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of Johannesburg...!!

by Farah Nazruddin


(25 June 2015--FF News) L E N A S I A residents are shocked to hear

the d e a t h of Fatima Choonara, a local Lenasia resident, South


`She was reported missing on the 17 June 2015, when she was attending

class at The University of Johannesburg. When her father called her mobile

phone it was not available. After probing for several days her black Ferrari was

found dumped in Pretoria, with her body found in a shallow grave in Diepsloot.'

says Police Inspector, Sepho Tshabalala. 

'After searching the Gauteng district, and offering reward amounts

of one million rand for information leading to her findings, she was

found in a nearby forest, by helicopters that located the body above

flashes of bushes and thorns.` he further added.

Speaking to Footprints in Lenasia, local father, Mr. Ismail Choonara, he 

says, that he newly purchased his 24yr old daughter a Ferrari, and

was shocked to hear that she had died.

`I had given her everything, and when Police informed me of the findings of

her body in Diepsloot, 'it brought tears to my eyes; it brought anger to my

feelings,' he jolted.

Forensic detectives who were called to the scene said that she was killed on

17 June 2015, after being brutally raped, stabbed, and shot.

`We are dealing with a psychopath that has no remorse for the people

that he kills. We are with the assumption that this could be the work

of serial killer `The Dark Horse,' who has killed before in Gauteng.`

reported The Hawks.

The Sunday Times, echoed that this is the 11th death of

'The Dark Horse,'

after mutilating his victims and dumping their bodies more than 150 KM from

their original death.

`He probably hijacks his victims from University or whichever location, 

rapes and kills his victims at another location, dumping their bodies,

far from their death location.` says Crime Investigator, Mr. Lawrence


After police doing their research on relevant media portals and stations they had

found the nickname `The Hottest Hunk,' on all eleven victims profiles.

'This particular nickname was found to be used by the perpetrator, and whilst

the head-office of Apple in The United States is providing us with data, we can

confirm that the perpetrator had a Twitter account that he used to lure

his victims.' says Captain Daniel Cronje, a local Commander in chief.

Whilst police had laid the cards down to The Department of Police that they

might be dealing with a serial killer, more information is needed to catch

'The Dark Horse,' as he uses a particular signature when he kills his

victims, and often places their bodies in a position to show his

sickness. We are working with forensic detectives and other biological

engineers to find this killer.` says Genetic engineer, Mrs. Sheila Oosthuizen.

Biological Engineer, Miss. Shazia Loonat says that after studying the semen

found on three victims bodies, she can deduce that it was the same killer

on all occasions.

`The other victims were too traumatized and we could not find any semen

in those victims. The ones that we have tested including Fatima's belong

to the same killer. From my studies, we have deduced that this was an

African male, in his late forties, and probably worked as a mine worker

or construction worker in Golden Gate, as some of the victims has the 

dust of the sand on their bodies.`



The L E N A S I A community has 'once again; once thought'  in panic as this is

the fourth resident that has died over the last six years.

`The killer preys on young women who are from Asian and White decent,

after 10 of the victims were in this category, with the other victim being

a foreign national from Russia. We are in hot pursuit of the killer, and the

community will do all that it takes to bring justice to this killer.`

noted Mr. Dinesh Lalla.

`The community will outweigh the police when it comes to crime, and

already the community has killed fifteen residents through stoning

and beating, and at times if police does not take the necessary action

to fight crime, we will.' concluded a Lenasia resident.

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 IS `The Cold War,` really over...??

by Farida Essa

(7 June 2015--FF News) Since Albert Einstein escaped `World War II` in Europe

in 1940, he went to senior American government members including President 

Roosevelt with a plan to `invent; innovate,` the nuclear weapon that could bring

a closure to #worldwarII.

`He had advised President Roosevelt that a nuclear weapon should be 

experimented with so that the war could end. He spoke to advisers

and scientists at The University of Washington, and in 1942, a secret

government operation, `The Gadget,' was introduced to promote

Allied powers against the Axis powers that sought the leadership

of Germany and Hitler.`

After experimentation with nuclear weapons in 1943, where the

nuclear weapons were kept below (-250c), the bombs were

tested above ground and below sea level.

The Saturday Times reported that an estimated 20 million people were

already killed by 1944, with a further 1 million deaths estimated

per month.

`Einstein together with President Roosevelt and senior scientists

at the university were happy with the test results, and chose

the option to invade Axis power, Japan at their military sites in

 Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and their plan was carried out in August

1945, killing 130 000 people.`

The `Cold War,` is referred to by historians as the period after 

World War II, and the super-powers that lead the world, including

the relationship of two of the biggest super-powers in the world,

The United States and Russia.


After 1945 and the War in Germany, that sought the loss of Germany, `The Cold War,` had

begun between The United States and Russia in competition to be `World Number One.`

`Both countries occupied land and territories around the world, and often competed in

space technology, nuclear warfare, biological experimentation, economics, management of

owned states and other sectors to prove to each other they were better.` says

UN representative, Miss. Amiela Sanders.

Sanders who further spoke to Footprints in The United States, says that the

`opposite powers,' of world, Russia and The United States had ruled the world,

during the cold war period after World War II

`They had often had arguments about communistic economics and power,

against the liberal and Capitalistic West. When The United States dropped the

nuclear weapons in 1945, and put the first person on the moon, it forced them

to follow suit with the introduction of similar concepts.`

The New York Times reported that whilst m a n y may feel that

`The Cold War,' is over, and the competition between Russia and

The United States is over, many still speculate that current presidents

of these countries including President Barack Obama and President

Vladimir Putin, cannot still see the history behind them.


`Although they are the two greatest super-powers in the world,

they will never threaten each other, but will lead devilish agenda's

to compete against each other.` says Moscow resident, Miss.

Sandra Heizen.

Whilst President Barack Obama is said to meet President

Vladmir Putin in July 2015, the pair still fail to see #eye2eye.

`Obama wants Russia to conclude their missions against Ukraine, he

wants to see 'more freedom in the streets of Russia, more space

discoveries,` and letting go of competing against The United States

in space technology and economics.` read The Washington Post.

`Putin wants to see the cold war over, he wants The United States

to stop interfering with their secret agenda's, and he wants the silence

of Obamas ploy to weaken the economy by installing stricter policies

of economic management and capitalistic investment through Russia's exports.`

read The Moscow Sun.

Meanwhile, as residents argue that the cold war competition between

Russia and The United States is over, underground kingpins in Russia

and The United States still hold the key.

`Although the competition between these two super-powers has

remained fierce, they have never invaded each other, but countries

led by them.`



SPIDERMAN `webs,' his way into your life...!!

by Gustav Melocia


(12 June 2015--FF News) Most p e o p l e think that the Super-hero,

Spiderman is a 'comic hero; comic lover,' but what most people don't 

realize is that a Spiderman webs his way into all of our lives, everyday...


Meet, Justin York, downtown New York's Spiderman, after climbing

massive buildings around the world including The Shanghai Tower,

The 'Royal Mecca,' Hotel, The Footprints Universities,

The Shanghai World Financial Center, The International Commerce

Center, The World Trade Center, and The Knights Tale in Taipei.

`I have climbed all these major buildings using my `strength-'n-style.`

I started climbing small to medium buildings at the age of 17, and later,

started climbing, higher and taller skyscrapers. My next attempt in July

2015, will be to climb the tallest building in the world, in Dubai.`

`Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, and stands at 888m in

height and 555m in width. We had started construction in October 2008,

and was completed in 2012. The building hosts 9891 shopping cartels,

and hundreds of entertainment areas for the children and pensioners.`

says Construction architect, Mr. Omar Hussain.

Hussain says that meeting York was a dream come true, after hearing

stories of the New York climber.

`Lets hope the crocodiles in the mall, don't bite him.` he joked.

York who started his career as a 'building climber,' has become popular

among-st enthusiasts who enjoy his climbing forte and ability, and all

in #thenameofcharity.`


 `To do better and extend ones dreams beyond the horizon is what my father

taught me. I will prepare for the climb in Dubai, and my final climb, totaling

eight of the tallest buildings in the world.` York told Footprints in 


The Dubai Daily, reported that adventures and thrill seekers were

invited to York's attempt at The Khalifa on 5 July 2015.

`Pop down to Dubai's favorite shopping experience, and watch

as Spiderman climbs the tower.`

Mr. Justin York is said to climb the tower in a maximum of six hours,

otherwise he will have failed the world record of 5h 55 min.

`If York can climb fast enough without any ropes, pulleys or

tools, he will be nominated as the fastest climber in the world,

with a sum of charity of $40 million dollars donated to charities


`We hope that Spiderman will be wearing his suit when he

takes on Khalifa, as previous climbing's were done in a shorts

and vest.` ended Mr. Hussain.



by Paruskha Naicker

(7 June 2015--FF News) The annual prestigious ceremony of

MUSIC proclaimed itself at the city of California, with boy-band

`One Direction,' winning all major awards including most popularity,

record breaking sales, most played soundtrack of the year, and many

other titles.


`We are proud to stand on stage to receive these awards. It was

the working success of MTV, Disney, Playbrand Records, and many

other producers and directors, who played a role to our success,'

says Boy band member. Mr. Harry Styles.

Styles says that when Playbrand had called them for concerts in

Africa, Asia, Europe and The America's, it `polished-'n-popped,`

their brand internationally.

`The English will spend their Saturday evenings watching movies at

home, whilst the American's would be still painting the town red.`

he was quoted as saying.

The English boy-band has become 'the-most-popular; the most liked,'

band since other boy-bands including Westlife, N sync, The Jackson Five

and Backstreet Boys died a sudden death.

`Lets hope One Direction does not follow suit,' said a London


`I love One Direction,' tweeted a resident.

Speaking to Footprints in California,  boy-band member, Mr. Liam

Payne says that it is an honor to win such big awards, and the

world must be #prepared4more.

Local SA fan, Miss. Naeema Kalla noted that ONE DIRECTION is

'the best; the coolest,' after attending the concert in Johannesburg.

`I think Liam is really cute, and Styles has the style. The music rocks

too, spend the night listening to these boys, and you will fall in love,

everyday, in a different way.`

MTV who hosted the show, said that the boy band had become



  1. One Direction - Steal My Girl




by Riyaad Thokan


(9 June 2015--FF News) A fugitive couple is on the run after failing to

attend the trial of their murdered daughter, Aaliah, yesterday.

`We can confirm that Zubair Deedat and his co-accused, Alison Downey, are

on the run after failing to make a court appearance before Judge Mohammed

Abbas. We can confirm that the two were last seen on 1 June 2015, at

a friend's residence and since then now-one has seen or heard from them.

We can confirm that the couple mentioned, are on the run for the murder

of their infant, and are officially noted as one of South Africa's 'most-wanted...`

says Captain Jack Spallow, from The Police Department of Cape Town.

According to sources close to the couple, they were planning to get married

after the birth of their infant daughter in April 2013, but did not have the funds

to get married and often struggled to make ends meet.

`We would often hear the boyfriend shout how the rent and water

had not been paid. We would often hear how the two would squabble

over matters that kept us up at night.` said a resident of Rylands.

Speaking to Footprints in Rylands, Mr. Yugesh Pillay noted that he lived

several blocks from the couple and was shocked to hear when their

baby had died.

`The child was borne with a rare skin aging illness, called Progeria. The parents were

often ashamed of the child, neglected the child, and often abused her.`

said he.

The Cape Daily, read that the couple were on the run, after appearing

before Judge Mohammed Abbas in October 2014.

`After the child was found burnt beyond recognition in the microwave of

their residence, the couple claimed they were at work, and that the child

was in the care of the day-care mother. When Police called the day care mother,

she provided evidence that she had taken the day off, and called in sick.`


 Dr. Andrea Davids from the Department of Health, says that Progeria is a rare age acceleration 

process that speeds the aging of a child, where normally the child dies from heart-failure,

or some infection.

`Its a very rare skin infection, and often leaves patients dead within a maximum

of twenty years.`

The infant only known as `Aaliah,` is said to have been found by neighbors,

on May 14th 2014, after a neighbor had rang the bell, with no answer. 

Inspector William Johnson from The Police Academy of Cape Town said that

the couple had appeared in October 2014, before Judge Abbas, and was 

granted a R5000 bail each, until June 8.


`Without sufficient evidence against the couple, the judge was forced

to re-set the trial date, with a very low bail. When the state had gathered

evidence against the couple that was meant to be presented to council,

the couple is nowhere to be found.`

Judge Mohammed Abbas said in a closing statement that a warrant of arrest

has been laid against the couple with further charges.

`The couple are digging a deeper grave for themselves by hiding away. Once

police have captured these fugitives, the trial will continue.`



`Xenophobia strikes,` HIT FOREIGN NATIONALS...!!

by Melissa Snow

(7 June 2015--FF News) As two months have passed the sudden 

xenophobia attacks in Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng, a recent spin

among-st local South African's is taking to the `White and Indian`

suburbs of South African homes, and causing destruction by throwing

homes with tear gas, firing gunshots, throwing bricks, and killing innocent


`After local residents claimed that foreign nationals were `taking their jobs;

taking their bread,`the South African government had formed a `truce,`

with locals by spending more on grants and bonuses.`

Xenophobia is an act of racism against a n y foreign national or local

resident who has not earned their right to occupy their space in

South Africa.

`During the April 2015 xenophobia attacks, nationals had put slogans

at our squatter camps that they will burn our shacks, if we are not

South African. Now, these same attackers have taken to the streets

of homes, claiming that the land and property belongs to them.`

Speaking to Footprints in Natal, local resident, Miss. Mariam Chabanga,

she says, that her father owns a shop in West street, and when the

Xenophobia attacks happened they were forced to close shop

for eight days.


`When we opened the shop after the time that the xenophobia attacks

had passed, everything was stolen, the windows were broken,

and already people starting lighting fires and using our shop as

their property.`

In Round TWO of the Xenophobia attacks that has already made every worst headline

imaginable, local South Africans have taken to the streets of local community suburbs,

`banging on doors; banging on windows.`

`They have already caused chaos in local communities, Laudium, Lenasia, Brakpan,

Benoni, Fordsburg, Fontana, Rylands and Roshnee. We see their attacks purely based

on occupying the land they claim is theirs, jobs they claim is theirs and expensive

government homes they claim is theirs.` said a Lenasia resident.

The National Enquirer, quirked that residents from Somalia, Sudan, Egypt,

Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Pakistan and Poland should live their lives

as ordinary and fight back.

`They are being forced out of their homes or even killed if they

are not South African. If they are not a particular cast of culture,

they are removed to refugee camps where 100 people are estimated

to occupy a small tent...The only way to fight fire, is with fire'

echoed Foreign Minister of Somalia,

Mrs. Anushka Kemlajee.

The Pretoria Paperboy, reported that with more xenophobic attacks looming,

the best place is to be at home, away from the crisis in the cities and targeted




`Already Cosatu chairperson Vavi has received death threats, and Former

DA leader Helen Zille has spouted her non-interest in South African matters.`

Police who patrolled local suburbs claim that more than 100 000 people had flooded

the homes of residents, claiming that the home was theirs, and that they should

move out.

President Jacob Zuma who condemned xenophobia is to have said that locals

should protest these attacks on businesses and homes, and form a peace 


`Ghandi, my friend, would of never approved of such teachings to our

people. The average person in South Africa has a grade 5 certificate,

and the only way to stop these crimes is by employing local South African's

and marrying women from your own cast breed.`


`Mount Van Riebeeck` said to ERUPT

IN JUNE 2015...!!

b Sikander Motani

(15 June 2015--FF News) `The world is in for the worst eruption since the

creation of humanity,` read The Cape Town Times.

Although weather stations throughout the globe have been warning a 

`natural disaster,` the volcano located in Good Hope was said to be

fuming that would case the largest airstrike in the world.

`If 10 was the hardest volcano eruption, this would be a 100.`

said Newcastle News...

Whilst millions of residents across the globe are warned that the eruption

could reach as far as Sudan, causing further eruptions in Europe

and Asia.

`We estimate the loss of 20% of the world population due to this

natural disaster.` said Scientist at The University of Cape Town.

`While we estimate that the neighboring countries will be completely

destroyed, we see the volcano causing other volcanic disruptions

with volcanic plates.`


`The volcanic plate of The Cape of Good Hope meets The Australian

plate causing massive earthquakes, thunder storms, and blizzards.`

Astronomers who spoke to Footprints in Ireland, said that they were

consumed by the volcano plates and forecast ed massive destruction

with millions of lives estimated to die.

`Our forecast is that the eruption could take place in 10 days.

causing the lava to spread throughout South Africa, Zimbabwe,

Malawi and spreading grief through other natural disasters, in

Asia and Europe.`


  1. Koi Tumsa Nahin (Full Song) Krrish




NASA says that after viewing the space satellite image, this could destroy several thousand

communities and warned that this calls for the work of a Super hero team that could drill

4000m under-ground, and bulge the plates, causing the plates to `lift-'n-shift,`

against each other.

`Currently the plates are merging and if we drill far enough and wedge the

two plates against each other, we could avoid this catastrophe.`

The Space Council of South Africa says that they were working at

the drop-side of the volcano to create `opposite forces,`

to avoid this disaster.

`We are doing our best and working as fast as we can to drill

these two plates apart. If we fail in our mission, millions of lives

will be lost through this disaster.`

Earth is said to have an estimated 2000 active volcanoes

and 3000 dormant volcanoes reported National Geographic.


`The Jan Van Riebeeck volcano has been dormant for several

centuries, and was named Mount Van Riebeeck, after he discovered

the volcano erupting on the mountains of Good Hope.`

Whilst millions of residents pray that workers can drill fast enough

and efficiently enough, our fate lies in twelve men who control

our destiny said a resident.

`I started praying from Sunrise to Sunset that these drillers

could drill these volcanic plates away, otherwise all hell could

break loose.`




by Unknown


(30 June 2015--FF News) Sometimes love makes us laugh,

Sometimes love makes cry, sometimes both, and somehow I

feel that I have pushed him `handsum hunk,` away. I know that

he r e a d s footprints filmworks because we would normally chat

on these channel forums.

We started dating in 2010, and we worked on our love spell on

each other, speaking to each other over footprints, over the telephone,

and he often spoiled me by driving my heart and mind crazy.

Lets call my boyfriend, Mr. PPP who was `my dream boyfriend; my

dream husband,`who often made me feel like a queen by being

my best friend and going that extra mile to be with each other.

Mr. PPP, I am sorry for treating you like that, and I know that even

though you don't read my messages, know that deep down I

still love you.

I don't have any fancy poems or extra things to tell you, just

know that dating you was simply the best.

I am from the community of Laudium, and my parents are very

staunch and I really did my best for the both of us.

Maybe Mr. PPP, I never told you how much I loved you,

maybe I never paid attention to you when you stared

at me, maybe I never made you laugh enough, but

I want to truly say that I am sorry and I want you


I know Mr. PPP that you are very special to me, and I never

truly listened to what you have to say, I just took you as a 

make-out buddy.

When you asked me to marry you last year, I wanted to

say YES but my parents wanted me to complete my studies.

Now, I am qualified and I have lost you. I know you call me

`The pouting queen,` but know that my pouts are only

for you. Please Mr. PPP, come back, and I promise I will

make it better.

You taught me that love has no boundaries, love is

ordinary, and love is addictive, well, I am addicted to

YOU, and I want you back. 

Leaving you with our song...

*pout, pout*

I love you


Aao Na song (Aishwarya rai ,Vivek oberoi

with Footprints Filmworks

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and indoor


by The PrinCe


(8 June 2015--FF News) Perhaps the headline might be mis-leading, but

are you possibly ready for sex in the morning, in the afternoon, or after

the children have fallen off to sleep, should I rather ask...??

I write in my own capacity as Mr. Obayyo Attula, from Kenya, a former South

African who was removed from my South African wife, after the xenophobia

attacks in Fordsburg.

What has changed my thinking of sex, and the 'feeling-'n-relationship,' to it is

that it should be `treasured; pleasured,' daily, and probably when you reach my

age of 81, you will one day think, and realize that sex is the greatest food for

the soul, and not my wife's sacred recipe of Chicken Breast.

 In my previous relationships with my three wives, I have lived to the 

'custom; tradition,' of my forefathers in Africa, by having many children

and through them I discover my sexual prowess and personality.

During my early twenties and thirties, sex was often shared between my

current wife and by through 'trying new things,' and discovering each other

through our bodies, and learning each others bodies as though it was

our own. After having several children with her, I later discovered that

sex was `once a week, once in a while,'  and often I would get by weekly

intercourse, and it would be over.

During my forties and fifties, I lost track of `just sex,` and looked

and searched for `true-love, true dreams,' as I often fell in the trap of

being of fool by falling into the trap of a woman's open legs.

Looking back, I was a fool to 'open-my-heart; open-my-legs,' to my second

wife, whom met at a luncheon in Durban. She is the apple of my eye, and we

posed dreams that no-one #care2share.

During the twenty some odd years of marriage, sex was daily, and she

was much younger than me and brought out the horse-like attitude of

my personality. She brought out the best in me, gave me the best,

and blessed me with five beloved children.

After our split, I decided that I wanted to take a break off sex,

with one woman

and just putting my penis in 'any hole,' and slept with several

hundred women, because I failed to care-less.

Before my 76th birthday, I was told by doctors that I had Cancer,

and that unless I have sex each day, my Cancer could kill me...

I'm sorry if you thought that this article would be about ripping your

panties off, sucking on your breasts, and spending the entire night

holding you, it's just some 'good-ol-advice,' from a wise-ol man.

In conclusion I would like to say that you should have sex everyday,

it's keeps the body healthy, it keeps the mind strong, and it keeps

the heart, #wanting more.

In the beginning I told you that this foreigner has three wives,

well, my next wife is 18, and we are getting married

this October...:)

*Thanks to footprints for posting this article, and edits.




SHIPWRECKS IN `The Mediterranean,` leaves EUROPE

asking Questions...??

by Leah Potgieter


(8 June 2015--FF News) Imagine you lived in one of the poor countries

in Africa, and was offered an opportunity to escape the poverty and 

`move-out,' to higher income breaches, better quality of life, escape

the horror of war in your country, and be removed from the slavery

of Africa.

`My family and I were constantly fighting wars in Libya, Sudan, Somalia

and Ethiopia. When we heard the `King Abdullah,` ship was leaving the 

Mediterranean we spoke to criminals who were in charge of the ship to

assist us, for $1000. Whilst crossing the Mediterranean from Libya

to Italy the ship had accidentally damaged another ship in 'treasure water.'

According to BBC, as many as twenty ships and 7000 lives have been lost

over the several weeks with ships flocking harbors and destinations to escape

the threat of wars in their country.


`A couple of buddies and I were hunting a gold treasure in Mayo, which is

coastal waters just off the Mediterranean. When we saw the fleet of ships

coasting each other, we were shocked that hundreds of people were believed

to have drowned.` said a French resident.

UN SECT GENR, Mr. Ban Ki Moon says that more than a million Africans have flooded

the waters of Europe in 2015, and asked Foreign Ministers to

`seek the permission; seek the

approval of the country they were visiting.`

`Europe has been known to be a continent with one of the highest growth

rates, and when these migrants enter our waters, it forces us to compromise

our quality. Our rescue workers have already saved thousands of lives, with

hundreds of lives still being pulled from the flooded waters.`

The African Union reported that the reason that these African's were escaping

`at any cost,' was because of the terrorist group Al-ShaBAAB that threat ed

Africans with joining the group or being killed.

`Africa is being forced to displace to Europe, and the journey is a ship ride

to Europe from the tip off Africa, to the Gulf of Europe. We see the shipwrecks

caused by weak ships being used by The African's, not knowing the coastal boarders,

and not keeping to destination compass routes.`

Speaking to Footprints in Libya, local resident, Mr. Mohammed Akala noted

that he earns less than $8 dollars per day in Libya, and wanted

to escape Libya,

as Al Shabaab were forcing laws upon them that they did not agree, and

wanted a better life.

`As the father of my family, we boarded the ship `Queen Isabella,`

and during the dark and eerie nights of the trip, the ship has hit a rock,

and suffered fuel damage. We were forced to throw ourselves in the

water, with little or no hope of a rescue ship spotting us. My entire

family drowned, and I was washed up by a UN rescue worker.`

The South African Times, echoed that this disaster has forced African's

who live near coastal waters and inner cities to migrate.

`The World Bank has already provided millions of dollars of aid to African's

and readers who choose to support our fellow brothers and sisters

can donate by visiting`


`The Cool Catz,` ICE DANCE COMING SOON...!!

by Nishaal Govendar


(12 June 2015--FF News) This September 2015,

the weekends

of 11. 12, 13th September and 26, 27, 28 September, South

Africans will be 'entertained; enlightened,` to a 'world-show,'

concerts of `The Cool Catz,'

`The Cool Catz is an international traveling ice-skating romance

company that brings together sequences of dance including

Opera, Hip-Hop, `Rock-'n-Roll,' Love, and cultural dances from

Brazil, South Africa, Italy and The United States. This four hour

expedition is ranked the 'the-most-talked about;

the most romantic,'

dance sequel by some of the best performers in the world.'

said Show organizer, Mrs. Daniella Kone.

Kone says that the new show was the first of it's kind in South Africa,

and brought together acrobatic dancers, a 4000m ice rink, romantic

and usual music, and fun for the entire family.

`If you are doing nothing in Johannesburg, or Cape Town, book

your seats today.' said a resident.

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, Miss. Aadila Mayet jolted

that her boyfriend and her have run out off ideas for dates, and

watching 'romantic-dance,' on ice, could spark their relationship.

`I have heard lots of ho-ha about The Cool Catz, and I just want to

watch something entertaining and do something that I have never done.

I will keep free my 13 September so that i could dazzle my boyfriend.`

According to The Ice Rink Association of South Africa this is the largest

get together of world 'ice-dancers,' with the audience allowed

a maximum of an hour dance time on the ice rink floor.

`We have put together simply the best dancers and crew for these

weekends, that will prove that The Cool Catz are here to stay. Be cool this

Winter, by joining #thecoolcatz in Johannesburg or Cape Town.`

Dancer, Miss. Gabriella Davidson noted that she practiced several

hundred hours with her partner and was 'ready to take,'

South Africa on.


`I am Italian and our style of dance is different to South African's. Watch

me dance solo and with my partner, and cheer, as I skate pass you.`

`My ex-girlfriends heart is like an ice-box, and wish she was with me

to attend the show. I will be going with my friends from

University.' said a resident.

All South African's whether you have a romantic date, or not, are

invited to this 'once in a lifetime,' opportunity to book your seats

for The Cool Catz, this September only.

`I will be giving 'the one,' a ring on the ice rink,' joked a resident.


IS `HANSIE CRONJE,``Alive-'n-Well...??`

by Hasina Kathrada


(8 June 2015--FF News) South Africa's leading test and international

Captain,' may be #alivenwell.

`We have seen recent pictures of the once 24 yr old who led South Africa

as Captain. At his proclaimed death on 1 June 2002, newspapers around the

world read that the `Super-Sixer,' had died. Recently pictures have emerged that

he is living in Australia, with a 2nd wife.` said The Aussie Times.

Cronje who led South Africa as Captain from 1994 to 1999,

was banned internationally due to the probe of match-fixing

and other bribes he received through the payment of 

`Black Money...`

`He had received to the tune of $500 000 dollars from Indian bookies,

who tossed him to loose to games in India, Sri Lanka and The

West Indies. When other team players including Lance Klusener, Jonty

Rhodes, Kepler Wessels, Brian Mcmillian, Hershelle Gibbs, Jacques Kallis,

Andrew Hudson and Allan Donald were questioned, they had all

pointed the finger against the captain that `once led them to victory;

once won them games they were going to lose,`

`He had received cash dollars from these bookies to loose games,

and other games to bat badly. When the International Cricket Council

led investigations of his additional income, it proved that he was

hiding money in 32 bank accounts in Switzerland, The Canary Islands,

The United States and South Africa.` read Sports Today.

However, controversy looms why the media was fooled in thinking

that Cronje had died in a plane crash in June 2002.

`Cronje had called on the late President Nelson Mandela on reasons to 

fake his own death, after receiving death threats from betters, and being

bullied by the media to out-perform his accounting job. He had confided in

President Mandela to stage his death, and elope to a different country.`

says cricketer Mr. Hashim Amla.




by Mandy Wilbert


(24 June 2015--FF News) Some people look as though they are

81, but infact they are 18, and what we are going to l e a r n 

about today, is 'brain food; brain gym,' for the resident who views

Footprints Filmworks.

Brain Food is the process of 'motivating; inspiring,' your mind, body, and

heart to do better, to excel better and to produce better results in

the epic of life.

`Some days I would wake up with all the worries in world, Some

days I would be so busy I would not have enough time to eat,

Some days I would look good, but I would feel dirty, and some

days I would just not be in the mood to take the day on,'

said one of my patients.

While I advise all my patients that the best motivation is a great

breakfast and early morning sex, there are many other factors including

work schedule, daily routine and lifestyle that propel ones growth.

`At the age of 21 I found myself with two children and no hope or dreams

in the world, as the rent was constantly not paid, there was no food on the

table, and my wife constantly complained that I was not the sharpest knife

in the draw. I was 'de-motived,' and had no energy to think further than

my nose. When I started using the techniques of Dr. Mandy Wilbert, my 

income has increased ten-fold, my children are leading better lifestyles,

and my wife constantly asks for round four. She has worked magic in

my life.` said a patient of the doctor.

Brain Gym has to do with the 'visualization; imagination,' aspect of life, as

human beings we see our dreams in pictures.

`What I normally advise my patients is build a blue-print of what we

truly desire, the perfect girlfriend, that fancy BMW, the coolest friends,

family that loves and supports us, and a job to wake up to. We should be 

thankful for what God has blessed us with, opening the Universe to what

we still want.`

After meeting several thousands of patients and rescuing them from

financial difficulty, marriageable woes and family politics, I always advise

that unity is always the answer.

`Never try to hide aspects about yourself to your loved ones, always

think appreciation instead of depreciation, use positive affirmations and

know that we all go through tricky situations, but always have the end

vision in mind, that 'this too shall pass...'

A patient who walked into my practice last year, complained that her

husband had become an alcoholic, her children were constantly failing

in their grades and she had gained 20 KG in the last three years.

`When I look into the mirror I cannot believe that I am the same person,

the wrinkly skin, the deary eyes, and the access fat. I feel sick when I

make love to my husband because I have to deal with his 'beer-belly,'

and his lack of attention on me.' she complained.

'I took down a piece of paper and wrote down the five basic methods to

get her life back in shape. She was to write three beautiful quotes with

lipstick on her bathroom mirror, she was to love her husband no-matter 

what, she was to eat healthy and exercise for thirty minutes a day,

she was to sit with the children with their homework, and she should

allow thirty minutes of 'me-time,' to imagine herself far superior, and

far better than she currently is.`


Six months later, I received a postcard from the lady in question stating

that 'her life had completely changed; her life had over-turned,' and

was happy and grateful for the blessings of life.

Very often, we are so engrossed with the challenges of life that we

forget we should gym our brains and minds to attract 'the right energy;

the right power,' to become powerhouse achievers.

`Always have a benchmark of who you consider your competition, learn

her tricks of the trade, and who knows you may become better at that

trade. Push yourself beyond limits, have a balanced lifestyle opportunity,

and plant seeds into your mind of great prosperity, great health, great

wealth, and whatever dreams that you 'inspire; aspire,' to, and the brain

will use the Universe to attract whatever you truly, madly, deeply, desire.`

Image may contain: 1 person, standing


Welcome to FOOTPRINTS AROUND THE WORLD JAN VI 2016, produced by

Footprints Filmworks and associate companies...Footprints Filmworks

is an investment company that invests into internet media, print media,

TEXT MEDIA, FILM and distribution....Footprints Filmworks is created by

#OmarAbdulla. If you CHOOSE to INVEST kindly call our head-office

numbers today. Kindly view or




FOR 2016...!!

by Yusha Kajola

(17 January 2016--FF News) The world stock market and currency market is

said to be liquid enough to 'reach for new heights,'

for 2016, 17, and 18...

"We have confirmation from Reserve Banks around the world that together

with inflation, and the cost price for growth, the global economy could swell

to a minimum of 8% above, $700 trillion dollars by 2020...'

read The Economic Times.

Speaking to Footprints in New York, world bank governor, Mrs. Stacey Lee,

she says, that Capitalistic growth had grown the fastest in the world including

countries The United States, Australia, Britain, and South Africa, whilst communist

led countries had depreciated in value, with losses shown across the board.


As the morning bell rang for trade to begin in one of the most historic

locations of trade, The New York Stock Exchange, traders had pledged

to BUY capitalistic led companies including--Coca Cola, Microsoft,

Burger King, Ferrari, Standard Oil and Gas, Wal*Mart, Colgate and Footprints

Filmworks with the selling of communist led companies including Huwai, Chinese

Fashion Exports, Baidu, India Property Holdings, The Bank of Japan, Brazil Fuel

Incorp, CHINA TOYS EXP, and You&me.

"We see these companies as the shares to BUY and SELL this 2016. Shares

normally follow a t r e n d of expansion and contraction, and to date,

these are the shares to trade, for generated profits, far out-stretching

the normal banking return.' said currency trader, Mr. Martin De Ville.

The o r i g i n a l creator of the first stock exchange in ITALY, by

Mr. Leonardo Fibonacci, was created by the mathematician and

magician that perhaps changed the way of trade to date.

"95% of the money that flows the cash economy is either borrowed,

lent or transferred. The wealth of the economy is not the daily cash flow

that the country holds, but the assets and networks that the country holds.

Mr. Fibonacci who created the first stock market developed a mathematical

formula of how numbers react when disturbed by unnatural force.'

said The University of New York.

"Mr. Fibonacci developed a code that for any percentage base increase,

there must be an opposite proportional loss. That's why we have

currencies quoted in pairs, that's why if we have a trend appreciate

100 basis points in one hour, within the next time period of one

hour, a minimum of 33% of it's movement will be in the opposite force.'

said a trader at The Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

F R O M the days the first company was listed back in the 11th Century,

more than a million companies have been listed on the exchange of their

country for the method of attracting new shareholders, advertising,

workforce and expansion.

"The government owns a 26% share on all the companies listed by the stock

exchange. Thus, our attraction to shares linked to capitalist countries. A

minimum requirement as a medium of $1 million dollars to list a company in

a small country, with countries including The United States asking a minimum

of $500 million dollars to list their company.' read The Profitability Times.

Mr. Warren Buffett who spoke exclusively to World News 24/7 said that

he sometimes feels jealous at the growth of #FACEBOOK, as it took him

a good part of 50 years to achieve his success.

"Investing in shares is simple...If one does not know how to buy shares,

one can demo trade on the platform of choice. Once one becomes a master,

one can trade live shares.'

He further relates that his investment into new and old companies was a

hedge that Fibonacci taught him.


"Never put all your eggs in one basket, and never buy shares with

the same industry. Always hedge your investments through unique

skills of trade including Religious, Medical, Retail, Service and Repair,

Processes, Office and Administration, Professional and Venture Capital


The Stock Market Journal reported that everyday residents should hedge

their savings investment into the purchase of shares on stock markets,

and venture capitalistic companies.

"Not all companies that require financial growth can list on a country

stock exchange. Venture capital companies are private and new companies,

with a specialized trade that seeks investment to squabble investment


Saudi Arabian Investor, King Sameer Khalid Shar ended that he had purchased

several stock exchanges in Africa, totaling an ownership of 9600 companies

in the #world.

"The only way to generate a profit in any company is through what

I call zero vision. Every

company requires investment, every company requires additional man-power,

every company requires extended adversary coaching,

and whilst we can only afford to support some companies, our visions to

the companies that we have invested, are as shareholders who can invest

money, time, and effort into the companies that hold our brands..'

Forex News, reported that with the resigning of President Obama, American

owned companies should be purchased, as additional confidence will

fuel the capitalistic economy.

"Many people think that stock market trading is a numbers game of

spreading and betting. However, if one learns the technical and fundamental

aspects of trade, how technical equate to Fibonacci trends,

when fundamental news affect the market

trends, why a certain share would appreciate, and why another

depreciates, is the true root of profit.'



by Khatija Hajee

(8 January 2016--FF News) The Italian Renaissance city of

Florence in ITALY, is home to art collectors, treasure hunters,

and other leading artists from around the #world.

The city hosts 9000 tourists per day, hosting romance couples on

vacation, businessmen seeking investment,

and other 'bargain hunters,' who choose to visit the ancient

city for their history of art, their mosaic nature of refreshing appeal,

and their submissive desire to select 'colorful works of art.'

The l a s t weekend of January 2016, The Festival of Colors,

hosts artists from around the world,

who will be selling their merchandise at the Palazzo De Zazze.

"Items on sale range from 50 EURO, including intellectual stationary from pencils,

canvas equipment, and colors. The paintings, sketches, and exhibits on SHOW

range from a colorful array of different and unique styles of art.'

booned Palazzo De Zazze.

Speaking to Footprints in Florence, Art exhibit director, Mr. Angelo Forecle, he says

that the 'peaceful; stimulating; imaginative,' exhibition is OPEN to the public,

for only 10 EURO's per day.

"Residents can purchase only certain items on show, from up and coming painters

and artists. Some paintings including The Mona Lisa, The Starry Night, The Kiss,

The Last Supper, Whistlers Mother, The Virgin, Napoleon Crossing The Alps,

and The School of Athens will be showcased.'

The Florence Times, reported that thousands of art enthusiasts, visionary thinkers,

and absorbing characters should attend the show.

"The best creativity through color is art and design. The designs and skills on offer

on the 29th, 30th, and 31st will bring the most creative minds together."

Local sketch artist and painter, Miss. Catherine Riciccu noted that she has painted

"The Abyss,' which is an Oceanic painting of the rough sea's in the 18th Century.

"The secret to be a good painter is see the darkness through the sunlight, and the

depth through the surface. When I started painting this saturated work of art

in 2008, my mission was to teach people what you see on the surface, is but

a mere mirage of lies underwater.'

The Italian Times, reported that SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, and Imagination had

played a 'vital; pivotal,' role in the preservation of maintaining these artifacts.

"Some of the writings on the wall on show during the exhibition will tell tales

of our Pharaohs of Egypt, coupled with the new age thinking and design

of art.'

New artist, Mr. Gabriel Del Cece, claimed that we are all artists in our own

way, whether we are a chef, a home designer, a canvas painter, or even

Michael Jackson.

"New research has proved that Michael Jackson was one of the

most unconventional artists of all time.'

Mr. George Bandoni a local Rome resident, said that he will travel to Florence,

because of the art exhibition that will bring together world painters of

past and #present.

"I have always heard about The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, and viewing

these paintings will be a treasure to view. I have heard that they will be

auctioning some 19th Century paintings and writings, and will attend

the show, to show my support for my artistic nature of myself.'






by Lisa Ponders

(11 January 2016--FF News) The countryside of London, is home to some

of the wealthy neighborhood of London, where the pensioners and

high net worth individuals of the city resort for their holidays.

This Christmas, Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. David Cameron resorted

with his family to the 14 day holiday resort with his personal family

and friends.

"He normally resorts to the cabin where he is treated to seven course meals,

indoor swimming pools, and hotel management of the finest.'

When he had taken to the village country town of DUCKWOOD VILLIAGE

with 'the most glamorous; the most gorgeous,' wife, of the 21st Century,

Miss. Samantha Cameron,

the paparazzi rushed to the village town to view her bathing in the Winter Sun,

whilst the president played football with his sons and daughters.

"They were the most beautiful Royal family of London, until disaster

looped on the story of their lifestyle.' read The Sunday Times.

Speaking to Footprints in Duckwood Village, local residents

said that they

had escorted the president and his team to this Castle, that is normally

the resorts of Lord Brainstein, Prince Harry, King LOUIS IV, and other

historical figures that have taken office in their stardom.

"The Prime Minister has to travel with members of his family, team, and

security staff, to ensure that he lives up to the brand of the country.'

said a hotel staff.

On the morning of Christmas, Police were called to DUCKWOOD VILLIAGE,

with the sudden death of Mr. Cameron's son, Michael, who was reported

to have been shot dead with a rifle.

"We had all decided to go hunting for the day, and Michael had joined us.

We were hunting birds in the sky, and my husband had shot

several birds,

noticing that my son had died.' said the mother of Michael, Miss. SAM CAM.

SAM CAM, as s h e is known to celebrity magazines has

won 'the most stylish, the talk of town,'

mother, serving the presidents "FIRST LADY,' in the #world.

"She is the most beautiful married woman in the world,

and hides from

camera's and the media.' said London News.

When Police HEAD, "THE JOKER,' arrived on the lush green-field of the hunting

ground, he was pledged with a 5 yr old dead son, of Prime Minister David


"He had a single wound to the head. My initial for cast was that this was a

hunting accident, and worked with the forensic bureau of London and

Scotland Yard to bring the killer to justice.' he said.

Prime Minister David Cameron said that he should of never allowed his

son to play with a South African AK 47, whilst hunting birds.

"He is dead because of my irresponsibility. His hunting accident is my

fault.' he told reporters.

However, "The Joker,' who is notorious for solving international murders and

crimes wore his traditional red jacket, blue jeans, and drove with his

Joker M0bile,

said that this crime was no accident as the family had noted.

"Whilst horse-riding in the barnyard of the village, I had asked field workers the

standards and quality of hunting at DUCKWOOD VILLIAGE. Many of the workers

had said that each rifle has a code of color, like the father would have a red bullet

shell, the mother would have the a green bullet shell, and other members of cabinet

would have their own colors.'



The Omar Abdulla Show. Footprints filmworks. dancer in the world.


The Joker, who sifted through investigation material and other forces of his

knowledge had discovered that fellow member of cabinet, Princess Adriana

York, had killed the little 5 yr old.

"They had all went on the bird hunting sport, and Princess Adriana York,

was found to be using the purple bullet shells. From my investigations, she

had stood for election in 2017, and her target was to kill the Prime Minister,

instead, had missed and killed his son.'

Prime Minister David Cameron who 'cried;sighed, ' at the sudden death of

his son, thanked "The Joker,' for his speed in solving this crime, and thanked

the village of DUCKWOOD for their love and support.

"Without the people supporting me, I am nothing.

The Joker has a way of

tricks and posses a sixth sense when fighting crime. He has helped London,

and the rest of the world, by bringing down crime around the world.'

Princess Adriana York, who has been arrested at DUCKWOOD VILLAGE,

is said to appear in court on the 1 February #2016.


C H A M P OF THE MONTH January 2016...!!

by Luqmaan Dockrat

(19 January 2016--FF News) Once a m o n t h

'someone; somewhere,' around the world, WINS,

Footprints "CHAMP,' of the month, far exceeding the

results produced by the everyday individual.

The Monthly Footprints "CHAMP of the month,' was searched through

tutorials of current newspapers and magazines, and once again, South

African's can be happy, that World Number One, sportsman, SA Captain,

and sports player, Mr. Hashim Amla, has won, the Footprints "CHAMP

of the month...'

"With the coming of the Summer season, I have stayed up to the early

hours of the morning, practicing my batting and speed. I have welcomed

this nomination as Footprints "Champ of the month,' and will continue to

stride behind strong players who have routed my name.'

Speaking to Footprints in Australia, South Africa's Captain says

that he will

take on The Aussies in Melbourne, Perth, and will continue their tour

of the Tri Nations tour with India.

"I think our batsmen are strong enough to face the powers of Mark

Anothers and Joshua Siddick.'

P A S T CHAMPS of Footprints Filmworks include Mr. Omar Abdulla, Mr.

Zunaid Moti, Miss. Priyanka Chopra, Miss. Zakiyyah Kolia, Mr. Warren

Buffett, Miss. Sakeena Joosub, and Mr. Barack Obama.

"When leading ones team from the front one has to play with focus

on the balls being bowled. Each ball is bowled differently, and captaining

South Africa, will add responsibility to the team, by leading and playing


The Saturday Times, reaped that Mr. Hashim Amla has scored 45 Test

Centuries, 189 One Day Centuries and won 'best player for 2014, 2015,

and 2016.'

"We are proud of this performance on and off the field, and wish him

all the luck when they compete with players who have sprinted towards


The Cape Town Country Club reported that Mr. Amla had practiced five

days per week, and will now be ready to travel over-seas on what people

say, will be his best #performance.

"He has a thinking brain of Hansie Cronje, and the quality of Steve Waugh. When

we take-on the Aussies in March 2016, he will sing melodies to everyday South

African supporters.'

Mr. Hashim Amla, who spoke to Footprints in Durban, noted that winning the

'best player,' of the year, was because his 'faith and fate,' in Allah.

"Allah is the power who guides us through our pathways of life. Leading South

Africa from the front, has always been the dream I have had.'

President Jacob Zuma who welcomed The South African National team in

Melbourne, said that the cricketing nation of play within the next month will

bring the best of times to battle.

"We are proud of the work that Amla has done for South Africa internationally,

and his ability to lead South African's internationally will be a leadership that

he should #win.'




by Justin Mcdonald

(12 January 2016--FF News) South African President Jacob Zuma

who addressed members of parliament of the 3rd day of the 6th day,

of Parliament, spoke briefly about The South African investment deal

with Russia, his personal home of Nkandla, ways of bringing

the unemployment

rate down, and his focus on pampering Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa for standing

for election, that will see The African National Congress, carry the flag

of South Africa.

"I have slept very little after preparing this speech to parliament...We


South African's can be proud of our investment deal with Russia,

for the investment of R532 billion rand over the next 20 years, with

foundations and investments into nuclear weapons, power development

and projects, and further development of The North West, Polokwane,

Gauteng and Kwa Zulu Natal.' he was quoted as saying.


President Jacob Zuma is being criticized for creating the worst economy

since 1989, his constant wealth spending on his home, and his bluff

ear to the unemployment rate.

"The unemployment rate is at an alarming 49%, and with crime levels

at it's peak, the economy had kept on lagging world growth rate."

said journalist, Miss. Amarah Noormohamed.

"The economy has bled the hatred of Apartheid through the economic

and cultural cycle, and it will take South Africa, 50 years to get back

on her feet.' said a Free State resident.

President Jacob Zuma who continued his speech on SABC, noted that

the country had went into depression, amid loosing investment deals

with China and India, and when it came to unemployment, he was

urging local and international businesses to invest more into their

companies, than abroad.

"Our wealthy are moving their money to foreign countries, slowing the

growth cycle of the country. We have spent R23 billion rand in 2015

on education, strengthened our military force by an additional R212

million rand, and we have went over-budget with The Department

of Health, Department of Agriculture, Department of Correctional

Services and Department of Home Affairs.' he further

addressed parliament.

The African National Congress that has won the state vote of 63%, since

our independence, is said to become even stronger in coming #years.

"It takes a historical cycle 80 years to amend the work by the Apartheid

regime. Whilst our exporters have benefited from the weak rand, our

importers are paying hefty penalties for imported goods including

Gasoline, Toys, Vehicles and other goods manufactured internationally.'

brooded, Mrs. Taryn De Kock.

However, South Africans have asked the question to The Sunday Times,

stating that we all know the economic cycle works through supply and

demand, the unemployment rate changes on a yearly basis, but with

President Zuma's leadership, he has only dug deeper holes for South


"Zuma was given a chance by The African National Congress as he had

spent time in prison, fought with President Nelson Mandela against the

Apartheid past, and always laid a hand to international friends. ANC

members had felt confident in his leadership, and that's why he is

where he is.' leaped a local South African.

President Zuma who further addressed cabinet said that after viewing

the numbers from the departments he is ashamed of the results, and

demands better quality work from his heads of departments and

ordinary staff.

"I am one person, and my job is to make decisions. Our departments are

spending lavishly on investments that we would normally never approve

off. Our UN-bundling of "Eskom; Telkom,' will further invest more liquidity

into the economy.'

Meanwhile, everyday South African's who spoke to

Footprints in South Africa,

said that the 4% of the wealthy of the economy had contributed to

78% of the general GDP of the nation.

"We have a skewed economy where the rich do most of the work,

and the rewards get paid to the poor. The good news of this scenario,

is that as more of our people get educated, and more jobs are created,

the change of growth can be quick, only within 10 years.' topped,

Bathapane resident, Mr. Peter Mohala.

President Zuma concluded his statement to parliament today, stating that

he had only a few hours to speak, as Honorable Julius Malema constantly

challenged him about when the money of Nkandla will be paid, his answers

to the deaths of the mine workers in Marikana, and his aloof mindset when

it came to crime.

"I have taken the Honorable as a piece of tatter to my ears. These issues were

long ago addressed by members of my team, and if Malema wants to take me

to court, we have a bull fight that will take it's course. My job as president has

always been to be a Zulu warrior for my people, and if King Shaka Zulu

were alive

today, he would smile broadly, on his once African Dream.'

CNN ended, that the president will continue his speech tomorrow where he

will address matters of public concern, will answer questions from journalists,

and will speak more about the future president of South Africa, Mr. Cyril




by Mohammed Ramathula

(2 January 2016--FF News) When Riaan Van Niekerk awoke to the

early morning breeze of Cape Town, never did he realize that he would

be eaten by one of the beasts of The Mighty Atlantic.

"He is a surfer by profession and was competing for the Annual,

Tiger brands

surfing competition at Port Van Riebeeck. The competition was to begin in

February, and with prize monies of R1 million rand, he had to compete

with the likes of world players.' said Die Kaapstad.

Speaking to Footprints in Cape Town, locals said that the social shark had

not attacked any human being in South Africa, since 1878 ,

and today was a day like

no other.

"The killer whale had bitten the right arm of the surfer...The surfer had

waived for help, and within two minutes, he was already eaten by

the shark.'

When 911 Netcare arrived at the beach-front they were left with several

pieces of flesh with 90% of the body eaten.

"The shark had bitten him, and then went for the kill.'

The killer whale is perhaps the fastest shark swimmer, the most

beautiful, and often is linked too, with joy instead of #death.

"These animals are the most intelligent of the shark species,

can fight with force and speed, and is said to have a personality

that children can relate too.' spooned, National Geographic.

The South African Coastal GUARD says that the killer whale is one of

the friendliest sharks in the sea, and is inferior, as compared to it's

rival, The Great White.

"We have had several incidents over the past years of Great White shark

attacks, but a death by a killer whale, is not heard off.'

Mr. Riaan Van Niekerk is ranked 238 in the world in world championships,

and his death today will be mourned by residents of Cape Town, and

the surfing community...

"We should extend our shark nets from 5000M, to 10 000M,

build more light-houses,

and employ more emergency staff to avoid these deaths.' said a community




by Azizah Hathorani

(9 January 2016--FF News) The AMAZON JUNGLE that

s t r e t c h e s 8000 square kilometers and includes

the majority of WILDLIFE in the world, is said to be

purchased by The Romeo Group of Companies...

According to reports, a foreign businessman and his association

of companies, is said to have

purchased the rainforest and will soon develop the countries owning

the land, with developments into new housing, new communities, new

schools and new projects forming as part of his South American Investment projects.


"Together with a consortium of investors we have purchased the 8000

kilometer jungle to develop into projects that will accumulate the projected

growth of the #world.' he was quoted as saying.

Speaking to Footprints in Venezuela, Miss. Jessica Lopez, she adds, that

the purchase of the land by the unknown investor was shared

between The Romeo Group of Companies and other lucky investors who

bought early.

"The shares for the company started at $8000 dollars, and today these shares

can fetch up to $35 000 dollars each. The company had purchased the land from

the government of Brazil, and sectors of Bolivian investors who owned the land

as part of their investment.' said businessman, Mr. Rupert Murdoch.

The South American Times,  chanted, t h a t there were still "RED INDIANS,' and

dangerous species of plants and animals that occupy The Amazon, but

the sale to the investors, was agreed that the animals and plants be sheltered

in a separate 1000 square kilometer den.

"The sale of the land by government and private investors will see $1

trillion dollars in the hands of politicians and businessmen, who had

agreed to the deal. The company forms part of a 26% ownership

by The Romeo Group of Companies.' said stock broker for The

Brazilian Stock Exchange.

Miss. Letitia Naidoo, a local South African noted that she had seen 

advertising slogans of the upcoming 7000 square kilometer village,

with prices as low as $500 000 dollars per square kilometer.

"I have decided to purchase 4000 shares in the company and purchased

land to the value of $1 million dollars. Once the village with all the decorations

and trimmings of the retreat have been finalized, we will move in.'

However, other nature lovers have made mention that they see the killing

of ten million trees, the destruction of the epic life, the true

destruction of the beauty of the #world.

"These companies think they can buy-out whoever they want. We

will face them in the court of law. We are people of nature, and

we should con-serve and protect our wildlife."

Brazilian Forest Homes, Venezuela Epic Lodges, Kingdom Parks, IBIZA

Sanctuaries, Immediate Housing, French Telecommunications, RHG

Group of Companies, Pablo's Construction, USA BRICKS, Yemen

Investments, Dubai Construction ETD,

and other contractors are said to be part of the five year construction

deal that will develop the jungle into one of the Mecca's of the world.

No automatic alt text available.

"Dubai was created from the desert, Iceland was created from the snow-storms,

South Africa was created from the bush, and the development plan organized

by the team of over 8000 contractors, will soon take effect.' read The

Ecuador  Times.

Meanwhile, local "Red Indian," Mr. Bebeto Sanchez, says that his family have

built a hut in The Amazon, rainforest, often drink from the Amazon river,

and often eat some of the flesh that roams the wildlife.

"We have learnt how to adapt by teaching our children in our huts and

whatever we own is ours. These bankers want to destroy our homes,

without even asking us.'

World News 786, coiled that the d e n s e population of the world of

6 billion people will move to 21 billion people by 2020, and with no

new developments from Russia or The United States, Brazil is forced

to listen to players who hold the #cards.

"The selling of the rainforest will inject immediate cash flow to the countries

that hold The Amazon, with a monthly tax rebate from the profits of

growth.' said an Economist.

Concluding their statements to Footprints in Columbia, local residents said

that the development was good for the country, as The Amazon occupied

8% of their country's land space.

"We are sitting on a rotten egg when it comes to the rainforest. We are

tired of Anaconda's escaping to eat our livestock, we are tired of our

people being killed by crocodiles and we are tired of the rainforest

not bringing an income to our country.'

The $1 trillion dollar deal with The Romeo Group of Companies is said

to be done within the next five years, and development and payment

have been made with the relevant members of the countries that occupy

the #SPACE...

"This will be 'the most beautiful; most amazing,' paradise as the communities will

have nature on their doorstep, with cultivation and construction methods of

the 22nd Century.' bridged Miss. Estelle Gonzales.



1000 YEARS...!!

by Nazrana Lockhart

(12 January 2016--FF News) Browsing through the French library in Paris,

my team and I were doing research for the predictions that forecast ed

the future of our @histories.

Entitled Les Prophecies, the Latin journal speaks about the wars during

The Roman Empire, talks about The Amenhotep Empire, and talks about

the plagues, natural disasters, murders, discoveries, marriages, religions,

experiments and investments that the human being should cultivate.

"Man has been created from sand and water, and our bodies will die,

but our discoveries and investments will remain through TIME..."

the journal read.

Speaking to Footprints in ITALY, Professor Sakeena Joosub, she says,

that after sifting through his journals the scientist had for casted World

War II in 1939, for casted the death of Nelson Mandela in 2013,

and talked about

future warriors who will rule the #planet.

"Man is the most dangerous being created by God. We can either be

living in 1000 years, or we could face extinction...The prophecy speaks

about God's message, talks about ways the planet will rid millions of people

through expansion, and talks about discoveries of tel-teleportation,

the value of


Nostradamus became famous for his predication's since 1555, and used 

astrological planetary alignment to use as proof for his predication's.

"The rainbow is made of 7 colors, and the shining of the Sun, will all shine

these colors...Hundreds of years later, sunlight could be blue.' said a

Portuguese resident.

"The universe is constantly contracting and expanding...This is the law of the

world. The Universe is created from base laws, and if we follow these laws,

we will be light years ahead of people who cannot comprehend how vast

the universe is." hosted Nairobi Scientist, Mr. Izekel Willis.

"When you marry, marry someone who is like you in tradition and

culture, but opposite

you in force. The law of attraction that opposites attracts, still works.'

said The Secret.

SAM CAM, The Science lady, says that through the discoveries of

history MANKIND

has grown through old and new discoveries.

"Science is proving that the average human being can live to 102 years,

Science is

proving that with the investment into technology, money is not the tool of

return, but improved thinking. Science is proving that from one cell in

the human body, we can multiply.' 


Les Prophecies further speaks of a killing plague in the 29th Century,

that will wipe 600 million people to their death, the rising of The SUN

in the WEST, talks about FOREIGN BEINGS visiting EARTH, talks

about the progress of the future 83.5% from the past, and only

16.5% progress from present and future,

a world discovery that would bring the end to wealth through past,

but wealth through present and future.

"From our studies from his journals he speaks that the only progress

through the future using Buddha's words of "The pathway of the middle...'"

said The University of Washington.

After being borne a Scorpio and my wife also being borne a Scorpio,

the Les Prophecies says that we cannot change our genetic make up,

that's who we #are.

"As human beings we as individuals are more powerful than any animal

or plant organism. The prophecies says that whether you are a Virgo,

or a PISCES, your alignment and attraction to your family and friends,

depends on the KARMA ENERGY that surrounds you.' said Dr. Michael

Rhodes, a Lesotho resident.

The French Times reported that Nostradamus was borne in the 15th

Century, was the fifth of eight children, was often scientific and mathematical,

with a legacy that millions

of historians, scientists and other leaders MUST LEARN FROM.

"He predicated his own history, that he would marry a woman of Polish

decent, that his son would try to kill him, and that he will be one of the

wealthiest leaders of the forefathers of history.'

No automatic alt text available.

Honorable Hitesh Rajah from New Delhi stated that through the passage

of time all leaders have had tempers with their past, and Nostradamus

was one of #them.

"We have Adam, Jesus, Muhammed, Galileo, Copernicus, Hitler, Queen

Elizabeth I, and millions of others who have laid footprint to their thinking

and understanding to life. Nostradamus was just one scholar from this school

of thought, where his predictions were realized.'

After sifting several hours in the well-lite library,

going through the tutorials of Nostradamus,

my team and I discovered that the route to the future is learn from

the past, humanity is created through four levels, TIME, SPACE,

MATTER, ENERGY, and that the genetic code that flows through

you is who you are.

"You cannot be a German, when you are American. If your parents

'taught-'n-thought,' you off doing certain things, that's the way

you will copy them. Your journey on this Earth is not to experience

but to remember who you already are.' were some of the


"Although the Sun won't rise as yet in the West, a meteorite will not

hit planet Earth as yet, or you might not attract your perfect star sign

as yet, the future is just but moments away.' concluded a member

of my team.




by Farad Tootla

(19 January 2016--FF News) The news that broke this afternoon, was

that a teenager had died @ The London Bridge.

Speaking to The London Daily, warrant officer, Mr. Zaakeer

Ahmed Loonat, says, that he arrived on the scene at 14:21 PM,

and the bungee company had notified him that she had died, after

failing to pull the second string when reaching 32M.

"The fall is 88M, and she had three strings to pull, one at 23M,

one at 32M and another at 67M, clearly marked. She had hit her head,

under the bridge of the tower.'

Speaking to Footprints in London, other residents said that the risk

of BUNGEE JUMPING was 0.05% causing an injury or death.

"The death is a warning to other thrill seekers to obey the rules,

or die at the hands of nature.'

Miss. Hannah Samson knight will be mourned by her friends and families,

and an insurance payout of six million pounds, will be paid to the


"We are insured with Lloyd's of London for our public liability, and this

death, is an error in our workmanship, and the general loss through

skill of trade.' said Ceo of Bungee Boys, Mr. Alistair Donald.


Tsunami "Jessica," SWEEPS SAN DIEGO...!!

By Tracy Lenners

(9 January 2016--FF News) The United States has declared war on

The ISLAMIC STATE OF ISIS after yesterdays nuclear explosion at sea,

that saw Tsunami waves 60M in height wash up the shores of

the #city.

"I was sitting on the 88th floor of my business, when I seen sky

high waves killing people below. I was lucky that I was above the waves,

and when I got to the bottom of the building hundreds of liters of The

Pacific washed our floors.' said San Diego resident, Mrs. Caroline De


Speaking to Footprints in San Diego, Mr. David Troy, courted that ISIS

has exploded a bomb 100M below sea level, causing these massive waves.

"They were experimenting with weapons of mass destruction and nuclear

weapons, and we always knew they will strike The United States with a

nuclear weapon, but did not know it would be through this method.'

said The US Weekly.

The New York Times, reported that Tsunami "Jessica,' was man made

exploding a terrorist team operating the nuclear submarine.

"The ISLAMIC terrorist cell had took their own lives by exploding the submarine,

causing havoc to thousands of Americans. We take this as a terrorist attack,

and will continue to invade their cities in Iraq and Syria." said a New

York resident.

Mr. James Walsch, a senior lecturer at The University of Washington said that

these terrorist organizations had pledged to take over the world through

ISLAMIC RULE, and have forced The United States to declare war on the


"This Tsunami was caused by a nuclear explosion at sea, that caused the killing

of 3000 innocent people, the destruction of 400 buildings, with hundreds

of emergency assistance rushing to save lives.'

SKY NEWS, reported that emergency assistance were still pulling bodies from the

sea, with an estimated 1000 people still missing.

"This terror attack against The United States, will cause more friction than

the already destroyed reputation by the two countries. ISIS has take over

The Middle East, and their penetration against The United States, further

relates to the historical nature of these Arabs.'

However, when The Chicago Times, called communities in San Diego, it proved

that Tsunami "Jessica,' had destroyed tele-phone cables, power communications,

and most infrastructure of the city was destroyed.

"The city is blocked off, and the one million residents of the community are still

blocked off through floods and fallen buildings.'

The News National, concluded that Tsunami "Jessica,' was not a natural

disaster as through a volcanic eruption at sea, or due to high winds.

"This was clearly a terrorist attack by these ISLAMIC terrorists who

constantly bomb our cities, for the sake of greed and power.'

ended an American resident.



by Shubnum Loonat

(5 January 2016--FF News) OFFICE GOSSIP between friends

and co-workers can be quite a h a n d f u l, and this January 2016,

we have decided to give the honor of Footprints "MAMPARA OF THE

MONTH," to Miss. Nausheena Gani.

According to office and co-workers, the account clerk has been

working at one of the world's biggest companies, Coca Cola.

"She has been working as an account clerk since 2010. She earns a

salary of R40 000 per month, drives a fancy vehicle, and often boys pay

interest to her, but she refuses to pay a n y attention.' said a co-worker,

Mr. Muktar Kent.

When Footprints in Johannesburg, randomly visited the COCA COLA OFFICES,

we found our "MAMPARA OF THE THE MONTH,' wearing the same skirt, shirt,

tie, and shoes, since her inception in #2010.


"We are not allocated to wear a uniform to work. Workers can wear their best

suites, smell good, and look fashionably sexy. She has a beautiful personality,

but never partakes in company pictures, never has a glass of wine, and

will always just do her work and leave.' said Mr. Wasim Ebrahim, a local

Joburg resident.

Miss. Priyanka Chopra who spoke to Fashion Express, says that being a

32 yr old actress, model and entertainer, she has to look beautiful each

day, and women can be catish when it comes to #dressing.

"Some women prefer not to dress up, and prefer to stay at home all day. When

you are constantly in the media eye, you have to 'dress-2-impress,' and dare

to look hotter. You have to be self-confident in yourself, and you will see

the rose of your personality bloom.'

However, when Footprints in Johannesburg had awarded Miss. Nausheena

Gani, with a gift of a new skirt, shirt, some shoes and jewellery, courtesty

of TEMPTATIONS, Woolworths, and Harrods she said that

she prefers to wear her brown shirt, stripped tie, and black skirt,

because this is what her

late mother wore to work #everyday.

"What stays in the family gets carried over the years. I will not change my

garments of choice, as it brings memories of hers to me." she quirked.

Other office workers who took our sexy gift to our "MAMPARA OF THE YEAR,'

said that they will model this outfit to their husbands and will not let it go

to waste.

"She wears the same thing everyday, the same necklace, the same nerdy

smile, and refuses to change. We are working for a company that excels

performance, and she will remain an account clerk if she refuses to

change her #style.' coo-ed Managing Director of Coca Cola SA, Mr.

Martin Van Jaarsveld.

"Imagine I took her on a date, I would be treated to the same perfume smell

of hers, and if I were to get to open her legs, would it be the old fashioned

big panties.' joked a resident.

We at Footprints Filmworks would like to wish Miss. Nausheena Gani

'all the best,' this 2016, and hopefully, if she finds a prince charming,

she does not wear the same OUTFIT to her date.

Dress well, be fashionably attractive, and change your style,

to be SUPER-SMART...!!



by Akeel Malhotra

(2 January 2016--FF News) The setting for the marriage of our

"COUPLE OF THE MONTH,' is jaw-dropping with the well lite

shimmering swimming pool, belly dancers mellowing to the light orchestra,


hotel staff spectacular to abiding by the requests of the guests.

What s t a r t e d as a two year friendship, relationship with Sir.

Rehaan Dawjee and Miss. Quraisha Abed in the Secondary School

of Overport, has turned into @marriage.

"We met when I just started grade 11, my second last year in School. He

was my biology and history teacher, and I liked him from the first moment.'

said the 19 yr old.

"A marriage is the joining of two hearts becoming one. When each partner

can feel pain or pleasure for each other without the medium

of time, space, matter, or energy,

true love should be bestowed."

"I just wanted to be his last love. He is very good-looking, and is 20 years

my senior. Love is not what the mind thinks but what the heart feels.'

she grasped.

"I had dated the cream of the crop in my hay day, and reaching the age

of 39, and

my beauty her legal age of 19, allowed us to marry. During our two year relationship,

we had tested each others love for one another, I had often taught her things that

she never even thought about, and she brings a sprinkling feeling

to my heart' said Mr.

Rehaan Dawjee.

When Footprints in Durban, attended the five star wedding of the couple,

we were tasted and treated to starters of caviar and orange juice.

"This was our first meal we had on our first date. She had hated fish eggs,

and whilst she sipped her juice, I had tried to excite her towards our future

together.' said the groom.

The Durban Times reported that Mr. Dawjee was jousted by the staff of 

The Overport Secondary School, after dating Miss. Abed when she was

only seventeen.

"We are pressing charges against him, and will prove that he had illegal sex

with her before the legal age of 18. Many of our teenagers in schools get

pregnant without fathers affording to look after them, many of our teenagers

go for abortions that are still in school, and we will prove that he did in fact

sleep with her.'

"She had lied to me telling me that she has tuition classes with

her teacher. The bloke had often dropped her off after so-called

tuition classes. One night in November, it was dark and I was awaiting

for my daughter to come home. After peaking through my window of

my home, I could see him kissing her. I ran outside with a knife and

wanted to kill him. We are now friends.' said father of the bride,

Mr. Abdul Abed.

However, after our starter meal, we were treated to the main course meal,

which the mother of the bride was obliged to entertain.

"My son in law loves my cooking, and I will cook my special recipe of Roast

Chicken, Mutton Biryani and grilled prawns for the main course. My son-in-law,

is perhaps slightly older than my daughter, but he makes her happy.'

coiled Mrs. Abed.

The Marriage Journal reported that AGE is but a number, and whilst women

mature much faster than men, one has to be ready to take the plunge.

"You have to be physically, mentally and emotionally ready. Sometimes our

bodies want to rub against another body, but our minds are not ready.


our minds are obsessed with marriage, but emotionally we cannot handle

the pressure of marriage.'

Our 'couple of the month,' who took pictures with Footprints in Durban

after the main course said that we should join them on the main


"My mother taught Rehaan, that divorce is never an option, and that

she will stick by our sides through our marriage woes. Sure, we are in love,

and bonded by the strongest glue, but you never know with me. My mother

taught me through her 40 years of marriage with my father, that a woman's

job is not in the office, but in the kitchen, and maybe in the bedroom.'

said the bride.

"Love should never be about money, or cast of religion or even how

old you are. I am 39 years old, and I know that Quraisha will bring out the

youth in me. I am hoping she gives me four kids within the next ten

years, otherwise I would be too old to kick a Football with my son.'

crawled Mr. Rehaan Dawjee.

"As your marriage progresses you learn to highlight your partner when

she needs you, you spoil her when she needs you, and sometimes you

spank her if she if is not doing her wifely duties.'

hissed, a wedding guest.

As the tea and biscuits were being served, Footprints in Durban, handed

the wedding gift to the 'Couple of the Month,' with words of love

and #laughter.

"As you grow old, and your romance fades;

never forget the true roots that brought you together,


as through time,

your roots will force you apart,

but if your love for each other remains in your hearts,

you are forever intertwined.'












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an investment company that invests into internet media, print media, text media, FILM

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by Fahima Khota

(8 January 2016--FF News) The Islamic State of Iraq, vowed

this morning that they will be-head President Barack Obama, 

after issuing bombings in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Qatar.

"Obama must stay out of The Middle East. He has already killed

hundreds of Muslims with his bombings in The Middle East. The 

Middle East will remain ISIS territory with no business dealings

with The United States.' said Sheik Abdul Iqbal Mohammed.

Speaking to Footprints in Washington, President Obama says that

the release by ISIS that his head would be creamed on a sword,

was a joke to say the #least.

"If ISIS can have my head on a block, we will destroy every bone

of ISIS and her members. We have nothing against Muslims, our

war is against ISIS who forces leadership amongst people in The

Middle East, to follow their rules.'

According to The Washington POST, President Obama echoed

that the bombings against the Muslim world, was aimed at

terrorists who want to jeopardize American owned companies

in #TheMiddleEast.


"The United States remains the world's greatest oil seller, whilst The

Middle East has owned the trillions of dollars of oil settling in The Middle

East. Our dis-agreement with ISIS is to destroy the organization, and take-over

sectors of The Middle East. They preach that death will realize a better life,

in the hereafter.'

However, President Obama said in statement that he understands that Muslims

will be going through the month of Ramadaan in June 2016, and will not bomb any

sectors of The Middle East.

Royco Web Design and Development Tallahassee :: Website Designers, Web Hosting, Ecommerce, Website Maintenance, Database Development in Tallahassee

"They want my head on a slice of a sword, and my promise to the American

public is to keep us safe. If our homes and offices are not safe through these

terror bombings, we will employ more men to destroy their countries.'

Imaam Sayed Rajah Akber Jaleni, from the Mosque of Iraq, noted that by

the month of Ramadaan 2016, ISIS would off already had Obama's head

for breakfast...


"We realize that the only way we can stop the bombings against ISIS,

 is to kill their leader at her head. Once, his head becomes our throne,

we will continue to install strict Islamic law in The Middle East.'

Other ISIS fighters who made their report to The Iraqi Times, saying

that their vow is to kill President Obama, with his harsh dealings of

trade against Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Qatar.

"These are Islamic STATE owned land, and should The United States

interfere with our dealings of trade-locally or internationally, we will

be forced to continue bombings in The United States, France, Sweden

and Britain.'

Meanwhile, ISIS still remains The United States's greatest competitor as

the The Middle East remains the biggest oil producer in the world, with

a tug-of-war battle for distribution and price.

"ISIS can produce oil 1/4 the price of American's, yet many of the

oil companies who produce the oil in Iraq are owned by The United

States. ISIS remains the terror organization that can control

The United States...ISIS is going against trade agreements with The United

States, and are in-directly robbing The United States of shares and asset growth'

said Mrs. Fathimah Fredricks, a local New York resident.

"If ISIS gets 'too loud; too cute,' with The United States, Russia

will be forced to assist The United States, by bringing down the

Iraqi ISIS government, and by re-establishing the countries around,

with new foundations and ethics.'



    Is Buffett About To Break His #1 Rule?The Motley Fool


    This Video Takes ‘GTA V’ To Real-Life Los Angeles StreetsMTV


    12 Actors You Didn’t Know Were GayStarFluff


    15 SURPRISINGLY Beautiful Children From Unattractive Celebs4 All Minds and Bodies


"This is not a war about oil or money, it's a war about religion. We

preach that God is One, we preach that women are not equal to

men, we preach that crime should be punished, and we preach that

one should pray five times per day. If our residents of our countries

do not OBEY our laws, they will face punishment of the most evil.'

concluded, ISIS leader, Maulana Yaseer Mahomed Yusufi.



by Carrim Desai

(18 January 2016--FF News) South Africa's KZN community will be

launching the opening of a new 447 hectare shopping center that will

will be the 'largest; biggest,' shopping center in Africa, reported


"The companies Shosholoza Investments, Mimic Construction LTD, Primal Corp,

The Department of Land Affairs, Footprints Investments LTD, Prinsloo and Sons,

Nashua Gaming, and other smaller investors that took part in the construction

and development of the R8 billion rand shopping center." said Manager of the

company that hold the shares of the shopping center.

Speaking to Footprints in Overport, Ceo of Maxwell Group, Mr. Farad Kareem,

he says, that the 3999

shareholders of the company including companies, staff, directors and foreign

investors had spent a total of five years in the planning, leading, organizing and

control and the 'construction; development,' management of the Mall.


"We have launched 8888 shopping stores for the individual that comprises of

stores related to grocery shopping, electronic purchase, brand companies, and

new companies, that make up the content of the @Mall.' 

Nicknamed, The Lion of Africa, the shopping center opens on Sunday, with 

thousands of local residents flocking to the opening of the mall, that will be

welcomed by financiers, the general community, #celebrities, and other staff.

"We have well-known businessmen including Tokyo Sexwale, Patricia De Lille,

President Jacob Zuma, Gareth Ackerman, Sayed Mia, Mark Shuttleworth, Patrice

Motsepe and AB Moosa that will be attending the opening.' said

store owner, Miss. Elizabeth Smit.


Although owned by thousands of shareholders, the shopping center boasts

well-known shopping companies including Pick 'n Pay, Wal*Mart South Africa,

GAME STORES, Friends of Footprints, SPUR, Vodacom, Crazy about Spices,

Musica, and thousands of other stores that 'add flavor; add life,' to the


"We are geared for a massive opening on Sunday, and expect between 

250 000-500 000 residents visiting the Mall, daily.' reported The

Lion of Africa."

 Managerial staff of the Mall, who spoke to The Durban Dundee, noted that

the opening of the Mall, will be the gift of "100" R100 000 shopping vouchers

at any store in the mall.

"The Lion of Africa is giving away 100, R100 000 shopping vouchers for residents

who attend the opening. Bring your friends, bring your families and bring your

loved ones to this Mall, everyday.'

The Lion of Africa is owned 50% by shareholders of The Maxwell Group

and an unknown Saudi Arabian Investor.

 "The investment of the Mall, is owned partly by The Maxwell Group,

and an unknown investor, who has watched the growth of her investment

into a foreign country.'

Additional features of the shopping mall include state of the art design by

Dubai contractors, a crocodile pond, helicopter rides, rotating ground construction,

thousands of unique

 stalls, and first world technology at her best.

"Our investors and brains set task on creating The Lion of Africa, with a

vision of tranquilness, beauty, craftsmanship, and design. We hope our

guests who shop at our Mall, have an experience never to #forget.'



by Justice Malema

(3 January 2016--FF News) The Winner of Zimbabwe's

Annul contest of Miss. Zimbabwe, Miss. Emily Kachote will

not travel to The United States in September 2016 for Miss. World 2016,


reports that nude photographs had emerged of her.

"She is the ugliest woman in the world, how could Zimbabwe ever

see #beauty in her. Sure, she is a good architect and interior designer,

but really what were the judges thinking when they elected her.' said

a local.

The Miss. World Pageant Ceo, and future president of The United States,

Mr. Donald Trump said that he is so busying running for the president of

the country he has no time to deal with nude photographs of the Zimbabwean



"I heard rumors that the global community had not appreciated her winning,

after the entire internet is flooded with her sex images, she has to be de-crowned,

as Miss. Zimbabwe.'

Zimbabwean President, Mr. Robert Mugabe who has four wives is to have

said that not all Zimbabweans are "ugly,' as they posses firm buttocks,

big breasts and one can make love to one for hours.

"The illegal banning of our Miss. Zimbabwe by The United States, will not

go-unattended. We find her cute and at times sexy.'

The Zimbabwean Pageant organizer, Mrs. Juliet Moore, says that she had informed

Miss. Kachote about being de-throned, and did not take it likely.

"The world does not respect women who sleep with any person they

 just met, the world does not respect women who lie in their offerings,

and the world does not respect women who cannot take things lightly...'

Miss. Emily Kachote, concluded her statement to Footprints in Harare, that

she will sue all the companies concerned when it comes to loosing the title,

and she is not ugly.

"I was voted not only on my looks, but my colorful personality that has lite up

the millions of people in Zimbabwe. The pictures were taken with an 'old-flame,'

whom we don't speak anymore. If the Zimbabwean government and the rest of

the world want to thrash my name, I will not give up without a #fight.'




by Taryn Mcdonalds

(31 January 2015--FF News) There comes a TIME in a MAN's life, where he

has to make decisions, and keep to the 'quality standards,' of ones being,

ones dream, and ones ambition towards the lives that they lead.

"When I started living in the community of Laudium in 1965, never did I 

imagine that I would be celebrating my 81st birthday tomorrow. What

s t a r t e d as an early childhood in neighboring Zimbabwe, moved into

a humble growth in the community of South Africa, with generous 

donations to The Welfare Organization of South Africa, The Human Health

Organization, and other orphanages and hospices across the country."

Dressed in navy blue suit, pink shirt, and purple tie, Mr. Ebrahim Latib, says

that he was Ceo of #Telkom, South Africa in 1956-1982, because he had 

stood with the teachings of the w h i t e government

and never appreciated

the work that the current government is leading in the country.

"We don't like hate crime in South Africa, but the 'top boys,' who are

steering our ship are at fault. South Africa could sink into an abyss if

parastatal companies do not 'play-ball,' with our foreign investors.'

Speaking in a husky voice, he says that WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, is that

he married at the age of 33, to the wife of his heart, got eight children, and

is blessed with 69 grandchildren and 18 great grand-children.

"When I married my wife at the time, I was a 'high-flying,' executive for Telkom,

and she was a woman, whom let's say I enjoy a cool walk with. After we got married,

I progressed with my career, slowly growing the family up, and my wife as my partner

through the 'dreams-'n-decisions,' we made."

A friend of Mr. Latib's, Mrs. Hameeda Hathorani, noted that she had attended the wedding

of Ebrahim and Safiyyah when they moved to Laudium, and she still remembers the

ducks quacking, the wind swaying, and the purple roses blooming.

"It was the 'most beautiful,' wedding that I ever attended. Ebrahim has been my friend 

through all of these years. In those days I managed to fancy his gorgeous 'hunky;punky,'

curls and wurls,

but over time, he has withered and become old, as I have become

rich.' she bridged.

"After my eldest son, Zahaid got married, my wife and my family moved into a 

long-house in the community where I have held various chairpersons, directorships,

and other leading roles."

"Our community of Laudium has become a Bollywood Buzz, after world celebrities

played major roles in the community. Our leadership has become the core focus

of Indians across London, Lenasia, Paris, Port Shepstone, Zurich, #Zululand, Mecca

and Marika. The Indians of Laudium, are known throughout the world who have

always contributed to the 'global-footprint,' of civilization.'


Mr. Ebrahim Latib who turns 81 tomorrow, says, these days, he spends his days

gardening, going to the cinema,

sometimes making love to his aged wife, and reading.

"You are never too old to learn. When the youth of the world 'grow up,' MAN,

would have 'innovations; inventions,' far superior to the common brain. The Health

sector will see improvements that immortality will begin to burrow with the genetic

c o d e diaspora of revolution. My E I G H T children are my greatest 'motivators,' and

tomorrow's birthday party, will bring back memories of my loved ones.'


Mrs. Safiyyah Latib told Footprints in Laudium, that her husband these days

has become senile, he has to wear hearing aids, and some days he would

sit in front of his computer without even 'cuddling; kissing,' me.

"He is too old for anything, and the best place for him is at home. He constantly

fights with his sons, son-in-laws, daughters in laws and other groups of the


Local grandson, Mr. Akber Sayed Mia, noted to The Laudium Times, that the

celebration party of his grand-father is his 'ultimate dream.'

"My grand-father owns 88 Ferrari's, owns the biggest home in South Africa,

and with my nanny's cooking, I cannot wait to #attend.'

WHAT D R E A M S may come is simple, we all 'want; choose,' something, whether

it be the change of weather, whether it be to 'fall-in-love,' whether it's the

purchase of a new sweater or whether it's someone who makes us #smile.

"When I searched and hoped for my dream wife, I prayed to the Lord, with all

my heart and might, and when I finally fell in love with her, it was like our love

was like the wind, you could not see it, but you could feel it.'

"If you have d r e a m s for others, your dreams will be realized.' ended

a Laudium resident.

We @ Footprints Filmworks WISH Mr. Ebrahim LATIB, a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY,' for

tomorrow 1 Feb 2016, and may you have many more dreams to #share...



by Masiha Floyd

(2 January 2016--FF News) The South African crime rate is at a

staggering 6000 homes, experiencing a burglary, with every

2800 vehicles being reported stolen.

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"The un-employment rate in South Africa is at 50% including odd jobs,

and house-wives who caretake of their children. Crime has increased in

all districts of South Africa, with the majority of crimes committed by

gangsters and syndicates.' said Inspector, Kiran Naidoo.

Speaking to Footprints in Overport, Lieutenant, Hitesh Joshi, noted that

murders had been commit ed in the name of robbery, with thousands of

petty crimes not being reported.

"South Africa has the highest crime rate in the world, and if our police are

corrupt, the country cannot grow further.'

Local Soweto resident, Mr. Thabo Mashete, coiled that the police were

being victims of bribery and corruption, with many thieves using police

uniforms, and then hijacking or robbing the vehicles and homes.


"Two police officers, entered my residence saying that there was a robbery

in the neighborhood and that they wanted to ask me some questions. When

I let these thieves into my home, they stole my vehicle, and house-hold contents.'

South African 'top-cop,' nicknamed JOKER, said that crime in South Africa was at

it's peak, and his work with the relevant departments of solving crime was still

under the throne of The Investigation Academy of South Africa.

"I only get handed the crimes that I should investigate, and we are set to

bringing more criminals to justice.'

At a peace conference in Natal, local residents said that rape, kidnapping,

and fraud were crimes that had decreased, with murders, #hijackings and

robberies on the increase.

"The crime stop number of 082 911, is still receiving per second calling, with

crimes and injuries at bay, be called in.'

Colonial Johan Burger, jolted to The Saturday Star, that tips to beware crime should

be that one should not own any firearm or knife, one should only keep weapons

including tools or sporting equipment to fight burglars.

Cape Town, South Africa

"We as fathers and mothers of our homes should protect our children by

installing alarm systems, electronic gates, camera's, and other patrol companies

to secure our premises. Never travel before Sunrise, or arrive after Sunset.'

The Joker, who is unknown to residents of the community, is said to STOP CRIME,

by protecting the neighborhood of South Africa with his quick and innovative ways

of solving small and large heists.

"It is said that he drives a police Ferrari, and patrols the dangerous neighborhoods

of South Africa, assisting police to fight crime and respond to police demands. He

is an official senior police officer who fights crime, to protect the gangster ridden

areas of South Africa.'

"If you see The Joker's Ferrari and mask in your rearview mirror, you better move aside,

because he will arrest you. No-one knows who the billionaire joker is, as is said to have saved

hundreds of lives, protected thousands of homes, and killed criminals who damaged

the reputation of #SouthAfrica.'

"We want the death penalty back, stop crime today.'

ended a local SA resident.





by Juwairyah Loonat

(2 January 2015--FF News) W H A T started as an afternoon swim

in Mumbai's Arabian Sea, has turned into a romantic 'joining of hearts,'

by partners who have not seen each other in 70 years.

"I was playing with my children when my daughter picked up a bottle on

the shoreline. The bottle was rusted, and looked like it was thrown by

#sailors. When I opened the bottle, it took us on a journey that made me

believe in love, and repair my troubled marriage." said bottle finder, Mrs.

Fatimah Davids.

"After I read the letter, the writer had said that he was captured by the Indian

government, and was being transported to South Africa, for slave trade. The writer

makes mention to his girlfriend at the time, as Saxsena, who lived in the

South Apartment

complex of South Hall, in the city of Mumbai. The writer had said that he

was planning to marrying Miss. Saxsena on

October 11 1946, but was captured, and could not return to keep his promise.'

When Footprints in South Africa, further investigated the 'Message in a Bottle,' the

writer belonged to Apartheid activist, Mr. Akber Ali...

 "He had cried when we showed him the letter, and had even better news for him.'

According to investigations at Stupid in Cupid, the 89 yr old Miss. Saxsena Mubarak,

she had already been married for more than 30 years, and now the letter had arrived.

"I thought that he had died at sea, or someone murdered him. I am happy to read

the letter, and will finally hold his hand in marriage...I always

'wondered-'n-pondered,' about

Akber, and am in celebration. He should be glad my husband died in 1983.'

Mr. Akber Ali wedded to The South African read, that seeing Saxsena after 70 years,

had made him shed a tear, and cannot wait to finally make his dream come true.

"After I arrived in South Africa, I became a Maulana, and never married. I assisted the

local youth with Hafiz classes, helped President Mandela win the elections and fought

for a better South Africa."


The original copy of the "Message in a bottle,' is in possession of Footprints in South

Africa, and are happy that love is the finder through a million miles.

"Even after all this distance and time, they are getting married on Sunday. I

have already received the invitation to the marriage, and will attend with

my family." said a $JHB resident.


    Taylor Swift - Style



by Abdul Razack Moti

(1 January 2016--FF News) Whilst many PEOPLE will be in their

celebration mode, amid the "New Year," fourteen criminals will face 

'the death penalty,' at 4: AM, tomorrow.

"Fourteen of the prisoners will pray to Allah, and ask for the forgiveness of their

sins, where some prisoners will be killed execution style, some being killed through

hanging, and others being shot.' read The Lahore Times.

"All the prisoners will be driven to the under-ground correctional facilities in Lahore,

and will be executed, both male and female." SAID A #RESIDENT.


Speaking to Footprints in Pakistan, state prosecutor, Mr. Shuaib Mahomed Akani, jeeped

that Pakistan executes criminals who have not kept to the laws of civilization, and Pakistani's

from all other prisons around the country will all be executed at dawn.

"I convicted a female resident who was cheating on her husband with her friend

on The husband had found out, and found nude *pictures of the affair

on her computer. After police were called out, investigators had proved that she was

leading a 'double life,' by speaking to the man on the computer, and making love

to her husband. Any form of cheating, be it on the mobile, the computer, or at

work, is punishable. With this matter, she had sex with the gentleman, and now

will face the consequences.'

Judge Mukhtar Dawjee, from The High Court of @Pakistan, said that he had concluded

that Mr. Hussain Jalalpor and killed his mother after he found out that she excluded

him from the will.

"She had left all her money to her other sons, and not to Hussain. After he had found

this out, he had killed her. He will also be executed at #dawn."

Rival president of India, Mr. Pranab Mukerjee joked to The Indian Tabloid, that Pakistan

had made judgement on criminals with some of them not even being fully


"Pakistan wants to speed up the death penalty of Indian borne businessman, Mr.

Shar Rajbansi because he is Indian. He had not known that he was committing fraud,

by withdrawing expenses that were approved by the

Pakistan government. We demand

his release immediately, or the war between Pakistan and India will continue.'

The Pakistani Constitution makes mention that 'the death penalty,' should be enforced

to any criminal who has broken the 888 rules of judgment by a Judge of a court.

"Whilst Pakistan may be one of Asia's super-powers when it comes to the punishment

of the crime, the investigation of the crimes committed can be stepped up. With the

assistance of 1st World technologies from The United States, South Africa, Britain and

Australia, the impact of solving crime could be much easier.'

Maulana, Ameer Mohammed Al Ismail from the Mosque of Lahore said that he will

travel before midnight to the prison, to get the prayers of the people, and

for the Lord to forgive the sins they have commuted. 

"We all do in-justices and crimes that are punishable. If we seek to forgive

ourselves, cleanse ourselves, make peace with ourselves each day, God

will share his bounties with us. We hope the bodies being punished today,

finds the forgiveness of their souls with Allah."

About 14,400 results



                                  WIFE AND LOVER...!!

by Farida Paruk

(21 January 2016--FF News) The Durban community of South Africa, faced

tragedy on Friday, as housewife, Mrs. Tracey Jeffers and her lover, Mr. Abdul Issa 

Dawood were found dead in Natal's North Coast.

"We found the wife and lover shot dead, in what seems to be a gang violence,

attack, employed by her husband, Mr. John Jeffers." crowed SGT, Hendrik Van


He further said that the couple were shot dead with South Africa's notorious AK-47,

with assumptions that the couple were having an affair for the l a s t two years.

"We have arrested the gang leaders, and they have done a deal with the state,

to say that the husband had employed them to kill her lover and herself, for

a sum of R15 000." read The Zulu Times.

Meanwhile, everyday South African's have vented their outrage at the death of

the couple, with further investigations done by police, that the husband may

be behind the murders...

"Three of the gang members including Mximus Sithole, Gregory Mabande, and

Willem Koen, are said to be part of the gang hired by Mr. Jeffers. We are in the

process of arresting Mr. Jeffers, after the gruesome bodies were found cut

up in The Indian Ocean.'

Speaking to Footprints in Durban, local resident, Miss. Shaaista Davids, noted that

she was taking a walk with her husband when they found the gruesome legs

of the male found murdered.


"After police divers had swam the Ocean bed, other remains including the

woman's torso, the womans stomach, and other body parts were found in

the Ocean.'

When South Africa's premier Crime Investigator, The Joker, spoke to members

of the Durban community, they claimed that often the Mrs would wait for her

husband to travel to work, and she would invite Mr. Abdul,

for extra entertainment.

"Abdul could not afford her expensive lifestyle that her husband gave her. Maybe she

used his body for other personal reasons." rumored a resident of Tongaat.

"We want Justice, We want Justice, We want Justice,' said a Zulu resident.


 However, when South Africa's Durban Police were called out to Durban's beach

front, police had realized that this was a crime of passion, as two sets of bodies

were found, and judging from the gun powder residue, the incident could

off taken place within 48 hours.

The community of Durban, have bolted that even though crime remains South Africa's

premier downfall, investigators are still doing their best to arrest the husband, after

he cannot be found.

"We have placed a Manhunt for Mr. John Jeffers, and anyone who

has seen or heard of him, should call South Africa's crime hotline, and if the information

leads to his arrest, the whistle blower could win R100 000." ended Crime Investigator,

The Joker.


"Whether we kill an innocent child whilst driving, whether an innocent life

is taken through poverty, whether a couple is murdered for jealously or

whether crimes are created against humanity, say no to crime." hissed

the ANC.




by Nikita Singh

(12 January 2016--FF News) Whilst fraudsters lurk in the dark in many

boardrooms and offices across the world, the life of 'wannabe lover,'

Miss. Farhana Jaffar, from the community of Phoenix in Durban, says,

that a fraudster, Dr. Hakeem Mohammed Ali from Egypt, had written to

her stating that he seen her profile on FACEBOOK and #INSTAGRAM, and

liked to get to know her better.

"Since I am so into foreign men, and after viewing his model photographs,

I fell in love with him. We often spoke on social media, and he would call me,

charm me, romance me, and my days were often filled with smiles.'

However, after two years of speaking to him, he claimed that he

was investigating the cure of Cancer, HIV, and other killer diseases and

his project required the funding of R1 million rand.

"He promised that he would pay back the money when he arrives in

South Africa on October 25 2015. He said that he had loved me, we had exchanged

"I love you,s,' and I was so bored with my life, the doctor changed my life

for the better. When he asked for R1 million rand, he said that after he is

done with the medical discovery, he will pay me R81 million rand in shares

in his company and through cash transactions.'

She further tells Footprints in Phoenix, that she had deposited the R1 million

rand in his Bank of Cairo account, and carried on speaking to him, with him

never meeting her in #person.

"He is the greatest charmer that I have ever heard. His voice and personality still

bounces in my heart...The pictures he sent to me,

I later found out, were of Muslim models, and I was tricked and fooled by his

charm. I pushed and pressed him to arrive in South Africa, not to get back my

money, but because I truly, madly, deeply, loved him...'

The 32 yr old, Miss. Farhana Jaffar, says that she was speaking to Dr. Ali for

two years, when a date on October 25 2015, was set that his flight will

arrive from Cairo...

"We had made arrangements that I would pick him up from the hotel,

and we would spend our first night at the hotel. We had promised each

other extra marital love, and since we were both single, I was in my element.'

Miss Farhana Jaffar, who further elaborated her story to The South African read,

noted that when she arrived at the airport at 8: AM, the doctor was not there,

and he was not answering to her calls, emails and letters.

"It has already been so many months that we have not spoken. He had loved the

 discovery of medicine, and we worked on shares in companies that would generate

us mind-boggling profits. I have lost my R1 million rand, I have lost my lover, and I

really thought we had something special.'


GOOGLE, South Africa, reported that millions of SPAM letters are sent from their

mailboxes to woo residents, but that there is no quick way to 'fall-in-love,' and make



"These fraudsters promise millions of dollars in return for a small initial fee, and

Miss Jaffar has been caught by the hackers who track the underworld experience

of the dark internet.'

"The dark internet is known to sell illegal software, create fake documents, the purchase

of under-cut goods and services, and should be avoided at all costs." ended SA "TOP COP,'

The Joker.

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is an investment company that invests into internet media, print media,

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by Shamieka Kamkir

(10 January 2016--FF News) The n e w s that broke out this afternoon,

in the gang-ridden district of Mitchells Plain, was that local teenager, Miss.

Zoelika Gamaldien, was being held hostage by the notorious SCUNK PUNKS...

"She is being held by the gang 28 members of the country, and already 28

people have died due to their merciless killings on Cape Town roads. We

urge the local community and police, to assist.' said Mitchells Plain resident,

Mr. Federson Fererro.

Speaking to Footprints in Mitchell's Plain, Conrad Cohan Chetty, he noted,

that South African's were living in fear as the gang had already taken

over sectors

in Mitchells Plain and #CapeTown.

"Vote ANC, Vote ANC, Vote ANC..." laughed a Western Cape


The Cape Flats read reported that the SCUNK PUNKS was created in

the Apartheid days, by gang leader, Omar Junoot, and since then

has been the longest serving prisoner in Pollsmoor Prison.

"The gang leader is said to have inside ties with men on the street

and inside prisoners that protect the colored township. It is said that

he has killed 12 men, just calling his brothers on the Cape Flats.'

The SCUNK PUNKS, that has taken over the streets of The Cape Flats,

have already evicted 50 000 residents from their homes, with plannings

of more forced take-overs.

"They are forcing people out of their homes, they are kidnapping people

for the sake of ransom, with some women kidnapped sold as wives to

their friends.'

GANG LEADER, Mr. Ubaid Hendricks, says that he is a reformed

gang leader after serving six years in jail for murder.

"There is no life on the streets. If you cannot pay the money,

they will kill you. There is no mercy for life, and what the gang

wants, the gang gets, by force...'

Mr. Pieter Du Toit, a local Mitchells Plain resident, who spoke exclusively

to The Daily Planet, plotted that the SCUNK PUNKS have already robbed

the community of R28 million rand, and generate income through the

sale of ammunition, explosives, women, drugs, and illegal gambling casino's.

"They rule the gang ridden community by their demands, and if their demands

are not met, they kill.'

Local mother, Miss. Shaida Gamaldien, said that the

gang had kidnapped her daughter, Zoelika, today, and already the money of

R250 000 has not been paid.

"If the money is not paid to the gang leaders, she could be shot dead,

or sold off to Arabian kings...My appeal to the community is to raise the

R250 000, or she may $die.'

The South African Times, reported that Mitchells Plain was the most

dangerous town in the world, with an estimated 230 deaths per


"Police are suited and geared to protect the country, and we will not

support forced leadership by gangs, we will not support our innocent

women being sold off, and we will not support being forced out

off our own homes.' ended local resident, Miss. Jumeriyah Kudoos.



by Zameer Karani

(6 January 2016--FF News) A while back, I dated one of

the 'cutest; hottest,' woman in our town, and it's been

several months that we have broken up, and my heart

bleeds with pain.

I decided to write this letter on Footprints Filmworks, because

my ex-girlfriend, Suhana, she constantly views this newspaper,

and wanted the people who read this paper, to better advise me,

on how to get her back.

I am a good looking 38 yr old from Johannesburg, South Africa,

and I have always pledged my dream to find the right partner,

and to make her happy.

Be it as it may, I was walking in Fordsburg one evening, shopping

for fashion gear, when the most beautiful woman in the world,

asked if I could stop tramping on her #foot.

"It's raining, and everyone is on top of each other, sorry.'

I said.

It was then that I realized that Suhana, was the woman who walked

out of my dreams, into a reality. She was perfectly built, honey eyes,

with an ambiance to her stance.

I remember it was a rainy Saturday evening and I had the balls to ask

her for ice-cream. We sat at the nearby cafe, enjoying our chocolate ice

cream when the heavens started to flutter even more.

"I have to get home, my father waits for me. I was with my friends,

and you whisked me away. Can you please drop me off, but not too

close to the front kitchen window.' she related to me.

The night was hazy, and misty and frost beamed my windscreen.


we are from the same area, so I dropped her off...It was the first

time, my 23 yr old girlfriend, had kissed a guy.

"I love you, you are my sunshine, my everything, my greatest

lover in the whole world.' were here daily text messages to


Often I would feel depressed and with no one

to speak to, Suhana

would speak to me over the telephone, advise me

honestly, and listen

to my stupid remarks about current presidents.

"You can achieve whatever you put your heart too.' she once


Going through three years of dating, and loving each other through

cool dates and traveling the country we were planning to get married

in October 2015.

I am a Memon (a district of India) and she is Khanam (a district of India)...

After everything was set for our marriage her witch like mother had infested

her mind that I was from the wrong cast of India, that her daughter

deserved better, with even her father saying that he hates that

I smoke cigarettes.

Anyways, we called our marriage off, and it's already January, and she

does not even answer my calls, or reply to my messages and I am

feeling lost as to should I move on without her, or wait for her.

Suhana, you know that your PRINCE, ZAMEER, still loves you very

much, and I don't see how you can loose love for me, after all we

have been through.

Suhana, I know that you have your parents dreams for you to fulfill,

and a whole list of excuses not to marry me, but once upon a time,

you remember the dreams we had shared.

I am sorry, that I hurt you by being a prick at times, and speaking

bad about your family, but Suhana, if you only knew that I loved you,

and not the rest of the Brady Bunch.

Maybe this is a test from Allah, because you truly know who

I am in character. No-one has ever loved me the way you did,

and I want that love back, I don't know why...

Before I end my apology letter and 'certificate of grief,' I want to

let you know that you are not getting any younger, and soon I will

be grey... What about the dreams you once told me that you wanted

a son to look like his father, and a daughter to have the personality of

her mother.

I am sorry that I feel this way Suhana, but I am terribly hurt, and just

wish Allah could provide me with you as my bride.

I know you read Footprints Filmworks, and this newspaper gets circulated

in Fordsburg, all I am saying is that if you really want me, the way you say

you do, make your move now, otherwise it will be too late for the both

of us.

I am your partner through the successes and failures in life, and if your heart

still loves me, but your brain is telling you something, else, follow your heart

because someone once told me;

"You can achieve whatever you put your heart too...'

Before my eyes dry before bed, and pray to attract you back in my life,

all I am saying Suhana, is if you 'truly; madly; deeply,' still love me, come

back to me.

Suhana, I promised myself that I am normally a lover not a fighter,

but when it involves you I will fight for you to the end of time,

I just want you to do the same, my love.

I promise you this time, you will have a better and more improved

lover, that will spoil you with love, happiness and joy, like no


SMS the way you use too, and I promise to kiss

you even better...:)

I love you







by Shahid Koen


(4 January 2016--FF News) The South Africa brand, SNOWFLAKE,

is proud to announce the winner of the 2016 SNOWFLAKE, baking

competition for the #year.

"We had entries from all over South Africa, mothers and daughters,

daughters and mother-in-laws, and even grandmothers that took

part in the competition.' said Managing Director, for SNOWFLAKE,

Mr. Riaan Snoek.

Speaking to Footprints in Cape Town, Miss. Urooj Maharaj, she notes,

that she entered the competition by herself, and will spend the R5

million rand "Winning Prize,' on her University.

"I have always dreamed about becoming a doctor. Since, I am only 23,

I will be attending the University of Cape Town to pursue my #dreams.'

She further told The Rylands Times, that she was never a baker, and

learnt these tricks from her bigger sisters.

"I always loved baking chocolate cake, muffins, scones, and decadent

moments for my family. Baking cakes was never a business but a hobby.'

she bragged.

Mrs. Gamielda Hassan, a local JHB resident said that she had flown to

the head-office in Cape Town, and too bad for her cheese cake, did

not go according to plan.

"I had the right amount of ingredients and was ready to spoil the

judges when I over-did the freeze.'

Judge, Umayyah Jaffar, from the community of Cape Town

said that it

was a fun adventure to the contestants, even big businesses

had lost.

"We had included Butterfield Bread and Honey's Muffins as part of the

competition, but it seems that Miss. Maharaj is the outright winner.'

L A $ T Year's winner, a mother of FOUR, Mrs. Fatima Mia, she cooed,

that being caring in the kitchen was an art of every woman.

"Snowflake has always been the best brand for baking, and I had spent

the winnings on investing into a bakery with my #husband.'

"Thank you SNOWFLAKE, and cheers to more cool memories with

your flour.'


President Obama "Addresses," The United Nations...!!

by Hamza Jalalpor

(30 January 2016--FF News) US President, Barack Obama addressed

members of government of The United States, selected members of

The United Nations and other organizations with the immediate assistance

to Syrian refugees, the widespread fires in Russia, and the help to African

countries that require, 1st World support.

"Fellow members I greet you in the name of Peace, Goodness and Love.

Once again, we as the leaders of our countries and members of humanitarian

organizations have seen the bloodshed through the rivers of the Mediterranean,

have seen millions of trees destroyed through widespread fires, and

have seen the hunger in the faces of our African's. My speech today, will

be about helping our fellow countries to better balance the power struggle

around the #world.'

CNN reported, that President Obama was speaking at his "FINAL,' speech

to The United Nations, 'begging-'n-pleading,' the assistance of EUROPE

to support Muslims fighting against The Islamic State of ISIS.

"ISIS has taken over Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Jordon, and have built Noah

Ark ships to escape their terror leadership. We as the members of council,

should bring together $1 trillion dollars to rescue Europeans that have

taken stock of displacement of people.'

"If Obama comes to the party, the world listens. His pledge to support

The United Nations with $23 billion dollars for the aid of poor countries,

is a step in the right direction.' said Russian businessman,

Mr. Anthony Sizzler.

The Syrian Times jolted that the 20 million population of Syria was escaping

to EUROPEAN countries including Greece, Italy, Hungary, and Germany.

"Already 10 million people have been moved to escape the ISLAMIC terror

leadership. These ISLAMIC terrorists are worse than Hitler's army. The

$1 trillion dollars that President Obama has asked for, is for the support

of the inclusion of refugee escapees.'

"History has come back to the party, where The United Nations has

asked President Obama to force international countries by extending

their welfare grant to the organization. He has acted as an auctioneer

begging countries to dig deeper into their pockets, in the hope of

saving lives.' said a Brazilian.

Speaking to Footprints in Switzerland, President Obama said that the

widespread fires in Russia was due to the extreme 'global conversion,'

that destroyed homes, people, and with millions of acres of land destroyed.

"The Red Cross sector of The United Nations has assisted Russia by water

supplies, medical treatment, food, as the rescue department of The United


President of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma, who spoke briefly to The

Swizz Times, said that this will be his last attending of The United

Nations before Ramaphosa takes over, that brought together

world presidents, leaders, and members

of congress for the sake of a message.

"As the United Nations is an organization to assist the third world countries,

and with the linking of the rand as the base currency in Africa, we have

contributed our due share of $5 million dollars to The United Nations stockveld.

South Africa will always be there for our international friends that need aid.'

President Barack Obama who continued his speech in a high tone, reverted

to business relationships with nations.

"China has closed her legs when it comes to trade, and awaits growth

through new markets. Our opinion to South America has always been

a lending hand, as they are our poor American neighbors.

We have investment

into new and old markets proportionally that will

lead to global growth.'

The World Bank booted, that already it has assisted Greece with $400 billion

dollars in the l a s t six years, and still the country is asking for more.

"We have just given and given to Greece in loans, and plead with The

United Nations to assist in Greece, and with more refugees fleeing,

the country is over-populated.'

CNBC says that whilst the presidents had discussed 'new ways,' of growth,

other presidents who were starting their career had other opinions for


"The world has to look at herself through new eyes. With globalization and

the pressing of power, we see The United States still holding the flagship,

as the leader of the world.' zoomed, Republican, Mr. Donald Trump.

Chairman, of The United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, spooned, that The United

Nations was still short of funds to aid humanitarian countries that required

their assistance.

"We have counter invested into our countries by forming smaller groups

in our emerging markets, with larger groups in our capitalistic


The United Nations was formed after World War II, with the aim of assisting

poor countries with benefit and growth.

"Our aim has always been to rescue struggling countries with food,

resources, tools and knowledge. Our organization was formed to stop

global trends from causing human extinction.' said President of Nigeria,

Mr. Goodluck Johnathan.

President Barack Obama who concluded his statement to The United Nations,

said that The United States 'WILL ALWAYS,' be the leader of giving to countries,

and has already dished out charity for a good cause.

"As the global spinner of trade, The United States has always contributed more

than our share to growing and improving the impoverish states of our #nations.'



by Mandy Conrad Bradley

(17 January 2016--FF News) The Women Against Women

Abuse of South Africa WAWASA, has discussed various methods

of Women Abuse, yet many women STILL SAY, that abuse against

them is not being controlled in South Africa.

"I am a housewife, and I don't earn an income. My husband works,

and often I have to look after our two children. I have called the police

on several occasions after he often complained about the food, would

slap me if I did not keep to my demands, and often forced me to

do things in the bedroom that were grizzly. Our police just visit

our home, and say this is domestic violence and leave.' said

a Soweto #resident.


Speaking to Footprints in Cape Town, Dr. Pamela Kruger, she gobbed,

that there are various methods of abuse by men, including psychological,

sexual, and physical.

"Psychological abuse is when men compare their past loved ones

to you, preventing a woman from doing certain things, and belittling

a woman in public. Sexual abuse can be forcing your partner to

perform sexual acts, the use of sexual toys and different positions.

Physical abuse can be linked to violence including slapping or scolding,

the force usage of illegal substances, and other physical abuse including

controlling and force.'

Mr. Talha Paruk, a local Durban knight notes that in ISLAM it is holy

not to abuse your wife, but be stern in your rules to the relationship.

"According to our religion if a woman commits adultery, we are

permitted to pelt her with stones. We are allowed to be the leaders

of the marriage, by bringing force to the relationship.'

The Natal Times, echoed that 200 000 women in South Africa are abused

each year, with many of the complaints coming from women who work,

housewives, and other community residents.

"I have this person @ work that constantly stalks me, calls my home number

and drops, and often writes love letters to me. He keeps on stalking me,

and this is abuse. I have laid a complaint to the head of my department,

and they are working on moving this employee to another department.'

WAWASA, HEAD, Mrs. Juwairya Khan, who spoke at length at a charity

function spoke about the abuse that everyday women go through, the

acts of harassment, and stalking whilst in divorce.

"My husband and I got divorced several years ago, and yet he still drives

pass my home to see who is parked in the driveway, often looks at my

FACEBOOK account, and often asks my friends about me. I want him to

stop searching for me, because it is over, and I have moved on.' said

Mrs. Jeanette Esterhuizen.

"Women have an equal right and opportunity in the 22nd Century, and

if we respect our better halves as people, the world will be ridden

of abuse to women.' leaped, Mr. Jason Young.

WAWASA concluded their statement to the public that men should respect

their women as their own mothers, and that women should stand up against

men who abuse them.

"Playing mental games with your partner by making her jealous with

other women is abuse. Looking at your past girlfriend on social sites,

is abuse. Slapping or even touching your women in a violent way is

abuse. Women I say to you, be a woman, and be the best that you

can be for your husbands.'


"ANACONDA,' KILLS, South African tourist...!!

by Lizette Grobler

(1 January 2016--FF News) The native South American snake is somehow,

the largest snake in the world, residing in the swamps of The Amazon Jungle,

and mashes in The Amazon #river.

"We own one of the largest Hotel resorts in The Jungle, and often residents,

from all around the world, visit out hotel for leisure and recreation.' noted

Managing Director for Amazon Springs Hotel.

"Christmas is normally the s e a s o n where guests get to enjoy the tropical

weather and rainfall conditions in Brazil.' said another.

The Amazon Read, pelted on their website that a honeymoon couple, Mr.

and Mrs. Dursot from Johannesburg, South Africa, visited the resort on

Saturday, and the female has died due to an anaconda death.

"They were visiting the resort and we warned them not to swim in the

river as the river has crocodiles, snakes, piranha's and poisonous lizards

that swim the river. She had attempted to take a swim in the hot spring,

when an Anaconda had strangled her.'

Speaking to Footprints in Brazil, Mr. Ricardo Sanchez, he says, that The

Jungle was notorious for Anaconda's and residents who hunt or visit

the jungle should beware these large creatures.

"Anaconda's are not venomous, they use constriction to kill their

prey. Once the anaconda smells it's prey, it normally bites the individual

on the neck and stomach, crushing her to death. After the body has

died, the creature swallows the prey, whole.'

The Romeo Group of Companies that has purchased a 26% shareholding

in the construction of 9600 schools and universities and other community

projects as part of their South American investment said that the death,

was a warning to holiday makers to beware the river, during feeding


"We have kept separate features for these wild animals, and warn the public,

where and when to swim, or hunt. Our investment deal with the governments

of the country's that own The Amazon, is to protect the endangered species

of  the animal kingdom.'

Mr. Ahmed Dursot, the husband of the late Mrs. Nazreen Dursot, he colted, that

they had visited the jungle during this week, and is now left without a wife.

"We were walking down the river, when she asked if I wanted to take a

dip, naked. She was quite freaky, and I had not agreed. She had swam

several minutes in the river, and within seconds, she was eaten.'

The Amazon Times, reported in their newspaper that the jungle is

sparsely populated with Red Indians, and holds some of the most

dangerous species of snakes.

"The average anaconda is said to be 31 feet, with a mass of 222 KG. The

green Anaconda that had killed Mrs. Dursot, is a serial snake, as already

eight 'HUMAN,' deaths have been reported dead. Should residents

of the jungle spot the deadly snake, they should call authorities, or

shoot to kill.'




by Osman Kajee

(14 January 2016--FF News) The 'mystic-'n-mysterious,' murder case

of Sheena Bora, has been solved by The Joker, reported The Times

of India...

When police were called on August 25 2015, to the mansion home of

Bollywood model and businesswoman, Mrs. Indrani Mukherjea they had

arrested her on suspicion of murder with aggravating #circumstances.

"We have reason to believe the mother of Sheena Bora, Mrs. Indrani

Mukherjea, her ex husband Mr. Sanjeev Khanna, and her driver,

Mr. Shyam Rai were behind the murder of Sheena Bora.'

said Mumbai Police

Inspector, Mr. Abdullah Hoosein Rajput.

Speaking to Footprints in Mumbai, local residents said that Mrs. Indrani

Mukherjea is a 45 yr old business-woman, who was fascinated by men

with wealth, class and #extravagance.


"She had dated Siddath Das who is the biological father of Sheena Bora

and her brother Mikhaeel. They lived together with her parents and

were later separated. She later left Siddath and with two children

and no money, she was forced to marry a wealthy businessman,

by the name of Sanjeev Khanna who has also been arrested. After their

relationship had also ended due to his loss of income, she married Ceo of

Star Media in 1993, Mr. Peter Mukerjea.'

"The Joker,' who is notorious for solving international crimes including Camp's

Bay murder of Mrs. Gabrielle Kabrins, The London Murders and the murder

of  Miss. Reeva Steenkamp, arrived by helicopter and

wore his traditional purple jacket,

blue tie and black pants.

"After reviewing evidence of the crime, we were led to believe that

Sheena Bora was killed on 23 April 2012 by her mother, step father,

and driver. She was lured to the forest 100KM away from Mumbai,

where her body was dumped.' he speech-ed.

Mr. Raj Malhotra, a local attorney for Mrs. Indrani Mukerjea, he says,

that his client, Mrs. Mukerjea was confident that her daughter was

alive and well, but did not want to speak to the media because

she hates her.

"People are saying I killed her. She is alive in The United States,

and is a medical doctor. She does not want to speak to me because

she hates me for leaving her father.'

According to News 24/7 Sheena Bora started dating Rahul Mukerjea,

the son of Mr. Peter Mukerjea, and was reverted to receiving 60

million rupees after the insolvency of one of Star Media's companies.

"We believe the motive behind the killing of Sheena Bora was because she

did not want to pay back the money held on her name. She was given the

money to hide from the tax services, and when her mother asked her

for the money, she refused.' said Miss. Hemali Gurujee.

After several months of investigations by The Mumbai Police, police

were finding it difficult to find the motive of the murder of Sheena

Bora, with interrogations and questioning between the accused,

amounting to days.

"We have reason to believe that even after the murder in April 2012,

Mrs. Mukerjea impersonated her daughter by using her cellphone, dressing

a doll in the passenger seat to look like her, even going to the extent

of using her personal email address of sending her ex boyfriend messages

that she is now married in The United States, and that it was really


"The Joker,' who worked through documentation with Mr. Mikhaeel Bora,

relatives of Sheena Bora and working through the dark hours of investigation,

had finally proof that the high profile murder was in fact committed by her

mother Mrs. Indrani Mukerjea, and her accomplices...

sheena bora murder, sheena murder mystery case, siddhartha das,

"We have reason to believe that Mukerjea had hid the true identity of

Sheena, first introducing her as her sister to friends, and later confiding

to personal friends, that she was her daughter. After I had worked with

forensic investigators, we have reason to believe that Sheena's real father

was not Siddath as she claims, but her father, Mr Upendra Bora."

"The Joker," who further gave evidence to the court in Mumbai noted that

Upendra Bora had raped his daughter Indrani at the time they were living

at their home, and hid the birth by stating that Siddath was the father.


the father of Mikhaeel, remains Siddath.

"I have come to the conclusion that the motive for the killing was that Indrani

had strangled her daughter on 23 April 2012, offered her ex husband 2 million

rupees to hide the body, 100KM away from Mumbai. I have also come to the

conclusion that she had strangled her daughter, later tried to kill Mikhaeel,

but failed, and up until 2015, she was corresponding with family members

stating that she was happy, and that she hates her mother.'

Local residents of Mumbai, said that "The Joker,' was their leader in

police investigation and without the handy work of "The Joker,' they

could not get the guilty verdict, by Judge Mohammed Adroos.

"No-one knows who the joker really is. It is said that he is billionaire

who solves

crime for the sake of bringing peace and justice to society...

He hides behind a coat of paint,

works through classified information and is able to be a hero to our country.

We as the Indian community of India, would like to thank the joker for

his speed, knowledge, and spunk in solving yet another murder case.'

"This is a love story gone wrong, as Indrani did not

want her current husband, Peter,

to find out that her father was the biological father of Sheena,

and coupled with

Sheena's relationship with Rahul, and her not obliging to

give back the money her

mother gave her, eventually led to the pre mediated murder

killing of Sheena.'

ended Captain, Yaseen Akhals.



by Jessica Watts

(8 January 2016--FF News) When Annette Samson, moved into her

two bedroom home in Sandton, she was faced with a grueling job,

a troublesome dog, and with no real friends in the bustling city,

she found it difficult to find someone to love her.

"I was forced to work 18 hours per day, was 'lonesome-'n-lonely,'

and often kept to my intro versed personality. I would often take

long walks in the park, and get lost in my own haze to life.' she

was quoted as saying.

She further tells The Sandton Chronicle, that she might not be the

'most beautiful; most gorgeous,' woman in the world,

but wanted to

find true love, when she attended her birthday party, alone on

11 August 2015.


"I was alone and I had no one to support my dreams. It was just me,

and my puppy, Romeo.'

"Going through the lonely night and dark hours, Summer season had bridged,

and I would take an afternoon walk with Romeo, often trying to tell him that I

was his best friend. One green day, we were playing fetch in a local Sandton

park, and I was under the tree when what looked like the most amazing, golden,


"Is he your Siberian Husky,' said a strange voice.

"I was surprised because his hazel eyes and curly hair shone in

the Sun.'

"Yes he is, and your Collie is pretty, what's her name..."

I asked.

"Meet Juliet, she is my best friend in the whole world. What

can I say, a Man's best friend is his dog.' he granted.


As we started speaking, Sunset was looming, and he had asked me

what do I do, how was my upbringing, and what was my perfect


"We chatted a bit, and made a plan to bring our dogs to this park,

everyday, and it was funny that my Siberian Husky was named

Romeo, and his Collie was named Juliet. I later learned my new found

boyfriend's name was Mohammed.'

"Annette, you are my everything, my world, my dream come

true.' he once told me.

"Mohammed, when I look into your eyes, I get lost, because you

have brought my dreams to reality. Look, Look, Romeo is cuddling


Whilst r o a m i n g through the gardens of ST Mary's Cathedral, he

was Muslim, and I was not and we had decided to take the dogs

for a run, whilst we enjoyed a Chinese meal, at the restaurant.

"Will you marry me,' he asked.'

It has now been two months, that we have been married, and guess


Miss. Annette Samson, who concluded her love story to The Romance

Times, she says, that she has been married to Mohammed since the

l a s t two months, have moved in together, and now Romeo will

be marrying Juliet.

"I had read about Shake sphere in school, and never did I ever imagine

my pet dog Romeo, will be the one to find his Juliet. The true love story

here is not between Mohammed and I, but between two hearts, who

found each other through the parents. We are the dogs parents and legal

owners, and will marry the two mutts on 14 February 2016, Valentines

Day.' she jolted.

Mr. Mohammed ASMAL who told Footprints in Sandton,

that he had purchased

Juliet from a pet store in 2014, and the collie was the best breed

on the


"When these two species of dogs mix, you get a dog capable of the

speed of The Siberian Husky and the sexiness of the collie.' he quirked.



by Gamiema Kamaloodeen

(2 January 2016--FF News) South Africans will be surprised with an

estimated 10 million sardines, 5 million prawns and crayfish, and other

fish species flocking the Oceans bed.

"We are surprised that the fishing season has greeted South Africa with a

fresh school of fish, as these fish swim to cooler waters. The new season

brings fishing companies in their nets and ships to catch their business. We

see the season l a s t i n g till May 2016, as more fish prefer the Atlantic.'

said fisherman, Mr. Hendrik De Beer.

Oceania, South Africa's largest fishing company said on their website that the

price of fish would drop with the new season, as the surprise catch was due to

the mixing of waters between The Indian Ocean and The Atlantic Ocean.

"When the cold Atlantic mixes with the warm Indian, we see more fish swim

in towards the harbor. Our nets were placed 10 000 m inshore, and already our

rigs are shipping large quantities of these fish.'

National Geographic, reported that for the f i r s t time in history, South African's

will be breached with the flightless bird of the penguin.

"These cute birds were never seen in South Africa, and they had preferred the

sandy beaches and cold waters of Cape Town..'

Speaking to Footprints in Fish Hoek, local resident,

Miss. Khatija Kamalhurzook, she

groans, that she lives a few meters from the sea,

and is often troubled by fishermen,

who choose to fish as a sport, instead of the sake of wealth.

"These small fishermen cast their rods into the sea, and wait hours for one

bite. When they get a bite, they all make noise, and wake the people up.


should do something about these people who fish for pleasure,

instead of #business.'



The Department of Fisheries in South Africa tarred that the larger catch by

fishermen in South Africa was 'good news,' that would feed more people,

improve the export fishing market, and bring new ocean scientists to

our waters.

"South Africa has a mix of cold and warm waters, and we have 9600

species of fish in our Oceans. The larger catch will bring smiles to

our faces of our fishermen.'

Local fisherman, Mr. Mikhael Kharmadeen, he says, that

although the catch

was larger than l a s t year, many pirates still loomed The Atlantic.

"A team of fishermen and I spent three months, during October,

November, and December 2015, fishing the waters of South Africa,

and whilst returning from to shore, we were hijacked by Somali

pirates. Crime at sea and on land, is still too terrible.'

The Seaside Times concluded that whilst fishing in South African waters has

it's perks, danger looms the dark oceans.

"Fishing is one of the most profitable businesses in South Africa, and we

recommend local and international investors to see the wealth in

our waters.'


The United States,



by Sameera Moomal

(12 January 2016--FF News) The Chinese economy has

l o s t an estimated $8 trillion dollars in 2015, and this was

mainly due to higher prices paid for wages, higher inflation,

slower demand, lower returns on investments,

and sluggish traders who invested too

heavily into foreign markets with slow returns.

"China has lost $8 trillion dollars due to their investment deal with

The United States, their loss of attraction to global trends, and inexperienced

traders who fought GREED by trading foreign markets.'

Speaking to Footprints in Beijing, CHINESE resident, Miss. Sue Lee Yuo,

she says, that she was normally paid 5000 YUAN per month, but now

foreigners are not buying their goods, and is only getting paid 2000 YUAN.

"My expense is the same, but my income has dropped. The world does

not want to buy Chinese produce, and prefers our competitions goods,


The New York Times, reported that CHINA has lost due to various

factors and one of them, being, investing Chinese investors monies into

slow moving returns.

"The Peoples Bank of China promises residents an 8% return on

Capital invested, and the return shown by The United States was

equal to 2%. This has created a loss of profit for everyday Chinese,

who thought The United States could be their investment. We estimate

the loss of profit from interest bearing countries at #1 trillion dollars...'

Stock broker at The African Stock Exchange in Morocco, Mr. Ahmed

Davids, he says, that CHINA should of cheeked the higher risk, higher

reward return in Africa, as the proportional growth was 102% in

some African countries.

"Chinese investors had forecasted too big of a growth on their investment

in The United States, and with the US only paying 2%, CHINESE feel that

they should of put their money, in Africa.'

Meanwhile, President of INDIA, Mr. Pranab Mukerjee says that when

CHINA falls, INDIA appreciates and already $400 billion dollars has been

injected into INDIA, due to the loss of CHINA.

"The world competes between Chinese and Indian merchandise,

and the loss by the CHINESE will make our goods more attractive

to the #world.'

The Beijing Stock Exchange that lost 8.6% on Monday, is said to be

one of the biggest losses in one day.

"Nicknamed "Black Monday,' the stock exchange fell by 8.6, as

CHINESE investors had lost confidence in the listed companies,

as FEAR gripped the market.'

Chinese President, Mr. Xi Jinping, said that CHINA was still the 2nd

biggest economy in the world, holding 23 of the 100 richest men

in world.

"The stock market crash was mainly due to over-estimates from our

returns with The United States. We could of hedged our investment

by investing 50% into Africa, and percentage investments into other


Currency trader, Mr. Chang Hai, he loops, that it will take the CHINESE

economy several years to recover the losses, as American's had tricked

them by promising too much in a short space of time.

"We had invested too big into The United States, and now we are faced

with receiving less YUAN for our goods, less return on our investments,

and with in-experienced traders trading the Chinese stock market, we

have only to learn from our #mistakes.'





by Cassandra Kesquiveil

(8 January 2016--FF News) To most women around the world,

the urge of having a large penis inside them, is a dream come

true, said a local Mexican model, Miss. Jessica Estavez.

The Guinness Book of World Records today announced the

'longest; largest,' penis in the world, belonging to Mexico resident,

Mr. Roberto Esquivel.


"At a whopping 49cm in length, the size is equal to the smallest

man in the world.' the company said.

Speaking to Footprints in Colima, Mr. Esquivel says that whilst most women

prefer a large penis, his was simply too #big.

"Women are too afraid to have me enter them, so I have resorted to

six women who service my package through oral and hand gestures.'

he was quoted as saying.

Miss. Hameeda Choonara, a local Benoni socialite, she says, that the

urge to have a really large penis penetrate her has always been her fantasy.

"I am not married and I choose to explore the feminine side of me. Having a

really large penis is every woman's dream, and while foreign men posses the

larger package, I have learn't to deal with my situation.'

Another resident, who spoke to The South African Sun, noted that as women,

they often gossip between their friends on the size of their boyfriends and

husbands penises.

"Size does matter, and the larger, and thicker, the better.' giggled a


Mr. Roberto Esquivel, who remarked that the secret to having a long penis,

was to exercise regularly, have your body kissed and touched,

eat healthy, and use your machine for what it's

used for.

"A man's greatest weapon is his penis, and women love men, who dangle

their penises with class. Respect women, and know how to treat them,

before you let your Anaconda out.'

At nearly 19 inches (48.2cm) Roberto Cabrera’s penis is just two inches shorter than the



by Natasha Smith

(3 January 2016--FF News) The seaside city of Denmark, Copenhagen,

that is said to be one of the raunchiest countries in the world, has

once again arrested a woman for driving #naked.

"She was driving the vehicle naked, and her boyfriend was caught performing

oral sex on her. She has been arrested, and the boyfriend is out

on bail.' said Inspector, Richard Good.

Speaking to Footprints in Copenhagen, Miss. Isabelle Luey, she states,

that she was feeling hot during the Summer weather, and had

decided to drive naked.

"My boyfriend does not have a valid drivers license, so I had to

drive. When I decided to take my clothes off, he started to

be naughty by kissing and touching.'

"She is being held for public indecency and has been appointed

a lawyer.' said Mr. Christiaan Davids.




by Zahiada Kamrodeen

(2 January 2016--FF News) The National Aeronautics and

SPACE ADMINISTRATION (NASA) announced this afternoon,

for a bid to shareholders to buy into their space project,

Mars Community Projects...

"Mars Community Projects is a community development on the planet Mars,

where we are in negotiations with companies and shareholders to level

a full scale community on Mars." said NASA astronaut, Mr. John Nxiama.

Speaking to Footprints in Omaro, local resident, Mr. Jason Wisely, he

browed, that they have just started the NASA space mission in Omaro,

with the leveling of the surface, the digging of trenches and the basic

construction for 90 000 people.

"We are building the community as an 'OZONE LIT,' environment, with

similar or even better living standards to planet #EARTH...'

Ceo of Mars Community Projects, Mr. Justin ENOOS, he says, that the planet

hosts an array of diamonds, gold, oil, and other fossil fuels that will light up

the eyes of their investors.

"We are calling on shareholders to purchase land and shares into the company,

that will ensure a four bedroom home, basic community construction, and

the freedom of being away from Earth. Investors are welcome from

$250 000 dollars per $share.'

Earthling, Miss. Nadia Kalla, bridged that she will purchase the 500 m2,

on planet Mars for $1 million dollars, as she sees future destruction on



"Starting a new life with no old flames or friends is the way to go. This

way, I will have my immediate family with me, away from the doom and

gloom on Earth.'

NASA scientist, Mrs. Camilla Parton, she chanted, that preparations for the

small community of Omaro on the Southern Equator of Mars, will be ideal

Sunlight during the 400 day Summer.

"Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, and is 2nd smallest in the

solar system. The planet environment created by our scientists, builders,

doctors, architects, dentists, financiers, tribal leaders,

and other working staff, will create

an ideal opportunity, for residents who choose to visit Mars in their

holiday break.'

TIME Magazine, reported that the project between Mars Community Projects,


and NASA will be completed in 2021, with monthly holiday packages starting

at only $60 000 per person, sharing.

"Mars is the planet to 'invest; visit,' and with over-population and restriction on planet

Earth, makes the planet the investment of #choice.'



by Ateeya Dawood

(15 January 2016--FF News) South African's will have one more

reason to smile this y e a r with the opening of "DISNEY WORLD,'

in South Africa, said Ceo of Disney Mr. Bob Iger.

"We are partnering with Sun-coast International and Juliet Group of Companies,

for the 400 hectare, theme park, resort, recording studio and other standard

features of our theme parks across the world including Florida, Paris, Berlin,

Rome, Rio De Janiero, Mecca, Dubai and now Cape Town." he added.

Speaking to Footprints in Cape Town, town developer, Mrs. Jaan Fredricks,

she says, that she was given the green light for the construction of the

theme park including 888 hotel rooms, "The Kingdom of Magic," "Charlies

Chocolate Factory," "The Ice Castle," and "The River of Toys."

"We were called on by US investors to build the 400 hectare theme park,

as international residents, see South Africa as a destination of #tour.'

The Seaside Times, reported that "DISNEY WORLD,' will be created using

similar concepts of other "DISNEY WORLDS,' with interesting cartoon characters

including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Princess Sophia, Ariel The

Mermaid, The Lion King, Fred Flinestone and The Joker.

"These characters will form as mascots to the park, that is well lite through

swimming pools, shopping centers, cinema and creative 'new concepts,' by


Managing Director of Disney World, South Africa, Mr. Sepho Moloi, he cartooned,

that South African's had always chosen "DISNEY,' as their brand of CHOICE

to entertainment, and will manage the brand-like company with strict instructions

from The United States.

"We are merely managing "DISNEY WORLD," South Africa, after their investment

of R8 billion rand in the project. The project has already been under way,

with government tenders already constructing the 81 buildings on the


Marketing Manager of "DISNEY WORLD," South Africa, Miss. Bushra

Dada, she urged, that "Charlies Chocolate Factory," was a 5000 m2

 factory building, made of tin, with machines creating every chocolate around

the world.

"The child gets to taste and swim in chocolate rivers created from

the finest bakers in the world. The child gets to enjoy the story of

Charlie and experience his childhood fantasy.'


Mr. Pieter De Villers, a local Johannesburg resident, said that he

cannot afford to travel to PARIS to entertain his children, as

he has eight of them.

"I have eight children, and I recently turned 50. My kids love the romance

between Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and I prefer to sit in the luxury hotel

room, while they having fun.'

The Saturday Star, cooled that "DISNEY WORLD," will host indoor

swimming pools, a luxury spa, free internet access, luxury diners,

and ample amounts of entertainment

for the #children.

"The Kingdom of Magic is the largest Merry-go-round in the world, equalling

188m in diameter. It takes approximately 81 minutes for one routine turn,

with the finest of horses and kings men escorting your children.'

Local American teenager, Miss. Isabelle Anders, retired, that she has visited

all of DISNEY's THEME PARKS across the world, and will now travel to South

Africa for the 'new feature,' of The Joker's Tomb.

"I am attracted to Joker's weird sense of humor, and The Joker's Tomb,

is an 8D horror film, that brings the characters on screen to

reality. I love getting scared, and will watch The Joker's TOMB...'

Other Cape Town residents said that they were honored that DISNEY

had chosen South Africa, as the first of their "DISNEY WORLD,' projects.

"The investment by Disney in South Africa, shows additional confidence in

the growth of South Africa.'

So, if your favorite DISNEY character is Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse,

get ready for the OPENING this October 2016...!!














The PrinCe of her Dreams is a romantic film produced by Footprints

Filmworks and associate companies...Kindly view the SHAREHOLDERS

AGREEMENT if you choose to purchase shares in this FILM, that

begins filming in JUNE 2015...Kindly view THE CONTACT PAGE if

you choose to be an actor, actress, producer, director, or any

other STAFF MEMBER of this FILM...

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes and outdoor


The PrinCe of her Dreams



ACT I Scene I

EXT. Sunrise. Aerial view of community

EXT. Sunrise. Camera-Zoom in



                   (dreaming, sleeping)

EXT: Union Buildings, crowd chanting

                  Fellow South African's, I greet you all in 

                  the name of Peace, Tranquility, Dreams and Freedom.

                  We are gathered here today to celebrate the 25 years of

                  democracy since our Apartheid regime. I trust that most of you

                  have voted right, and by choosing the right man to lead your

                  country as president. We are here today to remember the

                  teachings of our father, the late Nelson Mandela.

INT: RAJ'S Room: Alarm Rings. 


                  Oh Gosh, not again.

Raj wakes up from his yellow and blue linen bed sheet, frustrated that

it's his first day at The University of Pretoria, and this is his final year,

where he will qualify as a Lawyer. He shrugs his head, and heads

for the breakfast nook.


INT Kitchen. Raj's home

                             Mrs. MALHOTRA

                  Are you ready for a new year, a new beginning,

                  and an opportunity to make your father proud Raj.


                  Mum, you know I hate studying, I would prefer hanging

                  out at the shop, or playing my guitar, or perhaps one

                  day becoming the President of South Africa. I hate 

                 listening to DAD, he does not have reckoning with me,

                 and just because he is a lawyer, and his father was a 

                lawyer, just does not make it my right to follow in his footprints.

                              Mrs. MALHOTRA

                 Eat your breakfast son, it's your final year, and one

                 day you will thank us for pushing you so hard.


EXT. Driveway

RAJ puts a song on of his Favorite Justin Bieber soundtrack,

reverses from the driveway, and heads to University in

his 1989 light blue VW.




EXT: Outside University Gates: 30 minutes later 


Raj takes out his brown leather bag, puts it on

his shoulder, and heads for a group of boys playing

loud music and smoking.


                  Howsit Raj, looks like some-one got it all last night.


                  Very funny, just happy that it's my final year,

                  so that I can have some real friends and a decent

                  job. Are you gentlemen all well...??


                 Last year was awesome, I managed to pass

                 all grades, and I did not get arrested,

                 which is a first. Are you still dating that

                 Russian girl you were seeing last year,



                  She lied to me, cheated on me, and

                  I got my heart broken. I am tired of

                  dating women only for the sake of pleasure.

                  All I want is true love and marriage. I am 26.



                 In our religion, you have to marry some-one

                 with eight layers of fat on her buttocks,

                 and she has to be a virgin. Good luck,

                finding your true love.




                 I have to be off, You know how Mrs. Pienaar is,

                 with her stares and glares...No eight layers of

                 fat this way dude.


Later that DAY

The Pretoria University gets filled with thousands of students

who are getting ready to welcome the freshmen's on campus...

Hustle and Bustle loom the corridors of the main hall, as

the Deen of the University, Mr. Gabriel Samson, clears

this throat, repeating, testing, testing on the 



EXT: MAIN HALL: Camera focuses on students and DEEN.


                            Mr. SAMSON

                 I know most of you are probably tired of me

                 lecturing you, but this year, we have received

                4000 'new students,' from all walks of life.

               Our duties as seniors is to respect and assist

               our fellow new students with open arms.


                             Mr. SAMSON

                We will officially be opening the University

                with our Law students competing against

                our Medical students in a 20 over Cricket

                match on Friday. Wear your best gear,

                put on the sun lotion, and get ready 

                for a year filled with knowledge and power.




The atmosphere is electric as cheer-leaders parole the

main field, and whistles scream around the field, with fans

wooing 'Law Lions,' and 'Medical Melody...' The stadium

is filled with parents, guests, students and thousands

of other loiterers.


As RAJ pads up for opening the batting, he notices

from the corner of his eye, a blue eyed blonde, wearing

a red mini skirt and a white t-shirt.



                I am too old for this, and I don't want a duck on

               my name. Why don't you open, and I will come in

              at number three...


                 I don't mind. Why are you so nervous.


                I just am a bit stressed, and have a bad

                feeling. Let me come in after you.


                You are the Captain, and I will do so. Good luck.


As the crowd cheer brilliant bowling and batting by the teams,

the blue eyed blonde approaches the bench where the players

are sitting.



               I noticed that you were scheduled to bat first,

              and the entire University is betting on you to

              hit a few sixes. What's the matter, what's wrong.



               Is this your idea of small talk...??



             I am just concerned, coz you our lead striker,

             and we have to win this one.




             I'm sorry, do we know each other?




             The name is Andrea Wessels, from Krugersdorp.

             Well, I was just trying to be nice, I started

             law this year, and could not help notice

            the sweat on your face. Are you okay?



             I am a bit stressed, and I feel the pressure to win.



             My father always says that when you are

            stressed, you should put your faith in The Lord.

           Hold this cross, it might help us win.


The game had lasted three hours, forty six minutes with

the 'LAW LIONS,' winning the game, matching Mr. RAJ

MALHOTRA as 'the man of the match,' with six sixes

and twelve boundaries totaling a score of 88 from

41 balls....

End of ACT I, SCENE I for 'The PrinCe of her Dreams,'

To Follow ACT I, SCENE 2.

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ACT I Scene II
The PrinCe of her Dreams

                             Mr. SAMSON
                               (from behind)
                  Excuse me lady, do you know that it's illegal to
                  wear such a short dress at University?
                             MRS. DE JAGER
                             (turns around)
                 Who said so, does it not look sexy?
                            Mr. SAMSON
               Sorry, I thought you were one of the students.
               It does look kinda cute, you are a widow and a bit
               old to be parading the University looking like a teenager.
                           MRS. DE JAGER
               Am I not young?
                           Mr. SAMSON
              You are beautiful from the inside and out.
              I just don't think it's appropriate that all the
              students stare at your legs when in class.
                          MRS. DE JAGER
              If you have the assets, you might as well
              show it off. Happy Valentines Day, Mr. SAMSON.
As RAJ walks into the main garden of the University with
bunches of roses on his hand, he speaks to several women
handing them roses and letters for Valentines Day...He notices
Andrea sitting under a tree, reading a novel.
               A rose for a sexy lady...??
              Do you tell all these women the same thing.
              I am not interested, please leave me alone.
             You are never fully dressed with a smile, so smile.
             I owe you a Jesus cross, here it is.
             God is there for all of us, Muslim, Hindu, Christian
             or whatever religion you are. You can keep it.
            So, the last time we passed w o r d s, you said
            you from Krugersdorp, where are you from originally...??
           Heaven and you?
           I'm from a humble community called Laudium. Are
           you always this obnoxious.?
          I am not obnoxious, I am ANDREA. I
          don't want this rose, the true rose lies inside
          my heart, and it's withered and dead.
         I don't want to talk about it. Thanks for winning
         the game for us.
        So are you like a bookworm?
        I love that mystery DA VINCI Code.
        I guess all of life is just but a code.
        I will give you the answer to the killer
        of the priest but that might spoil your read.
        Would you like to take a stroll in the Botanical
             I am waiting for my mother to pick me up.
             She normally picks me up after work. I have
             to pick my twin sister up from the airport.
             So I see said the blind man. Can't you
            I don't have that luxury, I am only 22.
            I believe life is 'give and take,' and you
            helped me win the game, I have an old

            vehicle, why don't I teach you.

           I don't mind, but my mother will be here in
           an hour. Do you believe that when you make
           other peoples dreams a reality, your dreams
           become one too...
         Let's just get to it.
"KAHO NA PYAAR HAI" is played and
ACTED OUT THROUGH the mountains of
NELSPRUIT-illusion (6 minutes)
(After the soundtrack) BACK TO SCENE
RAJ TEACHES ANDREA how to reverse, 1st gear,
2nd gear, 3rd gear, 4th gear, 5th gear while the
soundtrack plays.
              We have all been in love, been hurt,
              and stuff like that. Hardly we marry our
              first love. What's your perception on love.?
              I believe that love is supposed to be treasured
              and pleasured, and when one finds true love,
              one should hold onto it forever. Shakerspere
              said it best; "Love is an ever fixed mark, that
              cannot be altered or withered"
              Wow, I believe love is LOSS OF VALUEBALE
              ENERGY. The days of love in today's times, is
              very different when our parents loved each other.
              Is that a birthmark on your neck?
              It sure is.
              Mind if I press it with my lips?
They share their first intimate moment in the vehicle
of the 1989 light blue VW. Raj drops ANDREA back
at the University, and smells the rose, she once rejected.
Could this be the beginning of ANDREA'S inner rose,
starting to bloom AGAIN....??
Kindly view for other
EXT: Wessels Residence
                             MRS. WESSELS
                 Are you ready Andrea, Raj will be here
                 in a few minutes...??
                 I am almost done Mum, can you zip this

                 dress up for me please.


 Image may contain: 1 person, sitting
                            MRS WESSELS
               Do you know I wore this same dress when your father
               asked me to marry him. I have packed on a few pounds
               since then, but red really suites you. You do really love
               RAJ don't you...??
               I do love him mother...Maybe there is more of you to
               love today when you married him. We have been together
              a few months, and everything is so perfect. He helps me
              with my studies, he taught me to drive, I have received
              dozens of gifts from him, and maybe, JUST MAYBE
              he is the one Mum.
              I love you Mum.
                           MRS WESSELS
            There is a problem, I love you too...Do you want
            to take your sister Alison with, she is doing nothing,
            and don't want her to miss out on a night out.
           Alison, get ready, come with us, You
          will enjoy yourself. We are going to The
          Westcliff Hotel in Johannesburg, RAJ will be
          here in a few minutes, get dressed quickly.
          I have some computer things to do, do I really
          have to come.
        Don't be a spoil't brat, just get dressed and you
        will enjoy it. Make quick.
                            MRS WESSELS
       You know Andrea, when your father passed away,
        I vowed never to re-marry. I believe that you live once,
       die once, love once and get married once...Take your
       sister with, she needs some time away from
       the computer.
As Alison gets dressed into a black blouse and blue jeans,
the honk of RAJ's 1989 VW echoes through the neighborhood...

         Thanks for waking the entire neighborhood up...
        No problem, it's the least I could do, since
        you got all dolled up...How are you Alison...??
                         (from the back seat)
        I am better than you. I wish I could stay at
        home, but my sister insists that I should
        hold candle for the two of you.
       Don't be so mean Alison. We are here to have
       a romantic candle lite dinner, and maybe RAJ
       could be your friend.?
      Alison, your sister is my dream come true. Many nights
      I sat and pondered for God to achieve 'the woman of
      my dreams,' and today I am grateful to have her as
      my best friend and greatest lover. She is 'simply the best...'
     You are "The PrinCe of my Dreams," RAJ...
     I guess sometimes you have to be the greatest
     of friends to be the greatest of lovers, don't you
     think love...??
    You gave me dreams RAJ...Before I met you,
     I was hopeless, useless, had no self-confidence,
     and believed that the world was between the four
     walls of my bedroom...
     Don't lie infront of the child.!
    RAJ, although I met friends before I knew you,
    I was always lonesome in a crowd.
   And to think your twin sister was your best friend.
   I guess when you met RAJ, we sought off drifted
   Your sister will always be your best friend Alison,
   she is just on loan to me...
   When I met RAJ, Alison, it was like he walked
   out off a storybook and into my life. When I
   look into his eyes my heart freezes.
  Save me the soppy stories, and watch your speed
AS RAJ pulls up at The Westcliff Hotel in Johannesburg,
the air seems 'gloomy-'n-loomy,' with the starless sky
shining upon the city...RAJ, ANDREA, and ALISON
are greeted by the waiter, as RAJ has a few words
with him...The background orchestra of MOZART
plays mildly...
    If you ever break my sisters heart, I will give you
    a karate kick where it hurts the most...!!
   I will never 'harm-'n-hurt,' your sister...She is
   the apple of my eye, and besides after today
   we will be family...
ANDREA takes a sip of her cocktail, and discovers
a ring floating in the drink...
    Yes, Yes, Yes, I will marry you...!!
    That is my grandmothers wedding ring...
    She wore it for sixty six years...
    I believe that if you love someone, there
    is no point in wasting time...I will complete
    my LAW degree this year, and I want to
    build a home with you...
   I want to have beautiful children like their
   father and the personality to match the
   stars like their mother...If God listens,
   I want to live in a Castle, with a white
   picket fence...Can you make my dreams
   come true RAJ...??
  This is getting too mushy for me...
  When you are done, I will be by the
"LIED VAN MY HART," is played and
acted out through a dance studio hired
by Footprints Filmworks...

   I think I have a flat tyre
  Call the insurance company...?
    I did, they said that they can
    only tow this piece of scrap in the
   morning, what are we going to do...
    I will call my mother to pick us up.
    You can spend the night with us...We
    are going to get married, so I bet it
    should be cool with her...
ANDREA's mother picks the 'trio,' just after
midnight as ANDREA spends several hours
kissing and holding her new found husband...He
spends the night at his new "mother-in-laws,' home,
and discusses with her the way forward of marriage

with her daughter...


To Follow, ACT 2, SCENE I...
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$200 Trillion dollar debt 'looms,' WORLD MARKETS...!!

by Juwairya Khan

(12 April 2016--FF News) The sacred location of The Illuminati, in

Southern Brisbane is the head-quarters for where world leaders,

businessmen, tribal leaders and associate managers and directors

who have contributed a sum of $1 million dollars per #month to the

mysterious organization.


"The society was founded by the first PRESIDENT of The United States,

Mr. George Washington in 1777, and today members attend gatherings that

are not often reported to the media.The Illuminati was formed to world leaders

to assist The United Nations, NATO and other rescue and welfare organizations.'

President of The United States, Mr. Barack Obama, who says that the organization

was founded by his fore-father and today the world is plagued with $200 trillion dollar

debts, the extinction of the animal kingdom and the wars in Iraq and Syria.

"We have often met to discuss 'new-ways,' of future growth. Republican leader, Mr.

Donald Trump and I have not agreed on certain methods of finance through export

markets.' he was reported as saying.

World News 24/7 wooed that the global economy was valued at $700 trillion dollars

per annul, with countries including The United States, Australia, Britain, Sweden,

South Africa, Greece, India and China blaming their #200 trillion dollar debt on

extension, helping other nations with investment and the formation of blue-print


"Our annul report to The Illuminati has always been growth through 3rd world countries.

We see the future of investment in construction of homes, the improvement of facilities,

improvement of sanitation and welcoming other business proposals to the countries, we

invest in.' said Former Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. Tony Blair.


The Joker, who is one of the world's greatest crime fighters wore his traditional

black outfit and

said that although no-one knew who he really is, his job is to fight crime, and prevent

abuse to women and children.

"He is perhaps the 'most admired; most talented,' Superhero with

his kick-boxing skills,

and technology synopsis that fights local and international crime.

He is one of the very

few members that Illuminati members had invited, as they see his skill in solving crime,

a must have.'

The "All-seeing-eye,' on the American dollar has always been the signature of the

organization with members receiving their invitation through a hologram mark

on the American dollar.

"Members are invited long in advance to the meeting that discusses future relationships

between world leaders, and their idea of the 'know how,' to the future.'

Miss. Kim Kardashian, who is also a 'new member,' to the cult organization said that

her one billion fans around the world, had allowed world leaders, her set of


"My dream has always been to be a role model to up and coming pouting queens.

My advice to the global teenage world, is respect your husbands as your fathers,

plan to have a family early in your life, and never forget to give head.' she


Conspiracy theories will have you believe that the sacred organization sometimes

works against each other, as China have forked tongues when liaising with Russia,

and India wraps investors minds by groping Chinese goods.

"Competition has remained 'rough-'n-tough,' in the world markets, and China has

often shared the pillow of goods with India. The debt coming from China and India,

is financed by fast moving economies including Germany, Spain, France and Italy.'

President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin noted that his country is still owing The

World Bank $120 billion dollars and this was through the invasion of Ukraine,

his presidency campaign, and fighting the Islamic rule of ISIS.

"The United States and Russia have always remained lovers. We have formed

pledges to destroy ISIS from air, sea, road and rail. Our military men are equipped

with state of the art ammunition and bombs to bring an end to Islamic terror


Ceo of Coca Cola, Mr. Mukhtar Kent who refreshed members of The Illuminati

told Footprints in Brisbane, that the Summers heat in Australia was terrible

and members should enjoy a thirst of refreshment.

"Coca Cola has remained the oldest brand in the world, and our taste of

flavor includes the opening of manufacture and retail plants of the beverage

in Sudan, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Zambia with government owned shares.'

President of CHINA, Mr. Xi Jinping jolted that the Illuminati was planning on

surging retail camps in Europe with the escape of refugees from Islamic led



"Millions of residents have fled their homeland in a search for a better future.

Our work with the Illuminati is to form camps in Europe to serve the suffering.'

All members of The illuminati are said to dress fashionably including a black

suit, a black dress, or even a black top, amid the humid Brisbane heat.

"The Eng lighted Ones,' who have lived through centuries bringing world peace

and hedging investments through world trade, members of The Illuminati related

that what was achieved in the last 100 years, MAN has not achieved in the since

Prophet Adam.

"The world has 'invented-'n-innovated,' through paper trade equaling billions

of dollars. The United States alone spends $1.78c for every $1, income earned.'

read The Business Times.

President of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma concluded to BBC NEWS that he has

long been a member of The Illuminati and has pledged his support for the prevention

of HIV/AIDS, has worked with businessmen to purchase cost-efficient goods for

South Africa, and has worked closely with The Joker.


"The Joker's automobile has majority stayed in South Africa with the high crime rate.

He has brought down crime in South Africa, has solved murders, and has punished

thieves who rob innocent residents. My work with the organization is to bring peace

with terrorist organization, Al Shabaab, bring an end to the FIFA scandal, and

remain to the strict rules of the #organization.'



To the ONE I LOVE...!!

by Zainub Ismail

(10 April 2016--FF News) I write this letter in the closed stuffy room of my two

bedroom apartment knowing that my dearest sweetoo reads your website.

My name is Zainub Ismail, and I have been dating 'the love of my life,' since

2010, and have promised that we are going to get married to each other,

when the time is right.

Ubaid, I know that you read Footprints Filmworks,

and since they allowed me to

write on this blog, I want to pledge my undying love for you;

You are the sun that shines bright throughout my day,
You are the gravity that holds me down in every way.
You are the moon that shimmers throughout my night,
You are stars that glimmer oh so bright.

You are the oxygen that keeps me alive,
You are my heart that beats inside.
You are the blood that flows through me,
You are the only guy I can see.
You have the voice of when a mocking bird sings,
You are my everything.

You are my one and only,
You stop me from being so lonely.
We plan our future as if we have a clue,
I never want to lose you.
I want you to be my husband and I want to be your wife,
I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing
Ubaid, from the 1st day we kissed, up until yesterday when you teased
me, I want to tell you, thank you for loving me through my mood swings,
my fetish demands, and my willingness to learn from you. I know that we
have had our up's and down's and these six years together, has changed
my world for the better. I know that you say this and that about marriage,
but please baby, if you really want to make it happen, it's your #call.
I love your smile, I love your weird sense of humor, I love your stylish looks,
and I love the way you treat me. Promise me Ubaid, that you will never change,
coz if you do, I will slap you.
Ubaid, since the moment we started going out, and you helping me with school,
to my woeful job, you have always been there, listened to me, paid attention
to me, surprised me for my birthday and have been the best boyfriend in the
Every now and then Ubaid, I like to surprise you, by writing you a love letter,
just to show my gratitude of love and affection to you. You have always been
a pillar of great strength and inspiration, and even though I tell you I love you
everyday, I just wanted you and the rest of the world to know on FOOTPRINTS.
Hope you don't mind.
So, Ubaid, I don't have any fancy chocolates or teddy bears (I'm working,)
I just want you to know that even though you have dated hundreds
of girls, you are my best, and I hope I am yours too. Every-time we go
on dates, even that one time to the park, just chilling with you, is time
well spent. I cannot wait for the next moment with you Ubaid, coz
you take my breath away.
Baby, I know that I have been pushing you for marriage,
I mean six years is
a long time, don't you want to have little brats like me running around.
I know I do. It's just that Ubaid I am getting old, and soon I will be too
old to be a mother.
I hope this postman Footprints Filmworks delivers this message to you,
coz Baby, I'm already missing you. I know Ubaid, that we have things
to achieve before we get married, but spending the last couple of
dates with you has made me realize that my parents should not have
a say in our relationship, because I love you, and not them.
I love you Ubaid, and if there is one thing I would change about you,
it would be, when you kiss me, try to use more tongue.
I luv u baby.




by Natasha Richardson

(12 April 2016--FF News) The National Science and Animal

Institute (NSAI) approached government leaders of the world in their departments

of animal protection, animal cruelty, animal extinction and animal conservation.

"Approximately 21% of animals have been the process of extinction since the

14th Century, with cruelty to animals is on the rise. We have an estimated

7000 animal

related crimes per day in the world, with more of our household pets abused or


Speaking to Footprints in San Diego, Chairperson of NSAI, Mr. Rupert Davids,

he notes, that animal rights were not being promoted in certain countries, as the

departments had saved on spending.

"On average 0.2% of annul government NGS  is spent on protecting our animals,

and this should be bumped by  0.1% to all countries by 2019.'

"A dog is a man's best friend, and some owners leave their dogs at home when they go

on holiday, some bull terrors are chained for their lives, some cats are not groomed

to perfection, and some zoo's are feeding

improper food to their stock.' said an animal owner.

ANIMAL INTERPRETER, Mrs. Michelle Thomps, crinkled to the NSAI that after her research

with interviewing dogs, cats, snakes, cows, lions, tigers, bears, and sharks she discovered that

the animals that spoken that too much pollution had polluted the skies and oceans, improper caring

of household pets, and the killing of rodents as pests.

"Our lions are being hunted for their manhood, our snakes are being killed for their skin,

and our sharks are being killed for their oil. We should 'protect-'n-promote,' nature to

the best of our abilities.'

The San Diego Times coiled that thousands of cats and dogs live without owners,

and these stray pets should be #adopted.

"The NSAI makes provision that we should adopt cats, dogs and other household pets

as our own.'

Treasurer at the NSAI, Mr. Mario De Santos, chewed,

that proper records of all dogs owned should be kept by

government, with the introduction of the identity document for your household pet.

"Many pets travel abroad with their owners, and we

welcome this initiative by the owners,

and have issued legal documentation to proclaim you are the rightful owner of the pet...Furthermore,

many celebrities leave their millions of dollars in inheritance to their pets. The identity document

will provide for legal liability to the pet once the owner has died.'

Mrs. Oprah Winfrey, notorious for her 12 dogs, 17 kittens and several

species of fish,

said that the secret to car take of your 'loved-ones,' includes love,

cuddling, naming and #grooming.


"When I shampoo my dogs fur, he can feel that I love him. When I leave for work,


all cuddle and lick me, and wish me luck for the day. Cruelty to animals has to stop, and if

we as celebrities don't pledge our donation to their future, who will.'

"Save our pets, save our Oceans, and bring out the human element in you. Our

ancestors were the first type of animals, The Homo Naledi, and through time, MAN

has progressed to who he is today. Lend a hand to our other living organisms,

and ensure a more prosperous future for our animal kingdom.'

ended a #Veterinarian.


President ZUMA "SIGNS,' purchase of 100 000


by Ying Hao

(2 April 2016--FF News) South African President, Jacob Zuma signed agreements

with Chinese vehicle manufacturers including Nissan, Audi, Toyota and Peugeot,

for the export of 100 000 motor vehicles to the #country.

"After our findings and investigations into the 2017 models, these vehicles will

be fitted with ozone friendly devices, fuel economy, speed and luxury. The 2017

range of the vehicles will be exported using two marine companies.' said Ceo

of Nissan, Mr. Carlos Ghosn.

Speaking to Footprints in China, Managing Director of Toyota, Mr. Akiyo

Toyoda says that the family business was assisting South Africa by leasing

these 'new models,' out, at a fraction of the cost.

"We have signed agreements with President Zuma in the purchase of these

vehicles enabling Toyota to reach African #countries.'

Car Magazine plumed that the vehicle manufacturing businesses had pledged

agreements with South Africa, with manufacturing plants opening soon in

South Africa.

"The cost to company including machinery and workmanship is too high in South Africa,

and it costs cheaper to produce the Chinese brands in China, further being exported

to the rest of the world.'

President of China, Mr. Xi Jinping welcomed SA President Jacob Zuma saying that

his plea to the international community was to strengthen export markets in China,

and the best of the world.

"Chinese goods including vehicles, electronics, food and building material are all

signature brands of our production. Chinese labor has been able to produce these

items at the lowest cost in the world.'

The Beijing Times junned that the Chinese economy has shrunk by 2% in

the last year, due to higher manufacturing costs, the strengthening of the

yuan, less jobs and higher taxes.

"India and China have remained two of the biggest producers of resources. The

purchase by President Zuma is a long list of buys from his government where he

is expected to travel to The Untied States to purchase 81 fighter jets.'

"South African business is on the uptrend and President Zuma's travel to India,

The United States, China and Russia will see a total spending of $32 billion dollars

in asset purchasing for resale.' said Miss. Juanita Jansen.

President Jacob Zuma concluded that he finds the offers attractive by the

Chinese and will move on to Russia to purchase coal, where he sees the

opportunity for South Africans.

"Our purchase of 100 000 vehicles for South African's enable a cost to

government, where we will resale to dealerships. I will be moving on

to Russia for the purchase of coal resources where again these resources

will be sold to government owned companies like ESKOM.'

The purchase of 100 000 vehicles comes as no surprise as previous presidents

of South Africa, had always purchased #vehicles and electronics from CHINA,

to accommodate the rising growth rate in South Africa.




by Muazza Dockrat

(22 April 2016--FF News) The quite ISIS led community of HAMA, in Syria

was again invaded by Russian and French forces with American military still

taking over sectors of Syria, trying desperateness to overthrow President,

Basshar Al Assad.

Speaking to Footprints in HAMA, local resident, Miss. Muwairyah Hajji, she says,

that women were being sold off as prostitution to African and Arabian kings.

"My family and I have back-packed on The Mediterranean Sea to escape these

Muslim leaders who claim that it is their jihad that we be their wives. Our plans

are to leave the bombings in Syria, and escape to Germany, by ship.'

Meanwhile, The Syrian Times, read that everyday Muslims were escaping

the country due to terrorist attacks by their own people, American and Russain

invasion, and their willingness for a better future.

"I traveled 4000 KM from Syria to Hungary and have escaped the ISLAMIC rule

of these terrorists. They capture our people, are forced to join their military,

and our men are used as slaves to run their wealth.' said a resident.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

The South African Sun, reported that 50 000 Syrians had escaped the harbors

of Syria, and have built ships strong enough to escape ISLAMIC FORCES.

"Our president does not want to play ball with Anglo-Saxon powers, we

have failed in our leadership of our people, and our people see Europe

and Africa as destinations for positive futures.'

President Barack Obama who spoke at the United Nations says that $400

billion dollars worth of damaged property needs to renovated and repaired

in Iraq and Syria, and is willing to extend a hand to the Muslims, by

takeover agreements.

"We can rebuild The Islamic State by people power. If Muslims learn to

adapt to Western civilization we are prepared to negotiate that France

and Russia withdraw their forces.'

Prince Abdullah Bin Laden Sayed Kareem says that ISIS had already taken

over sectors of Syria, and had already full power in Iraq.

"Our takeover of the world has always been our dream. We have Muslim fighters

all around the world spreading the message of #ISLAM.'

CNN ended that Sect of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton is prepared to work with ISIS

if they 'hand in the towel,' of dictatorship.

"These Muslim leaders sell their women as wives, are developing weapons of

mass destruction, and with their man-power around the world, we should be

steadfast by fighting international thieves with force.'

More Muslims from Iraq and Syria are said to escape the leadership of ISIS in

the Middle East, with millions of refugees flocking to neighboring countries in

the hope of a better lifestyle opportunity.


"Footprints," CHAMP OF THE MONTH, April 2016...!!

by Sakeena Joosub

(11 April 2016--FF News) Once a month, Footprints Filmworks and

our associate companies and sponsors issue a "CHAMP of the month,'

to residents of the communities, cities, and other districts of the


Previous CHAMPS of Footprints Filmworks include Omar Abdulla, Sir. Manoj Kharbhai,

William Wallace, President Jacob Zuma, Fiona Nay, Madaam Zakiyyah Kolia,

Alison Kells, Professor Juwairyah Khan,

Akber Abdulla, Zunaid Moti, Ab Carrim and hundreds of others who have been breaking

headlines for all the right reasons.


Miss. Faheema Khota, a local Johannesburg resident has won the award this afternoon,

at a meeting in #Sandton.

"We are pleased to announce Miss. Khota as the overall winner of the "Champ of the month,'

after our judges had found her work with Peter Pan Productions a success.'

Miss. Faheema Khota is a 25 yr old South African resident that started a business just

with a thought and selling it to the millions of residents around the world, read The

Klerksdorp Times.

Peter Pan Productions is a media company specializing in adverting and from the

humble beginnings in only 2014, the company has an estimated 60 million viewers

per day.

"Peter Pan Productions is a website and blog company that owns 122 212 blogs

and websites across the world. The company specializes in social media that has

taken the current media frenzy by @storm.' said The Business Times..


Footprints Filmworks that is a media investment company noted the company had purchased

dual shares in Peter Pan Productions through 'swap agreements,' says that investment

into Miss. Khota's company would ensure growth to both companies shareholders.

"We see our investment of R400 million rand into her company and interests a positive

growth to per second journalist reporting.'

Mr. Mark Shuttleworth, a local billionaire businessman who attended the Buffet in

Sandton says that the world recognizes quick growth but it has to be managed

through down spirals of the market.

"I made my first million at 23, and just grew through venture capital investments.

The award given to Miss. Khota is a step in the right direction that ensures growth

through young distribution companies.'

Speaking on stage after receiving the award, Miss. Faheema Khota says that she

started the business after her then boyfriend loved #pictures.

"My boyfriend loved sending me cute quotes and roses for the day, whilst some

days I would feel down, and he would send me a quote that would make my

day special. We then decided to open a business collecting scrapbooks and

pictures about anything you can think off--popular, most talented, blog quotes

that make a difference.'

The New York Times reported that after the initial buyout of 50 000 pictures

and quotes, Peter Pan Productions had purchased shares into Footprints Filmworks,

Facebook, Instagram, Picture Purrfect, Tumbir, Pinterest, Google, and other

internet based companies.

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses

"She had purchased share-holdings in these companies, and together with her

husband formed Peter Pan Productions that has touched a net worth of R8

billion rand since inception.'

Ceo of Footprints Filmworks, Mr. Anton De Villers bridged that handing the award to

Miss. Faheema Khota was a celebration of success through hard work and determination.

"Once per month, we reward leaders and managers of the world who have excelled well.

Daily we have new discoveries, unique recipes, new found adventures and other daily

news that awe our audiences. Her work with Peter Pan Productions brings the images

on screen, to life, with superior quality and class.'

Miss. Faheema Khota who spoke exclusively to The Sandton Chronicle says that

business was always her fulcrum after learning from her #father.


"I started baking cookies in my father's shop, and when I met my then boyfriend,

we formed Peter Pan Productions, have bought shares in other

companies and manage

60 million people per day.'

Local Cape Town resident, Miss. Andrea Venter, says that she takes her hands off

to the tricks of Peter Pan Productions with advertisers paying as much as R5000 per

day per blog of Peter Pan Productions.

"She is married to the most gorgeous dude in South Africa, owns a fleet of Porches,

and has remained admirable by managing so many blogs. Her word in the community

is a big say, and she is my most admired person in the @world.'

Miss. Faheema Khota, the original creator of Peter Pan Productions says that she

accepts the award with due gratitude and will now be heading back to the


"My husband and I have hired a team of 888 people who manage the accounts

of the residents who post on our websites. The internet boom is said to last

the next ten years, and we should cash in, now.'

Success Magazine ended that the "Footprints,' CHAMP OF THE MONTH,

is a monthly award that pays attention to the work of the hundreds of

workmen who make everyday achievements.

"Architects, Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers, Builders, Pilots and daily people

are each day going out to make a difference. The award recognizes the

speed growth through markets that excel the likeness of topping the best

in their field.'

Footprints Filmworks welcomes the footprint of Miss. Faheema Khota on

the calendar wall of our  executive office.




by Tasleema Mia

(23 April 2016--FF News) The refugee crisis that has been plauging

the Mediterranean seas in the last year has flocked more than five million

refugees from Iraq and Syria to Europe, including borders of Hungary,

Germany, Britain and #Sweden.

"My family and I had boarded the ship that was only due to withstand

5000 Syrians. We were flooded to escape the Islamic rule of ISIS, and

were packed like sardines, with more than 20 000 Syrians occupying

the ship.' said Miss. Shaida Joosub.

"When I looked into his eyes he mesmerized me with his handsome looks

and his willingness to save my family. The trip from Syria to the harbor

of Germany is approximately eight days, that stood the rough seas

of the sea."

Speaking to Footprints in The Mediterranean, Captain Gordon Cassimjee,

he was negotiated as saying that the ship has only eighty one life boats,

with more than 20 000 people.

"Clearly we were over-stocked, and the boat had let go of the over-crowding. We

had packed our life boats, so that more people can paddle their own boats.'

The Classic Mediterranean is a 400 foot ship, equipped with the bare essentials

for survival, as many of the refugees had paid high sums of money for a small


"Bookings for the The Classic Mediterranean were over-sold and were purchased

illegally. Many of the refugees purchased one ticket and their entire families were

entertained.' said The Mediterranean Times...

Dressed in his traditional Kurta and sandals, Mr. Ahmed Nabi noted that

he had met Shaida and her family on the ship after winning a poker

deal with his friends.

"My father died when I was 11 and my mother died when I was 14. I am

a Yazedi who resided in Mountains of Syria, lived as a Shepard, and am

now forced to move to Europe, to escape the bombings and dictatorship

rule of ISIS.' he was quoted as saying.

The Munich Times rapped that the journey from Syria was equaled to

a shipwreck that lost the lives of 8000 Syrians.

"The ship they were traveling on was over-crowded, and many thousands had

sunk to the bottom of the sea, with rescue ships pulling dead bodies from the

sea. Miss. Joosub's entire family had died in the shipwreck, with Ahmed saving

her through stormy waters."

"He had held her hand when their ship had lost course and the mass of the people,

had to drop, or the entire ship could sink. The arrival of the refugees puts more

pressure on government with the foreign introduction.'

Mr. Ahmed Nabi, he says, that when the ship had drowned Shaida's family,

they were forced to eat rotten banana's, drink sea water, and eat un-

cooked fish.

"We had no natural resources including Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth.

We slept on top of each other and were forced to share a bunk bed. We

had nothing, and as Captains called our names we were lost in the

over-crowded ship.'

However, when the ship had docked in Germany, Shaida was saved by

Ahmed, but was lost without him, as she could not find him, amid all

the refugees.

"For six days, I searched every mosque, every homeless shelter, every

UN peace camp, but I could not find him. I was alone in Munich, and the

person that saved me, I could not be with.'

As the snow had melted, and the Summer rains started to flourish I was

lost in Germany with no family, and no Ahmed.

"Ahmed was the person that I had just met, and he saved my life, because

he actually loved me by spending time with me. When many of the families

on the ship died, we were forced to protect each other, and when the

ship docked, we had lost each other.'

The Romance Times, googled that after several days of searching through

cities in Germany, Miss. Shaida Joosub, had found her prince charming smoking

a pipe in a nearby restaurant.

"I had always knew that he loved to smoke tobacco, and when I visited him

in the age old restaurant, there he was smoking his pipe.'

Mr. Ahmed Nabi notably relates the mosques were filthy with refugees but

he will marry his Shaida, at a Cathedral in @Munich.

"I had never planned on falling in love when I left the ship harbor in Syria. I

had no money, and just the skin on my back. I saved Shaida, and will never

be able to replace her family that drowned, but will serve the honor

of being a father in December.'

Miss. Shaida Joosub says that it requires effort to find the one you love,

and she loved him more than any person in those eight days.

"The shipwreck had killed my family, but that one night we spent on

the bunker-bed of the ship, led me to be pregnant. I have found

my loving Ahmed through all my searching, and will be married in our

new country, #Germany.'


The United Nations ended, that already $6 billion dollars has been spent

by the humanitarian charity of the organization and pledges everyday residents

to donate for a good cause.

"We want to save the people who have escaped their home countries

from terror rule, we want to save people who are living in poverty with

only the dream of tomorrow, and we want to save people, as our Godly

goal to the #world.'



by Rose Mathaba

(6 April 2016--FF News) South Africa's youngest millionaire,

Mr. Sandile Shezi was arrested this afternoon by police, who

claim that the 21 yr old had committed fraud by loosing

R8 billion rand of his investors #money.

"He became the youngest millionaire in South Africa after trading

foreign exchange and stock markets. His monthly income was estimated

to be at R800 000 per month in commissions and gifts.'

The Johannesburg Times reported that SHEZI had tricked investors

by investing into Ocean Bank, Footprints Filmworks, Tigerbrands and

Coca Cola, with the promise of f a s t returns.

"His mandate to clients was a 23% share return on his investment,

and had lost the monies due to bad trading and without focus.'

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, Mr. Sandile Shezi, he says,

that he was arrested unfairly, and his attorneys will post bail.

"These charges laid against me are untrue and the investors had chosen

the shares to trade. I was just doing my job by advising them on fundamental

and technical analysis.'


Meanwhile, Police say that Shezi had lost his trading license due to "churning,'

and the act of trading without the client's consent.

"We find the accused was churning the accounts to generate a profit,

for the sake of commission. It is said that he lost all his 7000 clients

monies in a single trade.'

The Trading Journal suited that SHEZI is in the holding cells of police,

and investigations into the crime are still being formed.

"We have errors in his trading style and his manipulative selling styles

that could lead to more charges being laid against him' said STATE

attorney, Mr. Johan Van Den Berg.

Local Cape Town resident, Miss. Gadija Paruk, she cooped, that she

had invested R500 000 of her pension savings with SHEZI and now

it is all lost.

"He sweet talked me to give him everything, and he even dated my

daughters. He promised sky high returns, and it's all gone. I don't

know how I will live.'

O T H E R investors who spoke to The Saturday Star, said that SHEZI

had become the youngest millionaire because he focused on making

money for his clients, and after he made the money, he lost focus,

and lived for women.

"The eye of women had fooled him, in making hasty decisions in the

market. His arrest brings a smile to our faces, because we lost

all our money.'

"It's a numbers game in the stock market, and SHEZI thought the numbers

would not catch up. Now he has lost everything.' bridged, Miss. Kayla Jefferson.



by Wayde Abbott


(2 April 2016--FF News) The latest research by The University of Harvard

stated that since the turn of the Century, MAN has turned the face of

transportation with the invention of the vehicle.

"From the days of Henry Ford created the eight shift petrol engine, to

the invention of the battery operated vehicle, we have come a long

way.' said Managing Director for Ferrari, Mr. Paul Montopli.

The German Times  chanted that BMW was the first to win the race

when it came to the construction and handling of the vehicle, with

AUDI winning the race to performance, speed, luxury and style.

"Some of the biggest automobile brands competed in the construction

and performance of a new powered vehicle, operated through battery.'

Speaking to Footprints in Germany, Ceo of BMW, Mr. Harald Kruger, he

says that the new powered vehicle has already received one million orders



"Our factories are creating the BMW 880 and BMW 130 for sports luxury

and family #vacations. The hydro powered vehicles require WATER as fuel.'

Chairperson of the Organization FOR PETROLEUM Exporting


Mr. Barack Obama says that he was given the honorary seat after King

Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz died.

"With the introduction of the new hydrogen powered vehicle, we could

see less pollution, we could see more cost efficient transportation.'

Managing Director of Standard OIL, Mr. Michael Rockefeller, says that

his great grand father will be tossing in his grave by the new invention

by the Germans.

"The price of oil has only dropped in the l a s t six years, and with this

new invention, could see shares plummet even #more.'

The World Health Organization (WHO) wooed that Nobel Prize winner Mr. Franco

De Beers had applauded the work done by scientists in Germany who

worked on the "Nobel Prize 2016,' as a team.

love, night, and street image

"Scientist Yurika Singh and Professor Sakeena Joosub have played outright

roles to the success of the invention.'

Boeing Ceo, Mr. Dennis Muilenburg, noted to The Munich Times, that Germany

was the leader when it came to light automobiles that could see speeds of

up to 1000 KM/h.

"With the introduction of the lighter engine, vehicle engines are lighter

and faster and could compete with the speeds of an Aircraft. We hope once

this technology is experimented on vehicles, soon all methods of transportation

including rail, air, road, sea will be used without the usage of fossil fuels.'

Ceo of Duracell Batteries, Mr. Warren Buffett grinned

that he knew that his investment

into the company would treble after the invention by the Germans.

"Our engineers and mechanical workers have studied the method of the Germans,

that soon, all American's can replace their fuel spending on other goods.'

Miss. Jenna Nicholson who was quoted as saying that as teenagers, the

dream is to have a vehicle to meet her friends.

"With the introductory price of only $10 000 dollars, makes even an 18 year

old, want a car of her own.'





by Mishka Dema

(6 April 2016--FF News) D I S N E Y $ Superstars are back at it again,

this time with the 24 yr old Selena Gomez, agreeing to Justin Bieber's

marriage proposal.

"He asked me secretly to meet him in my hometown of Texas, where we

enjoyed coffee and cakes, and asked for my hand in marriage. We were

too scared to tell anyone, and today, our fans, have my answer.'

Bieber who rose to fame as one of the world's greatest teenage icons, with

soundtracks "BABY," "BEAUTY AND THE BEAT," and "Girlfriend," says that he

was nervous to ask his old flame Selena Gomez for #marriage.

"We dated in the rainy cities of New York where she role modeled my ambition

to be a Superstar. After she got famous she dated Nick Jonas and other loosers.

The world can be happy that we are getting married.'

Manager of Miss. Selena Gomez, Mr. Rupert Sisocosis said that the 24 yr old star

wanted to continue with her songbird career promoting concerts in Miami, New York,

Johannesburg and Cairo.

"Bieber knows that I have to finish off some promises made to my sponsors,

and soon we will be  marriage couple of Hollywood.' Gomez gusted.

Speaking to Footprints in Texas, Bieber says that they will marry at Gomez's

home town as she wanted her family and friends to attend.

"We are pleased to announce no paparazzi will be invited and are planning

a wedding in the Summer of 2016.'

"He had always loved her, and she thought too much of herself. After

getting her heart broken by Princes, has eloped her heart back to

Bieber.' pooled a Hollywood resident.

The Hollywood Reporter ended that Gomez has rose to fame after hit

soundtrack "Good for you,' hit one billion hits on Youtube.

"She has decided not to follow in her fellow sisters footprints of Kim Kardashian,

Hannah Montana and Lindsey Lohan by flirting with marriage. She loved Bieber

in 2008, they broke up, and they have patched their relationship. We wish them

the 'bells-'n-whistles,' for their upcoming marriage.'


    Selena Gomez - Good For You

    (Explicit) ft. A$AP ROCKY with Footprints Filmworks


    "Royal Families,' of the world, MEET...!!

by Sir. Gary Onyx

(12 April 2016--FF News) The 'loyal and royal,' families of the world,

were said to meet behind closed doors of The Swiss Resort, in Liechtenstein.

"We are happy to introduce world Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Duchesses,

Lord's, Royal Highness's, Knights, and other nobility being hosted over the

weekend at our resort," said Hotel Manager, Mr. Fraco Van Liebenberg.

King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz who recently died, was honored as a former attendee

of the "Royal Flush,' and was now attended by his son, King Abdullah Omar Bin Abdul

Aziz said that the weekend was a celebration of

the mixing of royalty across world mediums.

"Presidential campaigns are held without our consent, with many questions

raised in The Middle East of our leadership and distribution of oil in

the #world...Our opening prayers to the gathering here, is to the people

who died in our holy city of Mecca, where they

succumbed to a crane crash... '

Queen Elizabeth II, who has attended the annual "Royal Flush,' meeting

by royalty said that this will be her last attending of her to the "Royal

Flush,' after the cards had spoken that she has Cancer.

"My doctors have advised me not to travel internationally again, and my

meeting with other princesses and duchesses will be to send a message

of hierarchy to the world.'

Kings and Queens were treated to African king and queen prawns cooked

in traditional Duchess of Montague recipe, Duchess Victoria Diana Swellers.

"I know the Queen mother has been dying to meet me, and after our

meetings today, we will get better to understand each other.'

King William Alexander The Great II,

of Sweden who spoke to

Footprints in Switzerland, said that

attending the "Royal Flush,' meeting was an invitation that would give

a gift of a super-powered Ferrari to each of this guests.

"My gift to Prince William has always been his dream model of The Ferrari

F 5555. Lord Breinstein and I have discussed the import of 10 000 exotic

vehicles to Sweden in coming months.'

Maharani Shetal Khan, from INDIA, who arrived through Swiss airspace,

said that she was invited to the "Royal Flush,' meeting to bring back

respect, tranquility, love, peace, honor, freedom, wealth, truth,

ambition and honesty to the royal kingdom that has ruled the


"Many people see their presidents, prime ministers, community leaders

and celebrities as role models. We as royalty should teach the everyday

child, that their real role models are their fathers and mothers who have

fed them, 'thought-'n-taught,' them, and who have nurtured their dreams

into reality.'

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, suit

After taking a morning swim in the hazy Sun, at Delazze De Palazzo,


Kate Middleton says that the access belly was formed, as she is pleased to

announce that she is pregnant.

"Prince George and Princess Charlotte have started to entertain us

to a third child. Attending the resort meeting, allows my mother-in-law,

to get out off her senile persona.'

"We as the clergy and peasant class of the world, have to abide by

the standards and quality of royalty. Royalty is about knowing who

you are, and being loyal to yourself.' said a Mexican resident.

Emperor Akitito, from JAPAN, said that when he heard Emperor Qin Shi

Huang was attending, he most definitely would attend the meeting

that brought together 'like minds; like hearts...'

"The Chinese Emperor has improved Japan's traditional leadership,

and have respected our own kingdom without any interference...We

have remained sovereign to the Chinese majesty by initiating positive

growth patters for the future.'

Raja Maheer Malhotra, the Sri Lanker King, noted on the 2nd day that he

was schooled by the "Royal Flush,' after his father died last June.

"After my fathers death, I have taken over the reins of the Malhotra family

tree. Together with our businesses in India and China, we have governed

Sri Lanka to profitability...We see the future of members of our royal team,

with strong mindsets for peace and love throughout humanity.'

Local woman, Miss. Andrea Solzhuizen, she says, that people are associated

to the class or group they associate themselves with, and the better quality

of people we spread our magic up, the better.

"Choose your friends wisely, and the bringing together of royalty this weekend,

brings a certain class of comradeship to the world.'

Lady of the House, Lady Alison Kells, she says that they had honored

the late Princess DIANA, as one of the world's greatest women who

ever lived.

"Even we as ladies had admired her work for charity organizations in

Africa and Asia. My work with refugees in Syria and Iraq is a pledge

of our royal gift to the struggling Muslims.'

Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah who arrived with his wife, number 32,

Arabella, he coined that the illegal trade of women in The Middle East, the

strengthening of the dollar, and the price war of resources have all contributed

to the loss of global turnover.

"Global crisis looms the waters of The Mediterranean with escaped refugees. We

see global warming being a factor to stopping growth, and the globalization of

'people power,' through mirages reducing growth. Our countries of investment

should be sparsed and hedged.'

Current Pharaoh of  EGYPT, Mohammed Ebrahim Abdullah IV, zoomed that

what current royalty see as breakthroughs through centuries, a lot has changed

with the discovery of human bones in South Africa, the improvement of medical

centers and the friendship of nations through democratic impersonations.

"Our rule in our countries and villages have forced our presidents to listen to

what we have to say. We have a hierarchy of kinsmen that we follow, and

once one dies, another leads.'

Prince Charles who concluded his statement to The Swiss Times, said that the

weekend break with family and other members of the "Royal Flush,' will also

like, his son, be celebrating the 'treasure; pleasure,' of being a father again.

"My mother, has resigned as Queen of Cambridge, and I will be taking over

as King. Through a miraculous miracle by scientists in Greenland, I have

decided to marry my ex girlfriend, Camiila, and will,

be able to be a father again, to my loving wife, Camilla.'

Celebrity News, ended that the "Royal Flush,' is attended by royal families of

the world to bring the tribal gathering of world families across the globe.

"I just love Prince Abdulla's new haircut.' laughed a resident.



by Ashwell Buchnan

(6 April 2016--FF News) American owned company, DURACELL,

is said to face a legal court battle with MAXWELL BATTERIES,

with the latter stating their advertising slogan of lasting

'up to six times longer,' is not true.

"Duracell manufacturs batteries in different sizes including Pagers,

Penlights, mobiles and vehicle batteries. Their promise of energy power

outlasting the rest has failed.' added Maxwell Batteries.


Speaking to Footprints in New York, Duracell says that their promise

of lasting six times longer than the normal battery was true and will prove

to Maxwell batteries in the laboratory.

"Our chemical reaction processes for our batteries are faster, we provide

superior quality speed, and our voltage reactions are of world standards.'

Ceo of Maxwell Batteries, Mr. Michael Maxwell said that his company had

placed an advertising sue claim against Duracell for $12 million dollars.

"Duracell tricks consumers to buy their product, and the product cannot


Scientist at The University of New York, Professor, Gabriel Obboyyo, he crumbled,

that the series of chemical reactions that occurs in the electrodes are collectively

known as oxidation reactions.

"The electrodes in the battery contain atoms of high speed electrons that speed

up the process to reactions. The batteries that Duracell create are created from

a process of oxidation where the cells of the porous process faster.'

"In an experiment, two identical stereo's were fitted with batteries. One was

used with Maxwell Batteries and the other fitted with Duracell batteries. From

our experiments, the one fitted with Duracell produced better sound quality,

faster reaction to audio signals, and lasted longer.' said Marketing Manager for

Duracell, Mrs. Bianca Thompson.

Duracell is said to give an answer to Maxwell Batteries and the public on their

experiments and whether the battery is the best in the world.

"They are complaining that Duracell cannot last up to six times longer than

ordinary batteries, but with our new invention of the Duracell "Quantum,' the

battery is said to last up to eight times longer than normal batteries.'

said Ceo of Duracell, Mr. Warren Buffett.

He further remarked that although their normal battery performs

up to six times more powerful than ordinary batteries the Duracell "Quantum,'

will be a rechargeable battery with a lifelong guarantee.

"We taking Duracell to new heights by investing in power products and

energy conserving products that will allow the lifespan of a battery to

forever...We have put our brand name behind our guarantee because

we firmly believe we manufacture the best batteries.'

The trial between Maxwell Batteries and Duracell continues in New




by Natasha Davids

(23 April 2016--FF News) Firefighters were called this afternoon, after shack

dwellers in South Africa's farming community Nelspruit set lite to grasslands.

"The wild fire was spreading from the Northern district of the farm, to the

Western district destroying trees and animals.' said a Nelspruit


Speaking to Footprints in Nelspruit, farm owner, Mr. Hansie Wessels,

says that he owns 24 hectares of orange, banana, strawberry and

pineapple farms, and the fire had destroyed all of his stock.

"My crops are burnt, and I have suffered a total loss of R24 million


"Pollution in South Africa is at record levels and if we fail to protect

our Ozone layer, more people will die from Cancers.' said Dr.

Pamela Rose.

The Nelspruit Sun, mellowed that fires on grasslands can be caused

due to wind, smoking, and extreme heat.

"This veldfire was started as shack dwellers had lit the grasslands to

kill re-generate the dead land.'

Fire-fighter, Mr. Pieter Van Wyk said that he arrived with a water filled helicopter

trying to sprinkle water on the fires, but the fires had spread too quickly.

"The fire was started by shack dwellers in a bid to kill dead grass and rid the

land of rats and snakes. The fire had spread over the bridge and onto

the farms destroying land of up to 81 hectares.'


The Department of Agriculture in South Africa majored

that a total of 402 trees,

505 cows, 2000 sheep and other farming produce was destroyed.

"We estimate the total loss of stock and land at R200 million rand. Our

residents of our community have been careless by lighting fires that

spread to neighboring farms.'

"My husband is saving for 5 cows and 3 sheep for our marriage,

and the loss of livestock could of been paid for #labola.'

said Miss. Success Ndabele.

Oasis Insurance said that their insurance claim by government of

R200 million rand covers veldfires and the destruction of stock.

"Our liability claim by government will be settled after further






by Nicolene Van Uys

(23 April 2016--FF News) The South African inland is mi-raged with lakes,

rivers, streams and the mighty Oceans forming part of one of the friendliest

eco-systems in #Africa.

However, reports were released this afternoon that the five-day rain that curled

the area had suddenly

burst the eight banks of The Vaal dam, causing damage to property, vehicles, and

the construction of dam walls and irrigation systems.

"The bursting of the banks was sudden and unforeseen, where the banks had built up

pressure on the walls, forcing the sudden collapse of the structure. The dam was designed

in 1938 to withstand one billion cubic meters of water, and with the storm that recently passed,

the banks had reached 1.4 billion cubic meters, causing total destruction.' said The Department

of Irrigation.

Speaking to Footprints in The Vaal, local resident, Miss. Sandra Du Plooy,

she says that the banks had burst causing

her property to be damaged and all her household goods.

"The water had seeped through our doors, and we had to climb the roofs of our homes,

not to @drown.'

Another resident, Miss. Nadeema Karrim, she says, that the pipes had burst due to

'wear+tear,' and the illegal mining in Meyerton.

"The illegal mining had caused the banks of the river to lift, causing less water to be

stored in the dam. The rains had built up water supply, and eventually the banks

had opened.'

The Vereeniging Times chanted that the dam had collapsed, and already hundreds of

neighboring residents were affected.

"They have left their homes, in a search for safety.'


911 reported that 18 people had drowned and died, with a further 81 residents

suffering injuries.

"The dam had collapsed killing innocent lives to residents living too close to

the dam.'

Reliable Insurance concluded that a total sum of R400 million rand in damages and

losses for the repair and renovation of the dam, and the claims to homes and public


"This is a disaster in management from the South African municipality where the damage

is to underground cables, businesses, and buildings. The damage was caused by the

negligent of government to maintain the banks of The Vaal.'

"This is the worst flood damage, as fish were swimming in my store, my cars

suffered damage, and I almost drowned.' brooded a Sasolberg resident.

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the sole copyright and distribution of the company

and her advertisers...If you CHOOSE to advertise or

INVEST in upcoming productions; "My Father, The President,"

Footprints in South Africa, or "The PrinCe of her Dreams,' kindly,

call the headoffice number...


for more information.

*Information MAY be fictional when


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The Management of a WIFE...!!

by Husna Abdoola

(8 June 2015--FF News) Let's face it, whether we are a wife for

several days, or s e v e r a l years, the task of being a brilliant

wife, a great friend, a 'loyal-'n-royal,' wife, a champion cook,

a forgiving wife, a great mother, and a 'sexual-guru,' are 

'part-'n-parcel,' of the management of being a true and

faithful wife to our husbands and partners.

When Footprints in South Africa, asked to write in their column

I was perplexed as to how can one be a great wife, a cool mother,

and a great friend to the family.

From my experience of 29 years of marriage, some days are like diamonds,

some days are like stones, but the secret to being a good wife, is

'managing well...'

"You should know your husband, better than you know yourself. Have

set times to do certain things, watch him 'closely-'n-constantly,' agree

with his methods, even if you are not happy."


After speaking to a f e w of my friends before I wrote this column, I

discussed 'new ways; new looks,' with my friends who advised me

that the trick to a l a s t i n g marriage is having fun together, playing

games, taking the kids out, and just plain old sex.

"What can ignite any ill feelings between the partners, can be solved

by good sex. Have a partner that does not take things too seriously,

have a partner that you can share your deepest and most inner desires

with, have a partner that makes you smile, and 'most-importantly,'

have a partner that loves you, and only you." said a friend

of mine.

IT IS SAD that we as wives have to sit at home all day, waiting for the husband to return

after Sunset, only to chat to him several hours, until he has to rest.

"Planning your day around your husband should be decided upon the two of you.

Know where you guys are planning to go for the weekend, mock each other in

jokey ways, compete aggressively, share together, complement each other daily,

and never forget a good-bye kiss before work. " said an associate of mine.

In my 29 years of marriage, I don't like to 'soft-soap,' things, but marriage was

the best decision in my life, because I knew what I wanted.

I remember from a very young age, I knew myself, what I liked, what I loved,

what I admired, and when I met this 'punk,' I knew that I would marry him,

because he had all the qualities and dreams, to sustain my love for him.

"Never rush into marriage blindly, because you will have to deal with it for

the rest of your life. Choose carefully, choose with hind-sight, and think

how your children will look." said a colleague of mine.


In conclusion of this column, I would like to say that the management of a wife

is really simple, if you know your husband, everything revolves around him,

and the rest is YOU.

"Give to your partner more than you would to yourself, love your husband,

more than you would love yourself, each day l e a r n something new from

each other, forgive easily, and don't forget you going to have to deal

with his bad habits, so l e a r n to cope with it."

Good Luck, Be a great wife, everyday, in every way...!!




by Shaaista Omar


(2 June 2015--FF News) The KZN Indian community of Verulam suffered the

loss of a fire this evening, as ESKOM POWER CABLES snapped, lighting the

entire area.

"We live in a body corporate security complex, and the power cables

runs from the field across the street over to the next mountain. These

cables had snapped during the course of the night, lighting the 

complex, and other homes, from Valdin Heights to Waterloo. This 29KM

fire-break has already killed 18 residents, with tens of homes already

still flaming." said a Verulam resident, Miss. Mishka Khader.

Speaking to Footrprints in Verulam, Mr. Michael Govendar, he says,

that he had spoken to mayor Johnathan Moodley about the ESKOM

CABLES 'too tight,' but he did not listen.

"I had warned him that the power cables were tied 'too-tight,' but

said that ESKOM would drag their feet, so he decided to hire internal

laborers. The laborers had tried to tie the cables, but snapped,

causing this disaster."

The Natal Times, reported that families living in Verulam to evacuate

 the vicinity and move away from the fires, until we have

the green light to move back in.

"Families living in the area should move to other area's so that

fireman can do the best job that they can do. Already we

have 18 people dead, and homes are still on fire."

said the Fire Department of Verulam.

Image may contain: 1 person



by Shamima Surtee


(11 June 2015--FF News) Success means different things to different people,

some people may choose a fleet of ships as success, some people may

choose a loving wife as success, some people may choose success just

to be healthy, wealthy, and w i s e, but whatever your definition of success

is, let it be something 'bold-'n-beautiful.'

Whether we are living out off a cardboard box on the pavement or

the biggest house in the neighborhood, the secret to success is

the heart.

"How often do we spend R500-00 on dinner with friends, but when

a beggar asks us for food, we shun him away. Success to me, is

giving, sharing, and 'doing good, for the greatest amount of people.'


Speaking to Footprints in The Vaal, local resident, Miss. Zainub Chotia,

she says, that the local community is filled with fun-activities and her

greatest success is 'bringing-the-community-together.'

"My husband and I own a local circus, and my success is seeing that

all the children have smiles on their faces when they leave the circus,

all the adults are tricked by the stunts, and all the people cheer

the belly-dancers. Being successful in today's times is far different

when our forefathers lived."

Mr. Norman Vincent Peale who wrote in his book "The Power of Positive Thinking,"

that all success comes to those who are 'patient, perseverance,' and that winners

will always be winners, and that losers will always be losers because they give

up too easily.

"The modern breach of life should be that we should set sail on the Ocean,

knowing which direction to reach our destination. If we are leaving India

to South Africa, we should steer our ship in the right direction to reach

our goal. Many of us have our own dreams, many of us have our own

targets, many of us have our own ambitions, and many of us have our

own goals, and if we know where we are going, God will guide us towards

our locations."

Success Magazine r e a d s that whilst the majority of people want to purchase

a new vehicle, own a dream home, travel overseas, and other decorations of

life, success should not be chased, but rather mellowed.

"We should not chase our dreams as through there is no tomorrow. We should

know in our hearts, what we truly, madly, deeply, desire, and God will take

the necessary action."

Businessman, Mr. Daniel Mabathe noted that when he got married to his

wife in 2003, he barely could make ends meet.

"I remember my roof constantly leaked and I wrote down the goals

of becoming an actuary. I studied hundreds of hours, whilst the

mother had rocked the child to sleep. Over ten years later, my

children have grown up, my roofs are solid, and I still bring a smile

to my wife's face. My success is my family, and I will 'protect-'n-promote,'

them till the day I die."

Whilst some of our goals may be small as compared to world leaders,

world legends, and world celebrities, we should l e a r n to role model

people who have already achieved success in our own growth pathway.

"People will come and go, circumstances will change, memories will be

forgotten, our minds will not agree with our hearts, but success lies to

those who are positive, success lies to those who take action, success

lies to those who choose to move on, and success lies to those who

are willing to take the risk of a better tomorrow, a better future,

a better nation for all."



by Amanda Kerzner

(16 June 2015--FF News) South Africans will be taking to the

streets this afternoon as the 'epic rally,' of the 39-yr old history

of the death of the 13 yr old Hector Pietersen at the hands of

South African Police Services.

"South African history is far and wide, and the Soweto uprising on

June 16, 1976, provides a rich history of 'the stardom; the fulcrum,'

of living legends who ruled our soil." read The Daily Planet...

Speaking to Footprints in Soweto, local resident, Mrs. Isabella Segpapa 

says that she was just a teenager when the uprising took place.

"I remember I just got to school, and the young boys and girls were

urging us to rally at Orlando Stadium, so that English would not

be the medium in our schools. If Vorster wants us to learn Afrikaans,

he must learn to speak Zulu." she edged.

5FM Radio echoed that the massive rally from Paul Kruger Street in Pretoria,

to The Union Buildings was a walk that stood 'for freedom; for peace,' for

the hundreds of students who died on the rally, with over 20 000 students,

holding slogans "We want freedom, We want Zulu, We want better schools,

We want better education." 

ANC spokesperson, Mrs. Winnie Mandela, says that the arrogant attitude

of government leaders of current, have contributed to the death

of the legacy of 'The-old-South Africa.'

"When my husband led South Africa, after we were granted independence

by the White regime, I took it as my right as a South African, to better

education to the millions of South Africans."

The rainbow nation of South Africa, will 'remember,' the harsh methods of 

The Apartheid regime, and promote peace, freedom, love, unity, growth,


and equality  among-st all South Africans for the future.


WOMAN "RAPED," ON DURBAN's shoreline...!!

by Muaaz Mukadam

(17 June 2015--FF News) What s t a r t e d as a friendly

get-together between friends and family, had turned into

a horror nightmare, leaving the victim, raped and traumatized...

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and text

"We normally take an afternoon jog, and meet up with our friends

for coffee and catch up on old gossip. Yesterday was different, as

when we finished having our coffee at Milky Lane, on the beach

front, I was forced to return to my vehicle on the other side of

the Ocean bank. As I was walking alone, I was horrified when a

man wearing a baklava, had approached me." topped Miss.

Shaaista Kader.

Miss. Kader further tells Footprints in Durban, that she yelled

for help, but no-one could hear her.

"He forced me in the back seat of the car, kissed me with his

ugly breath, and tore my clothes off. He punched me in the face

and constantly swore at me whilst he was penetrating me. He had

used a sharp knife that he held to my throat, while he was raping

me." she cried.

Although m a n y residents complain that the dark and eerie streets

of the beach front is 'unsafe; unidentified' there are still hundreds

of crimes that happen each year without being reported.

"When I confided in my mother that the bastard had raped me, my

mother confronted me to go to the police, and be open about it. I

am still in shock, and I have never laid a hand on man before, and now

I am raped by a man, I don't even know." she further cried.

The Durban community have once again said to Council leaders

that 'more patrolmen, more police,' should eye the beach-fronts

of South Africa, especially during peak seasons.

"More of our city dwellers flock to the Oceans during the holiday season,

and we as South African's should employ more people on our beaches,

so that it is safe for everybody."

The Musgrave Police Station said that this incident was reported

last night, and no-one has been arrested.

Image may contain: text






by Raees Kalla


(18 June 2015--FF News) The Northwest township of Mamelodi

is in 'hooray,' this afternoon, after the announcement that

kingpin businessman Mr. Iphahim Sepedi was proclaimed dead,

at his township home in Mamelodi.

Speaking to Footprints in Mamelodi, local resident, Mr. Nhlalnhla

Mamate says that the kingpin businessman had operated in Mamelodi,

and led a syndicate of crimes under the banner Winner Pharmaceuticals.

"We had information that this drug lord had operated from his four bedroom

home in Mamelodi, where he branded his company Winner Pharmaceuticals

as a drug supplying company, wholesaling medication and HIV antiretroviral drugs."

According to sources close to The Department of Health, Mr. Sephedi had been

manufacturing these drugs and other pain killers 1/8 the market price.

"The drug methadopamine and dolpamine could cost a patient to the

tune of R600 to R1000 per tablet. Mr. Sephedi and his drug company

could produce these drugs at less than R200 per tablet."

The Mamelodi Sun, reported that it was not only legal drugs that Mr.

Sephedi had manufactured, with ownership in companies in Zimbabwe,

Sudan, and Malawi, he had also grown and manufactured other 

drugs including Cocaine, Methane, Heroin and Marijuana.

"We are happy that another drug lord is dead. We have rumors

that he owed to the sum of $100 million dollars to Nigerian 

investors, and when he failed to pay, they wacked him."

said an Alexandria resident.

Township Talk, says that Mr. Sephedi had worked with under-ground gangs and Nigerian

bosses that often invested in his drug-manufacturing companies, with licensed documents

forging the supply of these drugs.

"He had documents from these dealers that stated that these pharmaceutical drugs

were legal and tested and could be supplied to retail companies. His borrowings

from 'Vacos Lotos," were estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of rands,

with money being exchanged through the sale of animals." said

Police Inspector, Mr. John Simms.

Another resident who spoke exclusively to The Johannesburg Times, jolted

that the crime leader had often sold these drugs to companies, legalising

his money.

"He had often sold his illegal drugs by supplying the consumers with animals

stuffed with the drugs. A single pig could carry $100 000 dollars worth

of cocaine."

Concluding his statement to Footprints in Mamelodi, Captain Jacques

De Beer, noted that the kingpin was killed at his home, after he

arrived from his office in Rosebank.

"We have heard that he often arrives between 18:00-18:30 at

home, and as he was entering the garage of his home, gunmen

had fired at his Mercedes-Benz, shattering his brains on

the vehicle seat."

The Mamelodi community has taken to 'song-'n-dance,'

saying that they are happy that the crime leader is dead,

and less of our youth will be affected by his drug supply

on the streets of South Africa.



SA's /-/oTT3$T /-/uNK Omar Abdulla to


by Faaiza Motani


(2 June 2015--FF News) SA's Heart-hrob Mr. Omar Abdulla,

is said to play the final role in Superman V, produced by

Universal Studios, South African Broadcasting Corp, British Airways,

Footprints Filmworks, American Cinema's, Shosholoza Investments,

Bank of America,

and Peter Pan Productions.

"We are proud to announce Abdulla's chosen role to partake

in this American venture. We see his support with SA residents,

and American dreams in line with the blockbuster." says Nu

Metro Cinema's.

Speaking on behalf of Mr. Omar Abdulla, Miss. Sakeena Joosub

says that Abdulla had worked 'hard-'n-smart,' in the gym,

planning his role in the film that will be watched by over

a billion people.

"Abdulla is still in preparations with media bosses and actors,

to partake in a role that could see South African's word

spoken all over the world."

Meanwhile, Universal Studios and DreamWorKs entertainment

added that Abdulla's role will begin in February 2016, and will

be shot in Laudium, Las Vegas, Zululand, Zurich, Paris, Pietersburg,

Tokyo and Table Mountain.

"Abdulla has worked his way in a leading role as the Comic Character,

Superman, that has been watched by families since 1881. Abdulla's

role in the blockbuster will be saving the planet Earth from Asteroids,

fighting Islamic terrorists, flying into the mountains with his love,

and solving daily crime. We have chosen him as the leading role,

as we believe that this Superstar has the making's of a Christopher


 Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter, reported that the film was produced by filmaker,

Mr. James Cameron, and directed and produced by several media companies

and stage companies.

"We have hired stage reels for the filming of Superman flying to other planets,

to blow up the asteroid. We have him saving lives in terrorist nations,

by blowing water fuels and bridging laps. We have him, fighting daily crime,

by stopping criminals that bring down the 'global nation...'

Speaking to Footprints in Paris, local resident, Miss. Rochelle De Panta,

says that she has followed Superman since 1982, and she really loves

the 'new-actor,' in Superman V.

"I love Omar Abdulla's physic, I love his passion on screen, I enjoy

how he saves lives, and I love his super-hero qualities in the


Manager for the film, Superman V Mr. Muktar Essop says that Abdulla

had won the role after several other actors failed in leading positions.

"We have a star cast from South Africa, The United States, India

and France, in the form of Mr. Omar Abdulla, Miss. Kim Kardashian,

Miss. Priyanka Chopra and other working staff that 'could-'n-would,'

lead to the leading film of the series, thus far." he echoed.

Mr. Omar Abdulla who spoke briefly to USA NEWS, says that he

was working with a daily staff of 60 people that constantly

'motivated; inspired,' him for the leading role.

"My role in this film will be to be

the best Superman, that I can be,

and hopefully we find our audiences enjoy the fictional film."




'Twin Sisters,' MARRY Mr. Akber 


by Zulaikha Aboobaker


(25 June 2015--FF News) The Houghton community of Johannesburg,

South Africa, is said to have hosted 'the biggest; the coolest,' wedding

of 2015, hosting guests from all over South Africa and internationally,

from Laudium, London, Benoni, Bermuda, Pietersburg, Paris, Zululand

and Zurich.

"When I received the invitation to this 'world-class; world-stylish,' wedding

in March 2015, I thought that it was odd that Mr. Akber Jalalpor was 

marrying the two daughters of Mr. Ebrahim Karani. When I later learned

of their story, it propelled me to attend the wedding that was in

my books 'the-talk-of-town." says Soweto resident, Mr. Winston


Businessman, Mr. Omar "Farouk," Ebrahim says that he had known 

of The Karani's, and was 'dazzed-'n-amazed,' that 'twin-sisters,'

were marrying the same gentleman.

"To my knowledge it is 'un-islamic; un-ethical,' to marry the same man,

but let me mind my own business. The marriage between these three

hearts has long been 'fought-'n-thought,' through by the families, and

whilst the families have agreed to the arrangement of engagement

into marriage, Mr. Jalalpor's families were struggling to come to terms

with the living arrangements of both wives."

The "Twin Sisters,' who just turned 26 in January 2015, have long 

'admired and loved,' Mr. Jalalpor, after he met "Nabeelah-'n-Nabeehah,'

at a local University lecture.

"When I first saw Akber, I knew that he was the one, that he was the

dream prince in my life. I never thought for a moment that I could

ever love him as much as I love him today." says Miss. Nabeehah 


Mrs. Nabeelah Jalalpor who spoke to Footprints in Houghton,

says that after the marriage on Sunday, the 21st, her body

is 'aching; paining,' and will have to share the work with her sister.

"My sister is my best friend, and living with her and Akber in the same home,

completes our little family. We will be traveling to Hawaii in October for our

honeymoon. Our story is really funny, as Nabeehah first met Akber on

Campus, and after she used me to kiss him on several dates, I started

liking him. Soon, he was confused, who he was making out with. The

marriage on Sunday, was a dream come true for a n y woman."

Mr. Akber Jalalpor, says that living these l a s t few days in his new

home, and his new brides has forced him to share his responsibility.

"We are not billionaires, but we live a comfortable life. The wedding

that The Karani's hosted was by far the best wedding that

I have attended. The amount of detail and attention that

they paid to the event was spectacular. My job as the husband

of these gorgeous women, will be to be an awesome and

caring husband, a loving father, a great teacher, and some-day,

teach my children what my parents taught me."

The Wedding Woes, completed on their website that should a man

or woman share love that is 'ever-lasting; ever-growing,'  it is a 

step of growth that completes ones religious beliefs.

"Love everyday, share everyday, care everyday, give everyday,"

were some of the wedding wishes.




by Naeem Shaboodien


(21 June 2015--FF News) The Islamic "Dawah," Movement

of The Free State, held a meeting with community leaders,

religious leaders, business managers and the general public

to 'donate,' handsomely to the construction of their 'new-mosque,'

with residents all over The Free State calling for better mosques,

and better leadership amongst the Muslims in South Africa.

"Islamic State Militants have destroyed the 'name-'n-fame,' of

normal Muslims who lead fantastic lives. We are ashamed of their

bombing's internationally, and call the local residents of The Free

State to donate to the Mosques, schools, universities and

other Kosher methods of entertainment." says Imaam 

Adam Abdulla.

"The Islamic Dawah Movement requires your support to

'educate; entertain,' the public, and a n y forms of donations

are accepted by the school. Local residents who are knowledgable

in English, provide 'night-classes,' to the students, local residents

who are knowledgeable in Biology provide classes, and local residents

who choose to provide their own class, can be attended during

the night school hours of the Madressa. We are sad to announce

that this service is only OPEN to Muslims, and residents who choose

to convert to ISLAM." says Maulana Ismail Dawjee.

"I normally teach Computer Science at 5-6 PM, pray my salaah and teach

karate from 6:30-7:30 for residents of the Dawah movement. Our fully equipped

classes, gyms and other tools operational at the mosque, is free of charge,

to any resident who chooses to 'improve; empower,' their lives. Join my


in Ladybrand everyday." said Miss. Sameera Chotia.

Speaking to Footprints in Harrismith, Hafiz Imraan Qurashi noted

that he teaches the thirty chapters of the holy Quraan, and all Muslims

should aim to l e a r n the Quraan 'by heart....'

"My classes range from Muslim's who are between 18-81, with some 

Muslims, starting as early as 5. My classes at the mosque begin after

Fajr salaah, and ends at 6:30 am. We gather under the mosque tree's,

l e a r n the Quraan, and students are ready for school or university,

after our lesson. All people who choose to change their lifestyle 

are invited to attend, everyday."

The Islamic Dawah Movement of The Free State 'leads-'n-manages,' 55 mosques in The Free State

and is partially subsidized by government, with the majority of money coming in through

donations and 'gestures of good natures...'

"We have fifteen business leaders of the community who provide live lectures

during the month, we have twenty doctors who provide medical advice,

we have ordinary workers that clean the schools and mosques, and still

we are short of funding. Any penny makes a difference, and residents

can view our website for further instructions to donate their charity."

says Mr. Moosa Lakhana.

O T H E R residents of The Free State, who spoke to The Vryheid Plus,

say that it's not only monetary value that adds to the movement,

but by spending quality time, praying and supporting the local


Image may contain: one or more people

"The Dawah Movement aims at supporting people who are in crisis,

people who just require advice, and people who choose to meet

'new-Muslims.' Our variety of mixed classes provides unique and

colorful classes for the entire family." said local community leader,

Mr. Waheed Parker.

The Dawah Movement founder, Mr. Raheem Abdool Jalani noted that

he s t a r t e d the organization in 1967, with one mosque, and today

his organization l e a d s 55 mosques in The Free State. 

"We provide additional free services including Nikaah, marriage council ling,

trauma council ling, and advice where sometimes it's just that the person,

wants to speak to another person, so that they can share their 'worries-'n-woes...'

You will be surprised that people who drive fancy cars, live in big homes,

also have challenges that they have to face. Our organization leads from

the front in education by providing free schools, free universities,

and free classes at certain of our mosques in The Free State."




by Shane Smith


(18 June 2015--FF News) The Zimbabwe National government issued

a statement to the world this morning, stating that President Robert

"Bobo," Mugabe had died of a h e a r t a t t a c k in the early

hours of the morning.

"Mr. Mugabe had turned 91 in February 2015, and was feeling sick

at his birthday party. He complained of severe chest pain, and

stomach cramps. After medical doctors had assisted him in

March 2015, he was declared a few months to live." said

The Harare Times.

Speaking to Footprints in Bulawayo, spokesperson for the

Mugabe Administration, Mr. Ottawa Odayo says that the

president had flown to China for major heart surgery,

but was still complaining after the operation.

"The president is said to have died in his sleep,

with his wife Grace, beside him." said a resident.

The Zimbabwe National Army says that President Mugabe had

led Rhodesia from 1987, proclaiming the presidency five


"He had led the presidency with due force and ambition. It is

unfortunate that many Zimbabweans will have smiles on their

faces after his death."


 President Robert Gabriel Mugabe, first got into politics in 1962, then later joined (ZANUPF), where he

eventually got elected and led the country to 'massive destruction; massive dictatorship,' by cleaning

the "white farming rule,' by only allowing a certain amount of Whites to own farms.

"His dictatorship and rule has led to the fastest downturn than any country. Zimbabwe

had lost 90% of her foreign investment because of his leadership and the slowing

down of the economy by 62% since his election. His undying love for Zimbabwe

was fortunate through his legal and illegal struggles." said a ZANUPF leader.

The official ceremony of the funeral will be attended by more than 200 

presidents internationally including President Barack Obama, President XI 

Jinping, President Jacob Zuma, Prime Minister Cameron, President Vladimir

Putin, President Roussow, President Alina and a vast basket of cabinet

members, members from the country, and other local leaders.

"Some would say he was the worst president, some would say

that his dictatorship qualities lagged, some would say he

destroyed Zimbabwe, but we should attend the funeral

of one of Africa's greatest leaders." concluded President




by Nabeelah Vahed

(8 June 2015--FF News) A local family is in t e a r s 

this evening as their baby daughter died a tragic

death at a local 'pool-party,' that the family attended.

"We attended Fareed and Farahs Pool Party in Vereeniging 

and we had a dinner and dance. After the pool party, all the 

little children and adults wanted to swim. My daughter was swimming

with me, and she taught she knew how to swim. After the swim,

my daughter jumped into the swimming pool and drowned."

said Mrs. Patel.

Mr. Mehboob Patel says that his daughter was playing in the pool,

when everyone was playing as well.

"When we were leaving the party,

we called her name, and she was no-where to be found." he cried.

According to paramedic, MISS. Tashia Singh, she says, that the toddler

was "barely breathing;" when she arrived on the scene, and died

in the helicopter, en route to the hospital.

The Meyerton community told Footprints in Meyerton, that

Mayor Joshua Volksten had sent his condolences to the Patel


"We preach safety for our little children at all local pools,

dams, lakes, rivers, Oceans, and other household-hold

water puddles."


President Jacob Zuma's "STATUE," to replace

Former President Paul Kruger's...!!

by Fatima Karrim

(9 June 2015--FF News) The Pretoria city will be lite up this December

holiday's with negotiations with painters, crofters, drafters and other 

leading artists in the construction of one of the world's 'most-expensive,'

statues ever built.

"After negotiations with members of parliament and other leading cabinet

members, we are withdrawing President Paul Kruger's statue in Church

street, to be replaced, by President of South Africa, Mr. Jacob Zuma."

read The Daily Sun.

Speaking to Footprints in Pretoria, President Jacob Zuma says that the

world had knew that he had laid a solid foundation after the death

of President Nelson Mandela and will continue to lead South Africa

for the remaining two years.

"The African National Congress and her party leaders have

gifted me with the honor of re-placing the former Apartheid

leader. We are happy with the success of the construction of

the statue, and should be ready by Christmas." he croaked.

Meanwhile, other residents of South Africa jabbed that 

'more boo's will be cheered for Zuma when the statue is erected,

and that it's another waste of public money to propel one's

own ego.'

"We cannot hire craftsmen who designed Michael Jackson's statue

to be used to build the statue. We cannot spend R400 million rand

of our blood, sweat, and hard earned money on this president."


The Zuma Administration says that the statue was 'part-'n-parcel,' of the national government

spending on infrastructure and history and that other statues of Apartheid leaders including

President Cecil John Rhodes, President FW DE Klerk, President PW Botha and President Jan

Van Riebeck would be removed.

"We are not saying that these leaders 'thought-'n-taught,' was wrong, we

are saying what these leaders preached was unhealthy for normal South

African's. These statues will be removed to other communities in South 

Africa, where White rule is predominated." said an ANC executive.

The Natal Tabloid read that South African birds will have more cement

to poo on, as the statue stretches 81M in height and 18M in width.

"Wasteful spending by government has again proven that we are

just mere sharks in a fish-pond, in the global epic of life." echoed

The Paperboy.




by Arshaad Motani

(22 June 2015--FF News) Perhaps the wealthiest community

in South Africa, Laudium, is once again in the lime-light with

worldwide community leaders, celebrities, and organizations

that penetrate the local and international diaspora.

"The largest and biggest home in the community, owned by

Mr. Farad Gani, was sold for R45M to an un-known Saudi Arabian

Prince." read The Laudium Daily.

Admired through many moons and oceans of entertainment, Mr.

Farad "Ahmed," Gani told Footprints in Laudium, that 'his-house; his home,'

had been the fulcrum of thousands of visitors, but now he has to

'finally let it go.'

"My children have moved out, and it's just me, the wife, and the little

daughter. This house is too big for us, and we will settle in a less

crime-riddled community."

Amber Auctioneers reported that the sale of R45 million rand was

purchased by a Saudi Arabian prince, with negotiations of a further

R8 million rand for house-hold contents.

"Our buyer will fly to South Africa in the course of the month,

to approve whether he is purchasing the other furnishings. This

sale is the largest sale of a home in South Africa, without the 

buyer officially visiting the home."




by Hawa Tayob

(24 June 2015--FF News) W H A T started as a passenger flight

from Germanwings flight 9525 from Barcelona in Spain,

to Dusseldorf in Germany ended in a suicide death by co-pilot

Mr. Andreas Lubitz, and the 150 passengers on board.

Three months l a t e r, today, Spanish and French authorities

are still questioning the motive behind the suicide death by

Lubitz that saw the co-pilot lock his Captain out the cockpit

door, descending the plane in The French Alps.

Speaking to Footprints in Paris, local resident, Dr. Patrick

Pebble says that the co-pilot had seen several doctors weeks

leading up to the suicide crash, and suffered from "Severe depression,"

and anxiety.

"I had treated Mr. Lubitz for heart conditions and depression, and

after several notes I had handed him not fly, he still continued

to fly the passenger flight."

According to sources in Germany, prosecutor for the state, Mr.

Allan Gerbertz, he says, that Germany is suing the company for

$300 million dollars, and a further $1 million dollars per


"Many of the people who died, lost their loved ones, and

we are suing Germanwings for employing negligent pilots

who fly our skies."

Although the two black boxes recovered on the site in The

French Alps proved that the suicide was conducted 39 minutes

into the flight, the pilot was locked out off the cockpit,

12 minutes before the crash.

"Mr. Lubitz deliberately steered the plane from 1000 FT to ground

level within e i g h t minutes. According to the voice recorder,

we can hear the pilot saying that he is leaving to the loo,

and once the pilot had left the cockpit, Mr. Lubitz, had

locked the cockpit, slowly descending the plane into

the mountain edge." 


French President, Mr. Francois Hollande told CNN that 'this act is against humanity;

this act was an act of selfishness,' and that the world should spare a moment

for the innocent lives lost through the crash.

"Many of the people who died were German students, many of the people

who died were fathers and mothers, many of the people who died

were people whom we knew. We should all share a moment of silence

for the dead, who has passed."

However, owners of Germanwings, Lufthansa, says that this tragic loss

by the world was their fault, and that their insurance cover, will

pay a maximum of $500 million dollars for the total loss to

the state, and the families.

"We had knew that Lubitz had suffered from a medical condition

in 2008, and his lies that he was fit to fly, was again our responsibility.

We are sad for the families who have lost their loved ones, and three

months down the line, we will have stronger cockpit securities,

stronger alarm bells, and swifter service, so that passengers will

'forgive-'n-forget,' about this horrible accident." the airliner was

quoted as saying.





by Nabeel Chhaya

(29 June 2015--FF News) Ceo of Wal*Mart, South Africa,

Mrs. Zakiyyah Patel has received the nod from senior members

of the executive commity of Wal*Mart to be 'let-go,' according

to sources close to the company head, in The United States.

"We had decided after her appointment on 1 June 2015, to be

released, as we believe that her maturity and status has failed

the required conditionals. We believe this executive belongs

to a less superior brand, and therefore, we have decided to

let her go." said Ceo of Wal*Mart, Worldwide, Mr. Douglas Mcmillian.

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, Mrs. Zakiyyah Patel says 

"She is too tired; she is too happy,' that the pressure on her will be released,

as the job was 'too much; too terrible to bear...'


"Although my family and friends will be disappointed that

I could not be appointed at Wal-Mart for a longer term, these

few d a y s knowing the Wal-Mart team, has been my pleasure,

and I will treasure all moments. It is unfortunate, that I have

to pick up and leave, come 30 June 2015."

Ceo of Wal*Mart, Mr. Douglas Mcmillian told The Sunday Sun, that

there comes a time in a company's history to 'let-go,' of employees that

have served their purpose, and that Zakkiyyah will be dismissed because

of reasons stated, and because of reasons that are known to the company,

but for purposes of the media will not be discussed.

"It is a sad moment to let us let her go, but some-day she will thank

us. Her graduation certifies a job anywhere in the world, but not

at WalMart."

Although Mrs. Zakiyyah Patel had taken the position of Ceo of

Wal*Mart, South Africa, from 1 June 2015, the company had decided

to 'let-her-go,' because of 'inexperience; inability,' to handle the

tasks at hand.

"She was good for a few days, but within few days, she failed

to keep up to the standards of the company. We hope she can

sharpen her pencils, and become better educated with the

retail sector of South Africa, and Walmart."

Miss. Zakiyyah Patel who concluded her statement to 

Footprints in Johannesburg, says that 

'she cannot; she will not,' forget the memories

of Wal*Mart, but will be forced to move on,

because perhaps what her former employer

has told her should change her.

"Walmart is the b i g g e s t brand in the world, and saying good-bye

has never been so difficult."

We at Footprints Filmworks wish Mrs. Zakiyyah Patel all

the success for her future endeavors. 



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by Aadila Tootla

(3 January 2016--FF News) The Eastern Cape City of Port Elizabeth

that is known for 'thunder storms,' and violent strikes is known to as

"The Friendly City,' nicknamed after residents of the community who

entertain guests, perform hundreds of marriages and other unique

methods of communication and #support.

"We opened our doors of Madaam Ismail's on 2 June 2006, and today we are

celebrating our 1000th marriage. We are a proud marriage bureau

that has locked the hearts of many since our inception.' noted Founder,

for the company, Mrs. Fowzia Ismail.

Ismail (37) says that she started the marriage bureau after her 'long-lost,'

husband had died and she was forced to grow up four #children.

"With very little money, UN-employed, and very little administration experience,

I decided to open Madaam Ismail's to find my new husband, and to earn

an #income.'

Speaking to Footprints in Port Elizabeth, Miss. Mariam Deedat, she says, that when

she turned 23, and had qualified in university, she chose to get married, but with

so many playboys lurking the streets, she decided to join Madaam Ismail's.

"I joined the Muslim dating company, and the lady promised she will find me a husband.

I said that I wanted an Islamic male between the ages of 20-30, someone who understands

the world, and preferably with a wealth of wisdom. I had paid my R555 joining fee, and within

days, I started receiving calls.'

She further tells The Marriage Times, that after speaking to several gentlemen, and experiencing

their ways of 'walk; talk; like; love,' she settled with a prince from Pretoria.

"Because it was long distance, we chatted hours in the month of Ramadaan, he would tell

me his secrets, and often I would make him laugh with my silly comments. After several months,

he sent me a plane ticket, we liked each other, and were soon married. Thank you Madaam


The Dating Times, dotted that dating can be 'fun; cool,' and one should date as many

people as possible, before settling down.

"Very often we marry too early, all to wake up to smelly breath and a beer-belly. We

should spend our time pending to find the right partner, and the partner will carry

us through the up's and downs of life.'

Another resident who spoke to The Motherwell Sun, said that this

was the

most successful Islamic Marriage Bureau in South Africa, and advised that all

singles to join the marriage club.

"I am a very shy and nerdy guy, and had never even slept with a woman in

my life. Due to my innocence, purity and quality of life, I shattered just to

speak to girls @ school. When the lady had called me to sign up for marriage

magazine and dating submission, I was alarmed that within

minutes girls were liking my profile, and even

girls I dreamed of talking to started calling me. After several long chats on

their website, I found the most-amazing girl, whom we clicked. Luckily she just

lived several blocks from me, and I was able to $hookup. We are happily married

with two beautiful children.'

"Marriage is half your religion, and divorce is the sin of The Quraan. Rather spend time

to find your right partner, don't make empty promises, and let Allah be the

spirit that lights your marriage.' said an Islamic scholar.

Managing Director, for Madaam Ismail's, Mr. Farouk Laher noted that once a person

becomes a member the personality is coached on several habits to attract a loved

one, maintaining solid foundations, and are often emailed weekly videos of how to

make a marriage work.

"Because of the high divorce rate, we have created video tutorials and other reading

material that keeps the 'faith-'n-fate,' in your loved one. The goal of marriage is children,

unity, prosperity, growth, success, prayer, wealth, and the

'bringing together of kind minds+hearts...'

Mrs. Fowzia Ismail concluded to The Sunday Sun, that all residents who are

'single; straight; islamic; innovative,' should call the head-office number on

the website to register.

"We have UN-limited single, divorced, widowed people on our websites who want

to find their dream partner, who want to share their lives with another. Browse millions

of single Muslims on our websites, make telephone contact with them and meet. All

our contacts are browsed, screened to the maximum, and the only fee we charge

is R555, once off, the rest of our services are all free for a lifetime." she ended.

"Before I married Omar, I prayed Istikhara Salaah for seven nights, and on my eighth

night, I found the answer to marry him." said a new #bride.






by Yumna Davids

(4 January 2016--FFNews) South Africa's 'lush-'n-hush,' neighborhood of

Cape Town, faced harsh crimes this holiday season, with more than three pension

'depots,' being #robbed...

"Robbers had targeted the annul 'double payment,' of pension in December 2015,

and the Christmas season soon turned into havoc as "Gang of EIGHT,' members had


stolen sums between of R250 000 and R1 000 000 per transit." said SA's 'Top Cop,' The


Speaking to Footprints in Cape Town, local store owner, Mrs. Isabella Donalds, says that her

contract with government is to pay pensioners their monthly R1400-00, plus additional 


"We had received the money from a cash transit company, and whilst the money was being,

handed over to our company, the "GANG OF EIGHT,' had held up staff of my store,

robbing government of around R250 000 in cash.'

When SA's notorious crime investigator, The Joker, was called to the third heist in Milnerton,

he was forced to use his helicopter and firepower to track down the 'GANG OF EIGHT.'

"I had just heard the helicopter following the cash in transit vehicle. The Joker was shooting

from his helicopter, and in a 45 minute vehicle heist, The Joker, had caught the thieves."

said a #Milnerton resident...

In a separate incident on Friday, again SA's top cop was called to the humble Indian

community of Overport, in #Durban.

"The Joker was called to investigate a crime where the husband of the family had died,

due to poisoning...At first, local police had arrested the wife, Mrs. Shubnum Essa, and later

it was proved that the dirty work and planning of the poisoning was by her sister.' said

a local resident.

The Natal Tabloid later reported that The Joker, had arrived on the scene, took blood

samples of the deceased, determined a reasoning why the man had died, and formed

his conclusions...

"No-one knows who the Joker really is. He is hired by The Department of Police,

and works as a 'sacred-'n-secret,' agent for South Africa. When the joker, had tested

the blood samples, viewed the bank accounts of the family, he discovered that this

was a crime of passion." jolted a KZN resident, Mr. Martin Ellers.

"After further discoveries by The Joker, and using specialized technology, the wife's

sister, Waheeda, was proven to be the guilty party, after numerous stalking motives,

and her love affair, with Mr. Haroon Essa.'

The Joker, who is said to be South Africa's new private crime investigator is said

to work with both personal and business #crimes.

"When police were tipped off that a major drug laboratory led by drug kingpin,

Mr. George "Adam," Hussain was operating in Johannesburg, The Joker had taken

plight to investigate the crime."

"He had used his invisible cream, and had broken into the laboratory, and studied

the manufacture of illegal drugs including Heroine, Cocaine, Tik, and Nyoape. After

taking pictures and studying the crime laboratory, he noticed that this was a Brazilian

cartel operating in Africa.' said a JHB resident, Miss. Kabelo Kgomotso.

"The Joker is known to be the smartest of the police in South Africa, and normally

operates alone using services of the police and government. When he had finally

busted the drug cartel, he had made gruesome discoveries of gang killings in

Hillbrow, Fordsburg, Edenvale, Lenasia and other drug invested area's.'

However, station commander for the Police in Pretoria, Mr. Johannes Venter,

said that The Joker was employed by him and often did the work of protection

of the neighborhood of South Africa, free off charge.

"Even I don't know who he really is. We were notified to manage his

high tech gadgets and abide by his requests. Although he is one man,

his additional value added to the police makes a world of difference. The

next time you have someone robbing you, harming you, or hurting you,

and you come in contact with the Joker, know that your life will be

saved, because he is a monster that will kill, to protect the fatherhood

nation of #SouthAfrica.'

The Pretoria Papberboy concluded that The Joker is a billionaire,

who uses smart gadgets, high-tech spyware, with the fastest of 

resources to solve crime in South Africa.

"With his 'scary; crazy,' outfits, just looking at him, will scare a burglar. He

is here as a Super-hero to serve South Africa, to fight crime, and bring the nation

to peace.'



by Yusuf Bhayat

(20 January 2016--FF News) Since the invention of the wheel, Mankind

has changed in a thousand ways, since the invention of the computer, Mankind

has changed in a thousands ways, and since the birth of YOU, #Mankind has changed

in a thousand ways.

Daily inventions, 'new-thoughts,' new inventions and unique ways of saving money,

saving resources and improving quality produce have been the focus of thousands of

scientists, biologists, entrepreneurs and other personalities towards the advancement

of #life.

With the coming of the 22nd Century, Mankind is 'looking; peeping,' at new ways to

improve civilization for the 'greater good,' for all of humanity.

"We see the invention of the hologram telephone a future must have gadget.

We see the invention of the cure of HIV/AIDS a future must have cure...

We see the advancement of education in poor country's a cure to starvation

and the end on poverty. We see the improvement of the economic cycle enable

more billionaires today, than ever, that walked the Earth.' webbed


Mr. Bill Gates.

"When God gives you, he forecasts your ability to give. The 22nd Century mindset

of the global community should be a mindset of 'sharing; giving,' to reach more people,

who do not possess the daily necessities of life. The future of the 22nd Century does not

only involve high-powered computers, unique methods of construction, and ambient qualities

of a leader. The future of tomorrow, belongs to those who 'care2share.'  and embrace

a belief system that works..." said Scientist,

at the University of Johannesburg, Miss. Sakeena Joosub.

"When will they invent a TIME MACHINE, so I can change some of my decisions, will they ever

create a vehicle that can fly, can they create a capsule, that makes me immortal." said a

Brussels resident.

Speaking to Footprints in The Middle East, terrorist organizations have already started

designing nuclear weapons with small bombs that can be sent through in a

text message.

"I was reading the daily newspaper, when my friend, who is an FBI agent had received

a text message. We were investigating the ISIS crimes in Syria, and perhaps these

terrorist leaders got my friends number. The moment she received the text message,

her phone turned into a bomb, killing her instantly." said a New York resident.

The South Asian Times, reported that CHINA has the largest work-force in the world,

and with the man-power of CHINA and the high-tech speed of The United States, soon

animals would be cloned, your long lost lover could be cloned, and even the dead

could be cloned.

"From our experiments, a local Japanese personality, Mr. Ying Wo Chou (81) had wanted his

father to be created again...After using just fingerprints of his father, we had created his

father, at the age of 33. The clone was adopted by Mr. Chou as his son. This is breaking

news for the bio-chemical industry.' said The Tokyo Times.

Reuters reported that although 1000 new cures were found every day in the medical

industry, the key to a long life is marry early, eat good food, have plenty of sex,

and always try to do better than yesterday.

"We can come-out with the most advanced cures and methods for health, but

the body still requires pure energy.'

However, businessmen in Saudi Arabia, have forced a meltdown on an invention

that 'could;would,' drop oil prices by 81% within the next five years.

"We are working on new forms of energy instead of gas or oil. Soon power generators

in all cities will be using water to power their engines, soon motor vehicles will require

water to power their engines, and soon we could see the purity of what God has given

us, used to her best powers.' bowled, Mrs. Tracy Heintz.

Geeks R US, reported that the 56% reading community of the world was split

up 60% newspaper, 30% internet, and only 10% actual novels.

Image may contain: food

"The reading community of the world will shift from 30% internet to almost 90%

within five years, as all books, audios and videos are downloaded from the internet


"Technology does not scare me. I got married in 1956 to my wife, and we believed

in love, the old-fashioned way. Today, teenagers are getting married on #Footprints.'

said a US citizen.

Although the world has discovered more in the l a s t 100 years, than ever since the

BIG BANG, humanity is progressing well by keeping a balance by supporting the poor,

highlighting the rich, and mocking the greedy.

"What the world has thought us in the last 100 years, makes humanity excited what

could be discovered next. Soon, we will have products that make one invisible, soon

we will have boardroom meetings using our televisions, and soon we could see small

companies jump-start the economies. The fundamental break-through to the 22nd

Century, will be longer lives, faster ways to solve crimes, robotic services and other

music legends borne.' said The Washington Post.

Local Italian resident, Miss. Isabella Lachet brimmed that the way

the world has evolved,

soon new messengers of God, will proclaim themselves to be Prophets.

"When Man takes a leap through the evolution cycle of life, new Prophets

are said to be borne, to guide humanity through the hull of life."



by Anonymous 

(13 January 2016--FF News) I write this letter on Footprints, because the people

who read the thousands of messages on these websites will really l e a r n something,

from my experience with my 'loved one...'

I know she reads about Footprints Filmworks, because she often said the director Omar,

is #cute, we often laughed at some of the stories, and has always been our good night


My loved one and I got married in 2006, and since then we got to learn about each

other, pay each other attention, and often thrilled each other with a morning glory.

It was until my mother in law and her daughter, Miss. Z started to interfere in our 

relationship. We were the perfect couple, often shared romantic dates, and she

was the biggest investor into the countless businesses I own.


Because I am quite wealthy, have a quality upbringing and have always lived to

the dreams of my father, and adopted her family as my own.

Since we got married, everything was running smoothly and we all got

along well. I would do my job, my wife would keep the daily needs of

the home running, the mother in law, would often tell tales of Apartheid,

and the little daughter would often try new tricks to make her sister proud

off her.

When we had our second child, my wife, Miss. A, started to have an affair with

herself, and forgot that I even existed. Our daily sex life, turned into weekly,

and soon I had to find sex 'somewhere; somehow...'

When 2012 passed, I got frustrated in the home, I was tired of my wife's

plain old meals, I felt that I had discovered myself anew, and discovered a

love for myself, the same way my wife did.

Her mother, had said that our marriage would last till the day she dies, because

she would be the cement in our marriage. I want to ask the mother in law who

also views #Footprints.

1) What were you thinking when you thought that you broke our

marriage up...?? Don't you think I have some say...??

2) Why do you have to be selfish like your daughter and think only of

yourself and not the people around you...??

3) I supported your daughter through ten years of marriage, why repay

me in such devilish ways...??

4) If you truly believed in your dreams, you would make your daughter

happy, to still continue our marriage...??

The reason why I am so 'hurtful; painful,' because I believed that our marriage

through the years would work, and my very trust in the person I had, turned

out to bite me in the #ASS. (sorry my French)

I will not reveal my name because I am quite well-known to the people who view

this newspaper, but all I want to say is that IS MARRIAGE ABOUT TWO PEOPLE OR


We have been separated since my mother in law poised by wife's heart and

mind with devilish talk about me. I don't want to get into the 'nitty; gritty,'

aspects of the relationship, but the main goal of writing this letter after several

years to her is simply...

1) Miss. A, I still love you, why are you hurting the two of us...??

2) I will support your family, if you only just believe in Allah...I ASK WHERE IS YOUR FAITH...??


3)A man can tell a thousand lies, but he still has to be true to himself, and the truth you shall

have. All I am asking, is for a second chance at our marriage.?

4) Miss. A, the kids need you, I need you, we all need you...Why are you doing this

to us. We are your blood and family remember...??

5) Why are you reading this, call me...:)

Anyways, I know that I am not a 2 yr old, with 'wishy; washy,' kisses,

but Miss. A, my promise to you is.

*I will always love you no-matter WHAT.

*I will always forgive you no matter WHAT

*I will marry you everyday every single WAY.

*I will always be your 'best friend; best lover,' ALWAYS.

I have to love you and leave you, Adam is crying, he needs you. 

I promise you that I will paint our dreams we once thought about,

and you can BLAME me, for everything, that's WHY I AM HERE

I know you probably have alot to tell me as well, and remembering you,

has always made me love you all over again.

I prayed for you everyday, MAY your life be lite with loveliness, passion, compassion,

and likeness.

Perhaps over time, Miss. A, you will realize WHY i loved you so much. You

know that I am a Superstar, and I will always be. You gave me everything,

and I want to give you everything... 

All I wanna say in closing, is that your wedding ring is getting rusted,

and I just cannot feel to marry someone else. I just push them away,

because I feel that I can still make this work. Maybe Allah has cursed

be to love you #forever.

I have done my best to try to forget about you, but you keep popping

up in my heart and mind. Miss. A, please let's stop these stupid games between

us with the kids, and finally get married again.

I don't send any fancy ROSES, but I have asked the director to edit my

'horrible; terrible,' spelling, and courier roses to your door.

Call me love...

I love you



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TELKOM, South Africa, to reduce RATES on M0bile


by Shenaaz Khader


(8 January 2016--FF News) South Africa's flagship tele-communication company, 

#Telkom said that they will be reducing their prices by 34% from June 2016, amid

the import distribution of five million 'new-mobiles,' the cost of lower production

and the foreign investment of R600 billion rand.

"Foreign Investors see Telkom's view as the future of tele-communication in Africa. Their

investment in Telkom, will strengthen our focus in countries South Africa, Sudan, Nigeria,

Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Egypt. We see the foreign investment by The

Chinese, as the future growth pattern of Africa.' said Managing Director for Telkom,

South Africa, Mrs. Taren De Jager.

"Unlike our brother government owned company, Eskom, Telkom has reduced rates

on all mobile networks owned by the company, and their fixed line rental. Their investment

into 8ta networks and other mobile companies in Africa, has lodged further growth for

the $share.'

Ceo, of Cell C, Mr. Aaron Abrahams, says that the cost of living in South Africa has become

better over time, and the view for the new year, is reduced prices on all networks, with

Telkom reducing prices that are 'too low; too cheap,' for Cell C.

"South Africa's ancient company has pulled the connections by networking with high-net-worth,

Chinese, that has secured more cost effective data and line calls."

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, Former Ceo of Telkom, Mr. Rueben September,

he says,

that prices could off been even lower, if crime in South Africa can also be reduced.

"Telkom's reduction by 34% in price could of been lower, if we had less theft of power

cables and other infrastructure.' 

Meanwhile, JSE trader, Mr. Pablo Richardson, he chalked to The Johannesburg Daily, that

Telkom shares moved from R188 per share, to R201, on the breaking of the #news.

"Telkom is the company to back this year, and with the launch of their new penny shares,

allows small investors to forecast large returns.'

Local community residents say that the 'lift-'n-shift,' of the two management systems

of Telkom and Eskom, deserves some bridging.

"Clearly the management of Telkom remains steadfast in their agreements with the

community, whilst ESKOM, has just taken, taken, taken, from us.'

However, Chinese Investor, Mr. XIU King obliged that the R7 trillion rand monster,

Telkom, has marshaled with Chinese leaders who forecast 18% growth in the

company for #2016.

"With the investments into more cost effeciant data, quicker service, and the introduction

of holograms, polograms, and other electronic and electrical devices could make a person

travel to a different country, with the click of a button, by punching in the co-ordinates.'

Africa's new tele-communication carrier Footprints M0bile, said on their website that with

the introduction of Footprints M0bile's new 'thinner cables; fiber optics,' new tricks of

communication could be around the corner.

"We are fighting Telkom's lower cost bid...Footprints M0bile has

state of the art new devices,

new camera quality,

new hologram

features and lighter size, where your phone can be

carried with you anywhere in the world,

with no additional cost.' 


    1. S Club 7 - Never Had A Dream Come True





by Sakeena Joosub

(12 January 2016--FF News) The Scientific Council of Azzare in Kempton Park,

South Africa, is the first laboratory to have created the 65 million year

predator, killer, fossil and age-old dinosaur, #TheTyrannosaurusRex.

"Scientists in South Africa had kept Mum, about the biological advancements

and creations of the dinosaur. The creation has cost scientists at The University

of Johannesburg, an estimated R65 million rand to create the 65 million year

fossil. This is break-through technologies for South Africa, and the dinosaur is

housed at an un-disclosed location.'

Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Mr. Heinrich Liebe, jolted to Footprints in Germany, that

the Germans were working on a similar model of the "T-Rex,' and the South African's

had 'foxed; hoaxed,' them with their quality and standards.

"The creation of the dinosaur from sample fossils found in Nevada, The United States,

was transported to South Africa, where scientists had worked on creating the bones

of blood, into reality.'

Nurse, Tamarah Richards, moped to The Science Sun, that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is

the 'most aggressive; most dangerous,' creation of God.

"South Africa will not share her biological advancement with the rest of the world,

as China has nuclear weapons, ISIS has terrorists, The United States has the media,

and South Africa, has The T-Rex.'

The Tokyo Read, reported that the creation of The Tyrannosaurus Rex by South Africa,

was a protection measure against countrymen who betray the country--locally

and internationally.

"We have heard that Mandela weighs 8 tons and is stored within a radius of

81 hectares, surrounded by fences, gates, electronic beams and cameras. South Africa's

technology has leaped forward with the introduction of the new theropod.'

Spokesperson for The Minister of Defense in South Africa, Mr. Tepho Ramahata,

he says, that he was delighted with the creation of the Tyrannosaurus  Rex and was


that the country will approve the dinosaur as a fighter against corruption,


Image may contain: plant

"South Africa owns 888 fighter jets, 232 submarines, 700 military vessels, 

and thousands of soldiers who protect the country from an invasion. With

the biological advancements in cloning and science has brought the past 

to haunt us.'

"I am perplexed that should South Africa face fear from a foreign party, the

the most dangerous animal in the world, could be let loose.' echoed

a Durban resident.

Miss. Tasha Reynolds, she jotted that the The Tyrannosaurus Rex could feast

on a flock of sheep for #breakfast.

"A herd of sheep could easily be eaten by Mandela, what we have named him. We

run a farm, just outside where the dinosaur is housed, and often deliver truck loads

of sheep to the observatory.'







by Imaam Mohammed Hathorani


(17 January 2016--FF News) The Islamic Dawah Association of Africa,

(IDAOA) is said to ask for a donation of R250 million rand from African's

across the globe for the construction, maintenance and support of the

foundation that 'protects-'n-promotes,' the younger youth, the elderly,

the homeless and the heartless.

"Our humble request to the public is a donation of R250 million rand that will be

for the building of the mosques, the running of the soup kitchens, and the 

management of the schools and mosques of the foundation.' said Maulana

Ebrahim Sadek, from the mosque of #Harare.

Speaking to Footprints in Cairo, King Abdullah Bin Ali says that the foundation was

currently being funded by his team, but more people should get involved in 

pledging small to large donations to the foundation.

"The more we give, the more Allah will give us. The universe is like a giant mirror,

whatever you give, you get back. Our humble requests to the many thousands

of communities where ISLAM is 'thought-'n-taught,' is to donate handsomely to

the IDAOA."

"We preach that one should read the Quraan daily, we preach that one should fast

in the month of Ramadaan, we preach that Allah is the greatest inspiration to Mankind,

and we preach that we should love our partners through the challenges and gifts

of nature." said Treasurer for the foundation, Hafiz Luqmaan Ahmed.

"Thousands of Muslims attend our mosques, hundreds of scholars attend our

schools and universities,

and millions of preachers give donations to our foundation. We cannot afford to grow our

youth and elderly alone as a Muslim Brotherhood, and we require you the community,

to donate humbly.'

Islamic Television reported that thousands of South African Muslims are sent to mosques

and schools 'free of charge,' with the monies being received through donations.

"Many of our mothers cannot afford to give birth. We pay for this. Many of our drug addicts,

want to be sent to rehabilitation centers. We pay for this. Many of our Muslim brothers

and sisters want to get married, and cannot afford this. We pay for this. Many of our

brotherhood families do not have daily meals, daily electricity, daily coaching.

We pay for this...We aim

to pledge and make our brotherhood communities better through donations and


Sheik Abdul Sattar Joosub says that even a small donation of R1000 to the Islamic Dawah

Association could increase the rewards in your life tenfold.

"The goal of life is to support our brothers and sisters of our blood-line. Even if we cannot afford to

give a donation for this cause, if we help an elderly sister cross the road, or teach a young youth good

manners, we have done our contribution for the day. Make it a goal, each day, to give handsomely,

and support people who are less privileged'

"R5 million rand is my donation to IDAOA." said a resident.






by Haroon Takolia

(2 January 2016--FF News) The trial that h a s lasted just seven months since

Ramadaan, two teenagers, (14) and (18)

have been found guilty by an ISIS government,

and will be killed through 'be-heading,' according to The Islamic State.

According to members of The Iraqi government, ISIS, Muslims who do not fast

during the month of Ramadaan, may be executed, Muslims who commit adultry

may be executed, and anyone who does not obey the strict Islamic code of

Iraq, may be killed.

"We protect our women never to associate with any man, but her husband. Should

any of the partners be found 'just viewing,' another man, they may be killed...The father of the

bride is only way to get into the family, by associating with the would-be-husband...'

However, residents from the global community who spoke to Footprints in Iraq,

said that the act of 'fasting,' in the month of Ramadaan is the forbidden taste

of any substance, no sexual intercourse, an extended hand for charity,

and the forbidden guidance of the media.

"These Muslims have taken a step 'too far,' by killing these teenagers. We say that

religion should be a belief system that makes us who we are. We must never hold

a knife or sword to the code of conduct when it comes to our youth, and the killing

just shows how sick the Islamic State, really is.' said an American resident.

ISIS reported on their Arabian website, that the slaughter of the teenagers was a

long trial that understood why two teenagers had purchased a PEPSI drink in

the holy month.

"The sentencing of death by the Judge has promised that all ISLAMIC LAWS,

should be obeyed, or face death.'

British residents who spoke to The London Daily, noted that one should be free to

believe in a format of faith, and if one believes in a 'higher power; greater being,' ones

resource to understanding of life, becomes clearer.

"God has created us in the image and likeness of himself.

He has created us for the evolution

of the global footprint, with positive strides and belief systems. The deaths of the teenagers,

is worthless, as ISIS has held hostage, thousands of Muslims, for the sake of their religion.'



The "Trillion Dollar,' ROUNDTABLE...!!

by Muaaz Choonara

(22 January 2016--FF News) Whilst you and me MAY be good at

budgeting our monthly incomes and expenses, the same scenario,

is not the case for one of EUROPE's "Slumdog,' countries, GREECE.

In an eight hour televised appearance Prime Minister of Greece, Mr.

Alexis Tsipras, German Chancellor Mrs. Angela Merkel, President of France,

Mr. Francois Hollande, ISIS leader, Mr. Omar Bin Sayed Kalla, Billionaire investor,

Warren Buffett, Pope Francis,

ECB CHAIRPERSON, Mrs. Christine Lagarde and President of The United

States, Mr. Barack Obama, seemed to be dressed to the nines to discuss

the future of Greece and "how;when;who;' of Greece's

financial difficulties.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

Speaking on Footprints TV, Greek Prime Minister Mr. Alexis Tsipras says that he

was grateful to #Europe for extending her bailout agreement

of 1.5 billion Euro's

per month, from the estimated $500 billion dollars, owing to Europe.

"We are appreciative of Europe's extended hand to our banks, and we have

kept to strict agreements and loan repayments to

our creditors. Germany

remains our biggest chunk owing, with an estimated

56% of our debt owing

to German investors and banks.' he was quoted as saying.

Since he took office in 2015, the 41 yr old 'hot-shot,'

Greek Prime Minister has offered solutions to

Greeks worries, offering 'new found,' solutions to the crumbling sector.

"We are faced with two million refugees per year from ISIS owned countries. The

refugees believe they can live a better lifestyle in Greece, escaping the ISLAMIC

terrorist rule, lack of proper resources, and standards of life.'

CNN reported that Chancellor Angela Merkel had still approved the third loan

agreement with Greece, amid facing 'hot-water,' from Germans.

"If Greece still does not pay to their monthly agreements, we will be forced

to exclude Greece from the 14 country emblem, of Europe'

However, ISIS leader, Mr. Omar BIN SAYED KALLA, says that his leadership in

Iraq and Syria was according to ISLAMIC RULE, and that refugees who escaped

ISLAMIC militants, will be forced to come back, or be hunted in Greece.

"Our law states that any person who leaves an Islamic state without our permission,

they may be killed through be-heading and execution. Our agreement with Greece is

to take back our people, and settle in their own country.'

Dressed in a navy blue suit, and sweating profusely,

the Greek Prime Minister answered

calls on his mobile from European Bankers, where sums of between

$20-$100 million dollars

are owed individually.

"They shut their banks for a month in July 2015, and after agreements were met, once

again, Greece is failing to pay up." said an Italian businessman.

President Barack Obama, says that he had just arrived on Air Force One, and was in

the area to support the SUMMIT, but did not want to dig 'too much,' into Greek's


"As the US president, it is our policy to stay out off Europe. What Prime Minister Tsipras

has promised to increase taxes and reduce pensions is a small step to jump-start the

economy. When I telephoned him when the first loan of 20 billion Euro's was taken from

Germany, I told him that initially. He did not listen and continued to keep taxes low, and

pay high sums to pensioners.'

French President, Mr. Francois Hollande, constantly posed questions to The Greek

Prime Minister asking why Greece had not paid monthly installments and why Greece

did not take the option to exclude herself from The European Union.

"Greece has become a dumping ground in Europe where all refugees from other

countries choose to settle. We as France, have things to pay, merchants to settle,

and other expenses to pay. Should Greece not start speeding her ball-play with Europe,

we will be forced to exclude or destroy.'

As the Sun sets in Greece, a shop store owner in Athens noted that since everyone 

is withdrawing their monies from the banks, and hoarding their cash flow his normal

cash income is between 4000-8000 Euro's per day, and now it has dropped to

below 1000 Euro's per day.

"People in Greece don't want to spend. Resources have dried up, the maximum

a person can withdraw whether they have a billion Euro's or a fixed salary, is

3000 Euro's per month. This has taken our sales to the dogs.'

Concluding their statements to Footprints in Athens, the chair of the SUMMIT,

Mr. Yulous Milovous

said that although GREECE still remains as part of

Europe, if communities don't gather together, if businesses fail to help the

poor, and if families don't stick together, Greece could be the Sudan of


"Europes ghost has always been Greece. They have slowed the EURO down,

they have created a dirty atmosphere in Greece, and they have just lazed

in their administration...If Greece receives the support that she needs from

her neighbors, there is no need for the world to interfere.' said a Greek


"It's all about EUROPE sticking together to support the one sister,

that needs her support the most.' squeezed a Swedish resident.

POPE FRANCIS who prayed @ the SUMMIT, said that it was never

about the money when it came to GREECE, but the faith they had

in their creator.

"Greece had approved gay rights, Greece had approved red-light districts,

Greece had approved tax haven banks for fraudsters, and Greece had not

prayed with The Vatican, when we needed her. We as Europe, forgive her

for her sins, and pray that the Lord, always has a guiding torch to billions of

people who believe in God.'



by Sameerah Khanna

(10 January 2016--FF News) The Farming community of South Africa is in

'safe-hands,' amid the brief rainfall of showers that brought more than 8 CM

more water for residents, in farming communities on farms and cities.

Speaking to Footprints in The Free State, local farmer, Mr. Akber Motala, he said,

that the farming community of South Africa was #happier on the other side of

the spectrum as compared to #lastyear.

Image may contain: sky, night and outdoor

"The l a s t three months the heavens have opened up, showering South

Africa with adequate rainfall to reduce prices for #farmers, better quality produce,

and the purity of the soil has liked to growing.'

The Farming Plus, plotted that the farming sector had increased 16% since

2014, with bright futures ahead for farmers.

"With the passing of laws in South Africa, makes produce transportation

much faster and quicker. Our produce has been sowed since July 2015,

and today we are seeing the fruits of our plantations.'

Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs, Mr. Isaac Mathabela, noted that South

Africa's rainfall was much higher with shares of farming listed companies appreciating

in #value.

"Tigerbrands, Maize Investments, Lin Products and Rainbow Chicken shares have

all added value in the market. We trust that the shares continue to rise, amid

Greece agreements and the dawning economy.'

The Farming Tribune reported that 8% of South Africa's net GDP of R450

billion rand per annul was contributed to animal and plant farming.

"The seeds we plant today, are the fruits that we will bear tomorrow. The passing

of more cost effeciant forms of power, less tax on staple foods, and other price

reductions, have all lowered the cost of food.'


However, other South African's who spoke in Umtata, gathered that the rains were

being unfair as crops has grown better in The Free State as compared to Natal.

"Some provinces received more rainfall than others, and the quality produce in

The Free State seems much better, and much more.'

"For me the last five days have just been in-doors. The rainfall is too terrible to

bear, and I prefer to cuddle with my husband." said a Port Elizabeth resident.

The Pensioners Plus, reported that an hour of gardening per day, is the secret

to a long and successful life.

"South Africa is known to be the biggest exporter of Oranges, Strawberries,

Mangoes, Litchis, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Sheep and Cows. Our investments into better

manufacturing 'standards; service; speed,' has attracted foreign partners to

purchase our goods. With our rand next to nothing, makes South African

purchases a MUST HAVE...'

Whether you are shopping in Tokyo, The United States, Pretoria, or Sweden,




by Natasha Grobler

(5 January 2016--FF News) The quite South African suburb of Houghton in

Johannesburg, suffered a R5 million rand public liability claim for the sudden

death of a child who was attending the #playschool.

"They have 81 children between the ages of six months to ten years, all who

play in the playground, swim in the pool, and sleep on the bunkers. The death

of the child comes after the child was told not to play on the jungle gym, and

fell to her death.' said Insurer, Assured Insured.

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, teacher and owner of the company,

'Bubbles and Blues,' Miss. Alison Wilbert, she noted, that she started the company

with her boyfriend, and although she did not have her own children, they started

the company together.

"We figured that running a nursery school would be the best for both of us.

He would learn to play with the little children, and I would 'clean; cook; care,'

for the little brats. The death of the little child is a shock to me, as I loved the

little child as my #own.'

The National Empowerment for Education tarred that the death by the child

will be 'mourned; soured,' by the Houghton community and warned parents

to check if their schools they send their children to are insured and have the

proper credentials to run a school.

"With the company in question, the woman had no qualifications to run the

home school and the death of the child was worthless. We inform the communities

at large to protect your children when sending them to these expensive nurseries

that sometimes leads to their death.'

The family of the little child, will be benefited with R5 million rand for loss or death

by the nursery school.

Image may contain: 1 person


Welcome to Footprints Filmworks February 2017. Footprints Filmworks is

an investment company that invests into internet media, print media,

text media, FILM and distribution. Originally created by Omar Abdulla,

and managed by Miss. Sakeena Joosub. Kindly view,

or, for more information.

*Information MAY be fictional when going to PRESS...!!



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"My Father, The President,' releases AROUND

the #World...!!

by Zakeeyah Patel

(12 February 2017--FF News) South Africa's much anticipated

feature fictional film of the history of the p a s t,

present, and

future is said to be distributed to cinema's across

the globe this

Summer, with an estimated 800 million audience.

"We have worked countless of hours with the presidential film, that

tells the story of a little boy who became the president of South Africa.'

said film director, Mr. Anant Singh.

Speaking to Footprints in South Africa, local resident, Miss. Shamimah Khota,

she says, that she has waited for the release of the film that will see

Superstars-- Omar Abdulla, Jessica Kells, Faheema Khota, Happiness Mabuza,

Success Baloyi, Hashim Amla, Sakeena Joosub, and Shar Rukh Khan as part

of the crew.

"The film is produced in eight countries of the world, and tells the story of

the bitter Apartheid past, the current tussle with current presidents, and

the future of The 'uBuntu...'

The New York Times reported that Mr. Abdulla p l a y s the leading role in

the film where he wakes up to achieving the struggle of following his fathers

footprints, and fulfilling his dreams as President of South Africa.

"He plays the role well with his smart and shrewd skills that has already stood

in line to win an Oscar, at this year's Oscar awards.'

Film producer of "My father, The President,' Mr. Ab Moosa, added that welcoming

the star cast to South Africa was a feature that brought back memories of a tale

that stood with the growth of the current world.

"We had interviewed President Barack Obama, President Jacob Zuma, Former

SA President, Mr. FW De Klerk, and other world leaders, before production

was distributed. The 189 minute feature film, brings back the memories of our

holy father, Sir. Nelson Mandela, and his teachings to the @country.'

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and text

Abdulla has acted in various documentaries and films and it is said that

investors had seen the confidence in him to winning the leading role.

"Many had auditioned to play the role, but he had won our pleasure,

by knowing his stunts, being good-looking, and acting to his personalities

liking's.' said a Lenasia resident.

"My Father, The President,' has been in production by Footprints

Filmworks, Universal Studio's, Disney and SABC, with key leaders laying

their footprint towards the production and development of the film.

"The story tells the tale of King Shaka's leadership, and his focus on

fighting for his people. His warrior attitude and brave mindset, led him

to winning wars against local tribes. "My Father; The President,' tells the

story of a president who fought with her neighbors for take-over agreements

that would win support for all.'

Interviewed exclusively on CNBC, Mr. Abdulla says that he was getting

tired of the hundreds of hours spent on the film, and was just in the mood

to get angry with producers.

"I have worked closely with people who have helped to make this film

entertained and watched well. I hope when it opens in cinema's that

you have your popcorn and wife handy.'

Although, "My father, The President,' is 'sought; thought,'

to be fictional many

of the ideas and effects are said to be 22nd Century.

"It cost producers a sum of R81 million rand to produce and distribute the

film, and already theater bosses are expecting full houses on the

release dates of the film.'

Local resident, Mr. Seboking Tshabala, he notes that "My Father, The

President,' was the most talked about film of the year, with raging

reviews that it was the most money spent on a single film made

in Africa.

"Africa has a small film spending budget, and this film tells the true

story of South Africa's role in the global diaspora.'

Other residents who spoke to The Daily Sun, said that when they watched

commercials of the film, they were impressed by the quirky romance of lead

actors Omar Abdulla and Sakeena Joosub.

"The magic that they shared on screen developed into him supporting her

towards her personal dreams, and him, finally achieving the sacred goal

of the presidency.'

Meant to be a film that brings South Africa as a player around the world,

the country has questions posed to President Abdulla about the current

high crime rates, the low economic turnover and ways in which his government

can 'improve; innovate; inspire,' the everyday South African, he leads the country

from a once sorry tale of bad leadership and management, into an account of

dealing with good neighbors, an international freshness, and a bounce that brings

energy to bring down UN-employment rates, and improving GDP and other

national development.

The film "My father, The President,' is due for release this 14 February


"Omar, Omar, Omar...' chanted a local fan.


"The Wolf of The JSE," SPEAK$ #OUT...!!

by Michelle Peters

(22 February 2017--FF News) Nicknamed "The Wolf of The JSE,"

a local South African resident and stock broker, Mr. Albert Der Klerk,

has been trading the South African markets and international currencies

since 2000.

"I started trading the stock market doing demo trading, and today, I am

the most-successful trader in the world. American and Japanese company

directors and presidents of country's liaise with me, before international

policies are broadcasted to the media.' he was quoted as saying.

Mr. Albert Der Klerk, says that The South African economy was largely

spiraling downwards, but the hope for the future still remains positive, if

we can boost exports, improve liquidity in our companies, improve

the weak rand, and provide

investment opportunities for small to medium business.

The New York Times reported that "The Wolf of The JSE,' was a

South African,

who moved markets, liaising with key bankers and decision makers before

decisions are made.

"We expected The United States to raise interest rates, twice, last year, and

2016 interest rate hikes have toppled to the highest in five years in South Africa,

Nigeria, and Egypt.'

President of Egypt, Mr. Abdel Fattah el Sisi, he says, that

"The Wolf of The JSE,' has sprayed

the Egyptian market with investments, and sees the South African investment

into Egypt a shake of friendship.

"Their investment into Egypt will further highlight fast returns for their


Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, The Wolf of The JSE,

Mr. Albert

Der Klerk, he notes that South African companies including Naspers, Rand

Merchant Bank, Tigerbrands, Old Mutual, South African Airways, SASOL

and Pick 'n Pay were the shares to back in 2017,

and with the interest rate

hikes, makes money expensive.

"With President Zuma's elaborate finance policy, we will see housing prices to

decline, with residents holding onto their cash.'

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) is an international exchange

that forms

an exchange to buy or sell shares at a premium, with investors choosing

to buy a share with the possibility of an uptrend, or to sell a share, if they

feel the share will decline, due to fundamental or technical annalists...

"A share would appreciate on fundamental data including news, and financial

results, whilst technical focuses on the charting system, and what must happen,

will happen.'

Often to be seen driving the fastest of cars, dating the most-

gorgeous of women, and seen to be working harder and smarter

than the average man, The Wolf, relaxes whilst his shares are

in trade.

"It's the only place in the world, where you make money,



The Johannesburg Times, says that

"The Wolf of The JSE,' is

'smart, shrewd, fast, friendly, and

sometimes handsome,' gentleman,

who manages a portfolio of

R4 billion rand, with over 10 000 clients.

"If he feels a certain share or currency will rise or fall, he makes

a decision, and aims for profit.'

Trade your local stock markets and other financial instruments to

out-weigh banking returns as stock trading is all about numbers,

and knowing that you made a good call.

"Trading is virtual, and one can trade shares on a margin basis, or

on a real margin basis. Profits by "The Wolf of The JSE,' have touched

over 73% in a six month period.' ended TIME MAGAZINE...

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor, water and nature



by Maaheen Ul Haq

(19 February 2017--FF News) The largest and biggest library in the

world was officially opened by Italian President, Mr. Sergio Mattarella,

this #morning.

"We are proud to announce the opening of St. Rome Library, in the

heart of the capital. The library was opened by government and leading business

leaders from Spain. We are happy that this 800 million book library will be welcomed,

by all people who visit Rome.' he hear-ted.

Speaking to Footprints in Rome, Mr. Giovanni Kinders, he wheeled,

that the opening

of St. Rome, by the president was a key focus of growth in Europe

and internationally.

"Italy is one of Europe's leading country's, and forms the foundation of

knowledge by researchers and scholars throughout the world. The

800 million books for lease, range from stories from The Prophet Adam,

to future leaders. The library of books include subjects from 888 scripts,

with authors welcome to donate to the library.'

Costing a whopping, $811 million dollars, the library provides for quiet coffee

and reading, a simple date, with hours of reading and learning fun.


"With the support of Rome Telec, we have installed 9000 computers and

other applications in our library. The library provides for scholars who choose

to educate themselves, leaders who choose to learn from history, and teenagers

to enjoy the coffee bar. All Rome residents can lease books for up to one month,

with a maximum of eight books on lease.'

President Matarella, glued that he had opened the library as the largest and

biggest library in the world, and welcome book clubs, and other members to

join the organization.

"We have employed the local community to take advantage of books, and discover

new found thoughts through our books.'


Scientists to LAUNCH NEW "DEATH CLOCK..."

by Lutfiyyah Mohammed Hassen

(1 February 2017--FF News) Scientists at The University of Paris, have

officially launched the 'death clock,' which is an appropriate estimate of your

life, and the consequences that follow.

"Based on the lifestyle that the client leads, his habits, his country of origin,

his bloodline, his knowledge and other factors, we base the calculator of

the approximate date of death.' said Scientist, Mr. Pablo Jenner.

Speaking to Footprints in Paris, local doctor, Daniella Paurev, she notes, that

the death calculator was a quantum reading, that with a simple drop of blood

onto the scale, and the information gathered, the reader gives you an exact

time of death.

"We had tested the death reader on 114 youngsters and old age people, and the

reader had predicated an estimated day of death of residents, and the calculator

had estimated right. This new technology is scary to say the least, but gives an

estimated day and year of death.'

The Science Tribunal reported that the death calculator works with an average age

of 63, globally, with European and American residents estimating the highest average,

with Asian and African residents among st the lowest.

"The key to a long life is eat healthy, lead a balanced lifestyle, regular sex, occasional

wine drinking, sufficient incomes and lifestyles and goals that motivate you. If you don't

have something to live for, love for, your body gives you excuses for death.'

Pope Francis, has once again condemned the invention by

The University of Paris, saying

that God is the taker and giver of life, and we as human beings are

playing with God's plan.

"You can die today, just traveling. You can live to 100, if you take

care of your life. The death

calculator is something that would not inspire many residents, and I

totally disapprove of

this technology.'

The South African Department of Health, echoed that the death

calculator will be available

at all hospitals, and gives a reading on current lifestyles,

and the calculator, could read

differently if ones lifestyle changes.

"If a drug addict undergoes a test, and the test reads that

the individual will die at

age 52, and after several months of stopping abuse, and

takes a second reading,

it could read 60. The calculator makes provision for murder,

accidents and other

unnatural forms of death.'

USA Daily, concluded that most hospitals around the world

will have access to this

new technology, with the calculator predicting causes

of death, and what genes

in the pool of blood could affect you.

"Many of us die from Cancer, or other genetic coded diseases.

The technology

interprets the gene pool, and the functions that could lead to death.'

"If I know I am going to die on 14 April 2076, I will make provision for it today.'

ended a resident.




Ganga Sirdath

(18 February 2017--FF News) The South African Oceanic Board

of Waters issued a state of emergency this afternoon after oil

tanker The Arabian Wolf, had #sunk.

"The Arabian Wolf was carrying 888 888 gallons of oil transported

from Iraq to South Africa, and the ship was pirated and sunk.' said

spokesperson for the Department of Water.

Speaking to Footprints in STRAND, local resident, Mr. Sikander Ayob,

he says, that the oil tanker was hijacked on The Atlantic sea coast,

and gunmen had robbed the vessel of 200 000 gallons of oil,

and sinking the ship.

"More and more pirates lurk the SA seas, and this is a disaster for

SHELL, South Africa, and the Oceanic life of the world.'

The Western Cape Times, reported that the ship was hijacked at

09: am, and it took Islamic pirates two hours to funnel fuel onto

their vessel. After killing ship crew, they had sunk the cargo.

Pirates have long been lurking South African seas, and this is the

fourth disaster in the last six years, killing fish, birds, and other

organisms of the Ocean.

"Already dead fish are floating the coast, as the oil had polluted the waters

for life. The theft and disaster could cost the country billions of rands.'

Environmentalist, Mrs. Zakiyyah Hoosein says that the world's Oceans

are constantly being polluted and hijacked, and more security should

be breached into waters.

"Our waters are being polluted and this causes an environmental effect

to the water cycle. This produces acidic rains and floods, and causes death

to our economic system, and the country has to replace the loss.'

The Association of Climate Change in South Africa bridged that 100 000

ships enter South African waters on an annual basis, and pirates see their

catch lucrative in South Africa.

"Last month, we reported a hijacking of a vehicle cargo theft, this year,

we have a oil vessel hijacked. The pollution will take six years to clean.'

The South African Department of Oceans, ended that the South African

import and export sector had increased with a bulge in exports,

"With our weak rand, makes our goods attractive to foreign countries. The

pirates that had caused this theft are being hunted by Police sailors on the



Prestigious Billionaire Roundtable

attended by GUEST$...!!

by Aamirah Cajee

(2 February 2017--FF News) South Africa's rich and famous will be

attended today by guests of the local communities and cities

around the world.

"We are here in South Africa, to advice the current leaders to

be steadfast and aggressive towards their dreams.' said Former

US president, Mr. Barack Obama.

Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, Miss. Sakeena Joosub


that the R1 million rand per plate will be catered by the best caterers in

the country, hosting @ ST Valentino Hotel.

"The hotel provides for a full day of partying, speeches by world leaders, and

talk of change for the future.' she granted.

The New York Times, reported that the R1 million rand dinner will be to raise

funds for WATER, the establishment of a "Noah's Ark,' on planet Mars, and

the discovery of safer forms of energy.

"We are experimenting with scientific research to try to establish cleaner forms

of energy as Ozone layers in China, India, Russia and The United States,

are severely damaged.' said Nobel Science Winner, Mr. Rupert Eisenhower.

Billionaire Investor, Mr. Omar Abdulla who looked ravishing in his tuxedo and

smirky style said that the attendance by World leaders, and local celebrities,

was to give back to the communities of the world.

"We have created a network of one million networked websites and forums,

and using the profits we have generated, we have further extended our

hand of R500 000 to The Childrens Home of Lenasia, and The Old Age Home

of Laudium.'

Forbes Magazine reported that The Billionaire Roundtable was created

by Mr. Angelo De Beer that brought together 'like minds; hearts,' for

the purpose of communication and business growth.

"I love him so much, he is the most admired person in Africa, and wish

that I could afford to attend.' hummed a resident.

Retired Superstar, Mr. Shar Rukh Khan, said that he had attended

The Billionaire's

Roundtable, to provide advice and speak about his story in India.

"My invitation to South Africa, is to cheer-lead the current leaders, and work

as a team to form one foundation. The attendance by 888 guests from all over

the world, brings a story of what true leadership is all about.'

Local SA resident, Mr. Hashim Amla noted that playing for South Africa for

fifteen years, and then coaching the local team, brought his invitation to

The Billionaires Roundtable.

"We should respect each other, Black, White, Chinese, Muslim. We will all come

across challenges in our lives, but if we have the 'faith-'n-fate,' that The Lord

is your torch, that's when we make a winning team.'

FACEBOOK creator, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg said that his tools of online marketing

and business had spread in all countries, and was satisfied that so many

companies had required his company as a tool to change the world.

"I started FACEBOOK and Instagram,

in the garage of my home, and with two computers,

we have built up a roaring machine, with 3 billion users.'

Other guests of the local community say that business and pleasure never

mix, but one of the keys to business is have a strong team, and even

stronger wife.

"If you have a strong team, it makes you better. The people who you

associate with makes you who you are. Love is always the solution to

every challenge, and remember that ten years down the line, you

will write it off as experience.'

The attendance by well-known celebrities and business people @ ST Valentino,

will be greeted to meet new people, personalities who can afford to be part

of the membership and new residents who choose to have their say.

"I wish I had booked for the membership, and they only had limited seating,

and I have to watch from the side-lines what the top dogs of our planet

have to say.' ended a Kimberly resident.

*All proceeds from the The Billionaires Roundtable

will be contributed

to charity.


"Key Searches of Footprints Filmworks,"-February 2017.


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The Footprints Filmworks Foundation.

Image may contain: text and food



by Juliet

(14 February 2017--FF News) The SA community is said to be

'falling-in-love,' this Valentines Day, as thousands of couples and

love-birds will be 'wining; dining,' their loved ones, and showing their

love interest to their loved one.

"Love is a different language, and what we feel, we should do, and

follow our hearts desire. Love is the secret to all of life.' said a Brakpan


Speaking to Footprints in Rylands, local resident,

Miss. Shamimah Noormahomed,

she notes, that falling-in-love and staying in love takes years of friendship and



About 8888,000 results of Footprints Filmworks


    1. WATCHED

O Mr Raja - Few English Subs


Image may contain: text and outdoor

"My husband and I are married for 60 years, and each day we realize that we

are different, and yet share the secrets of #tomorrow.'

Valentines Day is celebrated since the 14th Century, and the tale tells of SAINT

VALENTINE, where he was jailed for 14 years by an evil King, and was later

released to follow his heart.

"She loved him, since he was let go by his father. When he wrote a letter

appreciating her love, she had followed her heart.'

Whilst many of us are not for the roses and chocolates, one should celebrate

their love for their loved one by special gifts, d r e a m y dates, and following

the betterment of ones love.

"Love is like a fine wine, it appreciates over time, and one should follow the root

of ones love beliefs.'

Pakistani resident, Mr. Raj Malhotra looped that he has been trying

to tell his girlfriend

that he 'likes' loves,' her, but does not pay attention to him.

"Will you marry me Mariam...' he chanted.

Local, New York resident, Mr. Leonardo Di Caprio told The Hollywood Reporter

that he has many fans, but still remains faithful to his wife, Kendell Jenner.

"When we met in 2015, we had fallen in love with each other, and have loved

each others ways and habits. '

Local hotels, spa's, restaurants and last minute Valentine shopping is Available,

so shop early with Pick and Pay...!!


"Hit and Run,' execution on

                          TOP BUSINESSMAN...!!

by Moazzah Ghoor

(18 February 2017--FF News) The North West province of

South Africa, BRITS, was hit today with the tragic execution of

well-known businessman, Mr. Mohammed Ismail.

"Ismail has been known to be somewhat of a flashy person, and

today he was killed, in what is accused could say foul play.'

According to The Brits Times, Mr. Mohammed Ismail worked for local

company BRITS Accountants and Auditors, and was doing tax for 


"He was exposed to dodgy business dealings when some of the

companies clients turned out to be drug dealers, and were calculating

large amounts in tax, to avoid The South African Revenue Services.

After he became too close to the clients, they had offered him a large

vehicle and cash to hide monies and not declare it. When these drug dealers,

were confronted to report all incomes without any disclosures, they

had killed him.' said Police Captain, Mr. Andre Van Heerden.

Speaking to Footprints in Brits, another resident, Mr. Mukhtar De Wet, he

notes that within the last few weeks, Mohammed was bragging about how much

money he had, he had ditched his old Beetle for a brand new Mercedez Benz,

and was often seen with different women.

"We all knew something was going on, when we seen all the girls admiring him,

and when he had received large cash deposits.'

Local Brits personality, Mr. Riaan Venter cooled that Mr. Ismail had stopped at

a robot, and was waiting for the robot to turn green, when a BMW M3, had stopped

next to him.

"The killer had put six bullets in his body, and drove off.'

The Brits Sun, concluded that this might of been a hit on Mohammed,

by criminal

gang, The Underworld.

"The Underworld has long been drug dealers who import drugs from Columbia and

Brazil, and generate large returns using fictitious companies. When Mohammed had

informed The South African Reserve Bank on Tuesday about their shady dealing,

he was killed.'

Police have now issued a MANHUNT for

Underworld Kingpin, Mr. Giovanni Kells...



APPLE 'launches,' NEW TRACKER APP...!!

by Mishkah Mia

(1 February 2017--FF News) The mobile manufacturer, APPLE,

today launched the opening of a new service, only available

to it's clients.

"We have launched SKY TRACKER, for our mobile devices, and already

the first 1000 have been produced. The mobile application is the first for

APPLE, as the application allows you to track anyone's mobile number.'

said Managing Director of Apple, Mrs. Wilma Jobs.

Footprints in Nebraska, understands that the new application can be

downloaded at the Apple Store, or can purchase their latest version

of on iphone, ipad, ipod or igame.

"We have really stretched our legs for our clients, and are doing our

best for the lowest cost.' said APPLE.

Speaking at the Headquarters of Apple in Nebraska, Marketing Manager

for APPLE, Mrs. Rizwana Chikaar, she colts, that the launch by APPLE

will allow the World's Biggest company to remain competitive with

world markets.

"We will not mention names of other mobile manufacturers, but APPLE

has remained safe and secure, and with new advancements and features

to our phones, soon lunar mobile communication will be at a touch of

a button.'

Local housewife, Miss. Amina Deedat, she says that often her husband takes

hours to return home, his mobile phone switches off mysteriously, and

is a bit quirky about their relationship.

"With this device, I can track his mobile, anywhere, anytime, with exact


APPLE shares on The New York Stock Exchange has been struggling after

one million Chinese buyers, had resorted to purchase their own local

manufacturer CHINA AUTO, instead of The American brand.

"Chinese buyers have resorted to cheaper forms of communication,


with the release of the new tracking application, makes life a lot more easier.'



by Midnight^Madness

(12 February 2017--FF News) Deep in the mystic and hazy Jungle

of The Amazon, lies thousands of species of animals and plants that

could kill you if you are not 'aware; alert; alive...'

When Abdul Hamid and Suraiyah had decided that BRAZIL be their ideal

location as a honeymoon couple, never did they realize that one of

them would die.

"We were on a canoe and she was pedaling and I was trying to catch

some fish. I took a sip of my cocktail, and we started kissing. Soon, I could

hear from The Amazon river, that a large snake lay hissing. The snake had

toppled our small boat, swallowing my wife, alive.' said Mr. Abdul Hamid.

Speaking to Footprints in The Amazon, developer, Mr. Samson Davids, he

retired, that he was developing the jungle and had cleaned the rivers

of deadly predators, but his workers, had probably missed the snake.

"Anaconda's are the largest snakes in the world and can be deadly, if

hungry. They eat every three months, can grow up to 8 M, and often

lurk in the swamp rivers of the forest.'

The Amazon Daily echoed that the small community of The Amazon is

made up of Red Indians, and holiday-makers.

"After Davids Construction and Contracting had purchased certain land masses

of the Jungle, they were located with 800 000 hectares of land to develop with

the responsibility of maintaining the animal and plant planets. Her

death today brings

another surprise to the wild life of the world.'

Mr. Abdul Hamid concluded that he only got married on Sunday, and she

has already died due to a deadly bite, and promises to sue David Construction

and Contracting for damages.

"She meant more to me than all the money in the world, and now she

is dead. I will be taking legal action to that I am compensated for my



Sex Work is the 'OLDEST JOB...'

by Nadeema Hassim

(22 February 2017--FF News) Sex work has long been the oldest

job for women through the Centuries, and once again, a local

ADULT company in South Africa, has taken the liberty of assisting

gentlemen in their pleasures.

"We own 9000 adult stores and brothels throughout Africa, and after the

legalization of Red Light Districts in South Africa, we have hired simply

the best women to soothe our gentlemen.' said Ceo of Sex NOW, Mr.

Romeo Van Staden.

Van Staden says that the 9000 stores and brothels provide for

relaxation to gentlemen, and his company, has now taken on

the idea to launch masturbation booths for shoppers, in

Shopping Malls.

"We have come up with this idea to sell our name brand and

provide a free sex booth service to lovers. The booth allows

sex in the booth with a woman for sale, or one can choose to

book the booth alone with wi-fi, or with ones partner.'

Biologist, Mr. Fredrick Naude, he says, that the human body can go only

a certain about of time without sex, or some form of ejaculation, and

the launch by SEX NOW, is good news for some, and not for others.

"If you are not in a fully committed relationship, they have the best women

on offer, but if you are happily in love, stay away...Women's oldest job, has

come to the party for South Africans...'

Sex workers have been soothing soldiers since the 8th Century where

King Masicus III of Egypt had sent 3000 sex workers to soothe his

fighting men in Italy.

"Egypt had sent 11 000 forces to fight Romans in the Battle of Domincius.

When his soldiers often resorted to masturbation, their call to the King

was for sexual relief.'

However, SEX NOW has said that their 20 000 girls for rent on an hourly

basis and travel basis is not cheap.

"Some of the women who are for rent are from foreign decent including,

Chinese, Russian, Mexican and South African. All are tested to be disease

free, and after passing tests, are fit to work in the trade.'

The South African government made provision for Red Light Districts in

certain sectors of South Africa, and with the launch of the sex booth

in shopping malls, makes sex just another surprise endeavor.

"If you are happily married and in love, rent the booth that has the best

tools to make your next sex experience ultimate.'

The local community of uShaka said that although certain protestors

had fought the legalization of red-light districts, sex was the oldest

business of trade.

"Women have been performing blowjobs to horsemen, for Centuries. The

legalization is a clean initiative by government to stop rape and provide

comfort to businessmen who choose different.'

Footprints in Pretoria, understands that the rental or payment of sex is

unjust and uncouth, and one should wait for the right partner, then

renting out a bitch.

"Purity and Quality are the two ingredients to ultimate sex. When you

save yourself for the right partner, that is when true love is felt.'

Mr. Romeo Van Staden ended his statement to The City Times, that his

company has already launched the first eight sex booths, that have

provided for entertainment for both parties.

"The 8 M2 rented room in some of the shopping Malls, provides for an

hour of love, and if you have the vibrations for great sex, visit one

of our booths.'