talk-of the world,' charts, after winning the Nobel Peace prize, his

pledges with foreign partners to invest in South Africa,

and the reduction of crime, and

the UN-employment rate.

"He is considered to be the leader of The African continent and will address members

of The United Nations, on his policies of military re-building in Jordan, the liaising of 

business partners to form the rand as the base currency in Africa, and his on-going

fleet of children.'

CNN who spoke exclusively to Abdulla on Saturday, noted that the

SA president will

address Sudan to further invest into mining and property, the building of hospitals and

medical centers in Kenya, and 'sustaining-'n-maintaining,' South Africa as the Lion of Africa.

"When I was campaigning for the job as president in 2020, I was struck with confidence from

African's who saw a leader that could capture the heart of billions. My responsibility as President

of South Africa, is to bridge gaps with 1st world countries and help poorer countries to bring

an economy and class of freedom, ethos, growth and #love.'

The United Nations was formed in 1945, and this year, the organization will be celebrating

81 years since inception, after World War II.

"The organization was formed to bring peace, tranquility and the avoidance of war

between nations.' looped Reuters.

"This year's 81st birthday meeting will be held at the head-quarters of The United Nations,

in New York.'

However, South African's who spoke to Footprints in Laudium, said

that the president

had his speech ready to address the UN, but failed South African's as many

residents still did not have a job, whilst economic systems that he had promised

had not yet reached target.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

"He had set a GDP growth of 2.7% per annul, he has only reached 2.1%. He had

set a target of the total take-over of Zimbabwe, yet he has only taken over certain

communities of the country. He had set a target to bring UN-employment down by

3.1% per annul, and has reached only 2.5%.' said an angry ANC leader.

President Abdulla who wore his signature navy blue suit, white shirt, and

mellowed smile, 

spoke in an authoritative tone, stating that his Allied powers, The United

States, Britain, Russia, China, India, Canada, Egypt and Zimbabwe were focused

on ridding Islamic State leaders in The Middle East of nuclear weapons and

terror activities plaguing the global community.

"Members have whispered in our ears that JAPAN and BRAZIL have assisted these

Islamic terrorists as we have blocked trade through import and export with them. Our

pledge as the Allied powers, has always been to rid the world of nuclear war,

and bring peace to all nations.'

Mr. Omar Abdulla who was recently married to his second wife, said that even though

he is Muslim by birth, he still has the faith in Allah, and will use his tribunal marriage to

the foundation of following his father's footprints.

"My father had written me a dream when I was 25, that one day I will be one of

the greatest leaders of the world, and I will be blessed with eight children. I just

pray that he is smiling at home.'

Since President Abdulla took over the presidency in 2023, he has boosted exports,

he has formed stricter policies of management with his departments of head, with

some newspapers even heading " Abdulla 'tops,' World Number One."

"I laugh at the paparazzi that print these statements about me. I have a job to represent

South Africa as president, and my talks on Monday, will be further to discuss our support

for The Allied powers, the investment into youth and the repair of old.'

Mr. Abdulla who is said to have had 'coaching lessons,' from Former President of

The United States, Mr. Barack Obama, says that nowadays, he and Obama

are the best of friends.

"After Obama retired from the presidency in 2016, I had traveled to The United

States with my wife and children, and he further en-lighted me on the who, what,

how and when of politics.'

President Omar Abdulla who recently purchased 88 Ferrari's at an undisclosed

price, is said to 'give-away,' a Ferrari a day, for the next six days at

The United Nations.

Image may contain: 1 person, text and closeup

"When we are traveling, we are so lazy, and hardly have the time to donate. These

prizes will be offered to the highest achievers for 2026 in the fields of

business and politics, at The University of Oxford,

The University of Harvard, The University of Johannesburg, The University of

Munich, The Footprints Universities and The University of Cambridge.'

Abdulla who further told CNN, that since Former President Nelson Mandela died,

alot of pain was still felt by the loss of a leader that no human being can compare.

"After Mandela's death, we had a string of controversial and corrupted presidents

who weakened the rand, caused major buildings to collapse

due to defective workmanship,

and our cabinet would normally be a mockery to the international eye. When

I took office in 2023, within months, members of parliament were more orderly,

we had respect, sharing, order, and leadership that was brought to the table. I

agree, some of my decisions with legislation did not go too well, but I have still

remained one of the best in the world.'

The New York Times reported that President Abdulla will arrive at 8:am on

Monday, at the

head-quarters of the UN, held by his wives, and will commence talks to the

panel of The United Nations to further assist the global economy through

'patch-'n-solution,' methods.

His speech is said to begin at 9: AM, with completion by 4: PM.

 Image may contain: text


President Abdulla "Flies,' TO MARS...!!

by Sakeena Joosub

(23 April 2026--FF News) South African President Mr. Omar Abdulla is

said to be the f i r s t president in history to travel into SPACE, and will

be traveling for a 81 day tour of the #planet.

"Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, and the second smallest

planet in the solar system. The planet boasts a large basket of

land opportunities for miners, brokers, families and the operational

standard of the planet.' read The Martian Times.

The Abdulla Administration added that The South African Science and

Management Council of South Africa, had invested a sum of R202

billion rand in the Mars project that would suite the ideal "Noah's Ark,'

for humanity.

University of Johannesburg, lecturer, Mrs. Sakeena Joosub, she noted,

that Abdulla's tour of the planet was to assist South African's in the

global technology markets with the destruction of  cities Paris,

Los Angeles, Egypt and London through natural and unforeseen


"These disasters had wiped prime land and property through disasters

with the death of 40 million people. The Space project will assist

everyday humans a hedge planet against extinction.'

Speaking to Footprints in Rylands, businessman, Mr. Anton Snyman,

he golfed that the investment project by the African's was an investment

that saved humanity and already American and Arabian investors had

dollar signs in their eyes.

"The Space community on Mars has already 2000 cities and communities, and

Abdulla's visit will be to see that South African families were being supported

through international mainstream. His visit with members of The One World Order,

will be to inspect standards and quality on the planet, with a further three million

families planning to escape to the planet.' echoed The New York Times.

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla who spoke briefly on Thursday,

said that his visit to the planet will be to discover new fields of market including

mining and agriculture, construction, technology, space dimensions and Urous

and Pourous.

"My visit to the planet will be to bridge gaps in the creation of a hedge planet

for #Earth. We have meteors that could destroy the planet, we have plagues, we

have the ice-caps,

and we have outbreaks of war, that we should insure against.'

Mrs. Mardy Richardson, a local Scientist, noted that R202 billion rand

had already been invested into the Mars project, and already investors

are seeing more than 1200% return on their investment since #2015.

"Investors from The United States, Britain, South Africa and New Zealand,

had poured monies into the project, and today, they have built up schools,

universities, hospitals and soon, a new ruler of Mars, will be elected.'

Nostradamus, published his journal, Le Simme Dante, that the world will close

within the 5000 Century, and his predictions are soon being realized with the

appearance of "Blue Moon,' and his prophecies that humanity faces extinction

to war, natural disasters and the unforeseen exposure to alien invasion.

Other residents of South Africa, who spoke to The Sunday Sun, cooed, that

South African's were excited that President Abdulla would be assisting in building

a "Noah's Ark,' community with the population of animals, plants and other

products should the world face extinction.

"We have insured the world against perils that could destroy us. My 81 day

visit of the planet will be to aid South African's and the rest of the world,

a back up planet, should the world face destruction.'

US President, Mr. Tony Adams, said that President Abdulla's state visit

to Washington in August, was the discussion of the expansion of growth

on the planet, with the ridding of Earth, of unwanted criminals in secluded

dungeons on planet Mars.

"We are in the process of creating the most notorious built prison,

that will be used as workers to build cities."

The Galaxy Times, looped that one billion planets lie

in The Milky Way, and planet

Earth and Mars, are just two planets in the galaxy that could posses life.

"After the incubation of the first life forms on planet Mars in 2015, more residents

of Earth, have resided in the dusty sandstorms and "Oceans of Oil.'

One of the first ladies to President Abdulla, Mrs. Marlene Abdulla said that she

will travel by rocket to the planet and has spent her days viewing the

beaches and landscapes of the planet.

"Mars is ideal for holiday destinations, and the investment into old. My husband

and I will be assisting the Martians in the planting of trees, the feeding of

cattle, and the cultivation of growth on the #planet.'

Mr. Abdulla and his eight member of astronauts will be leaving to the planet

at 00:00 on October 25th 2026, for 81 ML KM journey to @Mars.

"He will be traveling on a light aircraft, and once he arrives on the planet,

will inspect 8 space stations, and other building blocks of the #planet.'


The South African Reserve BANK, "CALLS," PRESIDENT


        by Hashim Du Preez

(12 April 2026--FF News) South African President, Mr. Omar

Abdulla was called upon by The South African Reserve Bank this

afternoon, to extend lending from The African Bank, from R10.2

trillion rand to R15 trillion rand by November 2030.

"He was called upon by key bankers to negotiate an extended loan from

The African Bank, as the country had invested more into infrastructure,

job creation, repair and renovation and technology. South Africa remains

the fastest growing country in Africa, and the extended loan will assist

bankers to hedge growth in different sectors.' reported the SARB.

Speaking to Footprints in Pretoria, President Abdulla said that he had spoken

to bankers in Africa, and was trying to forge an extended hand to businesses

and personal individuals.

"We are in negotiations to form a further 30 000 African businesses

in South Africa,

with certain government owned companies listed on the

exchanges in South Africa.' he said.

The South African Reserve Bank reported that only 8% of money in circulation

was held in GOLD, with the rest extended through credit and duly labor.

"We have invested into the growth pattern of educating our youth through

Schools and Universities, with students who excel, employed by departments

of heads, and all other government owned sectors.' said the Department

of Finance.

President of SA, Mr. Omar Abdulla added that Chinese and American partners

had liased with him, that should The African Bank not extend their hand of

credit, funds could be available at 0.8 % higher #interest.

"The country needs the funding from The African Bank, and should our reserve

bank not meet the demands of the 45 banks in South Africa, we will be

forced to move money supply to China.' said an economist.

The African Bank was formed in 1889, by Sir. Zotto Ottayyo, with a pledge of

contributing $20 million dollars per country of the 81 countries in Africa.

"The African Bank owns shares in Reserve Banks in Africa, and often

regulates money supply in countries. Should a partner of The African

Bank seek funding for country growth or expansion, the bank lends

the money to the country's reserve, which in turn lends the money

to banks, and forms a cycle to the everyday consumer.' read

The Oxford Times.

The Department of Finance noted that Abdulla's legal approach to the monetary

system was flux with thought of creating several m o r e stock exchanges,

to create competition in the market-place.

"International investors find the rules and regulations of current markets

too strict. If the country passes legislation with The African Bank, we will

create three more exchanges.'

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, table, indoor and food

CNN echoed that President Abdulla's will for the extension of the loan,

will be to hold shareholdings into franchise and new business opportunities,

the repair of government owned property and the development of

the youth.

The Business Index of Stragedy, (BIS) reported that 12.6%

more people are employed

in sectors of Goods and Services since 2020.

"South Africa's strong hand in the rand has assisted us to

excel in the services sector,

and create superior quality brands for the international


Reserve Bank Governor, Mr. David Tshabalala,

gooled that the presidents

remarks to extend funding from The African Bank

would block negotiations

with other markets and trends.

"If we have one creditor, as The African Bank, we have to pay a set fee of

interest. If our investments and loans are hedged with other banks of

the world, we may raise a shareholder that actually puts effort in

showing returns on their investment.'


France Telecommunications, Amazon Property Investments, Wal*Mart,

South Africa, Harrods, Saudi Arabian Holdings, Footprints Filmworks,

Intrasteel, Russia Mining Incorp, Oxford Petroleum, Alice Decor Inc,

are some of the companies that are awaiting feedback from The African

Bank, for the development in South Africa.

"Companies are queuing for the loan to be approved by The African Bank,

and once the extended credit is approved, more trade could be

developed in South Africa.' hummed Reuters.

Finance expert, Mrs. Shannon Mcdonald, she says, that should

The African

Bank agree to the loan, the money will treble the growth of the industrial

and mining sectors, with a 12.1% (PA)

return for country investors who employ

the services of the new companies and the purchase

of new goods.


"If The African Bank agrees to the loan, the monies would be used for the

stated measures with further implementation in Africa, as we have

some of the most skilled laborers in the #world.'



Footprints AROUND THE WORLD, is produced and directed by Footprints Filmworks

and associate companies. This 'test trial,' for October 2026, is for the presidential

memo to South Africans and other residents around the world...IF YOU CHOOSE

to ADVERTISE OR INVEST IN THIS "FICTIONAL FILM,' kindly call our head-office

number on 0860 FOOTPRINTS...Footprints Filmworks is created by Dr. Sakeena

Joosub...Kindly view, or, for more


All information on Footprints Filmworks is fictional and created into all productions

of Media.

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President Abdulla 'moves,' the 'legal; eagle,' Sexual


by Aarifah Kola

(19 October 2026--FF News) South Africa's Golden President,

Mr. Omar Abdulla has moved the legal sexual age from 18,

to 19 for all South Africans.

"We have moved the legal sexual age from 18 to 19, to bring down

the infection of HIV, unwanted pregnancies and forced sex between

unloving partners.' he said.

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, local resident, Miss. Ameila

Van Uys, she says that it is a good move by the president to move the

'legal,' age, as her boyfriend broke her virginity and heart.

"After he broke my virginity at 18, we were too immature to marry, and

he moved out. After that, I slept with the whole town because I could not

get him back, just feel that I should of waited.'

The Ministry of Health in South Africa reported that bringing the legal age

of sex up will improve relationships, and protect teenagers who care less.

"Hundreds of babies are left on the side of the road un-wanted, many of

our orphans in our orphanages are un-wanted pregnancies, and bringing

the legal age up, will bring a maturity to making love." echoed, Dr.

Verukhka Mooloo.

The South African Woman's League (SAWL) looped that President Abdulla

was cleaning the streets of South Africa, trying to get people to understand

that love is more important than sex, and that if we really could turn the back

of hands of time we should marry our first love.

"Love is the most important aspect of a n y relationship and sharing your intimate

feelings and organs together takes responsibility. My responsibility to all of us,

is to practice safe sex.'

Doctor, Isabelle Chaan, a local Durban therapist ended her speech to The

Sunday Sun, that sex is the most important aspect of any meaningful relationship,

and bringing the legal age to 19, will bring more focus to love.

"Let's face it, most women sleep with between 10-15 men in their lives, whilst

men sleep with an average of 40-200 women in the lives. If we make the right

decisions early in our lives, we can follow our grandparents philosophy of

having one sexual partner for the rest of our lives.'

"Choose your right partner wisely, be safe, and always have pleasant

memories with our brand.' ripped #Durex.



by Mehnaaz Henderson

(14 October 2026--FF News) SA's President, Mr. Omar Abdulla

said that the category 3 s t o r m that is currently underway in

Cape Town was summing down, as heavy winds and severe rainfall

could be experienced in all Cape Town districts including, Hout Bay,

Table View, Jacobs Bay, Saldhana, Abdulla's Bay, Melkbosstrand, and

St Helena's Bay.

"We have issued warnings to residents living in these coastal areas to move

their homes, until further notice.' he was quoted as #saying.

The Cape Daily, chanted that 5000 residents have been evacuated as Hurricane

Abdulla had spread across the South West of the country, and the storm could pass

to more inland area's.

"Right now we have fore-coasted powerful winds and rainfall in the area,

and residents who live inland, could experience icy to cold weather.'

Speaking to Footprints in Cape Town, local resident, Miss. Noorein Samrod,

she says that the storm started on Friday, and it's already Tuesday, and

her roof has blown off, her home is flooded with water,

and her vehicle is badly damaged.

"Due to the high winds, a tree had fallen on my car, and my home is full of water.'

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla added that after speaking to The

Weather Bureau, he assures the general public that this storm will blow away

within the next 23 hours.

"South Africa has been enchanted by these strong winds, after the hurricane

was formed in The Atlantic Ocean.'

Scientist at The University of Cape Town, Mr. Martin Peene, he spooned,

that a hurricane is powerful rotating storm that forms over warm waters.

"Whirlwinds in The Pacific Ocean are called typhoons, whilst other waters

are called a #hurricane.'

Alliance Assurance reported that Hurricane Abdulla had already caused R2 billion rand

worth of damage to property with the death of 112 people and 563 people injured.

"We have already provided rescue efforts to the people who are drowning, or

their homes already under water. Our company covers natural disasters

as part of the payout to damage to property and people.'

Minister of Disaster Management and Climate, Mr. Aaron Du Pliess, ended

to The Tuesday Sun, that 200 service workers and government employees

have already flown to the scene to save lives, repair damaged property,

and bring peace to people who have lost everything.

"Homes and Hotels close to the sea line were badly destroyed by Hurricane

Abdulla. We expect the repair process to begin once the storm has passed.'


President Abdulla 'gets down and dirty...'

by Shaida Noorbhai

(12 October 2026--FF News) South African President, Mr. Omar

Abdulla will be attending the annul "Presidential Walk,' later today,

and invited guests from neighboring communities to participate the

annul walk.

"We have booked 8 KM of beachfront space, for residents to sell their

goods, participate in fun activities including surfing, walking, go-carting

and we have even brought the circus. This presidential walk is for charity,

and all funds will be donated to an Orphanage in Durban.' said the


Local resident, Miss. Natasha De Beer, said that the presidential walk has

been operating for the l a s t three years, since President Abdulla's election.

"This is  opportunity to walk in his shorts and skipper and really get to mingle

with the community. Often we see him on television and on websites in his suit

and tie, but this

walk, will get him down and dirty with the community.'

Image may contain: text

Other members of the community including Minister of Health, Mr. Rupert Kruger,

Durban community leader, Mr. Charles Franks, and Sunbird Oil Ceo, Mr. Nadeem

Hoosein, are said to be participating in the fun walk.

"Bring your families and friends, and get to walk with the president, discuss ways

of improvement in government, and perhaps you might get a suntan.'

Local business-woman, Miss. Faheema Ebrahim Hajee looped that the presidential

walk earns her the most customers as she specializes in creating presidential posters,

mini statues and fake money.

"If you want your presidential poster to get signed attend the walk, if you want

a mini statue of the president, attend the walk, or if you want his face printed

on a rand bill, come to the walk.'

Footprints in Durban, understands that the presidential walk will be between

08:00-until the last finisher, and prizes for winners who reach the finish line, include

R100 000 in cash, televisions, fashion accessories and each runner gets a trophy.

"We are trying to promote a healthier lifestyle opportunity to the community, so

come down to the beach in shorts, bring lots of cash to support our shop dwellers,

and be prepared to meet the president.' ended The Durban Sun.



for President Abdulla...!!

by Nabeela Dawood

(8 October 2026--FF News) South African President, Mr.

Omar Abdulla arrived on The Presidential JET this afternoon,

attending the World Summit, in #CHINA.

"The six day World Summit will be held between presidents and

prime ministers of nations to discuss new ways of bringing trade with

Africa, the on-going ISLAMIC WAR, and the introduction of low cost

medication to poverty ridden countries.' said American president,

Mr. John Smith.

The World Summit was created by The United States in 1747, that often

brings tribal and urban leaders to the party of bringing together World peace,

the bringing together of heads of state, and discussions of the future.

"With the introduction of Green space, the internet is available anywhere

around the world for FREE, the solutions to Climate Change Legislation, the

rand as the base currency in Africa,

and the improvement of the protection of the Wildlife around the world.'

said Chinese president, Mr Gin Yuag Young.

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla said that The World Summit will

bring together 154 speeches by world presidents, and his focus will be to

continue to force relationships with European and American leaders, bridge

investors to South African waters and solve internal and external forces

affecting Africa.

"If we have the right partners we can move mountains.' he continued.

Speaking to Footprints in Beijing, local Chinese personality,

Miss. Sue Lee, said

that she was impressed with President Abdulla's focus to import 700 000 Chinese

to Africa, his negotiations with Chinese president to bring the minimum amount

of children from one to two.

"China's population has bulged to Africa, and we support the presidents ploy

to displace Chinese to Africa.'

CHINA DAILY, reported that the entire HOTEL will be booked OUT by World

Summit members, and was fully secure.

"Presidents and Prime Ministers will be entertained to eight star treatment,

where they have booked the entire hotel out.' said Hotel Manager,


The Dalai Lama, who attended the busy World Summit, said that he had always

brought love, truth and joy to the organization, and brought together a message

of continued maintenance of The Lord in everyday life.

"This childish war between ISLAM and JUDAISM will come to an end. My message

to the panel of leaders is to follow the middle pathway of life, to have a balance

in all.'

President of France Mrs. Francina Hollande, noted that the World Summit brought

together presidents who 'taught; thought,' differently, and still supports the

One World Order leadership.

"When World leaders met in April 2026, we tried to STOP terrorism with FEAR,

and in some ways we have won. This religious war between the ISLAMIC STATE

and The West must come to an end, and we will continue to try to be friends,

with our ISLAMIC friends to force relationships.'

Chairperson of The United Nations, Mr. Angelo Marcus Davids,

beamed that he had been

elected the chairperson of the organization and had attended the World

Summit, to provide his advice to council.

"The world is always at war with herself, and the decisions and deadlines we are

faced with in Turkey are going to be discussed, we are thinking of bringing the

South African rand as the base currency in Africa, and providing more cost

efficient medication to Africans.' he was quoted as saying.

Federal Reserve Governor, Mr. Alan White, clubbed, that his attendance of

The World Summit, will be to advice group bankers and directors for the future

of growth and interest.

"If there is no interest in the market, there will be no growth. The United States,

and many first world countries have kept interest rates low to attract large

investors. Our investments remain in high interest bearing countries including

South Africa, Brazil, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Syria.'

President of Russia, Mr. Vladmir Zoole, he concluded that meeting SA President,

Mr. Omar Abdulla was a dream come true as often he had supported his decisions

of leadership in Africa, and continued to smile at his broadcast speeches in

Amsterdam, Adelaide, Paris and #Pretoria.

"He has proved that his leadership locally and internationally is a force to reckon

with. After the World War celebrations in March, Abdulla and I have learnt to

agree on military decisions that have improved the security of Africa.'

The World Summit is said to be held at the Yun PUN SUN Hotel in Beijing, and

presidents will be entertained to Superstars, including Shar Rukh Khan, Priyanka

Chopra, Sun YANG WON, and Taylor SWIFT.

"This is one of the most awaited World Summits, as these leaders gather together

to discuss new ways of improvement, future 'inventions; interventions,' and market

focus of trade. President Abdulla is the most watched president in the world,

and I am excited to see what he says.' ended SA community leader, Mrs

Phillipa Roberts.




by Naadia Essop

(8 October 2026--FF News) SA's President Mr. Omar Abdulla spoke

this morning about the crime of passion murder that

rocked the community

of #Lenasia...

"We have tried our best to bring down the crime rate, and have succeeded in

bringing gang crimes, petty crimes and other murders down, but crimes of passion

remain one of our targets to bring down.'

What s t a r t e d as a happy marriage between Afsana and Mohammed Akoo in

2008, had turned ugly, as the so-called wife had cheated on her husband,

relating to the murder of Mrs. Afsana Akoo.

"They seemed happy, and were often seen kissing each other, and the husband

had turned violent after learning about the affair. We suspect that the wealthy

husband had often left his wife un-attended, and sexless.' said a local

Lenasia resident.

Speaking to Footprints in Lenasia, Detective Sepho Mothusi, he says that

after he received call that a young woman lie beaten up on the kitchen

floor, he was asked to investigate the husband.


"There was a pool of blood in the kitchen on that December morning. It took

investigators several months to hunt the husband down, as he had escaped

the murder scene, leaving his young 12 yr old, locked up in her room.'

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla said that earlier this morning,

Judge Taren Williamson had passed judgment of life in prison for the husband,

after investigators and state attorneys had proved that he was the killer.

"Often husbands and wives cheat on each other. We as the SA community

strongly condemn this heinous act of violence, and warn residents that

police will hunt down suspects until proven guilty.'

According to locals from Lenasia, Mr. Mohammed Akoo owned a hardware store

in the community, drove several high-powered vehicles and often gave his

wife everything.

"From our deductions, we can prove that the wife had committed adultery,

by welcoming an unknown stranger into their home, whilst the husband

was away. He should of just divorced her, instead of killing her.'

said Miss. Rishma Tayob.

The Lenasia Tribune reported that CRIME in the local community was under control,

and every now and then, there is a killer on the loose who thinks with his ego,

than his real brain.

"This is a crime of passion, as their 18 yr old marriage could not be sustained by

love. After they started making money, the husband drifted by working long

hours, leaving the wife unhappy and without any attention.'

Mr. Ebrahim Sayed Mia, a local community leader said that love is always the

answer to all of life, and yet she cheated on him, by sleeping with this

unknown stranger.

"The husband was weary when he found new sandals and roses posted

on the front door of his home. His investigations led him to believe that

his wife was cheating, and after finding confirmation, decided to kill her.'

State prosecutor, Mr. Anthony Sibabela, concluded that victory was the

taste of a sweet wine, when winning the case, and urges everyday

couples not to take the l a w into their own hands.

"We will hunt you down, should you commit murder, and we will prove

our case.'

Mr. Abdulla ended his speech this morning at the botanical gardens of the

state urging community residents to marry only when the time is right.

"Marry yes, love yes, and always share your decadent moments with your

loved ones. Follow the commandments of the Bible, and you will have

a life of success.'


Image may contain: mountain, text, outdoor and nature



meets President Abdulla...!!

by Farida Kareem

(25 October 2026--FF News) South African President, Mr. Omar

Abdulla met earlier today with POPE NELSON, who has taken over

the reins of POPE FRANCIS since 2020.

"I am honored to meet the high-flying president in Abdulla. His work with

the Christian community in Africa, has assisted our message of peace,

tranquility, love, truth and joy. My meeting with him will be to bring a sense

of deserved pride and prayer in the homes of African's.' the POPE was quoted

as saying.

Radio VATICAN, said that the POPE's travel to AFRICA will be to bridge a form

of justice in humanity, the caring of children and the prevention of multiple


"The father had sent me to the soil of South Africa, to bring a message of pardon

for the sins that we have committed, the introduction of stricter teachings amongst

our youth, and our war against ISLAMIC STATE MILITANTS.' the POPE further

said in his speech.

President of SA, Mr. Omar Abdulla who greeted the POPE at the hostile

Union Buildings added that the work that the POPE was doing for African's

was good, and his message should not pass our attention.

"POPE NELSON, is in South Africa, to represent the Christian community of

South Africa, and his message has always been a fatherly message to the



Father, William Wallace noted to Footprints in Pretoria, that POPE NELSON,

had preached that war is a defeat of humanity and as the family goes, so

does the whole nation, and if we as South African's have quality families,

South Africa will be a better nation.

"When nature is viewed solely as a source of profit and gain, this

has serious consequences for humanity. I ask all South African's that

you rule your country not by wealth, but by love.' he further gasped.

The history of The Vatican stems since the birth of JESUS CHRIST, more

than 2000 years ago, and since then past popes of the world include



"Rome has always been the birthplace and follower-ship of The Vatican. The

POPE is known as the highest and most profound member of the Church.'

The ROME TIMES, reported that the meeting of POPE NELSON and President

Abdulla was to strengthen ties of friendship and follow ship.

"POPE NELSON will be giving the same message to all his destinations of his

World Tour, and is said to be against wars against humanity, standing with

prayer as the greatest form of motivation, and sticking to President Abdulla's

negative approach for the mixing of cultures in marriage

and same sex #marriages.'

The POPE and President Abdulla shook hands after meeting saying that the

world was in war with itself, and that if we learn to respect each other,

forgive each other, have dreams for each other, and pray for each other,

everything will be realized.

"JESUS had laid a footprint to install a message to humanity. Reading the Bible

daily, is the key to success in this life, and the hereafter.'



by Sakeena Joosub

(1 October 2026--FF News) The Exclusive Interview held with me,

and President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla was to be held at his

residential home, in Cape Town.

I am a young business-woman producing a documentary of South Africa, and

the presidents that have led South Africa to what she is today.

South Africa was originally created from the footprints of Homo Naledi 65 million

years ago, when the EARTH was joined as one continent. South Africa was then

developed into a trade nation from the Centuries where tribal leaders had led the

country to develop African habitat of pride, arrogance, love, vision and #style.

"Perhaps the first known African leader was Shaka Zulu, and later state rule

had developed by past presidents of South Africa including President Stephanus

Schoeman, President Paul Kruger, President Nelson Mandela, and now President

Abdulla.' said a SA resident.

Wearing his 'spunky; funky,'  Lanvin suit, the president spoke softly that his approach

to leading South Africa, was in the 'safe hands,' of the people who 'fought; thought,' for

a better future.

"Even before, I became the President of South Africa, I had a vision that I would one

day lead the country at the helm. I have fought challenges with BANTU and Afrikaner

leaders, I have 'sustained-'n-maintained,' records of appeal from

government employees,

and I have tried to keep my wives happy.' he joked.

When I asked him questions about his approach to The African continent and dealership

of dealings with internal Ministers and his level minded approach to business he


"FEAR AND GREED, have always looped South Africa as the leading country in

Africa. I have just been like a Captain that steers us in the right direction. I have

always kept positive ties with my Ministers and have managed them well, to

keep markets as Capitalistic as possible.'

The Sakeena Joosub SHOW is created by Miss. Sakeena Joosub, and interviews

residents, presidents, leaders and Ceo's of all major companies and personalities

around the world.

"I would love to meet president Abdulla as he is the most-talked about leader

in the world.' beamed, a Chinese resident.

After smoking a Cuban Cigar in the presidential lounge of The Abdulla Castle,

the president said that leaders around the world including President Fidel

Castro, President Barack Obama, President Pranab Mukerjee, President

Winston Churchill, President Dilma Rouseff, President Paul Kruger and President

George Washington had all played a footprint to his leadership.

"I always believe that The Lord, has put you where you are, because you are

meant to do your best at your job. God, has given me the job to lead South Africa,

by being a friend, and doing the best for the greatest amount of people.'

South Africa, is divided into E I G H T provinces, newly merged provinces,

renaming of certain districts and has become a major player in world markets,

in the fields of construction and building, leadership and management,

service and repair, farming, technology and advancement, health and safety,

Education and Training,

and over 555 other sectors, that make it one of the giants of the #world.

"I started with a small shop selling groceries, and today our brand owns

9600 stores across Africa.' said Ceo of Pick 'n Pay, Mr. Thomas Ackerman.

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla who smirked at photographs

being taken and was getting ready to travel to The United States, hushed me,

that I should rush the interview as his plane was waiting.

"I have to run Sakeena, and you keep stalling and stalking me. I have to make my


to move on.' he smiled.

Anyways, after telling his pilot that our interview will be two more hours, I lined

up the most important questions to ask him, that you the viewer had wrote in.

Many questions that viewers asked me to ask him was his ongoing relationships

with The United States, his take-over of Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia and Swaziland,

and his creation of a "Noah's Ark,' on planet #Mars.

"You know Sakeena, these are questions that you should research, because I have

answered many of these questions before...

Before I took over as president, I walked

the streets of South Africa learning about the people, but I also learnt that South Africa

is a 3rd World country developing into Western culture. I have been always supporting

people who focus on their dreams and leading with the end goal in mind. Fancy decorations

of life should not fool you, and once again, I have always said, that we have taken over

our neighboring countries to use their resources and manpower to strengthen our military,

our economy, our production, and our exports."

The South African Economy is bridged @ an annul turnover off R700 trillion rand,

that is often shoveled through credit and promises of purchase, with a negotiated

percentage of GOLD, held at The South African Reserve Bank.

After being served grilled prawns in the dining-hall he said that his presidential home in

Cape Town, as one of his homes of his, and this one is

that President Nelson Mandela owned in 1992.


"He is the forefather of South Africa, and after taking over the reins of South Africa

in 2023, I have just got settled into my leadership role. Many thousands said

crime will kill us, our economy is skewed, we have high HIV rates, and our unemployment

rates are at its peak. Together with my Ministers, we meet on a weekly basis, to propel

'new levels,' of production and growth.'

South Africa l i e s on The Southern Tip of Africa and is bound by The Indian and

Atlantic Oceans, making locations The Western Cape and Kwa Zulu Natal,

the most

beautiful locations with inland cities Gauteng, Polokwane and Limpopo the

farming and finance sectors of the country.

"The country is one of the best in the world. We have the right produce of

all, and we have created a balanced effect with manufacturing and production.

We see the future focus of growth with military, education, finance, and

mining.' said Minister of Defense, Mr Yusuf Tayob.

As the President takes a jog and a quick swim around his Olympic pool, he says

that his plane is waiting and still has to meet with US President, Mr. Adam Smith.

"President Smith and I will be working old ways of getting clearer focus on terrorism,

better understanding with The United Nations and the selling of 872 South

African military aircraft to The United States.'

Mr. Abdulla is said to have s t a r t e d with his 'presidential memoir;' after completing

his studies at The University of Johannesburg, and later working for well-known

companies, that developed his brain into leadership and business.

"They say dreams are fair, and when one passes you that you will

one day become

the president of our country scares you. After I got married to my wife, we had

two children, then I started campaigning towards the

president. I worked with

Whites, Blacks, Indians and Coloreds all around South Africa,

who advised me

on their 'taughts; thoughts,' to make a difference to your community.'

President of SA, Mr. Omar Abdulla further elaborated the modern history

of South Africa, where South African's were forced to secluded districts

and forced to perform to military South African leadership, Apartheid.

"Many of our people are old fashioned, with many of them still holding

old SA flags outside their homes. Many say that they lived better, whilst

others say that the new South Africa, is somewhat more democratic.' he



After being k i s s e d by his wife, Mr. Abdulla gets ready to leave Cape Town,

and it is said that he will arrive in The United States, within eight hours.

"South Africa has always been the leader in Africa, but we still have to learn. Like

you Sakeena, and the many viewers who watch your show, we have to learn

each day, love each day, become better, and my trip to The United States, will

be to bring 'new-found,' software that will inspire the many millions of our


The Sakeena Joosub SHOW who 'begged+pleaded,' for 30 minutes more time

of the president, said that he will take a few more questions from the public,

before we end our interview.

Many thousands of South African's had further asked the president his view

on the bombings in West Africa, his negotiations to re-look at the constitution,

and his opinion when it came to immigrants.

"South Africa has always had a friendly hand to our fellow friends who visit our

countries. We have always made it easy for our immigrants to live in South Africa,

we are thinking of bringing back the death penalty, we have in negotiations with

travel companies to form 'red-light,' districts, and our opinion to the bombings

in West Africa, is that we will play a role if our brothers or sisters force each

other upon each other.'

The Abdulla Administration is made off 447 Members of Parliament that meet

once per week, behind closed doors, and for media purposes on a monthly


"We have set targets of growth in all sectors including the Ministry of Health, Ministry

of Travel and Tourism, Ministry of Police, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education,

Ministry of Youth and Development, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture,

and other sectors.' he broom bed.

Nicknamed, "The uBuntu of South Africa,' Mr. Omar Abdulla ended the interview

on The Sakeena Joosub SHOW, saying that his message to

South Africa is that

they must continue watching my show, and that he is where he is today

because of his father.

"If you really want to get to know the hundreds of questions you have to know

about me, and how and when and who, read my presidential memoir; MY FATHER;

THE PRESIDENT, you will have a better idea of my message.'

President Abdulla is said to be married to two wives, from his mother traditional

culture of Muslim, and currently has four children, with a focus to have eight


"An old tradition in our family is that each Son, should have eight children. This

legacy has been passed on from my great grand father, to my  grand

father, to my father, so I guess I have big shoes to

fill.' he joked.

As the President, was flown off to The United States, one of his wives decided to

go with him, whilst the other further chatted to me.

"When I met Omar, he was a young punk who knew nothing about the presidency,

yet today he is Abdulla 'topz,' World Number One.'


President Abdulla "SPEAKS ABOUT,"


by Nashreen Ahmed Mohammed

(9 October 2026--FF News) President of South Africa,

Mr. Omar

Abdulla spoke earlier this afternoon on the sudden

9.2 Earthquake

that rocked Mumbai and surrounding villages of #India.

"I was farming the fields of India, when the sudden

Earthquake has

shook everything from buildings to vehicles. My properties,

farms, and

everything is lost.' said a Mumbai resident.


According to The Geological Times, the earthquake that struck at 08: am,

GMT, struck the coastal waters of The Indian Ocean, causing  tidal waves,

land slides, and principal stress.

"An Earthquake is the 'lifting; shifting,' of the Earths crust.

This earthquake

had caused the sea to OPEN UP, causing high speed winds, waves,

and massive destruction to crust faults.' said Scientist, Miss. Faheema


"The epicenter of the quake was at sea, and spread 900 KM inland. It is reported

that 602 300 lives have been lost.'

The Indian Sun, says that President Abdulla had sent 9000 doctors and

emergency staff to assist residents of India, with some saying that

this is the hardest earthquake since 1767.

"This earthquake occurred at sea, and spread onto land, creating 32M

high waves, destroying buildings and government owned assets.'

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla who called

Indian President,

Mr. Shar Rukh Khan, added that his emergency staff had already saved lives

in Bollywood and other villages inland.

"The quake was in sessions...The first earthquake was at 8:00 AM, and lasted

225 seconds. Then everything was calm. Then again the earthquake had spread

to the North of the city, lasting 342 seconds." said a local resident.

Speaking to Footprints in Mumbai, Miss. Natasha Gauri Mia noted that

the sectional division of land had destroyed over $1 trillion dollars

worth of property.

"India was starting to build herself up after World War III, and already,

we have lost what we have worked for.'

The University of Mumbai leaped that an Earthquake was a sudden

'fault-break,' between crust plates did not move in force.

"Mumbai's quake was caused by the North Indian Ocean plate, not

bridging with The South Indian plate. This banging together of plates,

had accidentally caused this natural disaster.'

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla ended that his thoughts

to President Khan, was a message of guidance and condolences.

"India has always been South Africa's trading partner through

merchandise and fashion. We will always lend our support to The

Indian government, for further reckoning with The International

Rescue Organization.'

The Mumbai Association of Health and Safety told

India Daily, that

the entire of the city is in destruction, and called the world for help.'

"Our hands are out to our neighbors and surrounding countries to

assist us in this time of mourning and rebuilding.'

Image may contain: text


SA's President, Mr. Omar Abdulla 'meets,'

The Celebrity Box...!!

by Taahira Chotia

(22 October 2026--FF News) SA's golden President,

Mr. Omar Abdulla

is said to have met The Celebrity Box, this evening,

to discuss ways of

promoting youth development, education, and

dreams among-st the

many millions of followers he #has.

Speaking on CNBC, President Abdulla added that meeting Kendell Jenner,

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Patricia Davidson, Former US President, Barack

Obama, Sakeena Joosub, and Shar Rukh Khan, was a message to 'the young; the

old,' to have d r e a m s and desires towards the #future.

"President Abdulla has always been my number one fan who has lived up to

the teachings of former and current methods of 'educating; employing,'


youth.' Miss. Jenner cooped.


Footprints in Hollywood   reported that President Abdulla had brought three South

African's with him on a talent contest showcasing 'beauty; brains, balls...'

"You cannot be a billionaire sitting behind a computer all day, waiting for

things to happen. The South African's that Abdulla has brought is to showcase

talent at The Celebrity Box.'

Miss. Sakeena Joosub, a medical doctor and multi billionaire said that she became

well known as a writer, a journalist, and a blogger.

"I started at the age of 23, with creative writing and blogging and my books

motivate millions of teenagers across the world. I have learn't through life

experiences that creative talent, weather it be art, decoration, entertainment,

or just 'clowning about,' is the footprint to release creativity.'

Former President of The United States, Mr. Barack Obama, laughed at

The Celebrity Box, saying that thousands of black comedians had tried

to impersonate him, but failed.'

"To be a true president of a country requires focus, focus, focus.'

President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla who attended The

Celebrity Box, said that hundreds of contestants had 'mimicked; mimed,'

different and fun activities, but the winning hand should be awarded

to Miss. Taylor Swift.

"She has won these awards for the l a s t five years in a row, and always

brings new talent to the media. She has proven that 'old is gold,' and that

beauty lies with simplicity...'

Celebrity News ended that The Celebrity Box, is an annul competition that

brings together talented up and coming stars, and old stars.

"This is always the talk of town, and the show tonight, has had viewers

throughout the world routing for their favorite.'

Other competitors including Alison Kells, Malison Dowry, Jason White,

Makhaya Sithole, Lauren Van Jaarveld, Michael Owens, Mandy Moore,

and Barry Chune,

are said to be taking part of the talent show.

"Hollywood is celebrating 'talent night,' tonight, and the winning of the

award has been awarded to Mrs. Taylor Swift Bieber,'

looped The Hollywood Times.



by Pandora's Box

(12 October 2026--FF News) SA's Hottest Hunk President,

Mr. Omar Abdulla will be attending the "#PRAYFORAIN,'

ceremony this afternoon, in the city of #Johannesburg.

"10 000 residents, including the president will all gather @ 12: 00,

to #Prayforain. We have not received rain for the l a s t 12 months,

and the country has lost exports, and assets worth R1.2 billion rand.'

reported News Now.

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, President of South Africa


Abdulla said that the country will come to a STANDSTILL @ 12: 00 for 12

minutes in a bid for #prayer.

"We will be gathering to #prayforain today @ 12:00, for 12 minutes. All people

who attend their schools, attend their universities, at their  workplaces,

or even at home, are all invited to #prayforain.' he was quoted as saying.

The South African Weather Service, reported that the twelve months of

'no waterfall,' has caused drought in certain provinces of South Africa

including The Free State and Gauteng.

"We have not had rain that has caused our cattle to die, our crops to wither,

and our dams run dry. The presidents attendance at the Fashion Football Stadium,

will be to bring their umbrellas in a faith for rain.'

The Polokwane Times, echoed, that the prayer for rain will be attended by

the president, The Holy father of The Batista Church, and rainmakers from

Kwa-Zulu Natal.

"These traditional leaders have all attended the #prayforain campaign today,

and will be a prayer for the heavens to open up.'

The South African Television Association gleamed that after the country came to

a standstill at 12:00, residents had stayed at the stadium, awaiting the heavens

to OPEN.

"God has listened to the prayers, as the Sun was forming dusk, droplets of water

lit the skies. We expect the rains to last for the next six days.'

Father John Davidson, chooned that the prayer by the president and himself,

was a valiant effort to bring what the country needed, with immediate effect.

"The entire country had helped us 'hold hands,' to bring the clouds of rainfall. We

are happy that our trees and animals lives will be sustained by this six day rain. If

you have a wife, take the week off, cuddle up, and watch cool films, because our

prayers to God, always get #answered.'

"I am already dancing in the rain.' whispered a JHB resident.

paris, tea, and muffin image


President Abdulla 'SPEAKS ABOUT,' European "Terror Attacks..."

by Francois Hollande

(22 October 2026--FF News) South African President Mr. Omar Abdulla

spoke earlier this afternoon, on the sudden killings of Europeans

in France, Italy, Germany and The United Kingdom.

"Eight cells made up of eight members, e a c h, had bombarded cities in Paris, La Monte

Le Chelle, Rome, Venice, Munich, Berlin, The highlands of Scotland, and London. Each

bombing was controlled by senior ISIS leader, Mohammed Al Moosa Akber, nicknamed,

"Al Akber...' said Reuters.

President Abdulla spoke briefly addressing Members of Parliament saying that the ongoing

war on terrorism was fought between ISIS and The West in a bid to bring Islamic teachings

to the #world.

"We as South African's condemn the sudden bombings and killings in these cities that

spanned 81 minutes, killing 511 innocent lives. Our emergency response to this sudden

terrorist attack against humanity is to offer support to the Europeans through this

mourning period.'

CNN reported that the sudden bombing was 'planned; plotted,' by "AL AKBAR,' who

sent his men, eight weeks into the cities, purchasing illegal bombs and ammunition,

and entering the borders through using bribes and refugees.

"ISIS has led the ISLAMIC STATE for the l a s t 20 years, and have claimed

tens of thousands of lives to prove a point to the West, that should their

rules not be practiced in the West, they will force change.'

Russian President, Mrs. Belenda Ballot, she noted that she had sent her

condolences to the the families of the dead, and once again, the world

is faced with stopping the war on terrorism.


"This attack against humanity affects all of us. Muslims have proved that

their teachings of 800 years ago have come to the party. Some of these

people are still living in the 14th Century, and we condemn this heinous

act against humanity.'

The United Nations Security Council, jolted that they had spent hundreds

of millions of dollars in the l a s t decade to fight terrorism, but this sudden

act, was quick and unforeseen.

"Clearly this act was planned by "Al Akbar,' who used his men to forge speed

through unique levels. ISIS has grown their membership from 2 million in 2011,

to 20 million, in today's times.'

911 cooed that the terror bombings took place in Europe, and this was caused by

Iraqi's and Syrians who fought for a better future for Muslims around the world.

"We were mauled to cities in Munich and Paris, where the bombings were planned

where gunmen were shot with automatic rifles, and grenade bombings. ISIS leader,

Ismail Dawood Al Jahidi took videos of him shooting the public, before posting it on

Footprints Filmworks. After posting his message that


HU AKBAR,' he detonated a suicide bomb and killed #himself.'


The history of terrorism was officially created on September 11 2001, where

terrorist leader, Osama Bin Laden, planned attacks in The United States.

"We have had far worse acts of terrorism through the Nazi's in the World War,

but these acts of terrorism by Muslims, are created because of wealth and the

greed of pride.'

President of SA, Mr. Omar Abdulla said that 16 South African's were among the

dead due to this deadly terrorist attack, and formed negotiations with the G20,

saying that the ISLAMIC TERRORIST rule of AL SHABAAB, was being spooked

by Africans.

"When Osama Bin Laden was killed on 2 May 2011, more than 2000 terrorist

bombings have occurred...Al Qaeda was broken up into ISIS in The Middle East,

and Al Shabaab in West Africa. Our association to West Africa, is that should terrorism,

be invited to South Africa, we will shoot to kill.'

As the eerie silence of mourning and grieving sparked through Europe, many Europeans

have said that they FEAR for their lives by these terrorists and as they show acts of

kindness to help Muslims to their countries, they have spooked their borders for

the next ten years, not to accept any Muslims, even for business.

"We have closed our borders to local and international Muslims, as they have

sparked national terrorism. ISLAM does not teach acts of terrorism, and acts

against humanity.'

The ISIS website confirmed that today's terrorist attacks in EUROPE was the

responsibility of their people, and promised further strikes against Europe,

after Syrian president, Mr. Farhad Al Assar was killed.

"This attack today was a revenge against Europe after airstrikes by FRANCE,

that killed our president.'

CNBC concluded that this attack could of been stopped, as when POLICE stopped

a White Ford Ranger on the borders of France, the vehicle was equipped with

explosives, a map of the attack, but the vehicle shot at Police, and sped


Footprints in South Africa, ended that any acts of terror in South Africa, or Africa

will not be appreciated, and the full extent of the law will be practiced should residents

practice #terrorism.

"Many hundreds of Muslims have received letters from The Islamic State of Iraq,

to join forces...They are promised that should they die, they will die as martyrs,

and be rewarded with 40 virgins.'



President Abdulla 'arrives,' in SUDAN...!!

by Cassandra Ottayyo

(21 October 2026--FF News) SA President, Mr. Omar Abdulla is

to arrive in Sudan this evening at the Nayala Military Air force base,

as part of his North African Tour of Ethiopia, Sudan, and Somalia.

"We are in negotiations with the construction of 20 000 South African

businesses in the fields of building and construction, schools and universities,

retail and wholesale, technology and modernization

and stock traded companies. Our investment of R200

billion rand in these countries will increase yearly GDP by 108% per annul, for

our African partners...'

The Ethiopian Sun, pooled that President Abdulla's 21 day tour of North Africa

was to invest in Africa with a 'hands on,' approach to

South African investors, and the donation

of R45 million rand, as "Free START UP CAPITAL...'

"This initial free capital will jump start Ethiopia and provides for effective spending,

and constructive growth in poor sectors of Africa.'

Speaking to Footprints in Sudan, Sudanese President, Mr. Solomon Yonas, he said,

that the arrival of the president, will allow a relaxation of trade between South Africa

and Sudan, and a welcoming bid of #businesses.

"South African businesses including Pick 'n Pay, Sasol, Devland Cash and Carry,

Tigerbrands, MTN, Standard Bank, Footprints Filmworks and Oxford Investment

Holdings are part of the 20 000 businesses that will be opening in Sudan.' he


The National Tabloid booned that South Africa had remained the leader in Africa

with a steadfast pattern of growth and assistance to African countries.

"90% of people in North Africa do not own a computer. 67% of people in

North Africa live on less than $8 dollars per day. 55% of people in North

Africa have no sanitation or access to electricity.'

President Abdulla ended his meeting with the Sudanese president saying that

the opening of 20 000 South African businesses was incentive based as many

of the people employed by SA businesses will be local staff, with a partnership

deal that benefited all parties.

"South Africa will be holding a large majority of shares in these companies,

and offers a win/win partnership for all parties. The West, have used South

Africa as a loophole to market their companies including Mcdonalds, Coca

Cola, Wal*Mart, Pfizer, American Tobacco, Nationwide Brands, Electric Express,

David and Goliath Accountants and Kentucky Fried Chicken to act as frachises

for them. We have purchased the international rights of hundreds of international

brands to further develop in unknown markets.''

First Lady of Mr. Abdulla, Mrs. Monica Abdulla said that she is no Princess Diana,

but will be visiting HIV infected hospitals in Sudan, feed the old age, and perhaps

take a walk with Lions.

"I have loved the African beauty lifestyle of Sudan, and whilst my husband will

be mingling with world leaders, I will view underprivileged locations in North Africa,

and enjoy a hot spa at the hotel.'

The President is said to continue his tour of North Africa, by building business

relationships with African's with growth potentials that will benefit all parties


Image may contain: 1 person, text


President Abdulla 'attends,' The One World Order

General Meeting...!!

by Shariefa Van Jaarsveld

(18 October 2026--FF News) South African President, Mr.

Omar Abdulla is said to attend the four day One World Order

government meeting between 800 of the worlds greatest

presidents, businessmen, leaders and managers.

"The One World Order council was created by South African President,

Mr. Omar Abdulla and he chairs the organization that hosts world

leaders at discreet locations.' said The National Times.

Speaking to CNN, President Abdulla said that the four day meeting

will be held at a discreet location for security and privacy.

"After hundreds of terrorist attacks and after the World War, we

have decided to report to the public, after our meetings and discussions.'

he was quoted as saying.

The One World Order government is a 'sacred; secret,' organization created

by eight of the World's greatest leaders, and talks relate to current and future

talks, locally and #internationally.

"L a s t year's meeting was held in Denmark, at a Copenhagen hotel, where we

discussed methods of bringing down pollution, business expansion in Africa,

and the cross relationships between neighboring countries.' said US President,

Mr. Adam Smith.

Speaking to Footprints in South Africa, local resident, Miss. Mishka Johnson,

she coiled that South Africa had grown 'leaps and bounds,' with President Abdulla,

and last years meeting brought life to the country by the improvement of business,

and the networking of friends across nations.

"Trade deals have been fought, new technology is being advanced, and our

rand has become stronger against The American dollar.'

Astronomer, Mr. Riaan Scholes, he pealed, that he will be attending this

year's SUMMIT, as the organization was seeking knowledge on exploring

the planet Mars, and the improvement of satellite services internationally.

"We have improved our external satellites and have formed a "Noah's Ark,'

for the world on planet Mars. I will be attending to advice the panel on my

discoveries and my establishment of further sciences, OUT OF EARTH.'

Sky News, reported that this year's One World Order government

was the negotiations

of six dungeons being built for crime and terror criminals, the re-building of

Somalia, Iraq, Syria and Brazil, and the creation of healthier lifestyle opportunities.

"After the plague that killed 540 000 Brazilians our children and youth are starting

to rebuild Brazil, by selling our forests to international partners. We have dropped our

international fragrance by rebuilding Brazil, from within.' said a Brazilian businessman.

Speaking to Footprints in Syria, local residents said that already $200 billion dollars have

been invested into the country after the defeat of ISIS, and the outright purchase

of Syria, by Jordan, Turkey, South Africa and Indonesia.

"The people of Syria have chosen our leadership council to re-build their democracy

using our Muslim methods, without the terror rule of ISIS. The assistance by The

One World Order, has brought system and order, to our country.' said Syrian, Mrs.

Suraiya Mahmood.

President of India, Mr. Shar Rukh Khan concluded that President Abdulla was

his 'most favorite,' president after opening their borders for trade, and his

assistance with The One World Order.

"I am worthy of this year's meeting and will bring forward to the table strict

global laws that we should inform to our residents, new forms of leadership,

and the embrace of climate change legislation.'

The One World Order Organization is held by a chairperson, and seven sacred

members who cast votes on rules and regulations for capitalistic and communist

countries around the world.

"Everyone knows that President Abdulla is the organizations chairperson, but no-one

knows the rest of the leaders, as these leaders vote count when passing legistation

to trade, rescue, international decisions, and outboard decisions that influence

a continents


up, balloons, and sky image


President Abdulla 'arrives,' in PAKISTAN...!!

by Bedrunissa Kharbhai

(23 October 2026--FF News) South African President, Mr. Omar

Abdulla arrived this evening in Pakistan, in what seems to be a

long list of discussions with the Pakistani president, Mr. Mahomed

Mohammed Ahmed Lakhi.

"We are meeting to discuss South Africa's investment of R20 billion

rand in the country, we are liaising with the Pakistani public for

further development in their country, and we are in talks of

forming stronger barter and trade deals.' said the president.

President of Pakistan, Mr. Mohammed Ahmed who shook hands with

the SA president said that this was his first time he had met the SA president,

after seeing his commercials whilst #campaigning.

"We have stayed on the right side of leadership in our countries and whilst

Abdulla discusses trade and business, my agenda will be to use his resources

to find wanted terrorist killers, including Suhamya Khan, Nusrat Afridi, Tariq

Talha Aziz and Mukthar Muhammed.'


Ceo of The Pakistan Peoples Bank (PPB), Imaam

Ubaid Siddick Ramatula, noted

that South Africa was investing into Pakistan, as the

country saw opportunity

for growth in an upcoming country.

"We look forward to South Africa's investment, and will use the funds to extend

credit to our people, and further housing development.'

The Lahore Times, justed that President Abdulla's visit will be to improve the

educational system of Pakistan whilst seeing the opportunity for growth in

manufacturing, farming, construction and finance.

"President Abdulla sees these markets as niche markets to improve growth

for SA investors. He is using a large chunk of his foreign investment spending

on this investment.'

Speaking to Footprints in Lahore, local resident, Miss. Faaiza Hajee Hurzook, she

coiled that President Abdulla's visit will enable her to better her education and

get a job.

"Many of 200 million Pakistani people who live here are uneducated and do not

posses real knowledge to have a fair paying job. His investment into Pakistan

will enable a better future for all of us.'


President of South Africa, Mr. Omar Abdulla said that his four day visit to

Pakistan will be to mingle with society and offer his military support to find

terrorists who were creating destruction in The Middle East.

"South Africa will always offer a lending hand to bringer of peace in The

Middle East, and we have always thought of peace and love, between

our nations.'

Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Errol Fatherbright who concluded his statement

to The Pakistani Sun, says that President Abdulla's visit will be to show a return

on SA investors money, for further development in South Africa.

"The profits we generate in Pakistan is two folded, and we have purchased

many of their companies, with profit sharing incentives to their people, a

win/win deal for all.'



"PYAAR, PYAAR, PYAAR,' is an international Indian FILM, produced by Footprints Filmworks and associate

companies...Footprints Filmworks has taken on the PROJECT of the film from March 2016-October 2016,

with full international rights to shareholders and partners...Investors START off @ R100 000-00 ea, with

all shareholders granted access to dividends and profits once the FILM is distributed. The estimated

cost of the FILM is only R8 million rand. Investors and partners are welcome to call our HEAD-office

@ 0123742668, or 0815988000, for more INFORMATION. Kindly view or for more INFORMATION.

INVEST. SHARE. ONLY WITH Footprints Filmworks...

*All information of Footprints Filmworks is FICTIONAL.





Main Actor (Omar Abdulla--Raj Malhotra)

Main Actress ( Priyanka Chopra--Devi Sirdath )

Film Director ( Akber Abdulla and Aamir Adroos)

Sub Main Actress ( Sakeena Joosub--Mariam Sirdath)

Sub Main Actor ( Mohammed Tayob--Aarish Naidoo)

Sponsors (to be included in script)

Script Director ( Jessica Wilson)

MUSIC: (created by SA artists and ACTED OUT)

Film Production  (Maximus Productions and Footprints Filmworks)

Costume Designer ( Decadent Costumes)

Catering (Ferial Khan Catering)

Film Lighting and Editing (Universal Productions)

Location Manager (Faaizah Kalla)

Financial Manager (Azeezah Moosa)

*Special Appearances: Riaad Moosa, Bala and Peru,

Zain Bhika, Shar

Rukh Khan and Leon Schuster.



The FILM "PYAAR; PYAAR; PYAAR,' is filmed in eight locations around

the world, but managed @ our Head-offices in Pretoria...The film has (30)

SHOTS, each comprising of approximately 2-13 minutes each. The film is

SHOT in beautiful locations in Cape Town, (for the song,) a nightclub in

Sandton, (for the song) and various other locations including London,

New York, Rio De Janiero,

and Cairo...



Footprints Filmworks is an investment company that invests

into internet media, print media, text media, FILM and distribution.

The company was originally created by Omar Abdulla to become a

leading FILM production company that PROMOTES INDO-ASIANS

AROUND the #world.




Selena Gomez - Good For You

with Footprints Filmworks

Footprints Filmworks owns the film company name; Pyaar Productions

that produces

the film; "PYAAR; PYAAR; PYAAR,' where shareholders are offered an opportunity

to take advantage of the film, with shares OPEN @ R100 000-00 ea, with the

company going BUST @ 2018...All profits and dividends are to be paid once

the FILM has been distributed.

Pyaar Productions is fully backed by Footprints Filmworks which owns the

majority shareholding in the company with shareholders who choose

to partake in the celebrity lifestyle of the media.


Story Line

"PYAAR; PYAAR; Pyaar:"

               For the sake of the children...

The protagonist RAJ MALHOTRA, thinks that the world revolves around him,

as he is the hottest guy in University, drives a Ferrari, and is often called a

'pretty boy,' by girls who worship him. He lives with his father and mother, and

comes from a poor family in New York. After the bombings of 9/11, Muslims were

neglected and he was forced to borrow his friendship from women who

cared less. All he wanted as he sat that Friday Afternoon on the park-bench,

was to 'fall-in love...'

Wearing a Summer Dress, and picking flowers from The University flower shop,

Devi Sirdath feels that she

is humbled by the 'most-popular,' guy on campus, but still feels that the struggling Muslim,

should stop flirting

and allow his heart to mellow.

Once the couple are introduced and share a Coca Cola Drink, they talk about

what does love really mean, the importance of love in a relationship, and develop

a rapport of love between them. They often share kisses in the rain, dances in the

moonlight, and develop a secrecy to their love.

Raj discovers that Devi enjoys walking the dog, playing piano, cooking and occasionally

being funny, whilst Devi learns that Raj was slowly s t a r t i n g to 'like;love,' her, that

he enjoys Justin Bieber and sometimes enjoys hiking.

(ACT I-Scene 4) 21 MINUTES OF FILM...



They say that you 'fall-in-love,' once, and once you fall in love, you should hold

onto that feeling for the rest of your life...After holding hands, special moments,

and deep conversations RAJ and DEVI discover that love is between two people only,

and not the rest of the world. Whilst they were both studying for the next two years

at The University of New York, they started to understand each other, often watched

the stars on the bunk of the car, and spoke about how one day they would get married,

have children, and live in large homes.

New York @ the time was becoming a community that hated Muslims, and were being

forced out by President Donald Trump, and RAJ's family were forcing him to

leave The United States, for opportunity in South Africa.

room, bedroom, and light image

 At completing his degree at The University of New York, aged (23), RAJ is forced to moved to South

Africa and find a job as there were no opportunities for Muslims. Cap in hand, he tried to propose

to DEVI, but her rival father disagrees to their marriage and has a gangsters of his neigh-bood

try to force him out of New York.

RAJ discovers that he loved DEVI openly and honestly, and although he has nothing

but a University degree and two pennies in his pocket, he has to say goodbye

to DEVI for the sake of class.

DEVI comes from the richest class of Muslims in New York, and her family is often

financed by Saudi Arabian investors and live the quality of life that her family

wanted only for the rich. RAJ flies to South Africa and he is forced to move on

with his life, while DEVI continues to live in New York.

"Raj is so handsome, he makes my heart skip a beat.' said one of

Raj's friends.

During ACT II, as they form a relationship with each over, over the two years,

the FILM is shot @ special locations in New York and form the starting point

of WHAT LOVE really is.


Image may contain: one or more people and text



After five years that has passed, DEVI SIRDATH's family has now chosen to withdraw

their investments in The United States, and follow the refugee move to South Africa.

They sell everything and move to South Africa, Johannesburg.

Devi Sirdath is now a 27 yr old medical doctor, has the personality to match

the stars and somehow still feels that her move to South Africa, will be a move

to meet her old flame RAJ.

"He is the only person who has really loved me, and I always feel for

him.' she tells her father, Mr. David Sidtharth (played by Shar Rukh Khan)

After settling  in South Africa, she one day listens to the radio that RAJ's

studies at The University of New York has paid off, because now he is

known to be "The Wolf of The JSE.'

"He will be attending a signature meeting on Friday in Sandton, and all

guests who are listening should attend.' said the broadcaster.

As Devi listens to the broadcast, she is flash-backed to the deep memories

she shared with RAJ, their giggles behind closed doors, and her feeling

that he is the only one for her. She does research about him, finding out

that he has grown since he left New York, has moved in with a Japanese

girlfriend and is living the high life...

"When he left his parents in New York, he lost his true tradition of Muslim.'

she thought.

Dressed to the nines in his navy blue suit, RAJ still looks ever so good-looking, and whilst speaking

on stage he notices DEVI in the corridor. Her hair is curly, and she grins at him.

"I will meet you later for coffee.' he whispered.

Enjoying a cup of Koffee @ a Japanese Garden in Sandton, she says that she always watched

him, and when her father suggested a country to move too, she suggested that South

Africa be the ideal location. They continued to discuss how the last five years went, and

how she completed her medical degree, the disgrace that Donald Trump brought to

The United States, and their age old relationship.

"Do you still love me," she asks.

"Yes I do," he replies.

"My father has left me to myself, and I still love you. We have always

been spontaneous in New York, and lets get

married on Sunday." she looped


"Will you love me forever RAJ,"

"Through your Dreams Devi,"

ACT III has three songs, one shot @ a nightclub in SAND TON, one

in the deserts of Cairo, and one on the beaches of Cape Town.

Image may contain: text

After the two get married, share two children together and often show the relationship

of a traditional Indian marriage, RAJ leaves The Johannesburg Stock Exchange and

joins David Sirdaths property business, and often shares jokes and pokes humor at

his wife.

"What will you do if I ever die." asks DEVI preparing a Briyani breakfast.

"If you die, I would never love another, because you only fall in

love once.' RAJ replies.

"You have given my daughter everything, and if she ever dies, you

should marry my other daughter. That way the love is in the family. I

want my grandchildren never to live without a mother, and Mariam

can fill Devi's shoes.' boomed David Sirdath.

Mariam Sirdath is a 'quicky; vibby,' teenager just graduated from school, has

the world of dreams in her eyes, gets along with her bhai, and often sings

carrels to the two children, packs their school lunches and takes selfies with

them. She is popular with her friends, has glamorous looks and is the chairperson

of the local book club in #Johannesburg.

As the ACT unfolds the story unravels of a traditional SA marriage with it's ups

and downs, the sibling rivalry, the father and son-in-law relationship, and each

day, RAJ finds more reasons to love DEVI.

As RAJ and DEVI cuddle before bed, they remember their days in New York,

discuss how they brought two cute children in the world, and how happy

they are in their marriage.

"I love you. Sweet Dreams.' RAJ looms.

"Switch off the lamp, after you read.' she replies.



The Sun rises in the East, and as RAJ prays his early morning prayers, he is

spooked by DEVI saying that it's already ten years that they are married,

have four children, and she still wants to get active on the kitchen counter.

"I love you so much Raj, I could never live a moment without you. You

make me so happy.'

"I hope the children are sleeping.'

RAJ and DEVI celebrate their ten year anniversary at the Malhotra House

in Johannesburg, greet guests and perform to romantic dances and often

friends of the couple keep giving their toasts.

"I was at their wedding, and they have grown more in love with each

other, too bad now RAJ is getting bald.' said a guest.

"To my sister, I admire the love you and RAJ share, and have always envied

how he loves you. I wish one day I could have the love you guys have.'

bridged Mariam Sirdath.

RAJ and DEVI enjoy a horse and cart trot, kiss passionatly and promise

guests that their love will last forever.

One Saturday Afternoon, whilst doing grocery shopping, DEVI calls RAJ,

saying that she will be home in 30 minutes, and he should put

the roast in the oven, so when the children come back from Soccer practice,

the food will be ready.

"I will be home RAJ, please prepare the meal.'

"Ok my love."

Four hours has passed and still DEVI has not returned home, with the little

son Adam asking for his mother.

"I want Mummy, I want Mummy.' the brat cried.

"Mummy will be here now, now baby, shhh.' RAJ cooed.

A knock @ the door saw the bleak face of Captain Melissa Kruger saying that

RAJ should come with her, as there has been an accident.

"She is dead.' Raj cried.




ACT V begins where the grieving Malhotra and Sirdath families, two of the

most powerful families in South Africa, cry the beloved death of DEVI.

Leaning on the shoulders of RAJ, MARIAM says that how will she ever

forget the love she shared with her sister, how will RAJ cope with FOUR

children, and how will her father David SIRDATH ever replace his daughter


"She was my role model, my best friend, my everything...'

The Funeral is held @ the Mosque of Edenvale, and hundreds of community

residents and personal friends mourn the death of DEVI, she was only

a young child, with the future written in the stars for her.

Six months have passed, and the children keep on asking where their Mummy

is, spend more time with Aunty Mariam, and RAJ has lost focus in his life, by

becoming an alcoholic, mingling with bad company, and neglecting his



"You really loved her, and she has taken everything out of you.' Mariam


"I love her, I miss her, and I believed that when she took my hand in

marriage it will be forever. How will I ever love again, Mariam.' he asks.

They continue chatting at the fireplace in the lounge and discuss new ways

of education with the children, his dreams of becoming the president of South

Africa, and can one still love another, and fall in love again.

"I have to move on, she is dead, and I need someone to care take my

children. My job is a father, to be a Lion, and I have to find someone who

can love my children as much as me.'

"Time heals all wounds, and I'm sure my father will help in finding

a way that everyone is happy.' she adds.


Mr. Aarish Naidoo, a friend of The Sirdaths says that he is worried about

RAJ, as he does not leave the pub, is often seen being alone, and has not earned

any money in the l a s t six months.

"At one stage, he was the envy of every person in South Africa, with his brilliant

returns on investments, the love DEVI and him shared, and the way they brought

up their children. He was the talk of town, and now is the talk of trash.'

"He is my son-in law, and we will find a solution.' said Mr. Sirdath.

It was a hazy and misty Monday morning, when Mariam hooters her Mini-Cooper

saying that the little daughter should come for Soccer practice, and that it's

already late.

"Come Fatima, Come, we getting late.' Mariam yelled.

At this point, RAJ says that Mariam should come inside as Fatima is still sleeping,

and should have a cup of tea.

"So how are you Mariam, I am still so lost without DEVI, she completed me.'

"Pyaar; Pyaar Pyaar..." says Mariam.

"What does that mean."

"Love; Love; Love...'

While Fatima is dressing for Soccer practice, Mariam says that he looks much

better clean shaven, atleast the house is newly painted, and asks him, if she

wants to join him for Hindi classes in Northcliff.

"It will take you out off the house, and get your mind in order, besides

you must be going banana's managing four children.'

She continues by saying that she always liked RAJ, and that he should cheer

up, smile, and know that everything will be alright.

"Love is a different language, and when you attend these classes with me,

you will maybe try to get your mind off my sister. I also loved her like you RAJ,

but we have to learn that she is in a far better place.'

ACT V is filmed in South Africa, has one SAD song, the death of DEVI, and

is included as part of the film SCRIPT.




This ACT begins where RAJ and MARIAM take the dogs and children for a walk, share an

ice cream together, RAJ is gaining his strength he once had, and Mariam is starting to

look flush. Their dogs ROMEO and JULIET back away, and run off into the park.

"It's been one year, that she is gone, and my love cannot even begin to OPEN.

I might look good from the outside, but my heart is torn in a million pieces. I

love her, and just wish that God, could bring her back.' he yelps.

At this point in the conversation Mariam takes her ice cream, messes RAJ's

face, and says that the secret to fall in love, is let go, and besides, why

is he complaining, he has a 24 yr old Aunty to take care of the kids.

love, quote, and grunge image

"It's not about taking care of the children, Mariam, it's about making love

again, feeling a close body who loves you, and sharing your most intimate

secrets with each other. I have become so angry and get upset with everyone

since she has died, I forgot how it is to love.'

"God gives all of us a second chance RAJ, and love requires patience, it

does not fall from the sky.'

They continue sitting under a tree watching the children play on the swings,

and share a Cold Drink.

"What are your Dreams Mariam..." Raj asks.

"My dreams are to fulfill my sisters shoes." she replies.

*They kiss under the tree, and a new love is formed....

ACT VI has one song shot in Rio De Janiero, where RAJ and MARIAM

kiss, and share their first intimate moment...Have they fallen in love

with each other...??



On that Autumn day in August, RAJ and Mariam decide to get married,

as they feel that it

will be the best for the children and a way of sharing their love forever.

"You promised my sister love forever, and you may not have her, but you

have me.' Mariam says.

"After she died, you rescued me from the doldrums, brought my smile back, and

your father seems happy that we have decided to marry. You make

me feel alive again...' he knotted.

"Raj, like you, you have also saved me, I enjoy chatting to you for long hours,

making love till the early hours in the morning, and you have completed my

sister, but you complete me too. I love you.' she quirked.

RAJ and MARIAM are married, grow DEVI and RAJ's children as their own. They travel

on cool holidays, send the children to school, and are helping each other towards

their owns dreams.

"I always wanted to follow in my sisters footprints by becoming a doctor, and

you wanted to study to become the president of South Africa. Lets hope this

marriage finds us each others dreams, and keeps us united forever.' said Mariam


At this point in the film, RAJ leaves SIRDATH's property business, opens a vehicle

modification business and is earning well, and while he is growing the family tree,

MARIAM is having children like it's going out of fashion.

"Pregnant four times in eight years...' said Doctor Meryl Mctintoch.

ACT VII is the primary marriage of RAJ and MARIAM, the finding of each other,

the birth of FOUR new children, and the death of Mr. David Sirdath.



"Fellow South African's, community leaders, and fellow friends and families, I

thank you for voting for me at the election polls in April 2023, and I hope that

choice that you have made in a president is right. I will deliver to my promises

as originally stated.' said President of SA, Mr. Raj Malhotra.

Malhotra continues his speech, watching Mariam from the front seat knowing that

without her, he could off never had eight children, and still managed to be

President of South Africa.

"My people, that First Lady in the front row is responsible for the person

who I am today...Sure, many have stood with me, but she has always been

the queen of my heart.'

As the year is now 2023, the grieving death of Sirdath, President Malhotra has now

left his businesses in the 'safe-hands,' of his wife, and grown children, and has said

that he once lay on a park-bench 'crying; waiting, hoping,' for his dreams to come

true, and it really has.

"I will never forget the person whom I loved first DEVI, and my marriage to Mariam

has completed my life in so many ways, that I feel the ghost of DEVI everyday. South

African's I urge you, before you care to take, rather give.'

Two weeks after the inauguration of the president, The University of Medunsa, announces

that Miss. Mariam Malhotra has won the personality of the year at the university by

mothering eight children, graduating with a medical degree and serves as a role

model to millions of South African's as First Lady.

"God knew that I needed you Mariam, and you took the risk in our love.'

said the president.

"She helped the president when he had nothing but a dream, and has completed

his life by being the best wife in the world.'

ACT VIII is the final ACT of the film, and ends with a message that love is the answer

to all dreams, whatever they may be, and that you should ALWAYS have the confidence

in your partner, no matter WHAT...

"Pyaar; Pyaar; Pyaar..."




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associate companies...

Kindly view for more information...

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       Taryn Pretorius released...!!

by Justine Davids


(2 February 2015--FF News) Thousands of residents from

the community of South Africa flocked to their screens this afternoon,

after footage of a University of Johannesburg student was released.

"She was going out with this guy from the University, and apparently,

they were becoming serious. On the 3:45 sec videotape that the

boyfriend made, the tape shows the couple having sex in his car. The

boyfriend had suggested to his girlfriend that they videotape the incident,

and soon the entire of Johannesburg and South Africa, got to get a sneak

peak of the incident." said University lecturer, Mr. Joshua Pillay.

Pillay says that it is not uncommon for University graduates to date each other,

and in this particular incident the boyfriend comes from a well-established

background in Lenasia.

"Ahmed has always been loved by the women on Campus, and this incident

has rocked the local community." he further croaked.

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, Miss. Taryn Pretorius says that she

has been dating Ahmed since October 2014, and always enjoyed

his sweetness and his ability to lead.

"I was attracted to him from the moment he first looked into my blue eyes.

This incident has rocked my boat because I have not given him permission

to distribute the video on Youtube and other websites. I have spoken

to a lawyer friend of mine, to sue him for the sales he has made,

selling the video."

According to lawyer, Mr. Ebrahim Dawjee, he says that his client has a valid

claim against Ahmed, after he leaked the video to the channel.

"We are suing him for defamation of character, we are suing

him for $3 million dollars in revenue and an additional $1 million dollars

in damages."

On the videotape distributed by Mr. Ahmed Patel from Lenasia, the tape

shows the driver of the vehicle, driving on the Freeway, and asks

for a BJ. His co-partner had agreed and he continued

driving, until they reached an undisclosed park. The videotape further

suggests that they parked off in a quite neighborhood where the boyfriend

had led his girlfriend to the back of the vehicle, asking if she had protection.

The women in the video said NO, and he continued undressing her,

until full penetration was established.

According to Mr. Ahmed Patel, he says, that he did not intend to leak the video, as

after the incident, he had showed his friends, and a distant cousin of his had

distributed the video.

"Why would I want to intentionally harm the relationship of my life. I love

Taryn with every heart beat, and she just makes me so happy. Sure, we

could off not made the tape, but now this hassle of people distributing

it on the net, has made me upset." he babbled.

Miss. Isabelle Jonas, a Medical student at the University told University News,

that Taryn had "just adored," Ahmed, and often wrote letters in his diary,

and left 'cool,' messages in his locker.



"When I watched the video for the first time, I was shocked to realize

that Taryn was actually doing those things. The boys in the class, were

holding their tummies and laughing, some of them were giving crude

comments, but it hurt me, because she is my friend."

Youtube who was contacted for comment say that the light sexual video

was purchased for $6 million dollars after the channel was spanning into

the adult industry.

"We were approached by a seller, asking a bid of $8 million dollars,

and since the video was well motivated, we agreed on a purchase

price of $6 million dollars. We are totally out of the inquest against

Miss. Taryn Pretorius because we are 3rd party buyers and distributors."

Mr. Ebrahim Dawjee, continued by saying that this is a crime against

justice, and will fight the likes of Mr. Patel.

"Justice has a sweet way of brewing and coming back to you. This

video will be upheld in the law, scrutinized by a Judge, and we

are asking for five years jail time."

Mr. Ahmed Patel concluded his statements to The Star, that he cannot

rest at night, because the law has come and eaten him.

"It was a real joke to make that video, and when I videotaped her,

I told her that it was for fun. This has totally been blown out

of proportion, and I hate seeing myself on video. All I want is Taryn

back, and being able to have her loving touch on my shoulder."


The key to /3u$iN3$$ Success...!!

by Caroline De Beer

(1 February 2015--FF News) Let's face it, whether you drive a Toyota

Conquest or a Ferrari Scuderia, people treat you according the vehicle

you drive, the castle you live in, the friends you associate yourself with

and the manner in which you lead your lifestyle.

According to one of Africa's 100 richest men in the world, Mr. Zuniad Moti,

he says that being 'super-smart,' and aware as the keys of success in


"I started off with nothing, my father did not leave a large business to

take-over. I started with a simple approach of customer service, true

heart-felt decisions and an aggressive approach at reaping rewards for

my investors."

Speaking to Footprints in Sandton, Moti says that he made his

first million rand at 18, lost it all at 21, and became a billionaire

at 33.

"I have two children, and most of my time is being spent with them. No

money in the world can replace the feeling of love towards ones

personal friends and families."


The Seaside Paper, noted that there are over one million millionaires

internationally and there are more millionaires today than ever before.

"More and more people are investing their time into improving the

quality of their businesses. People are spending into marketing, people

are investing into knowledgeable staff, people are experimenting with

new technologies and the education level in certain states in The

United States are some of the best in the world."

The Department of Finance in South Africa said in a statement that

South Africa's economy is skewed as many WHITE residents are

living in the upper umbrella as the majority of BLACK residents

are living below the bread line.

"If we educate our youth and provide awesome role models for

them to associate themselves with, we will see more and more

economy free bliss. The majority of South Africa has to be supported

by the wealthy minority of the country, to influence a balance in

the nation."

Mr. Sol Kerzner, who created his first CASINO HOTEL

in 1989, has spanned

to more than eight CASINO's in Los Angeles, Rustenburg,

Cairo, and


"The day my first wife divorced me, I made it a promise to myself to

do better, to provide a healthier lifestyle and by improving the job

market. Today, Sun International employs over 9000 employees,

creating a gross turnover of $400 million dollars per month."

He further states that it was not all 'glitter-'n-glamor,' as he remembers

how his wife laughed at him when he picked her up on

the first date.

"I remember my first date where I picked her up in an old beetle. I only

had R20 for the date, and when we eventually married, I lived off a salary

of R2000 PM for four years. When she divorced me after I lost my job,

I knew it was time to change, I knew it was time to make a difference. For me,

being successful in business is about planning, leading, organizing and maintaining

control, at all times."

The Womens Association of Business, Chairperson, Mrs. Anita Mcdonald noted that more

women are starting to 'wear-the-pants,' in the relationship as a normal household

required two people to work.

"The average salary in South Africa is R4883-00, whilst the average expense

per household remains at R8821-00. With this equilibrium, it is recommended,

that the woman of the household either have small businesses or support

their husbands businesses, or simply just be happy with the salary he

brings home."

Former Ceo of Telkom, South Africa, Mr. Rueben September, adds, that

as South Africans and managers of the businesses we lead, many of

us are not fortunate enough to own our own businesses and manage

other people's businesses to earn an income.

"Some of us are blessed with a business brain, some of us are blessed

with artistic brains, some of us are blessed with technological brains,

and well some of us, just don't have any brains. The key to business

success is read the newspaper daily, have a journal where you

plan and plot your day, and it's important to have a drawing board,

of the dream items you plan to purchase, like your dream home,

your dream vehicle, your dream income, all pasted upon your


Speaking to The Sunday Times, local businessman,

Mr. Sepho Dlamini,

noted that as South African's it's a tough neighborhood to earn an

income, keep the wife happy, pay the school fees and still have

enough money for savings and investments.

"South Africa has the highest tax bracket, and yet we live the best

lifestyle in Africa. If we stop complaining about the wrongs, and

look at the rights, we will discover that South Africa has so

much to offer, if we just ONLY look and see."

Another resident, Mr. Hendrik Potgieter noted that it's unfortunate

that money is the 'most attractive,' source to a woman, and having

no job or business has soaked his reasons to fall in love.

"I am extremely good-looking, yet in today's times, most women are

gold-diggers, looking for the gentleman who drives a flashy vehicle

and lives in a palace. I feel shredded that society only respects the

cheque-book and not the person."

Concluding his statement to The Highway Tabloid, Billionaire investor,

Mr. Warren Buffett says that the key to business success is not

putting all your eggs in one basket.

"Expenses rise to meet income. If we as local residents of the world,

earn an income of $1000 dollars, 60% should be spent on expenses,

20% on savings and the rest used for renovations and repairs."

The Business Magazine noted on their website that all of us go

through 'bulls-'n-bears,' in our lifestyle and the key to growth

in any form of business is management thinking, decisive action,

and the willingness to accept the result.

"Business is about risk. The higher the risk, the greater the reward.

If you are in your early twenties, it's good to be aggressive, because

if you loose, you can always pick yourself up again, if you are in your

forties, it's good to be mild risk adverted, and once you reach your

fifties, you reach your prime of business success, and normally this

is the age where we accumulate to our retirement. We should be

like cricketers spanning our time over the overs, and leaving enough

force towards the end of the match, so we can win the man of

the match."



by Shameer Tayob


(17 February 2015--FF News) Have you ever connected with

your soul...? Is your soul the ultimate root of attraction...? Can

your soul ever die...?

These were the questions posed to Hindu socialite Mrs. Manisha

Pillay on the eve of what seemed to be a ritual celebration

for Hindu's.

"The soul is the ultimate force of light. It is where our inner

feelings lie, it is where our origins lie, and it's where dreams,

desires, and decisions are created."

Miss. Pillay further elaborates that God created us in three

parts; namely-Mind, Body and Spirit or the father, the son,

and the holy ghost.

"All human beings are gifted with a soul, and whilst many religions

do not believe in re carnation, we certainly do. Some souls have been

newly created by God, whilst others were created millions of years ago.

We believe that what you created in your past lives, automatically is

re-created in this life, without any memory as such. From our experiments

done, some souls have lived through wars, some souls have lived through

our Prophets, and some souls are brand new."



Om Jai Jagdish Hare Aarti -

with Footprints Filmworks

Speaking to Footprints in Kroonstad, local resident,

Mr. Michael Samson

says that his soul requires motivation, and relaxation time.

"The most prized gift you can give yourself is the ability to love yourself. When

you mediate, your soul awakens, and all realizations are met."

The Department of Religion in South Africa says that we should spend a minimum

of 30 minutes per day, idling, and allowing our soul to search for the answers to

our challenges.

"Very often we are unsure about certain decisions in our lives, and closing

your eyes, and allowing yourself to connect with the higher power,

revitalizes energy for the entire being."

When asked by The Saturday Tribune, what are souls actually made off,

and who controls the soul, Miss. Natasha Singh from the Temple of Midrand

responds by saying that the soul is created out of pure light, and no single

beam of light is as strong as the soul.

"The soul is the banker of memories from past lives that we have lived. According

to our customs, we might off lived as a dolphin in the past, or a notorious serial

killer. The soul re-invents herself once the body has collapsed."

The Hindu Tradition is perhaps one of the oldest, and perhaps

one of the wisest noted Pastor Mukesh Govendar.

"The Hindu tradition dates back hundreds of years, where human beings

often gathered in large groups to get in touch with their souls. The best

way to appreciate and love your soul is through constant prayer."


About 24,000 results



Dhoom Taana - Om Shanti Om with

Footprints Filmworks

Imaam Yusuf Khalil Ebrahim, from the Mosque of Cape Town rebelled

that although different religions had a different

approach to manage ones soul, one has to remember that the soul

does not know the difference

between real and fiction.

"The soul does not know the difference between what is real and what is not real. That's why

when you have a grieving girlfriend searching for her soulmate, her power in her soul, attracts

the being "just right," for her. When our soul works in tandem with our mind and body,

all hell breaks loose, as our being is operating at 100%."

Another resident who spoke to The Gauteng Times, squealed at the notation that

the soul is the creator of circumstances and the bringer of good luck.

"What separates the Michael Jackson soul, to the average person who walks the

street. The difference is that the Michael Jackson soul probably went through

past encounters in his past life, that perhaps supported his ambitious dreams. We

all have this power within us, and it's just a matter of connecting."

Psychologist, Dr. Harish Mehta, noted that he has been studying the soul since

he qualified in 2003, and everyday he learns something new.

"The soul is a wonderful form of energy that can connect across time lines,

oceans and through millions of miles. My soul can connect with your soul,

it's just a matter of trust. Once the soul trusts the opposite soul, the intimate

part of the body takes over."

Spooky stories often show that a soul can be bought over by the devil,

or sucked out through the burning of the soul, yet scientists at

the University of Pretoria, fail to agree.

"The soul can neither be created nor destroyed but merely transferred. This is

the law of life. The only being able to destroy a soul, is God himself."

Mr. Gabriel Sithole, a local resident concluded, that very often he travels

abroad, and has no connection to his wife and children.

"I often go on business trips, and there are times where there is no

telephone connection. I lock into my soul, and bring across the energy

of my wife and children, and protect their beings through the transfer

of energy from my soul to their souls. Very often when I get back,

they notify me, that they felt my energy or seen me in a dream."

So, what are you waiting for...Get connected to your soul, and

start living and loving, because your soul is the fulcrum of your





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Month: February 2015.

*Footprints key searches is the number of unique hits

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searched in ANY search engine by any member who

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Destructive "FLOODING," CAUSES

                   HAVOC in South Africa...!!

by Rishma Koor

(17 February 2015--FF News) The South African Weather Service

issued more warnings to South African's living in The Northern Cape,

Eastern Cape, Western Cape and parts of Gauteng this morning,

stating that the 'flooding-risk,' has increased from 3 to 5, causing

major buildings to collapse, bridges to collapse, and hard driving

through the rain.

"We have warned South African's to beware stationary roads and

bridges whilst traveling the father nation. We have already spent

to the tune of R6 billion rand over the last year to repair and

renovate certain locations, and with the recent flooding's,

we expect more motorists to be stuck on the road,

and more homes filled with water." noted The

Department of Weather in South Africa.

Speaking to Footprints in Mooiriver, local Polokwane

resident, Mr. Adriaan Mcdonald says that he was traveling

from Polokwane to Kwa-Zulu Natal, when suddenly his

vehicle over-turned and crashed into a side bunker.

"The water levels traveling in Mooiriver is nothing under

disastrous. Four bridges have already collapsed, and it's

probably impossible to drive the N17 on the way

to Durban."

Another resident who spoke to The STAR, noted that this

Summer is perhaps 'the most,' skewed as during the day,

the sun bakes on the ground, and during the night, the

heavens open up.

"Yesterday, my family and I scooped hundreds of liters of water

out our home, and today it is flooded again. February has really

been a huge ordeal for most of us, as our homes have to be soaked


Miss. Tasneem Mia, from the community of Laudium, noted that

she works at Investec in Sandton, and often has to travel the

highways at 50KM/h.

"It normally takes me about an hour to reach work, but this month,

I have to leave almost an hour earlier not to be caught by the flooded

roads. It's a terrible thing, and government is doing nothing to

drain out the water off last night."

The Department of Water and Distribution in South Africa noted that the banks

of EIGHT major rivers including The Orange River, The Vaal River, The Limpopo

River, The Olifants River, The Breeds River, The Tugela River and The Berg

River all had to OPEN their banks to release the additional water in the


"Many of the rivers have a certain limit of water flow, and this February

we have seen unusual amounts of rain. We are in the scenario

where we are seeing Climate Change Legislation."

National Geographic reported on their website that over 300 000 fish

have died due to the acidic rain, and we are expecting an estimated

500 000 fish dead.

"The acidic rain kills the fish within an instant, as the rain contains

Sulfuric Acid which is harmful for the internal organs of these fish.

We have already seen hundreds of fish wash up to the bank,


Whilst hundreds of residents are stuck on the road, thousands

have their homes flooded with water, insurance companies

telephone lines cannot stop ringing.

"We have received the most amount of claims during the month

of February, with an estimated R800 million rand in losses, and

are expecting a further R300 million rand losses in March. We

have urged residents to beware driving roads that flooded,

and not to park in locations where hail can damage your

vehicle." noted a prominent insurance company.

Alberton Pensioner, Mr. Hannes De Kock joked

to The Metropolitan that whilst thousands

of residents drive on flooded highways, he just has

the reckoning of his wife to bear.

"When the heavens open up at night, so does my wife."

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'expected,' for South African's...!!

by Mishka Peera


(28 February 2015--FF News) The South African public has nicknamed

the ruling ANC party, The African National Criminals with members of

the community chanting "We want a better future. We want better

housing. We want better education.

We want, we want, we want." noted Sunday Sun.



Crying, Waiting, Hoping with

Footprints Filmworks

According to the newspaper, members of the general country

were putting up slogans "Hoot, if you want the ANC banned,"

with millions of traffic stammers hooting that they choose

a better future, for all.

Speaking to Footprints in South Africa, local resident, Mr. Leon

Mbatha noted that South African's were 'fed-up,' with crime,

fed up to have to loose investment deals in Nigeria, and

fed up with the loss of jobs in mining and financial industries.

He further noted that South Africa must introduce the death

penalty, lengthen borders with Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique

and other neighboring country's to support mechanisms to dwelling

SA from Apartheid.

Apartheid activist, Mr. Johan Van Staden says that he will shoot

the burglar who enters his farm.

"We have been robbed too many times, by having our sheep

stolen, our homelands lit by veld fires, and the occasional riots

and strikes. I am an old Afrikaaner, and will never let my farm

be stolen by people who do not understand the Dutch method

of business..."

Minister of Inter relationships and Police in South Africa, Mr. Daniel

Nkosi chuckled at the notation that South Africa might be slacking

in certain subjects including crime, high interest rates, racism and

other factors, yet the country remained the number one

in Africa.

"South Africa still remains as the global African leader, with

President Zuma attending all AU and UN meetings, annually."

In a conversation on BBC, President of South Africa Mr. Jacob

Zuma adds that as South African's the country has a long way

to go in terms of democracy and freedom for all. What the people

fail to understand that it took South Africa, 50 years from Independence

with The United Kingdom to become a roaring horse. Our economic

cycle will be sluggish, up until probably 2023..."

Journalist, Mr. Anton Van Vuuren, who interviewed prisoners in

all the major provinces of South Africa, says that The Correctional

Department of South Africa was in 'safe-hands,' of wardens who

prowled gangs in the prison system.

"South Africa has one of the cleanest and most affordable prisons,

with high-ranked prisoners granted the worst of conditions, and

prisoners who were awaiting trial a fair breakfast. Our country,

although despises crime, care for our people no matter what."

Miss. Antonette Grobler, from the University of Kuruman reported

that South Africa still remains a global leader in education ranked 71

from 81 in January 2014.

"Our people are slowly learning new forms of education, new

forms of learning, new forms of forming foundations and new

forms of educating themselves. We have tens of schools and

universities that make it their target to teach the youth,

and humor the old." she joked.

Government owned companies including ESKOM, TELKOM, Footprints Filmworks and

SABC, are said to hold investment from government through investments into

buildings, contents, proportional technological advancements, and the production

of higher quality food and produce.

"We find it our right as government owned companies, to educate our

people that the best way to earn an income, is through trail and error. We

provide hundreds of jobs to people who understand that majestic growth

is done slowly." said Chairman of Group Xenon, Mr. Ubaid Motani.

Durban based community leader, Mrs. Yolande Sebatha says that she

has been in the council for the l a s t twelve years, and everytime

government tries to improve a certain sector, another sector drops


"What government from the head is lacking, is inner confidence to

deal with the problems at bay. Let us bring back the death penalty,

let us legalize HIV medication, let us import foreign nationals to teach

our children, and let us not have puppets who lead our businesses."

Whilst millions of South African's laugh at cabinet broadcasts, many analysts

are confident that with the improvement of the housing sector and other

labor related sectors, more South African's will ever be employed by

December 2017.

"During the time of Apartheid, if we look at it proportionally,

during the years

through 1977-1982, most South African's were employed. We are

reaching the stage where more job opportunities will be avaliable

to the Man who walks the street."

The Department of Defense says that South Africa had purchased

88 fighter jets from CHINA, with the estimate to use the jets

to fight crime through drones and 24 HR CCTV footage on every

street corner.

Community resident, Mr. Isaac Mngeni grabbed at the idea that South

Africa was one of the best country's in the world, and till

today he can sleep with his window open.

Image may contain: outdoor

"I don't know know why people complain that crime is high. If

you live in the right neighborhood, never keep any arms, and

have freedom in your heart, no-one will harm you. Protect your

family, not by scaring them, but by loving them."

Cabinet Minister, Mr. David Joshi concluded that if we look at

South Africa for the future, we would look to the notation

that South Africa will be led no longer by a black man, but

by a man who actually stands for what the future holds.

"We are not sangoma's to predict our futures, but what we

do know, is that if we have a leader who will propel South Africa

to a better foundation of growth, we have done well."


Bridge collapses AFTER contract workers

fail in their workmanship...!!

by Ayesha Seedat

(19 February 2015--FF News) The South African suburb of Centurion

is in tatters this morning, after several calls to the 911 service reported

people being pulled from the river as the National Gauteng Bridge, located

in Pretoria, Centurion collapsed.

"We were lucky not be hauled by the crumbling layers of cement and

stone. We were about three kilometers from the bridge when we

heard residents screaming for their lives...When we further investigated.

we noticed that the bridge had collapsed into the river." says Mrs. Rene

Van Wyk, a local resident.

Speaking to Footprints in Centurion, local resident, Mr. Xolane Mbele

says that he had been traveling on the bridge since 2006, and in early

2014, contract workers had started to renovate the bridge.

"Hours of traffic could be seen during mid-day, as contract workers

spent hundreds of hours to repair and renovate the bridge. When

the bridge was newly opened in January, we all thought that it

would be a faster ride to work...Today's tragic loss, proves that

South African contract workers have failed to their highest delight."


The Department of Engineering in South Africa, says that they had

hired Shoshoholoza Engineering and Contractors to develop and build

the bridge and provided a tender for R24 million rand.

"The bridge is a major link between surrounding area's Laudium, Eldoglen,

Centurion, Lynwood, Brooklyn, Amberfield, Valhalla and Highveld. The collapsing

of the bridge further proves that our research when hiring out our tenders

has to be more focused." the department exclaimed.

Other furious residents noted to The Centurion Sun, that contract workers

who service our roads are sloppy to say the least.

"During the times of Apartheid, you would never see months on end to

develop a road, a bridge, or an estate...Our government has to sharpen

her pencils, if we really want to see growth in our country." noted

an angry resident.

Ceo of Shoshoholoza, Mr. Peter Kekane says that he was awarded the contract in February

2014, and completed the bridge in January 2015.

"We had used the best material to construct the bridge, and tested the bridge

against heavy rain water and massive trucks. Today's tragic loss, is not our fault,

as the bridge had sunk due to subsidence."

According to Centurion News, the paper reads that this is not the first

project that Shoshoholoza Engineering and Contractors have failed,

with a building in the center of Johannesburg collapsing in June 2014.

"This is probably the worst contracting company in South Africa. Everything

they touch turns to dust. We have had many other minor compliants

from residents from the work of this notorious company." sparked,

Mrs. Albertina Dlamini.

Mrs. Rosina Ndabele, a local Centurion resident, says that her daughter

works in Menlyn and often uses the Gauteng National Bridge to travel

to work.

"When I heard that the bridge had collapsed, I quickly called her mobile,

to which she did not answer. I later found out, that she had died in

this horrific incident." she cried.

Miss. Tasneem Goolam Rashid, from the community of Laudium, concluded

that she will never vote the current ruling party into power, as our

laborers are too illiterate to understand the power of construction.

"Just recently my boyfriend and I purchased some land together,

and we were planning to build a house when we got married. We handed

the architectural drawings to the contractor, and he tried to save

every penny on the tiles, stone, cement and roofing...Our dream home,

turned into a shatterbox, when we realized we did not get our monies



"Maulana Moebeen Haswari, PAY BACK THE MONEY,"


local residents...!!

by Aarifah Kajee


(9 February 2015--FF News) The local community of Overport

is in dis-say today, as local resident, Maulana Moebeen Haswari,

Chairman of the local Orphanage, escaped the Overport

High Court in Durban.

"The suspect was appearing on counts of 462 charges of fraud,

21 charges of money laundering and the performance of illegal

marriages and divorces, according to the South African Marriage

constitution." said Judge Rose Mashaba.

Haswari, who was due to face charges on a list of complaints

from the general community escaped the clutches of wardens,

by jumping barrier reefs, and threatening the public with a firearm.

"I was amazed to learn that the Maulana was arrested. He had facilitated

the adoption of my daughter from his orphanage, and had organized a marriage

for my son." chanted one resident.

Speaking to Footprints in Overport,  local housewife, Mrs.

Shamima Asvat says that she was having minor problems with her husband,

when she asked the advice of local Mampara Mr. Haswari.

"Haswari, never even considered marriage counseling. I just noted that

my husband is having financial trouble at work, and things in our bedroom

were not as rosy as it use to be, and he demanded that I seek a divorce."

she croaked.

According to The Islamic Law, any break-up of a love relationship is

punishment of the fire of hell.

"We should all try to mend bridges wherever we can, and this Maulana

is responsible for the destruction of hundreds of marriages. Only Allah

will bear witness to his evil and devilish deeds." noted community

leader, Mrs. Yasmeen Ebrahim.

Businessman, Mr. Moosa Bhidia, says that he had trusted the Maulana,

with R200 000 in cash to facilitate monthly expenses of the Orphanage.

"Within three months, the Maulana was at my door, demanding more

charity, because he could not look after the children. This was once upon

a time, a well-respected leader in our town, and today he is shamed,

by conning and tricking people with his long beard and false pretenses."


Maulana Haswari, who escaped the High Court today, has become a fugitive with local residents

saying that he probably eloped to Zimbabwe.

"The so-called community leader has friends in Zimbabwe, and has probably moved

across board. If our community listens to true community talk, this would off

never happened."

According to The Journal, the newspaper reads that the Maulana would organize

marriage proposals for the little children at the Orphanage with wealthy divorced


"He had played on the emotions of the businessmen, by providing attractive and

easy women, for the sake of marriage. These businessmen paid hundreds

of thousands of rands to the Maulana, to facilitate the illegal marriage."

Another resident, who spoke to Footprints in Overport, Mr. Hashim Katkodia,

says that Mr. Haswari had come 'cap-in-hand,' to him, saying that there

was no power in his building and the children were hungry.

"I had donated a sum for charity, and he kept on asking, and asking. This

man has put my faith against the true meaning of ISLAM, as his promises

and words, are totally against what he does. If this Maulana were

to ever contact me again, I will have my gangsters beat the hell out

of him, without even involving the Police."

Judge Rose Mashaba, noted to The Saturday Phoenix, that the amount

of crime in churches, mosques, charitable organizations and other

'donation clubs,' was on the increase.

"I have sent out a warning to our Police, that should anyone be associated

with this thug, he is armed and dangerous, and one should have a shoot

to kill policy with these thugs who destroy the image of South Africa."











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